Japan asserts Senkaku Islands claim in dispute with China, Taiwan

2020 6/24
Japan asserts Senkaku Islands claim in dispute with China, Taiwan

A Japanese local authority has approved a measure changing the status of a disputed island chain that is also claimed by China and Taiwan.
It asserts Japan’s claim over the Senkaku Islands, which it has administered since 1972.
Al Jazeera’s Adrian Brown reports on the rising tensions.

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  • the pirate says:

    A Qatari funded Islamic channel reporting on chinese India Japanese island issues lol

  • Kham Char says:

    A city size meteor heading to earth will solve all problems

  • R.J. Guitz says:

    Japan: send in the RX78.

  • Shy Shy Pereda says:

    china sucks

  • Sealof TheLiving says:

    The Red Dragon is grabbing Island

  • Ramakrishna Babu says:

    china is a Rogue state trying to steal others lands and fighting with everyone … china released virus and looting gulf oil at cheap prices…..

  • Sapuan Kamal says:

    Winnie the Pooh should claim the Wuhan’s Virus – 19

  • Oswaldo M says:

    It’s time hit China get together the whole world boom the Chinese economy and bullets it’s the only way they hit us Corona now a la mierda with them.

  • Oswaldo M says:

    Japan has the army to destroy China they are good . Japan can win this war easily.

  • John Robson says:

    Japan should build in those islands, otherwise, china will do and will claim them.

  • Donald Trump says:


  • MIRAI 1998 says:

    so you’re claiming that you own the galwan valley, the senkaku island, Taiwan, the south china sea what more you want to own
    this planet?
    then claim them all.

  • Assiram ASOS says:

    China is also claiming the spratly island that is belong to Philippines. They actually built a landing strip on the island.

  • ShuangBiao Gou says:

    Japan as a colonized state of Murica only barks for her suger daddy. That is the fact. dont need to argue.

  • dans h says:

    The chinese communist party really have a greed issue that’s in their deep blood .
    Soon as they are in every corner of the world, and they will claim the entire universe is theirs.
    Boycott the toxic ccp criminal thugs by all means.

  • babiumno1 says:

    Another America’s proxy war is brewing. USA is already causing the India/China conflicts. USA has also been successful in destroying and plundering the Middle East.

  • Mo Chau says:

    Rogue CCP strikes again. Let the CCP know that they are now holder of the most hated country in the world award. Shame on the CCP for inflicting this hate on its innocent people.

  • Jake Bryant says:

    Chinese grubs… leave japan alone

  • K Pride says:


  • Leo Way Lamas says:

    It is also illegal to name the spratly islands to your newly province in west philippine sea. May your great country will suffer more virus and diseases.

  • Atlas aït Amazal says:

    Was he speaking English because all I heard was a heavy accent.

  • Johan Adam Perdido Ariff Perdido says:

    Do to China what China has done to SCS

  • Joe V says:

    Soon they will claim Mars as part of China and will threaten Elon Musk.

  • Aime Lunio says:

    If china claim this
    China will be the worst country ever.

  • Davo says:

    CCP are pure scum

  • Invictus Maneo says:

    Seems like every country is violating China’s ancient rights to the planet.

  • Invictus Maneo says:

    If only the Chinese people could read English, and were free enough to procure foreign publications, they’d have realized that they are hated all over the world , with an unprecedented intensity which is not going to abate.
    They knew.
    And kept their mouths shut as thousands of people from Wuhan travelled to all corners of the world and people from everywhere visited Wuhan.
    All those people dead .

  • Sarthak Mohanty says:

    😂😂 these Chinese should be taught a lesson… They are against all

  • Invictus Maneo says:

    Can a country commit suicide ?

  • Peter Riley says:

    Shame on Japan for stealing the island from China. It should perform the results of the 2nd World War that Japan should return islands it had occupied during the war to China and South Korea.

  • Neil Harmony says:

    World VS China

  • Lito Agosto says:

    China also is the sole owner of Mars because it known as RED PLANET!!!! heheheh

  • Ritu Raj Negi says:

    I want China to claim Mars and give it all them so that they could leave the world here to live peacefully.


    China needs to be taught a lesson all the countries in the world except pakistan have problem with china

  • Menon Krishna Prasad says:

    The Chinese has dispute with all it’s neighbours. Time is ripe tame the Chinese

  • aniinnr choque says:

    These Islands were loosely affiliated with pre-chinese Taiwan ppl and the Ryukyu ppl. Given that Taiwan has completely fallen out of character over the last 500 years due to colonialism their claim is now pretty much void at this point – leaving the Ryukyu ppl. as only somewhat eligible heirs.
    China on the other hand has no eligibility to claim the Islands whatsoever- the only reason CCP-China wants these Islands is to build a military presence there to gain strategic advantage to annex Taiwan.

  • Anitha Sureshkumar says:

    Chaina is the Worest country on earth.we all human’s should boy cott that country that is evil country

  • Vũ Bùi says:

    We love japan from viet nam

  • Krisitan Sterjo says:

    Who the F China thinks they are!! They think they own everything

  • Samsung betul dil, God Bless You says:

    China is claiming the world

  • kangroo 11 says:

    china fights with taiwan , japan and india over border issues . and fights with world over trade. war with china inevitable in future

  • Tinku das says:

    India-Japan were friends, are friends and will be friends forever….

  • tamachan21 says:

    Opinion surely have a tendency anti-Chinese emotion. I bother this tendency causes Chinese nationalism.

  • neil Emerson says:


  • C K says:

    Go ahead Japan India is with you.

  • El Mestizo gObLiNo says:

    Can we just nuke China already

  • Avinash Kalve says:

    China will fall like USSR bz it is based on lies

  • SURESH KUMAR says:

    Good work by japan

  • SURESH KUMAR says:

    Hongkong should also belongs to Japan

  • ramabadran babu says:

    India is always there to take on China the world’s bully and crush its dream. India has taken a resolve to pulverise China to demonstrate to all and sundry that China is a glass house prone for shattering if repulsed.

  • SOUMALYA ROY says:

    Great step Japan.. kudos 🙏

  • Om Gogri says:

    China borders 14 countries but it has disputes with 23 countries. China just claim everything which doesn’t belongs to them.

  • 邓继龙 says:

    its funny to see these brainwashed people,they didn’t care the truth

  • Devil ϟϟ Law says:

    *Love & Respect to China from Pakistan*

  • jack jhonsan says:

    China is killing ughiers…Japan should teach them a good lesson again

  • Mona Wheeza says:

    The Wuhan virus is one of China’s ancient virus, why aren’t they claiming it?

  • SAUDI BOY says:

    China should also claim indian ocean philipppines sea.no1 sea grabbers in the world

  • Antonio Sia says:

    Diaoyu islands are Chinese territory, including the Ryukyu Island Archipelago and Okinawa.
    Japanese are territorial grabber.
    They are not ashamed of themselves for being branded as pirates by the Chinese.
    If America sides with Japanese and to protect the Japanese against the Chinese, hence, America is also another pirates who’s interest is helping another pirates grabbing others territory which aren’t theirs.

  • humphrey kinara says:

    Why is china having boarder dispute with all it’s neighbors

  • Satyam Kumar says:

    Free Tibet 💪😬😠😠😠

  • Veronika Sal says:

    China claims every land on earth

  • Blackpilled bbc says:

    China be like:Eastern poland was part of China together with whole Eastern Europe

  • Tim Penni says:

    Would be a bad move by china to push their luck with japan. They may get away with it with other asian countries but japan wont sit by

  • ano ny says:

    Indians who needed the British to form their “country” and draw their borders really have some self righteous opinions lol

  • Ramzan wijaya says:

    Japan know how fowerfull china but can’t do anything

  • Mikey MarteniZ says:

    greedy CCP.

  • Koustav Chowdhury says:

    China is a poison

  • Beneson Kharbudon says:

    China maps show that all countries in the world are Chinese territories.

  • Sachin Kohli says:

    Once hitler was trying to conquer the entire world what happened is history .Now it’s time for xichin ping ti get the slap on his face

  • KangKongKernitz freeman says:

    Next thing you know China claims Pluto is theirs

  • OM Finance says:

    We all know what japan likes doing to Chinese – they have been doing it for last 100 years 😏

  • Greg S says:

    Geezes Christ. Not EVERYTHING belongs to CHINA!

  • MoreMattanthonybc YT says:

    Don’t think about it. Japan should war china again.

  • Robin says:

    I feel ww3 is coming, thanks to china’s expansionist attitude.

  • kamal yarlagadda says:


  • nelson tan says:

    TIme to test if CHINA IS STRONG>>> END CHINA

  • Shashi m says:

    Meanwhile China already claimed Uranus under it’s sovereign

  • КГБ says:

    Japan is just Yankee puppet.. Support China from Russia 🇷🇺🇨🇳

  • நல்லதே சிந்திப்போம் நல்லதே செய்வோம் says:

    Love like support Japan 🇯🇵
    From India 🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • جوكووي صادقة says:

    Sesama negara superpower. Cuma yang membuat jepang lemah karena benderanya cuma dua warna

  • dj docx says:

    Its ironic how Chinese Gov. Get offended by japanese in changing Island name. While they craeted the 9 dash line for occupying all of West Philippine Sea. 🙄🙄 Now have the Taste of your own Medicine. 🤣

  • Francis Lim says:

    Would sinking the island serves everyone,?NO ISLAND,NO CLAIM,EVERYONE WIN,make it an under water marine reserve for sea lives,humans out of bound.

  • Hassan Sultan says:

    Indians poping in to declare Japan “Pita G”, after bashing from China 😀

  • Kelvin says:

    China is basically america right now

  • ꯔꯥꯍꯨꯜ ꯑꯆꯣꯝ says:

    After Corona, China has gone mad about geographical area which must be side effects

  • Mikhail Terranova says:

    The Mighty Empire of Japan 🇯🇵

  • Central Intelligence Agency says:

    The funny thing is, the land also claimed by Taiwan too. But why people only talks about China ? Why not Taiwan ? Or why not even Japan itself ? Don’t forget that the island is closer to Taiwan / China than to Japan. And it belongs to Qing empire btw.

  • gurmit singh says:

    china please stop now , otherwise i don’t think that you can handle these many countries.

  • Sanatan Dharma says:

    The Chinese would object if you said boo!

  • Ajmolali82 says:

    China is just bitter about the past of what Japan did to them.

  • Stephy Stiva says:

    China wants to own everything😂😂😂

  • Nguyễn Linh says:

    boycott china

  • Phinix says:

    Omg lol this is getting too much. China claimimg EVERYTHING!!!

  • Katy says:

    omg those waves. i would puke all over the place

  • Sita R says:

    If given a chance to China, it will say entire Earth belong to China. 11 countries ready to do war with China.

  • Anti Dote says:

    Quit arguing, grab your vessels and just start killing each other, cmon! the world is anxiously waiting for another war.

  • Lightning Facts says:

    I think china wants to do the exact same thing what japan did to china 80 years back.😂😏

  • Caio lima caldas says:

    There’s a lot in japan loves my country but there’s many people around here support China

  • Stanly Thomas says:

    China is the problem …..

  • we shuggie says:

    It is ironic that the Chinese communists have brainwashed themselves into believing that they now own part of Japan.
    These dangerous fantasies have to be nipped in the bud before China’s propaganda doctrine becomes deeply implanted in the minds of the people and accepted mainstream, their fabricated nine-dash-line is a similar example.
    Ask Xi Kingpin, what are the geographical co-ordinates of this fake 1947 scribble, and you will not get an answer simply because he would not have a clue.
    The Chinese mantra is very simple, “me want!….me take!”…….(best repeated barefooted with your knuckles dragging along the ground)……….grunt! grunt!………if you know what I mean.