WHO: Brazil’s COVID-19 cases ‘much higher’ than reports

2020 6/25
WHO: Brazil's COVID-19 cases 'much higher' than reports

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said the number of coronavirus infections in Brazil could be much higher than is being reported as the lack of testing means many cases are likely going undetected.
Latin America’s largest country is currently the world’s second-worst affected with 51,000 deaths and more than a million infections of the novel coronavirus.
Many more infections and deaths are feared because social distancing measures are not being taken seriously.
Al Jazeera’s Priyanka Gupta reports.

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コメント一覧 (172件)

  • wajihullah khan says:

    Our condolences with our brotherly country Brazil from Pakistan…..

  • nemeczek67 says:

    I hope a vaccine is developed soon and next year we all can go back to normal.

    • Adam Sahr says:

      What is your normal? The same old bad ways?

    • Vicarious Witness says:

      Eat healthy and be active and meditate or pray. The answers are right in front of ur face.

    • Telmo Alves says:

      Careful what u wish for…. Open Ur eyes and mind do research…

    • Adam Sahr says:

      @Syed Ahmed Outside, like India?

    • Syed Ahmed says:

      @Adam Sahr The first cases in Australia likely arrived from America. A very famous actor and his wife had it.

  • Himanshu Sirohi says:

    Brazil has tested only 20 lakh people, and got 10 lakh infected. India tested 70 lakh and got 4 lakh infected. Difference is sharply clear.

    • Happy Dude says:

      More can be done

    • zingerman11259 says:

      what is a lakh?

    • Happy Dude says:

      @zingerman11259 hundred thousand

    • Comrade Toxic says:

      Uae tested 2million people got 30k

  • 9899 xo says:

    You cant be arrogant with this virus
    Its the natures wraith
    The min you think you are the apex predetor just remember you are still smaller than the nature

    • Nero Machiavelli says:

      True, but the virus is fake

    • Cool Breeze says:

      @Nero Machiavelli You’re fake.

    • Mateus Uchoa says:

      Nature= China

    • Nero Machiavelli says:

      Cool Breeze say that to my face and I’ll bite your ear off

  • אודרי פינה Audrei Pina poliglota اودراي بينا says:

    impeachment for Bolsonaro please!

    • JoãoLP says:

      He has been democratically elected.

    • Klauss Bmann says:

      @JoãoLP so just like Dima?

    • JoãoLP says:

      Klauss Bmann, yes! One mistake doesn’t justify other.

    • Klauss Bmann says:

      @JoãoLP so you agree he should be impeached? or do you admit that what happened to Dima was a coup?

    • JoãoLP says:

      Klauss Bmann, I mean what I said.

  • Jack Marfori says:

    your president is stupid MOST STUPID PRESIDENT!!! blame him!!!

  • Guilherme Vieira says:

    Brazil is being devastated and the worst virus is called Jair Messias Bolsonaro

    • Dede says:

      I agree with you

    • JoãoLP says:

      Wrong. People that distorts the facts like you are worse.

    • Guilherme Vieira says:

      @JoãoLP Vou fingir que me importo

  • Megharsha Gowda says:

    Balsanaro,Modi,Trump all are same

    • Frank Debrah says:

      You forgot to add the other clown, Boris.

    • Digheko Nesij says:

      @Frank Debrah There are a lot of clowns right now in his defence.

  • T Johnslad says:

    How many Chemical plant fires explosions? 40+ Chemical plant fires explosions world wide? France Turkey USA China India UK Skorea Scotland Holland Italy Russia Belgium Spain Greece Austria Germany Sweden Ukraine Brazil Mexico South Africa Nigeria Iran Poland Australia many more world wide. Harvard university study into airborne pollution responsible for clusters? Checkout France Rouen 9000ton Chemical explosion contaminated the whole region and drifted to south coast England Hampshire Surrey south London. Scotland had 3 most recent Dundee. Stanlow Merseyside .Leicester. East London. lancing Hampshire. Why so many ? Who’s responsible? Keep washing your hands fellow mushrooms

  • Edgar Maestre says:

    Well done, Bolsonaro. We no forgot the fires in the amazonian. Now, this…

  • Tony liang says:

    All the leaders should not play down the consequence of this pandemic and take decisive operations to work on this. Human lives should be prioritized. Pay condolence to those lost lives.

  • pratik naga says:

    Is Al Zazzera, supporting Islamic terrorism?

    • S. S. Cookies says:

      Don’t you have better things to do?

  • Esther Sarpong says:

    is serious ooooh LORD JESUS LOCATE them in your mercy mercy mercy favor favor grace grace blessing in JESUS name hallelujah amen

  • Phillip Beard says:

    The UN are behind this and the globalist elite

    • Frank Debrah says:

      There goes another nutter spewing nonesense.

    • Phillip Beard says:

      @Frank DebrahI hope I’m wrong as for me being a nutter I’ve been called worse things

    • Knight Templar says:

      Nonsense criticism.

  • ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

    brazil is cursed not just with corona also with bolsonaro

  • MarkRobert Murphy Sr says:

    Yeah so is the recent Oklahoma trump talley..lmiaao

  • Ben Atticus M says:

    Another similarity between Brazil and India.. Both were instructed by the government to hide the real numbers to give face to their leaders.Don’t expect any truth and don’t trust any lies coming from the puppets of Muerika.Not coincident the top 5 worst countries are flip flopping intercourse with Trump.Dumb countries always fare the lowest.

    • thomas grabkowski says:

      china takes this to a whole new level

  • Ben Atticus M says:

    A dumb leader came from the hand of dumb citizens.Not sorry for you,Brazilians! You’ve asked for it! And you got it!

  • Praveen Kumar says:

    Everybody blame s president but nobody blames WHO , China 🇨🇳 ?……

    • merylwaldenlake says:

      Praveen Kumar Italy and France identified cases back in October/November last year. It’s not clear whether it even originated in China. Even if it did, even if they sealed off Wuhan in November, you cannot guarantee there had not been cases already traveling to the world. This virus has an unprecedented prolonged 14 day asymptomatic transmission period making it extremely difficult to control.

    • merylwaldenlake says:

      Praveen Kumar SARS originated in China but it didn’t impact the world very much which was not because the Chinese government did a better job (in fact, they reacted much slower than they did to COVID 19). It was because SARS was not asymptotically contagious. Seriously sick people were very unlikely to travel.

    • Praveen Kumar says:

      @merylwaldenlake well sars came from China 🇨🇳 ….but atleast we tried 2 stop at dat time ….. Thanks 2 s.korea but dis time it’s hard & sucks …. China virus 😷 spread world 🌎.

    • merylwaldenlake says:

      Praveen Kumar this one is most similar to 1918 Kansas flu that killed 50 million globally and mostly young people. Thankfully this one doesn’t kill as many young people

    • Praveen Kumar says:

      @merylwaldenlake haha 😂… U think wait for 2nd wave …… Winter is coming ….. Rip world 🌎😢😷

  • Frank Debrah says:

    It comes as no surprise that the three countries with the most incompetent leaders, USA,UK and Brazil are top three on the covid19 death league. How can citizens of these countries be so irresponsible to vote in these idiots.

    • JoãoLP says:

      Deaths per million much lower than Spain, Italy, France, Belgium and other rich countries…

    • Frank Debrah says:

      @JoãoLP what good is that to those loosing loved ones? The sooner that idiot started protecting his people with competent leadership the better.

    • JoãoLP says:

      Deaths in the countries I cited prove “leaders” can do nothing!

    • thomas grabkowski says:

      its because they were fed up with their left wing governments previously and elected them to be leaders

  • Sajid Khan says:


  • Iu Iulitza says:

    It’s the reverse of what happen in my country. We have less cases then reported. Because hospitals pays the families of dead patients , to let them register their dead family members , as Corona victims.

  • Erika RNcorazon says:

    Is sad because their government denied the virus in February…they went a head with the carnival and celebrated. This thing is real and thos virus is still deathly. America also had his share of neglect. Bad government results in dead.

  • boyout24 says:

    Too easy to pass judgement when we’re only hearing one side to the story.

    • John Henry says:

      Woah there buddy, let’s not be rational.

    • Cool Breeze says:

      What’s the other side? “No, these dead people didn’t really die!”

    • Mateus Uchoa says:

      Cool Breeze First of all, the other side is the one that looks into the right way to measure these numbers (infected per million people). Using this method you will see Brazil isn’t in top 20 worse countries. For instance, Uruguay has a population of almost 4 million people, it’s ridiculous taking their infected numbers and compare it with Brazilian numbers, since Brazil has a population of 210 million people. We need to take care of our population using all possible methods for sure because all lives matter but Brazilian case isn’t the worst as they say. It’s a clear political attack, but I wouldn’t expect nothing different coming from Al Jazeera.

  • S Hussein says:

    What do these countries with the worst death cases have?
    They are all fascist white govts
    1: US
    2: Brazil
    3: UK

    • Mateus Uchoa says:

      @Comrade Toxic Democracy is not always good but dictatorships are always bad.

    • Comrade Toxic says:

      Mateus Uchoa what about ghaddafi , he made libya into heaven for its citizens but unfortunately US doesnt like middle east to grow

    • Mateus Uchoa says:

      @Comrade Toxic I never said USA was an exemple to be followed. But don’t come to me saying China is the good guy, it sounds ridiculous.

    • JoãoLP says:

      Comrade Toxic, I remember that time! Everybody in the world eager to migrate to Libia!! …. no… wait….

    • Comrade Toxic says:

      JoãoLP For their own citizens

  • Wayne Hopper says:

    WHO should just keep its foul mouth shut. It is nothing more than the long arms of big pharmas.

  • Michael Nablo says:


  • nas taran says:

    In Iran too we lost so many to covid, I can’t believe it some , I knew and they weren’t old and look so healthy that’s why their death was so shocking 🙏

    • faisal bargi says:

      Is the government hiding death count in your country?

    • AB C says:


  • Most Hated says:

    Bolsonaro and Trump
    The Kings of Coronavirus

    • Kyle Panuncillon says:

      @pauskie6 idiot

    • Rahul says:

      Bolsnaro Modi and Trump *

    • leinaddf says:

      One stupid comment..

    • Damz xD says:

      Next jokes plzz

  • Jonatanjf oficial says:

    Sou do Brasil
    E uma pena ver tantas pessoas morrendo todos os dias pelo covid 19
    O vírus tá incontrolável aqui no Brasil, lamentável 😭😭😭😭😭

    • Leandro says:

      Hoje tivemos o segundo maior número de novas mortes e novos casos registrados em 24 horas no Brasil.
      52.771 mortes; eram 51.407 até as 20h de segunda (22), uma diferença de 1.364 óbitos
      1.151.479 casos confirmados; eram 1.111.348 até a noite de segunda, ou seja, houve 40.131 novos casos.
      Deus nos ajude 🙌

    • Jonatanjf oficial says:

      @Leandro Deus nós proteja
      Pior que jaja passa dos Estados Unidos, Deus queira que não + no ritimo que as coisas vão jaja Brasil tá no 1 lugar 😭😭😭

  • Milton Romero says:

    Fuerza hermanos Brasileros !!!! May God help you get through this crisis quick enough!!!!

  • Carlos Santanna says:

    Meus amados, não percam a fé pois falta pouco para irmos para a nossa verdadeira casa e veremos Jesus como ele é. PREPAREM AS BAGAGENS: SANTIDADE, VIDA DE ORAÇÃO E FÉ e muito provavelmente vou conhecer alguns de vocês que estão lendo meu comentário lá na morada celestial. (O sentimento e a percepção que eu tenho, é que essa geração verá nossa ida para o Céu.) A volta de Jesus nunca foi tão real quanto agora, os sinais estão intensos em todos os seguimentos, estamos sendo testemunhas de acontecimentos nunca vistos antes. Muitos ouviram e ouvem a palavra mais infelizmente não quiseram e recusam o sacrifício do Senhor Jesus. Vamos renunciarmos a nós mesmos para sermos capazes de nos reunir com o Senhor, porque ele nos ama com grande amor e esse amor que ele tem por nós deve motivar-nos a deixar tudo para segui-lo. E mesmo que venhamos sofrer perseguições que sejamos como mártir, morrer por amor a Cristo. (Falo novamente, NÃO somos daqui) vamos nos arrepender, nos converter de nossos maus caminhos, abandonar as coisas impuras, pois Ele em breve vem. E se eu não lhe ver aqui, nos encontraremos lá.

    “Combati o bom combate, acabei a carreira, guardei a fé. Desde agora, a coroa da justiça me está guardada, a qual o Senhor, justo juiz, me dará naquele Dia; e não somente a mim, mas também a todos os que amarem a sua vinda.
    Pois todos nós iremos comparecer perante o tribunal de Cristo, para que cada um receba de acordo com as obras praticadas por meio do corpo, quer sejam boas quer sejam más. 2 Tm 4:7:8 – 2 Cor. 5:10

  • Alfa Romeo says:

    President of Brazil is an idiot this is why you don’t elect idiots.

  • Ting Li says:

    Election matters. That’s what you get when you elect someone that goes “Make America great again.” Now, make Brazil great again.

  • Knight Templar says:

    Let’s the Supporter of the Brazilian President build more coffins and dig grave for the death of their own kin cause by the Coronavirus.

    They dismissed the Coronavirus Pandemic as “Just a Normal Flu”.

  • Kailash Subba says:

    Its totally bolsonaro fault.This is the biggest drawback of democracy where some elite groups choose who runs the country.If any political leader is capable of leading a nation then s/he should no matter how long.

    • JoãoLP says:

      If Brazil had 57 million people in the “elite”, we would be the richest country in the world!

    • Kailash Subba says:

      @JoãoLP haha u have no knowledge how govt is formed🤣

  • karen wazen says:

    And Qatar coronavirus cases increasing day after day but Tamim doesn’t care about his people and insists to reopening the economy

    • Adam Sahr says:

      You are imagining things… Very few countries have managed the CoViD-19 crisis better than Qatar has ?! Try again with another country … Like India for example !!!

  • Siraya Schalklen says:

    Brazil is most getting money to inflate their numbers

  • ken ho says:

    u know flies at graveyard during epidemic may carry virus

  • Viral Online says:

    Here in philippines many of people got angry of president duterte because of lockdown .. lets swap president

  • zingerman11259 says:

    why are the who calling out Brazil but not China?????

    • Adam Sahr says:

      Is there a problem in calling out Brazil? It is for the interest of that country… What’s wrong with you?

    • zingerman11259 says:

      @Adam Sahr no, if you read my comment you should know I never said that, if a country needs to be called out then we must call them out, thats why im wondering why they called out Brazil and not China

    • Adam Sahr says:

      @zingerman11259 Because no truth ever comes out of China… AJ is free to investigate and report from Brazil but not from China. Brazilians are free to complain, the Chinese are not !

  • Sammi Sammi says:


  • Tom Tom says:

    Bolsanaro is the Brazilian version of Trump!!! “We’ll be back to work by Easter!!! Buffoons!!! Feel so bad for the beautiful Brazilian people who are getting sick and dying bcz of Bolsanaro’s ignorance and arrogance. What a shame, especially bcz it could have been much less severe had common sense prevailed. 🇧🇷 ❤️😢

  • JoãoLP says:

    Lie! Nothing suggests it.

  • Melqui Correa says:

    The death toll numbers are being manipulated, some state governors are inflating the numbers to spend people’s money, and thus overpricing, corrupt.

  • Melqui Correa says:

    Welcome to the new world order, the masters of the Masonic globalist world, want population reduction. Wake up !!!

  • Mongolian Khan says:

    My heart is with their families

  • faisal bargi says:

    America should start giving aid instead of blaming everything on china
    On other hand at least china is providing aid to countries

    • faisal bargi says:

      @mm but USA should admit that more than the Chinese the West is more responsible for the spread
      Take the example of India
      We don’t have any Chinese employees businessmen or students in our country still India is 4th on the list

    • thomas grabkowski says:

      @faisal bargi but rather a lot of indians emigrated to the west and they brought the virus home

    • faisal bargi says:

      @thomas grabkowski yes that’s true with evry country

    • Reed Stiles says:

      @faisal bargi If China hadn’t tried to hide the coronavirus and instead proactively contained it, we may not be in this mess.
      Yes, providing aid because they’re attempting to market themselves as “Coronavirus leaders” instead of “Coronavirus originators”.
      GTFO of here with CCP apologies.

    • faisal bargi says:

      @Reed Stiles ccp at least did not downnplay the risk of virus like Trump they built a huge hospital in 10 days
      What did trump do, he mocked it and told his people that he has best team to tackle corona, please explain what was that

  • Serena Poketeen says:

    Coronafake never killed people Hidrocloroquine did it. A lot of indigenous people stopped going for help to hospital cause they were murdered with Hidrocloroquine that trump gifted to bolsonaro. Coronafake didnt killed that people. Almost 350k deaths belongs to hidrocloroquine. Forbidden in whole world except USA and Brazil. Casuality?

  • Erinaldo Santana says:

    Brasileiros de esquerda têm mais é que morrer mesmo.

    • Ana U says:

      que??? Tá rolando manifestações de ambos lados

    • Ana U says:

      e se você quer que pessoas que não tem a mesma opinião que a sua morram você tem sérios problemas.

  • Prithwijit Bhattacharyya says:

    The WHO just shouldn’t comment on the COVID crisis for it has lost all credibility.

    • pax und peace says:

      They warned everybody already in January.
      They called it out as a public health emergency of International Concern in January 30 long before the cases started in brazil.

  • Bryan Raiz says:

    Human beings are interesting creatures

  • Fine I am says:

    “The Little Flu”
    —– the little Trump

    • starofthemidnight says:

      The little Jackass

    • Mabrenz_N says:


    • leinaddf says:

      Trump is more concerned for his country and people, not his Brazil president.

  • W M says:

    Very sad

  • Kang Pai says:

    Perfect time for population control

  • Hyteen Ju says:

    Why these ppl didn’t drove the dumbass president away?

  • Christian Paiva says:

    I’m brazilian and I say FORA BOLSONARO! GET OUT BOLSONARO! 🇧🇷

  • AB C says:

    Love Brazil from Russia

  • cash hand says:

    Use coronavirus medicine Favipiravir . critical patients use dexamethasone medicine ,coviflu

  • Jackal N says:

    This is like in the Philippines where they vote in a strong man only to find out he cares only for his own ego.

    • c k says:

      tlga lng ha? Sigurado ka?Bka ikaw yun…

  • Skhosana Mathiyane says:

    I was in Sao Paulo last year at Sao juda in November last year,,,it’s heart breaking to see how corona virus has changed the world,,,,,,,,,,,,,,South Africa

  • Hero Of Bukit Padang says:

    Well bolo idiot is going to take cue from that orange idiot trump and blame China and WHO…. Sigh

  • sylvie loveday says:

    My heart breaks for the peoples of Brazil, as if life is not hard already, they have a leader who cares nothing about them. God Bless you all.

  • anwar ullah says:

    To be fair to the president, atleast he is being honest. The virus is not a threat to people with good health. Now it is completely one’s own responsibility towards one’s own health. If you want to blame someone else for your own lack of care towards your body, then I guess there isn’t much to say but keep fooling yourself.

  • krishna murthy says:

    Brazilians,time to bring out the guillotines💪

  • Agha Ayub Ahmadzai says:

    I am from Pakistan and my people also make jokes about the virus. There are many many people who say it doesn’t exist.
    1321, 24/06/2020.

  • New song 0120 says:

    Why who don’t say anything against chaina

  • Gorbet ګوربت says:

    The Racist Fascist Bolsonaro did worse than his boss Trump, thus civilians dying… unfortunately.

  • First Name says:

    A gift from CHINA

  • Kalpak Kar says:

    Priyanka Gupta- awesome to hear the voice of a Bengali correspondent in a foreign news channel

  • Raushan Raj says:

    Long live China… 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Ashish Singh says:

    President of brazil is “”idiot of the century”

  • Thumtl Nguyen says:

    It could be a secret “less mouth to feed” policy.

  • cash hand says:

    “Use medicamento para coronavírus Favipiravir. pacientes críticos usam medicamento com dexametasona, covifor”

  • CARLINN GO says:

    actually the fault is not only the president’s, but the “Governors”.

  • idpro83 says:

    With Tropical Trump as president it’s no wonder.

  • pax und peace says:

    More then a million cases and still underreporting
    More then 30k deaths.

  • Later Later says:

    China should have warned the world about the viruse. Sad situation

    • Jpkrao says:

      Don’t shift the blame from incompetent “leaders” like Bolsonaro and Trembling Trump to China. They had all the time to prepare their respective countries. But, they did nothing.

  • JOJO says:

    Tbh ….it’s not that serious …I’m just saying and what I’ve observed ..🤷fake news 🤔

  • Anthony de Fex says:

    Balls&arrow is allowing the virus to wash through the population

  • Tu Dong says:

    Way better report than China

  • Mourad Bennoui says:


  • Askmolnet says:

    How a person can be so ignorant and reckless. A leader is supposed to protect his people.
    – Why won’t the country fire Bolsonaro for his incompetence?

  • MONI TIWARI says:


  • Telmo Alves says:

    The amount of brainwashed sheep on this comments section it’s scary… At this stage after all th contradictions so far… sheep still falling for this deception….

  • Telmo Alves says:

    Would someone pretty please enlight m…why do they falsify th death certificates?

  • Nenad Cubric says:

    WHO made that Virus

  • Algene Manzano says:

    Bolsonaro is no mind try his family expose outside the hause with no body guard no social distancing like ordinary people what we feel and the ospital is no bed for his family like ordinary people

  • Lelouch Yagami says:

    Coffin dance

  • Lelouch Yagami says:

    Fake pandemic

  • Miket Kagan says:

    That enough too much lie you all evil enough .we are not that STUPID

  • astroboy s says:

    “Bolsonaro, well done you did better job than me” say’s Trump…

  • Silvia Logan says:

    President Bolsonaro thinks that the coronavirus is the little flu. The little flu my foot? Look at how many people are being infected with the virus and dying from it. Brazil has the second largest number of deaths.

  • but2star says:

    The law sucks
    The economy sucks
    The healthcare system sucks
    The homeland security sucks
    The President sucks

    And came the pandemic, the country turned hellish.

  • Francois Matavia says:

    I think this is Bolsonaro’s attempt to eliminate the poor ones. Letting them die through infection of Covid-19.

  • khairullah diljam says:

    Why burying in the wall not ground

  • leinaddf says:

    Stupid president

  • infinite specials says:

    This is all chinas mistake and they should pay for the war damages they made.

  • dee gunggong says:

    trump and bolsonaro good for depopulation

  • Irwin Saltzman says:

    For most of Brazil the virus is infecting people per nature’s design , say as 200 years ago. If 1% die , 2 million will pass away.