Arctic Siberian town hit with record heatwave

2020 6/27
Arctic Siberian town hit with record heatwave

The World Meteorological Organization is investigating a record-high temperature for the Arctic after the Siberian town of Verkhoyansk registered a high of 38 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit).
A heatwave in the region has been linked to wildfires, a diesel spill and a surge in insects.

Al Jazeera’s Charlotte Bellis reports.

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  • DCLXVI says:

    doomsday 🤘

  • M65 says:

    Something is happening…

  • janjan de vil says:

    Never been this early

  • Kreepi Krawli says:

    Why do ppl say global warming is bad? The weather is getting better. Adapt.

    • Alpha Omega says:

      @Zizu Zai Which culture are you speaking about?

    • Zizu Zai says:

      @Alpha Omega UK

    • Alpha Omega says:

      @Zizu Zai Okay. Why is culture of UK bad?

    • Zizu Zai says:

      @Alpha Omega Because it’s inferior compare to other west culture. Even Russia has better city than any Uk cities.

    • Alpha Omega says:

      @Zizu Zai Ohh! Thanks for response.

  • Alpha Omega says:

    Armageddon is near. And I fear this.

    • Alpha Omega says:

      @Pipe Tunes You have superiority disease that can’t differ between Religion & God. Not sure if you read my earlier response but you do sound like a person who doesn’t respect God or its Creations. People like you end up using our planet and Universe for their selfish motives and prove themselves on Earth.

    • musicguy20 says:

      Alpha Omega please take your prophecy else where. They’ve been saying it’s the end of the world since 100AD and still NOTHING!! It won’t ever come. Just misery on our part as we try to make things better. It’s not the first time the earth has heated up.

    • Pro says:

      Then be scared

    • Alpha Omega says:

      musicguy20: 2020 is different. I am not a prophet to do any prophecy. I dont have a memory of Earlier Centuries Heat. I am living today & I can say from experience that Earth is on its doomsday very soon – man’s greed for power over God is the problem. Sleep well till you have AC. You never know when all Electronic circuits get destroyed by God Himself. 🙂

    • Alpha Omega says:

      @Pro I wrote a comment earlier that YT deleted. I was asking if you know of a drug that can keep scaredness away. It was a beautiful comment. YT deleted that 🙁

  • Bahemis Adán says:

    38 degrees in the Arctic?OH MY GOD! 🤯

    • alichi101 says:

      370km inland, with +30 days not being uncommon during the summer months. The arctic circle includes quite alot more than just the arctic ocean and the north pole.

  • Quetzalcoatl says:

    Corona virus? Hold my fire.

  • Jay Al-Ali says:

    We’re beyond redemption as a species 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️. Literally poisoned the entire planet 🌍. Allah forgive us.

    • Alpha Omega says:

      Aliens should come out of their mysterious space vehicles. Time is right for them to make an entry on Earth. People are highly divided and hungry for Power Over God. Opportunity is right for them to be here and see how hilarious Earth looks today!

    • Alpha Omega says:

      @Richard Rodrigues But scientists are going to other planets. Richer ones will flee to extra space and make that polluted too. How wonderful that would be! To see other planets suffer the fate of Earth too. Anyway, lots of harm still to be done to Earth. Let’s get to work & spoil it more. I am doing my part, are you?

    • Mr Misanthrope says:

      Relax mate. Africa will be fine come on over. Sahara will turn green due to climate change.

    • JustEndItAll says:

      @Jay Al-Ali You are absolutely correct, the human race deserves to be removed from the Universe. Retardation is rampant, retards all over the place like The Walking Dead.

    • Rashaon Diaz says:

      He will, as soon as HE separate the wheat from Tare. And cast it in the fire; then all will be made a new

  • Loli4lyf says:

    snow in arab last year and now heat wave in siberia WTF

    • ronnel acido says:

      the weather has gone bonkers!

    • Anesh Vherma says:

      But…. This has happened back in 2013 not the first time

  • Puiz says:

    The earth is fine… our children, however…

  • ahvidaneidavirgilluminous says:

    Bigger problem probably the permafrost melting, subsidence etc

  • ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

    they should be happy Winter is coming soon

    • Adam Sahr says:

      Usually September but not this year…

  • mighty warrior says:

    0:08 xijinping is that you

    • Frostie says:

      That’s the native population… Siberia is in Asia so of course the people will look asian

  • Valdi Micolchik says:

    English speaking people can NOT pronounce the name of People , Towns, and just Geographical location in Russia.
    How to pronounce the town of:
    Verkhoyansk ?

    • aaa ggg says:

      Type in google translate, it sounds very accurate

  • William Moore says:

    Glad I lived through the golden age. 2020 is the beginning of the time of sorrows.

    • Alpha Omega says:

      Jealous of you.

    • Cancerino says:

      Oh, so youre one of the boomers that caused it?

    • Alpha Omega says:

      As if Gen Y learnt anything from Gen Z or earlier gens.

    • Master Thot Slayer says:

      Ok Doomer weather anomaly is not new your just a short sighted fool

  • Richard Rodrigues says:

    Could be the result,of the 15 billion tons of Artic ice ; melted in 24 hours last year.
    From the explosion of a new Russian weapon.

  • whataboutism says:

    The artic is Arizona? Planet= Finished!!!

    • Michael Miller says:

      Naa, it’s not finished , world has been changeing since the beginning, and it will still be changeing after we’re all dead and long gone. Wake up bud.

    • whataboutism says:

      @Michael Miller Man, whatever. That’s too hot for Siberia, PERIOD!

  • Atta U Rehman says:

    Day of judgment is near 2020 is the start of count down

    • Adrian Peters says:

      WHO??? Is the judge, …

    • Michael Miller says:

      Nope, end of the world is no where near, humans have been saying that, since we been here and once again tommorow, u will wake up and unfortunately for u, you will be wrong and once again the world will still be here, sorry to ruin ur belief. But not happening

    • Nadia M.K says:

      Adrian Peters god

  • aaa ggg says:

    +30 degrees in summer is a normal temperature in siberia due to the continental climate, stop clickbaiting

    • R M says:

      They said its 8 degrees higher than normal

    • Tanmoy Sahoo says:

      It is 38°C.

    • aaa ggg says:

      And? It’s the whole summer they have above 30 degrees there

    • alichi101 says:

      Yeah, the report is sort of misleading (judging by several comments…) in that it is not actually unusual to have hot summers above the arctic circle. The town where this record was made? It is located 370 km INLAND, with months worth of +30C days during summer not being uncommon. Only thing unusual was that a record was broken. Thou the permafrost degrading is a real problem.

  • abhishek yadav says:

    Good for Russia

  • fifi says:

    This should scare us all!

  • G. West says:

    I do not understand, why should people south live in a beautiful weather and the people north stay frozen all year? Finally the weather is becoming nice north, that is a good thing.
    It is either -64 north and good weather south, or +64 south and good weather north, I do prefer good weather north 😊

  • jack gaming says:

    Its always freezing over there, this is quite a shock

    • alichi101 says:

      No, they have summers with +30C days not being uncommon.

  • Prathap Koththigoda says:

    at least Putin accept climate change is real

    • Eusunt Dac says:

      While he keeps expanding his drilling projects in the Arctic …

    • Prathap Koththigoda says:

      @Eusunt Dac with 0 Carbon Emission. It is a nuclear powwred ice breaker.

  • Aaryan says:


  • Kreepi Krawli says:

    Chill ppl. Remember, wine was grown in England back in Roman times and Greenland was actually green. We are just reverting back to the good old times.

    • C Will says:

      What do you mean? We have ice cores from Roman times.

    • Kreepi Krawli says:

      @C Will We are in a natural cycle when the weather gets warmer and not due to human activities. Soon we will reach levels that could have been observed about 1200 years ago. Nothing to worry about. The UK will be tropical soon as God intended.

  • Mr11ESSE111 says:

    it is higher then in africa or australia

  • Geoffrey says:

    Can we just skip 2020 and head to 2021 early. This year has been filled with crazy stuff, january we almost went to war with Iran, suleimani was assasinated, covid 19 and now the temperatures have increased. I wonder how it will be when we get to December.

  • the watcher says:

    the earth is changing all the time for the past billions of yrs.

  • Michael Nablo says:

    Philippines-42degress nah its everyday life😂

    • deejyze bagin says:

      You see its different environment and different way of life. Its not the same in the Philippines which have the sun all year round except for monsoon of course as Chariz said.

  • Conan says:

    But they also had record Breaking cold this last Winter! So I dunno it’s just a fluctuating weather pattern.

  • ali mohamed says:

    1:07 I would run if saw that many mosquitoes

  • Abdulai Bah says:

    All is well. All a “hoax”.

  • Grounded cheespuffs 1 says:

    Houston Texas: first time?

  • Kakuzu [Earth Grudge Fear] says:


    • Sandy Gomez says:

      The world had always gone through cycles. However if you read the bible it talks about an increase in weather phenomena. And God’s judgement will come on mankind, because of their approval and love of sin, and rejection of Him and The Messiah of the jews Jesus Christ who laid his life down for the forgiveness of sins for whoever will come to him and accept Him as Lord. In The Bible Christ call people to repentance. That is he calls is out of our sins to follow and obey him. We are not perfect but he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins if we confess to him.

  • Technewlogy says:

    We are doomed

  • paul starr says:

    worldsmasterofspiritsspiritseekerscanada,tm* someone is setting off nukes its the only thing that cold had done this

  • Lady Luck says:

    38C = 100F 😳

  • Mar b says:

    38 degrees celcius = 100 degrees fahrenheit.


    • Adrian Peters says:

      100 degrees Farenheit = 38 degrees Celcius …….

  • John Mahoney says:

    Live in Labrador still cold here

  • Frenchkisssss says:

    Weird cause we didn’t polute that much for 3 month.