COVID-19: Bad News For Air Travel, Boon For Short-Term Rentals | Meet The Press | NBC News

2020 7/08
COVID-19: Bad News For Air Travel, Boon For Short-Term Rentals | Meet The Press | NBC News

How COVID-19 is affecting summer travel in the U.S. and related industries.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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COVID-19: Bad News For Air Travel, Boon For Short-Term Rentals | Meet The Press | NBC News



コメント一覧 (96件)

  • Corenchie Reynaldo says:

    Trump screwed up your American country so bad.

  • Sandra Law says:

    Why are Americans allowed to travel anywhere outside of there Country Your airports should be closed.

    • kulik03 says:

      @brin Joness You’ve been successfully brainwashed by the mainstream media.

    • Tre Cool says:

      Xi 2020!!

    • D Hova says:

      barry Amato tell that to the Asylum seekers. Go ahead, I’ll wait……….

    • J Vahl says:

      WHAT? Americans are banned from flying to Europe – any of their 27 countries

    • J Vahl says:

      @kulik03 but we will all get sick if proper measures are not taken to stop this. If you had a loved one affected by this virus, you would think differently

  • TAN TAN says:

    Reading the news the same way as alexa speaking… Better to replace her.

  • 2 1 says:

    Wow America is a terrible place to live

    • Pak De says:

      @RowenS Newsroom4am yeah because now all the kids and young people who just couldn’t stay home or be bothered to wear a mask are getting it. Fortunately most will live but not all.

    • Carol Morter says:

      Every relationship has problems. We are the USA, a diverse family, and we will overcome our problems.

    • D Hova says:

      Tell that to the illegals jumping the border

    • 2 1 says:

      @D Hova you white so why don’t you go back to Europe where you came from you low life

    • D Hova says:

      2 1 ok, and when I do can I send all the Muslim migrants back? And all the Pakistani immigrants back? You do realize that Natives were conquered right? Do you know why? Show me 1 country founded by your people and still ran by your people that anyone wants to live in.

  • Gary York says:

    All BS to affect the election. Well get ready for four more years with President Trump and then eight years of President Tucker Carlson.

    • Al Einstein says:

      @ApexOrigin no one cares or knows who she is

    • ApexOrigin says:

      @Al Einstein You seem to be wrong a lot. A lot of people know and care who she is. You are just ignorant. It doesn’t make you look good when you say broad statements like that when they aren’t inaccurate. Did you go to one of those black colleges? And did you get a free cell phone with that special low income government program? If you answered yes to any of those question, then that explains everything.

    • Al Einstein says:

      @ApexOrigin you know who she is no one else does or ever will. She’s 30 year old talking head who doesn’t have enough life experience to give an opinion that matters. No Republican will ever make president ever again. the party will not be a national player after 2024 local political offices only.

    • 2 1 says:

      @ApexOrigin she’s a right wing nut job like you and has no chance

    • ApexOrigin says:

      @2 1 Get ready for her to be your next President in 2024. You might want to go ahead and declare you are leaving America if she is elected. We’ll be sad to see you go. Not really, lol.

  • D Yard says:

    I would like to thank Trump and the Republican Governor’s this unforeseen bubble in short term rentals is certainly worth the lost lives, and the coming economic uncertainty. Those millions who lost their jobs now have the time to go fishing for a few days, well done dumbshits.

  • Travel Secrets 4U says:

    stick this news wherever you want …. air travel will survive

    • Brian C says:

      You are right; the air travel industry survived WW1, Spanish Flu Pandemic, WW2, a Great Depression, multiple global recessions, 9/11 and any number of other global calamities since the advent of commercial airline travel so there is no reason to think it will not survive this one.

    • Pak De says:

      @Brian C air travel survived WWI and the Spanish flu and the great depression? Research much or just type whatever pops up in that little squirrel cage?

    • Pak De says:

      Yes we’ll still have airplanes with people buying tickets but there’s no doubt that a lot of carriers are going out of business.

    • brin Joness says:

      @Pak De That was the glory days of commercial flight. London to sydney had about 20 different competing airlines. The Delhi layover on day 4 was always a special draw. Most notably when the planes had to wait another 3 days for fuel to arrive.

  • Relt88 says:

    Great! just vacation in America, please don’t bring the virus out to other countries. We worked hard to keep our situations under control.

    • JettTheWolf says:

      As an American this situation really makes me sad. And its all thanks to the anti-maskers/karens/trump supporters and Trump for getting us to this point.

    • Liza Belle says:

      The EU has placed a travel ban on the U.S. and Canada is not letting U.S. citizens in either and can’t really blame them!

    • brin Joness says:

      Don’t worry Trumps supporters don’t leave their sisters bed for much. Flying on planes is wat dose edumacated foke do. U no da wans dat went to 4rd grade. I am sure brazil and russia won’t mind another few cases popping up to sell a few hotel rooms.

  • K TV says:

    Hello dear brothers, I am a housewife and I have been fired. Now I want to find my living expenses through YouTube. Please cooperate with our family please subscribe our channel

  • Make Racists Afraid Again says:

    Vacation travel is Suicidal.

  • Nobi_Bklyn says:

    vacation is out of the question

    • At The End Of The Day with Yieley says:


    • Nobi_Bklyn says:

      @At The End Of The Day with Yieley yes 😏

  • Elsa Johnson says:

    Thats not much

  • LL Frcs says:

    Trump is used to viewing people as collateral damage. Now Americans are nothing but a statistic to him. Trump wrongly claims 99% of coronavirus cases are harmless. Note each of these coronavirus cases is a person who has been infected. The chances of dying from COVID-19 is like playing Russian roulette. Trump is asking Americans to play Russian roulette with their lives.

    • At The End Of The Day with Yieley says:

      when he was talking it’s all gonna be fine in march, i thought i was about to die in bed, it was so hard to move and breathe, and it takes forever for some to recover, like with me. he’s got a slave master mentality and we’re all expendable

  • Gary4grace says:

    MOUNT RUSHMORETRUMP’S FIREWORKS SHOW COSTS $600K. $13 million. Fourth of July 2019. U.S debt $26 trillion.  Use tax $ on Covid -19 , give to family who lost family member. Need food at food banks not fireworks + it only make china more $.

  • ReahGacha JKAD says:

    Im going back to not reading the news, my blood pressure went up.

    • At The End Of The Day with Yieley says:

      closing your eyes and ignoring the problem is trump’s job

    • ruth depew says:

      If news about short term rentals raises your blood pressure, you should probably shelter in place for the rest of your life.

    • ReahGacha JKAD says:

      Yup dug a hole and already put head in it

  • Jean Martin says:

    U.S STAY HOME..!

  • Nj Osborne says:

    Where is the rest of it?

  • Elakkiy official says:

    Unban Tiktok

  • Tora Black says:

    we’re so screwed

  • Ricky Ostrom says:

    “HERD IMMUNITY” near:

  • james Gand says:

    Imagine being so rich that you care more about going on a vacation than caring about what’s going on around you

    • Pak De says:

      Must be nice to still have enough money to travel after three months of lockdown. I guess they didn’t really need the check.

  • JettTheWolf says:

    My friend and I were discussing this and Trump the other day. He’s a doctor so I was curious as to what his thoughts were. He’s a smart person, and he genuinely believes Trump is doing this to deliberately lose the election. Why? More than likely he thinks the presidency is too hard and knowing how massive his ego is, he’s trying to get out via election rather than resign. Resignation would hurt his image with his wretched supporters and he cares more about that than the actual country

    • Claudia Hodari says:

      Oval office or square jail cell?

  • cattigereyes1 says:

    Yet republicans claim the economy is fine!

    • james blackburn says:

      The Stock Market is on fire

    • Gemin_Ice says:

      james blackburn -It will continue to boom, as long as the potus keeps pouring money into it. A successful stock market is not indicative of how well the US economy, is doing. How many working class people actually invest heavily in the stock market? Over 35 million unemployed, is a true indication of the US economy.

  • sar50anga says:

    why is going on a vacation is such a ..must. Can people not tend to their backyards and neighborhoods for a change and for quite sometime….

  • Unidrummer says:

    news flash , there is probably 300 million cases by now , they are counting anyone within a mile of a positive test as a case!

  • Angel Soto says:

    If the coronavirus was killing people on the spot trump supporters would take that as one less person to worry about

  • ruth depew says:

    Of course short term rentals are attractive. You can vacation without ever coming within any social distance of most people. You still have to grocery shop, but that’s about it.

  • Pak De says:

    Predictions are not data. Data is a recorded after something happens. Models is the word you should be using. Models suggest/predict, data shows/proves.

  • Liza Belle says:

    I would not travel until the virus is either flatlined or gone and the whole EU has placed a travel ban on the U.S.
    Register to vote today and ask for a mail ballot or if you go to the polls WEAR A MASK!! Vote like your life depends on it, “because it does.” VOTE BLUE, VOTE BIDEN 2020!! Vote BLUE from local election to the Presidency !!
    Trump and the Republicans do not care about anyone but their big donors and staying in power. The Trump Administration, DOJ, and 13 separate Republican State Attorney Generals are in the Supreme Court arguing to have The Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare) and the clause specific to Pre-conditions ABOLISHED effecting everyone and specifically over 30+ million ACA recipients and their families in the middle of a global health Pandemic that is an out of control forrest fire in our country with over 130,000 or more people dead from COVID19!! Trump and the Republicans need to go and we need to save our country !

  • Facts Matter says:

    Just watched a Twilight Zone episode called ‘He’s Alive’. I encourage every Trump supporter to watch it.

    • Decksterrortry says:

      I just watched it! Scary how relevant and spot on it was!

  • Brad says:

    Bad news for the economy…the NWO is going to make Trump Supporters PAY!!

  • Lynn Appleby says:

    Chuck Todd’s voice drives me nuts.

  • Destroyer Series says:

    I didn’t mind Trump but the way he handled this is idiotic won’t get my vote.

    • Gemin_Ice says:

      ApexOrigin -Your insults are useless lad, as you’ve proven, you are far less capable of having an intellectual discourse. Google, would never be used, as an empirical source for educational purposes. My grasp on the system of government in the US, is impeccable, as, it was one of two of my majors in undergrad.

    • ApexOrigin says:

      @Gemin_Ice Wow, and what online school did you get your degree? You didn’t know that the governors are in control of their own state when it comes to Covid measures?? Did you get a free cell phone as part of that low income program? If you get a free phone from the government, you shouldn’t be allowed to use to comment on YouTube videos.

    • ApexOrigin says:

      @Gemin_Ice LOL, I did one quick search for you so everyone can see how ignorant and arrogant you are. By the way, that’s not a good combination, and you look really, really bad right now. Everything I said is confirmed in this article, and you are proven wrong yet again. Did you go to one of those black colleges?

    • Gemin_Ice says:

      ApexOrigin -More insults 😂. Try comprehending sarcasm, before you go on an unwarranted tangent. The potus declared a national emergency, as a result of COVID. He stated, “To unleash the full power of the federal government, I am officially declaring a national emergency.” The pandemic task force, should be giving advice and directives, based on science and medicine. While, the governor’s have authority over their own states, the potus is not absolved, of his responsibility to provide directives, based on the information he receives, from the task force. Many states, relied heavily on the potus for PPE, testing, medical equipment and funding, to combat the virus. The states are not United in the directives to their residence and it’s evident, by the number of positive cases and hospitalizations, in some states. PPE was stockpiled for personal use by the WH. PPE was confiscated by FEMA and stored in warehouses, whilst states where forced, to reuse and use makeshift PPE. The Governor of Maryland was forced, to order testing kits from S. Korea, and had to personally escort it, from the airport to insure it wasn’t confiscated. The Governor of Michigan, received threats and aggressive protests, as a result of locking down her state. Who incited those protests? The potus tweeted to, “liberate” their state. The Governors of Florida, Arizona, Oklahoma and Texas, opened their states without restrictions. Perhaps, you’ve noticed the notable increase of cases in those states. You may also note, that the potus recently visited two of those states, holding rallies, in enclosed spaces, with no social distancing and masks. The Governor of Arizona, issued an Executive Order, requiring masks and social distancing, prior to the potus’ visit. As an aside, the protestors for BLM were monitored closely to determine if those protests, caused a spike in COVID cases. It was determined that it did not, as they were in the out of doors, and most were wearing masks.

    • ApexOrigin says:

      @Gemin_Ice That’s a lot of words. You are clearly very delusional. Everything is Trump’s fault, right? You’re what’s wrong with this country.

  • orecoast 1961 says:

    United and American are stuffing their planes with people there is no way I would be flying now.

  • manhdung nguyen says:

    Mr. Biden’s family is a corrupt family. He lied. Don’t trust him

  • Dark Star says:

    Evictions are fun, especially when they are Trump supporters. Great day, another couple of trumpists homeless.

  • xyzzyxf says:

    More Covid bomb flying around the nation? Can they read? Do they understand what statistic is?

  • Steve Rose says:

    Meet the press needs to do a better job, same old guests.
    Washington insiders and NBC staff.
    It’s like all the interviews are rehearsed with no real accountability.
    Face the Nation is doing a better job. Can you the NBC get your act in gear? Please

  • Mark Meadows says:

    I hate summer.

  • Dan Sutton says:

    Dear lying MSM and sold out politicians to your globalist masters, your days are numbered. There are too many of us that know this is a fake pandemic as a pretext to usher in the NWO Police State. We know you have plans to unleash a REAL pandemic if we refuse to stay docile that will have a 30% or high mortality rate. We will bring you to justice and we will NOT accept your mandatory DNA altering vaccines. We know you’ve been preparing for this civil war for many decades, we are ready.

    Germany’s Extra-parliamentary Inquiry on COVID-19

    Facts about Covid-19

  • Nick Lewis says:

    Please watch and spread

  • BigWasabi says:

    Video is active US cell terrorism propaganda and active US cell terrorism torture and terrorism activity and this cell is desperately trying to pull of large scale domestic and international attacks Group is using faking and lying and primitive deflection ( endless amounts of manipulated video « footage « ) but are fully committed to unspeakable mass murder crimes Video needs to be removed immediately by google

  • Andromuda Galaxy says:

    I would like just for once to hear what the democrats have in mind for a reaction to covid-19. What is it they would be doing different right now to save the economy and keep everyone safe from the virus. I always hear them say Trump is doing a terrible job at it so what is it they would be doing different?

    • brin Joness says:

      Well they might try something similar to the rest of the world, paying wages to keep people on company books. Been a god send here in Australia and my state is fully open with covid cases restricted to people in quarantine. But hey you sound like everything going swimmingly in your life, so why you all stressed.

  • Kawaii Onee-chan says:


  • ManBearPigBear says:

    All these celebrities and politicians rabidly against Trump, are compromised by a commie pedo-gang. The blackmail ring that ran the world, and still holds much sway over the legislative, judicial, and executive bureaucracy. Judges, police chiefs, social workers…all levels.

  • j b says:

    10’s of millions of American’s jobless, 10’s of thousands of small businesses closed forever, stock market being prop up by fiat money and all they want you to focus on is travel. how about you talk about the two mile long lines at food banks around the country!

  • Maiden Laura says:

    “Boon”? Is that a new word ?? 😳🙄🙄

  • Prayer Anon says:

    LORD GOD thank you praise you ! We can see that you are faithful. Please GOD reveal yourself to all with eyes to see and ears to hear. Thank you ! We are asking in Jesus Christ’s Holy Holy Holy name Amen 🙏

  • Acg blah says:

    Watch, even up to December, all day it COVID 19! COVID 19 from these liers.

  • anthony sangenito says:

    This is very misleading, we had to lower our rates to historic lows at our vacation home rentals in order to attract visitors

  • Butch Dye says:

    What happened to the trump bounty with Russia on American troops. NBC just dropped the story!?

  • D Hova says:

    @00:38 “it gets worse” ………. but in RURAL America, It’s AWESOME!!! #Citidiots

  • Peter Torbay says:

    Have had it, you will know if you have it. You’ll be on your hands and knees in bed, soaked in fever sweat, lungs barking like a dog. Until then just relax, eat well, sleep well, don’t drink booze or smoke, and you’ll be OK even if you do get it. Stay vertical. Stay aerobic. Get outdoors and enjoy summer!

  • uda wyma says:



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  • uda wyma says:
    Put Racist statutes in a museum for history…not in Public to represent what USA is proud of.

  • Roger Nguyen says:

    Hey Trump…⛏️go dig the 131,000 holes for the people who died⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️
    😂😂😂😂 Shame on Trump😂😂😂😂
    The USA is chaired by a incompetent fool