Blackwater’s Erik Prince: Iraq, privatising wars, and Trump | Head to Head

2020 7/13
Blackwater's Erik Prince: Iraq, privatising wars, and Trump | Head to Head

In this episode of Head to Head, Mehdi Hasan challenges Erik Prince, the founder and former CEO of Blackwater, on his security firm’s performance during the Iraq w ar, the “exit strategy” he’s proposing for the w ar in Afghanistan, and his support for US President Donald Trump.
During the early years of the Bush administration’s so-called ‘War on Terror’, Blackwater grew into one of the most profitable private military contractors in the US.

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コメント一覧 (104件)

  • AI-ᴇ- SAI says:

    Why exposing him he is sweating feeling pity for eric but one has to face what he bows

  • Yaaseen Parker says:

    Killing random people in their country because you trying to influence their rulers…. Wait isn’t that what the US calls terrorism

  • Yaaseen Parker says:

    How about you first fix America and leave the other countries alone

  • Kiki 3984 says:

    The amount of bullshit that came out of his mouth

  • Shaquille Oaks says:

    ” we didn’t employ Angels, we employed veterans.”
    Praise the time when we employ Angels🙏🏿

  • Md Farook Hossain says:

    Any speech of Mehedi Hassan should be dubbing in Bengali. I personally like this man and his speech.

  • Zakir Khan says:

    biggest terrorist nation?

  • shighberg says:

    Host seems to have a strong view against the guest.

  • DB24k says:

    how did they convince this dude to come on the show to incriminate himself and make him look like a fool, a shady backdeal murder for hire maggot

  • Jalal Khan says:

    Afghanistan and the rest of the world has only one solution and that’s to force pakistan to stop creating extremists in their 30000 madrassas.

  • Rabah Khaled says:

    when i close my eyes its like a slightly smarter trump is speaking, they have very similar voices

  • ThaFeesh says:

    We are taught the US Military fights for our freedom but when you go outside the US and fight that seems fishy.

  • Aziz says:

    Legends say that little erik is still having nightmares because of this interview.

  • travis hart says:

    What a nice liberal audience. This isn’t one sided at all…

  • Tio Mali says:

    If Hitler got charged for what he did and he had Mehdi as a lawyer he would get away with it

  • Zia Ul haq says:

    Mahdi Hasan great work love u me also a journalist in Pakistan so watching u fallow u

  • Paul Haye says:

    I would hate to be an interviewee of this dude. I would have soiled my pants.

  • Malcolm Khoury says:

    Again, he accuses before knowing all the facts, dumb moronic and arrogant! This is not journalism !!!!!

  • Malcolm Khoury says:

    Blackwater is a necessary evil.

  • Malcolm Khoury says:

    It may appear heroic the way he interviews his guest’s, but not letting them answer any questions in full is just badgering, bullying and very one sided, I think your praise is somewhat misplaced!

  • Yael Lacek says:

    How people in that audience clap after a meeting where all what was discussed was a disgrace.

  • james lopes says:

    Blackwater are active in Afghanistan but they failed. The government of Afghanistan had a deal with this guy secretly to crush Taliban! So they started rapid night Raids but they failed! They tried every trick there was on the Table to crush Insurgents(Taliban) yet they failed! All of the deals aren’t made public or the public isn’t aware at all!

  • bone blitz says:

    Eric Price Black Waters Commander, He Illegally trained Mujahadeen Freedom Fighters, Eric Prince, what a rude dude you are, Eric Prince is sitting there while at the same time, he, himself is arming ISIS to Slaughter Trillions to this day stealth trojan horse Proxy War Operation

  • Zeus says:

    Well they should stop sending terrorists everywhere around the world if they don’t want us to abuse them

  • Wahid Noori says:

    What a great journalist! keep it up man.


    “I don’t know if they got the transcript wrong.” 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Ravnish Gandhi says:

    Mehdi’s questioning is relentless , just the way it should be to get an answer . Good on him .

  • Aziz Aripov says:

    I am not a fan of BlackWater, but this was NOT a debate, this was a roast, it was 1000 vs 1.

  • ARY MAMAT says:


  • Shady says:

    That moment when you go on a tv show for money and end up in jail for getting exposed

  • Sabeer Ahmad says:

    “May the eyes of cowards never sleep” Khalid ibn Walid RA

  • Lexus Mo says:

    Only if US leaders could mind their own business and leave the rest of the world alone.. there not men enough to do the hard work themselves so they start to bully n terrorise other countries, some for oil and some for valuables, they have killed unaccountable amounts of innocent people and still there’s no stopping them. The US have destroyed most of the world especially the middle East and wherever there are black people. there’s just no stopping them! And on top the leaders come one stupid after the other! God help us all.

  • Biswajit Singha says:

    If the isis chief fits into a suit trouser and tie and of course clean shaved….. He will be legalized automatically 😂😂

  • John Richardson says:

    Why would somebody like Erik Prince even go on this show? It’s just a pr disaster no matter how he answers the questions….

  • Angela Stephens says:

    He is a punk who is about to be sued by someone that will level him.

  • Minyaro Thomas says:

    Mehdi Hassan doesn’t let the guest answer questions he keeps intefering and its annoying but the guest doesn’t loose his act

  • M F says:

    Do your research…. The host is killing them.

  • I See U Can't Hide says:

    Nooooooooo One Wants To Take Their Own Responsibility For Their Actions……. smh!!!!

  • CHOBO MASTER says:

    Medhi Hassan is a phenomenal journalist who stands above all others. His skills is questioning and heckling to get answers from his guest is quite legendary.

  • normanshadow1 says:

    Wait till Blackwater starts to police American citizens. Thank God I’m Canadian

  • normanshadow1 says:

    Prince family that paid 400 million to get their positions…sociopathic narcissists maybe?

  • normanshadow1 says:

    We see your lying, smug face when questioned about the secret meetings Eric. I wonder what goes through a sociopaths mind at moments like those.

  • normanshadow1 says:

    The show finished with the question if Eric sleeps well at night. Sociopaths have no problem with that

  • arif rahman says:

    sheikh hasina is an oppressors and hypocrite also all of her party members like her same rubbish.

  • Oliver Cajote says:


  • Angela Stephens says:

    Tim and Prince go hand-in-hand but he already knows is. This is about to blow up in their face because I am not someone to be played with and despite their many efforts too discredit my family, I have always landed on my two feet, broken or not. The one is a suspect in a multiple murder case and an attempted murder that happened almost twenty-five years ago and they were proven to be connected to the identity of the people listed in the reports and they know it. You are out of time to deliver my children but, then again, you already know that.

  • AKZGaming says:

    ” The road to tyranny, we must never forget begins with the destruction of truth”
    These people are nothing but tyrants and the people accepting it are no better than them.

  • Ammarah Khan says:

    In the name of Pre emptive measures,America went to wage two biggest wars and after years of fighting,got back as a loser with loads of loans on her back and pounds of shame

  • Vicente Sablan says:

    The host is all second hand reporting.Hearsay, wanna be . You are on their list now.

  • Josh Anderson says:

    Effeminate beta-male’s trying to ‘out snark’ an alpha with nothing but emotion and anecdotal evidence… There is no difference between the modern, liberal male and a female, period.

  • Soufiane farah says:

    Omg no one want to be in Eric’s place

  • Safwan Fazal says:

    Is this the mehdi we were waiting for during the end of times..👀

  • Will Smith says:

    Erik Prince is a sharp guy

    • Lost Cause says:

      He’s a BLUNT fool

  • Plamen Stoykov says:

    I can only say . We might be not the angels but .If you think that PMC-Companies made the big money , you can’t be more further from the truth. Hallibraton is the big winner here

  • elTurco 50shades of Ottoman says:

    An interview with an legal terrorist…

  • Ponte Vedra says:

    You are executioners period! North America has committed the worst war crimes in the entire history of mankind! Years of war crimes, years of killing children and families, of totally destroying ‘others’ countries! These monsters are just more assassins doing whatever they want for money. The complicity of silence, the cowardice of those in charge of the country is a travesty!!!

  • Nickw says:

    Saw a TikTok

  • Peter Karlsson says:

    “Here is the thing” yeah here is it. You are a big liar…

  • Stealthmann says:

    Thought it was an organization that extracts ur!ne from blck peeple…

  • Believer says:

    Am I I only the only one who noticed the similarity of voice between skal from witcher3 and colonel tim?

  • 1haleema says:

    The US again! Just is how their justify the war! Disgusting!

  • Imran Ahmed says:

    The US called them Black Water, but they should be called Terrorist.

  • Yahya Marei says:

    You can notice the racism in Erik Prince words. He is just a contract killer, who does not care about others but money.

  • mogan sivalingam says:

    Mehdi hassan is great. However, it is clearly obvious that he is pro Islam which I think is fair that he is a muslim himself. However, my opinion is that when it comes to the muslim guests on the show, he is so much more lenient. I just wish he was unbiased. The show would be so much better.

  • 1haleema says:

    Their recruiting criminals

  • 1haleema says:

    NATO and UN are criminals

  • 1haleema says:

    No answers for anything omg. Can’t even lie thought were experts ye right!!!!

  • Nmansina Chi says:

    Are you Chinese weapon of war?

  • Md Riajul says:

    One of the nice talk show in this planet. True questions has putting to the criticism by the mahadi Hasan. But most of time answer not clear so we general people comes to know really who are the devil leaders of this world.

  • That Dope Dude says:

    Whenever he was gonna lie he starts with ” look “

  • Ricardo Herrera Maso says:

    Mehdi Hasan is extraordinary.

  • Michael Kim says:

    The host needs to learn when to talk and when to listen instead of the constant interrupting.

    • James Khoo says:

      That’s how the host have an unfair upper hand on the arguments. Can’t wait for the guest to complete a sentence. I would say it’s very rude of the host.

    • cain exx says:

      When the guest is constantly lying and contradicting what he has previously said, it’s important for the host to interrupt and correct the lies that the guest is speaking. You can constantly see that the moment prince starts to lie, hassan interrupts to correct him and prince ends up changing his answer.

      Edit: not to mention that the guest doesn’t have anything stopping him from interrupting and speaking up as well. It just goes to show that he is absolutely baffled and is finding it hard to come up with something to say to cover up his lies with more lies.

  • T Wizard says:


  • Maniae Official says:

    War has always been for profit. Why should this be any different.

  • Omar Lone says:

    Lies,, lies more lies,, devils strategy

  • regular male says:

    ISIS / Al Qaeda now / black water /… are hands of USA in the regions.

  • Riben Inua says:

    This guy is in all for the money but what cringes me is the fact that he cannot admit that his former company employees ( Blackwater) caused much damage including the killing of innocent civilians. He’s a narcissistic on the same level as Hitler and Lenin.

  • Phetso says:

    Money is the war

  • David McCallum says:

    They are afraid of Mehdi in the mainstream media. Joy Reid is the only one that is not afraid to have him on.

  • David McCallum says:

    Folks, these are the people who are playing chess, while poor folks are forced to play checkers.

  • Anil Kumar says:

    al jazeera is biased

  • Amos Kennedy says:

    Why called it black water, it should be called white water.

  • Devil Dog says:

    Whether people like it or not Erik Prince is an honorable man. The insurgents are the ones mainly responsible because theyre always using civilians for cover when it comes to killing innocent people. Watching this is like watching CNN

  • Alex Man says:


  • John White says:

    I feel prince used to take the lunch money of the other kids in his school

  • amyl liliero says:

    Saudis and isrealis will be sad as their master is exposed .

  • Tazrean Rifty says:

    Thank god that Mike wasn’t Muslim. Otherwise his group would have another name.

  • Wajma Sultani says:

    Black water = the black hand of USA

  • nouman sajid says:

    His voice sound is similar with trump 🤣😂

  • Katerie Barnard says:

    Mr Hasan, you aren’t a mathematician, and you clearly know as little about war strategy. Btw, I am a Prince advocate, I do know a thing or two about conflict though.

    • Saifuddin Lakdawala says:

      Satan’s army is not small. There will be a lot of the likes.
      Judgement day is definitely going to come & there you will put forward your genuine innocence & answer the killing of innocent people.

  • World citizen says:

    Americans wants to sell their own drug thats why the wall is for. Americans love cheap labour

  • World citizen says:

    Eric Prince you and your owners are murderers.

  • Jim Timmins says:

    Like pbs

  • Mohammed Murad says:

    My man this is the beast defeat I have ben sen

  • Saifuddin Lakdawala says:

    Eric should be garlanded with footwear. He does not even feel the pain of innocent people in trying to justify his company’s income.
    Does not he believe in the Day of Judgement?

  • Hiram Meraz says:

    I lost brain cells listening to this “interview”

  • Zayn M says:


  • Farzin I says:

    Towards the end he was so tired he basically gave up trying

  • Anas Belmont says:

    The iraqi people are ready to give trump a oil well if he gives us prince we only want prince

  • Anas Belmont says:

    For iraqi people this is like watching osama bin laden defending himself