🇧🇷 Brazil violent crime deaths hit record 62,000 | Al Jazeera English

2020 7/13
🇧🇷 Brazil violent crime deaths hit record 62,000 | Al Jazeera English

More than 62,000 Brazilians have died as a result of violent crimes in the last year, breaking a record of homicides in the country.

The increase is largely caused by rival drug gangs battling for territory.

Al Jazeera’s Mariana Sanchez reports from Rio de Janeiro.

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コメント一覧 (106件)

  • Mil Osiap says:

    In securing the country, it should be TOUGH Measure 👊👊 ..

  • Fi Yah says:

    If they follow the gun and drugs , it will lead to themselfves

  • Engin Savaş says:

    That’s why They voted for Jair Bolsonario!

  • Souma lz says:

    police without helmet protection wtf

  • erozpl01 says:

    Non existent right to bear arms…. people still get murdered…. how could this happen liberals?!?

  • erozpl01 says:

    Oh look, women talking about how people “feel” while unconcerned about solving actual crime

  • rite2beararms says:

    Send the Liberals in. If they ban the guns there, I’m sure it will stop.

  • I like girls says:

    Just a normal day in Brazil.

  • 11B Retired says:

    This is a good example where strict gun laws only works on law abiding citizens. For most governments don’t want their citizens armed and able to protect themselves.

  • The Eagle says:

    1:27 AR15s with vertical grips and EOTechs!!!!! 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Nefarious Cookie says:

    Human rights get paid $$$$$$ to cover up criminals.

    • André Rothweiler says:

      And they condemn the EU for being racist, by not let Africans and Muslim get into Europe.

  • 40thStangGT says:

    Brazil must be implementing the same policies California does empower the criminals and gangs deny the citizens the right to protect themselves with conceal carry permits.

  • EC.2189"kaku" says:

    Brazilian Gangs/Cartels & Government got several things that ordinary people don’t. Guns, money, property & enterprise.

    How did this happen? Simple ordinary people handed it all over to them because the responsibility for security, management, and negotiation is too much. Let authoritarians both public & private handle it.

  • RumbleRjHumble says:

    Are the guys in black bope can’t tell

  • SFC.Michael Fox Williams says:

    I was going to Brazil,on my annual leave.I just return from Iraq,and wanted to hang out on the beaches in Brazil.Dam,I cant go now,that sucks.Ok,plan B,will have to do.

    • Roberto BRAUS says:

      If you survived in Iraq i’m sure you will also survive in Brazil lol

  • Pharaoh Akhenaten says:

    Brazil needs to educate the poor/provide services which reduce crimes

  • Mark peter Tuano says:

    I think brazil government they see how our government in force war on drugs here in Philippines and now almost 1.4m being surrendered and almost 140k been arrested and put into jail 6k been kill buy bust operation. I think our president duterte is really good to finish war on drugs.. As my self see lots of deference between late Aquino abnoy administration and duterte adminstration I feel more safe I can with out worries.. un like before you can see some youth use marijuana in street and some drugs pusher you see how they sale drugs in public..

  • Mark peter Tuano says:

    Think brazil government need to talk our president of the Philippines how handle those drug dealer And pusher… Here in Philippines more safer unlike before late Aquino abnoy., I think 62k being killed its insane because in 1yr almost 62k beuming killed and now ICC UN and human rights they not take action here in Philippines 4k to 6k being killed by police operation all western country, EU, UN, and human rights they criticize our president wtf

  • Rat Bat Nuff Time says:

    Wonder if these human rights groups have any recommendations to offer.

  • satria amiluhur says:

    You know that things have gone south when brazilian slums are playable stages in call of duty

  • The Devil's Advocate says:

    5166 murders a month
    170 murders a day
    7 murders an hour
    1 murder every 8.5 minutes

  • Mierez Saturday says:

    I feel a slice of this complex pie is overpopulation. Approaching 8 billion soon on the planet and counting. Our species must be “Quality over Quantity” in the ones we birth.

  • Cr55zy says:

    I love how at 1:49 they all turn heads to look at thw two birds on the moped

  • The Black Alex Jones says:

    heard it was a race war for years there but whatever lol

  • ceo los says:

    don’t kill me for selling weed

  • Labu # says:

    Brazilian cop should keep up their assault on these illegal crime , this is the only way other than frozen their finances

  • angelo mike says:

    human rights is the rights of the criminals not the civillians…

  • Mayan Aztec says:

    Dang I had a girl a loved a lot from Santa Catarina Br. I wonder how she is doing there?? I know it was mainly white people living there so maybe there doing better.

  • Nikolai Zetrov says:

    Human rights are for humans not for humans acting like animals. The purpose of criminal law and human rights is to protect the innocent, productive and law abiding citizens of the society as a top priority and the brothers in uniformed service, the police and the armed forces comes second and the lives of those criminal bastards is the last on the list.

  • Constantine says:

    we have BOLSONARO NOW!

  • Loop Lupin says:

    Human rights are made to cover up oligarcs!

  • Evandro J says:

    Only one favela gang gets more than 3 million dollars in drugs per month and in Rio one police officer is killed every 3 days. Ah, shut up Aljazeera!

  • Sahil Parab says:

    Brazilian PUBG!

  • Drexder Kogz says:

    Human rights group protector of Criminals….

  • Richie Battung says:

    You can’t eradicate the illegal drug trade completely but you can control it. Drug violence dropped big time here in the Philippines because of Duterte’s hardline policy. It’s the cartels who now fear the strongman and we’re loving it.

  • Watch Mann says:

    most corrupt countries are of catholic church origin

    • Ganda Gandara says:

      True. The biggest religion in USA is Catholic. That’s why it’s the most corrupt country on earth. Just ask Donald Rumsfeld and the missing $2.3 trillion. 😂

  • ferdinand mesina says:

    max payne haha

  • MsG says:

    The brazil country is danger for visiting .to many thief and rober your money and other.

  • Redbusser40 says:

    That’s what happens when you take away guns from good citizens

  • Jaime Lopez says:

    why human rights is silent of this 62k kills?..but in the philippines so fvcking noisy?..

  • mut mut mut mut says:

    This is worse than afghanistan.

  • Jdor D says:

    May God protect the innocent in the mighty name of Yeshua (Jesus Christ)

  • A San says:

    To all Brazilians and Filipinos you watch the news before Duterte’s drug war and after.
    Rape victims murdered thrown out like rags those are the headlines .
    Then came Duterte, which one would you prefer?

  • crewcutter2030 says:

    Human rights stupidity lead to this mess. Kill all of them criminals and throw in some CHR idiots in the mix.

  • Knight Mech says:

    They don’t want to track the money or weapons because a piece of the trail goes to the government

  • povang says:

    TL;DR- Shitholes, avoid them at all costs.

    Poverty which leads to greed, ignorance which leads to hatred and fear, and apathy which allows evil to take root without resistance. These are the root of all evil and the result in densely populated areas is massive amounts of violent crimes. Wherever these conditions are met, avoid them at all costs if dont want to become a victim. This is why i chose to live in on a farm, just me and my animals, it is truly heaven on Earth, not a soul bothers me.

  • Satria Incubus says:

    the arab immigrants will deploy and apply shariah law in brazil. wait

  • Gasp Gasp says:

    this is the result of high inequality, corruption, criminal politicians, failed state and political uneducated population, most of the people will prefer to side up with corrupt politicians and condemn the innocents that are only trying to survive, if you treat someone with brutality you will get brutality in return, that is what is happening here.

  • Kazuya Mishima says:

    Duterte is right all along…

  • Homer Holler says:

    Need to kill off the worthless, criminal, breeders in poverty.

  • Maurice Fails says:

    A hungry person can be a dangerous person.

  • Go Goo says:

    You need DUTERTE in Brazil.

  • sneijder023 says:

    Drug addicts kills and rapes and nobody bats an eye.
    Government kills drug addicts and everybody loses their minds.

  • anthony rich says:

    Liberalism spreads like cancer on a global scale

  • isthis myrealname says:

    200 a day

  • Naruto Mega says:

    Baguslah Presiden Donald Trump membina Tembok sempadan di antara USA dan Mexico..kini Brazil pula lubuk utama Jenayah berat di Amerika Latin.

  • Kryzel Joy Necesito says:

    human rights are the protector of druglords.. just like what happening in philippines..

  • John É says:

    Sh** country

  • bryangld27 says:


  • uncle bobs dead says:

    brought to you by george soros.

  • Babyface Assassin says:

    Put filipino Duterte in Brazil and he will finish these idiots overnight.

  • AungKyaw Min says:

    brazilian lol

  • Ryannie Leo Tigbao says:

    Those so called experts who doesnt want a military operations. Are stupid. Force is Peace. Without Control people tend to do bad things.

  • nasdoc1 says:

    Criminals should be killed but no innocent lives should be lost. A method by which innocent people are hurt is a failed method.

  • nasdoc1 says:

    Crime can never end. The people who make weapons are very powerful people. They have to keep their business running and so they force crime and wars. And drugs can’t end either coz a lot of powerful people make a lot of money from drugs. You need to have honest people running the show. Find the root cause of the problem and attack the root. Most important is honest people at all levels.

  • JR Smith says:

    Take there guns away

  • Terence Chia says:

    cleanse the thugs and give mother earth room to breathe

  • ukoqir ruiaoqicaal says:

    this is what happens when you have a large population who is of african descent. GENETIC, FACE IT.

  • Mr Godzilla says:

    1:53 wtf her armpit is the mobile holder? That’s weird…

  • amadou camara says:

    This is how they cleaned colombia you have to go and kill the Monster i

  • egoy34 says:

    The duterte way.
    Implement the law
    And save the victims.

  • Martin Benitez says:

    Morte a bolsonaro

  • Antbeast23 says:

    Brazil wasn’t too bad staying near the airport but I wasn’t in Brazil long enough to experience other parts of it

    • Roberto BRAUS says:

      Brazil is only VERY BAD in the slums, not in the rest of the country.

  • level says:

    put some Taliban in charge there will be no more stealing a stick of gum

  • Màfia azulJB Máfia azulJB says:

    Brasíl a bala come msm

  • Ayie Xainan says:

    Drug king in brasil

  • jakiiboi8 says:

    Why do they not ask for help from other countries or the UN. This is a war zone. No doubt about it!

  • Escanor says:

    I feel sad sad sad kids die all over the world and I can’t do nothing about it I think only way to peace in that case is to eliminate the danger , killing rapists killers better then children innocent people

  • Simple Living says:

    Create more jobs , funding small business opportunities and safety as well.

  • Rene Penate says:


  • Alexandre S. says:

    Isso que eu chamo de matéria isenta, chamaram duas pessoas contra a intervenção para falar e nenhuma a favor.

  • Mario Gutierrez says:

    Guaidó to president of Brasil

  • Jesse Livermore says:

    i dont want to insult nobody but between brazil and india i would choose india, even with all the misery theres something evil about brazil, too many greedy hands trying to grab the resources

  • Salim Abri says:

    I think Brazil need a leader like Saddam Hussein the hero

  • rajeev kumar says:


  • -DeixaO Like says:

    Brazil is a gr8 country to appreciate but on other hand there are places that cause me panic. Beheadings, ppl gettin’ beheaded

  • Just Some Girl With A Mustache says:

    If Brazil had higher-end technology then the entire country would be the “Cyberpunk” of the world.

  • Denarius Wright says:

    Those human rights groups offer 0 solutions for the drug related violence yet 100000 complaints about military intervention…Brazil has a duty to protect its people and not protect their opinions

  • Kimmittiee INC says:

    Notice white Portuguese live in compounds, blacks live in slums.. colonialism

  • queenform says:

    2:01 Mike Tyson?

  • Me Me says:

    They could use some professional Vigilantes over there, that’ll change things in a heartbeat. criminals will start dying real quick,they’ll leave or wake up or something.

  • Dedy Abdillah says:

    I’m glad living in a country where a single murderer case went viral

    • Heraldo Henrique says:

      Good for you

  • Zia Zia says:

    Government should kill all the criminals, snatcher, robberies without mercy.. Any age!

  • MrJotunheim says:


  • Sempre que você ler os comentários eu vou estar lá says:

    Porra so falam do Rio de janeiro
    *Natal(city) have more crime deaths than Rio de Janeiro*

  • Yan Silva says:

    Al Jazeera noticed when Brazil hits record number of murders. Are they noticing now that Brazil reached record low of muders under Bolsonaro’s Government? Media is all about fake news.

  • MrMudNugget says:

    Apparently the humans right groups haven’t seen the butcherings that the gangs do on a weekly basis.

  • Rubignone says:

    The authorities in Brazil are held back against crime because the congress don’t aprove laws that keep the bad guys behind bars. The reason why is that if they do aprove such laws, they will be the first ones to go to jail given that most politicians in Brazilian congress are corrupt working for the organized crime.

  • Kevin Purvis says:

    169 crime related deaths a day? Is that number not higher than civilian and military deaths, recorded, in both Syria & Iraq combined, during the height of the ISIS conflict? I just love Brazil. What a great pity. 🙁

  • kemop06 says:

    lol has Brazil ever had a actual police force or did they defund there police force like the idiots here in the U.S. are on the verge of doing ?