Brexit day: UK to leave European Union

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On Friday evening, as the clock strikes 23:00 GMT, the United Kingdom will leave the European Union.
More than three and a half years since the EU referendum, during which the country has seen two general elections and much political wrangling, the wishes of 17.4 million Britons will be realised.
But do not expect an end to the drama.
January 31 marks a single page-turn in the Brexit odyssey and the next chapter could be just as fraught.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar SteppeSage says:

    ”UK will now prosper” heheheheheh

    • Avatar Delta strike says:

      Yes the New UK will prosper consisting of a United ireland and scotland leaving the old UK. Let England be it’s happy snarky self

    • Avatar Sim says:

      United Ireland is not going to happen that easily, am I wrong?

    • Avatar Sim says:

      If Scotland leaves does it take the oil? And with all these negatives aspects and future uncertainty what will happen to financial services industry in London :/?

  2. Avatar Alin TIMISOARA says:

    Im glad for them . They defend theyr country, and enough with the social money for foreigns and biliards of pounds send to help europeans country Evrytime .
    Well done UK

    • Avatar Uwe Winkler says:

      well done thumbs up for the old british estsblishment you got your power back and make your money like you used to do finally you free bring prosperity back to you all . what will be price increase on food for working class ? you can squeeze them now …good luck old farts !

    • Avatar G&C RECORDS says:

      Alin TIMISOARA 91 bai jegule uk will deported you all rumanians in rumania

  3. Avatar John McGurrell says:


  4. Avatar Dashnor Duraku says:

    What will be in a future from Britain: here’s, first Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland will separate from Britain they want to enjoy with Eourope they now will be a referendum for independent secondly all company business of Eourope will leave the prices will go up every thing for Renting house council tax markets cutting the benefits will be very difficult for us

    • Avatar TheWedabest says:

      You seem to have all the answers! Lol. Scotland tried to leave before, but we all know how that worked out lol. If Wales, Scotland do split, it’s impossible for them to “join” Europe. Because they never left Europe!!! Your confusing politics and economics with geography, smh!!!

    • Avatar Dashnor Duraku says:

      @TheWedabest I’m not confusing Politics with economic lol? The economy will be worse now ,same of company have starting to leaving the UK , price will go up NHS will be privacy in the favourite United States of America , Markets and ect, About Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland it will be possible to separate by referendum because they want to enjoy with Eourope the time will tell you wait and see lol:

    • Avatar TheWedabest says:

      @Dashnor Duraku Europe is a continent! The uk didn’t leave Europe (the continent) they left the eu. Two completely different things!!! Also Scotland already tried that with that independence referendum and they failed. Now they want have a do over? Come on get real. None of us know what will happen, period!

    • Avatar mcfcbeeman Brexit says:

      Majority wales voted leave thats how utterly stupid you are! You should know this!

      Scotland and Ireland can go

      Saves us money.

  5. Avatar Petra TLA Lemmens says:

    Bye Bye England..and never ever come back into the EU… they wanne be independet but o o o what do they need the USA… independent??? Come on

  6. Avatar Gregg Spencer says:

    This Boris guy is sharp, but his cause is weak. The E.U. appear smug, but their cause is just.

    • Avatar Renee Sirkhot says:

      Greg,what you saying is utter nonsense, S.A. was EU ,,, for centuries,still is, in a way,,, where did it get ,,, the whites in days apartheid,,, no where!
      Now, whites will almost have. ,,,,no where ! To live one of these days ,,

    • Avatar Gregg Spencer says:

      @Renee Sirkhot What?

    • Avatar Renee Sirkhot says:

      Gregg, what country you in?

  7. Avatar twade2006 says:

    Their economy will suffer massively.

  8. Avatar Kurenai Yuhi says:

    LOL Philippines and Japan as well. We don’t need EU help.

    I am thankful to British. You are now Free

  9. Avatar Kurenai Yuhi says:


    • Avatar Brexit MapMan says:

      Thank you Kurenai. We are free now. Hong Kong next?

    • Avatar tyrion lannister says:

      Brexit MapMan to bad so many people around the world are suffering from your failed empire

  10. Avatar Ravi shanker says:

    UK got Libarated , you can call even as UK got Indipendence , like how country”s got freedom from colonial rule . Now its your turn

    • Avatar Beyonder says:

      You Indians are better under British rule. Its ur nature not to be an independent people

  11. Avatar Hasani Sudy says:

    I don’t think UK took the wrong path

  12. Avatar Rohit Thaosen says:

    My take : UK gets overrun by Islamic extremists.

    • Avatar sher says:

      Indian Spotted

    • Avatar Rohit Thaosen says:

      @sher you are already getting overrun. You guys are the one reporting this. Don’t point at me.

    • Avatar Renee Sirkhot says:

      Princess Diana,would have been so delighted that UK is now brexit,
      Her insight into the beauty of ALL beings on this earth was that , hatred must end, between people, of different , cultures,colours,beliefs.
      She wanted , the world to know this, she really tried ,,tried,tried. Sadly, in vain….

  13. Avatar James Jones says:

    Now they need to vote in a new mayor for London.

    • Avatar crystlfire says:

      YES, that worthless horrible mayor needs to go NOW! HOW did he EVER become mayor anyway, he is horrible!!

    • Avatar crystlfire says:

      @Renee Sirkhot –GOOGLE him and find out what a horrible thing he truly is.

    • Avatar crystlfire says:

      @Star of Europa –AGREE with you 100%!

    • Avatar crystlfire says:

      @Renee Sirkhot –The mayor makes the decisions for his city. That kahn thing is horrible and crime has tripled since he became mayor. Under Boris Johnson, things will change and I hope they get rid of that garbage! He wasted thousands of dollars on a huge balloon of Trump in a diaper. He acts like a 3 year old child!

    • Avatar Renee Sirkhot says:

      Okaaaay,,, so where do ALL you live,crysl,?

  14. Avatar Gods Klanof says:

    *This is British Independence Day !!*

    • Avatar Brexit MapMan says:

      You got it right!

  15. Avatar Alberto Matambo says:

    And now ladies and gentlemen the coronavirus.

    • Avatar G&C RECORDS says:

      Alberto Matambo long liive corona virus from businesses trade usa china via UK. Ay hope farages to have corona virus .with making brexsheet

    • Avatar Alberto Matambo says:

      @G&C RECORDS lol

  16. Avatar Tlaloc 86 says:

    England shaking off the merchant micers of it’s back.

  17. Avatar Smy D says:

    Ok now the EU is gone lets now stop QATARI GOVERNMENT from buying up all the land and property’s in the UK.
    thank you

  18. Avatar salvinija kamantauskiene says:


  19. Avatar Suhaibfaisal Yusuf says:

    Fat boy

  20. Avatar OHKPodcasts says:

    british people talking about having chains around their ankles is rich XD

  21. Avatar Not Public says:

    As an EU member I am over the moon about this. It’s like when a smelly fat obnoxious drunk has been annoying everyone at the party and now they’ve finally gone home! Hopefully the tattooed working class scum will now have to holiday in Blackpool as opposed to Spain

  22. Avatar Valentin Condeescu says:

    Englishman bye bye U. E. 🤣

  23. Avatar Valentin Condeescu says:

    Only english

  24. Avatar Adii S says:

    lol idiots EU will kill you with taxes, you’ll be so sorry.

  25. Avatar Ballshippin says:

    EU will most likely give the empty member spot to Turkey and then there will be even more crazed Islamists and non European migrants flooding into Europe. Hope other countries will leave this corrupt block soon before it’s too late.

    • Avatar rozak fassah says:

      Meh, more likely Scotland will take that seat first than the Turkish

  26. Avatar Randy Lahey says:

    If there are any problems during the leaving process you can believe they will be because of the 4th reich eu fascist and communist socialist unelected masters

    • Avatar Jason Wong says:

      No, they’ll be because Johnson is a stupid, lying, treacherous buffoon!

      He’s going to sell you out!

  27. Avatar kimmy Kay says:

    Well done Britain we will prosper
    Good to see the commonwealth coming back together too. God save our queen 😍😘

    • Avatar Yan Nikoloff says:

      in what century do you live?

    • Avatar Vollzer says:

      She will most likely kick the bucket soon :/

  28. Avatar Yan Nikoloff says:

    I wonder, how those idiots with Union Jack feel themselves after there will be no Union Jack

    • Avatar Alex Dalex says:

      well … like idiots. No brainer here 🙂

    • Avatar Garden City says:

      Do you really think Northern Ireland and Scotland can form viable countries?

    • Avatar Alex Dalex says:

      @Garden City wow! The IQ level of some Brexiters!!! …
      Why on Earth Northern Ireland would be a separate country from Republic of Ireland???

    • Avatar Garden City says:

      You clearly have a low IQ assuming Northern Ireland is going anywhere.

    • Avatar Alex Dalex says:

      @Garden City and very mature! LOL

  29. Avatar Fritz Metellus says:

    You people dont have the memo, the time of the Heathen almost fulfill. The kindom of God is near Britain will never be great again by stealing, murdering and slavering God’s people and conspiring with the other nations gave their land to themselves and claim to be them.

  30. Avatar La ture de Redmoon says:

    Next step, clean up YOUR country

  31. Avatar George Henry Moore says:

    You’ve made your bed, now let Farrage caress you during the cold nights of even more austerity. We should have destroyed neoliberalism inside the EU together but noooo, the UK is ” special”. Maybe without the US ‘s lackey inside the EU, we can finally start to give the Yanks what for. Then on to federation and Anarchism. Rules without rulers, a good life without parasitic elites. The UK have chosen to continue their subjugation by their paedo Lords.

    • Avatar mcfcbeeman Brexit says:


    • Avatar George Henry Moore says:

      @mcfcbeeman Brexit you wouldn’t understand, it’s a niche thing

  32. Avatar C. Lincoln says:

    I hope the EU punishes UK so that other nations don’t follow Britain.

    • Avatar TheWedabest says:

      It’s that kind of dictatorship that is leading the EU to its ultimate
      self destruction!!!

    • Avatar TheWedabest says:

      @Hosanna 153 thanks bud. Even if it doesn’t happen in my life time it will come!

    • Avatar TheWedabest says:

      @Hosanna 153 thanks! That’s very sweet of you. My best wishes to you and your loved ones.

  33. Avatar SunState Jon says:

    in Florida, USA many friends we drink “Oil Cans” Fosters 24 oz Australian beer, as you in England celebrate having your pint’s of beer, tonight our friends and I will raise each Oil Can to Celebrate with you, and again great to hear the thought’s of the People back up England and not lies of Germany your government, Oil Can’s vs Pint’s see who wins

  34. Avatar Rasmus Pedersen says:

    nu er det sgu danmark der skal ud af eu vi skal sgu bestemme det hele selv lad os går det for vor fædreland ned med eu

  35. Avatar Rasmus Pedersen says:

    nu er det sgu danmark der skal ud af eu vi skal sgu bestemme det hele selv lad os går det for vor fædreland ned med eu !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Avatar SB40 says:

    Congratulations Great Britain. I hope Denmark and other countries will soon follow your choice, to be free again from the manipulated EU. Let it be the start of the end for the EU. Again, it is the Great Britain that saves Europe.

    • Avatar tyrion lannister says:

      Haha drøm du bar videre

    • Avatar tyrion lannister says:

      Brexit MapMan tell That to the people suffering from your own empire the Middle Eastern and Africans

    • Avatar SB40 says:

      @tyrion lannister Vi får se hvilket land der bliver det næste.

    • Avatar mcfcbeeman Brexit says:

      Please tell me more. Africa wanted independence so we gave them? What’s your point.. India seem to be doing great economically. So please tell me more?

    • Avatar SB40 says:

      @mcfcbeeman Brexit. Maybe you’ve lost the point. I don’t see what it has to do with Africa or India. Just as Nigel Farrage says: I / we don’t like the European Parliament and want our country back. The EU is, like the Titanic, on the wrong course. And I do not think that the European Parliament has learned anything from GB cancellation of the EU. Nigel have all the answers. Hope it answers your question.

  37. Avatar Michael Sargeant says:

    The further away the better

  38. Avatar Immortal Babylon says:

    0:14 British men

    • Avatar Akira Kurusu says:

      Black guy got pwned epic style gamer moment amirite fellas

  39. Avatar Immortal Babylon says:

    Deport none native British

  40. Avatar Alexander Borodin says:

    Books on BookRix: “Non vowel resources of some good mood”, “The planet of biorobots?”.

  41. Avatar nunya beeswax says:

    What a load of rubbish from the EU. Britain can now find trade with any nation on earth esp with the USA and its friends & allies! You got her done!

    • Avatar tyrion lannister says:

      nunya beeswax allies you mean co criminals

    • Avatar mcfcbeeman Brexit says:

      The EU ate doing a good job at criminality

  42. Avatar RealChina Vlog says:

    EU may unite with one common language

  43. Avatar Arunabha Das says:

    Real estate owner were Real benifitiary of EU
    Nation states may find it odd, how can a non national buys property in other country

  44. Avatar Astronomical says:

    Looks like British will have an Independence Day of their own,. Congratulations!!!

    • Avatar Jason Wong says:

      It will be a disaster and they are too stupid to see it coming!

  45. Avatar Larry Booth says:

    As an American I haven’t a clue about what brexit is.
    That being said. We the people of the United States wish you the best.
    Our media has a good time with President Trump’s hair? I suppose it’s what’s inside that matters.

  46. Avatar GoogIe says:

    1. Paid annual leave.
    2. Maternity leave.
    3. Equal pay.
    4. Cheap flights
    5. Time off work each week
    6. Clear food labeling – including allergies
    7. Parental leave
    8. Cleaner water and air
    9. Non-discrimination
    10. Healthcare on holiday
    11. Freedom of movement
    12. Safety at work
    13. Sickness rights
    14. Peace
    15. Single market
    16. Single currency
    17. Foreign aid
    18. Cheaper telephone calls

    Uneducated idiots are against EU.

    • Avatar Brexit MapMan says:

      Educated idiots can’t believe that we are capable of doing all of those things ourselves. After all we are arguably the home of Democracy. The problem is that Democracy requires constant effort and some people want someone else to do it for them..

  47. Avatar Patriot Thinking says:

    One of the result of ego, this will reflect it’s downside in UK soon.

  48. Avatar Ty Cobb says:

    Welcome to the 51st state of the US of A

  49. Avatar Carol Lee says:

    Good for you Britian,break those chains fly the Union Jack proudly.

    • Avatar Brexit MapMan says:

      Thank you Carol, we will do just that.

  50. Avatar Saadia Maalimhyhg says:

    No country is an island

  51. Avatar gary Hinchliffe says:


    • Avatar tyrion lannister says:

      gary Hinchliffe not even their bad seeds can save them the one’s you mentioned with flags

  52. Avatar Will Lister says:

    A “small party”??? Should have stayed until 11pm on Parliament Square!!!

  53. Avatar Brexit MapMan says:

    I used to think Al Jazeera was a decent outlet. But this is the biggest piece of garbage reporting I have seen in a long while. Even worse than the BBC. You should be completely ashamed of yourself anyone who works for this company. You have sold your journalistic soul. Not even the Devil would have you!

  54. Avatar Arc Micka says:

    Is it me or ppl celebrating here look more like a bunch of Unemployed depressed drunkards on full benefits ?
    this is just apalling

    • Avatar Arc Micka says:

      @Amanda S They have managed to cash their benefit cheque . Good news. thank u amanda

    • Avatar Amanda S says:

      How very judgemental of you, to assume they claim benefits! 🤔🙄

    • Avatar Arc Micka says:

      @Amanda S poor little thing ! sure that I’m not going to ” assume ” that this bunch are classy billionaires …

    • Avatar Amanda S says:

      I’m not little for your information, I happen to be a grandmother, so your assumption of me is incorrect. Just shows your pathetic attitude towards Brexiteers!!

    • Avatar Arc Micka says:

      @Amanda S Have you looked at the state of them patronizing gran mother ? the lowest of the low here…. Brexiters or not ! this is not an asumption that constitutes an OPINION !

  55. Avatar نادر الی راحمان says:

    Britain should also change it’s laws and implement harsher punishments for criminals, something the liberal controlled EU forbade.

  56. Avatar John Nicolson says:

    The union is now broken Scotland wants out, N Ireland wants reunification with Ireland Wales wants out if you believe Plaid Cymru so the English nationalists will get what they want.

  57. Avatar Ricky Kaur says:

    Pm real hero

    • Avatar tyrion lannister says:

      Ricky Kaur more like a clown

  58. Avatar Ricky Kaur says:

    Congrate Britain🇬🇧🇬🇧😁😬

  59. Avatar Royal 666 says:

    Bye, bye, UK. You are in Europe only geographically now!! Now you don’t have Merkel, you just have Boris Johson, enjoy him!!

    • Avatar mcfcbeeman Brexit says:

      We will. He isn’t a melt like your sponging EU non elected leaders. We will meep out 350 million soon

    • Avatar Royal 666 says:

      @mcfcbeeman Brexit hahahaa, he is most spongy leader in Europe!! Have a good time with him. He will take you soooo far!!

  60. Avatar SunState Jon says:

    England WWIII World War 3 We the People of the United States of America, to England

    We will be Honored to join your entire European Allied forces, bringing our troop’s ovesea’s to end the Invasion of “The Empire of the European Union”

    • Avatar Nick Ensch says:

      Funny the UK and USA are both lost and hugging eachother. China’s doll and Little India.

    • Avatar SunState Jon says:

      @Nick Ensch hay man told you i was drinking Fosters, be funny suddenly England leaves EU then we all join millitary forces for the invasion

      this is fun, today i have now had 9 people of 4 countries under the EU all say they are Glad for England and they all said they wish their contries could get their independence

      Amazing the media USA were censored

      from no American media or government, we never hear, the citizens of other countries want to be free of the EU

  61. Avatar Nick Ensch says:

    ORDER! For poor young pretty British girls there is hope… if they find a tall handsome European like me:)!

  62. Avatar Lt Enclave Soldier says:

    now they will make an alliance with the greatest Ally like the us

  63. Avatar Arthur Psy says:

    I was thinking that youll never leave

  64. Avatar Jan Day says:

    Gone. Gone. Gone.

    Never coming back.

    Think about. It.

    Over 1300 years.

    One effort. You couldn’t be trusted.

    We know who we are.

    We aren’t you. However you think you are, you ain’t. And we ain’t you.

    We fight our own wars.

    We live and die our own way.

    You have never shown the same heart.

    We are different and we choose that.

  65. Avatar liberty 1776 says:

    SOD OFF EU !!!

  66. Avatar siquarequadixitibi says:

    Free Scotland Free Ulster Free Gibraltar 🙏
    Congrats for having paved the road to your political and economic irrelevance,Albion dwellers .😂
    I salute you,small Britain 😂

  67. Avatar Jedrek Dobrowolski says:

    I wonder how the UK not being member of EU will affect the whole continent.

  68. Avatar Gregory Gregory says:

    After 47 years End of German-France Dictator in EU. Free UK. 👍

  69. Avatar Maged Amr says:


  70. Avatar Matt White says:

    UK leave oooo thank you Lord finaly

  71. Avatar Rasmus Pedersen says:

    Now It is our turn Denmark need to leave the eu

  72. Avatar clark kent says:


  73. Avatar Юрий Коновалов says:

    great day for UK )) From Russia with Love ))

  74. Avatar Black Gold says:

    I see the same paid Blackman on every brexit video.

    Why is that?

    And 99% of those celebrating are white..

  75. Avatar Almighty God George Soros #420 #GetRekd says:

    Standing alone, UK is arguably weaker and less economically competitive than the EU bloc. Russia must be happy that the EU has lost one if its most powerful and influential members. Imagine how little Russia will care next time EU will clashes with them about oil coming from the Middle East through Turkish pipelines that supply European markets. Russia will probably have more political and military clout to force their interests unto the EU knowing that the EU will now have less power to stand against them.

    Remember folks, one of the main reasons for the EU’s creation was to unify all the fractured and divided small countries of Europe to make a collectively stronger continent with goals and objectives in common rather than competing escalating tensions against each other for econonic control like in feudal and monarchical times. It was also important to unify all European countries in order to prevent one major power from going country to country invading and conquering smaller and weaker ones to expand their territory and eventually fight the larger countries for dominance. If EU starts to crumble, Russia will easily start sweeping back in by taking over eastern European countries one at a time until they reach close borders with Germany, France, and UK. And nobody will have the courage nor the military weight to defend themselves if every country starts to leave the EU. We will go back to imperialist days of disorder and chaos. Imagine the logistical and economic burden it would put on businesses and trade/commerce if every country went back to having their own currencies and having to pass long and tedious border processes for each country you pass by. All of that because “muh nationalism”? All of this trouble over some pride and ego? Wow.

  76. Avatar Cancerino says:

    Hopefully, with how long it took to get brexit started, the country had enough time to stock food and medicine.

  77. Avatar pinkie perky says:

    Take what these media rats say with a pinch of salt. The UK is not as divided as theyd like to make out.

  78. Avatar ً says:

    Scottish referendum when?

  79. Avatar Szlachcic says:

    Congratulation for Poland! I envy you.

    • Avatar mcfcbeeman Brexit says:

      Join us. Poles always welcome here in the UK.

    • Avatar Szlachcic says:

      @mcfcbeeman Brexit Thanks 🙂 long live independence!

  80. Avatar Simon Tide says:

    Next, Terrorist press Al Jazeera leave UK.

  81. Avatar Görkem Akray says:

    firstly smart mouses run away from the dying ship

  82. Avatar Giannis Ps says:

    I’m not from UK but is this a good thing leaving the EU and why?

  83. Avatar Gilo Grant says:

    I like the old EU before 2004 after the east Europeans joined it’s all get out of order that’s it , I voted brexit and can’t be more than happy our wages went up and will go more in more than 15 years the wages froze because of cheap east Europeans labour now we are free

  84. Avatar MonZik says:

    so happy 😀 will see after 4 years where it will take you all 😀

  85. Avatar Jason Wong says:

    Brexit’s most ardent supporters means Nazis!

  86. Avatar jim smith says:

    Should other countries do the same?

  87. Avatar iam watching says:

    Most of the country was buzzing for brexit just the journalists who are fucktards

  88. Avatar iam watching says:

    We joined the eu in 1974 with the intention of destroying it , soon we will see if it worked

  89. Avatar No Name says:

    These people are idiots & would never see a financial opportunity even if it came to them. Instead they blame others for their lack. While Britain was in the EU more people in this country became self made millionaires then ever before in history. If you believe a political landscape is holding you back as an individual your a fool.

  90. Avatar Jimmyredcab says:

    Let’s put the Great back into Great Britain, we have an exciting future.

  91. Avatar Boris Cheshlarov says:

    Congratulations Great Britain 🇬🇧!!🙂👌👌👌👏👏👏🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎇🎇🎇🎆🎆🎆🎆🍾🍾🍾

  92. Avatar FlorinssJ says:

    Congratz from romanian guy

  93. Avatar Cornelius Antonius says:

    Leavers thank you for giving us your company’s , Love from The Netherlands 💋💕❤

  94. Avatar renegade_ace says:

    Boris Johnson reminds me of Trump.

  95. Avatar Generic nigga straight white male picture says:

    Both sides will take a toll only time will tell,but defenitly way more politcal advantages from leaving, and never getting to the pathetic “literal apocalypse” fear mongering some remainers tend to throw. Enjoy article 11 and 13, forced migrant quotas or santions for which the people will have to pay the consecuences either way, trade interference by the EU between deals of countries outside of the EU, unelected by the people comissioners who create the most anti people friendly of laws and directly chosen offcianls saying yes and the new EU tax reform. Not saying everything is perfect but theres definetly winnings here, specially when you can actually take care of your own border and not let ilegals literally waltz in and hurt your social services in the short and long term, plus the security consecuences of mass migration, I heard the grooming gangs were the latest UK attraction. I am not even european but I honestly cant blame them. The EU screws you over even if you dont live in the EU, it was supposed to be a simple trade agreement and not a politcal union,it has slowly crept its way to be even more of that, really putting countries between the sword and wall, “enjoy these benefits all the while you get to do always what we say and apply the directives we pass even if your people dont want it and obviously hurtsts them”. The Visegrad group took the other route, economically they would take and actual heavier blow without the UK but just accept any santions that come for not accepting all that comes to pass. How did europeans even allow a simple trade union to take this route, it waa obviously not a good idea,not that poorer countries have any real voice due to the economical leverage and how the obvious bias of Germany and France or countries with more population and power can affect them. I dont know, just my opinion. Dont insult me. But he amount od salt is indded biblical in some cases.

  96. Avatar Eve says:

    How does this affect me as a US student entering the UK in 2020?

  97. Avatar Brownie in USA says:

    This dude needs haircut

  98. Avatar fdfgh jhg says:

    8 bitryan

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