Madagascar faces starvation crisis amid record drought

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People in Madagascar are on the verge of starvation after the worst drought in 40 years.
The UN’s food agency says there’s a desperate need for aid, with malnutrition more than doubling in the past four months.
Al Jazeera’s Alexi O’Brien reports.

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  1. Avatar Comrade Tawseef Islam says:

    God, please help them.

  2. Avatar Mandy Madden says:

    Why can’t the country of excess (USA) send help to these people? Our obesity rates are skyrocketing and these people are starving to death.

    • Avatar Evans Makumi says:

      May GOD favour fall on them

  3. Avatar Thomas Hellberg says:

    May Allah open Jazeeera’s mind, make them rational, *and cease their campaign of guilting the West.*

    • Avatar Charlie Zelenoff says:

      why would the lapdogs of america cease their zionist agenda of guilting the west

  4. Avatar Alfonce kimutai says:

    World food …..UN…😭

  5. Avatar Mister M A.K says:

    meanwhile, the rest of the world gets more obease

  6. Avatar Iz Za says:


  7. Avatar djavid hosseini says:

    If you just search how many foods throwing away in developed countries and seeing this people starving it’s just heartbreaking, Inchallah Allah help them Amen 🙏

  8. Avatar MilesBellas says:

    They need help !!!!
    ASAP !!!!

  9. Avatar Bollina mohan satya balakrishna says:

    While developed countries causing lot of pollution and global warming these poor people are bearing the effects

  10. Avatar CJCC-ANWHJM Pastor James M. McManus says:

    The Islamic world prays for my enslavement conversion or murder I’m not sympathetic

  11. Avatar aliali kowkow says:

    Wellcome Aljjazira.

  12. Avatar Peggy Mattie says:

    Believe in Yeshua/Jesus the Messiah and repent of sins if you want eternal life. He is the only way to Heaven. There are no other names by which a person can be saved.

  13. Avatar Eugene Vikernua says:

    Many people know about the tragedy of Madagascar. I mean deforestation and land degradation. The result of years of deforestation is droughts. When they chopped up forests for profit and agricultura they changed the local climat and ecosystems. Now they have no forests, no agricultura, no fertile lands. Unfortunately, people don’t get the lesson but going on doing such silly things in many other parts of the world.

    • Avatar Audio Samples says:

      It’s the South that has this drought.
      I am from Eastern part and it rains there.

    • Avatar Eugene Vikernua says:

      @Audio Samples, glad to read you from Magagascar. I might be bad informed. Is it true that Madagascar destroyed its forests?

  14. Avatar Emily M says:

    Food/water is scarce. They can barely support themselves yet keep mindlessly procreating which further contributes to the problem.

    • Avatar Jesse Wetherell says:

      Are you sure about what you are saying, have you really thought about it?

  15. Avatar Mrs henry J says:

    Bless day everyone. Give your life and heart to jesus today. Truly seek him. Before its too late. Life is short

  16. Avatar abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim says:

    When we said the whole of humanity has failed such images are the proof.

    • Avatar Irfan Abbass says:

      May Allah ta’alaa Protect them.

    • Avatar abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim says:

      @Irfan Abbass aamin🤲🤲

    • Avatar Tajveer Sidhu says:

      Somalis should send help ya rabbb 😭😭😭

    • Avatar Voidisyinyang Voidisyinyang says:

      @Tajveer Sidhu Cargill, the world’s largest private corporation, working as the arm of US Imperialism, DUMPED food into Somalia at 1/6th the local farm price, thereby destabilizing Mogadishu that previously had been controlled by the farmers. That’s how US “Food for Peace” imperialism works.

    • Avatar Dr Will Kutchurkokov says:

      Yes because this has never happened before in all of recorded history.

  17. Avatar ASHIK 9919 Ashik says:

    Please support the proples

  18. Avatar 07alima says:

    *People around the world are dying of obesity and this children are starving. What a shame on humanity*

    • Avatar Dr Will Kutchurkokov says:

      Shame in you

  19. Avatar Thomas Hellberg says:

    *May Allah strike Jazzeera for shunning responsability.*

  20. Avatar Luke S. says:

    Imagine, the rich forests of madagascar reduced to desert. The unfortunate effect of human activity and climate change, coupled with a lack of development or any safty nets for farmers. Heartbreaking scenes

    • Avatar Audio Samples says:

      It isn’t all Madagascar but the semi desert south part of the island.

    • Avatar Luke S. says:

      @Audio Samples ah interesting

  21. Avatar Zionism is a curse says:


  22. Avatar Zionism is a curse says:

    We want Lamborghini, we want a billion dollers house, a garden in house, a pool, we wand a wardrobe, we want a luxury life. And they? They just only want some food.😭

    • Avatar Thomas Hellberg says:

      They have not been indoctrinated.

    • Avatar William Ashley says:

      They’d also like rain.

    • Avatar Graham T says:

      That’s because we don’t want food and they do.

  23. Avatar Hamaki K says:


  24. Avatar 4everfatjoe says:

    I’ve watched a documentary about a prison in Madagascar. The prisoners were already starving there. Wonder what is the situation in the prison now…

  25. Avatar Prantik Sarkar says:

    God, bless this people

  26. Avatar zocker bit says:

    The World can act and must act.

  27. Avatar Hugo Morales says:

    So So sad so e people suffer while others watch

  28. Avatar quran and sunah says:

    I invite everyone for quran recitation thank you 💔💔.

  29. Avatar Audio Samples says:

    Not all Madagascar but its southern part.

  30. Avatar mohd yousuf says:

    Allah hu Akbar Allah hu Akbar

  31. Avatar voice of peace says:

    I invite everyone for quran recitation thank you 💔💔🌷🌹🙏🙏🙏❤❤’.’.’..

    • Avatar YouYou says:

      Islam is a false religion, JESUS IS THE WAY , THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE.

  32. Avatar Hanifah Al-Amin says:


  33. Avatar misterfunnybones says:

    The geographic lottery of birth strikes again.

  34. Avatar Rich Diana says:

    The newest crop of climate refugees is sprouting in Madagascar. It’s the only thing growing.

  35. Avatar Queen Crown says:


  36. Avatar Diana SUNSHINE Wulf says:

    who cut down all the trees and salted the land?

  37. Avatar TheFoxandTheRabbit says:

    Rich states in Africa should help them. How sad.

    • Avatar William Ashley says:

      What rich countries are in Africa?

    • Avatar S E P says:

      @William Ashley
      South africa

  38. Avatar Hossain Md Jamal says:


  39. Avatar Dodd Rougeau says:

    Weather as a weapon. The heart of that weapon is HAARP. They can drought a country and Deluge another all in the same time span. We’re dealing with things beyond our comprehension. Most people refer to it as religion. It’s just crazy people with too much money and insanity. The bottom line is it’s just other people doing this to everybody !

  40. Avatar Phoque says:

    Overpopulation has consequences

  41. Avatar matthew john says:

    Why am I only seeing this here and not anywhere else, how is this not front page news. Seeing those kids with the swollen stomachs is insane.

  42. Avatar Konstantinos Papageorgiou says:

    Really? The Coronavirus making things even harder? How worse can you get from not having anything to eat. Freaking western standards

  43. Avatar ackeem smith says:

    practice birth control now to reduce human suffered Allah wills it

  44. Avatar Voidisyinyang Voidisyinyang says:

    Madagascar has been deforesting over the past 50 years. My University friend visited Madagascar to study their deforestation – back in the early 90s or maybe late 80s. Abrupt global warming is accelerating hard.

  45. Avatar TheShadedShadow says:

    Few states in the U.S. will be there soon.

  46. Avatar Boqor radio says:

    Please reduce greenhouse emissions, it reducing rainfall, this people can live without the need of help if they receive constant rain every season

  47. Avatar Habiba Miah says:


  48. Avatar Ali Syed says:

    How is this allowed to happen?

  49. Avatar Guls M Vlogs says:

    Very sad! They have destroyed most of their forest. Forest bring rain!

    • Avatar Audio Samples says:

      There are no forest in the south.It’s alawys been semi desertic.

    • Avatar Guls M Vlogs says:

      @Audio Samples What about the other side. Environment destruction effects all the country.

    • Avatar Audio Samples says:

      @Guls M Vlogs There was less rain all over Madagascar during the wet season this year. Rainfall around rainforest of the island is a bit normal. Only the south faces severe drynesss because it got only 3 weeks of rainfall which is still not enough for ending the drought there. It’s been for 1 year that drought existed in the south and it’s not yet solved.

    • Avatar Guls M Vlogs says:

      @Audio Samples OK

  50. Avatar Hmotumgh Study mooch says:

    America is a big help they will find a way to teach a new way of cooking that is nutritious and v cheap like mega kitchens preparing soup with potatoes and corn

  51. Avatar Hmotumgh Study mooch says:

    The world needa grasp the canning process to preserve canned goods as long as they can . This will be a help for local areas so that they can unionize andbag under one name

  52. Avatar Alquran Metode Talqin says:

    Allahul mustaan

  53. Avatar kadiyalidurga says:

    Entire world leaders are sleeping, they bother only themselves

  54. Avatar jassi singh says:

    My blessings with you brother and sisters be strong. God come with you happiness and healthy❤

  55. Avatar shoaib khan says:

    European are Responsible

  56. Avatar Md Sefat says:

    Allah help them

  57. Avatar Robert Ocampo says:

    When the woman said, ” we have nothing left ” I see a chicken walking around! I’d catch that chicken so bad and fry em.

    • Avatar wad says:


    • Avatar Bookhermit says:

      Conditions like that, they’d KILL you over a stolen chicken

  58. Avatar Hassan Kamiin Mire says:

    This is what western countries need for Islamic countries but for God “NOP” insha Allah
    The situation will turn its usual🤲

    • Avatar why why why why! says:

      What. Plus we have the same name mire

  59. Avatar Dead Ringer says:

    Thanks to the pandemic, I now just eat 2 times a day with less portions.

  60. Avatar William Ashley says:

    Very sad, now the question? Why not leave if you are starving? Is there no climate refugee plan?

    • Avatar why why why why! says:

      Bro it’s island where will they go. Plus they can’t afford to move through wilderness you need money for transportation

    • Avatar William Ashley says:

      @why why why why! the whole world is a giant island if they are bringing food in they could be bringing people out. The world is just incapable of organizing because people really don’t care enough to fix the problems the world has.

  61. Avatar Anas Satti says:

    So sad to see those children and women suffering, and according to the UN, there are 1.03 billion tons of wasted food annually.

    • Avatar Rahula De Silva says:

      That’s how world works bro deal with it

  62. Avatar blag6666 says:

    STOP making meaningless children.

  63. Avatar Honor says:

    I saw Madagascan foods in supermarkets in some European countries.

  64. Avatar David kombe says:

    Thanks for the intervention of the World food programme.

  65. Avatar Gaming Tonight says:

    … And so humanity is slowly dying. 3rd world today, 1st world tomorrow.

  66. Avatar Vanilla Central says:

    Where is a GoFundMe campaign Link to donate my $10 that I have here?
    Tanzania 🇹🇿 is praying for you brothers😭

  67. Avatar last days says:

    Caused by technological weather modification not fabricated ‘climate change’.

  68. Avatar Shahidlatif Shahidlatif says:


  69. Avatar Belle Lopez says:

    What happened to Common Sense? Lots of Victim Mentality isn’t it? I’m sure plenty relish and survived on cactus leaves before, ie Mexico. When there is no rain, plant potatoes! And other drought vegetables. 🤬

  70. Avatar consulting insultant says:

    And Elon Musk (Madagascar minus ➖ oxygen and atmosphere and suitable magnetic fields and suitable temperature and rainfall and topsoil plus soil and gravity ) wants to have habitations in Mars

  71. Avatar 大田市代官山動物園Ave says:

    In 🇯🇵Japan, there is no information about this food shortage in 🇲🇬Madagascar at all. 😭😭😭😭

  72. Avatar Asnake Shewaseyasib says:

    World news I don’t know whay not focus in this famine in Madagascar whay focus only Ethiopia without famine ?

  73. Avatar Luisa Fernanda Urrutia Urrutia says:

    Please help them.

  74. Avatar Kyberik says:

    Would it really break the bank for an allied military drop of food and water…maybe a corp of engineering to discern how they can create a food supply–and maybe how an allied mission to protect the surviving rainforest to prevent this from getting worse.

  75. Avatar aminu aidara says:

    Shame on the government of this country and shame on all African leaders they is no excuse from the government

  76. Avatar Adjei Kuffor says:

    Africa union should send them food

  77. Avatar Heisenberg says:

    god help them

  78. Avatar S Hussein says:

    This is government mismanagement.

  79. Avatar Dennis Marfo says:

    They will send them Covid 19 vaccines as aid, when it’s obvious they need a good diet to keep them alive.

  80. Avatar Harakah says:

    Yet people in usa are throwing

  81. Avatar Owen G says:

    I am so touched with these🤦🏾‍♂️ while I was watching these I just put my dinner down was about to eat something I just had to look at the food again and say all these for me and there are some people out there whom can’t even afford one square meal😢 God I am forever grateful…

  82. Avatar Selko A says:

    Stop making babies for God sake . These poor countries breed to many .

  83. Avatar IreneVen says:

    sometimes we need to see this reality for us to appreciate whatever we have.

    • Avatar G H says:

      this reality is your reality there is nothing to appreciate This poor children are Punished .For dump and stupid people in the west and in.Madagaskar.

  84. Avatar Gerard Dixon says:

    Please stop having the kids to only have them suffer. Proper planning is key.

  85. Avatar The Bot says:

    So tigray is in famin????

  86. Avatar Michael Nablo says:

    if war is not our priority✌️

  87. Avatar matthew mann says:

    Boxes, buckets, baskets, barrels, and containers are needed

  88. Avatar Prolific Life says:

    Charity companies rubbing their palms. New adverts coming to a TV station near you

  89. Avatar Gunman G says:

    France 🇫🇷 knows something about it

  90. Avatar Haneen AlBashiri says:

    Madagascar always had long dry seasons in most of the country. There are maps showing the areas of long drought since 70’s, in some years are worse than others. Sub deserts arid regions are in all the west coast, nothing to do with climate change, but a typical natural local climate. Poverty is the root of all problems.

  91. Avatar Ready ready says:

    Instead of filming why don’t just help them?!!

  92. Avatar Hina Sunniva says:

    So sad. The people who need least resources suffer the most in this world. Where as 5 star hotels there will afloat with swimming pools. Hope it rains soon.

  93. Avatar Stand with the oppressed says:

    Any resources to help?

  94. Avatar diamond Writers says:

    In such situations, the first thing to do is stop procreating. There is no honour in having 10 starving children while it is clear you cant feed them. In africa we need family planning education asap

  95. Avatar Elizabeth Klimas says:

    this is the prime example of two legged sub-animals on earth, worldwide. human animal that has been on this earth for thousand of years, having 75% of this earth covered by water but animals are dying of starvation due to lack of water. Animals, stop killing each other in never ending wars, stop wasting money, stop destroying planet and start working together using the water on earth which is in abundance and often in excess in many places to get it where it needs to be (desalinate it)……

  96. Avatar jack chen says:

    Help madagascar pls

  97. Avatar JeroboamBenJoash JuniperTree says:

    Madagascar 😭😭😭🙏♥️♥️♥️

  98. Avatar Bookhermit says:

    Overpopulation, pure and simple. Trying to support too many people ruins the environment, then you wonder why there isn’t enough food….

  99. Avatar Bookhermit says:

    There is all the food people can pay for…..

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