Meet the Aurelio: The first Filipino-made sports car

2020 7/22
Meet the Aurelio: The first Filipino-made sports car

The Philippines is known for its lush tropical beauty.

When you think of sports cars, its probably not the first country that pops into mind.

A group of young engineers is aiming to change that.

Marga Ortigas reports from Laguna where they are developing super cars that are stylish, luxurious and also affordable.

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コメント一覧 (164件)

  • AJ Mercado says:

    actually, 290 not 200, bastards

  • joey says:

    Lol 517 hp and only 200 kph.That’s funny.

    • laxus 101 says:

      its 290…. the video is wrong

    • Jm says:

      You do know that this is *LOW* budget right?

    • keith harvey Velasco says:

      joey correction 290kph

    • Zicooo says:

      @Jm its still a prototype

    • Gen Vuelham says:

      But can you go that fast?

  • Arnold says:

    517 hp with 1.5 liter.4cylinder engine? haha, baka hybrid at may kasamang electric motor,

    • Brendan Aurelio says:

      1.8L DOHC Turbocharged Intercooled, Engine built and dyno tested by Blanche Racing (Jon Sarmiento).

  • RR Cabz says:

    i like filipino made stuff,magkano down payment pag nagpagawa?

    • laxus 101 says:

      haha sakana pag mass production na

    • RR Cabz says:

      ok update me soon

    • DLC RAMBIBI says:

      wow mas mahal papala ang mustang cs

  • laxus 101 says:

    guys correction po… 290km po hindi 200

  • Lance says:

    Sir gawa kayo ng lectro type na aurelio para walng pollution dito sa atin, katulad ng tesla motor,

    • Brendan Aurelio says:

      Meron na.

    • Lance says:


    • E. Teodoro Jr. Ramos says:

      +Brendan Aurelio May mga kotse na ba kayong available in the Philippine market?

    • Mark Lawrence Senerez says:

      kayanga instant acceleration pa pag electric

    • Raz Davis says:

      @Brendan Aurelio magkano electric na aurelio boss ko i’m intersted

  • LowellJade Malaran says:


  • MegaComparator //MCPE says:

    IT’S 290 MP/H NOT 200 KM/H

  • Anthony Tamayo says:

    I’d rather buy a BMW i8 or Audi R8 …
    but as my respect as a filipino.
    i appreciate this what they have done or made a supercar

    • samalenio boy says:

      Anthony Tamayo how much is the BMW i8 or Audi R8? Because this one is only P1.6 million…

  • Bryan Timbal says:

    2jz swap? anyone? bet the chassis won’t stand the power, maybe it could but I doubt it’s safe.

    • John Mark Barba says:

      it has 517 hp on a civic engine and it can hold 2jz engine and its a mid engine car but now the engine was been swap now to a V6 hone NSX engine

    • EL Dinamita says:

      @John Mark Barba dont u think its a little fishy thoo…517 hp from a honda b16a engine?

  • Mr. Dutchino says:

    Mahal ko, keep going guys! Greets from The Netherlands.

    • Mr. Dutchino says:

      Thank you I’m going to change it to blue on top, red on bottom.. thanks for mentioning.

    • Son Caster says:

      Yue Inserto i don’t see any wrong in his photo, the Philippine flag color is right, the blue is on the top and the red is on the bottom, so what’s wrong with that?

  • Jasmine Sayson says:

    mag knu yn

  • rojichristian says:

    looks stupid and slow.

    • RIP sTaTs says:

      Can u run 190kph then?

    • Hazel Beso says:

      Well,you can’t just jump to conclusions that it’s stupid and slow (like you mostly) just because we’re asians.

    • Zicooo says:

      Rodgie you look lame

    • Christian Basiya says:

      You are stupid. You only base your judgement on what you see. You don’t even have any Idea of the Car’s spec.

    • Zicooo says:

      @Christian Basiya are you talking to me?

  • John Luiz says:

    it is 290 kph not 200kph

  • Endinial says:

    It looks like a mclaren mixed by a ferrari

    • Hex Agram says:


    • RIP sTaTs says:


    • Randolf Ducanes says:

      Yes, true, it is but a prototype like the devel sixteen prototype in The U.A.E.

    • Null M̶L̶ says:

      @RIP sTaTs Mclarari

    • Jason Stattam says:

      It’s a Ferrari a Lambo and a McClaren all Together

  • Anong Katarantaduhan Yan ! ! says:

    build your own engine before the body… stop saying supercar coz its not…

    • Sandino Osawa says:

      Anong Katarantaduhan Yan ! ! Make your own then

    • Bryle Sanico says:

      scratch pa ngalang kasi nga prototype wag tanga build your brain first before judging plus they’re only a very small company.

  • Mark atos says:

    mag kano??

    • Chandler Jay says:

      @LiL HypeB3ast… Aba syempre!, alangan nman iparehas pa eh basura nman yan… Hahahaha.. Nka tsinelas, short at sando lng ang gumagawa tapos Milyon ang presyo.. Adik nka isip nyan.. Haha

    • LiL HypeB3ast says:

      @Chandler Jay sige kung yan opinion mo yan lng madami lng kc na gastos diyan tas ginawa yan para sa mga adik sa supercars tas 200 khp na yan eh

      Edit:290 kph

    • Chandler Jay says:

      @LiL HypeB3ast ..kung presyuhan nila ng 200 to 300 bka puwede png kagatin..pero kung milyon, wala kalokohan, wala pa silang manufacturing line eh..

    • LiL HypeB3ast says:

      @Chandler Jay 200 300? May mabilis bang sasakyan na ganyan?

    • Chandler Jay says:

      @LiL HypeB3ast … SIR.. original pa.. hnd chop chop tulad nito.. eh wala ngang extensive design itong aurelio, no computer design, no aerodynamic analysis, no traffic and impact analysis, no road condition suitability analysis.. puro test drive lng… bka kung patakbuhin mu yan ng 100 eh maghiwahiwalay ang katawan.. hahahahaha…

  • Cj Vaans says:

    For a company with a low budget for making a first Filipino supercar. Is not bad.

  • Sheen Gimongala says:

    is this southwoods

  • Mark Falarca says:

    MY God BLESS Philippines

  • Mad Pizza says:

    The Horspower was 457 hp Impressive!

  • DatEvo8 says:

    This car is beautiful!

  • DatEvo8 says:

    Who knew its engine is Japanese?

    • otto ivanov says:

      It’s Dat Evo they use 4g63T and D16a honda vtec

  • Son Caster says:

    TRY AND TRY! NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE IN THIS 21st century, just open your mind, be possitive and alway’s look at your surrounding’s maybe you can get an idea.

  • Rudy Mayrina says:


  • MJ Gorospe says:

    Bastards! We are all just started. Just wait and see.

  • ramil limar says:

    We need more of this. 🙂

  • Eimantas Dapkevičius says:

    i like it,if it was affordable for me,I would buy it

  • Unknown Entity says:

    if i have money im gonna buy one even if its prototype

  • Bryle Sanico says:

    It’s 290KPH not 200.. And Recycled because of lack of funds since the workers are the dreamers to buy a supercar but didn’t have enough money to afford one then they all gathered and build there own.. and it’s prototype expect nothing but a scratch.

  • Lance Gerba says:

    Looks good but comparing it to Italian supercars with the technological advancement and even to Japanese supercars is poor.

  • otto ivanov says:

    what drivetrain that they use

  • Bumble7seven says:

    Im a filipino and im making a car brand when I grow up which is vendia

  • Zordo loub says:

    Can it drift?

    • keith harvey Velasco says:

      Zordo loub yes

  • most wanted says:

    What the.. is the welding of frame is good? I saw at the last part of the video

    • Hex Agram says:

      most wanted doenst look good for me, look att him he aint have no PPE, using that shades, and the way he stands loke that while welding, no no, tack tack tack

  • Rob bin says:

    If the creaters of this car had machines to build the car it would be easier and easy to create and do this car but im just a kid with some sale experience so I have to say if this car hits the market it will destroy the toyota 86 which is the most famous sport car in the Philippines(technically not a sport car but we filipinos call it a sport car)but it will destroy the toyota 86 if this car hits the markets and this is cheap for a sports car it only cost 1.6 mil pesos if you look it up on google and if you convert that in to dollars it is just 30,813 dollars which for americans it is cheap and a quick car now if this car goes to america the maker of this car will have tons of order request for this car thats why the makers of this car are just simply starting from the beginning so yeah it its overall a good car has the looks of a ferrari and the top speed of an subaru STI i guess yeah thats what i think and will happen to this car it is overall a good car.

  • maleman julpax says:

    Dubai is a good market

  • Bernadette Corsame says:

    I will save up and buy this … Made by my people … Philippine’s game changer, keep it up Aurelio Team …

  • Vivaceraptor 594 says:

    Wow this is great as me a being proud for being filipino

  • Troy GT500 says:

    Why did you make a supercar with a Honda v-tech on it😥

    • Zicooo says:

      It is because they cant afford to make the engine so probably its just an initial engine for now

    • PJ Salamanca says:

      You can actually ask for an engine of your choice, though the price will also increase. Like for example, you prefer a V6 engine from an old GTR R35, they’ll look for and will buy it then fit it to the car you ordered. But then you have pay more than the base price.

    • PARENG MIGO says:

      Ok lang po na honda engine gamitin. Katulad ng baic na sasakyan yung makina nya po ay mitsubishi po. nakita ko po nung display sa mall binuksan ng ahente yung ng baic nagulat po ako mitsubishi yung makina.

    • PARENG MIGO says:

      Sa palagay ko po Pwede din po yan na maging sister company ng honda.

  • Philip Salvador says:

    Magkanu kaya? Mas ok Yan gwa SA atin kesa gwang China hehe

  • Crisse Dannis says:

    If they made an ordinary sedan, this man will be famous…

  • Movlogs Demn says:


    • Hazel Beso says:

      And you’re idiotic

    • Zicooo says:

      You are lame Movlogs

  • phillson gierlonzo says:

    semi automatic sana ang gamitin nilang welding machine para mas malinis ang hinang at mas matibay.
    more powers sa Aurelio

  • sir jack and boy kikoy ay mag anak pala says:

    Gumawa kayo ng isa ha

  • Gemini Culminas Vega says:

    we need to make a machine to help the workers and to improve the aurelio make better like in other country supercars…

    • AM Worx says:

      Machines are too expensive. Over 28php to get one

  • Gemini Culminas Vega says:

    ferrari vs aurelio make it race i wanna to see who is the fastest supercars…

    • Bayot ka says:

      Gemini Culminas Vega this car is no match to the ferrari with only its 290 kph top speed while ferrari reaches 300 above

  • Kit Joshua Bulfa says:

    Decent “suffer”car for a 3rd world country.


    Pano naging filipino super car ito?
    Anung makina nito?
    Zenit at Singer?
    Kung filipino car ito dapat pati makina nito design at gawang filipino.
    Kung makina nito ay galing ibang bansa, walang pinag ka iba ito sa Sarao na jeep na isuzu o mitsubishi makina.
    Parang body kit lang ang ginawa dyan.

    • Christian Basiya says:

      Tama makes sense. Pero Kudos parin sa effort and creativity

    • Cristina Deliva says:

      Nakarinig ka na ba ng pagani zonda Hyper car? Hindi sa kanila ang makina nila kaha lng sa kanila pero mahigit 1 milyon dollar ang bili ng mga sasakyan nila

    • Mark Lawrence Senerez says:

      +Cristina Deliva agon pala yun ngayon kulang nalaman

    • Jann Chavez says:

      Kaya Aurelio “concept” pangalan ng company nila. Di talaga sila manufacturer. Sa pag kakaalam ko may permit na sila sa LTO. At tungkol sa makina, malaking pera ang kailangan para makagawa. Unless may willing na gumawa kahit walang pondo.

  • John De Juan says:

    madami nmn mechanics ang pilipinas eh na kayang gumawa ng sarili nating makina, ang problema wala tayong filipino owned company na mag lakas loob na gumawa non, panay import lang ng makina tulad ng foton (dko lng alam kung pinoy ownd company ba tlga yon) ayaw nila icompete ang compact size car ng ibang bansa, pero kung ako milyunaryo eh gagawa ako ng sariling atin, tulad ng kia at hyundai, pa pride pride at starex lang dati, ngyn luxury car na halos kung maituring ng south east asian markets ang mga brand na yon; kung makakagawa sila ng 250k brand new worth ng compact size car, eh sa tingin ko ay lalaki ang company na yon, size ba ng suzuki alto; pinoy nga nakaka avail ng 100k na raider eh kaya pag meron makagawa ng ganong compact size sa pinas eh mas pipiliin yon kaysa sa motor

  • Warren Warren says:

    ang tanong ko lng sarilng gawa ba ang makina nyan…

    • Yumeko Jabami Fan says:

      Japanese nga sa Hitachi o sa Toyota ang makina as in Japanese brand

    • Meme's compilation says:

      honda v-tec

    • Edward Mecayer says:

      v tec. overall 90% local pati pawis

  • Aira Mendoza says:

    gaya gaya sa lambo

    • Christian Basiya says:

      Di mo alam sinasabi mo.

    • Mark Lawrence Senerez says:

      Lamborghini lang kasi alam na supercar

  • EL Dinamita says:

    Malapit na 2019…..kamusta na to?

  • Long Distance says:

    Hey..come on please..this is not supercar..this is toy car

  • Myco Miĺĺan says:

    What 200HP only ?

  • Warren Warren says:

    ang problema dyan, un mga part lalo na makina hindi talga nila sariling likha, parng bumili ka lng ng pyesa at inasemmble mo,

  • Randolf Ducanes says:


  • XX UNKNOWNXX says:

    What makes it beatiful its been made wi sweat and blood of those workers

  • Initial Drawings says:


  • Hafiz Makiglalis says:

    Nice body work i hope you can make a real engine for that sportcar

  • Royz Gear says:

    It has a crappy frame. I mean masyado nilang pilit na pinapagaan kaya tuloy ang nipis na tignan

    • Jose Roa says:

      Gawa ka nlang ng sarili mong sasakyan. Typical na idiota. Imbes na iangat, hihilahin tuloy pababa. Ang bobo mo promise

  • pinoy gamer says:

    eto yta ung pinakita sa news dati.. makina ng honda gamit

  • Snowgum says:

    This car makers should get a grant from the Philippine Governement..this car has a great future on the world market..

  • Yumeko Jabami Fan says:

    Hindi Yan made kundi assembled

  • Edwin Lopez says:

    Made in philippines

  • CCw says:

    290KPH, not 200.

  • CCw says:

    I mean, the engine is not THAT good or New but still, 4 Guys, Young but with Big Dreams? Come on, Give them a Chance.

  • Skirmish_ Noob says:

    bwesit ang mga to..! sabi makina daw sa japan uu..! hnd nyu ba alam ang hypercar na pagani zonda..???! galing sa mercedes benz ang makina nun prang bodi kit lang din sila imbes na suportahan ang sariling bansa nag eeffort mga tao kukutsain pa..!

  • Adan Corpuz says:


  • sisig RICE says:

    What is that a trash? Haha poor factory they not have machines and other equipments hahha


    • Jose Roa says:

      Certified dummy 👏😎

    • Bayot ka says:

      Poor you, you dont even have a factory or machines and its like you can make your own car too


    When manual labour is cheaper than a robot…you make by hand. Love to know the price …probably 1million peso

  • Jose Roa says:

    Kaya di umuunlad yung Pinas dahil na rin sa mga iilang mga bobo nakatira dito. Imbes na iangat at i-encourage na ipagpatuloy ang mga pangarap nila, hihilahin nang hihilahin pababa. Mga putang ina niyo gawa din kayo ng sarili niyong sasakyan. Tae baka siguro pati drawing di kayo makagawa. Pakyu kayo promise mga walang utak kasi kaya yan puro lng bash nalalamang gawin. Mga istupidong mga walang utak.

  • Francis says:

    Support Local 🇵🇭

  • Jerome Delgado says:

    Mga gago nakakahiya kayo Dana mamatay na kayo

  • Jerome Delgado says:

    Lahat kayo mamatay

  • Jerome Delgado says:

    Slang kwenta ang car show ay sa tambakan NG basuran hahaha

  • lazy boyT says:

    I need to get this shell to Lesotho…n put a V12 eng in it

    • MonMon Fiasco says:

      Well they can actually custom build the car getting the V12 will double the cost ..the V12 its self is more pricey than the car itself

  • KAPITAN Tutan says:


  • ΔᄁȚᄋᄁ ѵΙᄂᄂΔЯΙᄁΔ says:

    ang ginawa lang nila ay yung bodykit saka chassis..the rest chop chop na..

    • Edward Mecayer says:

      no. mga engineer cla. lahat ng gami dyan is local. 80% percent what mo yun docu about aurelio makina lng talaga ng civic pero hindi second hand.

  • Pobre tv Black and white says:

    Pwede tayo gumawa sariling makina using machine shop kahit isang makina lang muna gawin research lang engine casting kahit mano mano gawin gayahin lang yung makina sa Honda tanggalin ang lahat NG parti NG makina recopy gamit stairs foam and plastic step by step gawin. kuha kayo mga dost engineering…. ..magagawa niyo yan pinoy tayo mag ka isa lang magawa natin kaya nga NG ibang bansa tayo pa kaya….

  • BritAmerica Ball says:

    This people need additional investment.

    Hope someone can see the beauty of this and invest in this cars.

  • Punisher Destroyer says:

    The design is better than Lamborghini… More symmetrical

  • Arv Clpal says:

    Who ever buy this car is stupid enought but you know what I will get this car and drove it bumper gocart car with Jeepny.But wait is this car is safe to drive?Nope Filipino can not afford a factory with Quality Control.With China might be can make it happen,but Filipino supercar that made in China! Lol

  • winn htun says:

    Any updates on this creation?

  • Cervantes Decina says:

    Idiot its not 200 kmh its 290 smh

  • Medpenzer Limpahan says:

    2015 pATo nasaan nato ngayon?

  • Lorenzo Victor says:

    Stop calling it a poor man’s supercar or what not stand for what it is a Philippines supercar.

    • Edward Mecayer says:

      mura lng kse. pero quality to. marami nga gusto kumuha foreigner at mga pinoy. as of 2020

  • jade Goldberg says:

    Ohwow atleast they manage to create awesome looks supercar

  • Alan Caldoza says:

    Supercar industry is the dirtiest in the world. You have to get the usual way. Having a legit contract with automotive engine maker like , Japan and Europe. If not, they will cut off your supply of surplus engine and parts. Specially if you build something better than the leading players built. The usual engine used on high performance cars are built by BMW M5 series, Benz AMG, Toyotas, Honda HRH and Nissan GTRs. Japanese is easy to deal with for they have abundant supply of anything known worlwide as JDM, and US and the best of Europe cannot stop it cause them too need it to get some idea of a new technology that created also from brilliant minds the mainstream tried to kill. Like the hydrogen hybrid, now also being developed by European brands

  • Eljun Llanos says:

    Kung bilyinaryo lang ako…mag iinvest ako sa brand na ito…to develop their own engine….

  • Diomedes Del Rosario says:

    Meron kyang mga airbags yan?

  • Jamica Manlapaz says:

    Ayos to

  • FVCK U says:

    San makakabili??

  • R R says:

    Bibili ako nyan magtitinda kc ako ng balot!

  • Chester Canato says:

    I got this car soon my dream car

  • john wick says:


  • Rollyjames Barrameda says:

    dapat ang aurelllio mag pagawa ng sariling engine

  • Marco Mayo says:

    Yun na yun? Di man lang sinabi kung ilang hp

  • Help Me To Get 1000 Subcebers Please says:

    2020 Na sino pa nanood dto?

  • Erwin Darantinao says:

    Ang galing talaga ng pinoy…