🇺🇬 Meet the Ugandan mother who has given birth to 42 children | Al Jazeera English

2020 5/22
🇺🇬 Meet the Ugandan mother who has given birth to 42 children | Al Jazeera English

Mariam Nabatanzi is known as “Uganda’s most fertile woman”.
She has given birth 15 times to 42 children, 38 of whom have survived.
Nabatanzi says she was sold into marriage at the age of 12 and has faced years of abuse in her childhood home and during her marriage.
Seena Khalil has more about Nabatanzi’s life in this video.
Watch this video by Al Jazeera’s Seena Khalil to learn more about her life.

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コメント一覧 (131件)

  • Will you not think?? ? says:

    Hi am from southern region of India here the current generation struggling for one children due to impotency….. May God bless u Mariam if u give me ur bank ac no I will help u of my capability…. May God bless ur family

    • Hannah Lee says:

      @Will you not think?? ? amen we must bow down to God

    • Chakisha Johnson says:

      Even if your motives are pure, in this day and age, it is neither appropriate nor is it wise to ask for someone’s bank account number (especially online)

    • More Cash says:

      So what is Ugandan government doing to help he is a shame 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    • Yaya Beauchamp says:

      Dhanish m look if you want to help her why do you need her bank account get her. Address send her certify mail to her and that you can send her money order If you truly want to help and if your not a scam😒😳 well money order with her name on it simple or Western Union will also those 44 children
      And her shalom

    • Mahim Hossain says:

      Anish Akay

      Fix your grammar before complaining about others.

  • Charlie ZzZ says:

    My friend recently went back to Belfast for his ex mother-in-law’s funeral. He informed me that she had given birth to 22 children. I was shocked. I was even more surprised with the number of grandchildren she had: 200.

    • L Rose22 says:

      22 on my dads side.

  • Sophia Anatolios says:

    Poor woman omg 😱

  • Raymond says:

    A strong single mother. Haha.

    • Bathshua Yisrael says:

      The way you said it, it’s as if she wanted this. Did you even watch the video or even listen to her words?

  • Ahmed Shakil says:

    She is a birth machine 😂

  • knowledge zone says:

    May Almighty give her courage to take care of her sons!

    • Chisti Jalalpuri says:

      What abt daughter?? She also has them too

    • knowledge zone says:

      @Chisti Jalalpuri both

    • Tadu Adu says:

      And daughters…

  • Matthew S. says:

    As many children one can maintain and take care of, that many one should plan to get. But maybe now her fault if the husband was abusive

  • Matthew Ng says:

    Get her fixed

    • Nationalist says:

      I know this video gave you lung cancer.

    • Bathshua Yisrael says:


  • Shawn Jones says:

    Being poor having a hard time in life doesn’t make sense to have a lots of children

  • Nationalist says:

    Uganda is the meme of the decade.

  • Ras Tafari says:

    Europeans will do something evil

  • denis n brian says:

    God blessed africans in different ways

  • NM NM says:

    Strong lady 🤕🤕🤕

  • NM NM says:

    Yes ug hv the most fertile
    Ladies … lady can give birth to 12_18 plus….
    I love u my country the pearl of Africa (ug)

    • Wahyu Tyassholiha says:

      Innalilahi wa innailaihi rajiun. Having soo many people is not good, trust me. I live in the most densely populated island in Indonesia. Traffic jams are everywhere, traffic accident cause casualties are everyday. Not enough jobs. Get to line for long time for everything 😇😇😇

    • Wahyu Tyassholiha says:

      Thats why i decide to have only one child

    • NM NM says:

      @Wahyu Tyassholiha God who have given to you have good plans fr em….so I dnt see any prblmz with being with many children….so long as HE z de one who gave em to u…..there are so many pipo n dis Duniyah who are infertile yawning to gt kids buh no wea to get em,

    • Wahyu Tyassholiha says:

      @NM NM Maybe, thats suitable for Uganda. Not for my country. May Allah SWT Bless Us. Amin Yaa Rabb.

    • NM NM says:

      @Wahyu Tyassholiha aemeen
      Ur frm wc country?

  • Seren Blodwyn says:

    A lady, FORCIBLY married at 12 years of age; a victim of domestic violence both within her family & marriage homes; hospitalised for 6 months following her reaction to injectable contraception; having 38 children to support alone, after her husband abandoned the family; this hard working lady, is the very type of person, fund raising social media campaigns could help.

  • Friend of God says:

    Children are a blessing from God who makes no mistake. May God bless you Merriam.

    • Troy Trey says:

      Friend of God there is that and there’s ignorance

    • changolini says:

      Wrong thats not the case for everyone

  • LV Teach Me says:


  • Read Quran 4:27-28 And 13:28 says:

    Masha’Allah. That’s a strong woman.

  • TuTOk says:

    She blessed with a lot of child but at the same time her child help her back with house chores.

  • Roma Amber says:

    Its good that her husband ran away otherwise the number would have doubled!

  • Mustafa M says:

    A woman, a mother so strong so decisive i am amazed by her attitude and strength of faith and immense love for her children Now who is stronger a woman or a man???

  • Œuvre D'art says:

    The Power of a Woman!

    • J H says:

      What about the source of life, the sperm, it alive and moves.. Not the egg, think outside the womb, unlike some animal

  • GTA V Decoders says:

    Cats dogs and rats …spring to my mind!

  • Perry Williams says:

    An Michelle Duggar thought she was doing something with her 19 kids.

    • سميرة احم says:


  • Hero Bee says:

    She is a hero mother.

  • Cetribea Burundibwiza says:

    This is a big sign that God is telling Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, who are trying to destroy Africans genetic that not matter what the Western is trying to do to destroy the multiplying population of Africa, you will never succeed

    • J H says:

      Africans sadly due to Adultery and wife sharing like animals, will die due to Ebola, aids, STDs, and other new and incurable forma of diesease.

  • iONLY says:

    So you have to pay money to go to school on Africa SMH Jesus christ.. These people are determined to be a 3rd world country

  • principle shallow says:

    the seating president should support the family.. its prety to have such a good big family. Please help her cover fees and support her with monthly money . Howsoever she works its very difficult to completely afford every thing … this is the kind of areas that we really want a government …
    I am a somali I realy felt the pain….
    Where is the president lets see you here if you are a good president……

    • J H says:

      So you black men share each other’s wives, via Adultery and jump from women to women, then ask for the whole community of black people to feed your responsibility and sustain them.
      It’s been said that some group of people choose to live like Apes, so they were made into apes.
      Those who live like animals, die like animals.

  • super Level says:

    Your a super Hero Mum

  • JoziTube says:

    Very old video

  • ALY CAMARA says:

    42 children. That’s 2 soccer team

  • Matt Sherv says:

    Incredible story but sad that she’s spent most her life on her back

  • sara deen says:

    Masha allah l also want 60 insha allah
    Kids are the most wonderful things in the world💯

  • Mugarura Joseph Katuufu says:

    All Jazeera you are unfair. You would have shared this lady’s contact for help.

  • BACK WOODS says:

    How we we donate to her ?

  • marolis hall- Belle says:

    I love you and your children. If I had it to help you and your beautiful children I would. Continue fighting your battle and continue teaching them that education is the key to success. One love from Jamaica

  • cinnamonstar808 says:

    husband , mom and dad = ARE DEADBEATS !!

  • Mousepad says:

    Check your Fertility privilege.

  • the face says:

    44 Kid’s

  • thats not my name says:

    She loves all of them and is doing well with them.

  • Robert Schlesinger says:

    Amazing story about a woman doing what’s seemingly impossible – raising 38 children.

  • rumah dona says:

    God bless you mama

  • rO F says:

    Somebody sterilize this beasts please because they’re gonna be begging for UNESCO to feed them soon

    • Bathshua Yisrael says:

      How about someone sterilizing YOU.

  • Mustamira Alvaseryo says:

    So proud of girl… That’s a real descendant of eve…. The mother of all humanity.

  • Shahad Jagot says:

    And some affording well settle couples are trying IVF,testube baby😂

  • Yaledi Esther says:

    I was tired just raising 1 child after watching got encouraged will not complain ever again 😘

    • Tuhaise Moureen says:

      Ur right dia

  • Sarah Nankya says:

    Please share the phone number

  • Ahmadah Kivumbi says:


  • Namazzi Hellen says:


  • Lian Mara says:

    The strange thing about her is that she 39 years with 42kids, coz i was reading through msgs.

  • Birabwa Annet says:

    Ugandans Bambi she needs help

  • Box Gaming says:


  • Erlinda Ferrer says:

    its god well children is gift..

  • Erlinda Ferrer says:

    shes a good mother shes kiept all there children..even shes single mom..i salute u maam

  • Veronica Smith says:

    Pls send me her account number I too would like to help her children.

  • Dora-the- Explorer says:

    After all of the abuses heaped upon her, she is a reminder of how real mothers should treat their children in the face of adversity. Heavenly Father, forgive me for my complaints because they were nothing.

  • Naka Aishabrins says:

    I need to help this lady, whoever can help me find her, contact on this number +971 588621931

  • Klaus H says:

    Einzelfall oder ??? SCH… EGAL.

  • Tasha Stewart says:


  • African Messiah says:

    The point is not her fertility but the fact that all those kids survived their infancy is something that amazes me.

  • lilly girl says:

    Her body must be so tired. 😢💕 some one with lots of money go help her please 💓💓💓

  • MrAac2020 says:

    Ugandan men need to get FIXED after producing one or two kids by law. This kind of uncontrolled breeding can’t continue.

    • Hayan Imadi says:

      First comment not to place the blame on the woman. Congrats

  • Pennybody Dovey says:


  • Joanny Jo says:

    Is it possible to help her? She needs better housing, the children need clothing etc. I want to help

  • JJ Dessalines says:

    This is only being reported to promote single motherhood and demonize black patriarchy.

    • Daughter of Enoch says:

      JJ Dessalines

      Nobody needs to demonize black men. They doing a spanking good PR job of it all by themselves 🙄

  • laura imomoh says:

    Does anyone know this woman, contact or how to reach her please

  • Stiv Stivo says:

    Please i/we need her bank account to give some financial help to she and her children. May God bless you and your children in Jesus Name Amen.

  • Yaya yaya says:

    We’re is the help. The Lord has bless you millionaire. Help this struggling mother. Oprah, Tyler Perry, and others help her. The says help those in need. She needs beds and a house built and food. Help her

  • ADOS Hebrewess says:

    How can one donate to help this family?

  • Suleqa Ahmed says:

    Is not easy but she had choices

  • Paula Bessard says:

    He’ll will b back when all the children become successful cuz all them children mom is going 2 b doing good n the future. Like she said a blessing from god.

  • Thrunndle Lott says:

    RT ,I urge the responsible individuals , releasing this information on the Mother of 44 38 living please create a site or a go fund me page so that she may receive proper assistance of those who are interested and not judging her situation but are willfully & earnestly interested . Ty

  • amor Ommar says:


  • The Real Cee baby WG gang says:

    Big lie mean she start having child when she was 5 or 10…how old is she… and how many months it takes to deliver a babe.. common y’all what y’all think for what I’m thinking…

    • Ampaire Amina says:

      She started when she was 12 yrs

    • The Real Cee baby WG gang says:

      Ampaire Amina naaa mien for real noo a woman cannot be having child by Africa for 42 years continuesly

    • Ampaire Amina says:

      @The Real Cee baby WG gang maybe in your country only but in ug it’s possible

    • The Real Cee baby WG gang says:

      Ampaire Amina still noo I’m not taking it.. maybe she rising others kids

  • Fathumo Ali says:

    The government should help her with food,school and housing its too much for a single mum.God bless them

  • daniel sabum says:

    Long live Afrika! Long live the Black Race!

  • Ebony Shyne says:

    Why have so many children KNOWING you don’t have the resources to care for them!

  • Alex Herz says:

    Yeah, pretty inspiring and all, but, WHY SHE DIDN’T STOP HAVING CHILDREN AFTER THE FIRST TWELVE?

  • pp says:

    Who gives birth to so many children when you are poor?? That’s stupid

  • roger smith says:

    I am fat >> I s leep wiht all men.. me eats alot.. and need welfare hadouts.. my kids can start a farm and help grow and plant.. but no give me entitlments for I overeat and die my hair red and think I need it.

  • Prudence Tolliver says:

    BIRTH CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JEFF Semon says:

    Who would; admit to impregnating this sow???

  • Ladylee 900 says:

    Nothing pleases me than seeing that she can afford them all and feed them, and how she loves them all🥰🥰

  • Elena G says:

    Went from 38 to 42 kids😌

  • God Jesus says:

    SHE IS A GOOD MOM💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🙏🏽🀄

  • Aasha Marie says:

    How do we help her? Can we send money to her?

  • Umu N. says:

    Before you comment on other peoples lives and choice. Please understand the context. Resource poor communities are marginalized-Lack of access to health services, education,credit facilities, knowledge- is the determent of achieving basic human rights. She is a victim of a broken system. Yet she takes pride in her fortune, her children. If you want to help. Support sustainable solutions like capital fund her businesses. Reduce her overhead costs and support one of her kids with an education fund. Sustainability is key. She is the true definition of a mother’s strength.

  • tdhat95 says:

    This woman is not on welfare, collecting food stamps, no section 8 and No Husband…God Bless her..

  • Kings lynn says:

    I’d say hyper-copulation.

  • Camille Grier says:

    They all look well feed and healthy. She is doing a good job.

  • Pink Lady says:

    Is this the reason why deadbeat African fathers are fleeing to Europe, as they shun responsibility towards their large families back home?

  • holyghost709 says:

    Beautiful Sister….We need some contacts or bank account or whatever means to assist you financially. Please, not Scammers.
    Would you mind getting us updated, please?

  • Sharon Ballantyne says:

    OH….My….GOD! Are you serious? That is So Disturbing. Women are not brood mares and just because you CAN have children doesn’t mean you need to keep going Till your Uterus Drops out from exhaustion.That is just Beyond.🙄🙄🙄🙄🤯🤯🤯🤪 I mean C’mon! TLC would Have a FIELD DAY if This Lady was in America. They’d make a show out of it faster than u can shake a stick.

  • loretta young says:

    I wonder why the doctors did not terminate her pregnancies. Abort, abort, abort.

  • Jewel Grier says:

    Mother of Africa of the world she deserves respect an HELP world record an prize

  • Jewel Grier says:

    I had a friend have seven boys i always admired her strength. She deserves tube tied vacation car house running water field growing food an cattle.

  • Denise Dean says:

    It’s sad she married at 12!!!Had her first set of twins at 14! She wanted to be sterilized but doctors refused when she continued to have multiple births. Sad…

  • tall0362 says:

    The Husband Left……??????????…….. oh no…. I don’t think so…… somebody go find him…. you can’t bring all those children in the world and go your merry way and leave them … WHERE HE AT…. we need to start a campaign to FIND HIM!!!!!!!!!

  • Martha Gary says:

    Hello Miriam, mukama akwagala ate nange nkwagala. Njagala esiimu yo ngoli mu WhatsApp tusobole okunyumya nawe kenyini .