Russian teenager playing football again after struck by lightning

A Russian teenager is again playing football less than three weeks after being struck by lightning.
Not only did he have a lucky escape from serious injury, but he now faces a bright future in the game.
Al Jazeera’s Joanna Gasiorowska reports.

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55 thoughts on “Russian teenager playing football again after struck by lightning

  1. Shaheer Jutt Reply


  2. Mandark Astronomonov Reply

    Real translation : “”It was shockingly powerful… Like, it really Hertz.” I’m glad he is recovering well. Any parent’s nightmare.

  3. Cosmin Contra Reply

    Hopefully he’d also lucky enough to break into first team

  4. day6creation breathing Reply

    your awsome!

  5. Christopher Tote Reply

    Best Wishes! Good to be alive

  6. Mohd Elfie Nieshaem Juferi Reply

    So has he become The Flash?

  7. ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ Reply

    i should not laugh that is horrible and a sad story but i laughed my a off lol

  8. StripeMcr Reply

    a kick he will remember forever

    • musicguy20 Reply

      He doesn’t remember anything

  9. Jay Jay Reply

    This is the real Thor ⚡

  10. Im Everywhere Reply

    Best kick in the world. Hit the ball so hard that lightning struck down

    • Eggis Fantasy Kitchen Reply

      Shaolin Kicker in Wodka Mode

  11. Bless Football Reply


  12. Rain Man Reply

    where is the lightning strike ??? all i see is a flash…with all lightning there is a streak of light from the ground to the sky…we see none of that….I wonder if he stepped on a landmine….or photo-shopped…cause this ain’t real folks, this ain’t real. None of the other players reacted. If this had been a real lightning strike, the other players, in such close proximity, would have certainly reacted….leave it to the russians to fake a footballer being injured by lightning…what a country. Can’t wait till Europe does Clean energy then russia will have no leverage over them with gas shipments….they are on a loosing streak…what next from russia…video showing Putin dancing with the queen of england ?

    • Anders Karing Reply

      The video is cropped so you dont see their full reaction. Its real jackass.

    • October Bost Reply

      On a clear day? I think that was an alien ufo that did it🤔😳😮

  13. Rain Man Reply

    if this were lightning…the whole field would have lit up….

    • Yusuf Khan Reply


    • musicguy20 Reply

      No it wouldn’t

    • Javier P. Reply

      So he just combusted spontaneously then?

  14. Ako Si MjRxR Reply

    He accidentally said “Shazam!” 😎😂😂😂

    • Sandeep Kumar Macharla Reply

      Good one!!

  15. TheDigitalslayer Reply

    He kicked that ball with a Bang!

  16. verisimilitone Reply

    Ball: Вы активировали мою карту-ловушку!

  17. Adam Davies Reply

    whos the kid who scored a goal on the way to help. Good on him

    • morningstar Reply

      talk about thug life.

    • YT 2020 Reply

      He heard no whistle!

  18. SantaDog81 Reply

    What a strike.

  19. 1RaVeN1FTW FTW Reply

    In Mother Russia teen attacks lightning

  20. ZombaHenry garrotKomp Reply


  21. stapleboss Reply

    This type of event is probably what Zeus is based on.

  22. Pashtun Channel Reply

    He’s a rude boi. The next tsar of Russia 🇷🇺

    • Pashtun Channel Reply


  23. The Ancients Ancients Reply

    He had mercy from God! It could have turned much more worse. It looked like a missile attack than a gun attack

    • musicguy20 Reply

      There is no God

  24. Superlative CG Reply

    Quite a shocking experience.

  25. Min Min Reply

    Just normal day in russia.

  26. Rahul Varghese Reply

    Any symptoms of superpowers?

  27. Hassan Smith Reply

    Russian people can’t get a break ( Ever)

  28. Voldemort's Nipple Reply

    Not even Ronaldo’s shots are that powerful

  29. Potato guy Reply

    he could end up being the flash

  30. MadHatterx Reply

    it was a sign from the LORD THY GOD!!!!

  31. progyan das Reply

    Even a guy struck by lightning starts playing again …. but here in India , no football for the whole year probably !

  32. Morphic c Reply

    Tough kid

  33. Zer0nite Reply

    Zeus really didn’t want him to score that goal.

  34. faustianWhitney MamieBolton Reply


  35. dzastoraty77 Reply

    What is that?

  36. Zachary Johnson Reply

    These comments makin me laugh now I feel bad.

  37. Andrew Stark Reply

    Now that’s something to show and tell your grandchildren !


    Talk about timing, WOW that’s crazy!!!

  39. taeNam Reply


  40. Doug19752533 Reply


  41. Vanidy Reply

    My man maxing out magic resistance just to survive this one instance.

  42. lukibanialuki_ Reply

    Kto od Rejenta i Szumowskiego? 😛

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