Australia’s Qantas decommissions last Boeing 747 after 50 years

In Australia, half a century of aviation history has ended at Qantas Airways, with the early retirement of its final Boeing 747. It is the latest airline casualty of the coronavirus pandemic, which has devastated the industry globally, forcing many airlines to decommission part or parts of their fleet, and cut staff.

Qantas had planned to retire its 747s by the end of 2020, but COVID-19 brought its end forward.

Al Jazeera’s Nicola Gage reports from Sydney.

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27 thoughts on “Australia’s Qantas decommissions last Boeing 747 after 50 years

  1. Owr Bright Reply

    That how life is.

    • Drb Gaming Reply

      If there’s one comment that sums up the corona virus , this is it

  2. Soumyadeep Bhattacharjee Reply

    Not only Qantas, the Klm flew their last 747 few months ago, now due to this Covid-19 pandemic the airlines are decommissioning all its 747 fleet.

  3. Mahinda Githaiga Reply

    I will miss both the Boeing 747 and the Airbus 380.

  4. Stone W Reply

    There was a time when Qantas flew exclusively 747s, nothing else….

  5. Kim Jong- Un Reply

    *Long live the Queen of the Skies.*

    • Fudge Race Reply

      Long live Supreme Leader!!!!

  6. Geek X Reply

    Sad day. I’ve flown on this particular 747 many times.

  7. Brent Becroft Reply

    Joyce, it’s not a bitter sweet moment at all. It’s a horrible moment. The sight of this beauty disappearing into the sunset for the last time is a very sad moment.

  8. Cosmin Contra Reply

    Airline, fossil fuel and tourism industries wouldn’t survive in the future pandemic world

  9. ShironamhiN AMi Reply

    Biman Bangladesh 787 😍🇧🇩 1:48

    • Prithvi Raj Reply

      Yea…. 👍

    • Johnston Steiner Reply

      Will crash soon.

    • Prithvi Raj Reply

      @Johnston Steiner what a sadistic person! You want people to die??

  10. Krishna Tirunagari Reply

    Please give it to india we will use it carefully.

  11. Antu 005 Reply

    0:48 excuse me what about i dunno an 225 .

  12. Eklavya Chhetri Reply

    royal Nepal airlines 😍😍 airbus330

  13. Kevin L Reply

    So… why are airlines allowed to just dump these things wherever and whenever they wish?

    • OzziMerica Reply

      because they are companies and can do whatever they want?????

  14. Adi Vemireddy Reply

    “Australia Aviation Crisis” – yeah, Australia is the only country going down with COVID.

    • neville mignot Reply

      Who said that the Virus has only affected Australia?

  15. Johnston Steiner Reply

    If you don’t decommission old planes then how will the 847, 947, 1057 and the 9057 planes be produced?

  16. EpicThe112 Reply

    there is going to be a problem Southern Pacific and Indian Oceans flights they are Sydney to Santiago and Sydney to JNB

  17. big teddy Reply

    Yea coz it’s much more eco friendly and profitable getting rid of a perfectly good aircraft and spending millions on a new one that will not last any longer or carry as many passengers

  18. Jaime Well Reply

    I am a man that likes a commercial airplane commercial airline

  19. Presly Solomon Reply

    I’m gonna miss the queen of the skies 💔

  20. Anthony R Reply

    0:49 it was not to the world’s largest aircraft. Antonov 124 and 225 are both bigger

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