Iraq PM vows he ‘won’t allow threats’ to Iran from Iraqi soil

Iran’s supreme leader says Tehran will not interfere in relations between Iraq and the United States.
He was speaking after meeting Iraq’s Prime Minister Mustafa al-Khadimi in the Iranian capital.
But Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warned the US is an enemy and does not want an independent Iraq.

Al Jazeera’s Alexi O’Brien reports.

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178 thoughts on “Iraq PM vows he ‘won’t allow threats’ to Iran from Iraqi soil

  1. Andrés Schmidt Reply

    Yankees go home!!!

    • N'zoth Reply

      @Thomas Harrison You failed dud

    • Thomas Harrison Reply

      pekh why are you so Mad 😂

    • pekh Reply

      @Thomas Harrison i can’t stand ignorance

    • TheGhostKidney7 Reply

      @Thomas Harrison I wouldn’t be surprised for a country slaving black people and killing native Americans.

    • Leo Willas Reply

      Orbit Mercury Your mad because USA has got its foot on your neck. McDonald’s next big market is in Iran

  2. And Roid Reply

    Iraq got no mouth or power to other anybody out of Iraq

  3. A A.R Reply

    Even though everybody sat apart from each other and different nationalities, within their heart are the light of islam, may be peace for all.

  4. md juel islam Reply

    I am happy after hear the news😍😍😍

  5. Dr Aalim Reply

    👍🤲Iraq+Iran from Pakistan 🇵🇰

    • ميرنا الداغستاني الشركسي Reply

      🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷 thank

    • PAK NBC Reply

      Iranian regimes will come to an end

    • mir ali Reply

      @ Dr Aalim, Syria+Turkey+Iraq+Iran+Pakistan this allies will easily change Asia and Eurasia politics and power. These countries together will surpass any other continent in power technology and economic and commerce. If only they decided to be allies.

    • Pan-Iranism [Iranian Nationalism] Reply


  6. vinm300 Reply

    LOL look at the Ayatollah in face mask and plastic gloves quarantine.
    That old tyrant who has protestors shot by police snipers.
    The dictator who sends in Hezbollah to throw students from windows.
    He looks a pitiful wreck : hard to imagine he’s responsible for so much misery.

    • Hasnat Sakib Reply

      It’s Mr. Bush actually

    • TruthSeeker Reply

      People like you are responsible for so much misery not this great man.

    • Mustafa Al-Ghezi Reply

      @Hasnat Sakib Mr. Bush is no longer president. That’s what happens in countries with democracy that don’t have middle ages style of governance.

  7. Asif Patwegar Reply

    Wel come

  8. All in one WORLD PRO Reply

    Iran iraq are brother from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

    • MyMuslimOpinion Reply

      @Abbas D. Amar wahabi?

    • MyMuslimOpinion Reply

      @All in one WORLD PRO likely because he’s worried for the Al Saudi family.

    • All in one WORLD PRO Reply

      @MyMuslimOpinion saudi Arabia king is a real mad😠

    • MyMuslimOpinion Reply

      @All in one WORLD PRO 🙂

    • All in one WORLD PRO Reply

      @MyMuslimOpinion shiya shunni dosen’t metter first iam Muslim you muslim,

      Muslim Muslim Muslim

  9. Omar Khalil المسلم Reply

    We want Iran’s militias out of our country. Only then will we request from the US to withdraw their troops.

    • Adam Ali Reply

      USA has looted your oil, controlled your Goverment, while Iraq has no independence and has become a rouge, puppet state. Iran is your natural and real ally.

    • Omar Khalil المسلم Reply

      Adam Ali
      Iranian government also looted our oil through their agents in our government. Iran owes Iraq around 1 trillion dollars. But we don’t even want it because we don’t want the Iranian people to suffer. We just want the Iranian government to take their agents and militias out of our country so we can rebuild our country.

    • Adam Ali Reply

      @Omar Khalil المسلم the West has destroyed your Country but you still blame Iran, spineless idiot

    • Adam Ali Reply

      @Omar Khalil المسلم Iran has their own oil they dont need yours. Saddam Hussain was once an ally of the Bush Admin, but once he chnaged agenda against the West, they called him a terrorist and killed him. Dont forget they made Iran and Iraq also go to war, costly for both while the only winners were the Zionists elites. Today the Al Saud and Arab World have sold themselfs too to the West. Gutless warmongers who have lost their integrity.

    • pekh Reply

      guess what? that’s never gonna happen. dont even think about us leaving before the americans. we’ve been here before them and we will be here after them. for someone who has been waged war on by the americans and had countrmen and women and children killed by them for them to then create isis you sure seem to be into americans more than you seem to be into people who fought isis and defeated it while america was acting as their airforce. how ungrateful a person can be? and about political interference thats gonna be like that for a while. its just like the military interference, if its not us its the americans. and it will be us, i promise you.

  10. The Classified Videos Reply

    ★ While Iran upholds & takes the initiative for regional peace & stability. Saudi Arabia, Egypt with their allies wanted to remain & be always contented being “US Vassal State” and serving their interests in maintaining trouble in the Middle East for their advantage & the worst is Saudi Arabia pretending to be a leader when it is not out of inutility.

    Now, while Iran campaign for solidarity & friendship.
    Saudi Arabia & allies who are all vassal states are bent on destroying their fellow Muslim country – Yemen & Qatar while painting Iran being the color of the Saudi Arabia when it is not.

  11. Diaz Virdani Reply

    *I hope that in the future the two countries 🇮🇶🤝🇮🇷 will be more advanced and can contribute to peace in Countries : Palestine🇵🇸, Afghanistan🇦🇫, Syria🇸🇾, Yemen🇾🇪, Libya🇱🇾, Somalia🇸🇴, Azerbaijan🇦🇿, Cyprus*
    *God Bless You All🙏*

    • SoranoAZ _ Reply

      YALQUZAQ Iran has been very neutral lately and both Armenia and Azerbaijan are very precious and good people to us less than 150 years ago we were one to us were the same people and should have each other’s backs love Azerbaijan and Armenia from Iran

    • Patrick Vien Reply

      Btw both Azerbaijan & Armenia was part of Iran before Russia took them away from Iran. Azerbaijanis & Armenians are both from the Indo-European origins just like the Persians but at one point in History the Azeris were conquered by nomadic central Asian invaders who ethnically cleansed them and tukified their language. Azeris origin is Iranic-caucasian before their language got Turkified.

    • Patrick Vien Reply

      Azerbaijan’s biggest arm supplier is Israel

    • Pan-Iranism [Iranian Nationalism] Reply


    • Pan-Iranism [Iranian Nationalism] Reply

      YALQUZAQ that’s not true, 100 Iranians died fighting for Azerbaijan against Armenia

  12. yohan John Reply

    Shia helping Shia

    • Orbit Mercury Reply

      When are you going to stop with your Saudi sectarian garbage?

    • YALQUZAQ Reply

      Azerbaijan is Shia too,but Iran supports Armenia in everything

    • yohan John Reply

      Orbit Mercury when Shia is put in its place ..
      soon Iran will be like Iraq…

  13. Rapchik Khan Reply

    Iran is trying to make Iraq shia land with collab of usa!

    • Ayan Ali Reply

      Iraq is a shia majority country bro

  14. ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ Reply

    iran is already in iraq involved deeply heavly and these words of the iraqi pm is what the american allys wanna hear and what the iranians told them to say iran is already busy in iraq to wipe religous groups out and to clear areas for their shiitic terror groups

    • ahmed mohammed Reply

      N’zoth Iraqi Army fought isis too im not saying iran didn’t isis was defeated when the us army intervene im talking about the iranin milita killing innocent iraqis not about isis killing peaceful protesters

    • N'zoth Reply

      @ahmed mohammed Protesters want economic instability from their government and what you are saying is totally nonsense

    • Mustafa Al-Ghezi Reply

      more like shitlike terror groups

    • Mustafa Al-Ghezi Reply

      @N’zoth lol you do know iraq never payed. The money was stolen by corrupt iranian politians. Tehran can not allow iraq to have a more powerful airforce then them.

    • ahmed mohammed Reply

      N’zoth you’re ignorant mate im saying iranin milita are stealing iraq wealth killing iraqi citizens iraqis political parties are loyal to iran

  15. Maks Maks Reply

    ✌Happy to see Iraq & Iraq work together for the progress of the country & kickoff American troops from Iraq.

    • Mike Prez Reply

      Iraq and Iraq huh. LOL.

    • Abbas D. Amar Reply

      Iraq shouldn’t work with Iran. They are doing the same mistake all over again

  16. Faizan Qureshi Reply

    Superb step from both the country inshallah the day when all Anti-Islam wil see the power of Islam is not far away ; love from 🇮🇳

  17. TheSovietComrade Reply

    10 dislikes are those Mossad and Ziopigs

  18. Muqadar Nawaz Reply

    Wellcome to Muslim World from Pakistan

  19. fafar gol Reply

    The problems in Iraq would not have been half solved ,if Iran had not kicked out ISIS.
    Although US and Europe hate to admit it ,Iran was a main force behind eliminating ISIS.
    Unfortunately during the set period , the US was playing a double role .
    On one hand they were helping the Kurds to fight ISIS ,On the other hand they were helping with supplies to ISIS.

    • ahmed mohammed Reply

      Iran created isis are you serious they did so they can raise more milita in iraq which now they rule the streets

    • Branden Lee Reply

      Iran didn’t kick out ISIS though nor were they the main fighting force. Also, the U.S did not support ISIS do your research.

    • Sphere Reply

      @Branden Lee do tell us who defeated ISIS on the ground?

    • fafar gol Reply

      If it was not because of Iran ,ISIS would have taken Kurdistan.

  20. Robinson Bareh Reply

    Good .GOD bless both countries. Iam from northeast India.

  21. jami sai Reply

    Three days nikha….

  22. Patriotic MEDIA Reply

    Well done Iraq show the world you are not used or once again your country being destroyed

  23. musicguy20 Reply

    Are friends and brothers? Weren’t they killing each other not to long ago?! Stay far away from Iran, they just want to control your country like they want to control Lebanon.

    • Mustafa Al-Ghezi Reply

      Iraqi people protest these iranian puppets in governement. But Iran has used the ISIS crisis to estabilish a strong military presence in Iraq through militia’s. So any large grass root movement against the corrupt governement will be dealth with by Khomini with live ammo and snipers.

  24. Monalisa Dash Reply

    Love you Iran. From India here ❤

    • Nathan Kelly Reply

      Mahdi Karami India is not under control by the USA but they have shifted to wanting to align with us

    • ꧁Райан замановиц꧂ Reply

      isn’t USA, the new daddy of india???

    • Pan-Iranism [Iranian Nationalism] Reply


    • Classic Moviez Reply

      no u better just stick to US and israel
      Iran dont love u

    • SANdeePSP YT Reply

      Oh JNU KI chatra kya hi boley

  25. Oshain Ross Reply

    Maybe Iraq needs more bombs of freedom and democracy?

  26. DREAMS MEDIA2.5 Reply

    REAL HERO IRAN 😍😍😍💪💪💪

  27. DREAMS MEDIA2.5 Reply

    AMERICA IS OVER 😲😲😲😲😎😎

    • OrdinaryGhoul Reply


    • Pan-Iranism [Iranian Nationalism] Reply

      OrdinaryGhoul 🖕🖕🖕

    • Pan-Iranism [Iranian Nationalism] Reply

      OrdinaryGhoul 💩🇺🇸💩

    • OrdinaryGhoul Reply

      Pan-Iranism [Iranian Nationalism]
      Type what you want, you’re on an American made site! You want a cookie or something? You aren’t affecting anyone

  28. Baikal Lake Reply

    Foreign soldiers must chased away from holy soil of Iraq and Iran brother’s countries.

    • Elvin Smith Reply

      Baikal Lake Not gonna happen

    • Baikal Lake Reply

      @Elvin Smith may be your ancestors thought samething about Vietnam , didn’t they?

    • Massimo eng Reply

      @Elvin Smith pathetic poor guy you’re.

    • Samsul Haque Reply

      Brother you said really hundred percent true and right frotioen soldiers immediately out from our Muslim gulf countries

  29. Tony Reply

    Come to think of it , USA is a coward and is incapable to go alone as it always rallies supports from its allies

    • W Lin Reply

      These so-called allies are indeed gangsters. They are either bullied by the US to bully other countries, or do it for their own selfish benefit.
      Yes, the US never has the balls to fight one-on-one with anyone!

    • Massimo eng Reply

      The westerners is going to fail ín the coming future. More and more countries will turn them down and like you”ll said getting bullied by them.

    • FSB Reply

      @Massimo eng do you know what nato is🤦‍♂️

    • Massimo eng Reply

      @FSB so you can go round and bullied others with ur NATO?

  30. Prophet Mohmmed sucks my dick Reply

    Very good.
    May Allah grant him 72 hoors

    • Amjad Jaradat Reply

      Jew spotted

  31. original iphone xs for 1 usd tap my avatar Reply

    0:10 nifty

  32. Khalistan Pakistan Zindaabad Reply

    brothers keepers protecting one another

  33. Orbit Mercury Reply

    Wow the new Iraqi prime minister was speaking in Persian

  34. Amjad Jaradat Reply

    World should focus more on the Israeli threat, Netanyahu is literally dodging icc like a girl skips a rope,,, 300 nuclear warheads that is never mentioned in media, 100 air strikes in Syria un-aired, and Gazans beginning to commit suicide now to poor life conditions. Iran haven’t went to war since 88. Time to see the reality

  35. Justin Sim Reply

    Why is America not charge in the United nation with inciting war in the Middle East? If America can kill a general in Iraq with no consequences well we are not safe anywhere.

    • Branden Lee Reply

      The Iranian General was responsible for arming and supplying Houthis and Hezbollah which routinely attacked U.S forces.

  36. adamsguy270 Reply

    Jew zeera showing it’s real face in reporting

  37. chilledrush Reply

    Go home Yankee no one wants you here

  38. Buy Albino Sulcata Tortoise Reply

    Beautiful words

  39. X ShockWaveAMG Reply

    Yes we did leave remember. And iran stood and gained more influence remember. What has iran built in iraq? The US built power stations, schools, desalinization plants, dams, built most of Iraqs institution from the ground up. When US left iran took over allowing ISIS to infiltrate iraq by controlling iraqs political process, and keeping them weak and corrupt on purpose

  40. X ShockWaveAMG Reply

    Nations always will think of there interests first, why would iran let iraq become more successful than itself. Iraq will always be a weak puppet state of iran. Iran will not allow Iraqis to dictate regional security that’s why it will keep Iraq weak and divided.

    • Jeffer Leith Reply

      @X ShockWaveAMG they never want Iraq to be bigger than Iran. They want to help them cuz they’re allies. The US has done nothing but destroy the country for oil. Literally ISIS came to Iraq cuz of US. And Iran helped defeat it

    • X ShockWaveAMG Reply

      @Jeffer Leith and we rebuilt iraqs oil infrastructure not iran so if it was up to iran your oil infrastructure would be old and barely functioning. You would have to buy from Iran which is what they want. Your not even iraqi probably you obviously dont have iraqs best interest in mind iran puppet.

    • Jeffer Leith Reply

      @X ShockWaveAMG in fact I am an Iraqi, are you an Iraqi?

    • X ShockWaveAMG Reply

      @Jeffer Leith ok what has iran built for iraq? What has it given Iraqis besides guns?

    • Jeffer Leith Reply

      @X ShockWaveAMG electricity and clean water.

  41. ميرنا الداغستاني الشركسي Reply

    i am iraq i love iran we muslim shiaa 🇮🇶 🇮🇷

  42. Platinum Investments Reply

    Reinstate the Iraqi Currency with an international rate!

  43. ميرنا الداغستاني الشركسي Reply

    اللهم صل على محمد وال محمد اللهم احفظ ايران والعراق وكل شيعة الرسول محمد صلى الله عليه واله وسلم 🇮🇷 🇮🇶

  44. Jurgen Pagel Reply

    GO IRAN GO 👍👍👍❤❤❤

  45. Jurgen Pagel Reply

    And everybody is wearing a Mask 👍👍👍

  46. Jurgen Pagel Reply


  47. Jurgen Pagel Reply

    Iran is the ABSOLUTE SUPERPOWER in the Middle East . Period end of Story 👍👍👍❤❤❤

    • Lasha Lasha Reply

      You wish 😂😂😂😂

    • Jurgen Pagel Reply


  48. James dow Reply

    Iran Iraq. Now add China. Exit USA and Israel

  49. EpicEternal Reply

    Empowering Iraqi people to defeat Daesh is called meddling? How do you put that next you invasion by uninvited US military? Outrageous!

  50. Sadegh Balouchi Reply

    How can the Iraqi guy speak Persian like a Tehranian? Is that for real?

    • Mustafa Al-Ghezi Reply

      yep it’s just disgusting. this worethless iranian puppet should resign immediatly

    • Sadegh Balouchi Reply

      @Mustafa Al-Ghezi for someone speaking Persian so fluently, he seems to be aligned with the U.S rather than Iran.

  51. Elvin Smith Reply

    America will never go away we gave Iraq their independence from Saddam Hussein not Iran you think we spend trillions of dollars American lives to hand Iraq to Iran

    • Soonpoh Tay Reply

      Not on her own accord but will be forced out by Iranian and Iraqis…

    • Amir Hm Reply

      You just left😏

  52. Elvin Smith Reply

    Not gonna happen

  53. Elvin Smith Reply

    Just try to kick us out

  54. Hamid Safaipour Reply

    Iran and iraq are inseparable. Leader “said.”we will reciprocate u.s crime for killing of ” sardar Iran Zamin.sulemani “u.s must pay a heavy price for murdering Iranian general and Iraqi commander ” leader vowed “

    • Branden Lee Reply

      Qasem committed the crime of supplying Hezbollah and Houthis to target U.S troops and paid a heavy price.

  55. Joseph Mosesean Reply

    IRAQ is a young country & so far it hasn’t produced a leader who hasn’t had long term policymaker to benefit it’s people, IRANIANS have given too much to save IRAQ , for GOD sake think of your people who were lined up by ISIS , to be shot in the head before dumped in the river, and this new prime minister WANTS to go to Saudi Arabia to give respect to ISIS employers, WOW JUST UNBELIEVABLE, REMEMBER GENERAL QASSEM SULEIMANI, WAS IT FOR NOTHING ?

  56. jhon carry Reply

    Long live U.S.A

  57. jhon carry Reply

    long live israel.

  58. Nettle Boyss Sunvanbeen Reply

    Kick the warmonger out of your country they colonized and killed your people wake up

  59. Syed Shamsuddin Reply

    Masha Allah!

  60. Kevin Wellwrought Reply

    Arab countries can never truly like Iran.

  61. Launch Journey in Bangladesh Reply

    Long live Iran & Iraq

  62. Harry Singh Reply

    Good idea

  63. ishtiaq cheema Reply

    Best wishes for peace for Iraq & Iran
    Live away from foreign propoganda

  64. khondoker Hossain Reply

    Iran Iraq can be like 2 brothers of 1 mother !
    Work together, develop together and enjoy better life !
    Don’t allow any criminal to interfere !

  65. Mahdi Karami Reply

    Saudis and Israel (which is puppet master of USA )are investing multiple time more than Iran’s military budget on media to brainwash all the world specially Arab nations and even Iranians against Iran and I have to confess they were successful

  66. Zubair Khan Reply


  67. alex parsa Reply


  68. bangladesh Reply


  69. Elvin Smith Reply

    Ask your general what happened

  70. Walter Thompson Reply

    America dnt care about them we such of just stick with the Kurds….and made them a independent state

  71. Md Al-Amin bhuiyan Al-Amin Reply

    Wish iraq,iran,Turkey, Pakistan &Bangladesh unite together
    It will be a real threat for all Monster
    Iran,iraq is real Hero
    Iran is so lucky to hv such a great person Ayatollah al Khomeini as their leader
    Much LOVE &respect from Bangladesh

  72. Mehedi Hasan Zain Reply

    IR iran is great

  73. PAK NBC Reply

    Iran is a misbehaving child, you can never trust them they are full of antics

    • H J Reply

      Go and drink your شربت

  74. Ali Kareem Neamah Reply

    We want to be f*cking alone in our country 🇮🇶 …no Iran no USA ….. of course destroy Isreal later and become great again 🙂

    • Shabat Shalom Reply

      Keep dreaming, Ali. Keep dreaming on ‘destroying Israel’ and ‘becoming great again’ what a joke. Iranians already control u & pm speaking farsi

  75. referendum Reply

    Keep that promise and kick out USA

    • Branden Lee Reply

      Why would Iraq kick out the U.S? The U.S supplies, trains and supports the Iraqi Military. They know as soon as the U.S leaves foreign nations will immediately take advantage.

  76. Asghar ddd Reply

    Great work Iranian and Iraqi government n people’s best wishes from india bombai

  77. Juan F Reply


  78. sema navidi Reply

    Iraq needs to kick out the instigator from its soil, the instigator being the U.S.A. What is the U.S. doing 6000 miles away causing trouble in the region, enough is enough, leave the Middle East alone.

  79. M. Aale Reply

    Internationale (MAFIA )-Handelskammer.

  80. Urmila sethy Reply

    First Iraq now Iran and in future its neighbor insallah

  81. M Rahat Kibria Reply

    Iranian sanction is the end for 2 years ago. Welcome home Iran. Welcome free Iran.

  82. John Smithson Reply

    Iraq is for the Iraqi people no Iran or US

  83. Ali Razi Reply

    Wtf the iraqi PM spoke farsi?

  84. aBoughtLemon Reply

    This is the end of Kadhimi and the government. If Iraqi government keeps compromising to Iran, the Iraqis will have revolution.

  85. Mohammed Ali banit Reply

    Iran shall taste blood very soon.

  86. Lord Askia mohanmend Reply

    Make iran sovereignty grate again

  87. 路過的假面怪人 Reply


  88. rabbana najina ajmain wa Ham Reply

    الى الله المشتكى

  89. Farid Irani Reply

    Long live the great Persia

  90. Alejandro Kaplan Reply

    Iran and America must leave iraq

  91. Stella Tan Reply

    Stay united & support each other 👍

  92. Samsul Haque Reply

    Love all Muslim brothers and sisters around the world love you everyone loves from India ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  93. shaw shawee Reply

    There must be no country called Israel 😎 😎 😎

  94. Melani Natasha Reply

    Ya, but what about Iraqi skies?

  95. Kweli Nzito Reply

    America is in Iraq against the wishes of the majority of Iraqis. The gangster republic refuses to listen to the Iraqi people’s wishes. Still spreading democracy? Bullish!t.

  96. Elius Islam Reply

    If you work together then America must be leave from Middle east

  97. Musleem HV Reply

    ISIS was the creation of American Saudi & israeli conspiracy to destabilize Syria, but couldn’t succeed by the intervention of Iran Russia & Turkey, it is high time this forces defeated everytime they invade weak nations

  98. Alamgir Siddiqui Reply


  99. Bosnian Prophet Reply

    Iran is like a 120 year old grandmother with no teeth who keeps moving her mouth but says nothing.

  100. Austin Lee Reply

    Iraqi and Iranian must come together against American. American is a continuation of Britain Imperialism.

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