Lebanon poverty: Agency says 500,000 children are going hungry

2020 8/06
Lebanon poverty: Agency says 500,000 children are going hungry

International aid agencies say a rising number of Lebanese families are losing their income and sinking into poverty.
Save the Children says half a million children are hungry in Beirut only.
It is urging the government to help the vulnerable.
Al Jazeera’s Zeina Khodr reports from Beirut, Lebanon.

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  • Good man says:

    Al jazeera should provide some ngos numbers for help

  • alex gee says:

    So sad.lebanon is/was such a beautiful nice place and culture…evil corruption and wars destroying lebanon.HARAM

  • Stacha Stochmol says:

    Where are Arab billionaires to help ?
    Why should the west be helping?

    • Stacha Stochmol says:

      @Adnan Rahman As for development the lack of development is the result of tribalism and being very religious.
      Both religion and tribalism hold development back.
      Middle east is home to very old civilizations compared to Europe .
      Europe is the youngest with the shortest history, yet Europe managed to subdue religion .
      Bringing religion under control allowed development.
      In Arabs countries you need a religious fatwa for everything.
      You need a fatwa on how to make love to your wife .
      How can you have development with people who dont have any personal freedom to express their idea.
      Arabs are in fear of freedom.
      They fear freedom will destroy religion and tribalism .
      And they are right freedom would destroy both religion and tribalism.
      Arabs reject freedom and then complain we have no development.

    • Adnan Rahman says:

      @Stacha Stochmol The same thing could be said for you lol. To you, it is still about preserving being white and not allowing freedom to others to express their culture(ban on Islamic clothing), you are being a hypocrite if you believe conservatism doesn’t exist in the west.

      Conservatism has nothing to do with being developed or not. The Islamic caliphate is an example of a conservative society being successful.

      West is successful today not because it got rid of fundamentalism but because of years of colonisation( which it is still doing to some extent ). Most inventors were religious and not atheist.

      Most Modern middle east countries didn’t get rid of Tribalism and are undeveloped because of years under war and constant political instability and not because they were always that way. Gulf nations are conservative and are pretty developed so your generalisation of Arab countries being undeveloped because of conservatism is flawed.

    • Stacha Stochmol says:

      @Adnan Rahman Well Arabs were allowed into western countries as uneducated victims of a primitive backward islamic culture without development.
      The west expected them to integrate and give up their primitive tribal and religious culture
      They were very wrong about Arabs who refuse to integrate and who want to ,built primitive Arabia in Europe .
      That’s why the west has had enough of you people .
      The Gulf state UAE were built by the west not by unproductive Arabs .

    • Adnan Rahman says:

      @Stacha Stochmol Not true! Arabs weren’t the only one allowed tho, most Mus_lims there are neither Arabs nor refu_gees. Most move there (Tu_rks and Indi_an Mus_lims) because you needed them, you were too broken after your foolish wa_rs, you lost half of your labour force. They didn’t ask you to rob their country, they didn’t ask you to make them poor. You forced them to seek work outside of their countries so they did and now you face the consequences of it. Gulf states are built because they had something which others didn’t, similar to how you had modern weapons during the colonial times while others didn’t. The strong take advantages of the other while the weak perish that’s how you always saw the world, why not us. The rapid increase of Scientific growth is not built by the west in Saudi Arabia and Iran, we built it ourself. Always remember when you were kill_ing yourself like barb_arians during your own dark age while we were inventing Algebra we saw you as pri_mitive and bac_kward too.

    • Bob Kay says:

      Stacha Stochmol Very very smart

  • Mohammad Haider says:

    You conspiracies people are so concerned about Lennon why you people can’t see suffering of Palestine , Syria, Vietnam and Kashmir why you always look for trouble and helping your evil masters!!

    • fireboy1996 says:

      mohammed keep ur legs closed over there! go watch some paw patrol ur intelligence doesnt allow u to watch or understand anything more difficult than that son!

    • Amit Kenan says:

      So why don ‘t you help them? Shout “Allah Akbar” and detonate a suicide bomb against the wicked masters you spoke of


      Mohammad Haider why don’t you go to Saudi Arabia’s for help I’m sure they could give you at least 20bn

    • Mohammad Haider says:

      @Amit Kenan you talk about suicidal attack, which was the creation of you people !

  • Senoadji Aditya says:

    Should Qatar and another rich Gulf countries like Uni Arab Emirates, Kuwait or Bahrain helping their Lebanese brothers, instead of fully dependent on International organization, like WFP?

    • gogo gogo says:


  • Mohammad Haider says:

    Why aren’t you people helping them

    • Bob Kay says:

      שלום עמר הם יותר מידי טיפשים כדי להבין את זה. אתה לא יודע ?????

    • Bob Kay says:

      שלום עמר הם טוענים אחרת. הם שקרנים

    • Bob Kay says:

      Mohammad Haider What are Hijazis are doing in Palestine????? They belong in Hijaz

    • Bob Kay says:

      שלום עמר הם לא מבינים מה שאתה אומר

    • Bob Kay says:

      Mohammad Haider You must be joking 🙃. Hahahaha

  • Mohammad Haider says:

    Due to pandemic, People got jobless in every part of world not only in Lebanon

    • ألف ومية says:

      35% of people are unemployed. No its not the same.

    • Mi Movil says:

      Lebanon has imploded. It is not just that their job market is not doing well due to covid. Their currency is worthless, electricity cuts are the new normal, etc. Covid has amplified Lebanon’s problems. But this instability is not new. Already as of last year, the country was in pretty bad shape. The current situation stems from years of corruption in the political sphere and very serious financial mismanagement.

    • Fastest Corsair says:

      No brother it’s not COVID it’s the stupid levels of corruption that has sucked the country dry. The Lebanese pound has lost some 80 percent of its value over past few months.

    • Hades says:

      This problem started 8 months before the pandemic

  • Ambrose Francis says:

    Lebanon should spend money on their people rather Hezbollah and other terror organizations.

    • ألف ومية says:

      Hezbollah gets their money from Iran not Lebanon. Dmbass.

    • Ambrose Francis says:

      @ألف ومية They get from Lebanon as well.

    • Hades says:

      Ambrose Francis yes I live in Lebanon and I agree. The politicians steal tax money from ppl and send it to Iran and give it to hezbollah. This is a big problem and a blessing in the same time. Blessing because Lebanon is safe and a burden because there is no food for the poor.

    • Bob Kay says:

      No way. They don’t want to.

    • Bob Kay says:

      Hades Secure and hungry 😋

  • sinan1913 says:

    Compliments of the Iranian and Syrian regime . Where ever the Iranian regime occupied it left chaos . Iraq ,Lebanon , Yemen , Syria and Bahrain .

    • Bob Kay says:

      They establish nations. If the world 🌎 followed their model we’d have peace ✌️ all over

    • Bob Kay says:

      Amit Kenan I was joking 🙃,,, you silly guy. Hahahaha

    • PraktiskPsykologi says:

      @Sonia Hemmati The reason Iran is facing an economic crisis is because of the sanctions imposed by the US and fellow western nations. So your point is invalid the regime that is significantly responsible for the suffering of the Iranian people is the USA. A nation that has almost been in war since its existence.

    • H MF says:

      Ok there they’re being punished bc Hezbollah stopped Israel from stealing south Lebanon just like they did Palestine.

    • Sonia Hemmati says:

      @H MF Exactly

  • Dopamine Chemical Effect says:

    “Hunger” has killed millions off people in this planet Earth 🌏🔥… Even in the past as well present.🤔🌯🌮🥙🍝🍜🥣🍛

  • Matt Grunner says:

    Hezbollah is seen as a terrorist by most of the world , irrespective of how lebeneese see the differently, now I dont know.. But generally people don’t want to spend money for a government comprising of “terrorists” but ordinary people suffer anyways… So maybe keep hizbollah in downlow is a good idea

    • Hades says:

      Amit Kenan did you know that all of England was part of the Roman Empire! Dosent England belong to Italy then?

    • Hades says:

      Amit Kenan + countless treaties have been signed banning the right for the terrorist state of isreal and the Zionist regime to settle in Palestine 🇵🇸.

    • Amit Kenan says:

      @Hades England is made up of many cultures, so it belongs to more than one ethnic group

    • Mohammad Haider says:

      @Amit Kenan can you tell us which ancestors and in which era ?

    • Hades says:

      Amit Kenan 😂😂😂😂😂😂 your so dumb go read a book

  • Bob Kay says:

    Simple. Hizbollah is the main 🖐 problem

    • ibo beko says:

      @Bob Kay If they dissolve the government , the system will crash immediately. They will end up like Zimbabwe in one day. You can change the system overnight.

    • Bob Kay says:

      ibo beko It crashed already. The politicians are sucking her dry

    • ibo beko says:

      ​@Bob Kay

      80% Devaluation is still nothing that is a tiny crash, the real problem is the hyperinflation incoming that is a crash. If Lebanon has Zimbabwes Hyperinflation that is a crash, that is a problem. If food is getting so expensive that you have to carry a bag of money to buy one leaf of bread that is a crash.

    • Bob Kay says:

      ibo beko Nobody will have the bags 💼 of money 💰 that you are talking about,,,,,,people are starving now,,,,, inflation won’t be a factor. People will riot in the streets

    • ibo beko says:

      ​@Bob Kay When they cant stop the Devaluation, their money will become worthless. Hyperinflation will be no factor ? 80% of the foods must be imported. You know nothing, Lebanon has inflation of 50% for 30 days already and you say inflation won´t be factor. Come on dont waste my time, you know nothing.

  • avrajit tech hd says:

    lebanon should go for dollar backed currency board . it should help itself

    • Bob Kay says:

      It can’t

    • Hades says:

      avrajit tech hd Ayreh bi habalak 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Lbzg leux says:

    Spend money on education and medical facilities instead of ISI and terrorisum….all middle east countries govt and there leaders rspnsbl behind….today the youth are starving, exploiting,brain wash and facing lots of crises …..also Lack of MODERNISATION……..

    • Mr K says:

      I.S Are funded by Isreal

  • Robert Brown says:

    They’ve only got enough money for ammunition.

    • Hades says:

      Robert Brown guns cost nothin in Lebanon. After the civil war most of the weapons remained to be sold. You can buy am rpg for around 700$ and a cheap klash for like 50.

    • Nandakishore D says:

      @Hades it’s 3000 to 4000 dollars in black market for one kalashnikov

    • Nandakishore D says:

      In liban

    • jk co says:

      @Ice Queen What kind of idiotic comment is this? I’m sure she bought a lipstick last year before their currency lost 80% of its value in the winter and chose to wear make up when they asked if she’d agree to speak on camera. This is the capacity of your empathy?? A jar of jam costs $50 and they can barely feed their kids. “Ice Queen”… the name suits you VERY well.
      Are you in the U.S.? Because this is coming to your doorstep too. You would be wise to change your nasty attitude.

    • Salman Raza says:

      They have a terrorist organisation like Hezbollah in govt ….what do u expect

  • puneet singla says:

    They need to focus on farming.

    • Bob Kay says:

      They need to focus on being human again

  • Wayne Wallace says:

    Isn’t Mia Khalifa from this place?

    • Hades says:

      Wayne Wallace yes but unfortunately most women don’t look like her

  • elwoodzmake says:

    “In this middle class neighbourhood” Ok, you got me already, looks horrible.

  • Nectanebo says:


  • Play now says:

    So many corrupt and not working politicians. This is one reason.

  • okacet says:

    Blame it on Israel. The problem solved.

    • Bob Kay says:

      Of course,,,,,, Israel 🇮🇱 is to blame for the weather

    • sneksnekitsasnek says:

      Always rain when Israel is neighbor

  • Yander Tomas says:

    They should thank Iran for their poverty

    • Bob Kay says:

      Yander Tomas They never say thank you 🙏 for anything

  • Delon Thomas says:

    The world going down

  • Linda Steckel says:

    A society is judged by the way they treat the weakest members of their society.
    Who are weaker and more vulnerable then children?
    G-d bless the children and protect them.

  • Ryan Nil says:

    But Hezbollah still getting funds

    • Amit Kenan says:

      Not actually, because Iran is pretty impoverished right now because of the sanctions

    • DD217 says:

      @Amit Kenan GOOD!

    • Bob Kay says:

      Yes from drug sales. And illegal trafficking

  • My Booker BND says:

    I send food to my family in lebanon everyday only by zomato app, al makhazer app, ,toters app😓 since i was in overseas now..

    • Hades says:

      My Booker BND ayreh b habalak zomato bi ayreh kes em il burger 7a2a 3eshreen 2alf. W 7esh tithablan , al shou 500,000 walad jo3an 🤣🤣🤣 kes em rab il jazera wlek lebnen bi kibra 4 million wa7ad. Ayreh bl keseb ma fee wala lebneneh jo3an.

  • S Hussein says:

    Lol!! Couldn’t happen to a nicer people!

    • Bob Kay says:

      Well we have second thought and opinions

  • Riezkamasduqihasan Hasan says:

    Hariri is milyarder

  • Jackie Lake says:

    They would not be going hungry if you were not spending all you money trying to hurt Israel. Hezbollah is the problem. The USA and Israel would love to help the people. But you have chosen Hezbollah as your master. Choose Jesus and make your stand against that evil Hezbollah

    • Claudia Maigret says:

      I don’t think Americans would agree with you. We have unemployment, homelessness, ignored veterans, lack of affordable housing, social unrest and one in four of our children go hungry. Charity begins at home and these days, it should stay there.

  • Keith Andreis says:

    G’day from Australia from a Lebanese born Australian. Aljazeera, stop lying, those are the slums of Lebanon, not middle class and no way are there 500,000 Lebanese children hungry. Out of 4 million Lebanese your saying every Lebanese child is hungry, the other 2 million are not Lebanese, they’re Syrians and Palestinians. So can you please report the truth for once.

  • Amit Kenan says:

    Lebanon is lost.
    The citizens need to flee to Canada

    • Hades says:

      Amit Kenan 😂😂😂😂 do you do drugs? Or your just dumb by nature?

  • ליאל סודרברג says:

    But Hezbollah still have enough money to fight Iran’s proxy war in Syria and to provoke Israel.

    • Bob Kay says:

      ליאל סודרברג בטח

  • Himanshu Bhatt says:

    Islam causes suffering everywhere it goes
    Prove me wrong

  • Canadian Portfolio says:

    These corrupt politicians embarrassed are people😪😪

  • 김태진 says:


    • Kirin Sama says:

      Indeed, Allahu Akabar wa li allah el hamd!

    • Lina Morgana says:


  • שלום עמר says:

    Lebanon needs peace with Israel . The country where the economic is stronger then any other country in that area. The folks of Lebanon have to fight against Hezbollah.

    • Hades says:

      You want them to have peace with Israel and they can’t even have peace with themselves? The people of Lebanon all hate each other I lived there for a year and for gods sake there were like 5 different political parties of Lebanese people who didn’t mind killing each other 😂😂. Lebanon is a lost state.

    • Lina Morgana says:

      @Hades what are the 5 political parties ???? I thought the Maronites were the right wing ??

    • Hades says:

      @Lina Morganathere are 5 main. but there are more. the main parties are Hezbollah, hezb el kata2b, 7esb il kowat, 7arakat amal and al tayar al wataneh al 7or. each of them own parts in lebanon all under their influence. all of them have near to equal power therefore all of them exist.

  • musicguy20 says:

    Lebanon deserves freedom from their govt and freedom from Hezbollah! Then the world can help them get on the right track!

  • dor azati says:

    The best thing for lebanon is to get rid of hezbollah, cut all ties with iran and then become close to all the rich arab countrys. the saudi arabia, UAE, bahrain alliance can help lebanon.

    • Bob Kay says:

      dor azati You’re dreaming,,,,, we all. Know that but it will never happen

    • dor azati says:

      @Bob Kay Then dont, lebanon needs it no other countrys.

  • G. Greco says:

    Lebanese people look very souther Italian, even in the gestures LOL

    • Furkan Tas says:

      Yes south italia mostly greek genes and greeks look like arab

  • Murk Deman says:

    Hey Al Jazeera why are you trying to make us in the west feel bad for Lebanon. Why dont you go to your bosses in Qatar and make them pay for there fellow muslim? You do nothing but try and make the west seem evil yet your bosses in Qatar are rolling in money.

  • jami sai says:

    They hang guns, eat bullets support Hezbollah terrisum . Leaders waste fellows..Iran support Hejbulla…they don’t think children, development and peace


    Ik you don’t take this well out here but please just get stronger ties with Israel and then they can help you with your economy and once you’ve proved your worth you can get up to 5 billion dollars a year funding from the USA

  • bart versteege says:

    did hisbollah stole the money ?

  • Antonio DG26 says:

    Where’s their faith in religion now that it is most needed…..

  • Gaming CH says:

    It’s because of American sanctions

    • Ramsey Bolton says:

      Lebanon is not sanctioned, Syrian regime is…

  • George Fell says:

    3 days later I’m about to blow it up

    dont get mad its only a joke

  • Saniya Gupta says:

    Watching this video after the massive explosion breaks my heart

    • Claire Richards says:

      Yes, I’m wondering how those people in the video are doing now. 🙁

  • doug klein says:

    Say thank you to Iran Syria Hezbollah who have caused this disaster. Let’s not forget Putin and Russia.. follow the money!

  • Asif Jamal says:

    This is more dangerous than the massive explosion

    • alex ojideagu says:

      Well the explosion has basically wiped out Lebanon’s entire grain supply, and the port that delivers 90% of all its food.

  • DZ Malekvali says:

    So, I see another Syria style build up if it slips out of control… corruption in goverment needs to STOP.

  • Taseen says:

    Wonder if these people are still alive 😭

  • Z B says:

    Iran’s extreme government is to blame

  • Raphael De Roza says:

    Guess it’s gona be quite abit harder now with only a months supply of grain left

  • Be Happy says:

    …and a few days later! booom

  • Claire Richards says:

    I can only imagine how the explosion yesterday has made this situation worse.

  • alex ojideagu says:

    Could this get any worse?

    August 4th “You ain’t seen nothing yet”