Lebanon judge arrests more over Beirut blast

2020 8/23
Lebanon judge arrests more over Beirut blast

A judge in Lebanon has ordered several arrests over the devastating explosion in Beirut on August 4.
The blast killed more than 200 people and left parts of the city in ruins.
In total, 25 people are facing charges.
But, many are calling for more accountability.
Al Jazeera’s Zeina Khodr reports.

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コメント一覧 (130件)

  • A AL Fahim says:

    is that lebanese coffin dance

  • HEARTLESS Wealthy MF says:

    Nice uniforms

  • NightCrawller says:

    Why are they doing this to the coffin?

  • ryan jace says:

    they should really rule out the involvement of….issreal

  • Bolek ZN says:

    To get rid of Hezbollah would be good start.

    • SuperJanissary says:

      @Christian Khoury lol did they stop it in Iraq? In Libya? In Syria? Loll common bro

    • Tyrano Zaur says:

      @Bob Kay Hasbara you are boasting of the explosion and expecting silent obedience from those you caused it to? Is it you theory of games? You destroy and remain unpunished and then you have a privilege to destroy and enslave anybody you want? Is it in your satanic book about theory of games?

    • saeid saeidi says:

      @Renald Rivera you don’t know anything or you are the puppet of you brain washer

    • Salah Na says:

      saeid saeidi And you are only trash making himself pseudo political expert

    • Sanyukta Chauhan says:

      Add wahabis from Saudi too. They also interfered in politics of 🇱🇧. I feel bad for maronites sandwiched between the two. The real victims of the blast.

  • Tito B. Yotoko Jr. says:

    They are arresting the wrong people.

  • prathification says:

    My heart goes out to the people of Lebanon

  • julia robert says:

    Aljazeera spread terror in Lebanon and now try to defend about it!!!

  • IGH says:

    Just a Bedouin charade as usual. The snow ball keeps rolling fast downhill nevertheless.


    0:14 Are they playing ?? (With a dead body inside) ??

    • Carpe Diem says:

      It looks disrespectful.

    • Jen Krash says:

      Like the cuffin dancers in the memes?

    • Dick Richads says:

      no it’s a cultural thing, a sort of celebration for the person’s life. From what I’ve seen, it’s mostly done in the funerals of young people.


      @Carpe Diem Yes & unexpected…


      @Jen Krash BMA
      Yes but those cuffin dancers, there’s no dead body inside.

  • gery port says:

    *Humanity condemns it likewise Palestinians do.*

  • Maria Smith says:

    It’s so interesting that ignorant mouthbreathers in this comment section would assume that people would purposely disrespect their OWN DEAD RELATIVES whilst MOURNING them smh some of you guys need to get a life!

    Shaking the coffin looks strange to US because we’re not Lebanese. I’m sure there must be some plausible explanation for it other than them being “disrespectful” to their own sons and daughters🙄

  • John Huffington says:

    I hope the Lebanese people grow a spine and storm the government building and put all the people on trial who caused this.

  • John Huffington says:

    I’m calling it now. Lebanon will some how blame russia for being forced to dock here and say it was Putin’s mind co troll who did a fire and america helps Lebanon.

    • Christian Khoury says:

      John Huffington no I’m Lebanese and I love Putin, he’s a real man

  • Ruben Hayk says:

    worst thing is it could be prevented

  • said hossain says:

    There is nothing more disgusting than selling your own country.

  • md abdool says:

    0:12 what ?

  • Milo says:

    the judge will let them go after a few months.

  • Micha Mason says:

    Democratically appointed mafia politicians.

  • Top Cat says:

    Shows human sabotage may be involved.

  • jane dais says:

    Sabotage, look at your enemy’s.

    • Bob Kay says:

      Hizbollah is Lebanese enemies

    • Tyrano Zaur says:

      @Bob Kay Hasbara, now you go for Belarus?

  • I3ORG HARVEY says:

    Meanwhile RT is doing its propganda run.

  • gulmina khan says:

    Why are they insulting the coffin and dead body

    • Marc Voghouie says:

      They became crazy

  • Akeel Ahmed says:

    It’s shameful how we treat our dead people it’s insulting to dead peoples we should respect the dead but the way is happen it’s sad moment

  • Johnston Steiner says:

    Betcha whoever thought it was a good idea to have explody stuff near a city for years is regretting it now 😛

  • Muhammad Muzammal says:

    Why you didnt tell the reality?

  • Hamidi Maqtal says:

    Why shake the body of dead people like a party?

    • Dick Richads says:

      I believe it’s to celebrate the person’s life

  • Elizabeth Armada says:

    Kapabayaan ang dahilan,, kulang sa action ang Lebanese government

  • 02Nawal says:

    Shame on the government. They all should be executed along with their families

  • BET Building Mechanical Svcs says:

    French and FBI, investigate !????? Such a joke

  • AtlasHonda Pakistan says:

    Extremely sad for 🇱🇧 lebanon

  • crooks world says:

    Instead of listening to Macron and other Zionists and blaming it just on corruption, corrupting people’s mind by distracting them from the main culprit you can not deceive those who know!

  • Meri See says:

    Where and whose??? Ammonium nitrate confiscated from a Russian ship.

    • Carpe Diem says:

      STOLEN from a foreign ship.

  • SaJEd HusYn says:

    It should be handled to Hezbollah
    Only solution

  • Kevin Sills says:

    Refusing an International investigation, then all countries who are providing aide to Lebanon should refuse to provide aide until an International investigation is agreed upon; time to clean out the deadwood and corruption for good!!!

  • Philby Dolan says:

    Typical lebos sorry but true

  • Sukan says:

    Thank you CIa/ mossad.

  • gRosh08 says:

    Time for a late spring cleaning…

  • gRosh08 says:

    THE Beirut blast is a classic example of what is to follow when citizens do NOTHING and allow Govt. to RUN A MUCK! I hope You are taking notes!

  • Renald Rivera says:

    Did you see the tunnels of the hezbollah inside blasted crater?lebanon should arrest the true culprit of the blast the head of Hezbollah?not the wrong people as scape goats?

  • Amos Airen says:

    Lebanon should immediately make peace agreement with ISRAEL without looking to any conditions. Or else, Lebanon will not longer exist as a country and totally wipe out from the land of the living.

  • gandalf isildur says:

    Respect lebanon from turkey 🇱🇧 🇹🇷

  • Zarya X. says:

    Why they’re shaking bodys?!?

  • UNITED MONEY says:

    Arrest little powerless man and make em pay for their head lord

  • N** says:

    Because just to save 1.5 million they destroyed the whole city worth damaging 3.8 billion dollars

  • Auttie B says:

    Governments too busy stealing to do their job

  • Chan Cheuk Hei says:

    Coffin dance

  • Mœ Błåck-Łivəs-Mattər says:

    The French and Americans r trying to cover for Israel missile strike

    • Bob Kay says:

      It’s good because the explosive 🧨 cannot be used against Israel 🇮🇱

  • Matt Jones says:

    100% some lower level employees will swing for this. Not the top end of government

  • raedwulf61 says:

    Headline, 4 August 2035: Lebanese government announces findings about the blast, “no one is responsible.”

    • Damassesthinklikeasses says:

      lol. we investigate ourselves and we found nothing wrong. The mantra of the inept and corrupt ruling class and their institutions all over the world.

  • Sara Gubareva says:

    What’s this shaking the dead about ?

  • Jay Park says:

    For people who are wondering why they are disrespecting the coffin by dancing with it, basically the idea is to give the deceased with a flamboyant and upbeat send-off instead of a solemn ceremony. Its very popular in North and west Africa also. It literally called the coffin dance. They don’t mean any harm or disrespect

  • Jaguar way says:

    If you can get rid of Hizbola do it , if not don’t exhaust yourself .

  • Liam John says:

    I wonder if it ever happened in the past that the coffin felt to the ground and the body inside was thrown out?

  • Blair Greive says:

    The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing , how true this quote is ,I hope the people of Lebanon go all the way and purge the corruption and gangsters and murderers

  • Nazli Malik says:

    Why are they shaking the coffin?

    • Marc Voghouie says:

      Lost there mind

  • Nazli Malik says:

    Very tragic. May allah help them.

  • Anthony Y says:


  • Ayesha Qureshi says:

    Why the coffin shake is it cultural thing or religious?!

    • Where Is Rosie says:

      Not religious

    • R E C says:

      Imagine the body inside bouncing around!

    • Gyaboyg G says:

      In lebanon they mostly shake coffins like that if the person that died is young

  • Red Butterfly says:

    Corruption all over the world is happening and i hope and pray they all locked up

    • Salah Na says:

      The corrupt are investigating…

  • The Key Maker says:

    Why would they shake the bodies like that.
    It’s crazy

  • abu cou says:

    European installed mafia men running countries via so called democracy 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Where Is Rosie says:

    India’s recently moved theirs to a little tiny village of poor people. Trust Indian government to always do the right thing. I think its the norm to have stock piles like this

    • Salah Na says:

      It should be moved to empty countryside like they do in Europe…


    Ya ALLAH.

  • Freedom Fighter says:

    Corruption for decades!

  • Vali Stupu says:


  • Luke Gibbs says:

    I se it like people think there’s no need to work because it just seams like only needy people need the money. But does that mean that these people expect rich people todo all the meat harvesting and food harvest and produce of manufacturing with out being abel to train other people to help out whilst they take time for them self? Or do they expect rich people to miss out on big opportunities to expand profits just because some people seam “needy” it’s like what about kids who got robbed and never had there parents to help them into having a good life, because if you say it’s “just too bad for them they can miss out” I’m pretty sure it’s not impossible any rich person who doesn’t approve of us helping make life better for other nice humans who need help could be as demolished as the harbour that just exploded in Beruit! That is a threat from people who don’t want life conditions to improve and it’s a threat back at who doesn’t want life conditions to improve! Basically the thing about all these displayed covid deaths are is there mostly elderly people and as far as I know all elderly people die anyway, though I do want to see people be healthy it’s not as simple as a vaccine, it requires muscular strength that we get from exersice and healthy food and working! Though it would be good to keep people with a contagious thing like covid contained and healed also all humans are a little contagious in a way I’d assume just bye the fact were all humans breathing the same air and often its the fittest is who more functional and survives so if you want to have a go at being a functional human you have to keep your self clean healthy and having strong muscles witch requires also good hygiene and things like spices and herbs and medicine that actually help stop the spread of harmful bacteria! One wrong thing I think about so much lifestyle enhancing professions being closed is that there’s products that aren’t really available like sports equipment, people are being more inactive from no stimulating activity’s like sport and also for example I went for a walk and I saw dog fecies outside a japanese restaurant and I reported it to the police, and if I never went anywhere the problem wouldn’t have been noticed just like how when we put people into work we can discover when people have problems that need fixing the very daily challenge of university education and work is a test of people’s abilities and coherent functionality and is a valuable tool for creating a person’s abilitys! I would like to work a busy rutieen of 30-60 hours of work a week followed bye some tafe and university education! Also Australia is intensely multicultural and allowing international tourism is a way to let people in Australia experience more of there culture and heritage and it’s a way international people can help work to enhance Australia whilst experiencing one on the freshest and most seamingly safe and beautiful places in existence that Australia is! But this takes work and that means trained and professional active working age people, we can’t all just have people who are rich and retiring decide what’s rite for a world they aren’t abel to work in!

  • observer says:

    The major explosion that produced a mushroom cloud was a nuke (caused most of the devestation and death) and not ammonium nitrate. Everyone is trying to push the ammonium nitrate to camouflage the truth which was a tactical nuke. there is plenty of scientific evidnece to show that ammonium nitrate must be mixed with an accelerant fuel and detonated. If the ammonium nitrate was there for years what changed to cause the explosion. I agree the government is corrupt and negligent but you must get to the truth and not use emotions.

    • david stewart says:

      conspiracy much ?, truth is often simple. Company that shipped it their on route had gone into liquidation so it was taken off cargo ship and stored but bureaucracy and poor leadership allowed this to happen, having the fireworks catch fire in same building was the detonator , it took several miniutes of that before it reached critical mass to set off the 2.7 tonnes. The amonium nitrate is used to make race car fuel and IRA used it with c4 as detonator, so not that hard to understand. It was no nuke .

    • observer says:

      @david stewart so quick to support this notion of ammonium nitrate. Ammonium nitrate does not blow a twenty metre deep crater into the rock. It blows upwards. This was a missile, witnesses saw two planes and the internet has been cleaned out of any other possibility. Everyone wants to push the ammonium nitrate version before the investigation has started. Trump even said that it was an attack according to his generals. The only reason this is pushed is because there Is only one suspect.

  • Sebastie Cortes says:

    Mark my words, no governor nor high ranking official will be convicted even though they knew. The perfect crime

  • Wàka Waata says:

    Clean out the corrupt, and have honest transperant leaders only.
    With laws to make them accountable if they do wrong.

  • The Ghost brrr says:

    And the Arabs wanted to blame Israeli people smh and I’m not Muslim nor Jewish.

  • Amal B Khan says:

    Why they are shaking the coffin

  • f sr says:

    All those STUPID and CRIMINAL (PIGS) POLICEMEN ATTACKING THE PERSON WHO gave warnings should be sent to GALLOWS along with the murderer politicians.

  • Jose Flores says:

    the goverment is so guilty, they new all these chemicals where stored

    • Salah Na says:

      Within city limits think about that, it devastated all the Christian quarters of Beirut

  • Kam Fung says:

    If the Democrats win this election, we are not far behind the fate of Lebanon. Corruption is bigger than the government. It’s easy to find a scapegoat for one’s faults, but it’s not easy to manage one’s anger once innocent lives are wasted.

  • Ahmed Omar Abdallah Abdallah says:

    Prayers 🙌

  • Dianna R. says:

    I am so sorry for everyone’s loss. It isn’t right what happened and those in authority KNEW that this disaster was going to happen. It wasn’t a matter of IF, but WHEN. May GOD MIGHTILY Bless all of you. You’ve been through so much and I know your hearts are breaking…sending prayers your way and much love!

  • saeid saeidi says:

    Lebanon its still Lebanon because of Hezbollah get a life and don’t talk of things uou have no knowledge

  • Where Is Rosie says:


  • Stephanie Bentham says:

    Israel buy them peoples to do that and take advantage from them countries

  • theraconteur1 says:

    LOOOOOOOOL. All because a group of backward humans still believe in some interpretation of Canaanite myths and legends. How pathetic.

  • Alexander Dyon Ashton says:

    That poor journalist! Screaming about it for years, make that man President!

  • Luke Gibbs says:

    I know i got robbed at the start of stage 4 restrictions.

    Im assuming someone wanted to try prove that there’s no use my appartment having improved security just to throw an insult at me. 

    I know I got robbed because I know I bought a whole shelf for my bathroom that got stolen.

    Also I’m pretty sure people do something like take some money from people’s account and then they hack your recent spending and just disguise the stolen money bye adding small additions to your recent spending. 

    It’s also likely a hack at me because I had a escort girl visit and I was sure to watch her shower on her way out because I never want any person unsupervised in my appartment ever.

    They also have stolen probably a thousand dollars worth of cleaning products AND GROCERYS from my appartment in somewhere like the last few years, I’m assuming it’s some kind of CIA special forces person just trying to make a few extra pennys without causing a fuss, like how they stole my own daughter AND DIDINT LOOK AFTER HER PROPERLY ALSO! 

    Also usually when this happens I get put in a coma and starved so when I wake up I’m spending extra money on food and nutritional supplys for repairing my brain and body.

    That is a few reasons why I hate Covid because also I usually ern $1000 a week after tax and my income was cut down to $600 a week after tax and I wouldn’t have complained but I know every MONTH people have attacked me. Also it’s bad in a way because if everyone is stuck in there house I feel like that actually supply’s less personal security to eveyone who may have been injured and has no person even notice! where if people go to work they can ern more money and also have people notice if something bad happens because of absence from work.


    judges who don’t care i wonders how justice can be enforced

  • Ayhem Shaban says:

    0:10 this should be the arab version of the coffin meme…

  • qaher al majoos says:

    الديانة الشيعية المجوسية الأمامية الصفوية الحاقدة على أمة العرب ا باحوا الزناء والشذوذ المعمميين و العلماء الشيعيين في عقيدتهم هو تكثير الفسق الفساد و الكفر ليخرج مهديهم المنتظر. المجوسي الفارسي يتزوج بنته وأمه عادي الدين الشيعي دين مبتدع من صنع البشر أوجده ابن سبأ و طوره الفرس المجوس

  • leira says:

    One is left wondering about the “fireworks” that Hezbollah was storing there. It is rumored that these fireworks were sent from Iran. Iran is known to export fireworks to various conflict areas.

  • patch860 says:

    Money makes the world go around or world go boom?

  • Med dy says:


  • Old Soul says:

    لا يا رياض ، ما شافوا مليون ونصف دولار بالمتفجرات
    شافوا مادة تستعمل واستعملوها للاغتيال والانفجارات
    ليش تخبي الحقيقة ، ما عاد عندك ضمير الان او خايف من حدا

  • Old Soul says:

    سوف يعتقلون الصغار لكي يغطوا على الكبار

  • Marko Constantinescu says:

    Police sealed the area? Hmm. Nice. The fire workers will be the guilty ones now. Police is allways against law, human rights, and works only for governments.

  • Quetzel Coatl says:

    God Bless My Lebanon Firefighters!

  • Twoleggedkumulava says:

    The politicians did this on purpose to cover their trail of massive corruption and theft of billions of dollars stolen from the people.

  • Track Days. says:

    Big dogs putting on a show for the people. Some small poor guy taking the fall for the big dogs. This country needs a revolution. At this point the people should just take over.

  • Kim B says:

    Why no word from the Gohnosssn?

  • Nicola Pegg says:

    So sad x

  • Moumen Elyamani says:

    Mafia’s power
    Corruption is stronger than Law
    Clans bigger than the state

  • Sabine Müller says:


  • Linenza says:

    Are these real coffins?