Iran may ban ‘luxury product’ imports

2020 9/11
Iran may ban ‘luxury product’ imports

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has said that the government should act to stop the imports of unnecessary luxury products.
But as Iranians suffer from US sanctions, the government is looking for ways to cut costs.

Al Jazeera’s Assed Baig reports from Tehran, Iran, on the outlook for these “luxury product” imports.

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  • vinm300 says:

    He he he, imagine being governed by an old fakir like that.
    How incredible in the C21st for a religious fanatic to be governing a country.
    The Ayatollah knows nothing : he can recite the Koran, but his education ends there.
    Khomeini executed 7000 Iranian opposition in his first year.
    The Ayatollahs are blood-thirsty, cruel and very ignorant.
    Khomeini invented the fork-lift truck method – to hang 6 opposition supporters at a time,
    off a pallet.

    • Aryan nation says:

      How Jeffery Epstein is doing in Tel Aviv?

    • vinm300 says:

      @VobisPacem “Majority” ?
      Then why were Iranian police snipers shooting protestors ?
      Remember the 1999 Tehran student protests ?
      Remember the thugs beating them with clubs and throwing students from windows ?
      That was Hezbollah.
      The Ayatollah uses the Hezbollah paramilitaries, so he can deny the Iranian state’s involvement.

    • VobisPacem says:

      @vinm300 I’m for changes in Iran, but as far as I see, there are supports for status quo government.
      And the pro-change population, if they are the majority then Iran itself would have changed.
      Case in point: the 1970s Iranian revolution itself was done by the majority of Iranian population. It proves that if the majority of Iranian wants change then they are capable of making changes happen.
      Now, that same force of change, I don’t see in today’s Iran.

      I hope you are right. God bless you.

    • vinm300 says:

      @VobisPacem an interesting comment.
      1979 Iranian Revolution : the Ayatollah was in Paris. The “majority” who threw out the Shah were democrats, Socialists, Communists, Trade Unionists, Feminists etc.
      Why do you think the Ayatollah executed 7000 Iranians in his first year ?
      They were the opposition activists who overthrew the Shah. To seize power the Ayatollah sent them to death camps.

      If there is a majority, then why not have a fair election ?
      Because in a fair election the Ayatollahs would be out on their ear.

  • Zaid Ali says:


  • mazlum dogan says:


  • says:

    Iran has grumpy old men running the country . Everyone in the world thinks Apple is overpriced . Cheers

    • Aryan nation says:

      @Claxiux They speak Yiddish, they call it Hebrew

    • Dario says:

      Yes but nobody does something about it, besides Iran and North Korea

    • Ricardo Ferreira Miranda says:

      @Dario North korea live in another dream/nightmare but Iran is fully aware of their false contempt against Israel. Iran preaches a fake hatred with Israel

    • Dario says:

      Ricardo Ferreira Miranda Well, didn’t they say death to America really means death to the American government? Sounds just what democrats are chanting in the streets right now. Same for Israel, you know their gov has done a lot of shady things and their own people dont like them that much

    • Aryan nation says:

      @Ricardo Ferreira Miranda Israel did 9/11 and Attacked USS liberty Ship watch this: The day Israel attacked America

  • Haya Glamazon says:

    OMG I’m screaming at the bit at the end that it was tweeted from an iPhone 🤣🤣🤣

    • Aryan nation says:

      Work on your grammar ‘at the bit at the end’

    • Black Gold says:

      You must have missed the part where it says ‘iran MAY ban them in FUTURE’.

      From a ‘second generation immigrant’ in UK 🤣😂

    • Linda Steckel says:

      Lol yeah

  • SoFir Uddin says:

    Good work should be in the product

  • Utkarsh Raj says:

    Failed State Iran.

    • Utkarsh Raj says:

      Aryan nation See I am a former history Student Ok 👍.

    • Aryan nation says:

      @Utkarsh Raj You’re a troll. Go collect your shekel and stop polluting the social media with your repeated hasbara nonsense and bs.

    • Utkarsh Raj says:

      Aryan nation No Not Sorry to say.

    • Rigan Rigan says:

      @Utkarsh Raj First, learn what is the meaning and definition of a failed state. Otherwise, you are a completely joker.

      There’s a single country in the world has one of the fastest technological growth despite the hard US sanctions, which are more than China, Russia, Venezuela, and North Korea combined. Does this simple clue go inside your brain?
      Finally, don’t repeat the same statement again and again without bringing facts and evidences. This is a symptom of an F-grade history student. LOL

    • Omid Unknown says:

      India is a big giant toilet bowl. They don’t need bathrooms.

  • Aryan nation says:

    Good Job Iran. limit imports raise taxes on foreign products, continue to support domestically made goods

    • J S says:

      For a country that makes everything why is Iran’s economy so small?

    • Aryan nation says:

      @J S Iran’s economy has the potential to be hundred times bigger..the problem is the illegal sanctions imposed on Iran by the west US in particular. There’re so many countries who want to have open trade with Iran but they fear US retaliations. Our world is not run by the responsible foreign policy but it runs by role of the jungle .

    • J S says:

      @Aryan nation
      Awe how cute……”potential” do you know the definition of “potential”? Yes that means it has been done yet. Yet you said Iran makes everything? Sure Iran has a tiny economy but that’s not really important…… something that hasn’t been done yet is important. Silly you. Enjoy your tiny economy and that worthless currency.

    • Aryan nation says:

      @J S Go read a book instead..your trolling is very weak…stop polluting the social media with your repeated hasbara nonsense and unsubstantiated claims and bs

    • J S says:

      @Aryan nation
      People with small vocabularies tend to call people names when they are outsmarted. Either way you can’t dispute Iran has a small economy. This information is easily verified. Go figure economic numbers aren’t based on “potential”.

  • Dog alpha says:

    Samsung and Huawei would love this

    • a b says:

      @truth seeker more than half of the money gets spend on energy production and transportation oil sector and gas sector and the rest gets spend pretty much on infrastructure and industries so no there is really no space for money to be spend on consumer items

    • a b says:

      @truth seeker you really are stupid

    • یه بنده خدا says:

      @Aryan nation Iran has a phone brand actually it is called glx

    • yar tecta says:

      یه بنده خدا کص نگو

    • یه بنده خدا says:

      @yar tecta کسی فحش می ده که از کسی شدن ناامید شده باشه پیامبر می فرماید یه انسان پشت زبان خود پنهان است پس سعی کن اگه شعور خانوادگیت اینه اینو به نمایش عموم نگذاری دوما جی ال ایکس وجود دارا می خوای انکارش کنی با تشکر

  • asterixis says:

    Khamenei should go back to the middle age where he belongs. Free Iran of Islamic fundamentalism and let Iranian live happy lives!

    • Claxiux says:


    • Aryan nation says:

      1948-Irgun and Lehi massacre entire Palestinian village of Deir Yassin.
      1982-The Sabra and Shatila massacre.
      2001- 9/11 three thousand Americans murdered by Israel…1967- USS Liberty Ship Attacked by Israel.The combined air and sea attack killed 34 crew members..NEVER FORGET

    • Omid Unknown says:

      Keep barking dog

  • Foxuar says:

    “Luxyry” lol

    • kian champion says:

      iphone is a luxury item even in usa

    • kAnEkI kEn says:

      About 10million people use iphone here in India , that is less than even 1percent of the population. So it surely is a luxury in india.

    • Nation P says:

      @kian champion hes pointing out they mis-spelt “luxury” on the thumbnail.

    • Black Gold says:

      Find ‘lol’ in an english dictionary.

    • kAnEkI kEn says:

      @Nation P my bad

  • Linda Steckel says:

    Well apparently not all Iranians are suffering from the sanctions. Hmmmm

    • Black Gold says:

      @Linda Steckel
      ‘When did the Khazars convert to Judaism?

      8th century

      The ruling elite of the Khazars was said by Judah Halevi and Abraham ibn Daud to have converted to Rabbinic Judaism in the 8th century, but the scope of the conversion within the Khazar Khanate remains uncertain’.

    • Linda Steckel says:

      @Black Gold
      The Jewish people are the indigenous people of the Southern Levant with a continuous presence of 4 ooo years

    • Linda Steckel says:

      @Black Gold
      It comes from the word “phelshet”to invade and that is what the a rbs did……they invaded and colonized

    • Linda Steckel says:

      @Black Gold
      Only Jewish law and our Rabbis decide who is Jewish.

    • Aryan nation says:

      The majority of Zionists in Israel are Ashkenazim gentiles and they are not of the Hebrew Israelite or of the tribes of Jacob or shemetic in the first place.They are of the medieval time of King Bulan and the kingdom of khazaria 7th century converts to Judaism and took the Babylonian Talmud as their chosen book.

  • IRAN-MSR72 says:

    Tweeted by the leader of the media network Leader! The leader just says what to tweet!
    Arab countries against Iran, it is better to stop being stupid! Otherwise, the eradication of Israel and the eradication of the Arab countries will happen together!

    • Ricardo Ferreira Miranda says:

      Take your time to chill in/out. Be civil

  • IRAN-MSR72 says:

    Iran becomes a superpower in the field of communication technologies …
    Wait, see Iranian engineers working with Huawei China, which is under US sanctions, finally! Arab countries should think of saving themselves, not making fun of Iran

    • Ousmaila Bouba says:

      @Hoàng Nguyên imam bukhari was Persian, alquarithmi was Persian, without those people, your knowledge of Islam would have been minimum, and there wouldn’t be no phone to let you insult Persian

    • ismart genius ismart genius says:

      Bro China is also our enemy.. look at what they are doing with uighurs

    • Muslim Albanian says:

      @Hoàng Nguyên You should go back to your cave… stop worrying about other people….


      ​@Muslim Albanian i am Chinese and also hate Islam. the west and Islam are the real evils to china.

    • Muslim Albanian says:

      @YOUTUBE•ACCOUNT•ENTITY 1) you’r not Chinese… Youtube is ban in china, only a few people use it by vpn… second, Chinese don’t speak english unless you lives in USA or Australia…
      my guess is, you’r an indian…
      80% of world’s islamophobic comment came from india…

      2) China doing human right violence in Xinjiang… Chinese are communist, do you really think people cares what a communist is saying…. No one takes your opinion seriously….

  • Black Gold says:

    Well done, iran. If they sanction you for protecting yourselves, ban all their products and go domestic.

    • Too Smart says:

      @Black Gold Benz Is Not Just In Germany Its All Over The World… Not Even Muslim Countries By Iranian Made Cars, They’re Giving Away Free In Syria

    • Rigan Rigan says:

      ​@Too Smart Your comment is very stupid. Did everybody tell you that none wanted anything from Iran?

      How did you conclude such a decision?

      The reality is different which blind people cannot see.

      1. Iranian Oil: Iran has cheap and finest quality crude oil that many countries are interesting to buy. Due to the US bully, many countries fear to buy oil from Iran. However, other countries like China doesn’t care about the US sanctions and they have been buying. Some other countries have been secretly buying.

      2. Iranian Defense Industry: Iran has been continuously showing its defense capability and produced high-grade weapons ( more than 358 defense products) despite the US sanctions over 40 years. The US arms embargo initiated them to develop their own industry. Now, many countries interested to purchase their arms as some of the weapons were proven very effective including air defense systems and naval arsenal. Recently, Syrian signed a deal and after the lifting of the arms embargo, Venezuela may purchase many others.

      Many other items including rugs, saffron, food items gypsum, etc are continuously exporting to the neighboring countries despite the sanctions. Traders established some type of barter channel to keep trading relations with Iran turned on.

      Iran has a formidable capacity to produce many items to meet its domestic demand including medicine, agro products, cars, electronics, machinery, etc. If there are no sanctions on Iran, 8% to10% of the total world’s trading will happen with Iran.

      First, get an idea before posting a comment.

    • Too Smart says:

      @Rigan Rigan World Products, Where Are The Iranians? There’s Are Barley In Muslim Countries

      What Russia Buys From Iran?
      What Does Somolia Buys From Iran?
      What Does Pakistan Buys From Them?

    • Rigan Rigan says:

      @Too Smart Whats is the relation between your question and my comment? Do you have rational power to digest what I wrote?

      Do you understand that if there’s no sanction, 8% to 10% trade in the world will be with Iran? Despite sanctions, Iran traded secretly or openly, including oil and some other items. Do you understand that Iran added a new sector, its defense industry, which is billions of dollars worth?

      If you can’t understand these, better don’t post such comical comments, which are complete jokes.

    • Too Smart says:

      @Rigan Rigan I Didnt Even Knew U Existed Until U Called My Name, I Said What I Said.

  • VobisPacem says:

    I think the bonyads pressure to make this ban, but this will only make massive profits for the black market.

  • VobisPacem says:

    Iran already has sanctions and embargos, why add this ban on top of it.

    • hkdiva2015 says:

      They mostly import luxury goods including Apple products via the Gulf states such as the UAE.

    • VobisPacem says:

      Sorry, I wrote that comment before learning the situation.
      With that ban implemented, most Iranians can still purchase apple products through secondary markets.
      In this case Iran can “have its cake and eat it too.”

    • VobisPacem says:

      @hkdiva2015 Thank you. So, I see that this gulf market is alive and thriving despite the political turmoil with UAE-Qatar-KSA.
      This is very fascinating. Gulf trade is very interesting indeed.

      Have a good day to you.

    • Rigan Rigan says:

      @VobisPacem The decision is strategic as Iran can develop its own industry. Besides, both the Gulf countries and the US will lose revenue.

      Let me show you an example. There were arms embargoes but it couldn’t stop Iran. Now, Iran indigenously developing almost everything. In the begining, it wasn’t fine but with the time being it’s becoming mature. Some other countries are interested to purchase Iranian arms even.
      This is how many countries help to grow indigenous industries.

    • Omid Unknown says:

      Luxury goods cause an outflow of capital out of the country, causing the dollar to gain more power against the Iranian rial

  • IRAN-MSR72 says:

    The UAE … Bahrain … Qatar … Oman … belong to the Iranian Empire! Be careful not to say nonsense about Iran and its people and leader so that you do not disappear from the world map! We will take revenge for the compromise with Israel … wait

    • Ricardo Ferreira Miranda says:

      @Hoàng Nguyên Thank you for replying. I have always learned that it was in Qom. But it’s very difficult to know even the existence of all those things we were tough to

    • Hoàng Nguyên says:

      @Ricardo Ferreira Miranda you can always search on the internet, such as from Wikipedia. Beware that Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, so you should check the citations of their sources.

    • Too Smart says:

      Like Solemani? Lmaooooooo
      Lot Of Bark, No Bite

    • IRAN-MSR72 says:

      @Too Smart Crazy! Soleimani’s revenge is not over yet! …
      Don’t you see that every day in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, the United States and its allies are being harmed! Wait, when we kill Trump and the Pentagon generals, etc., then you will understand what the real power of Iran is! The expulsion of all American soldiers from the Middle East is our greatest revenge … and this revenge is happening step by step!
      We are currently carrying out the smallest stage of revenge with cyber attacks in the US elections! You will soon encounter Iran’s secret Hibersononic missile in the United States, Europe … + Iranian UFO !!! I swear to God, you have no knowledge of Iranians! We take revenge cleverly and carefully planned! Ein Al-Sadd was only one percent of Iran’s anger! 99% remaining …

    • Tariq Al-Sulbi says:

      Calm down kid! Iran can’t do anything and won’t do anything in the future either. Look at how useless your forces are, they shot down a CIVILIAN Aircraft after the US took out soleimani. Look at how you fire missiles at your own ships!!! You people are nothing and the Gulf has taken the war to Iran. A nice peaceful one where no one dies and where people like you now earn $300 a month, whilst housemaids and drivers receive this as a salary in the Gulf. Calm down and stop behaving like a big man, because it sounds petty and pathetic.

  • nihar Ahamed says:

    Very good move must be ban iPhone

  • Ricardo Ferreira Miranda says:

    I’m very tough about Iran but I have to admit that it is imperative to ban all those useless products.

  • IRAN-MSR72 says:

    The Arab people still do not know the real Iran …
    If it is in Soraya, the farthest star; We Iranians will reach it! We will fix it in the toughest sanctions

    • aarya purii says:

      Yeah that’s the spirit you Iranian people will give it hard to America.
      باغ مرغ آمریکی

    • ryzo khan says:

      Believe me you people are the last hope of this planet….
      ….. long live revolution…

    • aarya purii says:

      @ryzo khan absolutely right

    • Hongbang dynasty says:

      LOL!! rubbish, what gibberish are you spouting about Soraya and stars.

    • Omid Unknown says:

      Hongbang dynasty clearly you have not the background to understand what he is saying

  • ÇAKABEY says:

    If iran goverment bans the iphone or relative importrd products it is gonna be a double ban , usa and china will be banned at the same time. What a global world order.

  • axel Kurian says:

    I don’t know if people cannot access to quality human life then they will start revolting Iran need to come with their own luxury products like china

    • ayodele damilola says:

      Boycott YouTube then 😂

    • axel Kurian says:

      Oh wait china has no YouTube

    • axel Kurian says:

      Yeah YouTube is trash it is allowing content creators who missuse the platform to stay and silence anyone who criticize them like pokimane and Jake paul but YouTube has no competitor’s

  • eulian W says:

    feel sorry iranian. basic need. a simple iphone is classified as luxury.

    • eulian W says:

      @Dervish of Mada’in theres no doubt iran’s regim is evil. insteading of embracing global peace and self-development. they chose a different path. which made iranian people suffer.

    • eulian W says:

      @Dervish of Mada’in well i didnt say only iran is black and others are angle. but now iran is the worst.

    • Dervish of Mada'in says:

      @eulian W I think you read novels very much… You have no idea what is going on in this world, read some history instead!
      You think the European self-developed countries or America were or are embracing global peace?!! XD Their development is mostly the continues result of exploitations from three huge and rich continents for centries (Alongside with Industrial revolution) and today the neo-colonialism…
      You think countries like the UAE or Saudi Arabia (which is the mother of global terror) which started to self-developing are embracing global peace?!! XD ridiculous…
      No one is embracing global peace, everyone is embracing its own benefits, as the great General Charles de Gaulle once said: Countries have no Friends!
      Iran comparing to other countries in western Europe or Middle-East is the most peace embracer ever during its history.
      The Mullah regime in Iran itself is the direct consequence of Anglo-American interferences and betrayals to fulfil their own benefits. You can blame them if you are so upset about it!
      Furthermore, Mullah regime is not terrorist. You want to find some terrorist regime, America’s little brother _Saudi Arabia_ is located little more in South-West. Check it on Google Maps!

    • eulian W says:

      Dervish of Mada’in Dervish of Mada’in so down degrading other country makes iran’s present regim legit? Pls.

    • Dervish of Mada'in says:

      @eulian W That was not down degrading other countries; Those are simple facts.

      Down degrading Iran’s regime doesn’t make western countries & YOUR statements legit too!
      You are considering Iran as the worst in a twisted world without knowing or considering its complicated History; Like if others are so good & embracing global peace all the time but suddenly the problem is only Iran.
      Mullah’s regime is only the consequence of your western peace-lover countries; If Mullahs are evil then I think their creators are eviler.
      You expect when westerns destroy and suffocate a country, then the results won’t be something like Mullahs!

      And I am not supporting Mullahs as it seems you think of me; I’m not saying they are legit or anything like that. They are Theocrat Dictatours but they are not terrorists; Funding Hezbollah with bombs and rockets to fight against Zionist occupiers is defending and retaliate not terrorism. You want to see terrorism, You can pay a visit to Saudi Wahhabi schools in Pakistan run by American Dollars!

  • aarya purii says:

    Wonderful country Iran


    Later Jewellery Will be Rented or Leased for Maximum of 25 Month’s ……… Alhamdulillah Inshallah….. By God Allah ST Will Guidance Grace and Blessings…… Alhamdulillah Inshallah……

    • Hoàng Nguyên says:

      found the Saudi troll

    • ismart genius ismart genius says:

      What is meant by renting of jewellery

  • Incredible India says:

    well it’s very healthy for Iran’s economy and it’s people

  • vinod louis louis says:

    I love 💗 I phone

  • truth seeker says:

    Just buy it from Qatar😉😉

    • ismart genius ismart genius says:

      But still u will pay tax to USA

  • peter lee says:

    ☝️That includes bog roles😅😂

  • okacet says:

    Very good decision.
    Now Africa should make some good quality luxury products.
    Ethiopia can do that. They are good in Mobile technology.

    • VobisPacem says:

      Ethiopia is an underrated untapped powerhouse. It is a continuous ancient civilization with thousands of years of scholarly tradition. In business terms, that means a potential of massive workforce very quickly adaptable to effective modern business functions.

      With the rise of Africa, Ethiopia should be a good business base along with Kenya’s Nairobi.
      The future is very interesting there.

    • Brown Dusky says:

      One can dream

    • DREY LAS says:

      @VobisPacem haha Ethiopia will never develop and will be part or greater Somalia empire ia

    • andre NORD says:

      I thought you were still using drums to communicate??.

    • Aadi says:

      Decrease dependency on US and China

  • gooka boo says:

    Social media is poison anyway designed to destroy your brain on the long run. Good for Khamenei banning them. Now watch people smuggling them from Iraq and Turkey.

  • Lake Sublime says:

    lmao who buys this useless spying device anyway? since recently it comes with included contact tracing. i wouldnt want this phone even if they paid me 1000$ for it.

    • jonald puke says:

      There literally no incentive to buy it other than look rich

    • jonald puke says:

      All Iranian apps are banned

    • Lake Sublime says:

      @jonald puke You will survive without their useless phones. Keep strong buddy!

    • jonald puke says:

      @Lake Sublime android >>>>>>>>>>>> instagram brick

    • jonald puke says:

      @Lake Sublime aka iphone

  • A K says:

    With this money, many domestic factories will supercharge by buying advanced equipments for improving domestic manufacturing.

    • ismart genius ismart genius says:

      Yes but it will take sometime

  • A K says:

    With this money, many domestic factories will supercharge by buying advanced equipments for improving domestic manufacturing.
    BTW, it’s a good answer to Trump. Half a billion dollar decrease in IPhone sales (if other countries don’t follow)

    • Hoàng Nguyên says:

      Apple lobbyists: hey mr president, how come our sales decreased ? Did you just sanctioned a big country or something ? We didn’t pay you money for this !
      Trump: er… I don’t remember… I don’t know… this is not my fault anyway…

  • Hossain Abeer says:

    Let’s face it, these stupid people buy iphones just to show off. You can do equally well with android

  • A K says:

    That’s good

  • jusfer games says:


    Sent from my IPhone

  • Problem Solver says:

    Iran is taking inspiration from India’s make in India program.
    More and more countries will follow India and will crush the hegemony of western countries

    • Tokyo ShOp says:

      no one on the earth is following india in any case …

  • Joseph Vf says:

    Fools heaven. – iran

    • Aryan nation says:

      Is your father still stealing?

  • Makhdoom shaikh says:

    Iran I would say is the only self made country in every field from technology to cloths in the whole of middle east, Israel has sugar daddy usa and saudi as well, other Arab noations should learn from Iran 🇮🇳 🇮🇷

    • ismart genius ismart genius says:

      Nope Israel is Sugar daddy of USA

    • Makhdoom shaikh says:

      @ismart genius ismart genius good joke, but vise versa is true only

  • Eklavya Chhetri says:

    Good job iran👆️👆️👆️

  • al amin hoseen says:

    Absolutely correct decision,,, well done iran.. love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

    • Bijan Mehrpour says:

      @Rigan Rigan You do it well. Wish you the best.

    • Rigan Rigan says:

      @Bijan Mehrpour Thank you, Bijan, for your positive feedback.

    • it's me says:

      Bangladesh is having high potential to grow but some initial push is needed and hopes your new PM haseena will focus more on that you already have one of the fastest growing economy and largest in South Asia (correct me if I’m wrong)
      I’m from India bro.south india

    • Rigan Rigan says:

      @it’s me You’re right. Bangladesh has 180 million + population. This is huge workforce if the country can properly utilize. Unlike many other countries, it has almost no natural resources. The country had to/has to depend on agriculture. It’s interesting to know how the country economy has been booming and what are the major drivers?

      1. Agricultural Research: It has limited landmass but population has been increasing. Bangladesh focused on agro research so that it can feed huge population. Nowadays, the production of rice has tripled or quadrupled than 30 years ago in the same land. Somehow, the country is successful to meet its major domestic food requirements. Otherwise, it’d be devastating indeed.

      2. Manpower: People believed that they are only the architect of their future and there’s no other way than hardworking to overcome poverty and miserable lifestyle. You’ll find millions of people have been working hard, especially in the middle eastern countries. To be honest, they remit a lot of money to the country.

      3. Garments: Bangladesh is known for its Ready Made Garments (RMG) products. It has skilled and cheap labor for the RMG sector. This sector is very much mature and one of the backbone sectors of the country.

      4. Other sectors: There are many other rapidly growing sectors including but not limited to Pharmaceuticals, Ship Building, Jute and Agro ( trying to revive ), fishing ( a new rising sector ) and some food items, some electronics items etc.

      While the country has been receiving some revenue, it simultaneously investing in its infrastructure to raise new sectors and generating more revenue as the country has many potential untouched sectors like tourism, mid and heavy industrialization, advanced ICT etc.

      That’s why you see its high growth despite global challenges like COVID 19.

    • Rigan Rigan says:

      @it’s me Bangladesh with its 8.2% GDP growth not only highest-ranked in South Asia but also in whole Asia during 2018-19. It’s believed the position will remain same for 2019-20 fiscal year too.

  • Dr Zakir Naik Speeches says:

    Asslam o Alaikum brothers & sisters

    • say calmly says:

      you are a yazeed lover
      you call him r.a

  • Ciaron Smith says:

    Go DOMESTIC. Iranians shouldn’t be proud of using unnecessary electronics made by others!
    Iranians are easily smart enough to make these things themselves. Do what you need to do to protect your economy!

    • Omid Unknown says:

      EXACTLY. the only way to survive is to be self sufficient and produce all you need yourself. That creates jobs and lifts people standards of living and dampens the impact of sanctions.
      There is no shame in working with other countries that honor their promises but there is no sense in talking and working with the west.

    • Lawrence Thomas says:

      stupid you should live in iran

    • Ciaron Smith says:

      @Omid Unknown I never understood why people brag about driving BMW or Mercedes? You think the Ancient Persians would brag about something if the Greeks made it? No. They would push themselves to make something better. All these luxury products are a form of dependence on other economies. Iran is a GREAT civilization, it should build EVERYTHING itself and not be dependent on anyone. Iranians must work together here.

    • Arshia Seyyed Shakeri says:

      Agreed, however with the current government ruling iran its IMPOSSIBLE to do that.

    • trosky677 says:

      @Geopolitics Today India is that cheap?

  • noorul hasan syed says:

    All luxuary to be banned every corner of the world

    • Bruce Taylor says:

      You sound like a wise old cave man. What are you using to post this message? What is youtube? Is it your job to get online and make world changing one liner comments?

    • noorul hasan syed says:

      @Bruce Taylor brother u are young i am happy for that i am old i thank to my lord the almighty the lord of Adam Abraham,Mooses,Jesus and Mohammad Alhamdolillah

  • Dew Drops says:

    IPhone is considered luxury in Iran.
    Lmao sanctions 😂😂😂😂

    • a b says:

      they had to tax it specially tough in law so they called it that yes but now its soon a banned item

    • HowToPeelAClementine says:

      iPhone is a luxury even in USA, you’re just paying monthly fees instead

    • say calmly says:

      yes they are luxury
      even in Europe

    • Dew Drops says:

      @say calmly they are a luxury in a cou try where the average wage is $300.

  • SH C says:

    Iran. Don’t use it. Develop your own Iran Fone.

    • Coffein Addicted says:

      we have iranian smart phone and tablet

    • Aldrian Dimngel says:

      It 2020 u can’t still develop their own phone 😆

    • eulian W says:

      @Coffein Addicted yeah steal western’s code. its same android with different skin. shameful

    • Kye Warden says:

      Aldrian Dimngel I would love to see you develop anything with over 40 years of sanctions !

    • trosky677 says:

      @ayodele damilola lmao all of them are made in china

  • Calvin Duke says:

    Wow we really need to step out sanction’s game lol

    • Aryan nation says:

      Economic Sanctions was a failure from start..The imposed sanctions were illegal immoral unethical inhuman and a desperate act by US..In the end Iran won and still winning. Just last week US was humiliated twice in the UNSC, lost both times to Iran..Not even America’s closest allies Germany Britain France supported US proposal against Iran. Only one country supported US draft and that country was Dominican Republic..Hip Hop Hooray..Whilst US still supporting tyrannic regimes of Saudis uae Israeli child killers and trrst.

  • blah979 says:

    Then he goes back to his billions.

  • 323 653 says:

    I mean why this late………I can’t even remember how long this sanction filth has been going on……Why were you even importing american mobiles……..There are chinese phones Japanese phones in market…….You could have opted for that long back…….

    • Tariq Al-Sulbi says:

      They even import coca cola and American cigarettes. Absolute shambles and hypocrisy from that regime as always.

  • angel Perez says:

    We all need Jesus to live in peace jesus loves us that he die for ours sins

    • Omid Unknown says:

      We already follow the example and lessons of Jesus. You should too and believe in the only one god, pray and put your head to the ground, fast, not eat pork, etc

    • Hevel life Teletestai says:

      @Omid Unknown issa said that–not the Christ Jesus. Two different teachings.

  • Yasir Gul says:

    Iran should ban all American products

    • ayodele damilola says:

      You can start by leaving YouTube dumbass


      @ayodele damilola lol

  • Samantha W says:

    Apple devices are so overacted.

  • Jamiru Kumapesa says:

    Long Live iran 🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷

  • Automated_Response85 says:

    Doesn’t matter. The more inaccessible you make it, especially non-“dangerous” consumer goods, the more there will be demand for it. The cost will go up, you’ll create a black market for it but people are willing to pay for that due to it being limited and perceived as a “status” symbol…

    In a perfect world, ALL luxury products would be banned. That includes, food, consumer goods, automobiles, services but that’s nearly impossible. I mean, why stop at Apple products? Why not extend that ban to Louis Vuitton products? Mercedes Benz automobiles?

  • Bastian says:


    • Aryan nation says:

      Are you kissing your uncle Jeffery Epstein with that mouth?

  • Tom Krueger says:

    death to second bani abbasi leader khamenej

  • Alpha Team says:

    Just nuke Iran!

  • Mannan Mir says:

    That is not the solution you can buy in black market, IRAN should make there own MOBILE COMPANY that will change the story

  • X ShockWaveAMG says:

    Your people are suffering yet you bought 1.3 billion dollars of centrifuges to replace the ones your burned down. You arent broke and your making the people suffer it’s the Iranian gov fault just look how they spend ther money

  • bareeka Aziz says:

    Good job iron.

  • kAnEkI kEn says:

    Keep up the great work, Iran. Ban all thier products,the bully(usa) sanctioned you for trying to defend your country.

    • mov1987 says:

      Shia is real angelic right? Even othe rmuslims hate those, you ahve no firends! And there’s a reason for that. You are bad guys. Even people in your country dont waan tislam, yet its still forced, nor womens rights. boy your country deserves nothing.

  • kAnEkI kEn says:

    I hope Iran bans tik-tok if it get bought by Microsoft.

    • andre NORD says:

      IkAnEkI kEn

      I hope that you don’t use any Western Devil inventions.. We like seeing you in caves, and we are trying hard to keep you there….

    • Usman Syed says:

      andre NORD I don’t see any caves in Iran,

    • kAnEkI kEn says:

      @andre NORD like you shared the inventions for charity, you did it for your own profit.

  • Ghilzai Afghan says:


  • Big winter says:

    There is lots of phone from another companies in Iran. Pan iPhone really fast

  • Emcee Squared says:

    One day the Iranian empire will RISE again and will have back all those lands which were conquered by Cyrus the Great. Inshallah.

    • Geopolitics Today says:

      Can I have what your smoking please?

    • CYRUS THE GREAT••• says:


  • Loud Speaker says:

    It’s a good news..
    Every country need to boycott american product’s

    • ayodele damilola says:

      Boycott YouTube then 😂 joker

    • Loud Speaker says:

      I can boycott more products.
      Now am buying more products like huwawei

  • ma al says:

    good choice, go Samsung its the better phone anyway

  • Nkanyiso Africa says:

    Yeah it doesn’t make sense hey without looking at their Cold War, it’s too expensive and redundant

  • kingpin outlow says:

    Chinese phones gonna start coming in

  • Alex Al says:

    Iran needs thousands of brand new razors 🪒 made by Gillet !!?

  • xyz xyz says:

    Good idea

  • Elveheim says:

    They should buy more American products. Long live Iphone

  • Auburn Rose says:

    Iran already has their own phone brand so I’m not sure this would be too terrible lol

  • Marasov Queen says:

    Iranian govt and its so called devil Supreme leader time is coming to an end

  • Fareed Ahmed says:

    Love Iran from Afghanistan

  • Kamran Basheer says:

    America is blind…

  • Mr Glasgow says:

    Ban it !

  • maryam masoud says:

    My country exports everything, the Rice , we will export The water soon

  • Zahid Farzan Buksh says:

    Really Great For Iran👈
    The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need tomorrow.
    Kick America Out👈

  • Hevel life Teletestai says:

    Awesome. Mashlala

  • Brush up says:

    It’s a good idea to strengthen Iran economy.
    Also Iranian products are not behind the international standard.
    I think lot of Iranian products available in middle east.

  • Iran Tourism says:

    YOU CAN EXPLORE IRAN THROUGH OUR CHANNEL❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Dust says:

    Iran is a Chinese colony now

  • Mr. Grey says:

    No I can see allowing a iPhone because you can use it for business but what about all these luxury cars you really don’t need those Ferraris and Lamborghinis in the desert you’re just doing that s*** because it’s a US company and you’re secretly in bed with China

  • dor azati says:

    iphone today and food tommorow!

  • Abbas Abbasi says:

    is 1000$ for a phone realy worth ?
    apple is a innovativ company but 1000$ for a phone is not worth
    buy a huawei or xiami and forger ovewrprised , money greedy apple

  • Pulloo 719 says:

    Great decision! Protect your citizen from your tracking device.

  • Heavy Distortion says:

    …unless those luxury products are gifts to Ayatollah. Meanwhile the clergyman is secretly brewing alcoholic hooch like everyone else.

  • elijah monreal says:

    Huawei is written all over this

  • Rich Don22 says:

    I hate iphone already😤

  • Usdia Sujatmaka says:

    Under severe sanction, Iranian should restrain such luxury. But I am proud of Iranian who thrive under evil and inhuman sanction by the great satan and its allies and proxies

  • moe malik says:

    Khuma khuma minizhbe

  • Ludwig Van Beethoven says:

    Ayatollah Khamenei better first ban his twitter admins who use an iphone to update his account.

  • andre NORD says:

    I thought that everyday food items will be a worry..I am not taking about Apples..

  • Dee Kat says:

    Iran, another crappy country

  • Kevin Wellwrought says:

    Iran might even be number one producer of luxury food in the world therefore there is no need to import it.