Thai student protests: Boycotts force businesses to pick sides

2020 9/09
Thai student protests: Boycotts force businesses to pick sides

Student-led demonstrations have been taking place in Thailand for months.
The young protest leaders are using new methods to make their message heard, taking their efforts online as well as on the street.
They recently targeted advertisers on a news network they say is pro-government, urging their supporters to boycott companies running advertisements on the network.
And big-name brands have responded, pulling their advertising from the network.

Al Jazeera’s Scott Heidler reports from Bangkok, Thailand.

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  • Atif Ismam says:


  • Jurg Schupbach says:

    Good Luck

  • Vladimir Putin says:


  • TheResearcher says:

    Alzaeera you western paid goon , better show protests in India against Modi, RSS and BJP

    • TheResearcher says:

      @NihlusGreen here indian people ‘s rights are violated 10 times than your american black , hispanic and thai …there is no even comparison

    • NihlusGreen says:

      @TheResearcher I’m not trying to compare. I’m saying put your big boy pants on, enjoy getting some Thai news, and stop complaining it’s not about India.

    • TheResearcher says:

      @NihlusGreen and what alzaeera has shown about india since last few months

    • NihlusGreen says:

      @TheResearcher That’s like going to a pizza shop and complaining their not selling hot dogs. You want Indian news? Watch an Indian news channel.

    • TheResearcher says:

      @NihlusGreen indian news controlled by RSS

  • gremausara says:

    It’s a clever move.

  • johny broadbelt says:

    You forgot to say “ we love our children “ ……

  • Leleh Lusade says:

    It has began the people are rising against tyranny, dictators and corrupt leaders across the world. HONG KONG, BELARUS, THAILAND. MORE TO COME.

    • KC Donnie says:

      Funny – don’t remember any dictators being toppled by protests – the last dictator toppled, in recent years, was in Libya, which was due to armed conflict; that continues to this day…. People never learn from history….

    • Amin Boumerdassi says:

      @KC Donnie no actually there have been dictators toppled since then. In 2019 both presidents of Algeria and Sudan were forced out of office after months of protest. Neither country has fallen into armed conflict.

    • Leleh Lusade says:

      @KC Donnie Funny Kentucky Cockroach Donnie.

    • KC Donnie says:

      @Amin Boumerdassi Ugh, I wouldn’t classify Abdelaziz as a dictator in the traditional sense but I see your point. However, in Sudan, they had a coup – the military forced Al-Bashir (sure the coup happen in the wake of mass protests but the military still had to step-in) to give up power.

      When it comes to dictators, they usually leave office in coffin or not at all. That’s the lesson we should keep in mind when dealing with these people.

    • Simon the Likeable says:

      If you want 100% corruption based on a communist life term autocracy for Thailand, the answer is simple. Thanathorn and Thaksin are who you need.

  • Earl fox says:

    Companies side is called profits.

  • Paige Vinson says:

    Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯

    • NihlusGreen says:

      And now your here in AJ. How many people are running these accounts?

  • Diaz Virdani says:

    *King Maha Vajiralongkorn วชิราลงกรณ*

  • NihlusGreen says:

    TLM ✊

  • Jack Teerawat says:

    The dictator regime must be overthrown. God ✝️🕎🔯 bless the students.

  • nathan mey says:

    Everybody has a right to boycott companies they don’t agree with .It’s call freedom of choice. Or is that against the law?

    • codent says:

      No, boycotts are a very powerful tool. The Thai young protesters seem to be very smart and dedicated. Many seem to be high schoolers, I think it’s just great that young people are making change. If someone is reading this in the US, please VOTE. I am not exaggerating when I say we might not survive another 4 years of Trump. This is a critical time in our history.

  • Domber Last says:

    Glory to democracy

    • Simon the Likeable says:

      Say no to communist life term autocracy for Thanathorn and Thaksin.

  • Timur Ermolenko says:

    Hopefully one day qgatar will become free too

  • Adel Mohamad ali says:

    King of thailand must go to khaosan rd.he is ladyboy..

    • Foody Moody says:

      He’s not? And if he he’s there is nothing wrong with it, you’re probs a dirty uneducated swine anywags

    • codent says:

      the king has been married 4 times, has like 7 kids, 20 “concubines”… he might be many things, but he’s definitely not a gay man! Adel, that’s the dumbest thing you can say.

  • Sener Zen says:

    Very clever. Those young internet age students understand who is their enemy and how to fight back.

  • Shahnawaz khan says:


    • Payel Singh says:

      And welcome
      Mini China

    • Zareen Khan says:

      @Payel Singh Indian police say that a 30-year-old American woman has been gang-raped in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh.

      Police said that the woman had been attacked after she accepted a lift by three men in a truck in Manali, a resort town in the state.

      No arrests have been made but police have set up roadblocks and are searching for the suspects.

      Scrutiny of sexual violence in India has grown since the rape and murder of a student on a Delhi bus in December.

      The gang rape of the student sparked widespread protests and prompted the government to alter laws relating to rape in India.

      Five men and one juvenile have been charged with the rape. One of the men has since hanged himself in prison, officials say.

      In the Manali case, police say the three men drove the woman to a secluded spot where they raped her and robbed her.

      After arriving in Manali on Monday she had been on a visit to Vashisth, a nearby tourist area popular with foreigners, but was delayed and had been looking for a taxi in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

      “Because it happened at night, she couldn’t read the truck number. At around 7am, we put up checkpoints everywhere and we’ve been looking for the suspects,” senior local police official Vinod Dhawan told BBC Hindi.

      “We have found some clues at the crime scene.”

      A case of rape was filed after the woman had been medically examined in a local hospital, police say.

      The US embassy in Delhi said it was aware of the case. “We are in contact with authorities but due to issues of privacy we have no further comment,” a spokesperson told the BBC.

      The attack comes after a Swiss tourist was gang raped in Madhya Pradesh state in March – six men were arrested in connection with that attack.

      That same month, India passed a new bill containing harsher punishments, including the death penalty in certain cases, for rapists.

      Reported cases of sexual assault are on the rise in India, although foreign tourists are rarely targeted

    • Payel Singh says:

      @Zareen Khan RIP Pakistan
      Because they are unable to return all debt that is why China colonies them😔😔😔😔😔

    • Payel Singh says:

      @Zareen Khan your ex PM is accused of rape, so please kindly shut your mouth, and stop spreading fake news

  • Shahnawaz khan says:


    • Payel Singh says:

      Free Balochistan

    • Arjin Boontueng says:

      India is the best

  • Shahnawaz khan says:


    • Payel Singh says:

      From Pakistan

    • Prosperous says:

      @Payel Singh
      Kashmir must be given independence by both India and Pakistan

    • sunset view says:

      @Prosperous let’s talk about balochistan who is also in the line of to get Independence from Pakistan

    • Zareen Khan says:

      @Prosperous ryt balochistan too

    • Prosperous says:

      @Zareen Khan
      Give everyone independence

  • Dr Zakir Naik Speeches says:

    Asslam o Allaikum Muslim World

  • Josh Asprey says:

    Send them to school instead of quarantine. If they insist on demonstrating let them have Covid and die!

  • ken tamoza says:

    As a Thai people…. Love you ” Al Jazeera English” Thanks for your support.

  • jeballes1 says:

    Nation TV is not only a pro-government broadcaster.
    they also broadcast a lot of fake news, Hate speech, and demonize the young protestors.
    They once pretended to be a journalist from others channel so that they can interview the protestor because if they say they came from Nation TV. the protestor will refuse to give them an interview.
    and when they get the interview from the protestor, they edited to make the protestor seem like a young west-leaning rebel group who wants to destroy their own country.
    Nation TV is literally trash.

  • I C U says:

    Pretty sure the parents are all in jail or the ground, only now realizing the government doesn’t care, come on humanity 😜

  • tamsinthai says:

    Also boycott the Godawful clickbait ridden ‘expat’ forum that is thaivisadotcom, bought and owned by The Nation. Terrible ultra right wing forum. No dissent from whatever the Nation are currently pushing on any particular day.

  • Piphatt Suriya-ek says:

    The Nation of reporter? Are you sure the right asking person.

  • Jonathan Wolf says:

    Thai protests still peaceful than HK protests

  • El Bandito says:

    I applaud the Thai youths in trying to get freedom back to their country.

    • Simon the Likeable says:

      There is no freedom in supporting Thanathorn and Thaksin. Their corruption excedes the current Thai regime exponentially. Changing the government to install them is throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

  • D. Mateusz says:

    Ladyb0y king are in control why aren’t they happy about it. They’re always proud of being LGBT friendly country

  • shitzuation says:

    Shine Bunnag 😂😂😂 what a fool —these are fellow citizens of his country, whinging about the TV station feeling bullied while insinuating the protesters don’t love their country, way of living, religion & royal family shows the total disregard the Thai government and its cronies have towards these protesters and their entirely reasonable demands.

  • Tre Phil says:

    This is why you have separation of religion and state. Also monarchies are outdated and need to fall. Another reason why countries need the constitutional right to bear arms along with other examples such as Hong Kong and Belarus.

    • Simon the Likeable says:

      Without the monarchy and army, Thanathorn and Thaksin would have installed themselves in a communist lifetime term autocracy modelled on Putin, Xi Jinping and Hun Sen.

  • Eakpisit P.K. says:

    When u going to do USA protest news?

  • eyelashqueen0986 says:

    Love Thailand 💯

  • Penguin Lieo says:

    Let HK police help them

  • Jack sparrow says:

    Good work

  • minTwin says:

    Smart students, they got that executive fumbling his words haha

  • S B says:

    Thank you, Al Jazeera for reporting. Please keep close eye on Thailand.

  • Lake Sublime says:

    This is an orchestrated false flag event to put some communism into Thailand.

  • MAXIMUS says:

    How long are you going to protest? There is no effect and no change so far. When everyone gets tired and leaves everything as before?

  • Magical day Thursday says:

    Many protesters have tried to ban others–TV, artists, … even general public who don’t agree with them. This is not the way of freedom. The rights and freedom are to respect to each others.