Sudan declares 3-month state of emergency over deadly floods

2020 9/09
Sudan declares 3-month state of emergency over deadly floods

Historic floods are affecting more villages and neighbourhoods in Sudan, as the Nile reaches its highest level in more than 100 years.
Scientists say development along the banks of the mighty river is partly to blame for the devastating effect of the floods.

Al Jazeera’s Hiba Morgan reports from Khartoum, Sudan.

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  • 何抒扬 says:

  • RehaN AnSARi says:

    Oic is shame for humankind .. help them

    • Ayush Acharya says:

      No, on the contrary, it’s the best organization around 🤣 🇮🇳🇮🇱

    • майор микдхад says:

      @Ayush Acharya hahah look poor idol worshipers who supports abrahamic religion,do you know anything about Judaism 😂😂🤣🤣

  • RehaN AnSARi says:

    Arabs should give some money … Oic big fail

    • Ayush Acharya says:

      @Helen Pauls Because it’s not any international organization’s responsibility to help, it’s the country and her government’s responsibility.

      Besides, Sudan 🇸🇩 which is fighting multiple conflicts, spending billions of dollars suppressing multiple insurgencies in Darfur, Kordofan, Blue Nile etc. doesn’t exactly deserve the money, they can cut their defense spending for that.

    • Helen Pauls says:

      Ayush Acharya Thank you for the info. It would indeed be a far better world if all governments helped and supported their citizens, instead of building war machines and destroyed everything.

    • Parviz Wahab says:

      @Ayush Acharya Arabs have to
      Learn how to do Charity’s/adoption of City’s, Villages, from Infosys, Narayan Murthy, Wipro’s Azim premji
      The Oic fund only ISIS/Alqaida/Madrasa’s…

    • princessnina says:

      North African Arab are poor
      I think u mean gulf country

    • Parviz Wahab says:

      Exactly G C C NATION,

  • Hibo Maxamad says:

    Good Luck 🙋‍♀️

  • pm says:

    Ethiopia dam is drying up the nile…

    • menassie samuel says:

      pm I know it’s so ridiculous

  • 100domathon says:

    Very Sad

  • Debate For Islam says:

    Why flood, drought, storms, snow, hot, cold etc?
    Expert: climate change

  • Rajasingam Muthusamy says:

    Sudan always suffers severe drought. Rain does help Sudan.

    • Diaeldin Ali says:

      Rajasingam Muthusamy Not really we hate the rain in Sudan because it’s always been bringing diseases to our poor citizens

  • God of Wars says:

    People in Yemen and Sudan already suffer from extremists now this flood. Stay strong Sudan.

    • ItzSammy says:

      who said Sudan is in war like Yemen were completely fine with no wat thanks

    • God of Wars says:

      @ItzSammy Last year your military killed more than 100 of peaceful protestors. If there is no problem then why UN has assigned peacekeeping force from different countries in South Sudan.

  • Michael Melaku says:

    When we finish GERD this will stop.

    • Yekuno Rutty says:

      I thought so also. Didn’t the Sudanese government state that the GERD lowered the river levels when the filling began? How does one explain flooding then?

  • Janardhan Yadav says:

    Will this cause another locust attack?

  • hell o0o0o0o0 says:

    Very unlucky people.

  • Dime says:

    Allah save us.

  • Mukesh meena rahul says:

    Tell me one ,how far the homes are situated from the NEIL REVER ? It seems that ppl are living so closed the river bank in case of flood in the river ,it is obvious that homes wud b submerged in to water why don’t ppl build homes 1/1.5 km far from the river ? I have seen many cases in which ppl are living so close to a mountain /a river /a rift ..and it is dangerous to live so close ..and if any disaster comes ,then who will b responsible ?

    • Br. Doga says:

      Some houses were more than 2km away from the nile yet they were still affected. You have to realize that this year’s rainfall is a record (the most) in 100 years, it’s not like people were expecting it. Besides it’s the fault of the previous regime for not planning and building good infrastructure to ensure this will not happen. All our prayers to our brothers in sudan.

    • Mukesh meena rahul says:

      @Br. Doga it is really very sad to see ppl in this condition ..I think building homes nearer to a river block the expansion of river water during the rainy season / flood time ..cos no one can build any protecting wall to protect ppl n homes from building homes nearer to river creat problems also for them who are living 2km away from river ( as you said) cos walls n boundaries of homes stop water to flow many directions ,so water start taking more n more areas stops water flow in a certain direction by building a wall ,then water finds another way ..and water currents are very powerful in are right that every thing sud b planned with a foresight but corruption n lack of proper knowledge ruins everything..

  • ϥⲣⲁⲟⲛ says:

    Who’s here before Ethiopians spam

    • ϥⲣⲁⲟⲛ says:

      @Letarik Abebe the difference is we have better building that withstand water

    • Letarik Abebe says:

      @ϥⲣⲁⲟⲛ good for you, but that doesn’t give you the right to make fun on others suffering, you dont know what will happen tomorrow…. after all you also have a fragile country relay on only a single dam, only one water source that came from my country….. stop playing superior and be compassionate to your brothers in Sudan or Ethiopia

    • lima abdulla says:

      Bro it’s not a dam problem the problem is in the autumn rains it’s like happens every year but this year the rain was heavy

    • George Horace says:

      @lima abdulla Humm the DAM will help .. What is your IQ? Dams have been used to control flooding for hundreds of years .. Come on use your mind… read …

    • lima abdulla says:

      @George Horacewell iam Sudanese and floods happed way more than you think but this time sudan rains was so much and the problem is that the country only built a few dams which these dams could not control the water so the flood came. And the question is do you use your iq

  • sudhakaran nair says:

    Congratulations Sudan for seperating religion (islam)from government by constitutionaly,now Sudan will progress.

    • Afsal Samad says:

      Yes they are already progressing with flood and also India need to change too by kicking out the bjp / rss regime…

    • Fatima Ahmed says:

      We willl never leave islaam , the truth religion

  • fifi says:

    They want to come back and rebuild, only for it to flood again the following year!

    • Waile Khogali says:

      Lol … agreed

    • Hab1bti says:

      So just leave it like that keep repairing over and over sound like a quitter

  • meow Rockzzz says:

    Free from Islam

    • Diaeldin Ali says:

      meow Rockzzz How dose this related to what happing now?

    • Fatima Ahmed says:

      Islam is in our heart

  • Matthew M.E says:

    When Ethiopian blue nile dam finshed there is no problem like this so support Ethiopian not egypt nile water for all as not for egypt 55%😛 no more master of nile water egypt time for Ethiopian to use blue nile water to grow our country and change Ethiopian history in the world ✌💚💛❤✌God bless Ethiopian and east africa ✌💚💛❤✌

    • Rahel Ketema says:


    • menassie samuel says:


    • princessnina says:

      did Egypt stop u from using the nile all those years

    • Matthew M.E says:

      @princessnina if this nile water coming from egypt they will make too much problem they will ask to pay money but God know egypt they do not have good heart and all egypt they say they are not africa so do not ask africa water😛🤔GOD BLESS ETHIOPIAN AND AFRICA✌💚💛❤✌

  • Sandip 007 says:

    Allah can’t help just sleeping in makka madina 🤣😂🤣😂

    • mohamed chdri says:

      God is the wisest ruler The weight of an atom is not hidden from him, neither in heaven nor on earth, and he is wise and knowledgeable….But apparently your heart not allowing you to know what life is ..BE CAREFULL!

    • MS N says:

      @mohamed chdri it might be a matter of time before China decimates his rape country.

    • Haibat Khan says:

      Tera Lulla Ram aur Shiva Bihar aur Asam main q nhi bachata logo ko.

    • Sandip 007 says:

      @Haibat Khan Bachata hai Magar tera Gandu Allah sirf Apni Gand marwata hai makka madina me Aj kal Israil ka bhadwa ban gya tera gandu Allah aur gandu paigamber Beti chod apni beti fatima ko bech diya Israil ko 🤣😂

    • MuhammeD SadiquE says:

      MyrnmRu evideyum vNna sangi


    Sudan removes Islam as state religion..Aj must cover that news!

    • Bobi R says:

      Islamic Barbaric Rules made them Backward and Stupid for a long term

    • MuhammeD SadiquE says:

      Ni etnthu myranda

    • Diaeldin Ali says:

      We did not remove islam from Sudan, But we made optional choice for those who want!

    • Jasmine Styles says:

      @Bobi R what a barbaric way of thinking

    • a b says:

      @Bobi R as biggest Islam please don’t think is like that

      There’s tolerance beetwen religion and other religion

  • Ramblingman 100 says:

    Why is every weather event blamed on climate change. I thought the nile was going to dry up because of climate change but now its flooding because of climate change. Im not so sure the world is coming to an end. I keep waiting for the rapture but I never get raptured!

  • vaayu sharma says:

    They have left Islam cover that you idiots. Floods are everywhere. Do you cover the news of China destroying mosques to replace them with public toilets?

  • CW Productions says:

    wonder how many major news channel will cover this.

  • Bryen Tuoba says:

    Then I think Dam of Ethiopia actually helps controlling the water. Also white nile near lake Victoria is flooding. Why Egypt complain no water?

    • menassie samuel says:

      Bryen Tuoba thank you I don’t understand and no rational person would side with them sadly trump is anything but.

    • Bryen Tuoba says:

      Thanks for comment as I keep looking at Africa as that is amazing place in the world. I see since two months lake victoria are flooding and water has nowhere to go. And I see Sufan is flooding now. I think there is lot of water om Nile. Just maybe too many farms and population in Egypt and they complaint.

      For me Ehtiopia is acient country with wisdom and great coffee and wise people. I think Ethiopian will not harm others as my experience of 2 weeks in Addos Ababa.

      Meanwhile, I hope everyone happy.

    • princessnina says:

      @Bryen Tuoba
      why do people have to bring Egypt in every thing this video about Sudan
      first this didn’t happend in 100 years
      this the highest level the river nile has reached in 100 years
      and Egypt only complain because Ethiopia insist to full the dam in year or two (very short period)
      which mean no water will come to us for this period
      which will lead to decrease in water
      as an Egyptian I don’t hate Ethiopia
      i wish all the best for all African countries
      but they should cooperate more
      with Egypt and Sudan
      to reach an agreement that will be good for all of us
      ps:the nile doesn’t belong to specific country but all their comment are saying they own it or something
      it’s start in their country and end in mine
      they didn’t creat it God did

  • Ricardo Ferreira Miranda says:

    So as the waters recede they are moving back to their homes? Did I hear that?

    • Waile Khogali says:

      Yep …that’s the plan

  • JOHN MBUGUA says:

    solution gerd

    • menassie samuel says:

      JOHN MBUGUA facts

  • JOHN MBUGUA says:


    • menassie samuel says:

      Because the Egyptians want to show us that they are better than us.

    • menassie samuel says:

      Because the Egyptians want to show us that they are better than us

    • Lorely lorely says:


    • princessnina says:

      @menassie samuel I’m an Egyptian and you don’t make any sense
      could you explain more why do u think that

  • She Bre says:

    The day Sudanese government Stop Entertaining sneak Egyptians, Sudanese will be fine. Egypt is saved from this flood so far is because of Aswan dam..all this damage would haven’t happened if Sudanese offisals were wise

    • princessnina says:

      why bring Egypt into this

    • boka kamal says:

      We are not entertaining any party, we have our own interests that may sometimes clash with Ethiopian or Egyptian.

  • game man says:

    Save everyone of the Rohingya at sea now before any child dies of thirst! Some of them have been at see for 6 months or more!!!! Punish with the most brutal deaths those who have tortured and driven them out with genocide now!!!

  • Jaber Ettaieb says:

    Help Sudan

  • Kalle Sauerland says:

    They got enough boats they’ll be alright

  • raymond heighton says:

    2020 the gift that keeps on giving😑

  • Alexander quintero says:

    Make some lakes with the water … is good for the comunidad

  • Bekele Gutema says:

    The problem will be worsen if GERD is not holding water. Sudanese people should support Ethiopian GERD.

  • ItzSammy says:

    first of all Khartoum should never be the capital in the first place its landscape and land is not suitable for living and second of all why are houses built literally next to the river


    Matthew 24:37-38-39 – As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be at the coming of the Son of Man. For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark. And they were oblivious, until the flood came and swept them all away. So will it be at the coming of the Son of Man.

  • Bruck A. Zerihun says:

    The GERD could solve all these problems

  • Imnackered Sirnackered says:

    wait didn’t Ethiopia build a dam? how is it flooding.

    • Diaeldin Ali says:

      Imnackered Sirnackered The seasonal rain in Sudan

  • kaleab haile says:

    This should be a sign for Sudan. The river is more than enough. Stop bullying Ethiopia

  • kenneth rukundo says:

    Is the issue of Ethiopia holding water at the new dam still an issue? Let them now beg Ethiopia to hold the water

    • Thomas Sissay says:


    • Yekuno Rutty says:

      True. Didn’t the Sudanese Initially complain that the water level was significantly decreased by GERD? Now flooding on the same river? How does this work?

    • Nicolas T says:

      Sadly, it’s one of those situations when people only learn the hard way.

  • ZionCrafter says:

    Ethiopia’s GERD dam could have prevented this. Another reason to support your brothers in Ethiopia ✊🏾

    • ZionCrafter says:

      Samir Salim tell me how. Explain your scientific reasoning please.

    • Samir Salim says:

      @ZionCrafter Ethiopia opened the gates of the dam because they didn’t complete construction on the dam and was unable to store more water

      So they opened the gates of the dam and this is what caused the flooding of Sudan
      The water is clearly clouded by silt

      That is, it came from behind the Ethiopian dam

    • ZionCrafter says:

      Samir Salim with all due respect this is utterly ridiculous. The water always has silt. There we’re record rains this season. The dam has actually made the floods less impactful. Imagine if the water that’s been held back was also flooding Sudan. If the dam is complete then both Sudan and Ethiopia can work together to control the flow during rainy season to prevent this type of flooding.

    • Menelik Tube says:

      @Samir Salim if we unable to store more water means water continues its way overflowing the walls,no reason to open or close gates.

    • boka kamal says:

      Sudan and the Sudanese general opinion are key supporters for the GERD construction since 2011, mainly to prevent or to reduce the floods that has been happening through the history in Sudan. We have no problem with Ethiopia building ten dams, we just want to reach a fair deal so we could have a daily data to safetly operate our dams. The main issue I want to point out is that you guys are taking your news from Egyptian social media, sources or some ُEnglish-speaking Arabic tv channels that are very biased when it comes to Egypt. Those media outlets will portray it as Sudan is siding with Egypt, while in fact Sudan has his own interests.

  • muqtada bin Alhadi says:

    Our hearts are with you, the people of Sudan ❤

  • Mariam Nantale says:

    Subhanallah Subhanallah

  • GEDION at Physics, Math, Electro-Mechanics & Optics says:

    They will benefit greatly if water is stored within colder region of Ethiopia. Let us build more dam.

  • Samir Salim says:

    the Ethiopian dam caused in Sudan floods

  • Ketki Doshi says:

    God save to Sudan

  • Samir Salim says:

    Ethiopia opened the gates of the dam because they didn’t complete construction on the dam and was unable to store more water

    So they opened the gates of the dam and this is what caused the flooding of Sudan
    The water is clearly clouded by silt

    That is, it came from behind the Ethiopian dam


    Sudan become secular nation that news about climate change.

  • d jack says:

    Great reporting as always

  • d g says:

    Sorry about your problems but move away from natural habitats.

  • Subbing to everyone who subs to me says:

    They removed islam as state religion . Straight after this happens

  • Rubagyengyera pan africanist says:

    They should stop fighting over Nile waters otherwise next time God will make it dry & starve them. Nature is nature

  • Chris Co says:

    God protect Sudan 🇸🇩❤️🇱🇧

    • awab tariq says:

      Thanks man:)

    • Chris Co says:

      awab tariq ur absolutely welcome cuz Sudan stood with Lebanon when the explosion happened in Beirut and now I’m standing with u even though it’s mentally but it counts and I’ll keep praying for u guys❤️❤️❤️

  • Wakanda Wakanda says:

    Mafi kubza 😁😁😁

  • Chaudhary Sohail Rehman says:

    *Really Worst Situation Feeling V Sad*

  • Liberty One says:

    Here’s “Climate Change”.. Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall!