500,000 evacuated from Oregon as fires engulf US West Coast

In the US, half a million people have been ordered to leave their homes in Oregon, as wildfires continue to spread across the West Coast.
At least 11 people have now been killed in several affected states.
Al Jazeera’s Patty Culhane reports.

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183 thoughts on “500,000 evacuated from Oregon as fires engulf US West Coast

  1. Siddharth Banerjee Reply

    The most polluted country in the world.

    • 1rod1fish Reply

      That will still be India


      He meant US taking over 😂😂😂


    Getting punished for sodomy

    • Mister Physics Reply

      ok boomer

    • Adam Fernandez Reply

      true 😂

    • SWAN VISTA Reply

      Getting punished for all SIN it is apparent. There is a curse over certain regions of land cause by the wicked that dwell on it. The United Nations is behind all this with their World Puppet Leaders. We do not battle against flesh and blood but against wicked powers and principalities in high places. Ephesians 6:12. JESUE IS KING and OUR ONLY HOPE now. Repents all Nations people to turn this around or the end is near. John 3:16.

  3. Kavish Algoo Reply

    It’s called global warming trump
    Oh yeah he does not believe global warming is real.
    Nice choice America nice choice

    • Anubis Reply

      Are you Jewish?

    • Joe Larucci Reply

      All leftist States.

    • Sharon T Reply

      Wrong. Google KJV 400yrs punish nations.
      God warring. Yahu

    • Akinwale segun Reply

      You are wrong about 2 things in your comments

    • naidz free Reply

      Joe Larucci yup because they all agree what liberals does ..

  4. Numan Hussain Reply

    Now whole states look like trumps face

    • Adam Fernandez Reply


    • Imran Nizam Reply


    • Aurangzaib Qazi Reply


  5. Tom Reply

    Run for your lives! Flee or get burnt alive! Mother Mary and jesus help us 🙏

    • Jessica Believe in God Reply

      What The word of GOD says is… Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead the third day… He was not just human ..he was and is The Messiah … The lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world…

    • Aurangzaib Qazi Reply

      @Jessica Believe in God “they surely disbelieve who say lo Allah is Messiah son of Mary.messiah himself said o children of Israel worship Allah my Lord and your Lord lo who saw ascribe partners to Allah for him Allah forbidden paradise his abode as the fire for evildoers.”
      “They surely disbelieve who say lo Allah is the third of three where there is no god save the one god if they desist from not saying so o painful doom will fall them who disbelieve.”

    • Aurangzaib Qazi Reply

      @Jessica Believe in God now I’m sending you a dialogue of Messiah son of Mary with Allah that is going to be in the day of judgement according to Holly Quran listen carefully,”when Allah said o Jesus son of Mary didst thou say unto mankind take me and my mother for to God’s besides Allah he said be glorified as it was not mine to utter that which I had no right”…..

    • Aurangzaib Qazi Reply

      @Jessica Believe in God “the Messiah son of Mary was not other than amessenger messengers like of whom vhad passed away before him and his mother was a saintly woman and they both used to eat earthly food see how we make the revelations clear for them and see how they are turned away”….. Al Quran

    • SWAN VISTA Reply

      Fool Mother Mary was a human and she has no power. Jesus is King. Silly billy. You must be confused by the Vatican Heresy for centuries now. You’re behind the times. The Catholic church has been the Universal Church of Cults for centuries. Heresy is a SIN Against God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Mary isn’t part of the Godhead. Wow been in a coma by chance???

  6. michael michael Reply

    It is the uncleaned floors. 🤣

  7. Mcwise Kk Reply

    Sorry but that’s exactly what you do to other countries now your feeling it

    • Asyia Suad Reply

      And that’s not even 10% of what they have done to other countries so imagine

  8. JAYA SKAN Reply

    What was the role played by the apa Nama idiots in the September 11th. terror attack?

  9. 1rod1fish Reply

    How many middle easteren s lost thier home and life from USA wars in west Asia?

  10. Raj Kokil Reply

    Great things happen often

    • Andethidial bubabibub Reply

      Burning woods impacts the world and I guess you’re a part of that dipshit..

    • O&E AUTOBODY Reply

      After tradgy time to rebuild affordable housing and construction jobs on the west coast

  11. David J Reply

    Trump against Envirmentalist???

    • SWAN VISTA Reply

      Don’t be a Fool this was human caused I can assure you and likely a curse upon the land of far Marxist Leftist One World Order Collaborators. God is not pleased with this generation and the role they play in fanning the flames of Satan. This has nothing to do with Trump. It’s all about the curses on your heads for your wickedness coming out of those Wicked Democrat led regions. Satan Puppets Eventually eat their own.

  12. tawheed ismail Reply


    • Aurangzaib Qazi Reply


  13. Uria Ax Reply

    Reminds me of Surah Ad-Dukhan

    • Aurangzaib Qazi Reply

      That smoke in surrah dukhan will gathered automatically it doesn’t need any fire

  14. Hamza Ghazi ً Reply

    0:38 Looks like Iraq and Syria, reap what you sow . No sympathy from me

    • Isa Muhammad Reply

      Allah is the best knows !!

    • Adam Fernandez Reply

      America is suffering because of its crimes for sure

    • Anne Allison Reply

      It’s not just America suffering. It’s everywhere. Evil spreads far and wide and knows no boundaries.

    • Uria Ax Reply

      @Adam Fernandez america is suffering because of its dumbass leaders and climate change. All pigs. Wouldn’t bother me one bit if they all magically vanished 🎭

  15. Gaming Tonight Reply

    Look at the video headline. Did the commentator use that phrase? Did the video even MENTION Oregon? I don’t want ANOTHER video on California that is headlined something else!

    • SWAN VISTA Reply

      Ditto. Lots of UN False Propaganda. UN has taken over at the bequest of the Democrat Puppet One World Order Globalist Fools and their followers.

  16. Crypted Zero Reply

    This looks like a nuclear war to me lol

    • Truth hurts Reply

      Whats so funny dipshit

  17. Dee Zee Reply

    Anyone find it ironic. First the emergency services are overwhelmed due to COVID, Then the police are overwhelmed due to the unrest and now the fire services are overwhelmed due to the out of control fires.

    • Mister Physics Reply

      Please show overwhelmed EMS. I’ll wait… lol

    • O&E AUTOBODY Reply

      And we faced each challenge, our systems are strong and good. My construction buddies will soon be working overtime

    • Austin Williams Reply

      @Mister Physics already happens in major cities

    • Austin Williams Reply

      without covid las vegas strip during summer

  18. Kelvin Reply

    Is this still china’s fault?

    • Charles Cheong Reply

      This whole inferno must have started from fireworks made in Chyna!

    • Aurangzaib Qazi Reply

      But how can China do this China already engaged in covid 19

    • SWAN VISTA Reply

      You must be a Fool Leftist. It’s a curse on your Leftist Land UN Puppet. Remember Satan Eats His Own.


    Feel sorry for them but cant help but say that it looks like the countries US liberated with bombs.

  20. Ateeq Sandu Reply

    Dear US you put enough fire everywhere tis iz jussst chmmaal pire phen chinaa rusiaaa and you play fire fire then be pire pire

    • O&E AUTOBODY Reply

      Heck off commie you doom and gloom never built anything anyone wants

    • 0 Fox given Reply


  21. Sohrab Hossain Forhad Reply

    They destroyed many mankind and town….

  22. Miss KittyCat Reply

    This is SO MESSED UP!!! Wtf is going on??
    This is heartbreaking.

    • unemployed64 Reply

      @Pandarian300 sure…

    • Pandarian300 Reply

      @unemployed64 maybe you need a trip to west coast to see the consequence of climate change ?

    • unemployed64 Reply

      @Pandarian300 maybe you need to take off your blindfold and learn about technology

    • Pandarian300 Reply

      @unemployed64 hey are you climate change denier ? cuz if you are then we have nothing to talk about here, peace and good luck out there.

    • naidz free Reply

      Pandarian300 there’s no such thing climate change …. It’s people change they turn into evil . People has to stand up and fight for evil antifa , evil liberals… if you don’t our next generation will not be able to enjoy an american dream anymore…

  23. pineapplesareyummy Reply

    200,000 dead from Covid, wildfires on the west coast, riots across US cities. If there is a God, maybe he is trying to send the Americans a message about their constant aggression against the rest of the world. Just this week, a report revealed 39 million people had to flee their homes in the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia due to the US War of Terror. 500,000 is nothing compared to that number.

    • Lagartha Reply

      Most of the people fleeing Middle East would be because of desert cult that calls it self a Religion of Peace but actually an oxymoron

    • pineapplesareyummy Reply

      @Lagartha The people in the Middle East were living in peace until the US unleashed its WAR OF TERROR on them. The US destabilises entire swathes of the world in order to dominate them and steal their natural resources.

    • Mister Physics Reply

      Hardly anyone dies of flu, they die of complications, like cancer, heart-disease, liver-failure. JFC crack a book.
      Media lie every Winter about “flu” related deaths to sell seasonal shots knocked up for 60 pence and charged to our NHS at £400 a pop.
      Follow the Money, it’s always about money.

  24. Shahjahan Kasi Reply

    May Allah save all from such calamities.

    • Jessica Believe in God Reply

      Not Allah . Lord Jesus Christ
      Ephesians 2:8-9

    • SWAN VISTA Reply

      Your Allah can’t help you He’s Dead. Wake up The UN is in Control of all Nations. 193 Nations Leaders are Colluding with the UN & WHO that Grew and Spread this Virus to bring about Global Control. Just watch and you will remember that I warned you. Our battle is not with flesh and blood but with wicked powers and principalities in High Places. Ephesians 6:12 Our World Leaders are ALL Corrupted. Jesus is King and our only Hope in this times. John 3:16.  
      When you Fan the Flame of Satan you GET BURNED.

  25. la mulata linda Martinez Reply

    Global warming 🔥🔥🔥 now do you get it? It’s Karma too, the souls of all the Native peoples, Africans and victims of your needless wars victims in, Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East are speaking to you America.

    • Isa Muhammad Reply

      Ignorance would never heed the warning. Read the classic work by the late James Baldwin – “Fire next Time”.

    • Jessica Believe in God Reply

      Matthew 16:3

      King James Version

      3 And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowering. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times?

    • RoTsAtCo KhTsGa Reply

      Amen. Gods vengeance

    • Truth hurts Reply

      You do realize all countries and tribes have blood on their hands. Take a history class WAP

    • Rick Halverson Reply

      Maybe quit building in the middle of the forest, something they never did hundreds of years ago. and when you do don’t use vinyl siding and asphalt shingles, that’s gasoline you numb nuts

  26. Hmm Mmm Reply

    BLM said they would, I guess they kept their word!

  27. John Reply

    Antifa thugs are setting them on.

    • Mister Physics Reply

      Antifa = antifascist = the good guys amirite.
      It makes you the fascist. Yikes.

    • Magnum Barsukoff Reply

      @Mister Physics antifa has been rioting, attacking people and trying to set portland on fire. They are not good people. There tactics and ideology are the same as fascism. Antifa = Fascism there name doesn’t follow there actions.

    • O&E AUTOBODY Reply

      American know how cleaning it up and rebuilding. Always a fight against the commies here

  28. Secret Boy Reply


  29. Dawood Suleiman Reply

    God is Punishing mankind in 2020.

    • Mister Physics Reply

      lol no

    • SWAN VISTA Reply

      No Satan is eating His Own and God is out of the picture because many in those regions People have been disobedient to God. Sadly some innocents are alway in the midst. When the wicked Fan the Flames of Satan they get burned. This has been a along time coming for the distraction coming out of Democrat States.

  30. Eb Reply

    People acting like only America is suffering or “under punishment from God.” Hello? Have you been paying attention to the global strife, famine, pestilence, and hatred on the rise?

    It’s not just America. It’s the entire world.

    • warlord romeo Reply

      It’s not just america but especially America.

  31. Evangel Reply

    A lot of politicians say we can’t afford a Green New Deal. If anything, we can’t afford to not have a Green New Deal.

  32. Monte Bank Reply

    No global warming right?

    • Mister Physics Reply

      Warming is not disputed, cause is. (whether is a natural cycle or caused by warmongers, big aggra big chema big pharma).
      All modern problems can be traced back to greedy immoral billionaire-class.

    • Monte Bank Reply

      @Mister Physics Thank you, a truly good view. I agree.

  33. brian kurth Reply

    West coast on fire, judgements of God for the little one who didn’t have a chance to live, because their life was taken before they were born.
    The land has cried out to The Lord, The Great Creator, and has moved Him to action.
    Wow to the earth, the fires will devour you and anything that gets in its way.
    Yet the Lord still extends His hand.

    Heavenly Father, have mercy on me, a sinner.
    I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God and that He died for me so I may have forgiveness for my sins.
    I believe in my heart that He rose from the dead, so I may have eternal life.
    Please forgive me of my sins and come into my life.
    I accept The Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Savior.
    Please give me the grace to fulfill Your Will.
    Please take control of my life and help me to serve you from this moment on.
    I am praying this prayer in The Name of Your Son, The Lord Jesus Christ.

  34. books from Windblown Reply

    This is some thing like a after apocalypse movie

  35. Till Schwenke Reply

    The most polluting society gets plagued by fires.. well that’s just fair. Australia and USA aren’t exactly role models of low energy consumption. In fact US americans use 2,5times more energy per capita than western europeans. And a lot of the common people are responsible by for example using far more electricity and driving far bigger cars. And proudly polluting. celebrating rolling coal etc. So that global warming comes around to bite their back particularly much seems like karma

    • Mister Physics Reply

      omg no, please don’t spread woo woo, Humanity belongs here, earth is our home, if you want to blame yourself, go right ahead but leave the masses out of it, WAR ACCELERATES climate issues, the rich arrange ALL WARS, ERGO, only a small few to blame for excessive GREED, ppl like bill gates, absolutely sinful greed, deadly sins

    • O&E AUTOBODY Reply

      Heck off commie, doom and gloom never rebuilt anything worth having

  36. Wang Lung Reply

    When you hate Trump, you really hate God, so you get to feel and see the awesome power from Heaven. Enjoy.

    • Mister Physics Reply

      god isn’t real tho, there is no daddy in the sky lol

    • Adam Fernandez Reply

      @Mister Physics Allah is real this is why evil never wins 😂

  37. Baladev brahmachari Reply

    they destroy whole natural recourses and when there is shortage of rain thus fire take place … they find strange an unprescendent wildfire … strange is to see that they expect this to not happen today or tomorrow, nature will take revenge till the man change his materialistic e exploitish mentality

  38. Douglas Jones Reply

    I live east of Seattle. Ash is falling and the smoke is thick. Fire can’t be far behind. I’m going to try to head east over the mountains then south to my brother’s place.

  39. fcbarcao Reply

    Was it a boy or girl tho?

  40. Mister Physics Reply

    Land grab.

  41. OneShot Reply

    Malachi 4:1: “For behold, the day is coming, burning like an oven, when all the arrogant and all evildoers will be stubble. The day that is coming shall set them ablaze, says the Lord of hosts, so that it will leave them neither root nor branch.



    • O&E AUTOBODY Reply

      Construction jobs be booming

  43. Chef Sanders Reply

    It amazes me that people are using this tragic situation as a political weapon to beat the other side with…… just look at the comments by the asshats below. Congrats on being a partisan hacks and NOT humans.

  44. Isaac Boisvert Reply

    weve been devastated here in Oregon and our governor kate brown should be fired kicked to the dam curb

    • O&E AUTOBODY Reply

      Tradgy now time to rebuild despite commie brown

  45. Dan And The Lions Den Reply

    Oregonian here and we all know this isn’t natural.. 7-10 fires in a matter of days?

  46. Watching the Hawks Reply

    Nuke Tue flames.

  47. Pandarian300 Reply

    this look like some post-apocalyptic scenery

  48. Seattle Kiwi Reply

    They have caught arsonist setting wildfire along a roadside in western Washington. If anyone sees conspicuous behavior please report it. Fighting wildfire is hard enough without malicious intentions added on to the terrible phenomenon where people and wildlife are dying! Stay vigilant.

  49. abdullah sheikh Reply

    Americans does not understand that israel control there

  50. Kristie Hansen Reply

    Instant management team. What is an instant management team? Is it a instant fire creation and management.
    These fires have been created by the treasonous government employees working for the United Nations. Their agenda for the twenty first century.
    The covid 19 global exercise it is just a drill. Like the fire drills we all practiced in school.
    These fires are created.

  51. bulsho gargar Reply

    I hope the fire continues until it consumes the white house

  52. urbanesasquatch Reply

    They should have done a better job of raking up the underbrush, like Trump said.

    • Carl Johnson Reply

      Yep very true. It’s almost like whatever Trump says they intentionally do the opposite. Now if the native Americans advised them instead of trump to follow those same steps, controlled burnings, removal of dry dead underbrush etc, they might have listened but even then it’s doubtful as these liberals are morons.

    • Dabo Reply

      thats so much work that it is simply impossible. You obviously are very dumb and have no sense how huge those areas are.
      I mean jesus christ that was so stupid from trump, probably in the top 1000 stupid things trump said

    • NofaceATM NofaceATM Reply

      If it wasn’t for Trump, Antifa and BLM wouldve murder millions of people.

  53. Usdia Sujatmaka Reply

    Sorry for the fire disaster, hope american people get back to normal. Many areas in the world have been burned down by us weapon and take time and money to recover

    • SWAN VISTA Reply

      Wrong the Chaos is coming out of the United Nations and their wicked puppets worldwide. Many regions worldwide have been disobedient to God. Many Regions in the West are full of Communist leaning Marxist types that have SINNED against God. They reap what they sew. Many Nations have been set ablaze worldwide. Only the UN Viral War Creators are responsible for this along with their wicked clans. They are everywhere. Jesus is King and God will not be mocked. He is almighty God. This will never turn around until the belligerent get on their knees and repent their SIN in Jesus Name.

  54. 65wiseman Reply

    Trump won’t lift a finger to help.

  55. Dawn9476 Reply

    Actually, it ended up 46,000 evacuated. Someone must have added an extra 0 by mistake.

  56. sahil malak Reply

    What goes around comes around!

  57. Md. Mohitul Haque Evan Reply

    Its okay, US is the DEVIL

  58. Twisted Heretic Reply

    Hmmm least it’ll be green when everything grow back.

    • O&E AUTOBODY Reply

      After tradgy is fresh start, construction jobs booming on the west coast

    • Twisted Heretic Reply


  59. Rick Halverson Reply

    Oregon… Give me a break. They’re burning their own cities down on purpose, just pretend it’s another evening of BLM, just another peaceful protest 🤷‍♂️

    • O&E AUTOBODY Reply

      Heck off commie

  60. Acacia Silva Reply

    2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋

  61. Иван Илчев Reply

    Poor cattle, who’s gonna feed all those animals now? 🙁

  62. Asiyah David Reply

    Contact me if you want to be my Boyfriend 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  63. CHYESENG YAP Reply

    good special effects !!! just like Hollywood movies

    • vibe SUMR Reply

      Are you stupid or just want some clout?

  64. Ayesha Stone Reply

    Very happy 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  65. SkankHunt42 Reply

    The people trying to say this has nothing to do with global warming are a death cult.

    • SWAN VISTA Reply

      This has to do with the wickedness out of the United Nations that has Conned you all about this Global warming. Can you read? UN Agenda 21 / 2030 & the 17 Sustainable Development Goals Hiding behind the UN Green Mask will be your destruction eventually. You fan the flames of Satan and you’re surprised??? Grab a brain fool Satan and his Muppets always Eat their Own. The Chaos is created by you yourselves with your disobedience to Almighty God. God does not protect the Wicked. God has given you free agency and this is where your type of wicked free agency has brought you sadly. God is your only Hope otherwise this is it. Repent and stop with the Globalist Foolishness. These fires were set by your own Leftist Cult.

  66. Aidenn Pearcee Reply

    God is angry. Better start praying and stop sinning.

  67. CJ7 girl Reply

    ALL Dem run states are having major disasters!
    Why? Follow the $! Who profits? Who do they make to “look” bad?

    Scientists purposely set wild fires… It’s called “crown fires”..
    Corona means crown too…

    Covid is a planned-demic… EVENT 201

  68. CJ7 girl Reply

    The Majority of fires are being set on purpose…. Again! Follow the money! Follow who benefits from this disaster!

    The deepstate satanic globalists cult and their puppets are!

    Coronavirus is patented
    Covid was a planned-demic… Event 201

    Don’t listen to MSM which are owned by the deep State satanic globalists cult!

    Satan is angry that Trump is trying to stop their evil plan to destroy America!

    Why are all dem states are the only ones being hit with such tragedies!?!
    Stop being gullible Mkultra sheeple zombies!

    Coronavirus just as the fires are all on purpose! Covid is a planned-demic… Event 201 video…
    Democrat states are run by corrupt politicians who care NOTHING for the citizens, only emergency relief money! And to push their “climate change agendas”!

    Just as a ring of arsonists were caught last time, this time, I pray that those who are orchestrating the fires will be caught, stopped, fined and imprisoned for life! The people who are systematically setting the major fires on purpose should be put away for a very very very long time.

    These fires in the democrat states (again) are being set on fire. On purpose…..
    Not only does the State get “emergency funds” but the federal reserve gets to charge interest on top of it! House, car and life insurance costs jump! Lumber cost prices jump!
    All profits
    For the local government leaders!
    All profits for large corporations!
    All profits for the deep State satanic globalists cult!
    Remember when a ring of arsonists were caught last year? This year it’s the same thing! Follow the money! Follow those who will profit from it!

  69. Chyna Piper Reply

    Hi Guys 😍💋 💝💖

  70. Ayesha Stone Reply

    Hi Guys 😍💋 💝💖

  71. Milan Vaughn Reply

    Really nice 👌 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  72. Norris Freund Reply

    Trump not believe on clima change
    Trump : Corona is a new hoax….
    OVER 180.000 DEATH
    Trump is dangerous for all Americans.
    God bless, I live in Germany.
    We have DR Merkel

  73. O&E AUTOBODY Reply

    After tradgy construction jobs will boom. We need more affordable housing

  74. unemployed64 Reply

    Nice DEW test site…this is how “they” force you to move to another place. Centralising people has never been so easy.

  75. Ron Evans Reply

    It’s great that a lot of the people who have brains to know the truth can see right through the lies these governors portray. the laws they passed that involve no more cutting down trees and slash burning which helps maintain to keep fire danger to a minimum. Though I do believe we do have a climate issue the governors in CA., OR., WA. are just enhancing the issue not helping to make things better for the climate. So who is to blame – the governors and there laws not the climate.

    • SWAN VISTA Reply

      Wrong wrong wrong. What have you been in a coma? It’s the United Nations and their puppets in high places. They will be our destruction. Don’t believe me just watch. There is a curse over your land because the citizens have been disobedient to God. God will not be mocked. You are unprotected because of the SINS of those Marxist States. When you Fan the Flames of Satan YOU GET BURNED.

  76. Shaigh S Josephson Reply

    More than 26 fires were set within 24 hours of the Feds shutting down the Portland riots… There’s no playing stupid about who did it… 👿

    • SWAN VISTA Reply

      No doubt who done it…UN Puppets, Antifa, Leftist Cultists, BLM, the far left politicians that conned you all into believing their BS. When you’re disobedient to your Creator God this is what happens in the long run. You reject God and God leaves you to yourselves. This is what you wanted this is what you got. Have at it. This is all Democrat and UN Collusion silly. There is a might curse over regions of the land of the Disobedient to God. I’d recommend you get on your knees and repent otherwise this is nothing to what you will see in the future. You fan the Flames of Satan and you GET BURNED.

  77. I Keresztes Reply

    ENDE 💸💸💸💰🏡🏠🏖🔥🔥🔥

  78. ygg drasil Reply

    Get used to it. 420ppm CO2 atmospheric. And rising.

    • SWAN VISTA Reply

      LOL I can always tell who the Fool Democrat Leftists are with your out of touch idiotic comments. You guys are really brainwashed. lololOLOLOOLLLLLL The UN has you by the Throat and you don’t even know it. Ridiculous Cult of silly people. You’re truly doomed and unaware that you have a curse over your land for your Disobedience to GOD. You fan the Flame of Satan and then wonder why you got burned. LOL These events are self imposed with a lot of help from you Antifa UN Puppet Devils BLM included. They don’t give a care about Black Lives. They kill and pillage their own every day. When will you Stop being such a fool?

  79. Jonny Gage Reply

    Lol crazy! Global warming is no joke! Dumb religion’s people deserve to be ended.

  80. Daddo And Son. Reply

    These fires were deliberately started

  81. Dale W Reply

    Arson is suspect

  82. Ashley Bainter Reply

    The message from God is the boats are sinking and the ore is gone. It’s simple to figure that out. In America. And nope it’s not just America. That is Babylon government headquarters though. How is the Vatican holding up? Is it? I can only view their destruction if God’s kingdom reports it to me. Or for me at the moment.

  83. Jeff Miller Reply

    Antifa fires destroyed people’s lives. That’s the real news.

  84. Kengkuan Lee Reply

    From demonstrate, the virus and now the fire , has show America government inability to handle

    • naidz free Reply

      why not ask the liberal who does not stop and the ccp

    • Kengkuan Lee Reply

      @naidz free wonder Donald trump will give a dead figure on these fire for him to claim he did a good job

  85. An Jin San Reply

    Trump: Global warming is a hoax. Coronavirus is a hoax. What you see is an illusion. It will go away MAGICALLY. No need to flee. He didn’t want to cause panic. After you are DEAD. He said I did a great job…….I succeeded in keeping you calm. ETERNALLY –

    His solution: Spray fire with bleach….or NUKE it.

  86. God dimm Donald Trump v Reply

    Michael Richard Pompeo has no countermeasures. what are you doing? Ignore the disaster in my own country and waste American resources to take care of Hong Kong, China? Does the United States hire you to help Hong Kong do things? Can you face American citizens as Secretary of State? Do you want us to give up your position?

  87. Hubby Bubby Reply

    Everyone in utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. Keep your eyes out and mark down any out of state automobile you see out in the woods and where. If a fire starts in the area give the plate number to the cops.

  88. iDIGITAL Reply

    Devils suffering

  89. Jeff Miller Reply

    Nancy is part of the Devils work. By by Nancy

  90. Jeff Miller Reply

    I fear no evil !!!!!!

  91. Jeff Miller Reply

    I’m pretty sure that the far left wants me dead. Wow! What he hec maybe the fat left wants all believers to keep their mouths shut. You’re being bullied

  92. 0 Fox given Reply

    I live in Washington , in the valley no where near the fires . When I woke up this morn our sky was literally smoke w/ a golden hue all day . I’ve never seen anything like it . Very erie .

    • SWAN VISTA Reply

      I live in Canada and today woke up to smoke and grey skies. That’s surreal. There are more fires then these. When Leftist Fan Satan’s Flames they get burned. When you are disobedient to God then no Protection from Evil sadly. By the measure that you do to others it will be done to you. The wicked of the world have brought Curses upon their lands. God will not be mocked. When you get in bed with evil then evil happens whether your’e on the left or right. Doesn’t matter. Nations must repent for selling off God’s land to the Wicked and Evil United Nations and their Elite Puppets. Repent your’e disobedience to God or you will walk in the desert for 40 years or whatever God decides.

  93. Eugene C Reply

    all those senior officials are stupid idiots including trump. There should have been conservation efforts on the west coast making sure there would not be tinder that could ignite into fires.

  94. Jeff Miller Reply

    So sad what the devil is doing and California is going to answer to god. Sorry Pelosi you going down

  95. SWAN VISTA Reply

    There is no doubt that some dark characters are setting these fires or this may be punishment for unrepented Sins against God and His People. God protects those that honour him and leaves those that reject Him to fend for themselves. There is no protection for the disobedient of GOD. Satan eats his own eventually. No State or Nations wants the belligerent leftists colluders in their cities. Who would? They bring strife, pestilence, fire and curses upon the land. As for the innocent that have been Hit tragedy by this tragedy are you right with Almighty God. Are you under Christ’s protection. Have you been repentant or have you brought this punishment upon your selves??? Marxist Socialist Communist Ideologies will bring much grief to participants. IN a Blink of an Eye it can happen.

  96. warlord romeo Reply

    Awaking warnings for america the most powerful country on the earth from Allah subhanatala.

  97. S k Reply

    May God curse upon those War criminals and their children die as a Virgin.

  98. Joseph Mason Reply

    We need to build a wall on Americas west coast to block all people from Washington Oregon and California from entering America

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