Talks between Afghan government and Taliban open in Qatar

It has been 19 years since the September 11 attacks in the United States.
Almost 3,000 people were killed, and the lives of many more were changed forever.
Memorials have been held across the country.
And this year, crowds were limited for the first time due to COVID-19 pandemic.
Al Jazeera’s Kristen Saloomey reports.

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119 thoughts on “Talks between Afghan government and Taliban open in Qatar

  1. zia khan Reply

    Finally Some Good News

  2. Mani USA Reply

    Peace is the only way not an endless war,all foreign troops should leave and let the Afghan solve their problem.

  3. JAYA SKAN Reply

    All these years, the Talibans have been made to look like fools by the apa Nama idiots! It is time for them to expose the apa Nama idiots for making them look like fools all these years!

  4. Anas Belmont Reply

    All the people learn from the taliban if you fight for what you believe for not even America can beat you

    • J H Reply

      @Anas Belmont the US armaments use depleted uranium. The type of radiation identified near Fallujah and near Tallil Air Base was thorium, a different type of radioactive material. WHO investigated and could find no links to the US military.

    • Anas Belmont Reply

      J H what no links the new york times say it’s usa fault the intercept Jeremy scarhill say it usa fault about those kids what could be those birth defects reason saddam wmd who were never found

    • J H Reply

      @Anas Belmont Huffington Post did too, but none of them are scientists, researchers or doctors. They also ignore the fact that no qualified research has determined a link. You also ignored the fact of depleted uranium versus thorium. US weapons don’t use thorium, which is primarily used in nuclear reactors for power generation.

    • Anas Belmont Reply

      J H ok what is the reason for these birth defects ohhhhh wait I remember the us boomed fallujah with white phosphorus booms too

    • J H Reply

      @Anas Belmont WP is a conventional munition, not radioactive. You are reaching for hypotheticals. It is possible the thorium is/was ground contamination but again, that’s a hypothetical.

  5. Peruvian Gentian Reply

    REPENT. No human government can solve any problems. It will only get worse. The ruler of this world is satan, this is why there is so much suffering. Salvation is through Yeshua, the son of the only true God, Yahuah. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY.

  6. Louise 99 Reply

    Mike pompeo is a joke ‘ look in your hearts” …he hasn’t got one. The USA created all this unrest in the middle east. Starting with Iraq. WMD…..where? Even the British BS about WMD, it was an illegal war.

  7. mikaeel throne Reply

    Whatever it may be sharia law must follow in afghanistan..

  8. Jungle Fun Videos Reply

    The victory is for Afghan taliban not Afghanistan. Just don’t confuse them.

    • virtual mania Reply

      Us invasion is for Afghanistan not Taliban

    • spearofpower Reply

      victory is for All war weary afghan people. Stop causing problem.

    • Jungle Fun Videos Reply

      @virtual mania afghan forces helped US against afghan talibans. I don’t know how people speak without looking at what’s happening.

  9. Danish Bhat Reply

    Afghanistan ” The graveyard ” Of super powers 💪💪

  10. I S Reply

    That so called Afghan government is just a Puppet of INFIDELS,we need the ISLAMIC LAW AND ISLAMIC EMIRATE.

  11. 1p p Reply

    I’ve seen this, in Homeland the tv drama🧐

  12. khansaeed9999 Reply

    The army of imam mahdi

  13. MOIN KAMAL Reply

    Great job by President Trump.

  14. prospecops Reply

    You only come to the table when you are losing very badly. And I don’t think after 19 years the Taliban are only now losing badly. Must mean Afghan Government are on losing side.

  15. jamal6438 Reply

    Pakistani people are so brainwashed by their government Pakistan is the main problem in Afghanistan.where the taliban live ? Pakistan . Where they get money and support ? Pakistan where they get brainwashed ? Pakistan .

    • Modi is Hindu Aatankavaadee Reply

      You are brainwashed.Taliban leaders live in Qatar.Taliban receive support from Iran and Russia too.Afghans
      are too scared to criticise Iran and Russia.Iran killed dozens of Afghans a couple of months ago but
      Afghan government kept silent.Pakistan helped Afghans to kick out Russia.Pakistan accepted 6 million Afghan
      refugees.Pakistan allows Afghanistan access to sea ports yet the Afghans keep spweing venom against Pakistan.

    • jamal6438 Reply

      Modi is Hindu Aatankavaadee during Russian war Pakistan received billions of dollars from us and Arabs … and Pakistan used this refugee to fight against Russia .. and also got billions of dollars from United National because of the refugees. ( 40 years ago Pakistan wasn’t rich country to support refugees and help to fight against Russia ) taliban has office in Qatar 🇶🇦 but they are not living there with their families. They have training camp and their families are living in Pakistan . Time is change now . It’s not 1990 any more Pakistan want it’s interest in Afghanistan that’s why they don’t want strong Afghan government. U just heard or told from people who were stupid like u . Millions of Pakistani been allowed in uae . Eu and us what’s the problem?

  16. mert maeva ܣܧ Reply

    Talk should be fruitful and sincere for peace not for simply keeping on shining those chairs and tables.

  17. umer Sheikh Reply

    Mashallah Talibans are the real ispamic heros of the modern world…live long Taliban

    • Ataşirke Tapma Reply

      Yes only the murted and munafiqun hate them ☝️

  18. Psm Reply

    The islam religion is aafim ,made humane creatute। ene my of humen

  19. Faiz Malik Reply

    Mujahidin Taliban and Afghanistan the graveyard of superpower

  20. afzaal Gujjar Reply

    Very good step

  21. Blue Lion Reply

    Long live the Taliban! Long live the Islamic emirate of Afghanistan!

  22. Monis Rajput Reply

    Allah please ensure peace in Afghanistan . it was quite heartbreaking to see wounded and dead people there .

  23. MeRFyn._. Reply

    good video love to watch this channel subscribe me please and like

  24. Idris zabi Reply

    The black flags are coming and they’ll undo all the wrongs committed, hold on tight to your Imaan brothers, the intention should be to take part with them

    • Ice Queen Reply

      Your imaan is not worth anything! Keep your black flags inside your pants!

  25. read Is good Reply


  26. Tahir Zaman Reply


  27. Clenny Antonious braam Reply

    Israel is the fathers and mother of the world

  28. king of king Reply

    how harsh reality is that fighting and kiling in Afghanistan and they have safe havean in Qatar or us providing places .

  29. ভারতীয় কুক্তা মুক্ত বাংলাদেশ চাই Reply

    🇧🇩🇦🇫🇧🇩🇦🇫🇧🇩🇦🇫 💚✌✌✌

    • glitchy box Reply

      We helped your independence

  30. ahmedabdul baseer Reply

    May this peace talks prevails and put Afghanistan for peace living

  31. Raashid Mohammed Reply

    Long live Taliban and long live THE ISLAMİC EMİRATE OF AFGHANİSTAN

    • KinG of SomethiNG Reply

      Raashid Mohammed Death to Taliban its supporters, and the Khorasanies.

  32. Ali Haidari Reply

    Stanikzai v Stanikzai
    What a joke 😡😡😡

  33. Ali Haidari Reply

    Qatar itself is a puppet state to the America who gave refuge to a TERRORIST organisation in their country .

  34. virtual mania Reply

    May peace prevail in afghansthan and world

  35. November Alpha Reply

    Who’s the ñew Najibullah??

  36. Joshua Grover Reply

    Totally irony of the war in Afghanistan, US and its allies invade Afghanistan on the 7th October 2001, leading to the overthrow of the Taliban regime and to try to capture Osama Bin Laden, the US achieve the capture and kill of Bin Laden, but now after 19 years of war finally realise there not going to fullest defeat the Taliban and are now negotiating with the very people the West overthrow in the name of “the war on terror!” in the first place! The whole situation has come ‘full circle’ 🤣🤣

  37. Mahfouz Akon Reply

    Alhamdulillah, Go Ahead Afganistan. wishing from Bangladesh.

  38. সবুজ পাখি Reply

    We see so called people who care about women are too much in adultery. If only women could open their eyes, or I wonder may be many of the women are in love with this heinous activity so it does not matter to them. May Allah Guide us to the right path and save us from evil.

  39. Rohan Oniga Reply

    These are all for trump election. After election trump will remove Afghanistan from World map. Watch and see. Wake up you sleepy people. More then 50 years they are playing with you for peace. There is no peace for afghan people because they are sleeping always. They are doing everything for money.

  40. Rohan Oniga Reply

    If you people remembered the last election of Afghanistan. Dr. Abdullah and ashraf ghani was like killing each other. They was the wanted enemy of each other. Only in front of afghan people. But behind the people they was best friends. They was using sleepy afghan people protest to kill each other for them. But they was loughing behind the scenes


    Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan… govt support thaliban 💚💙❤

  42. POETRY MAN Reply

    Afghan Victory🇦🇫❤️🇵🇰

  43. Afghan Lion Reply

    Pakistan is worried now because their slaves are now negotiating with the Afghan government

    • Modi is Hindu Aatankavaadee Reply

      Pakistan is not worried.Pakistan wants peace in Afghanistan.Pakistan lost billions of dollars and 7000 people
      due to war in Afghanistan.Pakistan’s economy was hit badly because foreign investors and businesses stopped investing
      in Pakistan.Peace in Afghanistan will help Pakistan to increase its trade with Central Asian countries.

    • Afghan Lion Reply

      @Modi is Hindu Aatankavaadee Don’t make me laugh, Pakistan doesn’t want to see peace in Afghanistan and they sponsor the Taliban.

  44. Ghilzai Afghan Reply

    namekhuda namukhda! Talib jan zinda bashi ai qahraman! zamung attalan! zamung sher khan! sher dillan !

  45. Qurat ul Ain Abbasi Reply

    What America got …..Taliban defeated USA….Usa lost 6trillion dollars in Afghansitan ….in the.end the America came on peace deal and leaving the land of defenders ….

  46. Qurat ul Ain Abbasi Reply

    I hope this will create peace in Afghanistan …..Indians investiment on terrorism is gone into mud ….Taliban and Afghan govt came on deal with USA

    • Roman empire Reply

      Go live in cave worship your Taliban brothers

  47. Break 333 Reply

    Today the history is proof who makes the WAR in the world
    who makes war in Africa USA
    who makes war in Asia USA
    who makes war in Europe USA
    Today who makes WAR in Turkey and Greece USA
    Today all human rights in the world we need no war …

  48. Break 333 Reply

    today we need no war in Turkey and Greece …

  49. KinG of SomethiNG Reply

    So many Taliban smelly supporters in the comment section. 😒

  50. Ahmad Cheema Reply

    Long live AFGHAN TALIBAN
    Love AFGHAN TALIBAN from Pakistan
    ALLAH protect AFGHAN TALIBAN and Help them

  51. fuwaVAN Reply

    Why USA wants to 💩 every where

  52. Engineer Reply

    Good step 👍

  53. Franklin Karunakaran Reply

    Women need to be fully liberated.

  54. Reed OTK Reply

    This is just to identify and learn there leaders

  55. ameer amr Reply

    Nice, we are one

  56. abhishek unni Reply

    Taliban and Afghan government can be diplomatic but Israel and Arabs doing so is taboo, pretty sure your compass is messed up.

  57. Truth Teller Reply

    Thumbnail of two most untrustworthy people.

  58. cool light Reply

    Afghan govt is a puppet regime installed by US. It does not represent the people of Afghanistan.

  59. David Salt Reply

    This is just what the doctor ordered. An Islamic country brokering peace between other Islamic countries. America has wanted out for over 10 years. Now they get to go. The Taliban have huge responsibility on their shoulders.

  60. محمد علقمہ بن مولانا سلمان قاسمی Reply


  61. محمد علقمہ بن مولانا سلمان قاسمی Reply

    I greet my ⁦❤️⁩Taliban⁦❤️⁩ brother

  62. Muzammil Amer Reply


  63. jamal jan Reply

    We dont believe in USA peace

  64. king afg A.A Reply

    Taliban are devil 😡😡

  65. sahar sahil Reply

    Ma sulha mekhayem jang basss
    Mard asten ghairat konin Afghanistan ra az desty talib daesh nejat beten

  66. hhh 12 Reply

    Talibans are the best example of fight for freedom

  67. Raj Kumar Reply

    Afghanistan is a graveyard for its own people

  68. Shadmaan Akhand Reply


  69. majid ali Reply

    Aik taraf upper sy nechy tak apny libas malboos mukammal momin dosri taraf upper sy nechy gulami ky libas main malboos gulam.

  70. Lolrtfyu Lolytfru Reply

    Defeated Soviets, defeated the Americans. Taliban the best warriors of the world.

  71. Saleem Khan Reply

    Defeated American’s faces with lowering their eyes are indicating success of Afghanistan Taliaban. Indian defeat also appears on the faces of Ajet Doval and prejudice Hindu people.

  72. Lucky Sky Reply

    The financier of taliban is brokering peace talks 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  73. Masud Sadat Reply

    Taliban is controlled by Pakistan. Every suicide mission is to destabilize Afghanistan so the Pakistanis can reach geopolitical interests in the region.

  74. Masud Sadat Reply

    Crook USA is not to be trusted either. They only colonize ! The only good people is the Afghans themselves for Afghabistan. Amrullah Saleh and Dr Abdullah

  75. Aedin Ridmash Reply

    Now Taliban will destroy Afghanistan after USA.
    Mark my words, one have to die in order to get peace.

  76. REAL LIFE Reply

    I thought Talibans were terrorist bad people and America was very powerful country😂🤔

  77. 321shack Reply

    This guy is a country seller. He needs to be treated like the Taliban’s himself. For letting the Taliban’s get away every time.

  78. Ahmed Biland Reply

    Power is yours, God is ours. Long live Islamic Emarat Of Afghanistan.


    Taliban is Allah soldier but Afghan government is traitors and enemy of Allah Taliban zindabad

    • glitchy box Reply

      Yeah the army surrenders were fantastic


    Now all afgan immigrants must be sent back

  81. Baba Tora Reply


  82. Danish Hasan Reply

    Insha Allah Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan

  83. الله اکبر Reply

    My only hope is from court Exalted of Allah, that is all I got to say.
    حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل

  84. SUPREOR LEO Reply

    Long live Taliban. The true freedom fighters. Love and respect from Bangladesh.

  85. Zafar Iqbal Reply

    Strange how people sit and lie with ease. Master of lies again and again. trueth is buried under ground. Lies thrives 😤🤔

  86. TruthSeeker Reply

    Love to Afghan Talibans… real heroes and representatives of Afghanistan 🇦🇫 ❤️❤️

  87. Rehemdil Sultan Reply

    Love from Indian occupied Kashmir we’re your waiting

  88. Saba Parveen007 Reply

    U both leaders unite and free Palestine 💪 more power to u..

  89. Mir Hadi Reply

    Taliban zindabad, Afghanistan zindabad

  90. Mir Hadi Reply

    Long live Afghan Taliban , may Allah protect him, love from Pakistan 🇵🇰

  91. Imran Hayat Reply

    So American accepted its defeat. Lol

  92. john wick Reply

    Looks like the soil of afghanistan is no longer fertile…. US government gets a cut on every on every ounce of weed…. Because afghanistan is the largest exporter under US gov. … They want money and the filth out of their country that’s why the US soliders….. Now the business is no longer profitable…

  93. Mohammad Sadi Reply

    Love u taliban

  94. Omar Jeylani Reply

    After several years of USA bombing Afghanistan now they are mediator. USA will never admit to the opponent that they are defeated. They withdraw their troops or they include the European into their war or they will ask for peace.

  95. Hub li Reply

    ALLAH is the greatest

  96. Ibrahim Somali Reply

    Big mistake .i see Secretary mike pompeo in there , he is zionist christian currently doing crusade on muslim countries all over the world. He is literally bible eschatology warmonger. How dumb are these people. I think they dont know their arbitrary nor do research who is meddling their dispute. Usa have interest to have Afghanistan in their domain as vassal state just like many muslim countries. According to Usa government narrative they will try to eliminate the taliban politically what they never did military. Pure proxy game.


    YOU MEAN TALKS BETWEEN TALIBAN AND U.S PROXIES or to be precise talks between taliban and puppet dogs.

  98. Bergr B Reply

    Taliban and Afghan government should come together. Hug eachother, forgive eachother and unite.

  99. Mian Reply

    Afghan Govt is just a Kabul Administration formed by U.S .. nothing more 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Real power in afghanistan are Taliban who control 80% afghan area 🤣🤣🤣

  100. Winston Rodrigues Reply

    Defeat after defeat for USA.

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