earthrise – Rain Catchers

2020 9/14
earthrise - Rain Catchers

Using sand dams to turn once arid soil into fertile farmland.



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  • gramirez00 says:

    great that they are making their lives better as a comunity, just wondering what the unforeseen consequences might be, depending on the scale I guess (like everything climate related)

  • geneiium says:

    wonderful !! Still we live because of these kind of people……

  • Eric Martin says:

    The sandy section would be an absolutely perfect place to put solar collectors. The sand is there partly to provide protection from evaporation, so the shade from the collectors might enhance that effect as well as providing power.

    • Bernard Finucane says:

      Except it floods in the rainy season. The water pours over the dam. But I agree about the solar panels being protection against sunlight. In that climate you can probably grow crops under the panels.

  • Eric Martin says:

    A lot of them are, and the American government hates them.

  • Antking1117 says:

    wowwww amazing story

  • Verde Laine says:

    Beautiful story. So many great things happening in Africa we rarely hear.

  • King Jiggah says:

    genius this guy is pure genius👍👍👍😁

  • BigSchool says:

    Excellent story right there!

  • juscurious says:

    Women doing the work. That’s common across Africa, and is a huge part of the problem in most of the continent. Where are the men? Some do work in farming, but many sit around not doing much. Big problem. Men should be out front on this.

    • B uppy says:

      You are blind. There are as many or more men working as there are women.

    • Darubini2 says:

      It’s not always as simple a case as that of men just sitting around doing nothing. As indicated by one of the community workers, responsibilities are divvied up and in this case women took the helm and onus. However, in many rural communities there is a dearth of men because most leave for the urban areas to seek employment leaving their wives behind.

    • Magno Braga says:

      Better results everywhere when they support and fund woman.

    • derechteBenderBaer says:

      Most of the man are on the way to live of wellfare in some european countrys.

  • oyinbo peppe says:

    White People are so clever, they teach us many things.

    • B uppy says:

      The sand dam is newish technology but not necessarily devised by Caucasians alone, however harvesting water from the sand is knowledge supplied by the Africans, themselves…

    • nun says:

      🤦🏾‍♂️ look up a Zimbwabwean man called Zephanians Phiri. He is the originator of whole movement in rainwater harvesting. Africa just has a problem in promoting it’s own.

    • MY FRIEND says:

      Yes they are very clever to steal other property..

    • MrRasZe says:

      sand dams were invented by a black man who as a child got beat everytime he spilled the water…but yeah some of these dams are funded by the west

  • oyinbo peppe says:

    Haven’t Africans ever heard of funnels? They waste half their water.

  • Akbar, Allard Freichmann says:

    Keep up the good work and keep on learning.

  • Francis Lim says:

    Terracing and swales traps water forcing it underground,these changes the environments into a fertile land.Grows Kudzu vines which are hardy and very fast growing,its very nutritious to humans and livestock,dig around trees so that it’s trap some water and compost,grows many kinds of food and fruits trees to creates abundance,Moringa trees is worth mentioning,very nutritious leaves.

  • James Doerr says:

    It is a shame mainstream media does not cover stories like this.

    • MrRasZe says:

      MSM dont want people to have hope…its all doom and gloom

    • Keyboard runner says:

      As if Al Jazeera wasn’t mainstream media…

  • II says:

    dam! that’s a lot of sand.

  • Aungsan Oo says:

    Great Job! I am impressed!

  • nun says:

    Wow in Zimbabwe we have the exact same proverb.

    • MrRasZe says:

      what, squash a flea with two fingers

    • aleppo says:

      We Africans are one people.

    • nun says:

      @MrRasZe yes we say “chara chimwe hachiurayi inda.” Word for word it’s the same proverb.

  • ARAHA says:

    Sand dams are worth every investment. It transforms the landscape, sustains both human and animal lives, and brings communities together.

  • Song Weaver says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this amazing story!

  • Ollie vw says:

    ‘I have employed myself here’ that’s dignity there

    • Callum Gillman says:

      @Ollie vw Brisbane Aus… No job.. started transforming 4.7acres of waste land into big Hugerkulture beds for vegies.. I also have a startup making lights for less fortunate ppl and disaster relief and I’m currently trying to get funding to start the 1 Stop Research park to solve the plastic processing problem…. that’s in Scotland, Pertshire…

    • xaviersire siv says:

      @Callum Gillman hugelkultur is hard work brother.try ruth stout or any permakultur build.

    • Callum Gillman says:

      @xaviersire siv i will google it now! However I used weed trees to create canopy to shade native trees and now I have tonnes of wood so it’s working out well.. bonus, steep block so big logs act like dam walls and terrace the slopes, holding lots more water now!

    • Judy Wallace says:

      Callum Gillman ,

    • Ollie vw says:

      Callum Gillman check a guy named Richard Perkins. He has a youtube channel with hundreds if not thousands of vids on permaculture. I can also greatly recommend his book, very comprehensive and well thought out. I have both versions and the second version is the absolute bomb.

  • Bruce Angel says:

    A well head, a pump and plumbed houses are real possibilities.

  • Call Sharpening says:

    Beautiful 🤙🦘

  • PrecisionTreck says:

    Amazing! I am so proud of people truly making a difference instead of just using climate change to gain voters.

  • chru cas says:

    👍👌👏 Oh WOW, simply fantastic! Thanks a lot for making teaching recording editing uploading and sharing.
    Best regards luck and health to all involved people.

  • premwithme says:

    This is check Dam but their is one problem, the down stream flow of water get stopped and you literally killing a river. Check dams by upstream state just killed a river in my state and the river bed dry through the year

    • Madex One says:

      Not the same type of dams, this one let’s water overflow and go on to the ocean, it just stores a part of it and releases it slowly

    • Johnny Erinn says:

      @Madex One I guess he didn’t watch the video like us. He already had an idea right before watching it

    • O Pierben says:

      I read the wikipedia page, said that only 1-3% of the rainwater is retained in a single sand dam the rest continues along its natural route. There are a lot of contentious (non sand) dams here in the states that screw with different groups I just read about the Klamath water dispute, some f-ed up stuff

    • Back to the Old Way says:

      @Madex One Not enough water. Premwithme is right. The same happened in Zimbabwe because people didn’t understand the proper water management structures to use. Check dams are fine, if they don’t cut off water access to villages downstream. When they do cut off access, they cause more problems than they solve.

    • Samuel Williams says:

      There is no river. Just a path for erosion.

  • Mattaniah Matt says:

    Best of the Best ! Transforming the Landscapes and deserts into green pastures, wow.

    Great presentation, very inspiring,

    I would trade the city life for the countryside anytime,

  • illusions77 says:

    Super, the best part is the farmers are self employed! Wish them the best.

  • Joshua A Martin says:

    some permanent hand pumps so they don’t have to dig the sand ? 5:40

  • Driving around Japan says:

    Smart stuff. Great video.

  • Monte Bank says:

    Well done guys!

  • Pancho_99 says:

    You can feel the dignity and pride in their work shown by everyone featured in the video

  • Julie Scott says:

    Four stars on this video⭐⭐⭐⭐ for explaining, and showing the whole scope, and how the sand dams work. Amazing effect on the local landscape. Thank you!!!

  • Mohammed Ibrahim says:

    Welldone what positive

  • Chris Healey says:

    Hope good animal welfare is being taught to locals regards what to expect their donkeys other beasts of burden to do in a days work. Good video.

  • Lovemore Nk says:

    WOW they’re really oasis makers

  • Mani USA says:

    If your government couldn’t do it because they are corrupt,get united and do it yourself for your community.Working hard will give you daily bread.

  • 4,784,3 says:

    Yes you can my people believe in your self don’t wait foreign aid bc you can drink water with your our hands