Armenia, Azerbaijan agree ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh

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Armenia and Azerbaijan have agreed to a ceasefire and plan to start “substantive” talks over Nagorno-Karabakh, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Saturday, after nearly two weeks of fierce fighting in the disputed territory.

The breakthrough came after some 10 hours of talks in Moscow, in the early hours of Saturday morning.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar aidins2000 says:

    I am checking google map and it shows war is in Azerbaijan NOT in Armenia territories: It’s mean Armenian have occupied they neighbors land?

    • Avatar allah diyen ekmek says:

      aidins2000 some people tend to skip that part, yes you are right.

  2. Avatar Anuar Bin Abu Samah says:

    Attacking the soldiers it bounced back so they attempted to civilian

  3. Avatar Asmar Mammadova says:

    این افراد در منطقه جنگی نیستند. آنها غیرنظامی ، کودک🇮🇷 بودند. دنیای صلح دوست ، سکوت! ما به دنبال شما هستیم ، سازمان های بین المللی حقوق بشر! خرابکاری ارمنستان باید پایان یابد!

  4. Avatar Saleem Najar says:

    Nagorna Karabagh belongs to Azerbaijan.

  5. Avatar Amir Hasani says:

    What was the point of this conflict…really what was achieved?

  6. Avatar 2021 S1G2 02 CHEN CHAK FUNG LUCAS says:

    What a short war

    Thank god.

    • Avatar 2021 S1G2 02 CHEN CHAK FUNG LUCAS says:

      ONKY a few weeks,and many died 🙁

  7. Avatar Usman Khan says:

    Al Jazeera news very good things

  8. Avatar Usman Khan says:

    Allah Turkey and Azerbaijan ko kahambiyabi ahta fermave ammen summa ammen

  9. Avatar Kalito Croatoan says:

    Russia should move in troops and end this war….If Russia places it troops in between they will not fire…

  10. Avatar ik network says:

    If there is a war forest between Armenia and Azerbaijan, then in that case, the most damage will be done to America, Russia, France and Israel because the weapon to fight comes from all these countries.

    • Avatar hvhh vvggg says:

      How will it damage them?

  11. Avatar All Is One says:

    This is a great affort from Russia to helded the ceasefire between Azarbayjan and Armenia….

  12. Avatar Toni Karol says:

    This is what islam is all about :murder and conquer

  13. Avatar Hafize Nuruyeva says:

    We had a passive war situation for 30 years, since Armenia has occupied Nagorno Karabakh and 7 regions around it in 1991-1994. As a result, more than 800,000 Azerbaijanis were expelled from their homes. Later, Armenia declared Nagorno Karabakh as an independent country but no country, including Armenia, has recognized it as one. In fact, armenian troops are protecting the occupied territories, and armenian officials regularly visit these Nagorno Karabakh cities to show their support (for themselves).

  14. Avatar Hafize Nuruyeva says:

    Karabakh is NOT and never has been a disputed territory! In 1993, the United Nations Security Council adopted resolutions 822 (1993), 853 (1993), 874 (1993) and 884 (1993), condemning the use of force against Azerbaijan and occupation of its territories and reaffirming the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and the inviolability of its internationally recognized borders. In those resolutions, the Security Council reaffirmed that the Nagorno Karabakh region is part of Azerbaijan and demanded the immediate, complete and unconditional withdrawal of the occupying forces from all the occupied territories of Azerbaijan! Armenian Occupation must end and Territorial Integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan must be restored immediately!

  15. Avatar Huseyn Huseynov says:


  16. Avatar Yama Dharman says:

    Congrats Russia!!! you have again proved to the world that you are the world peace givers. India is with you.

  17. Avatar Davit Davoyan says:

    Kahrabax et Armenie 💋❤️

  18. Avatar Na viral funny tv says:


  19. Avatar abdo abdo says:

    its armenias government fault for attacking azerbaijan

    • Avatar Ayo Voch says:

      Armenia didn’t attack dude..

    • Avatar abdo abdo says:

      @Ayo Voch yes they did.. karabak is part of azerbaijan

  20. Avatar Yilu Potom says:

    Again cease fire

  21. Avatar Seadet Akberova says:

    Karabakh is AZERBAİJAN🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿

  22. Avatar Нигар Сулейманова says:


  23. Avatar Kyle Dec. says:

    Have we not learned anything? You are fighting for a piece of useless land? There is no oil or natural resources on it. Fathers, sons and brothers lost their lives for nothing.

    • Avatar Cavid Əsgərzadə says:

      There is gold. And maybe you don’t love your country’s lands but we love ours these places were home of so many people. We don’t need any oil gold of our lands

  24. Avatar Fəhmin Şamilli says:

    ❗Armenia is bombing civil Azeribaijanis and Azerbaijan civil cities.. This is the biggest second city in Azerbaijan,Ganja city

    ❗Армения бомбит гражданские азербайджанцы и гражданские города Азербайджана.. Это самый большой второй город Азербайджана,город Гянджа

    ❗Armenien bombardiert zivile Städte Aserbaidschans und Aserbaidschans.. Dies ist die größte zweite Stadt in Aserbaidschan,Ganja city

    ❗L’Arménie bombarde des villes civiles azerbaïdjanaises et azerbaïdjanaises.. C’est la plus grande deuxième ville D’Azerbaïdjan,la ville de Ganja

    ❗Armeenia pommitab Aserbaidžaani ja Aserbaidžaani tsiviillinnu. See on Aserbaidžaani suuruselt teine ​​linn, Ganja linn

    ❗L’Armenia bombarda le città civili dell’Azerbaigian e dell’Azerbaigian. È la seconda città dell’Azerbaigian, la città di Ganja

    ❗亚美尼亚轰炸了阿塞拜疆和阿塞拜疆的平民城市。. 这是阿塞拜疆最大的第二个城市,ganja市

    قصفت أرمينيا المدن المدنية في أذربيجان ، وأذربيجان..❗ هذه هي أكبر مدينة ثانية في أذربيجان ، مدينة غانجا

    ارمنستان شهرهای غیرنظامی آذربایجان و آذربایجان را❗ بمباران می کند این شهر دومین شهر بزرگ آذربایجان ، شهر گنجه است

    ארמניה מפציצה ערים אזרחיות אזרביג’אניות❗ ואזרביג’אניות. זו העיר השנייה בגודלה באזרבייג’ן, העיר גנג’ה.

    • Avatar White Star Line says:

      Why wrote the Translation nobody cares about you propaganda.

  25. Avatar Abdihaye Hashi says:

    Rusia try cheating azebajan they help armenia caesefire is lie

  26. Avatar Wazzup says:

    Russia has a military base in Armenia and counts Yerevan as an ally in the Moscow-led Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO). In addition to Russia, Armenia also has a security agreement with Iran, which has warm relations with Armenia and is wary of Baku’s military cooperation with Israel and has expressed alarm recently because Iran has a very large Azeri population of about 30 million, which Iran has been trying very hard to assimilate over the last century. This population still speaks Turkish at home and is still far from having been assimilated. Naturally, the Azeris of northern Iran want to break away from Iran and join with their northern brothers in Azerbaijan. CSTO and NATO are two opposing military alliances. Turkey is a NATO country and has American military bases. Historically, Russians and Turks have been arch rivals and they probably fought more wars with each other than with anyone else. In this rivalry, Iran has always been on the Russian side. – What I have written so far are just facts. Does anyone disagree ? And if you disagree, could you describe why ? 🙏🙏

    • Avatar Mr Deplox nick says:

      Just a very little Percantage Wanna Break free from iran most of them dont

    • Avatar Sonic says:

      @Mr Deplox nick did you ask them personally or what?

    • Avatar Mr Deplox nick says:

      @Sonic Tabrizi

  27. Avatar Tuğrul Baybars says:

    Indicate the Armenian territories occupied by Azerbaijan. You can’t show that Azerbaijan doesn’t shoot anywhere outside its territory and tries not to hit civilians.

  28. Avatar t h says:

    Karabağ azerbaycandir

  29. Avatar Qəhrəman Sadikov says:

    stop terrorism! stop bombing ! leave our territories, Armenia! you dont have to stop the development of the region!

  30. Avatar Mr GREAT says:

    Armenia will win the war they killed so much more so that means Armenian troops are more skilled quality over quantity

    • Avatar avzhxhx hhdnxndn says:

      Killing more civilians, does not make you better in quality

    • Avatar Mr GREAT says:

      I’m sorry I meant in soldier casualties not the innocent I’m sorry but Armenia went almost through extinction I know the history but the bigger you are the harder they fall but sorry killing innocents is wrong and I’m sorry little miss take on texting

  31. Avatar Baba Jhandu says:

    Armenian should be go back immediately

  32. Avatar Nizam Babayev says:

    Qarabağ Azərbaycandir 🇦🇿🇹🇷🇵🇰❤🇦🇿

  33. Avatar Wazzup says:

    🧑 Isn’t using ballistic missiles on civilian targets (as in the case of Armenians targeting Gence city in Azerbaijan) a war crime ?

    • Avatar BORITO says:

      It is, i dont know why its not in mainstream media yet theres so much proof

  34. Avatar Monte Cristo says:

    Erdogan- terrorust ! It’s time , to kick Turkey out of NATO !

  35. Avatar w0lves says:

    “Politics is war without bloodshed while war is politics with bloodshed.”
    -Mao Zedong

    • Avatar @Str0 says:

      Wonder how he managed to shed so much blood without war then….

  36. Avatar Maynard says:

    Welp this one won’t last.

  37. Avatar Eltac Memmedli says:

    Karabakh is Azerbaijan 🇦🇿

  38. Avatar Анна Григорян says:

    Война начал Алиев с Эрдоганом, хотели за 2 дня захватить Карабах и дойти до Еревана. Блогодаря армянский силам ихние планы не осуществилось . Армения сражается один против азербеджанцев, турков и террористов. Теперь вопрос. Вам не жалко своих молодых, ихние матерей? Неужели невозможно просто жить, как когда то? Обращаюсь простим жителям азербеджана, мы не хотим войны. Мы в России и в других странах дружим и готов всегда и везде дружить. Не слушайте Алиева и Эрдогана, тиранов, воров и убийц. Им плевать на народ, они даже трупы не хотят собирать. Фо о есть, что даже на море бросают трупы, без божие черты они. Не отправляйте своих детей на смерть! Увезите из страны!

  39. Avatar Wazzup says:

    ARMENIANS – Don’t tell me about a 100 years old dubious genocide, when right now you are using ballistic missiles on civilian targets (as in the case of Armenians targeting Gence city in Azerbaijan) which is a war crime and a crime against humanity ! I cannot know what happened 100 years ago. But I can see what is happening right now !!

    • Avatar Blue says:

      >Started the conflict.
      >Bombed Stepanakert indiscriminately for two weeks, practically non-stop.
      >Employing the use of illegal cluster bombs (made by Israel).
      >Permitting Turkish backed Syrian Jihadist mercenaries to do the dirty work for you.
      >Have a dictatorial regime controlling the narrative in your country.
      >Not publishing military casualties as if you’ve got something to hide.
      >Spamming bots on social media like some sort of propoganda propagating dystopian society.

      Yeah you guys are totally innocent in all of this.

    • Avatar Alex Vlaxos says:

      Dubious?are you a moron?Maybe also hitler ans stalin are just fairytales also?

    • Avatar Sonic says:

      @Blue Which are summed up lies by you.
      95% of the comments on social media are from Armenians.

  40. Avatar Hussin Bashar says:

    I hop Azerbaijan wins🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿

  41. Avatar Test Salvador says:

    Russia should solve it with the two countries. After all, they are involved in it since the start.

  42. Avatar Arman Qurshi says:

    Armenia should follow international law system, UNITED Nation and should withdraw forces from nagarno karabakh

  43. Avatar Hasan Engin Kalaycı says:

    Qarabag is Azerbaijan..(we are with u brother country.🇦🇿🇹🇷🇱🇾👍

  44. Avatar { Novruzov Production } says:


  45. Avatar Narek Avagyan says:

    I hate his face, and
    Armenia always win

    • Avatar Hebron blood says:

      Every muslim will fight till the last blood

    • Avatar Narek Avagyan says:

      I am from Armenia

    • Avatar Karentsd Tay says:

      Please by all means go at it, 2 less radicals

  46. Avatar spin ghar says:

    Azeri English Keyboard infra for android

  47. Avatar spin ghar says:

    Armenian English Keyboard infra

  48. Avatar Nübar Azərbaycan Qarabağ says:

    Karabakh is Azərbaycan!!🇦🇿🇹🇷🇵🇰

  49. Avatar Nübar Azərbaycan Qarabağ says:

    Qarabağım düşüb dara intiqama çağırır bizi 💪🇦🇿❤️

  50. Avatar Bernie Bao says:

    Aljazeera is getting more and more biased these days towards the political directions of the Qatar government, that is first back up the Sunis view then the US view. Why does it only show speech of the Azerbaijani president but not the Armenian

  51. Avatar Strajko says:

    A hour into the ceasefire, Azerbaijan broke the treaty.

    • Avatar Cavid Əsgərzadə says:

      No armenians did

  52. Avatar Ibraahim Maxamed says:


  53. Avatar md ashwaq ansari says:

    This line Azhar pahchan naukar Karobar Azhar bhaijaan line Armenia give me Azhar Bhaijaan good

  54. Avatar Pedro Joubert says:

    You won’t see a politician cleaning up the mess cause by this stupidity only the poorest pay the price🙏🙏

  55. Avatar Monte Cristo says:

    The grandchildren of genocide perpetrators are attacking the grandchildren of genocide survivors with weapons from the children of Holocaust survivors

    • Avatar Leonie Gureghian says:

      Tell me about it … & what a shame

  56. Avatar Sarin Vinci says:

    Civilians and soldiers are killed because of selfish politicians

  57. Avatar Let's learn and teach together says:

    For 27 years Armenian leaders have been cleaning their back with UN resolutions on Karabakh. They ignore international organizations. But, unfortunately, countries like France, which speaks of justice, today support Armenia. Each country shows what kind of state it is in relation to international law.

  58. Avatar Ahamed Ir says:

    this should be last chance for arminia

  59. Avatar avzhxhx hhdnxndn says:

    Its clearly useless to negotiate for the occupied territory. As it has been tried for decades. According to the un resolutions, territory should have been given back decades ago. How longer the wait, how more diffecult it is. Just look at israel. Azeri’s stand in their internationsl right, to take whats theirs

  60. Avatar zina Karapetyan says:


  61. Avatar Iron Mike Tyson says:

    Long Live Azerbaijan

  62. Avatar Ssenyunja Hassan says:

    let the people of karabakh vote where they want to be… simple… fighting in.21st century may not be the last solution

  63. Avatar Wrong turn Bloodybath says:

    Ceasefire after such a bloodshed very clever of both of you

  64. Avatar Kailash Rava says:

    1:17 thats definetly pak army soldiers

    • Avatar kazim meraj says:

      So what ? When your on duty officer are arrested in Balochistan then ?

    • Avatar Kailash Rava says:

      @kazim meraj your comment dosent make sence ..

      its a war between armenia and azarbaijan .. pakistan has no business there.

      and balochistan is matter between india and pakistan .. no third party allowed

  65. Avatar High Octane says:

    Yh for less than a day before they bombed a civilian city

  66. Avatar fond az says:

    telegram канал @OurKarabakh

  67. Avatar Arif Van basten says:

    Pray for indonesia…14-10-20🙏🙏🙏🙏

  68. Avatar Scott908 says:

    Armenia started the war and Azerbaijan ended it peacefully now its up to Armenia if they want to keep it peacefully

  69. Avatar Pashleer says:

    Four UN Security Council and two UN General Assembly resolutions as well as decisions by many international organizations refer to this fact and demand the withdrawal of Armenia’s forces from Upper Karabakh and seven adjacent regions of Azerbaijan.

    The Upper Karabakh region includes the towns of Shusha, Khankendi, Khojaly, Asgaran, Khojavand, Aghdara and Hadrut.

    The seven other occupied regions of Azerbaijan are the districts surrounding the Upper Karabakh area, including Lachin, Kalbajar, Aghdam, Fuzuli, Jabrayil, Qubadli and Zangilan.

    During the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, over one million Azerbaijanis became internally displaced persons (IDPs), while 20,000 were martyred in military operations and 50,000 were wounded and became disabled, according to Azerbaijan’s official figures.

    At least 4,000 Azerbaijanis went missing during the conflict and their fate remains unknown. More than 2,000 Azerbaijanis were captured and taken hostage by Armenian forces.

    In 1923, the Soviet government established the Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast (NKAO), with a total area of 4,400 square kilometers (around 1,700 square miles) in the mountainous part of Karabakh, laying the foundation of separatist trends in that region.

    In the early 1980s, Armenians in the Soviet Union’s leadership along with the leaders of Soviet Armenia and its diaspora abroad exploited the weakening of the central government of the USSR to embark on a campaign to annex the Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast to Armenia.The Armenia-Azerbaijan Upper-Karabakh conflict was sparked with the open territorial claims of Armenians to Azerbaijan’s historical lands, as well as ethnic provocations in 1988.

    From 1987 to 1989, over 250,000 Azerbaijanis were expelled from their historical lands in Armenia, while 216 of them were brutally murdered and another 1,154 wounded.

    At the Feb. 20, 1988 session of the Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast Soviet of People’s Deputies, members of the region’s Armenian community adopted a resolution to appeal to the legislative body the Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan SSR and the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic (Armenian SSR, or Soviet Armenia) to annex NKAO to the Armenian SSR.

    On Feb. 22, 1988, the Armenians opened fire on a peaceful demonstration staged by Azerbaijanis near the town of Asgaran to protest against this resolution, which left two Azerbaijanis dead.

    On Dec. 1, 1989, the Supreme Soviet of Armenian SSR adopted the unprecedented resolution: “On the unification of Armenian SSR and Nagorno-Karabakh.”

    On Jan. 10, 1990, the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet adopted the resolution: “On the nonconformity with the USSR Constitution of the acts on Nagorno-Karabakh adopted by Armenian SSR Supreme Soviet on December 1, 1989 and January 9, 1990.” The resolution described as illegal the Armenian SSR’s demand on the unification of the Armenian SSR and Nagorno-Karabakh, noting that such an act could only come about with the Azerbaijan SSR’s consent.

    On Aug. 30, 1991, the Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan declared the restoration of state independence, which was first gained back in 1918.

    On Oct. 18, the country adopted the Constitutional Act: “On the State Independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan.”

    On Nov. 26, 1991, the Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijani Republic adopted the Law “On the abolition of the Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast of the Republic of Azerbaijan.”

    In late 1991 to early 1992, the conflict entered a military stage.

    During that time, having exploited the collapse of the Soviet Union and political instability in Azerbaijan caused by the internal standoff, Armenia began military operations in Nagorno-Karabakh with external military support.

    On Feb. 26, 1992, Armenian forces committed a massacre — known as the Khojaly Genocide — of ethnic Azerbaijani people of the town of Khojaly.

    During the two-hour Armenian offensive, 613 Azerbaijani citizens including 106 women, 63 children and 70 elderly people were killed and 487 others critically injured, according to Azerbaijani statistics. Eight families were completely wiped out, while 130 children lost one parent and 25 children lost both parents.

    In May 1992, Armenian separatist forces occupied the towns of Shusha and Lachin. In 1993, the Armenian Armed Forces captured six more Azerbaijani districts around Nagorno-Karabakh, including Kalbajar, Aghdam, Fuzuli, Jabrayil, Qubadli and Zangilan.

    On April 30, 1993, the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 822 demanding the immediate withdrawal of all forces from Kalbajar district and other areas of Azerbaijan.

    The Security Council noted “with alarm the escalation in armed hostilities and, in particular, the latest invasion of Kalbajar district of the Republic of Azerbaijan by local Armenian forces,” said the resolution.

    On July 29, 1993, the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 853 demanding the “immediate complete and unconditional withdrawal of the occupying forces” from Aghdam district and all other recently occupied areas of Azerbaijan.

    On Oct. 14, 1993, the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 874 calling for the immediate implementation of the reciprocal and urgent steps provided in the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE) Minsk Group’s “Adjusted timetable,” including the withdrawal of forces from recently occupied territories.On Nov. 11, 1993, the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 884 condemning the recent violations of the cease-fire established between the parties which resulted in a resumption of hostilities and “particularly condemning the occupation of Zangilan district and the city of Horadiz, attacks on civilians and bombardments of the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.”

    The resolution also demanded the “unilateral withdrawal of occupying forces from Zangilan district and the city of Horadiz and the withdrawal of forces from other recently occupied areas of the Republic of Azerbaijan.”

  70. Avatar Muhammed Mahmudzade says:

    Karabakh is Azerbaijan

  71. Avatar Berkay says:

    God bless Azerbaijan

  72. Avatar Aram Poghosyan says:

    people of Azerbaijan be wise dont let the dictators crush our lifes

  73. Avatar Abdul Wali says:

    Azar great

  74. Avatar VĀŻŤŔÆĶ 360 says:

    i’m so sick of it, sick of war

  75. Avatar Edgar A says:

    This is what Russian general Anton Deniki during the civil war wrote in his memoirs

    Everything in the Republic of Azerbaijan was artificial, fake: beginning with the name, taken from one of the Persian provinces. It’s synthetic territory included the Lezgi Zakatala, the Armenian-Tartar Baku and Elizabethpol provinces and the Russian Mughan, bound together by the Turkish policy, as the rampart of Pan-Turkism in the Caucasus. An artificial statehood.“ -Anton Deniki

  76. Avatar Aks Fyter says:

    Christians have a religion that will fade away due to the fact that it’s own Bible is ultimately going to be realized as fictional. Eventually Christians must realize this. I have no problem explaining this.

  77. Avatar Eleana Iordanidi says:

    Aliyev said that Karabakh belongs to azerbaijan, this makes me so aggressive because Karabakh belonged and still belongs and will always belong to Armenia, azerbaijan were the ones who started the genocide because we Armenians were the first christian Nation so they wanted to kill all of us, azerbaijan and turkey want Armenian not to exist. And do you know why no one is helping but just reporting what happens because the cause that no one can do anything is the freemasonry like Erdogan or Queen Elizabeth, if you don’t know who they are go and google and you will see that they belong to Satan, the leaders of them decide for the Prime Ministers who belong also to the freemasonry what to do so they can’t help Armenia, but for example Putin that doesn’t belong to this freemasonry is helping the Armenians. But their
    satanism plans, from this freemasonry, will not be successful because God has also his plans so i am not afraid of what will happen because I trust in God. And I am sure that Armenian is going to win and take all the regions back that Azerbaijan, with the help from Turkey a special from Erdogan, has stole from them and also Greece will take Istanbul back. And Turkey is going to be destroyed, I am really sure that all this things will happen because Saints orthodox monks/people like Saint Paisios told that. So I am just waiting for all this to happen!!!!

  78. Avatar Albrecht Dürrer says:

    Its ethnic Armenian land but 100 year ago USSR president Lenin gives all Armenian lands Turks and Azerbaijan’s. Azerbaijan it was part of Iran(Persia).

  79. Avatar Qrist Saponjanyan says:

    Armenia Arcax

  80. Avatar Qrist Saponjanyan says:


  81. Avatar Qrist Saponjanyan says:


  82. Avatar Qrist Saponjanyan says:


  83. Avatar Qrist Saponjanyan says:


  84. Avatar Qrist Saponjanyan says:


  85. Avatar Qrist Saponjanyan says:


  86. Avatar Qrist Saponjanyan says:

    Erdohan terorist

  87. Avatar Qrist Saponjanyan says:

    Terorist erdohan

  88. Avatar Qrist Saponjanyan says:

    Erdo terorist

  89. Avatar Qrist Saponjanyan says:

    Arcax nasha zamlya

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