Zimbabwe’s food crisis: About 60% of population faces starvation

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Millions of people in Zimbabwe could be left without any food if there is no help by December, the United Nations says.
It says the problem has been caused by recurring droughts and an economic crisis, and the coronavirus pandemic has made things worse.
Al Jazeera’s Haru Mutasa reports from Mashonaland West province, where impoverished communities are most affected.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Pretty Young says:

    Look at beautiful children suffering 😂 God will not forgive Africans Leaders IJMN. Amen 🙏🏾

    • Avatar M AC says:

      If he forgives them or not is irrelevant, he has still allowed the suffering and death so is guilty of genocide.

  2. Avatar thijsjong says:

    Zimbabwe was the fruitbasket of Africa.
    Until a bunch of people left that I shall not name now.

    • Avatar L 123 says:

      Zimbabwe had a 90 percent malnourished rate under the white government which is a lot worse than now

    • Avatar MrNorthernSol says:

      @DAVIS MATE A lot of those farms were bought after independence. So no displaced natives. But it made no difference. Black racists decided that the farms belonged to them.

    • Avatar MrNorthernSol says:

      @DAVIS MATE I daresay but they are rather good about forgetting bad stuff done by them. Bantus aren’t native to the area. They migrated there from West Africa. The original population were San. They got wiped out but not by whitey.

      Another fact that tends to get ignored. White Afrikaaners arrived in the Cape before the Zulus got there but Zulus are supposedly “natives”….

    • Avatar DAVIS MATE says:

      @MrNorthernSol That is your twisted history, twisting facts as always.

    • Avatar MrNorthernSol says:

      @DAVIS MATE No, it’s a verifiable fact but I can see how that would confuse you.

  3. Avatar Nic Bush says:

    Cause we’re
    All Rhodesians and we’ll fight through think and thin.

  4. Avatar Khadar Xiis says:

    Allah is testing them the wealthy and the poor😊

  5. Avatar ken tate says:

    family of 8, and 10 grand children , not feeling sorry for these people

    • Avatar tomuch 4u says:

      ken tate I don’t think they have the same access to money and contraception as you moron

    • Avatar Shaheed Griffin says:

      @ken tate Um no, you do not need 4k US to raise a kid in other countries. I have 4 kids and I lived in Australia for 9 years. I only needed like 2500-3000 a month in Australia. I now live in Indonesia and I only need about 350 US a month for everything. So your amounts are based off where you live and not universal.

      2nd, you can easily put 4 kids in 1 bedroom, just need 2 bunk beds. Other societies including Australia dont see the need for 2 kids in a bedroom. They only sleep there. You can easily have 8 kids in a 3 bedroom house aslong as you have a backyard. If no backyard would be tough but doable.

    • Avatar Shaheed Griffin says:

      @tomuch 4u I think people forget not having a small amount of kids is not everyones goal. I want minimum of 6 kids. 10 would a dream. I am a white american with australia/american passports living in Indonesia.

    • Avatar ken tate says:

      @Shaheed Griffin rich man 2 million in the bank,2 children ,poor man 0 in the bank 6 children, ask your for kids, how life was as a child after their grown, about half a chicken wing, with the white rice ,no bike, cant see what they want on that 1 and only tv, waiting turn to access the only computer, hearing no, i cannot afford it

    • Avatar Shaheed Griffin says:

      @ken tate Children are only expensive if you have useless things such as TV. My oldest daughter is 9 amd has never watched TV. I don’t religious agree with it. There are better things she could be doing.

      Anyways my whole point was you don’t need 4000 US a month for a small family. Each kid is like 50-100 dollars max per month each. They live in the same house, use the same car, etc. Only things extra are food, toys, school stuff and clothing, etc.

      I am not saying don’t try and have money if you want more kids, but a kid simply isn’t that expensive. I know from experience. Australia is more expensive than the US and i def don’t need 4k US a month for 4 kids.

  6. Avatar sayed asef mosawi says:

    Oh God please help them to be back on their own feet ❤❤❤

  7. Avatar Brian Dimor says:

    Poor people 😢😢

  8. Avatar Polin Ni Murrigan says:

    Gates depopulation of Africa gets the results he wanted.

  9. Avatar Andre Botha says:

    But but but…. they have land have they not? Land is the solution to all the world’s problems…. that is what the god Mugabe said…… we pray to him, he is an ancestor now……maybe he’ll help us from the grave, in life he did not?

  10. Avatar fried spaghetti says:

    Thanks Bob. With the most fertile soil in the world, this is what you’ve done to the breadbasket of Africa.

    • Avatar Graham T says:

      The most fertile soil in the world is in the fens UK.

    • Avatar fried spaghetti says:

      Zimbabwe is 1.6 times the size of the UK with a population of 14.44 million, but, whatever.

    • Avatar Graham T says:

      @fried spaghetti I just had to point out that the most fertile soils in the world are in the Fens. I live here. We might not have as much land as Zimbabwe, but the land we have is extremely fertile, with excellent rains.

      Zimbabwe has a large amount of land that is extremely hard for agriculture. I went to school in Plumtree. It was hard to grow anything there.

    • Avatar fried spaghetti says:

      @Graham T, I stand corrected, at least in regards to Plumtree. Good to hear you are happy in the Fens.

  11. Avatar LD Texas says:

    The “used to be” breadbasket of Africa has starving people
    . Go figure’ 🙄

    • Avatar GuderII says:

      Just Communism in a working man

      They working to a failed state as usual.

    • Avatar taku says:

      Its called drought

    • Avatar Tim Josling says:

      It’s a mystery!

    • Avatar L 123 says:

      It was 90 percent malnutrition during the white government. According to the university of Rhodesia in 1976

  12. Avatar Pamela Vesey says:

    Right next to South Africa. Perhaps BLM in America will raise money to feed these poor starving ppl.

    • Avatar Nis, says:

      BLM want’s USA to be like this

    • Avatar Huzuruth Ur says:

      there will no money arrive for the common pop…only the rich will get richer. the only thing that could have helped them was rhodesia :’D

  13. Avatar Jamaican Spot !! says:

    I see that they are willing to farm but there is drought very sad 😥 😢

  14. Avatar mer mer says:

    Have you tried NOT evicting or even killing white farmers?

    • Avatar tomuch 4u says:

      I don’t think white farmers can farm without rain…

  15. Avatar Shaun Harkin says:

    I’m single 😥😥😥😥😥

    • Avatar s r says:

      Take a wife from Zimbabwe!

  16. Avatar Jaymiel Rashaw says:

    This is what happens when black people in the motherland doesn’t totally rejects the idea of white economics in a black country. The Unification of all of black Africa is a must and black people have to relying on black economics to resolve black people problems in our Strong proud beloved beautiful black motherland which is the most beautiful richest place on Planet Earth.

    • Avatar user not found says:


  17. Avatar Fatme N says:

    Oh Lord. Please prevent hunger from happening to anybody 🙏

  18. Avatar Elizabeth Francis says:

    What the Coronascam is All about – All going according to plan

  19. Avatar nontobeko mpanza says:

    And Zanu-PF says there is no crisis in Zimbabwe…

  20. Avatar Bladimir Rojas says:

    Why don’t the population raise against this fail and corrupt government? I’ve been hearing a lot from this country when its rich in natural minerals and wildlife. Bring down these crooks

    • Avatar #Rsync says:

      -People of poor nation rise up.
      -Governments of wealthy nations fund the current regime with weapons.
      -Uprising is violently crushed by corrupt regime.

      This happens every time the people of a poor nation rise up against their government.

  21. Avatar Trevor Caesar says:

    So what is the whole of the African continent waiting for? Am waiting to see….

    • Avatar user not found says:

      They expect the whites to help them. And if the whites do not help them, they will get upset.

  22. Avatar Ant • says:

    Thanks to capitalism.

  23. Avatar Captain Junayd Riyadh-Al-Hasnayn says:

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    WHO Reports Record One-day Rise In Global Coronavirus Cases Amid EU Outbreak; 338,779 in 24 hrs

    *Passing Off Placebos as Drugs is Fraud’: IMA Questions Centre On Ayurveda, Yoga for the prevention as well as treatment of asymptomatic and mild patients of COVID-19*

    _AIIMS Director: Even slight increase in pollution levels could lead to rise in coronavirus cases_

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  24. Avatar lochinvar50 says:

    Blessed be Allah. Hallelujah, Amen.

    • Avatar user not found says:


    • Avatar lochinvar50 says:

      I should also be thankful to Vishnu and Buddha. Harekhrisna!!!!

  25. Avatar Augford P. Doggie says:

    there is almost no corona in Zimbabwe, only 229 deaths. the government is using it to control people. Also, the government of Zimbabwe is brutally corrupt. including the minister of tourism stealing millions….the minister of tourism! And finally economic sanctions by the USA as usual, only hurts the poor people, while the President gets a charter jet from Dubai.

  26. Avatar platinumtp says:

    That’s a FAILED government !!! Accept no aid from outside Africa…

  27. Avatar GMan Kondo says:

    More power to Zimbabwe for standing on it’s own and refusing to be the European’s b@tch.

  28. Avatar Boz M says:

    Yaparara Zimbabwe,,kutongwa ne mhandu taneta.

  29. Avatar James Chen says:

    Somehow the WFP spokeswoman looks either overworked or not having enough food than the locals.

  30. Avatar pnpat the 1st says:

    I wish they were still Rhodesia. They would have been fine today…

    • Avatar Thomas Mbiba says:

      I would rather starve than be a farm boy abused by some white farmer in shorts.

    • Avatar user not found says:

      @Thomas Mbiba So you shall 👌

  31. Avatar cristimg89 says:

    Please free the children of zimbabwe, free africa now cuz africa no free, jah rastafari

    • Avatar user not found says:

      Go smoke some more weed. Sssshhh. _Pass that dutchie from the left hand side._ ♬

  32. Avatar MO JOE says:

    I am confused. Why can’t they feed themselves 🤷🏾 ?
    Are they mentally slow ? Seriously I just don’t understand why they don’t have less children and get a garden

    • Avatar NAT TURNER says:

      You know why there was never any type of assistance with development or technology and that was done purposely so they could take advantage of the situation .. Desmond Tutu said they left us with the Bible📖 and then took our land

  33. Avatar mrkjsmooth16 says:

    Man every other year y’all say they starving…are they gonna starve or not?

    • Avatar Moneyack says:

      they are starving like bikini models.

  34. Avatar Marge Simpson says:

    Maybe if they didn’t expel their farmers because of the color of their skin, then they would not be in that situation.

  35. Avatar Yusuf patel says:

    Zambia is helping by sending truck loads of maize, So don’t worry, shamwaris

  36. Avatar Carl Ruffier says:

    Are you serious when you say people are starving don’t show people that are overweight or on the way of being obese.

  37. Avatar Joe Hardy says:

    This is South Africa in a decade. They have also started expropriation without compensation and farm murders are high. You would think the government had learnt from their neighbors but no. Feel so sorry for the people in zim

    • Avatar Graham T says:

      You have to have an IQ above 80 for that. Those people are few and far between in government.

  38. Avatar Kelly kelly says:

    The thumbnail
    .sooo beautiful..its just sad the waste in uk and us is outstanding no one should go hungry no one

  39. Avatar C Y says:

    The results of Mugabe leadership. A crook corrupt revolutionary.

    • Avatar Foxy Lady says:

      Quetzalcoatl Bwhahahaha…..nice try

    • Avatar Troll Hunter says:

      @Foxy Lady mugabes daughter was booted out of australia with seven other lowlifes. she now study’s in Hong Kong thanks to their Swiss bank account.

    • Avatar Troll Hunter says:

      @Quetzalcoatl you really are naive that basically means stupid. figure you would be too thick to know the definition

    • Avatar Foxy Lady says:

      Troll Hunter I’m sure a lot are living the high life..

    • Avatar NAT TURNER says:

      Stay in europe your homeland.

  40. Avatar Mom of Two says:

    Lockdown is not for everyone,..

  41. Avatar K Football says:

    Grab more land from white farmers and ask un for food😂😂 I thought they are going to farm themselves now the land is useless 😂😂

  42. Avatar Dully Noted says:

    The land needs to be regenerated, everything else is a band aid solution.

  43. Avatar Franz says:

    They wanted to eliminate the white farmers and now they are hungry

  44. Avatar PhD Life Channel says:

    You wanted land reform? You wanted communism, again? Have fun now! Enjoy the harvest!

  45. Avatar Hubrey David says:

    America should stop sanctions too these countries American politicians are eating luxury, while those countries being sanctioned are starving.

  46. Avatar user not found says:

    Their Mcdonald’s is no longer serving them food!?!? *Sucks to be them..*

  47. Avatar LEONEL ARTURO says:

    Coche en planeta le voy a decir algo que no debería hablar trato lo mínimo de hablar esta situación por mi seguridad personal y de mi familia no me gusta hablar en cuestiones de finanzas y economía porque sé que es un riesgo un peligro Ya me han amenazado un montón de veces hasta la tentado contra mi vida por eso evitó hablar sobre esta situación ustedes porque creen que quiero hacer un imperio para tirarme de panza Llamar a artolas Miss Universo y después del desfile vengan borrachas y se echen encima de mí y felices por favor también no soy Miss Universo también también como para una una metida de mano entre comida nada más nada más O sea un saludo en la México nada más Yo quiero hacer mi imperio para que las naciones que estén ese imperio no pidan ayuda económica al Banco Mundial ni a ninguna entidad nada más les puedo decir mi vida corre riesgo bastante feliz no por eso trato de evitar esto pero les dije ya para eso quiero imperio ayudar a las naciones eso qué significa que tendrán todo

  48. Avatar Katherine downover says:

    If only bill gates was more concerned with feeding the world instead of injecting 💉💉💉💉 the world

    • Avatar CRISTIAN ION says:

      Make people healthy is a way to make country better

  49. Avatar Moneyack says:

    they killed white people who fed them, right?

  50. Avatar Peter says:

    Tragic & real. The power-brokers of the world do not care.

  51. Avatar Diddo says:

    Haru Mutasa please tell us how to help them

  52. Avatar Vance H says:

    Sharing, Justice and Peace for All.

  53. Avatar Matt The Cat says:

    If you want to see programs about starvation, look up ”MARK KNOWHEREMAN” video’s. Millions are starving in the Philippines, too.

  54. Avatar Honey bee Warrior says:

    How can a person have billions when others starve. ARE WE A BUNCH OF F.. HUMAN RACE IDIOTS? We all know this is wrong and our responsibility to provide for one another the basics.

  55. Avatar David Dellit says:

    Thieves and criminals in government

  56. Avatar Bear Buster says:

    Farming activity is a genetic mutation rather than a learned behavior.

  57. Avatar Vsatyk says:

    When the people die off then the government will only have themselves to eat each other.

  58. Avatar Prins Ricky says:

    Make more babies, that will help with your poverty woman!

  59. Avatar Peter Ellie says:

    Yet the World Food Programme is awarded a Nobel Peace Prize 😠😡

  60. Avatar Zahid Khan says:

    Very sad situation ☹️ God bless them every moment 🙏🙏🙏

  61. Avatar Lou Entertainment says:

    Glad to see all the specialists in the comments 🙄

  62. Avatar Temo Harri says:

    I am surprised they don’t even have chickens that they can raise, but being in a drought probably says it all right there. You need water for livestock.

  63. Avatar G ASHOKA PRATHAP says:

    Pls somebody tell me or send me the details how I can contribute to them…plz

  64. Avatar tv Box4k Tv says:

    Call Macron, Papa…UE….

  65. Avatar taku says:

    Just watched a video cgtn news about zimbabwe completely apposite of al-Jazeera fake news is real just want to see black people in a negative way

  66. Avatar Tim Josling says:

    Funny they don’t mention “Incompetent corrupt government” as a factor.

  67. Avatar Faziah Addala says:

    God bless you🕊

  68. Avatar Frenchkisssss says:

    Hopefully Pelosi will share some of her Ice Creams with them…

  69. Avatar Susan Diane Howell says:

    These are not starving people.

    • Avatar Mashal Wafa says:

      Speaking someone who has luxury Life and everything.

    • Avatar Susan Diane Howell says:

      @Mashal Wafa
      What is a life of luxury?

  70. Avatar ohmytin says:

    In the last 2000 years, is there a time Africans were not in hunger?

    • Avatar Jemima says:

      What a stupid comment. Please pick up a book.

  71. Avatar Patrick Henry says:

    They miss those white farmers now huh? 🤣

  72. Avatar Magatism says:

    Taking land from White farmers didn’t turn out so well afterall.

    • Avatar NAT TURNER says:

      What should they do sit in shanties while foreigners lived the high life.. I say this we stay in Africa everyone else stay where they are

    • Avatar Magatism says:

      @NAT TURNER They were not foriegners, they were natural born citizens of the land, you racist folks got rid of them on account of skin color and now you have nothing to eat, should we get rid of blacks from caucasian lands? There are many who enjoy high places like Obama and Kanye.

  73. Avatar Roxy sponge says:

    This is your own fault. You took away land from white farmers who actually growth food for Africa.

  74. Avatar Johan Carstens says:

    In the business world if a company are mismanage it can be place under administration to protect shareholders. Just imagine what a better world this would be if we can put Africa and the Middle East under administration.

  75. Avatar mohamad Abdullah says:

    Feed some same as seed humantry be inside us .. .

  76. Avatar ak11230 says:

    Zimbabwe took Soviets approach .. Land , farms robbery Marxists insanity same ending
    Starvation corruption… Don’t worry New Marxists State in making
    America will support comrades….. Printing money is easy to do …

  77. Avatar PerpetualNews says:

    This is what happens when you chase away white farmers. Take note, South Afirca.

  78. Avatar L 123 says:

    It was 90 percent malnutrition in 1976 according to the university of Rhodesia under the white government

  79. Avatar Troll Hunter says:

    time to recolinize africa

  80. Avatar CUZ says:

    We failed as humans!That is the only truth.

  81. Avatar Nick Grau says:

    Sad. Very sad.

  82. Avatar Daniel Bonner says:

    Yea right BS as long as there is the Earth you can never starve FOH 🤮

  83. Avatar Brian H says:

    Yet they have children like jackrabbits

    • Avatar NAT TURNER says:

      Stay in europe 😃

  84. Avatar Alex Kiplander says:


  85. Avatar Ashiq says:

    USA sniffs if there is oil, and start the war to get the oil.

  86. Avatar Piyush Gupta says:

    Chitiya Mugabe

  87. Avatar Rose Hassa says:

    La ilaha illallah

  88. Avatar Blauwekrijger says:

    Are we surprised?

  89. Avatar lcso81 says:

    Birth Control

  90. Avatar Nicklaus Brain says:

    It was a well off country in the times of Rhodesia. I do remember UN condemned it. Now UN should be happy supplying the food.

  91. Avatar NAT TURNER says:

    It’s time for Western Europeans to say adios. Relationship for the past 500 years has been one-sided theft operation when I was in Ghana you saw no development only development they left were the train tracks they used to extract what they needed. You don’t like us we don’t like you neither peace ✌️ take that Bible too

  92. Avatar ______x says:

    Many poor people don’t have children because they know they can’t afford it. Yet people in Africa keep making baby’s. Why?

    • Avatar NAT TURNER says:

      Ask the Lord stay in europe stay safe

  93. Avatar A Smith says:

    Doesn’t look like that reporters eating any less

  94. Avatar Raju Sotala says:

    Hope the situation of Zimbabwe will become better….World Food Programme and Other Major NGO’s help this Nation as situation is alarming (almost 60% of the Nation are not getting proper food)…

  95. Avatar NAT TURNER says:

    Western European policies in Africa are responsible for unimaginable suffering of the masses in Africa and throughout the world. And must be called what is is FACISTISM

  96. Avatar Kenny Michael Alanya says:

    This doesn’t make sense. Africa has so much money and wealth but the wealth is acquired by a few men at the top.
    It’s sad because they can work the land but a lot of dependency on foreign aid has actually made poverty worse.
    The donations have stopped coming from 1st world countries because of monetary issues and this is a problem not just in africa but latin America and Europe where they needed that money because a lot of immigrants working in the states send money to their families abroad. And I’m talking about Billions

  97. Avatar michael storms says:

    The UN is contributing to their starvation while pretending to help.

  98. Avatar Ellis Maytham says:

    I blame the west. I blame colonialism. I will never blame Zanu PF who has been running the place as a self appointed king for 40 years

  99. Avatar Carrington Ndhlovu says:

    Funny how zbc sugar coat and double down the real issues

  100. Avatar Wikktor Sanchez says:

    Stop asking for handouts, learn how to farm

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