Why is Trump worried about mail-voting? | Start Here

A US presidential election during a pandemic is unprecedented. So a lot of Americans plan to vote by mail to stay safe.
But President Trump has attacked mail-in voting and says it raises the risk of fraud.
So how does postal voting work? Why does Trump hate the idea? And why did the president replace the postmaster general during an election year?

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121 thoughts on “Why is Trump worried about mail-voting? | Start Here

  1. John sharp Reply

    so this is anti trump now? hum i thought you were neutral- now i understand even you can be bought

  2. John sharp Reply

    if you don’t know big companies like amazon that advantages of the low cost to make more money- So increase the cost and you will not need cuts

  3. Ebrima Dibba Reply

    If the people s of country s like its good of dems.

  4. MadMax Reply

    “If Nancy can get her hair done in person, you can vote in person”. …I’m Joe Biden and I forgot this message. -Class787

  5. Leonardo Rivera Reply

    Mail votes hace to incluye vote id

  6. Æ* çœøķ Reply

    Fake news

  7. CJ1013 Reply


  8. edward lewis Reply

    @1:18 “President Trump mailed in his ballot in 2018; so did one quarter of all voters in the last election”
    Ok; so the President used a mail in ballot on a mid-term election; and the statement about “one quarter of all voters in the last election” – does that refer to that 2018 midterm congressional election, or does it refer to the last General election?”
    The more I read it over it feels like the wording is so carefully chosen not to inform.
    At first pass upon hearing it, I missed the fact that the election referred to when Trump used a mail in ballot was the congressional election; I just assumed it was a regular general election.
    The important number I was interested in is the one-quarter; but now I feel unsure of which election it referred to.

  9. real really Reply

    Democrat corruption runs rampant!!!

  10. james murphy Reply

    Why confuse the situation make it Universal everyone vote by mail and by 2032 by phone this shouldn’t rocket science

  11. james murphy Reply

    This will be remembered
    Trump appoints people to departments to sabotage that department !
    Education ,Environment Protection , FDA and now the Post Office

  12. james murphy Reply

    Rand Paul again

  13. P L Reply

    it’s a “Plandemic”….get it right.

  14. Dhruv Sharma Reply

    California- florida . What a comparison with Nevada.

  15. Diana Mbiro Reply

    Please do a story on covid 19 scandal in kenya

  16. Antonio DG26 Reply

    She’s got beautiful hips.

    • Apex Fun Reply

      That’s the only truth in the whole video.

  17. Lear King of Albion Reply

    Not well explained at all. I was hoping the explanation would be better than this. I clicked off at 3 minutes. A pity.

  18. EH PA Reply

    United States Electoral College needs to go.

  19. Ron G Reply

    How about quoting the president correctly? He is not against absentee voting. He is against universal mail-in voting. Having ballots mailed to everyone is a big mistake. Voters should request absentee ballots to vote. That system has worked in the past. And finally, the new postmaster general was approved by the board of directors which is a bi-partisan group.

  20. Ron G Reply

    There is absolutely no reason to change the US voting system except if you want to rig the election. Is that why the Democrats are trying to change it? Will they contest the Trump presidency on November 4? And if you you can stand in line at the grocery store, why can’t you do the same at the voting booth?

  21. Athaporn MCorp Review Reply

    Why would anyone prepay so many years?

    • Papillon 2010 Reply

      It is likely based on accrued pension to date for employees projected to be receiving those benefits up to 75 years from now. This is not abnormal and protects the employees. That means if the USPS goes away, those pension benefits that employees have already earned are funded.

  22. Debra Craig Reply

    Lady you sound like you are against the president…treason? I Amin California, did you see the fraud in edd and stimulus checks? AWOW! Not pretty….California is already in the red! Bankrupt…Now how can that happen? Illegals…

    • Papillon 2010 Reply

      Not liking the president isn’t treason. Your comments show you are not very informed.

  23. Debra Craig Reply

    The postal service said, WE CANNOT HANDLE THIS! So what do you think?

    • Keith Ziegler Reply

      They are having trouble handling it because Trump’s criminal postmaster general is making it impossible for them to handle it. Which is why he needs to be removed

  24. Paulo Alexandre Reply

    Because 1000 charactersvare few …

    Not even 10 000 are enough.

    The first 3 steps that must be taken and without further delay are:

    1. Abolition of the vote, the government wins the one that by number of subscriptions reaches the highest number.

    2. Suspension of democracy during the party’s ruling for a number of years yet to be determined.

    3. Mandatory birth control where the number of citizens exceeds the sustainable. Increase mandatory birth rates where populations are aged.

    These measures and especially the last one aim to raise the savings financially, knowing however that the money has already become obsolete and the object of a museum for contemplation. It is also present the notion that aging populations do not contribute or consume what is desirable, since they are the young age groups that most products and novelties acquire and are really the driving force that drives technological advance.

    On the other hand, overcrowded populations do not guarantee the comfort and quality of life essential for the 21st century. The characteristics of social orientation also include a lack of government regarding the exaggerated control of individuals, which leads to a second aspect, which is the lack of control and territorial exaltation.

  25. Warning Signs Reply

    Mr Mailman is going away – that’s why.

  26. Zubair Motala Reply

    Whats the point of voting when you have as*holes as candidates?

  27. G H Reply

    If the politicians want mail in voting, then let’s take away Election Day as a holiday and everyone goes to work

  28. Manny B Reply

    An absentee ballot which is what President Trump and many others do is different from sending mass mail in bollots to everyone alive or not. If you people want to get an absentee ballot, then they can request one like everybody else or get themselves to the voting booth. Democrats are only pushing for mail in ballots because that’s the only way they stand a chance to win. It’s not the country’s fault they’ve chosen a candidate that doesn’t know weather he’s in Pennsylvania or his basement. Don’t forget to go vote on Nov. 4th snowflakes!!

  29. thulomanchay Reply

    If Trump loses, he’s going to claim postal fraud.
    Trump has already rigged the postal system, for the other side to lose.
    Postmaster General Louis De Joy is Trump’s man.

  30. Mike Destiny Reply

    Someone tell this moron his mail in ballot doesn’t count.

  31. The mark of low IQ beast Reply

    look at this western jezebel demon pretending to be middle eastern. this channel is literally cnn and has been exposed by the veto decades ago

  32. Salman Nawaz Reply

    Why old school mailing
    Why Not an Online Voting system ?

  33. J D Reply

    Oh yea a Muslim channel telling me why mail in voting is good. It has never been tried on this scale it’s a formula for disaster. You leftists are playing with fire.

  34. Dark Helmut Reply

    Excellent video thanks for the info !

  35. Immanuel Hmar Reply

    If u can go for protesting it is true u can go personal for voting in polling station

  36. Pickle Onions Reply

    Postal voting all over the world has a proven record of corruption so trump knows the Democrats will use it to distort the voting in their favour.
    Voting around the world needs to be done in person with proof of identity provided.
    Otherwise the democrats will get lots of pets and dead people to vote for them.

  37. inthepink geek Reply

    Absentee ballots and universal mail-in votes are two very different things.
    You have to apply for absentee ballot, doing so requires you to provide the right address and personal information, so that the mail would not be sent to somebody may already leave the address while didn’t update the info. Which is more likely be so when it comes to universal mail-in votes.

  38. Wansainbor Lyngwi Reply

    Postal ballots are outdated Internet system is more better

    • Papillon 2010 Reply

      OK, Putin. We will get right on that.

  39. Kick Ahaw Reply

    wow what a steaming pile…. tell the truth there are many ways to vote by mail what Trump wants to stop is dead people voting and non citizens voting your being lied to think…

    • Papillon 2010 Reply

      No, jackass, you are being lied to.

  40. Malcolms HVAC Reply

    Who’s president if votes are not counted by Jan 20 21 anyone care to answer

  41. LANCER_ 012 Reply

    No to mail voting.. Demoncrats is desperate!!😅

  42. Spike T Reply

    Would you take $5,000 IN CASH and mail it to yourself? If not, why would you trust mailing in your vote?

    • Papillon 2010 Reply

      I wouldnt. I will be on line doing it the old fashioned way.

  43. tsurumiku taro Reply


  44. Tamara Savely Reply

    I think you ha’ve taken this problem & made light of it.
    I think it is a much bigger chance for fraud than you are making it out.

  45. john smith Reply

    Republicans and independents go vote at the voting booth before a democrat at the post office throws your mailed-in ballot in the trash.

    • Papillon 2010 Reply

      They would have to open it to know who they voted for.

  46. Majiek Nyir Reply

    Election shall be free and chance to get a winer New president.

  47. Sudesh Thapa Reply

    Why vote? Let the electrol vote decide who they want in white house

  48. sylvester moore Reply

    If he command the support of the majority of the electoral college voters and if that majority of voters vote against the popular vote he will win as it is the electoral college the choose the President and the vice President of America

  49. Norma Hamilton Reply

    Please drop off your ballots at the Poling Station. There is a box for that if you don’t want to wait on line but want to ensure your ballot gets in on time. Trump can only win if he cheats. DON’T let GOP disenfranchise you.

  50. Michael Bowden Reply

    We the PEOPLE don’t want mail in voting !!!
    There will be wide spread CHEATING !!!
    It’s the Democrats way to win !
    Look, we food shop , and live our lives everyday , using face masks! You can go to the polls and vote !!!!
    This is bullshit from the democrats party !!! STOP TRYING TO CRAM THIS DOWN OUR THROATS !!!!!

  51. sammy sparkle Reply

    He is absolutely right. Nothing should prevent citizens from casting their votes in person. Except there is a demonic agenda by any person or group.

    People are on street, protesting, people are about their daily cores. Why not ? Everything must been dine to ensure that no doubt is cast on this great election. The President is right.

  52. Monkey Guy80 Reply

    Actually I personally also dun support the “voting by mail” thing! It supposed to be voting by ballots in person! 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️

  53. Moe Moe Reply

    Al jazeera needs to get out of this country

  54. Mercer Kid Reply

    Kindly do a story on covid-19 scandal in kenya

  55. Allie Diz Reply

    Would you mail cash? Exactly.

  56. ADub19472 Reply

    Whether you’re R, D, or Independent… I still don’t trust mail in voting. I wouldn’t send USPS packages of cash… so I wouldn’t mail in a vote either. If I can go to the grocery store… then I’ll be there to cast my vote. Again regardless of your political leanings, think seriously about voting in person.

  57. The virgin clan Lee Reply

    Democracy is under siege by evil republicans! People of US must fight Trump’s tyranny for their Democracy! Live free or die!

  58. Alok Sen Reply

    If the antifa and left can gather to protest and riot, they can come to vote too

  59. TC 11 Reply

    Well if you change the rules you change the outcome. Then it becomes a flaw in the system.

  60. Santanu Guha Reply

    Al Jazeera is against Saudi , how does this opinion even matter ? lol its biased

  61. jamee boss Reply

    you can vote hundred times by mail vote . The DEEP STATES United Nation organised this election fraud to steal the election

    • Keith Ziegler Reply

      That is 100% false. You are a liar. Your posting is being reported so that it can be deleted. With luck so will your account

  62. Nilanjan Dutta Reply

    Why al jeera afraid on repoting on qatar

  63. Veracity Reply

    1,000 people in Georgia illegally voted twice in their June 9th primary by mailing in a ballot and then voting in person

    Do Democrats still think voter fraud is a ‘myth?’


    • Travis Green Reply


    • Travis Green Reply

      I know you just made that up

    • Veracity Reply

      @Travis Green I know you Leftists don’t enjoy dealing with reality, so you may want to go to your safe space before you open the link.

    • Travis Green Reply

      Me and my two balls will be voting for Joe Biden

  64. Umair Talat Reply

    Please put together an explainer about the indo-China border conflict. Thank you

  65. ammo Reply

    Hats off to you Al Jazeera. Honestly one of the only non-biased news outlets left. Bravo

  66. Jtto Bingodingo Reply

    Because the usps can’t even get you normal mail delivered on time. You pay for faster shipping only to have them so delivery location blocked. All they are doing is stopping the mail clock, so as it’s not their fault for the failed delivery.

  67. VideoTzar19 Reply

    Cause they won’t be able to manipulate mail-in ballots like they do with in person by placing voting centers in areas mostly accessible to a certain demographic while making it very hard or impossible for others.

  68. Rick Stephens Reply

    queen live aid 1985 full concert

  69. Ruamlert Supanun Reply

    Who is she? what is her name?

  70. Ruamlert Supanun Reply

    She is so sexy.

    • Travis Green Reply

      A sexy Democrat

  71. Abin jose Abraham Reply

    Joe wins we win….if joe is the president we can easily start jihad and china will help us…
    Converted muslim🙋

  72. Jason Chua Reply

    Here is another stupid article, you need to do the right things as President, you cannot have fraud in elections, period?

  73. anu amir Reply

    Qatar is not having democracy.its a monarchy dictatorship. Qatari propaganda Al Jazeera has no moral right to speck about democracies.

  74. Nouman Qureshi Reply

    Cartoons need to monitored by world powers to minimise suspicions

  75. yusupha ceesay Reply

    Please talk about the coup in Mali.
    We have been waiting.

  76. leoagaw Reply

    USPS is in debt. How do you run a business like that? Imagine FEdex and UPS doing business like USPS. I think USPS needs to go if it cant compete with Fedex or UPS. Al Jazeera is just trying to put the blame on Trump. Good luck with that. We are ready for a fight.

  77. D S Reply

    Durka durka muhammid jihad.
    Allahu snackbar!

  78. Apex Fun Reply

    Hmmm… I see how conveniently she missed the point that if the mail in vote reach late they get cancelled automatically. Which happened this very year. Also, she misses the point of people arrested who have been professionally doing mail in fraud since a long time on different level, including as small as fire department to state governor.
    If Dems think they can win then just then ask people to come to voting booths. After all, they have been on streets for different protest through out the year. So Covid will assume that they are out again for some protest and won’t attack them.

  79. Apex Fun Reply

    It’s really a historic moment in US. Where somehow hatred towards one individual is so blinding that people are ok to see other people die. Dem cities are under fire, burning for nights. People dying and businesses ruined and somehow all those are just irrelevant because they hate one individual. Just imaging if such burning and riots where done by republicans or in republican cities. It would have all over media against Republicans. But since it’s dems, so Media is trying so hard to show that these are “Mostly peaceful” protest. Nice. People who are supporting such violence are on the wrong side of history.

    • Papillon 2010 Reply

      You probably do not realize how misinformed and jaded you are. There are lots of folks on both sides who are behaving badly and who are fueled by hate. You only see one side?

    • Apex Fun Reply

      @Papillon 2010 Yet it still does not change the facts.

  80. Pining for the fjords Reply

    It’s almost as if Trump doesn’t think he can win legitimately, so he has to dismantle the electoral system and rig it in his favour.

    • Lawrence Acosta Reply

      who is seriously voting for Biden? People rarely us snail mail for anything. All my bills are via email only thing in mailbox these days is spam and store ads. I can’t remember last time I bought a stamp. Case in point IRS announced that it has temporarily stopped processing 2019 paper returns. And if you already filed a return and it has not been processed yet, be prepared to wait a long time for any refund.
      Why the sudden urgency, or, for those who already filed, need for greater patience? After “evacuating” most of its staff two weeks ago as a safety precaution during the pandemic, the IRS announced last week that its processing center in Ogden, Utah—the last one still open—would be closed too.

  81. Fafhrd 2 Reply

    The problem, same we has in Sweden is that it’s people supporting lefties that apply for these positions to stand open and counting votes and then say the vote was “unclear, wrong” etc so they can throw it away.
    This problem we have with all since we can’t vote electronically in Sweden so everyone has to put their vote in a envelope at designated poll stations.
    So no it’s not recommended!

  82. Nurmuhammad Nuriddinov Reply

    About Muslim Brotherhood please

  83. NM Reply

    Trump should learn from major 3rd world country. Rig the mail votes!

  84. Mike Brockway Reply

    It is Democrats who should be worried because if you win the election because of it were going to have civil war. and the shortage of ammunition is not because of Democrats stocking up. I can already hear Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer dying last words right along with George Soros ” can I at least take some of my money with me”😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  85. Sumretee Dhoubhadel Reply

    What just happened to most recent Start Here videos??? Within 10mins, the video is down….

  86. Culture Kings Boy Reply

    I got paid $50,000 by usps to leave my job and move into another company. That’s all I can say… the budget cut was also removing high skilled or long term workers from their position in order to create cracks within the agency. My role was replaced by an untrained worker, to my knowledge from my ex coworkers, it takes him 3 days to do tasks that I could’ve done in 1 day.

    I took the pay just so I can feel secure in this pandemic, the deals were too good to say no.

    I just want the world to know this and I am sorry.

  87. Muhammad Hammad Reply

    record an episode on “role of mualana fazul rehman in pakistani politics”

  88. Marco Reply

    Land of the Free has become a quasi-dictatorship.

  89. Joe Wat Reply

    Their minuscule cases of fraud were only within the narrow scope of the examples caught. Since then, Democratic operative whistleblowers have admitted to personally changing, coercing or discarding thousands of votes, and mentoring dozens of others to do the same (some were volunteers, postal carriers, senior care employers. Etc., who received compensation). The bonafides were verified be there New York Post. [See August 29, 2020 report, “Confessions of a voter fraud: I was a master at fixing mail-in ballots”]

  90. Joe Wat Reply

    Regarding Universal Mail-in Ballots, two logistical problems exist, even without concerted fraud attempts; the postal service admits on their own website that mail is occasionally delivered to the wrong addresses. Sometimes this id due to senders not having updated addresses for the intended recipients. This is why Trump has repeatedly repeated what states like California has said; the voter rolls must be cleaned; that is to say, addresses must be updated, felons must be removed and deceased people must be removed. Otherwise, ballots in their names will be floating around in the hands of strangers.
    Question: what should happen if a Republican votes in person, but a universal ballot is mailed to her intended university address, which is retrieved be someone who selects Biden? Will the vote be canceled?

    • Joe Wat Reply

      Absentee ballot requests confirm correct addresses and have identity security measures.
      Question: Trump has been encouraging people to use Absentee Ballots, such still rely on the United States Postal Service, so it does not, without logical contradiction, stand to reason that here would actively pursue disruptions within the postal system.
      The fact is that the USPS has been mismanaged for decades. They have insufficient fee schedules for packages because they have been treated more like a subsidized utility than as a business. Also, it is insanity to use tax payer dollars to *PREPAY* 75 years of pension for every employee. The money should be in investment accounts.

  91. PinoyBaku Collector Reply

    democrat love this mail in ballot so they can cheat

  92. Anant Yadav Reply

    Your channel is biased

  93. Avenger Reply

    Trump worries on mail voting bec, most MV will mostly b Democrat who looked at Covid-19 seriously, as trump morons think coved19 is a hoax.

  94. John Locke Reply

    It has already led to fraud in many states. Fraud is not necessarily cheating its also damaged or lost votes.

    • Caio Ribeiro Reply

      Do you have… you know… proofs?

  95. John Locke Reply

    Some were even thrown away. Nevada won’t have to sign for ballots.

  96. John Locke Reply

    Think of all the covid 19 transferred throughout all that handled mail!

    • Todd Fennimore Reply

      John Locke not a likely mode of transmission for SARS-CoV2

  97. India First Reply

    Unfortunately President believed a Doc who prescribed Hydroxidechlorophine, death due to covid19 is more than 20 millions in US..😅

  98. Bob Green Reply

    Democrats lost an election in 2016 they rigged with absentee ballots. There are continuous reports now of democrat fraud with mail in ballots now.

  99. victoria dk Reply

    If you are american don’t vote by mail if you don’t have too. Mail can get lost.

  100. Accountant Asia Reply

    Any video why Trump so eager to appoint the new supreme Court judge?

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