Belarus protesters continue pressure on Lukashenko with new march

2020 9/09
Belarus protesters continue pressure on Lukashenko with new march

Tens of thousands of people marched through Minsk on Sunday calling on Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko to step down in mass demonstrations that showed no sign of abating nearly a month after the election his opponents say was rigged.
Columns of protesters defied a government warning not to march, waving red-and-white opposition flags and shouting “go away” and “you’re a rat”.
The human rights group Spring-96 said at least 70 people were arrested. Russia’s Interfax news agency reported several people were injured when police broke up a protest outside a state-run tractor factory.

Al Jazeera’s Bernard Smith reports from neighbouring Lithuania.

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コメント一覧 (164件)

  • Poco Loco says:

    No worries. Putin will help you out by sending tourists in tanks. Can’t have this kind of democracy around.

    • Oskar says:

      There are at least three Russian military bases in Belarus, Belarisin army never exercise without Russian. I’m quite sure that’s the same case in services, police etc. Putin doesn’t need to send anything but some propagandist signals.

  • Khachakirner1992Crusaders says:

    Lukashenko is the guardian of Belarus !!!

    • Aušrinė Vilimaityte says:

      He is a destroyer. And what is he defending them for? Living like pro western post soviet states? They live incomparably better then those who slave to Putin.

    • rom tn says:

      Lukashenko is the g̶u̶a̶r̶d̶i̶a̶n̶ scourge of Belarus !!! There its fixed now.

    • Khachakirner1992Crusaders says:

      @Aušrinė Vilimaityte When the time comes and you understand what i am saying ,its going to be to late .

  • ramtin mojmeli says:

    Peacful protests would do no progress in authoritarian government (it only works in democratic ones ).people of Belarus good luck with your peaceful approach,but I’m sure if you people dont put rifle on lukashenkos head he’s not going anywhere.

  • Susan Diane Howell says:

    Belarusians, Sing!

    12 For ye shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace: the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.

    Isaiah 55:12

  • Watching the Hawks says:

    Al Jazeera give up Belarus;your Western backers has fall,Belarus will soon reunite with Mother Russia.

    • Aušrinė Vilimaityte says:

      🤣. Reality is that being pro western is overwelmingly better, belarussians often travel to Poland or Lithuania and can easily see it with their own eyes. Only oligarchy and authoritarism lives with the east.

  • Leleh Lusade says:

    Why do world dictators think they are immortal? The people have spoken step down and face the law. Many world tyrannical leaders will fall before 2020 is over. Look out for more protests against governments across the world this September from Asia, Europe and Africa. America is already burning. China CCP is running for the hills.

    • not famous says:

      Are you comparing the protest in us with Belarus? In Belarus there’s people peaceful protesting for their freedom. In us there are radicals that are destroying their own country.

    • Leleh Lusade says:

      @not famous I guess English is not your first language.

    • not famous says:

      @Leleh Lusade and you are right.

  • K M says:

    Careful, don’t want Putin to dropping sarin gas …that guy is a little monster.

    • wonder fuller says:

      yer he did it in Syria

    • Savannah May says:

      Kinda like our president

    • Harri Sitt says:

      Oh ja don’t want CIA snipers shooting civilians there either like in the Ukraine…..they have roses at the end of their bullets.

    • wonder fuller says:

      @Jimbo sammy yer only allows more migrants into UK

    • wonder fuller says:

      @Jimbo sammy try to stop more migrants into UK

  • PK C says:

    The people have the power. The government should fear the people.

    • Aimee A. says:

      Right?! I always thought that but why is this man still in power and still in charge of army and police. I’m feeling hopeless.

    • DAVID P says:

      Oh you naive people who think the world is the same as the hard fought for freedom you enjoy

    • Harri Sitt says:

      Like the enslaved of the West in their homes quarantined????

  • Nik Tarasyuk says:

    Lukewarm response by EU and Trump administration is disgusting.
    Where is your oil Belarusians? You should have it.
    Love for freedom is not enough.

    • not famous says:

      Yeah. Trump should bomb Belarus like Obama did in Syria and lybia.

    • No Thanks says:

      What do you expect? Some people protest an election and suddenly the US invades and sends SEALs in to kill the president?
      This is reality, things must be handled properly.

    • Nik Tarasyuk says:

      @No Thanks Why to go to extremes? Declaring current president illegitimate like Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine and Poland did, would be a good start.
      Sanction him personally like these countries did. Help to collect evidence to bring the dictator, criminal and murderer, to International Criminal Court.
      Instead EU didn’t sanction Lukashenko at all, only the criminals around him.
      Belarusians cannot find justice inside their own country, so help them to find justice outside.
      Such help would not cost much, a meagre fraction of Iraq invasion.
      The more inaction, the more US and and EU show to the world they play politics, exactly what Russia does.
      At least Russians do not claim to be the leaders of the free world.

  • Blink VIP says:

    Freedom Belarus ⚪🔴⚪❤✊✌🌹💐🌹💐🌹💐🌹💐🌹💐🌹💐🌹💐🌹💐🌹

  • Blink VIP says:

    Down With Dictatorship Lukashenko Puppet Russia 👎👎👎👎👎🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅

  • ronluzim says:

    Libertad libertad libertad libertad libertad libertad libertad libertad

  • battousai X says:

    So it means, the protesters make up of a little of 20% percent who voted the losers in election.

    • rom tn says:

      No. The regime said the opposition won only 10% of the vote. Not credible at all.

    • DAVID P says:

      Then where is the 80% of voters at a counter event.

  • Sawley Ram says:

    The vote was probably rigged, but life is good under Lukashenko… greater wealth than there has ever been in Belarus, stable government, trade with strong countries. Why upset that?

    • rom tn says:

      “The vote was probably rigged, ” is the answer to your question.

    • Sawley Ram says:

      @rom tn My question asks the worth of upsetting all of those elements of Belarusian lifestyle, for the sake of removing a man who has – on the whole – done a good job of turning Belarus into a modern, successful state. In my country we don’t get to choose our appointed Head of State nor do we have an elected Upper House in Parliament, but none of us are calling for Revolution.

  • leila rezazad says:

    dictators are becoming the norm of our modern world

    • No Thanks says:

      Theres way less of them then there have been before. People like Mugabe have been toppled.

    • DAVID P says:

      Depends on which country you are born in

  • Brian Jordan says:

    The leaders of the EU are yellow.

    • Harri Sitt says:

      @Brian Jordan The EU poking their nose into other countries business sure is. Besides they are like a vassal state to the Americans.

    • Brian Jordan says:

      @Harri Sitt
      No, voicing support for the oppressed people of Belarus is not agitating, it’s voicing support. Funny how you and countries with dictators always talk about other countries butting into their business. Maybe if the Belarusian president didn’t fake the election, no one would be in Belarus’ business.
      I’m sure Hitler, Stalin, and Mao all were worried about other countries in their business too. Oppressive dictators always are.

    • Harri Sitt says:

      @Brian Jordan Lol You must really like GMO foods and tyranny then USA is just right for you. You are super naive and brainwashed. How old are you?

    • Brian Jordan says:

      @Harri Sitt
      Probably older than you. I love it when people like you claim others are “brainwashed,” yet provide no examples of what I’ve said that indicates brainwashing. Nothing I said was remotely untrue, yet you keep regurgitating anti-American propaganda, which is provided by the CCP. And why you would assume I like any kind of food, based on the conversation to this point is a mystery, and completely irrelevant.
      I don’t know where you’re at, or where you’re from but I’ve been to 8 different countries on this planet, and America is the best hands down. One can find negatives about any country, if one chooses, and I’ve noticed that many people in the world today focus on the negatives about America and ignore far worse negatives about totalitarian and communists regimes. You speak of brainwashing, but at least I use my brain. People who support China are ignoring slavery, genocide, aggression, oppression, lying, thievery, organ harvesting and a bunch of human rights violations. So obviously you are either brainwashed, or not informed enough to make an opinion, yet you do.
      I remember life before the wall fell, I’ve spoken to people who lived under communism, you can’t bs me, but obviously someone has bsed you, and you’ve bought it hook, line, and sinker.

    • Harri Sitt says:

      @Brian Jordan You are way behind the curve in currently events. Need updating? Want a list of the current agendas like forced vaccines, digital money, lock downs. Probably never heard of Agenda 21 huh? Right now California has directed energy fires all over. Maybe you will feel better there lol. You are way too naive and power hungry.

  • kusilutka says:

    Free Maria Kalesnikava

  • Paulo Henrique Netto de Alcântara says:

    “Arabian Spring” – once more… …followed by neoliberalism etcetera!

  • Fritz Raake says:

    The head of the Belarussian opposition, Maria Kalesnikava was kidnapped in Minsk this morning according to several sources.

    • Oskar says:

      Yes, together with three other collegues. Taken from the street by the secret police and put into a van. like that,. Today when everybody even in Belarus has a mobile phone with camera you can’t really hide such things.

    • Jimbo sammy says:

      Not good. That should make the news in the US. But probably wont.
      Trump does not kidnap people and the opposition does not disappear.
      Key difference.

    • Oskar says:

      @Jimbo sammy Most of Americans don’t even know where Belarus is, American media are absorbed with leftist rioters and elections.

  • ak11230 says:

    My heart is with Belarus protesters ! Breve people ….

    • Аlena Shatilova says:

      thank you

    • eugenio capelli says:

      @Lil tom Is true is only money stress

    • Harri Sitt says:

      Your heart is for the CIA then like in Ukraine? ..’ wow!

    • Harri Sitt says:

      @Lil tom Corrrrrrrrrrect…… !!!!!

    • ak11230 says:

      @Harri Sitt 80 % vote for current president Stalin got 98 % of votes too. in 1929 Russia .
      Vote again what wrong with that 80 % of people votes for current president nothing to worry right ?

  • suhail popzian says:

    Mooonji mekklae mooonji

  • GangGang says:

    Their beautiful, Americans need to get their priorities straight, if you’re gonna protest, do it in one city, DC

    • A2theE2 says:

      Protest what a lie?

    • Oracle X says:

      In case you hadn’t noticed, America is a democracy, while Belarus and Russia are dictatorships. You should try living there.

  • Saffeya H says:

    Civil uprisings all over the world. Sign of the end times.

    • One Percent Takers says:

      Hopefully, the end of superstitious religions.

  • Aimee A. says:

    So many beaten, tortured, and some killed… for what? One psychopath who rigged an election. WHY ISN’T THE UN STOPPING THIS? GET HIM OUT NOW. He must be arrested. And no way is he to be included in another election. What’s happening in the world? We don’t we humans have power against evil anymore?

  • llVIU says:

    nice ”democracy”

  • R Khan says:

    Politicians here to serve as a SERVANT. How ignorant they have become. He scammed the election and should resign.

  • ed bish says:

    The total Disunity of the European Union has always gone on with regard to foreign policy I expect the Franco German alliance objected incase they upset the CCP. The EU doesn’t give a monkey’s about anybody if they are not making money from the situation and very often individual member states opinions and wishes are just ignored.

  • Evelyn Chickree says:

    Where is the United Nation. They are the criminal. And they know who they want in power. Evil over good.

  • James Lewis says:

    So much for UN protection of human rights.

  • Your Polish-Vietnamese guy says:

    Lukashenko, you thug. You will fall like rat

  • Westbourne Park says:

    NATO coup failed

  • Cody Ham says:

    Forget Lukashenko, How can the police and army beat their own ppl? All they want is a fair election and justice. Lukashenko just Go! man, even Kim Jong on, Putin and Trumpoloer are saying you are impressment to stable geniuses around the world…

  • albert johnson says:

    they were doing this in france and nobody cares.

  • Amen says:


    • Lil tom says:

      Lol where is your proof for idiotic claim that their elected leader was corrupt?? Their taxes are well accounted for.

  • books from Windblown says:

    Belarus dictator vs the people: round one, fight!

  • Dejan Simic says:

    Most of these people are not from Belarus! Real Belarusians love Lukashenko! The Deep State is trying to bring him down because he told the truth about the fake Virus! Most of the comments are trolls working directly for the devil himself! Think with your head and don’t believe to fake media !! Love!!

  • NihlusGreen says:

    BLM ✊

  • LA Prepper says:

    Taking people away in vans in the age of the internet is probably not a great idea

    • DAVID P says:

      They do it on purpose to strike fear in the rest. Welcome to Russian world

    • Harri Sitt says:

      Nor into rendition camps like Guantanamo?

  • vaibhav chowdhury says:

    The protest should not be peaceful but the protesters should fight with the military.

  • Digital Light says:

    The more people come out the better! The bigger the protests the harder it will be for Lukashenko to detain everyone.

  • Digital Light says:

    Since when does ANY leader get 80% of the vote, except corrupts??

  • Nilza Silva says:


  • Maro Rose says:


  • rom tn says:

    Lukashenko is imprisoned in the Palace in Minsk, behind razor wire and tens of thousands of people guarding him so he can’t escape.

  • nzinga beauty says:

    EU ain’t doing nothing to protect the people of Belarus… It’s a shame

    • bido kokot says:

      EU have its own problems…

    • No Thanks says:

      Belarus isnt a member of EU

    • nzinga beauty says:

      @No Thanks your name really fits your description….. NO THANKS I never ask for your opinion or for you yo intervene

    • ewen lagadeg says:

      EU don’t have much leeway…everyone is walking on eggs… they have to watch a possible annexation by Russia (also to keep a path to Kaliningrad) if Belarus was about to replace Lukashenko with a more western friendly leader.

      Putin is not in the best position either as too much support to Lukashenko could hurt his image inside Russia…and a military intervention/annexation would not be accepted by the baltic countries, Poland and Europe/Nato (World war III ??) It would be a way bigger deal than Crimea…and Putin knows it.
      Geopolitically, it’s a very high tension situation…if not worse than Maidan.

  • I might answerback says:

    Sorry that many people in the streets makes me think that election was a scam. I keep hearing commercials saying if you don’t vote that’s how you lose democracy. That’s a lie. You lose democracy when the person in charge decides he won’t leave. Everytime that’s how it happens.

    • Harri Sitt says:

      Brought to you by the CIA yepppppppp. Good job bro.

  • Cindy Morre says:

    president of Belarus is just like trump!

    • One Percent Takers says:

      Trump wishes he could be president for life, just like pig boy Lukashenko.

  • miroslav džupka says:

    Amonu nado gavaryt tvoj srok v meste s lukasenkom 25 let tiumy , narod neprostryt ,

  • laeeque nadvi says:

    Almighty Allah says:
    و ما ارسلناک إلا رحمة للعالمين
    We sent thee not,but as a mercy for the worlds.(for all creatures).

    There is no question now of race or nation of a ” chosen people” or the seed of Abraham or the ” seed of David”; of Jew or Gentile, Arab or non–Arab, European or African, White or Coloured etc.

    To all men and creatures other than men who have any spiritual responsibility the principles universally apply.

    إن الدين عند الله الإسلام و من يبتغ غير الإسلام دينا فلن يقبل منه o
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    Problem of Europe is that it does not understand this very important fact. They think that theirs law is better than Islamic law.

    Almighty Allah says :
    The revelation of the Book is from Allah,the Mighty, the Wise.

    Lo! We have revealed the Book unto them (Mohammad) with truth; so worship Allah,making the Deen pure for Him (only).

    Surely pure Deen is for Allah only
    Kindly make your mind clear that the the mankind is created by Almighty Allah — the Master Creator.
    We have to study and research the Holy Qur’an sincerely. It is in broader interests of humankind.

    Follow Islam to make your life better in this world and in the life of Hereafter.
    O Allah show us the right path of Islam.
    ” The path of those whom Thou hast favoured; Not (the path) of those who earn Thine anger nor of those who go stray”.
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  • F L says:

    Amazing how oblivious these dictators are to reality. If you’re going to rig an election, you don’t show yourself winning by such a ridiculous margin

    • DAVID P says:

      That’s the point. To show his power

  • Fran Park says:

    Longer greedy dictators and tyrants exist humanity suffer

  • Clement GAVI says:

    ‘The human rights group Spring-96 said at least 70 people were arrested. ‘

  • Lucy Brunson says:


  • Jonathan Simmonds says:

    Assassinate Lukashenko like they did Nicolae Ceaușescu and his wife, like they do to all evil dictators.

    • One Percent Takers says:

      That could happen if the military and police turn as they did in Romania.

  • Nkanyiso Africa says:

    Another foreign meddling

    • One Percent Takers says:

      Yep, foreign pig Putin is meddling in Belarus.

  • Michael Sargeant says:

    What they need is some of them nice black lives matter people over there as there’s no Looting and anything is on fire .

    • One Percent Takers says:

      At least they don’t have to deal with Klan terrorists. But the people there do have to deal with fascist dictator Lukashenko

  • Настя says:

    I live in Belarus and it is very sad…

  • One Percent Takers says:

    The PEOPLE OF BELARUS are about to put their dictator on the end of a rope.

  • kri11111 says:

    It’s lie! Pro-government demonstrations in Belarus are bigger. Everything is on internet.
    Down with European Union and NATO!

  • Summer at the Longhouse says:

    This is happened when politician corrupt in power!

  • Arès Pagan says:


  • - says:

    Sorry Belarussians, you tried but not hard enough so good luck in Siberia…

  • Dmitry Shultz says:

    People wearing masks are Evil or bribed by Evil. Nothing to do with the COVID they just feel more comfortable to do their dirthy deeds unanimous.

  • Krzysztof Krzysztof says:


  • j Miller says:

    “Maria Kolesnikova, the central opposition figure inside the Eastern European nation, was seen being bundled into a vehicle by men in plainclothes.” What do you think is being done to her as you read this? How would you feel if you were her mom or dad? How many people will Putin and dictators silence with nerve gas? Why does Trump continue to say and do nothing? What are you going to do to help elect a President who will stand up to dictators? You owe it to Maria and yourself.

    • Harri Sitt says:

      Better fed and warm than Guantanamo huh?

  • Krzysztof Krzysztof says:


  • Leon pedro says:

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  • John D says:

    From American Workers on our Labor Day to Belarussian Workers engaged in action against the exploiter Lukashenka:

  • Enterthemind1 says:

    Totalitarianism is taking root every country. People have sat back for years and let their government/s do whatever they want, that’s why this mess is happening. This is a learning lesson folks.

  • L I says:

    Just like Trump

  • Ronan Max says:

    Beware, Russians are coming..

    • One Percent Takers says:

      Beware, Russians are coming for dictator Putin.

  • Urius Tosh says:

    No mention of the political positions of the protesters. Convenient. They are pro-Russia, anti-EU. Pro-capitalism. It’s bullshit. They want to replace Lukashenko with another pro-Russian used condom. Good for them, but don’t pretend they are democrats.

  • Gerald Fisher says:

    Opposition candidate Maria Kolesnikova is now officially missing .. bundled by masked men and thrown into a minivan.

    The people should know what their dictator is doing to anyone who opposes him.

  • One Percent Takers says:

    Death to the fascist dictators who prey upon the lives of the people!

  • Coco Candacraig says:

    European Union‘s lack of action… such a disgrace, what a calamity!

    • DAVID P says:

      It’s mostly Hungary who vetoed a response

    • Harri Sitt says:

      They are in on the coup dumdum.

  • ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

    arabspring in belarus soon you will be in a civilwar like syria libya yemen ukraine

  • uNr3al111 says:

    This is whats coming to US in less than 60 days.

  • One Percent Takers says:

    Lukashenko is a puppet of fascist Putin.

  • Azichka Smeleva says:

    Pray for Belarus and democracy 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • 18billions says:

    Time to get rid of lukashenko


    Si un presidente está una nación y ha ganado cantidad de elecciones supuestamente ganó bien según él yo lo veo bien sospechoso la verdad las cosas claras esto ya no va a que uno está favor de Rusia lote favor No aquí las cosas son bien claras Y encima de que el opositor pierda por creo que ni ni 10% eso es tontería ya eso ya sinvergüencería una cosa que pierda por 80 y el otro gana Por 90 pero acá en el presidente de Bielorrusia ganó por 92 resto 5% dysport esa es un cuento ni siquiera ni saben engañar a la gente la gente ya se dio cuenta en Bielorrusia no aquí la solución ya dije bien simple el presidente de Bielorrusia Yo pienso que debería dejar el mando a su vicepresidente y lo justo hasta que se declara en nuevas elecciones y hay tanta juventud en Bielorrusia que podría postular a la presidencia inode tenderse de brazos para Rusia Europa no Simplemente tratar de hacer bien las cosas en Bielorrusia acuerdos y un montón de cosas yo le voy a decir esto y escúchenme bien bielorruso Espero que llegue mi mensaje a su país este momento el presidente de los Rusia Debería ser un patriota número uno amnistiar a todos los detenidos porque hay detenidos dejaron libres inmediatamente número 2 debería dejar el poder a una mujer así sea de su partido hasta que hayan elecciones transparentes Pero eso sí eso sí Éste es el momento adecuado como para poder negociar con Europa para su entrada a la Unión Europea decir Rusia desea ayudar en algo bueno pueden hacer acuerdos también comerciales con ellos pero siempre un país debe sacar a lo mejor de cualquier lado para su nación para su pueblo utilizar los momentos como esto en Europa está ahí con los ojos bien puestos en Bielorrusia como pues se puede sin encontrar su tajada para su gente en cuestiones de comercio y de entrar a una a una a una Unión Europea donde que podría tener un montón de beneficios hágame caso y ya que Rusia tanto quiere ayudar también ahí se puede sacar una buena tajada para favor de velo Rusia Hay que ser inteligentes Así es que pienso que presidente de Bielorrusia debería dejar el cargo pero para poner alguien pueden de su gobierno hasta que se declaran en las elecciones Pero eso sí no dormirse en sus laureles matar caso mejor vengan a mi chamba y duerman en el piso no si me duermo acá en fin porque tipo preso pero en Bielorrusia no pueden hacer sus cosas en este momento se podría hacer es cuestión de mandar diplomáticos a la Unión Europea para ver y negociar y también a la Rusia Pero eso sí que quede bien claro Esto es lo que voy a decir las empresas estratégicas de Bielorrusia siempre deben estar protegidas no deben ser privatizadas las empresas estratégicas porque porque cuando las empresas estratégicas son privatizadas el pueblo después paga pato mediante recibo más altos las cosas se encarecen mientras tengan las empresas estratégicas al mando del Estado Entonces siempre se podrá ayudar al pueblo un país puede obligar a una empresa privada que baje sus precios eso iría en contra de la Constitución que dice libertad de comercio de precios todo esa cuestiones Así que ya sabes si hace bien los acuerdos Pero eso sí sin vulnerar la hay que usar la mente siempre así que a trabajar Bielorrusia empiecen en este momento especialmente el gobierno en vez de que su gente tenga ahí peleando luchando utilice este momento yo le dije cómo para sacar lo mejor será en europeo de Rusia Pero eso sí por favor que se respete la soberanía de ese país a Disney porque obligarlos a hacer parte si ellos no quieren de algo cualquier cosa que se haga ilusiones grandes primero se deberá ser un referéndum en Bielorrusia el pueblo manda Y si quieren algo mejor simple hagan un referéndum de revocatoria o que se quede presidente y final problema si se gana la revocatoria entonces elecciones inmediatas Y si gana supuestamente como ese presidente que ganó bien Bueno te queda tendrá que quedarse preso si las elecciones tendrán que ser observadas mundialmente por las Naciones Unidas y por todos los países Incluyendo los votos deberán ser contabilizados por algún tipo de órgano de las Naciones Unidas no por el gobierno o la oposición deben empezar a hacer esto ya de inmediato

  • Magatism says:

    This is a liberal uprising backed by foriegn agencies. Don’t worry, US elections will stop it from meddling.
    Jail the leaders.

  • I N says:

    When will you show extreme right wingers protesting in Leipzig, Germany. Germany has been protesting for days

  • no name says:

    What do expect from Europeans

  • laeeque nadvi says:

    @Eric S
    I mean democratic system is acceptable only nor non- democratic. You are right that many countries in the world are non-democratic. Gulf Arab countries are non-democratic.

    Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)didn’t estblish his own regime but Allah’s ” حكم “. was inforced by him.

    Almighty Allah says:

    ” So judge between them by that wich Allah hath revealed,and follow not their vain desires”.

    “Do they then seek after a Judgement of(the Days of) Ignorance?
    Who is better than Allah for judgement to a people who have certainly (in their belief)”.?
    In our contemporary world governments inforce their own made laws. The days of ignorance means the laws not revealed or recognised by Allah.
    Allah takes us away from that false mental attitude, towards the true attitudes of Qur’an.

    If our faith is certain (and not merely a matter of words), Allah will guide us to the
    “الصراط المستقيم ” (Straight Path)
    but we are not!!


    • One Percent Takers says:

      Religion is superstitious nonsense.

    • laeeque nadvi says:

      @One Percent Takers
      Qur’an is different. It is for you.
      Kindly spare some time to read it.
      It is in your interests.


    • One Percent Takers says:

      @laeeque nadvi
      I read parts of it. Just like other ancient religious texts, it was written by ignorant “prophets” who, among other things, thought that the Earth was flat and at the center of the universe (pre-science).

  • One Percent Takers says:

    Power to the Belarusian people.
    Down with Putin’s puppet Lukashenko

  • Jesse Galvan says:

    We are all watching what’s going on DON’T GIVE Up, POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!

  • eugenio capelli says:

    Tomorrow, the future is to be one at her Romania, spread all Europe to fine money to pay the gas, end the country in hand of FORINERS, the young generation is totally Idiot only becouse they never really duet something Let get inside the night mare of EU PLUS, Ivasions of Third world. Gud luck

  • Jai Shri Ram says:

    this is india after 3 years

  • One Percent Takers says:

    Putin asks, “How dare the Belarusian people demand an election that isn’t rigged by the dictator.”

  • Claudiu Balta says:

    Keep up the fight guys! Best wishes from Romania!

  • bi bi says:

    THE COUP IN BOLIVIA NOW APPLIES IN BELARUS .. !! identical .. nothing strange that they are looking for mercenaries to disguise them as police or military and carry out self-attacks and Navalni’s self-attack is the same as Bolsonaro’s in Brazil. Belarus is not going to allow a coup d’état like in Bolivia supported by the US AND THE EUROPEAN UNION

  • Johnny Mars says:

    Sometimes I am amazed by these people. Haven’t they seen the mess in Ukraine?

  • 魯耶! says:

    An other colour revolution with black hand from America behind, just the same as what toke place in Ukraine, caused so thousands of lives.

  • Frog Froger says:

    Boykottiert Ikea die kaufen Holz von Lukaschenko

  • Lil tom says:

    Lol those protesters thinks that if they overthrow their current democratic socialist form of government they will be richer. They want an over capitalist government like USA system or Democratic Socialist like Denmark? In USA hospital is very expensive, so you need to pay for healthcare hahaha. While in Denmark the Government owns the hospital and it is free, or if not in some cases, you just pay very little. Belarus have free education like Denmark until college but in USA free education is only until highschool. College is very expensive in USA so you need to take a govt student loan which you wont be able to pay hahaha. Because USA has too much love for capitalistic profit, they even shift their jobs to other countries and sell back the goods to USA. Capitalism is good but TOO much is bad. Government should be for the whole people and not only for the good of few businessmen.

  • Spandan Patnaik says:

    We Indians are also with you Belarus

  • Scoobi Snax says:

    take a hint loser Lukashenko

  • saadamiens says:

    That’s what scares them the most 0:01

  • DIME ABEL says:

    This is “president” Putin’s favorite poppet .