Saudi-UAE coalition warplane shot down in Yemen

The Saudi-UAE-led coalition has confirmed that one of its warplanes has crashed in Yemen’s northern al-Jawf province.
Houthi rebels say its forces shot down the Royal Saudi Air Force plane on Friday.
Houthi media is also reporting that at least 40 civilians were killed in coalition air strikes in the region’s al-Masloub district.
Hussein al-Bukhaiti, Yemen and Houthi affairs analyst, speaks to Al Jazeera.

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107 thoughts on “Saudi-UAE coalition warplane shot down in Yemen

  1. Rolando Sierra Reply

    I hope more of their evil machines go down, rs

  2. Ashok Kumar Reply

    Good to see mullas are fighting each other listening to Christians.

  3. Ibrahim Somali Reply

    Viva rebel in idlib and houthis in yemen. Both groups fighting for liberation and against puppets and invaders.

  4. Sajid Khan Reply

    Yehudi Arabia. More to come,stay tuned.

  5. world news Reply

    To those many idiots who still don’t know why this wars are happening it’s because of Israel and USA who worship Satan.. wants to control the whole population on Earth.. obviously oil and land is also involved..

  6. Real Myles Araujo Reply

    Good Saudi Arabia are the real 🐖 of the world

  7. Real Myles Araujo Reply

    People still believe Iraq had something to do with the twin towers no Saudi Arabian nationalist took them down

  8. Syed Shah Reply

    The Saudis wanted to kill the pilot. NO more like the Israelis are doing the job under the name of Saudis and don’t want anyone to find evidence.

  9. brandenburg2388 Reply

    I hope the Houthis will launched another attack on Aramco’s oil facilities and cause a spike in world oil prices which have fallen due to the coronavirus outbreak.

  10. Sextus Empiricus Reply

    It wasn’t shot down. It had a mechanical failure.

    • Dave Randle Reply

      Fart noise

    • Dave Randle Reply

      We got the footage

    • Sextus Empiricus Reply

      @Dave Randle : It was a JOKE! A SAM causes mechanical failure. This is the U.S. first response to the downing of any aircraft.


    Congratulations Yemen.

  12. kittsak khongchaem Reply


  13. Sittina Feysel Reply

    Congratulations to Houthis for having shot down this one more Saudi warplane and for humiliating Saudi Arabia and its many whores coward allies such as America, Israhell, France, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Great-Britain, Egypt, Morocco and many others !

  14. George Reply

    The US has lots to benefit with broken relations between Muslim nations. Which is why peace is not an option

  15. YOUNG MAN Reply

    May almighty Allahu Subhaanahu watata’aalaa help you YEMEN

  16. Patrick Vien Reply

    Yemenis, Syrians, Iraqis & Libyans needs to kick out foreign militaries & bases out of their country. Saudi & UAE military needs to leave Yemen. Turkish military needs to leave Syria, Libya & close their military base in Iraq. The US needs to leave Iraq. Let’s hope the locals wins in these countries.


    Congratulations in the name the ALLAH


    Never acept the war in Yemen


    Out catolics hindu and cristian people

  20. Chefu Clovis Reply

    One sided report. Nothing from the other side. There are always 2 sides to a story. This is a very good example of cocktail journalism

  21. Andrea Tarasova Reply

    Glad to hear Houties actually have these capabilities.

  22. comrade RSA Incorruptible Reply

    I just wish soldiers could refuse to go to war for politicians.

  23. Miss Ema Reply

    So no one mentioned who is responsible for the two Saudi pilots who were shot by Houthis?

  24. Miss Ema Reply

    This is how Houthis retaliate because The Saudi army’s advance at Sirwah front has caused deaths and injuries among Houthi fighters.

  25. Miss Ema Reply

    AlJazerah is getting better at making fake news day by day

    • شرحبيل يثرب Reply

      Miss Ema
      Fake News? The Saudis themselves acknowledged their jet was shot down.
      It is your name that is fake.

  26. Ar Ss Reply

    Sahih Bukhari Volume 2, Book 17, Number 147

    Narrated Ibn ‘Umar:

    (The Prophet) said, “O Allah! Bless our Sham and our Yemen.” People said, “Our Najd as well.” The Prophet again said, “O Allah! Bless our Sham and Yemen.” They said again, “Our Najd as well.” On that the Prophet ﷺ said, “There will appear earthquakes and afflictions, and from there will come out the side of the head of Satan.”

    abdul aziz ibn saud and his family r najdi. since the fall of the ottomans and this family took over there has been nothing but corruption and turmoil because this family r on the side of the zionists.

  27. Propel 2015 Reply

    They should behead that Saudi pilot

  28. Tummun Reply

    The madness of the mock “kingdoms” of arabia must be stopped. They can’t produce a pencil on their own domestically but are in war for no reason other than superficial jokes. Nearly all arab countries are either burning or about to be burned. Thanks to the next door arab

  29. a b Reply


  30. a b Reply

    الأبقار الترامب في المستنقع
    مقاتلو الحرية يرتفعون في اليمن

  31. syim A Reply

    Well done the Houthies!!..long live Yemen!!❤

  32. CMAenergy Reply

    Why is it all these people being interviewed that cannot speak proper English without an accent have to speak so fast putting in blank words of no meaning makes it is difficult for us to comprehend !

  33. Andrew Ray Reply

    this world is being destroyed by humans, supposed to be more intelligent?
    no just greedy beings.

  34. Anwar Hazara Reply

    A good lesson for saudi arab from Yamani Herose

  35. Ali Denar Reply

    It’s going to shut down soon hopefully

  36. steelersguy74 Reply

    Am I supposed to be saddened by this? Because I’m not.

  37. C. Rodriguez Reply

    Alhamdulillah !

  38. Esa Shaik Reply

    This what will happen to Russians in Libya fighting with the Saudi and UAE to overthrow the UN recognised government of Libya.👍

  39. Umar Farooq Gujjar Reply

    Shame on Saudi Arabia

  40. Salam Khan Reply

    Good work Yemen.

  41. Jack Bradford Reply

    Backed by american arms, is there anywhere in the world where americans arent killing,and they wonder why theres so much killing back in the US. Ugh.??

  42. Dennis Janda Reply

    Is this the same Yemen that Obumer lost $550 million in Military equipment ??..Just Askin’ !!

  43. nayanmalig Reply

    NATO weapons are useless against barefoot Houthi peasants LOL

    • Yamani King Reply

      nayanmalig there are no peasants in Yemen, Yemen is the land of kings and the lineage of the prophet Noah and queen sheba, 80% of the prophet Mohameds army were Yemeni tribes. They ruled Spain Persia took down the romans in Syria. just because a country is poor doesn’t mean the ppl are peasants. You are disgusting filth.

  44. Muhammad Rizwan Ayub Reply

    Tornado jet I think its F15 Eagle

  45. nuke B61-12 Reply

    Everyone’s a civilian when they put their AK-47 in the closet

  46. Sohrab Babai Reply

    So dondt blame IRAN for this..huthi are good for you saudis..hahahahahahaha

  47. Crok Reply

    Update, Saudi just bombed and killed 31 houthis in a retaliatory attempt. Good so far!

  48. Nazmul Nazmul Reply

    Saudi regime may face serious challenge agains Houti. Saudis should not killed innocent people in Yemen, by the they have lost the war with advanced weapon supplied by CRUEL USA and evil UK

  49. Shahzam Suleman Reply

    so $67billion military budget is 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  50. Ashutosh Sharma Reply

    This is proof that buying US weapons doesnt automatically make you a super power… May Yemen finally know peace.

    • شرحبيل يثرب Reply

      The jet was designed and manufactured in Europe.

    • Ashutosh Sharma Reply

      @شرحبيل يثرب Ya right, it was a SEPECAT Jaguar.

  51. BarBaros PŞ Reply


  52. Mohammad Hassan Reply

    All us sold weapons are junks to arabs

  53. Kalam Uddin Reply

    Huthies ar driving the soudis mad the poor soudis need some help man

  54. Seyyed Naqvi Reply

    Saudi Royalty needs to back right off. Iran is on your back and wants to run your pilgrimage racket in your place . They think they can do a better job in managing it.

  55. Wesley Sandel Reply

    The victims of Saudi and American mass murder shoot back.

  56. Abasssofi Abasssofi Reply

    Well done Yemen

  57. wasiq raja Reply

    The end is near

  58. reggie fall Reply

    is he playing with hilium

  59. tomtom2222th Reply

    >us uae bomb country
    > 40 new hateful families
    >us uae plane is bombed
    repeat…. this ignorance costs blood

  60. shaun nazari Reply

    Cograts Houthis!!!

  61. max g Reply


  62. Harsha Kalangi Reply

    Islam a religion of peace😂😂

  63. Burs Natch Reply

    How I wish these warmongers be infected by the new Corona Virus.

  64. Omar A Reply

    Why would saudi wanna kill its own pilot?

  65. Sarker Sar Reply

    US claimed they’re seized Iranian weapon from strait hormuz
    Houthi say they’re shutdown sudia jet talk about these are interrelated to hold iran sudia peace talk and growing conflict for implement US joint black view on arab yard

  66. general dealing Reply

    Listen to the western media they are more concerned about Saudi shot Jet fighter than killed civilians

  67. Dastagir Abdussalam Reply

    Hooliganism and mighty military strength won’t bring security to any nation. Stop all illegal wars and invasions immediately.

  68. Andrew Asante Reply

    Religion of peace indeed

  69. Open Your Eyes Reply

    It’s funny how a plane is more important than peoples lives killed. 1:33

  70. Sbk Pathan Reply


  71. Hendrawan Gosali Reply

    Even If they used F35 could crash too …

  72. Galo Aguirre Reply

    Saudi Arabia and Iran in religious cold war. Yemenis pay the price. With their blood.

  73. Ma Jed Reply

    Funny how you all cheering. We will send more missiles to destroy the houthi scum

  74. Right Way Reply

    good job huti. LOL

  75. Salim Juma Reply

    Iran on their best PROXY thing!!

  76. Uzzol Hussin Reply

    save Yemen

  77. Muhammad Arsalan Bela Reply

    One was shot down 2 years ago too

  78. Ben ben Reply

    Nice Job, go Houthis. Bravo.

  79. Shukeel C Reply

    MashaAllah. The people who were loved by RASOOL Allah are the poorest in the Middle East, but they have the capacity to shoot down a fighter jet of the army of Yazeed Laanati.

  80. AA RC Reply

    I can imagine how happy the Qatari government would be right now. They get off on Saudi Arabia’s stupidity.

  81. Mohamed Ali Reply

    Ahmed hilmy reporting…lol
    Look alike?

  82. color blind Reply

    Well done yemen,but be careful,coz saudi is americas favorite concubine,soo america will come for you

  83. Chuku Chima Reply

    The Saudis have very weak military. The Saudis only know how to treat their women as second class citizens.

  84. Chuku Chima Reply

    The Yemenis are great warriors. Congratulations to another round of victory over the country that treat women as second class citizens

  85. Precious Nongkhlaw Reply

    There’s no gain by killing each other ☠️👹🤖 it’s envy jealousy & pride, STOP KILLING 🙈🙉🙊

  86. ÅśkçząÿľēVåń pąćhťöńپښتن Reply

    ………. Helping each other for ?

    Teach the humanity,
    Guide to be not a part of the killing innocent Pashton nation on the name of,,,, Dirty war of terror ,
    Sadly,,, very sad
    The business is still available and profits, shares ,scoreboard is full of red ,,, the Pashton blood, every day, every hour, every minute
    2020 game blame shame flame fame……. Still at work
    Please help us out to rise the voice ,
    Against ‘ the engineering terrorism for Business stocks,
    The great leaders and very educated cuminty is behind the genocide of Pashton nation,
    ” THANKS ” if you are human being,

  87. V Philip Reply

    Good job Yemen. Shoot more for the saudi atrocities to your people.
    Hoo hoo houties.

  88. world bambang Reply

    kill madura living in your countries

  89. Sudesh Singh Reply

    Iran did it 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  90. YUSKHAN Reply

    Houthis 🇾🇪 💪 💪 💪 💪

  91. Kamer Namer Reply

    Collation leading by U.S regime against Yemenis People should be defeated!!!.

  92. Mark Aled Reply

    This is a very partisan video. Poor journalism

  93. Ąɩ Ƈąʂɧ.4k Reply

    Respect for the houthi ✊💯

  94. clear sky Reply

    Houthi smart and brave and keeps getting stronger

  95. A K Reply

    Long live Yemen✌.
    From Iran

  96. Mageb H Reply

    Im just glad my sister and her 4 daughters are alive .im glad my family is alive this proves that we are neutral in this war as Yemenis and we want peace on both sides . I wish this war in Yemen would come to end and that sanaa airport can open so we can see our families. Aden airport is cool but its far from where we stay near sanaa.
    Nobody cares about nobody

  97. Nebula Reply

    Yemen made Anti-Aircraft missile on their own with short supply and blockade but surprisingly as this Wahhabi pilot founds out it works!
    Saudi can’t even build a bicycle by themselves. Yemen manufactured Fater 1, and, Thaqeb 2 and 3 anti-air missiles on their own and to their surprise it works!

  98. saghar shakib Reply

    Usa & British & france are helping Saudi & UAE is no problem to kill civilians in yemen . But if Iran helps Yemeni. They complain why Yemenis shot down the war plains.

  99. Bern Koh Reply

    Wow! such a low grade weapon still can shot down fighter jet?.i think saudi can pack-up and go home.🤣😅

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