Lebanon hyperinflation adds to economic crisis

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A shortage of medicine in Lebanon is worsening an economic crisis for millions.
And the central bank’s warning that subsidies may soon end has provoked a rush to stockpile essential goods.
Al Jazeera’s Zeina Khodr has more from Beirut.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Muhammad Saeed says:

    One more failed state..and none of the superpowers dont want to help..

    • Avatar Hans says:

      Why is lebanon our responsibility? They shot themselves on the foot multiple times

    • Avatar John Wick says:

      But your beliefs forbid better education from Science & Technology. Mostly wellknown of laziness why you should blame the others?

    • Avatar Muhammad Kafir says:


    • Avatar dor azati says:

      The “superpower” that is holding lebanon like a puppet needs to take care of them, no one will help other countrys puppets.

  2. Avatar True North says:

    Iran supreme leader is sending help!

    • Avatar dor azati says:

      @Twillight15 weapons are not help when the people are starving, they are a disaster because they bring sanctions.
      real help is money and food for the lebanese goverment because hezbollah helps only the shia.

    • Avatar Twillight15 says:

      @dor azati You have to have security before you can eat my fellow youtuber. Not having protection is like having a treasure chest in your house but your front door is left open; Zionist* Israel* violates the Blue Line border all the time with drones that get shot down. And in regards to food and money Iran* does do trade like I said with them; Lebanon is its own state so that’s not Iran’s responsibility to do everything for them. And anyway not all Lebanese support Iran*, some support the USA* and Saudi Arabia*, so why aren’t those countries helping, hmmm?

    • Avatar dor azati says:

      my fellow youtuber i see you use the protection B.S that hezbollah propaganda is using. but you are missing some points here.
      hezbollah already have every weapon so they dont need anymore. more weapons means that hezbollah doesnt want to protect but to start a war.
      now they need money and food not anymore weapons but iran is still sending weapons.
      “And anyway not all Lebanese support Iran*, some support the USA* and Saudi Arabia*” – it doesnt matter who supports who, what matters is who is controlling the country!
      only 1 country has control in lebanon and its iran. all the others have nothing, so no one will send a dollar until some of irans controll over lebanon goes to their favor.
      as a country with full conrol in lebanon iran is responsible, either send money and food or give up control. thats the reality!

    • Avatar Twillight15 says:

      @dor azati I’m not going to read all of that and there is no need to copy and paste what I typed. My point was clear enough, if you don’t like it fine.

    • Avatar J Mus says:

      @Twillight15 Lebanon could live in peace with israel like Jordan and egypt. Except that Hezbollah will never allow that. Hezbollah needs israel as an enemy otherwise it must give up its weapons and power.

  3. Avatar Fareed Ahmed says:

    Poverty is a immense curse for the society may Allah almighty save us from the curse

    • Avatar Daryl Atkinson says:

      Clearly Allah doesn’t care about you

    • Avatar Muhammad Kafir says:

      Inshamuhammad May Muhammad and Aisha Intervene from janah to save lebanon 🇱🇧mashamuhammad

    • Avatar Fareed Ahmed says:

      @Daryl Atkinson The reason is that we are no way following the law of Allah almighty we need him he doesn’t need us.

    • Avatar J Mus says:

      The curse is corruption, sectarianism a failed political system and Hezbollah holding lebanon back

    • Avatar Muhammad Kafir says:

      @Fareed Ahmed inshamuhammad

  4. Avatar Prophet Muhamed says:

    An eagle will fly soon to Lebanon since we know that Lebanon is rich with oil

    • Avatar Masterbation says:

      Prophet Muhamed he Is not

  5. Avatar kxmode says:

    An example of a government that failed its people in the most basic way. Make no mistake; ALL human governments are failures. The Bible even says that:

    (Ecclesiastes 8:9) “man has dominated man to his harm.”
    (Jeremiah 10:23) “I well know, O Jehovah, that man’s way does not belong to him. It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step.”

    Human governments are all under the influence and control of Satan:

    (1 John 5:19) “the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.”

    Nothing is going to change until JEHOVAH’s heavenly government brings an end to all earthly governments. His government is the only one that will provide genuine solutions to bring true peace and prosperity for humanity.

    • Avatar Unknown says:

      🤣🤣🤣 Okay, mythological peasant, keep living your fantasy

    • Avatar kxmode says:

      @Unknown It’s not wrong about human governments, and you know it.

    • Avatar Ethan aka says:

      It’s 2020 dude, not 1020. Get with the times, your organized religion, and all organized religion, is false and based on lies.

    • Avatar Daryl Atkinson says:

      Better start studying again kid, as its clear if god did exist he clearly doesn’t care about you infact seems to just laugh as people die. But then again he needs to exist first for that to happen.

    • Avatar Anonymous says:

      @kxmode go back to your cave please

  6. Avatar Madhau Rajput says:


  7. Avatar Franklin Karunakaran says:

    Public Distribution of foodgrains will keep poverty away.

  8. Avatar Hel Curt says:

    RIP Muamar Qdafi

  9. Avatar Umrao979 says:

    Wearing a Ralph Laurent tshirt and complaining about being poor lol

    • Avatar ioan pena says:

      They used to be rich and they had maids from Africa and Asia . Now they sell their Mercedes to buy food and medicine !

    • Avatar Mekonen S says:

      @ioan pena They weren’t rich. They were just living the good life on credit. The Ponzi scheme(artificially fixed exchange rate i.e. currency peg as well as the massive debt to finance their currency peg) burst in late 2019 and accelerated in 2020

    • Avatar Philippe A.S. says:

      @ioan pena for these people you’re talking about (not the real poor and honest people) most of their fortune was built on scam, corruption, credits, smuggling etc… Now see, they are begging for food and medicine.. That is a very good lessons for everyone

    • Avatar Mhmd Khalil says:

      Yes, they used to be middle class people now because of the crisis they become poorer

    • Avatar Abhijeet Kumar Rath says:

      He didn’t say he was poor. He said he can’t get the medicines. Get your facts right dumbfuck

  10. Avatar Nis, says:

    why are so many maid’s going to this poor country?🙇‍♂️

  11. Avatar Pan African channel Black Emancipation says:

    You pain for your wickness towards your maids

  12. Avatar Ayub M says:

    God bless the people of lebanon!

    • Avatar John Wick says:

      Education bless the people. lol

    • Avatar Daryl Atkinson says:

      Oh snap

  13. Avatar meteor tsunami says:

    Corruption=Poverty for the people.

    • Avatar jemo sefishvili says:

      wt is corruption, coruption is too much gov, . be minarchist, vote for less gov and more individual freedom

    • Avatar sachinreddy bappa says:

      Every countries politicians were corrupt there is no social work anywhere .

  14. Avatar Jacob Ben Gera says:

    Iran 🇮🇷 is the government of Lebanon

    • Avatar Irag Sayad says:

      you are a jew puppet

  15. Avatar Jacob Ben Gera says:

    Lebanon need freedom from the government of 🇮🇷 Iran

    • Avatar Masterbation says:

      Jacob Ben Gera stfu

  16. Avatar TC says:

    Haha 😂

  17. Avatar Diaz Virdani says:

    *Now, the coronavirus has a negative impact on the economy of people in the world😭*

  18. Avatar msk production says:

    India captures one Chinese solders 😂

  19. Avatar Kev White says:

    Good luck to all 👍

  20. Avatar D Freak says:

    Lebanon, Pakistan, Syria..etc. Failed Countries in the world run by military.

  21. Avatar Navid Kidane says:

    The Zeitgeist Movement can save not just Lebanon, but the whole world from monetary (money) suffering.

  22. Avatar Richardson John says:

    In this time of economic crisis use the little you have wisely. I used mine to invest in bitcoin and it’s has been so profitable i live comfortably despite the economic crisis

    • Avatar Charles Walata says:

      Even as the economy falls i am still rich because I trade with him too

    • Avatar Bridget Cooper says:

      Two of my neighbours just had a massive cash out 2days ago by trading with him, i am so happy for them

    • Avatar Erica Priestley says:

      I am a living testimoney of his good work. He has made so much for me already

    • Avatar Gerald Blakes says:

      Stop depending on government make your money by yourself invest now and be happy with yourself tomorrow

    • Avatar baba Jaga says:

      Wow at least have different dates when you created all those fake profiles. LOL yes Bit Coin will save you

  23. Avatar amit dev says:

    *2:24** Seeing this thin girl shows how bad the situation is in Lebanon* 😭😭😭😭

  24. Avatar LEE ZEO says:

    Lebanese girls can take Care of every thing.
    🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧 Red light street 🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧

    • Avatar IGH says:

      They are already doing it in golf sates.

    • Avatar Dao Foa says:

      That’s not fun, and I’m not even from lebanon

  25. Avatar Putin Unaegbu says:

    I want to buy Lebanon

  26. Avatar Andethidial bubabibub says:

    Its happening all over the world..
    Soon the 99% have seen enough and eat the rich

  27. Avatar Jocelyn Poesnecker says:

    I ask Dear God humbly to Bless the poor in Lebanon.🐥💐🌸🌹🐚🍎🌺🐤😊🌼🐣🍿🥀🍊🐰🦋🦋🥜🌈🐮🐰😊🌻🌷❤️🕌❤️🕌❤️🕌🕌🕌🕌🍓

  28. Avatar Andrew Gnys says:

    Is France helping Lebanon? They created the country so they should help. We have many Lebanese in my country Australia I’m sure they must be helping. I feel sorry for the people that can’t get the drugs they need for family.

  29. Avatar nfoleg jon says:

    Let them eat hizbula rockets

  30. Avatar MEGIDIOT says:


  31. Avatar JAYA SKAN says:

    They have to blame their leaders for listening to the apa nama idiots for all these years!

  32. Avatar IGH says:

    It seems that anything they put their hands on turns into disaster.

  33. Avatar knockoutu2nite says:

    Blame Israel

  34. Avatar J Mus says:

    No problem. Iran will bail lebanon out.

  35. Avatar Burim Hyseni says:

    Poor people

  36. Avatar Tactical operator run n gun duracoat master of the deserts of Utah says:

    Gold and Silver standard is needed.

  37. Avatar Dao Foa says:

    Good luck to the people of Lebanon, form Italy

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