Deadly protests in Uganda after Bobi Wine arrested again

Several people killed and dozens wounded in protests in Uganda, following the arrest of presidential candidate Bobi Wine. His supporters blocked roads and burned tyres in the capital, Kampala, prompting police to fire tear gas and bullets.
Wine says he has been repeatedly beaten and tortured, while police continue to crack down on his supporters
Wine has been in politics since 2017 when he won a seat in the national assembly.
The presidential hopeful has been arrested many times since.
Analysts say he is gaining popularity among young people who are hoping he will bring change to a country ruled by President Museveni for three and a half decades.
Uganda has never witnessed a peaceful transfer of power since independence in 1962.

Al Jazeera’s Laura Burdon-Manley reports

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105 thoughts on “Deadly protests in Uganda after Bobi Wine arrested again

  1. iam_marwa Reply

    When Trump calls Africa some name, People were not having it, now explain THIS TO ME.

    • Million Lights Reply

      Nonsense then advise ur trump to first accept defeat loser

    • Million Lights Reply

      @Gamingwithsyt stop the nonsense , advise trump to accept defeat.

    • Gamingwithsyt Reply

      @Nana Adutwum let me tell you something real quick. If you say “America” then you’re referring to the people who live in America and that makes no sense cause 99% of the people in the USA don’t even know about what’s going on with your country nor do they care😂 so if Donald trump did some business things with kagame or anyone pls don’t say “America” did it 🤦🏾‍♀️ America is not one person🙄

    • Fenomeno Cesar Reply

      Trump is exactly like Museveni. He is dictator by mindset , he praises despots such as this man , North Korea president , Putin, bolsonero, duterte , Netanyahu etc.. any despicable leader on this planet is friend of trump.

    • Thiongo Ndungu Reply

      Did you just…🤦😂 you must be a different type of stupid tbh

  2. Teddy Tusiime Reply

    Museveni free Bobi wine, free Ugandans. We want our freedom

  3. nakinaki nakwambia Reply

    Free bobi wine

  4. BigMeech Ghandi Reply

    These are my people fighting for BOBi, fighting for change, fighting for mother Uganda 🙏🏾


    Coward dictator Free Bobby wine

  6. Mannix Mannix Reply

    African democracy once someone ascent to power they started thinking it is their birth right, the world should now give a strict measures to African leaders who abuse powers when in office.

  7. Showboy Tizzy Reply

    I can’t count how many times I have seen a video of these police harassing bobi wine, but why are they foolishly abandoning their duty.

  8. Kwiocwiny Flavia Reply

    U N wea u at least u can help jst look at hw the mothers children the youths all shall we say the all of u there are nt saying whts happening to our people fr sure they say no one is above the law then y re these police officer killing innocent souls 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 pliz we need help

  9. Joyce Nakayiza Reply

    UN you ain’t doing nothing for Uganda innocent people have been dying for the last 25 years and you have done nothing, it’s time you wake up because this is too much and the whole world is watching
    ……. Even the AEU is quiet what else do you want as evidence😔💁‍♀️🤒🤒🤒

  10. Nankusi Sumaya Reply

    Free bobi wine

  11. Nankusi Sumaya Reply

    Innocent civilians are dying for no reason 😭😭😭😭 ya Allah

  12. Watiti aisha Reply

    Prayers for my mother land

  13. Nkanyiso Africa Reply

    If anyone is from Uganda can they explain the grounds of arrest of Bobby?

  14. hans hammarberg Reply


  15. Net M Reply

    Rise of the Planet of the 🦧 is a documentary.

  16. Mukohu Waere Reply

    Museveni is a COWARD!!!!!!!!!

  17. Timothy Robinson Reply

    1:18 I stopped my job thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  18. gburah bondo Reply

    Our father in heaven, look what museveni is doing to child

  19. SPONSOR Reply

    This time Museveni will go.

  20. Cruze Moore Reply

    Love to Uganda from Northern Ireland. Free bobi wine

  21. Halemah Mohammad Reply

    Free bobi wine and police and army stop killing innocent Ugandans may Allah protect and save us 🇺🇬🇺🇬😢🙏because your working one person Museveni.

  22. Beer Senpai Reply

    1:45 What happened to this guy’s head? A wound from a machete probably.

  23. Coach King Reply

    Looks like the NGO’S are stirring things up!
    As per usual 🙁

    • Cephas Grace Reply

      THAT IS IT

  24. Ermias Zeweldi Reply

    Thank you Al JAZZERA for exposing dictators like in Ethiopia, Eritrea. 👍ps most African dictators has to be detected by Al Jazeera. Thank you AlJa

  25. Andrew Jones Reply

    Looks fun

  26. tarek Reply

    May Allah extinguish the tension and spread peace and prosperity

  27. Halfani Mwasa Reply

    Angalia mambo ya kiafrica na upumbavu wa utawala, demoklasi Africa ni mtu kutawala mpaka afe baasi !

  28. Jeunny betty Nafuna Reply

    Us publicly we re suffering bse know work and we need Pace in ug but not like that way plz

  29. Kantono Agnes Reply

    Am just begging security officer to stop mis behave and being used by museveni because where will you be when the government is changed

  30. Kaasigala Geofrey Reply

    We need U.N. to save Uganda

  31. Kaasigala Geofrey Reply

    Free my president Bobi wine

  32. Big Small Size Reply

    They were looting and vandalizing, security forces managed to put them to order. Thanx to our forces

  33. veronica wanjiru Reply

    Museveni wants to rule Uganda like mugabe and so operation museveni must go

  34. David MADIBAH Reply

    Un where are you guys we need your help

  35. SERGE B Reply

    1. how would you feel as a president to-be if your lawful arrest cause your own people death ? can’t you just win by election? why victimize yourself then innocent people pay the price of your recklessness … how will you rule if it has become okay for you to ignite your country’s unrest ? you don’t certainly care about UG! RIP to the lost ones!
    2. how do you feel as a current president when your own people accept to die rather than seeing you ruling the country for the next years to come…. give up, and handover to a most deserving one! you did well so far by taking UG where it is right now (new generation don’t know about all that), but sill it is time to chill, relax, and allow new and fresher ideas to pop in ….
    I don’t think M7 should be UG next president, but willing to bet bobi wine would only cause chaos (that’s his unsaid motto anyway)…. vote for the third popular candidate !

  36. Kisakye Aggie Reply

    We are Tired of the Dictator Old Museveni Grand Father 😭😓😭

  37. green giant Reply

    Hasira ya mkizi ni furaha ya mvuvi.

  38. Florance Flo Reply

    Museveni must go free Bobi wine free Uganda we’re tired of police brutality

  39. Sis Kat Reply


  40. Herald Loshi Reply

    GOD ALMIGHTY help us.

  41. Tiya Quest Reply

    Museveni time is against you free our president kyagulanyi

  42. Machozi Waheed Reply

    He is taken to court today

  43. Tendai Muziringa Reply

    M7 must be STOPPED! NOW.

  44. Ken Joseph Reply

    Free bobi wine. We say no to dictatorship we need democracy.

  45. Ken Joseph Reply

    Same thing is happening in the Commonwealth of Dominica, if you don’t support the dictator in power they will destroy you, they are corrupt to the core and has corrupted every system in our society. These dictators think that they are untouchable but God is the final judge.

  46. brine mahlanza Reply

    its is just sad, Africa will never grow

  47. Fahad Shanmary Reply

    Now museven should look for a job to work in soon to get money and pay what he eat in presidential period.

  48. Risper Akinyi Reply

    This is so traumatizing, may the Lord Almighty intervene

  49. Nyaus Kobies Reply

    All young people from East Africa should riot. We don’t want him.

  50. Nyaus Kobies Reply

    US should come out and help Uganda

  51. jackson nyaga Reply

    This is the outcome when a president appoints his son the Chief of Defense forces. The citizens are left under the mercy of the royal family because those who would offer protection becomes puppets of the boss and his general son.

  52. D4 Air Reply

    where is jack bauer and commando? Help.

  53. People Power - Uganda T.V Online Reply

    Museveni Regime is killing Innocent Ugandans , Any one who talks , he is given money , if he / she refuses either killed, put in prison , WE IN PEOPLE IN UGANDA WE IN TOTAL FEAR

  54. Cathie Alianah Reply

    Enough is enough

  55. Kirunda Hatimson Reply

    Free the man

  56. Keeya Abdul Reply

    U shud fight for freedom, mbalala, mbaale , gulu, Iganga, Masaka..

  57. Q _REE Reply

    ايش جابني هنا؟؟

  58. Jasper Barnido Reply

    Kanye west should run here as president

  59. Tnah Tnah Musaayi gwa Bobi Reply

    We are suffocating here, our brothers and sisters are being killed everyday, we are a helpless nation being ruled by the military

  60. Christian Alazar Reply


  61. Bella Bella Reply

    Free Bobi wine

  62. david njoroge Reply

    he thinks he’s got the best military,museveni the coward,why don’t you take yr military to somalia and fight al shabaab.instead he is opening fire 🔥 pon innocent protesters.shame on him.

  63. Zack Mwekassa Motivation Reply

    Free Julian Assange stop the hypocrisy

  64. bobbyforest1 Reply

    Common incidents…don t worry about it…..!!!!

  65. Omar Kassim Reply

    People president Bobi wine

  66. Takia Rheemii Reply

    Free Uganda
    Free Bobi wine

  67. Doreen Nelima Reply

    Please us 🇺🇸 we need your help in our dear country

  68. george kimani Reply

    Why don’t Raila and Uhuru intervene with negotiation for Museveni to Step aside. His time in power is evidently up. He’s done his Job and the best he can do is leave Ugandan politics in the best and fair shape. Otherwise he’ll be just another power hungry corrupt African leader

  69. Eddy Billz Reply

    Do you know that they were burning houses and threatening life of other citizens…

  70. Wide Focus Production Reply

    Africa leaders why must an individual force himself to rule people by force. UN need to come in uganda and help people get what they want through expresion

  71. Sarah Jelai Reply

    Thank you aljazera

  72. Ahmed Abdirahman Reply

    My message to the British Head of State, you should divide Uganda and share it to East Africa surrounding countries. Let Uganda be no more in this world map. It’s a tiny landlock country. For better developments and political freedoms, the solution for peace, Uganda is supposed to be divided. Again and again no bloodshed beyond 2020.. .. 🕊️ 🌍 we need a better world of better leaders

  73. maliti emmanuel Reply

    16 people are dead, 60 injured with 40 of them having bullet injuries… NBS TV Ug

  74. Ndairiho Harryson Reply

    Free Uganda

  75. Happy Mwijukyey Reply

    am 26 yrs and i have not seeen another president apart from M7 … this means i can even be taught that the wrong is right

  76. Mr Felix Abayomi Ojetayo Reply

    Free bobi wine!! 🇳🇬 🇺🇬

  77. Meritei Joseph Reply

    Hope the world is watching

  78. enzama kennedy Reply

    Oh Uganda may God uphold thee.

  79. Ttv Relax Reply

    Rahhhh it’s turning into nigeria

  80. Kiggundu Sulaiman Reply

    Freedom is coming

  81. LuLe Reply

    Thanks for showing the world what is happening in my motherland

  82. Jeff Churu M Reply

    Musevini should have just resigned long time to leave at least some little reputation. Apparently its too late.

  83. tpain hassan Reply

    We need help

  84. Mahaf Ivan musinga Reply

    We are tried of m7

  85. Moses Nakaka Reply

    We fight for freedom

  86. New Kid Reply

    Free bobi wine

  87. Nalumu car0line Reply

    Museveni must go

  88. Rainer Petzi Reply

    _______-all the world is praying for your freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!____________________

  89. John adeagbo Reply

    Equal Rights. Human Rights Law. Every Citizen Matters ! Unshaken Transparency Accountability For Unity Freedom Justice Peace Democracy. Sustainbility. Equal Protections Under The Law. Same Rules ! Different Rights For Some ? Nepotism ? Tribalism ? Entitlements ? Preferential Treatments? Selfish Aggrandizements ? Absolutely Not ? For Our First Class Dignitaries ! Citizens. As in Free And Fair Elections Protections For All Precious Ugandans in The Twenty First Century. Then Again. No Protester ? Innocent Citizen Must Die ? Wasted ? Snatched Away ? Due To Bad Law Makers ? Peace Officers ? Not To Mention Freedom of Speech. As A Result ! No Citizen is Above The Law. . No Leader is Above Nation. TRUISM

  90. John adeagbo Reply

    Justice Must Served. Prevail. TRUISM

  91. AsianMouse Reply

    We need Ugandan Bruce Lee, named Bruce U to protect Bobi Wine

  92. abdul basiyr aziiz Reply

    Museveni is a devil you Wil rot in he’ll you love power can’t you see what happened to the past dictators and their families

  93. AfriBA Africa's Best Actors Reply

    This will stop some day, ballot, bullet, protest,riot or finally the lord is all knowing

  94. Gregory Berndt Reply

    This is how 1/20 will look like in Washington

  95. Cis Hanson Reply

    We all know how this ends. Bobi gets a peep hole in his head for daring question the system, the unarmed people rise up and get cut down by the military and Museveni goes down in history as the next Tyrant who butchered his own people.

  96. Mumbya Nasulu Reply

    QE my lovely is

  97. FLIPDIDIX Reply

    It’s true there’s excessive police brutality but at the same time Uganda as a country is in a bubble of misinformation…. Once people hate the person in power they will always act out of anger and misinformation as well as manipulation from politicians in the opposition parties. There’s alot of misinformation in this video and I also see alot of misinformed people here in the comments… Uganda not only has dictatorship as a problem but also political leaders using Ugandans for their own selfish reasons, and controlling their emotions by spreading too much misinformation just like I can hear in that video….

  98. rxz4140 Reply

    Governments step in and help!

  99. Ashley Rore Reply

    Peace were are the peace makers

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