Colombia unrest: Violent confrontations continue in Cali

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Five more deaths have been reported in Colombia as protests against President Ivan Duque’s government continue.
Anger over tax hikes has now turned into a wider movement against the President’s performance.
The United Nations and European Union are raising concerns about the heavy-handed tactics of security forces.
More than 20 people have died and dozens more have been reported missing.

Al Jazeera’s Alessandro Rampieti reports from Bogota, Colombia.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Phayde Pedro says:

    God is coming soon

  2. Avatar Alex Garcia says:

    Mal paridos de verga el gobierno maldito

  3. Avatar Ginna Rox Buitrago Arciniegas says:

    The state gave green light to use guns against citizens

  4. Avatar Gloria Maria Martinez says:

    Gue hace el policía cuidando a ese alcalde a él no le gusta la policía

  5. Avatar katherina cajiao says:


  6. Avatar W F says:

    Cuando a los ignominiosos les pagan por destruir ☝🏻🤮🤮

  7. Avatar Canadian Shield says:

    More leftist ideologies at work….The UN needs to stay the eff out of it!

  8. Avatar Jarrod Yuki says:

    no child policy for those below poverty and one child policy for those below median income.

  9. Avatar Briannys Cosmes says:


    • Avatar Monica Moreno says:

      Decir que llego el comunismo es minimizar los problemos que todos los Colombianos enfrentamos a diario. No se en que pais cree que vive, pero en definitiva no somos Suiza.

  10. Avatar Arnaldo Valdés Carrazana says:

    Que arresten a los comunictas terroristas que fueron instruidos desde La Habana por el Regimen de Diaz Canel – Raul Castro. Raul Castro aun manda en Cuba, no se crean otra cosa, ademas Eso todo es bajo el apoyo de la KGB Rusa. A la carcel y pena maxima. Abajo el comunism,o, abajo el socialismo.,, Viva la democracia.

  11. Avatar Blair Ogden says:

    Stay strong of clombia I am praying from Canada to Columbia

    • Avatar Albert Unlayao says:

      It’s C-O-L-O-M-B-I-A

    • Avatar Blair Ogden says:

      @Albert Unlayao sry god are you the gramme police

    • Avatar Blair Ogden says:

      @Albert Unlayao it not English class I spelled it worng

  12. Avatar 스탠트와이스 says:

    Stay strong colombia, we are all rooting for you, we will show that greed never wins. From russia 🥺💗

  13. Avatar Dillian ZZ says:

    Anarchists burned down 10 police stations in Bogota, looted dozens of businesses.

  14. Avatar Dillian ZZ says:

    Marshall Law is needed.

  15. Avatar Dillian ZZ says:

    Venezuelan agitators.

    • Avatar Monica Moreno says:

      xenophobic comment

  16. Avatar Hellboy says:

    Stay strong Colombia coming from a Mexican viva Mexico and Colombia 🇲🇽✊🇨🇴

  17. Avatar Nthnwzthesame26 says:

    More class warfare

  18. Avatar #DeathToArabs says:

    Free Colombia🇨🇴 From Turkey🇹🇷

    • Avatar Emre Bajramovic says:

      Nickname e bayıldım 🙂

  19. Avatar Mariana Romero says:

    the government of ivan duque marquez wants to introduce a tax reform that affects the middle class and this is not the first, the third time in three years and wants to raise the VAT and put other products of the basic basket that will have an increase again in 19% sugar, salt, coffee, chocolate, gasoline etc and not only that but when you are injured example: you have a bullet in the stomach or for any reason you will have to pay even if you have EPS and if you die your family will have to pay 19% for funeral services and if you are going to study the same and want to implement tolls in the cities and raise their price, in case the middle class is going through the hardships and even so they want to make things worse, THEY ARE DENYING US HUMAN RIGHTS

  20. Avatar IvanPlayStation4LiFe says:

    Civil War

  21. Avatar Fernando Castro says:

    I wish these unwanted riots end soon.

  22. Avatar Alfonso Africano says:

    Colombian politicians are okay with killing their citizens… it has always been that way… that’s why the citizens are tired of it… the Colombian government does not care for human life…

  23. Avatar Kidany Cabral says:

    Colombia will fall like venezuela did thats what both presidents for each country wants to unite under a dictatorships.

    • Avatar Monica Moreno says:

      Talking about Colombia and Venezuela dictatorship is to minimize the complexity of the situation. But we can summarize to we are not people just money.

    • Avatar Kidany Cabral says:

      @Monica Moreno well what they doing to everybody there is sad. Their own police shooting their neighbors just so the goverment fill up their pockets with tax payers money sucks. Greedy president like a few around latin america and the Caribbean.

  24. Avatar Philip Almayda says:

    I dont blame some of the officers because its so chaotic how do you know who’s the enemy

  25. Avatar Michael Walker says:

    I love Colombia This is very sad.

  26. Avatar THEPLANETEARTH says:

    Us media 👨‍🦯👨‍🦯👨‍🦯🦯🦯👩‍🦯👩‍🦯

  27. Avatar Azazel 666 says:

    War please

  28. Avatar rxckless.5 says:

    We support you from Haiti 🇭🇹 to Colombia 🇨🇴.. don’t give up

    • Avatar Monica Moreno says:

      Thank you, All latin American countries have a historical debt to Haiti. THE TRULY HERO COUNTRY!!!

    • Avatar Cristopher Segura says:

      I fuc**” haiti

  29. Avatar Sandra Richardson says:

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  30. Avatar Sandra Richardson says:

    @ halo “; Chiquita ™ HACCp Cyber intel core i7 processor ™ On-line screening Jobs ©?^°[{ tan6)/° ess 95!”

  31. Avatar senachannie says:

    Human life shouldn’t be that much worthless

  32. Avatar Jano Doski says:

    VIVA LA COLOMBIA! 🇨🇴🇮🇶 From Iraq

  33. Avatar Ryan mason says:

    Where’s trump when you need him

  34. Avatar sisyphus purged says:

    OMG…. why don’t you hire another 50 paramilitary groups on top of the 100 you can’t control 🤔… that gang related comment is no longer acceptable as a back door for your brutal policing behavior…

  35. Avatar Raul Lozada says:

    Videos is circulating of police and soldiers shooting folks standing in their balcony, windows and even on the bus coming back from work. This is a government
    propped up by 50+ years of corruption.

  36. Avatar Ryan velez says:


  37. Avatar R T says:

    Good job guys. Keep the criminal cops out of job and tell them to get real job than shooting people who are paying for their free and hefty pay cheques.

  38. Avatar HAZAL ATILGAN says:

    Praying for Colombia 🇹🇷❤🇨🇴

    • Avatar Ángela Calvo Ríos says:

      Thank you very much!

  39. Avatar Francois Cilliers says:

    This year only God knows 😔

  40. Avatar Monica Moreno says:

    We all know Colombia is only a paper “democracy”. 200 YEARS! of dictatorship in disguise. Everyone has to hold the government mistreatment otherwise they WILL BE KILLED distorting the speech and justifying the deaths by lying to the public that they were terrorists… we just have nothing to lose and we are tired! S.O.S Colombian Government is killing PEOPLE!

  41. Avatar SERVITUDE & PENANCE says:


  42. Avatar Ty Ward says:

    Jorge condemns any expression of violence…Bruh your police is on camera expressing violence…by definition of the WHO: “the intentional use of physical force or power, threatened or actual, against oneself, another person, or against a group or community, which either results in or has a high likelihood of resulting in injury, death, psychological harm, maldevelopment, or deprivation.”

  43. Avatar crome dome says:

    Idk how they gonna win throwing rock there info is like meth normally other countries get guns how can I watch Isis or Ukraine

  44. Avatar DeeJay ViVo says:

    Can’t blame gangs when the government is the gang they are protesting against.

  45. Avatar John Sebastian says:

    Yeah nothings gonna change. Colombia is so corrupt. You can pay your way out of anything there or get blackmailed by cops.

    • Avatar Ben cintron says:

      I’m puerto Rican my daughter lives in Bogota it’s sad what the people there have to endure God bless that beautiful country and people.

  46. Avatar Enkí Orion13 says:

    ☹️Why they are burning 🔥 everything why???

  47. Avatar MonkeyWith72Magic says:

    Take the corrupt government down by any force necessary ✊

  48. Avatar Khin Mg says:

    I am amazed that the United Nations can do nothing beyond the level of genocide in Myanmar.

  49. Avatar ed flam says:

    Colombian Government is killing protesters..over 50 have been killed, 10 women raped by police, dozens mutilated, 89 protestors have been taken away to be tortured then executed..electricity has been cut in some cities so people can’t livestream, it’s carnage in Colombia, all this committed by police and military forces

  50. Avatar I just whrite my name says:

    Solidarity from Greece! 13.12

  51. Avatar A Mbu says:

    Why are all top officials white? Blacks only good for football?

  52. Avatar Nick Stanbridge says:

    “Criminal gangs” – you mean the police and politicians?

  53. Avatar JohnDaWhale3 says:

    If you riot and loot I have no sympathy for you getting shot…also it’s not like many people have died. The number of deaths is less than 30 I believe.

    The Left keeps trying to make more out of this than it is. The most violent people in this situation by far are the rioters not the police.

  54. Avatar James Trueblood says:

    No violations if you were here you’d know the truth I support the President

  55. Avatar শঙ্কু_ পাগলা says:

    In Solidarity with the Protesters from India✊🏾

  56. Avatar I says:

    Please share in your networks 👉👹 the ex-jailed, CORRUPT AND UNDERCOVERED NARCO “URIBE” (Matarife on Youtube) is directly responsible for the violence, massacres, social misery, theft of public finances and incompetence in the management of the pandemic . IS A DEMON

  57. Avatar GLADYS ARAGON says:

    Las imagenes no enganan, the entaire world is watching the public force is shutting the civilians! Is recorded for the Internacional community!

  58. Avatar GLADYS ARAGON says:

    Human rights, the “government” is shutting down the electricity, internet and the access of comucations!!!!! S. O. S. for Colombia!

  59. Avatar wilson contreras says:

    here the criminals are the Police and the Government not the Civilez … please, without shame

  60. Avatar wilson contreras says:

    Los están matando en Colombia y los civiles siguen desarmados…ya ahi o muertos ahi violaciones desaparecidos y todo por parte de la lay todo culpa del gobierno el pueblo es total mente inocente.

  61. Avatar wilson contreras says:

    They are being killed in Colombia and the civilians are still unarmed … either there or dead there, violations that have disappeared, and everything on the part of the law and all the fault of the people is totally innocent.

  62. Avatar wilson contreras says:

    The Government leaves the people without water, without electricity, without Internet so that they cannot communicate and at night they go to marlos … those of the Smad the Police all by order of the government.

  63. Avatar wilson contreras says:

    El Gobierno deja al pueblo sin agua, sin Luz sin Internet para que no puedan comunicarse y en las noches van a marlos…los del Smad la Policía todo por orden del gobierno.

  64. Avatar wilson contreras says:

    do not believe in the media trust your acquaintances do not be fooled … the people are innocent

  65. Avatar wilson contreras says:

    many videos prove it

  66. Avatar wilson contreras says:

    no crean en los medios confiar en vuestros conocidos no se dejen engañar…el pueblo es inocente

  67. Avatar wilson contreras says:

    Muchos vídeos lo demuestran…Mostrar la verdad Fariseos.

  68. Avatar Seth Gibson says:

    Pray for Colombia 🇨🇴

  69. Avatar T L says:

    Western nations are focus on Russia and China. If it doesn’t involve oil then the west don’t care.

  70. Avatar JCis TW says:

    United Nations, fuking masons. Death to all masons. Nations are NOT united. A united world is AGAINST GOD. We fear and love GOD and Jesus Christ. We end United Nations.

  71. Avatar sarah twinkle201 says:

    UN is condemnation organisation
    So don’t expect anything from them
    Stay strong Colombia and I am praying you all citizen from Myanmar

  72. Avatar flex1nut says:

    Welcome to capitalism!!!

  73. Avatar Lalding Sangi says:

    Stay strong and stay safe from Myanmar 🇲🇲
    The people will win! 💪💪💪

  74. Avatar Rogelio Rocha says:

    Shame on the army and police force killing they on people instead of fighting against a corrupted government.

  75. Avatar Linda and Lucky says:

    did they die from covid ?

  76. Avatar Juliana Lucena says:

    Help Colombian people.

  77. Avatar Juliana Lucena says:

    Lies lies lies!!! Police has orders from the government to kill anyone that speak out and protest against the government.

  78. Avatar Zang Cung says:

    Let all stay strong Colombian 🇨🇴 we go the same crisis like my beloved country Myanmar 🇲🇲 free Myanmar 🇲🇲free Colombia 🇨🇴

  79. Avatar peah howard says:

    They attack Police with deadly force.
    Police answers in the same way.
    What is your problem exactly?

  80. Avatar K BR says:


  81. Avatar Armando T says:

    There is no goal, only chaos.

  82. Avatar Melina Vdw says:

    Fuerza Colombia 🇨🇴 Grecia 🇬🇷 esta a tu lado!

  83. Avatar Bryce Dalton says:

    Viva la Colombia from USA

  84. Avatar wilmar andres says:

    like si viste este video solo para ver si cali se volvio famoso y salio en las noticias de una potencia mundial :v saludos desde cali

    • Avatar Hackéalo : con clips says:

      Sí jajaja amo mi país Colombia y me encanta que seaxonocida jaja. Aunque es por algo nefasto

  85. Avatar Peter Griffin says:

    lol . u always see middle eastern or south east asian people saying “ blah blah blah “ from [ insert middle eastern or south east asian country name ] theyre funny to me

  86. Avatar Scooby Doo says:

    shoot back


    Colombia people. God is with you, give you freedom!!!🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴

  88. Avatar Tatiana x0 says:

    They’re cutting all channels of communication from Cali. Their internet has been taken down.

  89. Avatar Ben cintron says:

    I’m a Puerto Rican much love to colombia keep up the fight.

  90. Avatar Juan L says:

    Free Colombia! 🇨🇴 FROM AMERICA! 🇺🇸

  91. Avatar tooktaz says:

    Stay home

  92. Avatar Lizzy Tan says:

    Prayers to Colombia….pure genocide

  93. Avatar ElectricRemi says:

    This is why the second amendment exists in the USA folks.

  94. Avatar Bella Irakoze says:

    Free Colombia 🇨🇴 from Sweden 🇸🇪

  95. Avatar Darth Jajar says:

    Lol this is the same corrupt Colombian government that 2 years ago was trying to instigate a coup in Venezuela over so-called human right violations and due to economic social unrest in Venezuela. Gotta love the hypocrisy.

  96. Avatar The Krazy Komment King says:


  97. Avatar Julio Cesar Guerrero says:


  98. Avatar Avatar Conscious says:

    💝If you are reading this: BE BLESSED x 1,000,000 with great healing, wealth, love, peace, and joy!!!! 💝💝💝💝💝💝

  99. Avatar Tru Artist says:

    I’m glad we got out when we did!!!!!

  100. Avatar Gawroon says:


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