Hurricane Iota batters Central America

Hurricane Iota is pushing across Central America after making landfall in Nicaragua.
In a record-breaking year for Atlantic hurricanes, Iota is the first to reach the Category 5 status and the second destructive hurricane to hit the region this month.
Al Jazeera’s Charlotte Bellis has the latest.

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44 thoughts on “Hurricane Iota batters Central America

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  2. Kashmir jammu is Pakistan's land Reply


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  5. Kashmir jammu is Pakistan's land Reply


  6. Afthabgull Bangash Reply

    All destruction are from Allah as long as Man strays such destruction will occur

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    • Afthabgull Bangash Reply

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    Very bad condition

  11. nadiahope11 Reply

    Tears fill my eyes….these people are already suffering so much. God, be with them, wrap them in your loving arms and comfort them.

  12. Christian Reply

    Signs from god☝️ the end is near get what you can while you can.

    • Christian Reply

      @temqwerty not so my friend, God controls everything. Jesus christ is king of kings and lord of lords every knee will bow and tongue profess.

    • temqwerty Reply

      @Christian ah, so it’s god we have to thank for hundreds dying in this storm and millions more from disease? Yet not evil? You can’t have both. Pick one.

    • Christian Reply

      @temqwerty you don’t seem to understand the concept of god. He sends things upon the land to reprove evil, these things still fall upon good people too that doesn’t make his judgement on the evil any less righteous. If you don’t believe in god this will be hard to understand. I pray you do find god the lord and savior Jesus the christ is king of kings and lord of lords and your only way to heaven.☝️✝️🙏♥️

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    • nadiahope11 Reply

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  13. vkobe vkob Reply

    the first video is from puerto rico while maria

  14. Kim Kurbitz Reply

    The wind and waves roaring!! Time is running out. Please come get us LORD soon. Maranatha Yeshua 🙏 🕊

  15. Nathan De Bartolo Reply

    I feel nothing.

  16. andree hammerschmidt Reply

    It is absolutely incorrect what the lady said at the end of this broadcast. The name list of hurricanes is repeated every six years. So for the 2020 season the names of 2014 were used, that is why in addition other names were used, not because they ran out of names in general.

    • Daniel Soriano Reply

      And deadly huracanes are removed from the list.

  17. betterdays Reply

    hate the way you say Nicaragua

  18. santosh shrestha Reply

    Lord Jesus Christ PLEASE HELP there 🙏 🥺

  19. Ruben Knight Reply

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  21. Holly Warehouse Reply

    Praying for you ALL💔

  22. blusa Satochi Reply


  23. La Razon Reply

    When all these people are relocated to another place where there are no beaches or islands, all hurricanes and storms will end. Trust me.

  24. Meri See Reply

    I feel sorry for all those affected in Honduras and Nicaragua. This might be new to all of you. This is every year to us in the Pacific. Stay safe and build an evacuation center. We have the same fate just a week ago. It’s called Vanco or Ulysses in the Philippines.

  25. rocelyn stonely Reply

    Oh God pls forgive us our sin…

  26. daisy van N Reply

    this water rise verry quick when it hit jou can go no where so pleace respect the evacuetion, if they say go , go , couse no one can help jou during storm and afther

  27. daisy van N Reply

    do not stay on bridges, ore sea ore rivers, take schelter , take this verry sirius

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