‘Serious blow to democracy’: World condemns Myanmar military coup

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Myanmar’s military has staged a coup, saying November’s election was fraudulent. Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi and the leadership of her party were taken into custody as communications lines were cut in the country.
The incoming US administration led governments around the world in condemning Myanmar’s military coup on Monday, calling for the release of elected leaders, including the country’s de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

Al Jazeera’s Scott Heidler reports.

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  1. Avatar ভারতীয় র,ও ইসকন মুক্ত বাংলাদেশ চাই says:

    Indian military Same Kashmir and sikkim 2 cuntry control

  2. Avatar FAF presents says:

    what’s about democracy in Qatar?? 😄😄

  3. Avatar SahiwalCycling YT says:

    When this happened in Egypt and Algeria it matter to the West then, this is so close to China and the military leaders rely on China.

  4. Avatar Mehmood Alam says:


  5. Avatar CA1954 says:

    The coup is orchestrated by China next the food grown in Myanmar will be diverted to China and the money going into the Generals pockets.

  6. Avatar AHMED RIMAN says:

    Fck myanmar

  7. Avatar Wayne Patrick says:

    I bet old bloe Joe Biden is whacking off to Kamala in a little girl dress sniffing her hair with this

  8. Avatar Brian Smith says:

    The military was about to lose power and staged a coup.

  9. Avatar TOP TOPIC EVERYDAY says:

    Feel the ROHINGA?

    • Avatar Aung says:

      Rohinja is also caused by the same military law.

  10. Avatar ktouche says:

    chips in the govt that locks refugees on an offshore island

  11. Avatar Tolentino Cardenas says:

    Don’t embrace democracy it become democrazy like here in the philippines

  12. Avatar Boro Sasa says:

    The world condemns a coup but did nothing to the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingyas.

  13. Avatar Pahanin says:

    Democracy is weak in Asia, unfortunately.

    • Avatar Erik Santoso says:

      Just propanganda my friend

  14. Avatar Erin Byrnes says:

    Release the rightfully elected leaders. The National League for Democracy is what the Myanmar people voted for.

  15. Avatar sanjana mrt says:

    Please Spread Awareness
    We as a citizen of Myanmar not agree with the
    current move and would like to request the world
    leaders. UN and the world medias help our
    country- our leaders- our people – from this bitter
    acts. We want democracy and want our country
    to develop as our nabouring countries.

  16. Avatar Harem Squad says:

    Trump will try this later

  17. Avatar Mark Tevault says:

    How come Al-Jazeera and the other mainstream media didn’t object to the US’s “stolen” election?

    • Avatar 45641560456405640563 says:

      Because it wasn’t. You’ve been played.

  18. Avatar Wen Cong says:

    I saw lots of comment related to China,thats funny and looks stupid

  19. Avatar Total 2017 says:

    Military learned from Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Avatar Yumeausealot DFR says:

    Hahaha im totaly surprized about the coup

  21. Avatar kk 1000vid says:

    So Myanmar has election fraud just like America. Sounds like it’s the same disease; someone badly wanted to be a dictator.

    • Avatar 45641560456405640563 says:

      Alternative facts fan are we?

  22. Avatar Hnin Ei Hlaing says:

    We strongly supported and voted for Daw Aung San Suu Kyi with NLD government. And obviously we won at 08-Nov-2020 election. Military did whatever they want and they did not respect our votes. Where is justice for Myanmar citizens?

  23. Avatar soulXXXtaker says:

    when will democracy blow in Qatar mr.jazeera….???🙄🙄

  24. Avatar Khen Lherauos says:

    Its Amazing military Leader😊😊😊

  25. Avatar lawoon khant says:

    O sh**** I’m from Myanmar

  26. Avatar Zulfiqar Zulfi says:

    Good work army attack govt Myanmar

  27. Avatar Silver Ranger says:

    Egypt coup?
    Hello world!

  28. Avatar chinita says:

    do a recount if no election fraud

  29. Avatar haha falseflag says:

    This is great. Dominion used voting machines cheated there too. Now let’s get info from them about Obama Clinton’s and Biden!!!

  30. Avatar Francis N Marak says:

    “””””It is their …INTERBAL….matter. No one has right to interfer…..”””””””Napak Billage..Amazone.

  31. Avatar John Goldman says:

    She was a corrupt and evil woman. Long live the Burmese military.

  32. Avatar Md Maruf says:

    Thanks.. aljejira..news..you…. or….right.. following… mayenmar..army… very..Rong.. sayit..goyeng..

  33. Avatar Henry Lau says:

    Jan 6th DC?

  34. Avatar mohd raza says:

    Was world democracy sleeping when Rohingyas were massacred.

  35. Avatar RubiconKLBRUTO Rowman says:

    State of emergency is ONLY permitted when CIVILIAN leaders congress and duley-elected-civilian commander in chief authorized in SUCH extrodinary situation you “Burma-circus-crowns-eathing-sleeping-getting ALL paid for my Burma people who authorized and entrusted weapons and NOW these few “human faced wolves cockroaches termites-rats ARE taking over human run government?” Oh my my these human-faced-termites-cockroaches-rats MUST be liqudated by Burma people or other “right minded generals and hang them all n turned over BACK to rightfully rulers who were elected by Burbma people n NO nation SHOULD trade with these thugs run so call military government? LOL, ONE-year-you said? NOT even -1day is unacceptable you shameless thugs NEVER runs and JUST cannot stay away from politics where military has ZERO business reason to involved! JUST look at US, con-man-lier-and the rest turn was able to fool enough people and got elected US Presidency but that ONLY last one term and trying to over turn, but such LONG tradition democracy in the US, Trump mr. conman could not fool both government and the majority of US people!

  36. Avatar RubiconKLBRUTO Rowman says:

    US and ALL US allies SHOULD impose, and UN, the stiifest sanctions possible asap, including those Buma scm bag so called generals or thugs and gansters with shinny uniform and mafia evil monsters with human faces!

  37. Avatar Mohammad Ismail says:

    Military Coup in Myanmar :World Condemn.
    Innocent People killed, being homeless and women raped in Myanmar by Myanmar Army: No one condemn.
    Is democracy is more important then people live?

    • Avatar 45641560456405640563 says:

      Not sure where you got your second point from. Plenty of condemnation over it.

  38. Avatar Red Bull gives you wings says:

    Bring back RAMBO 4 now. Shootsfire

  39. Avatar Babu Noushad says:

    Main mar country no good Muslim people public no safety neymar country president no good 🙈🙈🙈 go back

  40. Avatar Luna Ssr says:

    Just 15 minutes kudeta after eraser 1-3 day seminar nationalism,good example operation medusa(CIA/MOSSAD 2004-2013) operation Done acomplished

    • Avatar Luna Ssr says:

      Example for people????? Who?????

  41. Avatar Risab Ordan says:

    US and other countries must apply sanction mianmar revolutionary government

  42. Avatar Leni Salomon says:

    Pray for innocent civilians, its really sad because of some people are very greedy, shame on thier face, 😥🙏🙏

  43. Avatar CRICKET ORIGIN says:

    It’s not democracy it’s demokilling

  44. Avatar Welsh Guards says:

    Hmmmmm looks like America 🤔 seems this will be how Biden rules . Executive orders and threats !

  45. Avatar M. Muchlis Ridho says:

    want to know rohingya people feel about this

  46. Avatar gholam Yousefi says:

    last government was puppet of western so called democracy,,,

  47. Avatar Kim Jong Un says:

    No wonder

  48. Avatar Williteverbethesameagain says:

    All backed by CHINA. We can now count Myanmar as a Chinese puppet state.

    • Avatar 45641560456405640563 says:

      Didn’t we already? Same as Cambodia and Pakistan.

  49. Avatar Pocholo Khan says:

    Democracy , freedom , you can do what you want it’s free ,

  50. Avatar Hamza Second says:

    It’s their internal matter what the heck has wrong with the Europeans and outsiders ?

  51. Avatar SUMAN GHOSH says:

    But al Jazeera never condemn pak military which is mother of all terrorism…. In fact al Jazeera supports terrorist and terrorism…

  52. Avatar Eduardo Costa says:

    You will be punished, money, power, will not save any dictators

  53. Avatar Opini Awam says:

    It’s just Asian version of Mr. Hitler spanking Mrs. Hitler, why so serious people?

  54. Avatar Yunnes Hamed el baddioui says:

    Lol, which democracy?

  55. Avatar rogerio carvalho says:

    Another Dictator that’s uses the army in his favour, and against the people( Irã 🇮🇷 China 🇨🇳 Pakistan 🇵🇰 North Korea 🇰🇵 Venezuela 🇻🇪 Russia 🇷🇺 Turkey 🇹🇷 Síria 🇸🇾 and many others!!!) welcome to communism/ fascism!!
    What a joke with this planet!

  56. Avatar Starline Cheyran Momin says:

    UN should stern action against the coup dictator in Myanmar🇲🇲. That stupid country in compare to Bangladesh never reach quarter of economy.

  57. Avatar মোছা: সুমাইয়া says:


  58. Avatar X D says:

    People: “We want democracy”
    Military: 😂😂😂😂😂😹😹🤣🤨😏

  59. Avatar Pubg Gaming says:

    World’s condemn Expect China & Pakistan 😏

  60. Avatar James Perez says:

    Behind that general men. China playing the games

  61. Avatar Tee Wee Lee says:

    Trump inspired coup

  62. Avatar Juan Ferdinand Blardony says:

    Politics + Democracy = BULLSHIT!!

    Democracy should never involved and sided on any politics. You want REAL DEMOCRACY don’t inject with politics.

    • Avatar 45641560456405640563 says:


  63. Avatar Muhammed Adil says:

    Was Rohingyan persecution not a threat to humanity and the world didn’t condemn it.

    • Avatar 45641560456405640563 says:

      They did.

  64. Avatar Bradley Kynoch says:

    Australia government like Myanmar gov because they too are evil and corrupt and in bed with china ,
    They are panicking cause they are next ,,Scott Morrison and Daniel Andrews are scumbags
    Compromised Governments protecting each other yet couldn’t care less about protecting their our citizens
    It’s not a democracy when u are rigging elections :: Al Jazeera is deep state owned

    • Avatar 45641560456405640563 says:

      Bwahahahaha….. Try reality bro, you’ll jump at shadows less.

    • Avatar Bradley Kynoch says:

      @45641560456405640563 u only one jumping is u .

    • Avatar 45641560456405640563 says:

      @Bradley Kynoch Thanks for your entry in this weeks ‘Lame Comeback Awards’. Please be advised that the organisers will be be in touch to let you know the judges decision no later than next Monday.

    • Avatar Bradley Kynoch says:

      @45641560456405640563 thanks for reading my comment and replying twice
      God bless

    • Avatar 45641560456405640563 says:

      @Bradley Kynoch Always happy to help the benighted.

  65. Avatar Tinkle Tinkle says:

    What do expect from china’s lap dog nations..asean..

  66. Avatar Saw Htoo says:

    Please save Myanmar! Now we are full of tears now! Please help Myanmar civilians from military! Please save our leader Aung Sun Su Kyi!

  67. Avatar Taro_kitty chan says:

    They copying from USA

    • Avatar XxNot JuliexX says:

      This is serious.

  68. Avatar The sniper says:

    বাংলাদেশের উচিৎ সুযোগ টা কাজে লাগানো, মায়ানমার কে অস্তির করা

  69. Avatar Edgar Mendoza says:

    The general want to take the
    Wealth of Myanmar her family will be happy 😄

  70. Avatar Tiff Ehrhart says:

    Is it me or is this happening all over,

  71. Avatar Tirpitz Yamato says:

    US and their Allies Can easily intervene in Myanmar Conflict because Myanmar doesn’t have Nuke

  72. Avatar Ny Ny says:

    China gonna take over the world soon 😡

  73. Avatar Nobody . says:

    Where was America with Sisi ?

  74. Avatar Rashad Allah says:

    International reaction? 80 million Trump voters are jealous! WE want our military to act!

  75. Avatar Mizanur Rahman Azhari Media says:

    The Myanmar government wants Suu Kyi, the killer of Muslim Rohingyas

  76. Avatar ꧁Izimations꧂ says:

    Bangladesh: okay okay, I get It….. *BUT WHEN WILL YOU TAKE BACK YOUR REFUGEES*

  77. Avatar DAVID BATIN says:

    Burmese way to Socialism is back. Expect tokens for food & long lines. This is the end of democracy for Myanmar people.

  78. Avatar er snsv says:

    Countries that genoside its people shouldn’t have ever existed in the first place!

  79. Avatar Leo Ramírez says:

    she was a bad president

    • Avatar XxNot JuliexX says:

      F*ck you 🙂

    • Avatar 45641560456405640563 says:

      Strange, a massive majority of the people of Myanmar would disagree with you.

  80. Avatar Rathin Bhattacharjee says:

    It is Myanmar’s internal affair. The way we support Egyptian Sisi Govt.the same way we should respect the political development in Myanmar.

  81. Avatar Orazzy Phoo says:

    We stand with Myanmar Army,our general Min Aung Hlaing🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲

  82. Avatar sai sai says:

    please save aung san suu kyi from myanmar army ,we hope can will save usa new goverment joe biden

  83. Avatar Sad Sad says:


  84. Avatar Mr. Genius111 says:

    Australia 😂😂😂

  85. Avatar Muhammad Ahmad says:

    A terrorist military is now terrorizing its own government

  86. Avatar 미래세상 says:

    군부구테다 물러가라~한국인은 무력으로 미안마 국민의 자유를 억압하는 어리석은 군부를 타도한다.

  87. Avatar Zuhair Khan says:

    Very good, that should have happened long time ago.

    Most happy moment

  88. Avatar Ahmad Mpinzire says:

    Joe Biden on Office now

  89. Avatar Hiro Arceleta says:

    I from Philippine condemning Myanmar coup detat

  90. Avatar Can't find My will to live says:

    But no one cared when it happened to Bolivia hmmmmm?

  91. Avatar Jason Hunt says:

    What is the purpose of having Vice President in a country??
    Did Vice President Myint Swe become a President as written in Constitution when President Htin Kyaw retired, and WHY??

    Did Aung San Suu Kyi commit to violate the CONSTITUTION??

    Did Military take any action on Aung San Suu Kyi at that time??

    Is violating a constitutional law a crime??

    As written in CONSTITUTION, Military has right to serve and protect the CONSTITUTION..

    You’ll be the judge and tell me who is wrong and who is right..

    There will be consequences when you play with fire..

  92. Avatar Alvert Reyes says:

    Myanmar’s military is one of the WORST military personnel in the world

  93. Avatar Nozo says:

    How about conducting democratic election in Qatar . 😋

  94. Avatar Eugene Pelle says:

    Not as the kind it receive from the perceive Democrats in the USA, THE democrats launched a coup in the USA,

  95. Avatar IKOWS NOSE says:

    To take over a government through military force would create instability, and it would not last for long. I do not want to leave a legacy of having taken over the government through military means. It has never occurred to me to have a coup d’etat.

  96. Avatar Homi J Bhabha says:

    China just blocked the UN bid to condemn the coup.

  97. Avatar Myo Min Naing says:

    Vote thief
    We can’t support unfair election.
    Good job.
    “No one above the law”

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