France: Protesters clash with police over new security law

Demonstrations have been held across France to protest against a planned law that restricts filming and publishing police officers’ faces.
Anger against the proposed legislation has grown since a video emerged earlier in the month, showing police allegedly beating and racially abusing a Black music producer.
Rights groups have called on Emmanuel Macron, who has denounced the actions of the police, to protect freedoms

Al Jazeera’s Natacha Butler reports from Paris, France.

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103 thoughts on “France: Protesters clash with police over new security law

  1. Amjad Mughal Reply

    Boycott France

  2. Heather Rice Reply

    It has to be a globalist agenda. Watch countries around the world. Identical situation.

  3. ho lee fuk Reply

    Do you hear the people sing? Singing a song of angry man !!
    Stubborn dumb idiot macaroni

  4. Bill Dikt Reply

    Macron is a marionette of Soros. With globalization they will come more worst things.

  5. Raj Kokil Reply

    Freedom 😂 of spech

  6. SHAH FAHAD Reply

    Boycott French product

  7. Raine Khan Reply

    Yah…Macroon’s freedom of speech 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. mohammed danish Reply

    Now I see that’s how France protect it’s freedom of speech 😂

  9. H.C. Collier Reply

    Leave it to France to go from one extreme to the other.

  10. agung prawira Reply

    This freedom shi* is bs..
    U free to Makes other people mads just because the freedom of doing so.. but ur not free to do just simple basic right?
    This country gov have no shame

  11. agung prawira Reply

    Just yesterday their prez say, France people were free to do whatever they want..even if other people get mads or sad…
    And now u tell me they not free anymore??
    What a hypocrite bs

  12. Deneme Deneme Reply

    Macron is a fascist. France is ruled by the dictator. People are not free. If the cops are brutal, they use violence on everyone. Western media is silent. Do you think there is no hypocrisy?

  13. John Rix Reply

    I hope they 🔥 France
    Macron is a Facist
    Hiding his pigs violence
    Call a General Strike
    Macron is a hypocrite
    No pics of his Pigs commiting violence against blacks
    Pics of Mohammed are forced on the public under freedom.
    Macron is a piece of 💩

  14. zack leroy Reply

    France it’s a dictature ! The governoment from sarkozy are restricting even the freedom of thinking

  15. shadowpeople evil Reply

    This is reality i m living France

  16. International North East Reply

    France show their true nature about humanity

  17. Muhteşem Siyanür Reply

    They raided the central bank

    So, 1789 2.0?

  18. Raine Riny 7 Reply

    Oh my! Is France in crisis?

  19. hanif bangi Reply

    Let’s give these terrorist in uniform weapons and now immunity

  20. hanif bangi Reply

    This is the west imaginary democracy!!!

  21. connected online Reply

    Islam scum

  22. Jo Mat Reply

    QATAR first implement democracy there, then preach security law and human rights on other places.
    Filty AlJazeera..

  23. Sumit Panda Reply

    I support france ..

  24. Jonathan the butler Reply

    The French government wants to protect the identities of public servants who are paid by the public’s high taxes in France, makes me sick!.

  25. Gutale Hashi Reply

    It seems like the current French government has lost track of time and live in the stone age.Emmanuel “Moron” has made France a totalitarian state.

  26. HowZic Reply

    you don’t understand this is freedom for police to do anything kill anyone
    France is Fighting for Freedom 🙂

  27. spybotist Reply

    The government employees need monitoring.

  28. Baqiyah Reply

    France has become a fascist totalitarian islamophobic and racist nation

  29. Ben 1 Reply

    France is much better than muslim countries.

    • lul yusuf samantar Reply

      Don’t be worst be better.
      France can be better.

    • Ben 1 Reply

      @lul yusuf samantar France doesn’t need you. You people need France. 😏

  30. Truth Voice Reply

    Why they are protesting? I want to be Racist and beat people?
    -French Police

  31. maxamed Ibrahim Reply

    this is freedom of racism

  32. Titan King Reply

    Yeah and the world is watching Islam behead people…

  33. Panca Yoga Purnama Reply

    I dont get it… Franks should be happy.. its freedom…

  34. Mohd Idrus Amir Reply

    Frank fail countree. Nowonder all his ex colonial state not achieve so much state devlp due to frank style education. Nowonder they lost in WWI, WW2, Indochine, Haitian, Algerie.

  35. I Am That I Am Reply

    France government are terrorists

  36. ANSOS BOY Reply

    Macron In Crisis

  37. Bink* Reply

    ” Cant take picture of police” wow hypocrisy at it’s finest

  38. DENis cwb Reply

    Stop burning France Macron! Intervention in France now! Kisses from Brazil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  39. Sonairah Olama HS Reply

    Only Aljazeerah, and RT covered this rally, the western news doesn’t want to show the crisis in France. Poor French people

  40. Ragnar Lothbrok Reply

    they let the peacefulls into the country in large numbers, look France is so peaceful now….

    • Ocean Salt Reply

      There’s something coming their way very soon

  41. Nkanyiso Africa Reply

    😂 freedom of expression Macron have you forgotten that it includes seeing coos images as well

  42. IM POWER Reply

    France is in crisis!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  43. R Shawon Reply

    Where is now so called freedom of speech now??? To hide all failures create problem and then try to divide and rule.

  44. the doctor airsoft Reply

    The French government is a regime! Down with the French government! French people rise up!

  45. _09_Khan Yasir Reply

    now we know who is in crisis.

  46. Sammy Loi Reply

    Hong kong usa thailand now French

  47. Kim Hitlerfan Reply

    When attack on Muslim all all Europeans say this is Freedom of speech now ur time coming why you guys protests against onwin govt And county 😂😂😂 bye bye Europe new world Oder coming soon in Europe

  48. s s Reply

    If governments can’t be trusted to be representative of the people, how can you trust corrupt cops, simple

  49. Husky Foxtrot Reply

    ive been trying to find what exactly does the law says but nobody says what it is, so I ask, wha t does it say?????

  50. Oné-ssk Mr. X Reply

    France thinking living under republique but they actually live in a Zionist police state

    • Ocean Salt Reply

      We all do.. it’s that way all over

  51. Jason M. Swick Reply

    1:49 I stopped my work because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  52. m f Qureshi Reply

    There is something wrong with the France regime.

  53. Peter Jhones Reply

    Ei. French People do not upset EMPEROR MAKRON. THE NEW NAPOELON

  54. Nee dank je Reply

    Take off these stupid masks!!!

  55. Indian Hindustani Reply

    France is a fascist government
    Should be collapsed.

  56. Indian Hindustani Reply

    If you insult God and prophets you will face the problems….The hidden punishments will occur from God you can’t even guess…from where and which side it appeared. ALLAH is the king of the world’s he is the best planner.

  57. Umair Zubair Reply


  58. lul yusuf samantar Reply

    I thought this was in Honkong.
    Welcome to dictatorism.
    & the invasion of fascism
    History reversing frm west to east.
    Oh ma! is this democracy?

  59. Ivan Peralta Reply

    The face of maradona 0:02 😂😂😂

  60. fy april Reply

    Poor france fellowmen, bad government!

  61. Artan S Reply

    there is no place in this world for racism Police

  62. ko napi Reply

    I had a mysterious dream that an orange butterfly always came to the place I was going to go and stopped on the ground.
    If you look at that butterfly, it probably means Monarch Butterfly, the King.
    This Monarch Butterfly is a very mysterious butterfly that travels across generations.
    The life of Monarch Butterfly
    Cherkassky plays Rubinstein “Melody” in F
    Keith Richards-Key to the Highway (Lyric Video)
    If it is a message, it may be necessary to lead the entire world in a positive direction across generations.
    Monarch = March on
    Maybe it’s an anagram with a great message.
    Increasingly prolongs illness and continues to stress and increase people’s anger. Please don’t give up thinking.
    We all have the right to live happily. I will make it from now on. both.
    h / why = yhwh = 360 ° eddie 55
    その蝶は調べたら、たぶんMonarch Butterfly、王様という意味がある
    このMonarch Butterflyって世代を超えて旅をするなんてすごく不思議な蝶。
    The life of Monarch Butterfly
    Cherkassky plays Rubinstein “Melody” in F
    Keith Richards – Key to the Highway (Lyric Video)
    Monarch=March on

  63. K for kind Reply

    Macron should be kicked out.

  64. J. B. Reply

    We are all in this pLandemia,pleace people all together 🙏

  65. Platinum Entertainment Reply

    There is not enough police brutalitty out there trust me.

  66. Hang over# Reply

    Here, just right after the beheading of Paty.,

  67. See the Bigger Picture Reply

    Mind Begs the Question:
    Hitler = Govts can be Sinister & Evil
    When implementing Laws
    Must ensure cant be misused by People
    Must not ensure cant be misused by Govts?

  68. Wilton Wilson Reply

    This is what the French get for voting Marcon.

  69. Vat Profit Reply

    They said Hitler was a bad guy 🤔

  70. Ocean Salt Reply

    Get rid of the peaceful guests who behead people..they need managed. All of them out, every last stinking one of them

  71. AB CD Reply

    La même dictature ici en Allemagne. Les gens, unissez-vous contre les politiciens corrompus, contre «l’élite» autoproclamée des mondialistes, remerciez les Français d’avoir reconnu l’ennemi et de vous défendre, nous les Allemands devons devenir encore plus comme vous. Continuez!

  72. Ismail Salihin Reply

    Yoo i think theres going to be a terrorist attack to cover this lmao..

  73. Dr Samiha Sartawi Reply

    No france no emel macaron

  74. Jainung Gassama Reply

    Don’t hide the identity of the Police officers who commited this crime, Maybe they have reason of doing it.And the Justice should be openly to everyone to known What has happen.If there is domocracy in France and equal right and Justice for all French Citizen .

  75. Rajie Rejected Reply

    The brutal government….

  76. Swann Reply

    Il y a un plein de déformations dans ces propos, d’abord, la loi sur la sécurité globale interdit la diffusion d’image qui montre les visages des policiers mais elle n’interdit pas de filmer les policier. Alors, s’il y a un cas de violence policière, la vidéo peut être utilisé comme preuve dans une affaire avec la justice. Deuxièmement, ce n’était pas un simple camp de migrant, ils s’étaient implantés ici pour manifester, pas pour vraiment dormir, mais c’est quand même choquant la manière brutale dont les policiers les poussent à partir.

  77. I C U Reply

    The people wouldn’t need to record the police if they did their job properly and if they respected the people they are sworn to protect.

  78. Lamouri Boudina Reply


  79. WilMar Reply

    So HK cant impose Security Law while France can.
    What an Hypocrite.

  80. N. S. G. Reply

    What kind democracy is this?! 🤔

  81. Turbo Charge Reply

    Macaroni in crisis

  82. Celeste Taylor Reply

    French revolution!!!

  83. john smith Reply

    look at all these arabs commenting the for thier rights and freedoms!!! LOL

  84. P GH Reply

    Notice how france is becoming more authoritarian day by day?

  85. Easton Dr Reply

    I don’t think any man made laws worst than Sharia laws or Blasphemy laws.

  86. zehra gülşen Reply

    Not any media sharing this protests truly. Thanks for giving coverage to freedom.

  87. Ivelisse Gonzalez Reply

    Ughhh When will America learn that We are the one’s to watch, We need to do better so, others watching pay it forward.

  88. Dean Smith Reply

    France had it’s chance & it chose.
    France Should of voted for marine le pen, despite some of her shortcomings she would have made decisions based on the best interests of her people & country.
    Yet France chooses a ballerina & socialite for the world’s stage another globalist, authoritarian to bow to the UN.
    If France was to scared to chose le pen, fearing the other nations would falsely claim that France was rasist well enjoy your new France.
    France is a country that had a comfortable & decadent lifestyle a beautiful culture that left the majority of its people with weak Minds.
    I guess you only know what you have once you start to lose it.

  89. Kartun Land Reply

    Where is Charlie Hebdo on this

  90. Elizabetta Reply

    Get rid of stupid law that will encourage more police brutality!

  91. Ali Amin Reply

    Welcome to the free democratic western European France. WHERE ITS FREE HAPPY CITIZENS ENJOY HIGHEST STANDARD OF LIVING AND HAPPINESS 😏😏😏😏

  92. Ali Amin Reply

    Poor people of europe unite and fight back you have nothing to lose but slavery and chains of poverty and injustice

  93. Mujhi Mj Reply

    Macron idiot

    Freedom of speech baby

  94. Mahmut Köroglu Köstebek Reply

    Peaceful protests has 5% in succeeding.
    But those crazy protesters make it go 80% 😬

  95. david paris Reply

    dark side of france police

  96. kurdistan forevery Reply

    viva la france

  97. Aram Danielyan Reply

    Come to America land of the free

  98. Nahha Nırbat Reply

    Macron should resign.

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