Brexit: Concerns over economic fallout in the Netherlands


Companies in the Netherlands are concerned about the financial fallout of a hard Brexit.
It will cost the Dutch economy an estimated 17.5 billion euros ($21bn) in lost exports, and around 70,000 jobs.
And there are fears delays at ports could become even longer.
Al Jazeera’s Step Vaessen reports from Rotterdam.

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83 thoughts on “Brexit: Concerns over economic fallout in the Netherlands

  1. Sajidul Alam Sajid Reply


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  5. Winner Threemil Reply

    When a busy nobody says – I don’t think exit is good idea. 🙄

  6. hugoausbayern1234 Reply

    all because of massive workers frm eastern european countries was coming in UK. Within years UK is almost a mini Poland, Hungry or Romania!!!

    • RalphMarx Reply


    • Aerism Reply

      @Good luck everyone i dont know about you but here in the Netherlanda we have laws for their income. We cant pay them peanuts….. therefore only sectors that cant find people for simple jobs that the Dutch dont even want to do because its mostly non-education jobs. For example working at the farmer picking vegetables and fruit. But they are glad to hire dutch too… because the salary is just by the law. We cant pay east european people super low salary.

    • Javahc1 Reply

      Not only in the UK, they are also present in Ireland, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium and Scandinavian countries…Good workers.

    • Javahc1 Reply

      @Aerism They get better wages in these European countries, but they go to the UK because of languages barrier, easier for them to learn English and also they can get a “flexible contract” as the protection of the worker is not as regulated as in mainland Europe so they can get fired or change jobs more easily and, of course, as well as low wages.

    • Bob Corry Reply

      Javahc1 cheap labour every one knows it

  7. Wamsubnz Reply

    Okay so all of these things should have been organised but no one knows what they need! The govt is not making everyone aware of what is needed. This is typical beauracracy caused by idiots at the top.

  8. Samuel Campbell Reply

    Ban all eu trade in uk and trade everywhere else would be a dream

    • Aerism Reply

      If they only want to eat “canned” food. Yes, it’s possible to do so… 🙂

    • Yousef Ahmed Reply

      Eh are you dumb or are you stupid

    • 1jackct Reply

      What do you care mr trump

    • Javahc1 Reply

      Yeah trade with the Commonwealth…Germany alone is wealthier than the richest nations of the Commonwealth (CA, AU, NZ..).

    • Bob Corry Reply

      Javahc1 you are right Germany loves the eu it was made for them it’s their dream

  9. trex kiro Reply

    shut up! everything will fall into place. yall act like the world is ending. you know what i hope it does end soon so you poossies have a real reason to panic

  10. Glenda Robinson Reply


  11. IKtheVS Reply

    Another Brexit piece completely focused on the details of an agreement in an attempt to avoid acknowledging why Brexit happened in the first place…. The EU is a corrupt system that directly benefits Qatar’s allies… A system of siphoning Western resources directly to the people who seek to destroy the West. Each corrupt European country trying to underbid the next…

    • Aerism Reply

      The referendum was started by the Elite, after EU issued the Anti Tax Avoidance Directive(2016).. (which means rich people can’t hide their money to avoid tax on islands like Panama and need to pay Tax) and therefore the UK Elite has issued this referendum to “scare” the EU to get rid of that directive. But the result of the referendum led actually to the leaving of the UK. Just look at Camaron his family who are on the Panama papers. 🙂 His family would have to pay huge taxes, when they stayed in the EU because of this…. The Elite than manipulated regular people with fake stories about foreigners and other bad stories about the EU…… to make you pro-brexit.

    • RalphMarx Reply

      Lol adopt socialism then.

    • Javahc1 Reply

      Look who is talking…the UK is the biggest ally of money laundering from Russia and Qatar.

  12. poco9964 Reply

    They had to bring their passports even when the UK was in the EU… The UK has never allowed real freedom of movement to EU citizens.

    • Thomas Hering Reply

      That’s Not correct. As to Januar 1 you need No Passport – only the id-card.
      The Passport requirement IS new

    • Good luck everyone Reply

      @Nigel Fairhurst no wonder terrorists can escape quickly

    • poco9964 Reply

      @Nigel Fairhurst Many European countries require you carry ID by law. You’ve likely been advised too carry a passport and checked for this reason. The EU is far less anti British than we are anti EU. Most Brits are clueless as to what the EU actually is, and equally does.

    • Droptuned 83 Reply

      @Nigel Fairhurst As a lorry driver in the unlucky position of having worked for 20 plus years in the EU I have always had to carry and show my passport to officers at boarders and crossing points so all the guff about not needing travel documents is just utter bs , Fact.

    • Javahc1 Reply

      @Nigel Fairhurst You have to produce a passport because the UK is not a member of the schengen area so is Ireland. Each time you go to these both countries you have to show your ID or passport and vice versa. UK had a lot of privileges when it was a member of the EU..

  13. Kraken101 Reply

    i know all about the non elected farl left mayors in the Netherlands. who is this guy

  14. tony robinson Reply

    blah blah blah.

  15. Mno Skaffa Reply


  16. Ian Moore Reply

    And So the EU mafia hold Europe as hostage. And so far no other country has had any guts to to even attempt to shake of this EU mafia parrasite.

  17. Alan Hunt Reply

    A complete nonsense article this has been going on for 4 years, any business man will have prepared for the worst and hoping for something better, if they don’t have it right by now they deserve to go broke… Like the guy said it will be a short term pain exercise at worst… you won’t make the same mistakes twice…

  18. Sjors op Goal Reply

    Just follow, be wise and call out a Nexit.
    Cheaper and besides that the whole thing will fall down if one of the prime financial supporters falls away.
    Lets make a Brexit turn into a Nexit that will lead to a total EUxit !!

  19. J 2B Reply

    With a trade deal OR without a trade deal please expect paper work and checks at the border. Don’t assume anything like in the past!, Just a warning

    • Kev T Reply

      And that works both ways

  20. Anthony Clarke Reply

    a thousand trucks a day we dont need any garbage from these countrys please keep it

    • Bob Corry Reply

      metube it’s to expensive your club by by

    • Anthony Clarke Reply

      @metube dont slam the door behind you take care

    • Anthony Clarke Reply

      @Mi Movil no we can eat cod and haddock if we move our so called war ships in to place and stop the mega ships stealing all thanks

    • Mi Movil Reply

      @Anthony Clarke No problem Anthony, stick to white fish if you can, it is way healthier. Fatty fish are high in Omega 3 but have a lot of mercury lately.

    • mo Sparky Reply

      @Anthony Clarke how can we stop exporting all these animals. We need them in our daily consumption. I know you like steak with chips, chicken and chips on night out. Europe needs UK and UK needs Europe.

  21. goose gander Reply

    Make America And Israel Great Again 2021!

  22. Ebrar Yoshi Reply

    Taking back control over border at the expense of some more paperwork? Well, so cheap!!!

  23. gajah oleng Reply

    europe has been disaster vs uk

  24. Roel van B. Reply


    • Adrian Ceasar Reply

      You will have more delays with Nexit and border checks so what benefits you will have?

    • Mark Knoop Reply

      Neuro en zero.
      Zijn we al heel ver op weg.

    • Roel van B. Reply

      @Adrian Ceasar no more money to the EU to spain, italy to save their banks, immigration in your own hands, close the borders, no more green deal nonsense which cost us a fortune and only helps the elite gettin richer. Dutch people have more to say if we leave the EU.

    • Badr M Reply

      @Roel van B. “green deal nonsensen?” you do realise that half your country is below sea level right,

  25. R tricks Reply

    Why are we buying fruit and veg from the Netherlands? can’t we grow it ourselves lol

    • Yurichtube Reply

      The Netherlands have special gardens, where they grow fruit and vegetables.

    • Mark Knoop Reply

      Maybe to busy drinking tea.

    • Mi Movil Reply

      @Mark Knoop which is all imported

    • Mark Knoop Reply

      @Mi Movil They don’t know it yet.

    • Bob Corry Reply

      The eu pay us money to not grow our own food to make us import it and it’s our own money they give to land owners even the queen and heseltine

  26. The GADPHLY Reply

    Governmentalism, Corporatism, Bureaucratism, … These are the new words instead of the old socialism etc….

    • metube Reply

      capitalism without any regulation ends in actual human slavery – socialism runs militiaries, and paid for every major scientific breakthrough of the 21st century

  27. jagman84 Reply

    No paperwork as it’s all electronic and it will just be a tick in a non-EU box. UK citizens have always needed their passports due to schengen rules. Airlines insist on it or you do not travel!

    • Orwell 1984 Reply

      You’re correct. I’ve needed my passport every time I’ve been to mainland Europe. Any other paperwork can easily be done online…

    • sunny rowe Reply

      Yes but you will need a good 10 months on your passport,anything less you won’t be able to travel. Good luck !

  28. Feb Vel Reply

    For non EU person this news seems like a regular news 🤣, we knew how it felt.

  29. QPRTokyo Reply

    Businesses will soon speed up the paperwork and why is it customer officers say this is no problem.

  30. Gawk Thimm Reply

    I for one welcomes back the scotts when they grow tired of English Mismanagement

    • Orwell 1984 Reply

      As long as you pay for them like the English do at the moment.. Oh and by the way the Scots have their own Parliament and the country is run by the SNP. The English don’t run Scotland…

    • Jon Sid Reply

      They can join your new NSB.

    • Bob Corry Reply

      Gawk Thimm what a funny name are you real

  31. Trev S Reply

    they need 2 months grace/transition to adapt to the new deal not a week its crazy

  32. David Peters Reply

    They have had four and a half years, what more do they want? Funny how the Dutch sell the UK all this salad when we have the same climate. Time to grow it this side of the channel.

    • Badr M Reply

      the dutch are the best farmers in the worldm thats why

    • sunny rowe Reply

      You don’t anyone who will do the work ! 🤓

    • Javahc1 Reply

      Not only good farmers but they are also better at economy than the Brits lol

  33. Jerry Orange Reply

    People in the UK knew what they voted for.

  34. James Hines Reply

    If parliament vote this deal through it good news for the Netherlands 😊

  35. metube Reply

    the UK is a liability and untrustworthy cut them loose and diversify businesses within the EU – no one needs to deal with their eratic decisions based on nothing but pure spite. financial industries should innovate a design out the need to be located in one city – finacial institutions are unnecessary bloatware we can build more responsible organisations for anyway. we dont need the “expertise ” of banks when a system isn’t designed to enrich these professions – we need intellectually curious minds who like reponsibility not gambling low imagination psychopaths

    • Scott Senior Reply

      Oh you silly sausage, you really have no idea

    • Bob Corry Reply

      See a doctor quick

    • metube Reply

      @Bob Corry automating people out of jobs just got way more appealing

  36. Greg Jackson Reply

    Well if EU countries are not prepared that is their problem suggest you complain to Brussels

  37. Dave Thorne Reply

    I love Dutch ladies 😀

  38. Gabi Dipla Reply

    Soon the hauliers will realise it’s not worth delivering to the U.K. On the good side, most Brits are overweight so they could really do with less, more expensive food.

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