Widespread protests in Myanmar’s Yangon after NLD condemns coup, calls for leaders’ release.

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The UN Security Council has failed to agree on a joint statement condemning Monday’s coup in Myanmar.
Aung San Suu Kyi was among dozens of political figures picked up by the army, and reportedly remains under house arrest.
The National League for Democracy’s (NLD) party has called for Aung San Suu yi immediate release and for the army to acknowledge the November 2020 election results.
In Myanmar’s largest city Yangon, residents banged pots and pans as part of widespread protests.

Al Jazeera’s Ali Fowle reports from Yangon, Myanmar.

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  1. Avatar Alexis Cin says:

    Our dreams are gone….
    Min Aung Hlaing, chef military general is covering himself from icj and icc sues. As far as I’m concerned, they selected soldiers with low IQ not to against them. He throwed every single citizens’ future to cover himself. I feel quite sad for our ” The Lady” and our president ” U Win Myint”.

  2. Avatar zarnyi lwin says:

    this is not true news happening in myanmnar

  3. Avatar Lam Yeong Wee says:

    Daylight robbery!

  4. Avatar Thant Zaw Win says:

    This news is false. There hasnt been any protests on the streets yet because we want this to be peaceful!

  5. Avatar Paul R. says:

    who is leading the coup?

    • Avatar Har nar says:

      Min Aung Hlaing is leading the coup

  6. Avatar Andrew S says:

    The generals better watch their backs. They must have families, too. Wonder what could happen?

    • Avatar krishna murthy says:

      The generals have armed soldiers protecting their families. Worry about the families of common people.

    • Avatar Andrew S says:

      @krishna murthy It’s the 21st century, brother. Low-cost drones with facial recognition could do the trick. They better always live in fear, behind soldiers. They can’t kill us all; we just need to get a few of them.

    • Avatar Trong Duc says:

      @Andrew S I find it highly unethical, targeting the innocence is never okay

    • Avatar Andrew S says:

      ​@Trong Duc Did you say that when the military killed thousands of innocent Burmese people during the 1988 protests, after the last coup? It’s weak people like you who allow the military to control us.

      Military “strongmen” respond to credible threats, not nice-talk. They themselves can get hurt. Who knows what will happen? At the very least, they must live in fear.

  7. Avatar MrPurgeGT says:

    save myanmar

  8. Avatar 이즈아이디 says:

    I love Myanma and I hope Myanma’s democratic govement.

  9. Avatar Michael Bramblett says:

    This is what it’s going to take to get rid of the corrupt leaders in our own government, here in the United States!! Once they are gone, we can hold a free and FAIR election!!! No mail in ballots and must show valid identification!! THE WAY OUR DISASTROUS PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION SHOULD HAVE BEEN!!!

  10. Avatar Lonely Wanderer says:

    Thanks AJ

  11. Avatar Hew W says:

    They should be happy, democracy is the biggest oppression of them all. Look at what it has done to the west. West would have been 100 times richer and freer without democracy. Now it is a mess than will continue going down hill. Not saying military regim is good, best would be if everyone was their own king. But democracy is worse.

  12. Avatar julius tome says:


    • Avatar julius tome says:

      @Rin dey United States is a World Protector…!

    • Avatar Jonathan Lencio says:

      are you sure…?

    • Avatar Jonathan Lencio says:

      your country will be in ruins… just like some arab countries that us penetrates…

    • Avatar Endelig Gnist says:

      @julius tome You’re joking, right? Please tell me you’re joking. Nobody’s that stupid.

    • Avatar gerry chan says:

      Search the internet about Iraq, Syria, Libya or any country you want. Even America. Check what American government is doing to America. If you like the American government then I sincerely say gooood luck.

  13. Avatar Hasselnøtt Per says:

    Well, the ruling party, NLD, had no real opposition politically, so this was bound to happen.

  14. Avatar RyokoJuu Myanmar says:

    It’s civil disobedience. We will not riot on the road as the same like our military terrorist. But surely, all the citizens are fighting back to them . We strongly oppose the military coup. The military is not protectors for Myanmar Citizens. They are just terrorist with weapons who tried to get authority without agreement of citizens. We voted for elected president and state counselor for democracy. We will hold our hope and trust till we die .

  15. Avatar Matt PryOkra says:

    Military leading a takeover doesn’t really have a happy ending 😢

  16. Avatar Erza Scarlet says:

    I really know what is happening. Can anyone summarize it please?

    • Avatar BenJong Walling says:

      You know it right?

    • Avatar Clorox Bleach says:

      Basically the from constitution (written before Suu Kyi) guarantees that the military has a place in government (this means the military isnt controlled by the civilians and that’s how we have the Rohingya genocide) and the military must’ve been paranoid that eventually democratically elected Suu Kyi would phase the military out of the government so they did a coup.

    • Avatar Erza Scarlet says:

      @Clorox Bleach thankyou

  17. Avatar Damar Warsani says:

    The people need to gather around like in tiananmen square, sure there will be lots of casualty, but that’s the price of freedom my friend, let the world watch while the army killing their own citizens

  18. Avatar Harrow says:

    The irony is these military soldiers have families,how are they treated by non military families??how can they be trusted at all,Chins has condemned the UN for speaking out about the coup and takeover over the country by the military,now you see military and its leadership will prosper from China’s interest as before,the fat cat generals have it for themselves.

  19. Avatar L says:

    This is really troubling. Sending thoughts and prayers to Myanmar

    • Avatar KING says:

      Revenge of Rohingyas from god

    • Avatar Albert Chisaki says:

      @KING The military is the one that does the killing do you think it will get better when they’re in complete control? Go ahead it will only bring more deaths

  20. Avatar Darrel Dennis says:

    Shameless China and CCP behind this mess. Not surprised. The dragon has gone wild.

  21. Avatar DJ K says:

    The human Cadaver business starts again. Hope the new crop is good. They have grown up now.

  22. Avatar TP Thiha says:

    Facebook has been blocked in Myanmar.

    • Avatar Soren Kier Moreno says:

      @La Yaung Kha he never heard of VPN Lol

    • Avatar La Yaung Kha says:

      @Soren Kier Moreno yes his brain is small

    • Avatar La Yaung Kha says:

      @Soren Kier Moreno For actually he cannot speak English 😑

    • Avatar Soren Kier Moreno says:

      @La Yaung Kha lol

  23. Avatar Jag Singh says:

    The world knows Indian army is behind the coup.

  24. Avatar shah asif says:


  25. Avatar fang says:

    For the greater good!

  26. Avatar Myo Min Naing says:

    The government that stole the vote has been taken over by Myanmar army. Good job.
    “No one above the law”

  27. Avatar Syed Mohd says:


  28. Avatar Waqar Ahmad says:

    so basically she ignored the genocide of Rohingyas so that she could save herself or other people from military dictatorship? so tell me how thats working ? did she still have a democracy for which she not only ignored the genocide but support genocide .if leaders have selective empathy and undifference for one group of thier own people then my friend,she is not a leaders .she is just a politicians wants to have power .thats it.
    i am not able to understand her hypocritics behavour .she could had exposed the militray at ICJ as she had chance and could got the UNSC intervention on grounds of gencide .UNSC has a power to intervenve the country to stop genocide from dictators ..nelson mandela didnt support blacks for violence on whites or read script out of fear .he was also jailed for most of his life time . not house arrest like her he was jailed for 30 years in prison.
    thats not how leaders behave thats politicians works to be on winnig side as log as you get benefit

  29. Avatar Aung That Ko Ko says:

    Please help our country

    • Avatar Endelig Gnist says:

      You have to help yourself. Any actions undertaken by a foreign power will do more harm than good, like the Americans with their crippling economy sanctions to harm the people of Myanmar.

  30. Avatar Dante Salazar says:

    Only china will benefit from it

    • Avatar Leo says:

      True… China is slowly taking over myanmar.

  31. Avatar SRAKNeT says:

    Country of buddhists ! Why there is not peace?

  32. Avatar Cherry Nyunt Wai says:

    Please help our country and our leader

  33. Avatar Lil Joe says:

    seems that china do support this

  34. Avatar Maung Soe thar says:

    Must take action on Myanmar military🇲🇲 because they have not kindness to others. Must consider for daw Aung Sun suukyi because her famillyless 😢

  35. Avatar SuPyae MyatNoe says:

    Facebook just banned by Myanmar this early morning.

    • Avatar Myat kaung Htike says:

      မbanသေပါဘူး နောက်ပီ😶😶😐

    • Avatar SuPyae MyatNoe says:

      VPN မကျော်ပဲ ဝင်ကြည့်လေ နောက်နေရအောင် ကစားနေတာမဟုတ်ဘူး

  36. Avatar Mogulis Valar says:

    the world is full of fools. people gave this genocidal sociopath a noble prize! well see the consequences of it

  37. Avatar Moe Moe Myint says:

    Plz tell facebook dont use

  38. Avatar Hrang Au Thuama says:

    We, the people of Myanmar need the PRAYER supports to have strength and strong desire to continue showing unwillingness to military action

    • Avatar Dhanya Joel says:

      Sad Myanmar under Chinese control and all these bad things happening. Now China is showing its power to India lot of border disputes with India and China now a days

    • Avatar narga myanmar says:

      China is confused

  39. Avatar Ren zo says:

    It’s not a military coup. It’s committing treason against the nation – the highest of all crimes.

    အာဏာသိမ္းျခင္းမဟုတ္။ နိုင္ငံေတာ္ပုန္ကန္မွု က်ဴးလြန္ျခင္းျဖစ္၏။ အဆိုးဝါးဆုံးေသာ ရာဇဝတ္မွုပင္။
    crd ဆရာစိုး

  40. Avatar Ren zo says:

    It’s not a military coup. It’s committing treason against the nation – the highest of all crimes.

  41. Avatar George Querelle says:

    Dominion Voting Machines – FRAUD!

  42. Avatar Pudd Pudd says:

    Please Save Myanmar
    Help us….
    Reject the military please
    We need your help.

  43. Avatar Khincho thae says:

    Help our Myanmar

  44. Avatar Uncle Sam says:

    When the Rohingyas were mass slaughtered, they kept quiet, saying all is well. Now it’s their turn. Karma is back to haunt. All is well, she’s in good health.

    • Avatar Sai Min says:

      You don’t have a single idea what you’re saying. As a Myanmar myself, I find this really stupid.

    • Avatar Uncle Sam says:

      @Sai Min
      You are the one who is shamelessly stupid. How can you allow your own citizens to be slaughtered? Tell me what I don’t know. Go on, tell me.

    • Avatar Sai Min says:

      @Uncle Sam What do you mean by “They kept quiet, saying all is well?” ASSK has met with hardships at UN and Noblel Prize has been put down just because of the rule of the military government. (Search U Ko Ni)

    • Avatar Sai Min says:

      @Uncle Sam if you read my comment carefully, I am not saying you’re stupid. So take no offense 🙂

  45. Avatar CH JM says:

    What is new? All along,
    # America is run by lawyers.
    # China is run by engineers.
    # UK is run by morons.
    # India is run by clowns.
    # Myanmar (and Thailand) are run by military men.

  46. Avatar Raspberry Quartz says:

    FB is out…the military is so shameless….2 :20they were singing this famous song from 1988. There was a bloodbath and 1988 and this song was banned

  47. Avatar shanky 74 says:

    Has UN Troops reached Myanmar to dismantle Military coup and restore Democracy…

  48. Avatar jingle bell says:

    The UN and U.S. are backing up this leader who do nothing during Rohingya massacre. The UN didn’t even investigate her bout this matter. See the hypocrisy here.

  49. Avatar Aung Gyi says:

    We don’t have light for the future.

  50. Avatar Thet Nwe Eaint says:

    I’m myanmar citizen , please save us 🙏🙏🙏

    • Avatar Muhammad Sheikh says:

      Save yourselves if you want India will invade you but remember you’ll be second class citizens after that

  51. Avatar Phue Phue says:

    Can’t do everything because of covid condition
    We show the voice about reject military
    Sorry for my writing

  52. Avatar merlin mage says:

    That ancient paper voting is insane humans have technology it should be digital live and in person voting for all to see the live results not background counting by people where nobody sees them or things can be manipulated.

    • Avatar Leo says:

      Myanmar is a poor country and it hasn’t developed very much. We can’t expect such amazing tech

    • Avatar merlin mage says:

      @Leo yes you can even fews pc and real organization could do it problem is government are all curropt and always have to much control over the people. look at u.s.a. it has all money in the world and still using paper count which was obviously to rigged to make anybody trust system.

  53. Avatar Astro Boy says:

    i smell china here, but even its true, america who usualy help “democracy” may find hard to help now.

    • Avatar asdfg abcd says:

      I think so too.

    • Avatar Harley Pro says:

      Chinese everywhere, especially for Myanmar.

    • Avatar Kira Berry says:

      Not just China, now it’s China and Russia

    • Avatar jkmaru09 says:

      The start of ww3 if usa intervene

    • Avatar gerry chan says:

      America? Search the net about Iraq, Syria, Libya or Afghanistan. Or Vietnam, or just any country you want.
      Or check what American government doing in America itself!!!
      I’m not for China or Russia or any government. But if you have no choice then good luck.

  54. Avatar K R says:

    Ban Lesley

    • Avatar Harley Pro says:

      Np i’ll pick layla

  55. Avatar shaty lee says:

    how is this a coup if anything is reshafelling of the Myanmar Government because this deep eyes evil B..ch is still a life she come out then what happen mercieca, fake promises and she was just on TV but nothing else let this people take care of their businesses.

  56. Avatar Julie Arnold says:

    They should imitate Philippines they all go out to the streets and have a peaceful protest.

    • Avatar Kaung Myat Lwin says:

      you wouldn’t say that if you are here. the military is cruel and has the order to shoot people on sight of protest. The Covid situation is at worst. Easy to say than done.

    • Avatar Julie Arnold says:

      @Kaung Myat Lwin thats very sad im sorry im ignorant about your people situation in Myanmmar. I hope you all the best i know what i said is not easy but its an option besides arm struggle. There are no easy options but I hope that your situation there would be solved. I have a friend from Myanmar he is my classmate when I was in college he was very kind and warm hearted. Myanmar is close to my heart because of him. Hope you all the best don’t give up the whole world is watching and we will pray and wait for your peoples triumph.

  57. Avatar abid ahmad says:

    Good job..
    Politician are worst in Mayanmar

  58. Avatar Syn we says:

    We don’t need Military. We need to president U Win Myint,Daw Aung San Su Kyi and Democracy..and justice .. please save myanmar.

  59. Avatar Ayy Khay T says:

    Did you guys know? Myanmar military has banned all sim cards, all television channels and social media, facebook. The military coup has taken down our current president and our leaders by using weapons. Our country need other international help to get our democracy back. Please save us, save Myanmar.

  60. Avatar ki ki says:

    military government we don’t want…

  61. Avatar manipuri indian says:

    Military must be in the people hands.

  62. Avatar Ayetheint Zaw says:

    We strongly condemn the Military Coup

  63. Avatar Khantzaw Htet says:

    Yep that’s my country hitting pots and pans every 8 pm

  64. Avatar Papasult says:

    Just like back in Europe during the depression extreme political powers rise because of hardness of living and exhausted country

  65. Avatar ชา เย็น says:

    If you don’t fight slave only.
    Mafia Military of Myanmar.

  66. Avatar Future of Science and Discovery says:

    Soldiers in Myanmar are coward to face their own ranks…

    • Avatar gerry chan says:

      Every military is the same, sad.

  67. Avatar Khin Hnin says:

    Pls Help Myanmar. I m so sad for my Myanmar people and future . We strongly say no to military coup. Now Facebook has been blocked in Myanmar .

  68. Avatar Aung Myo Win says:

    Down with the military coup!

  69. Avatar happy hopper says:

    we reject military

  70. Avatar Sir Tinnley says:

    Aung brought the snake into the country. Just like modi, just like khan. Malaysia is the only smart one to call the snake a snake.

  71. Avatar Lucas says:

    Stay strong Burmanese people ❤

  72. Avatar Mr Cryzal says:

    Banging utensils & pans
    India did the same last year 😂but to chase away the corona virus.

    • Avatar D M says:

      It was done to show solidarity with the front line workers actually

  73. Avatar July One says:

    pls save Myanmar.

  74. Avatar Maya Warner-Khan says:

    Assalamu’alykum wr. Arab people had many attractive and amazing qualities for other people and they could easily revert people to Islam. Millions. Where are these qualities now? Arab could always be the best people and Da’ee of Allaah swt.

  75. Avatar Matthew Jones says:

    Not long before the people of myanmar start turning up in US vehicles with US arms then👀

  76. Avatar Michael Flack says:

    It’s like people have forgotten about the Rohingya crisis that is still an issue in Myanmar.
    The switch of power to the military could very well mean a return to aggressive actions taken against impoverished and mostly unprotected people still residing within the nations borders.
    Add to this the effects of economic hardship and the ongoing problems of the pandemic and it could be a humanitarian disaster waiting to explode (the result could see intervention of other nations and a escalation of conflict within the region, that if left unchecked could eventually pull the globe into open warfare)

  77. Avatar batara tirtadijaya says:

    Myanmar must learn alot from Indonesia…. No need miitary power to coup states , use BUZZER its more effective… Lol 😂😂😂

  78. Avatar Rudyson Estanislao says:

    Praying Myanmar people from Philippines.

  79. Avatar Kel San says:

    Why males wear skirts….are they GAY?

    • Avatar Leo says:

      Bro that is not skirt XD. That is called longyi. But i must say your comments made me cringe.

  80. Avatar Alex Wader says:

    myanmar ?

  81. Avatar Richard Mc kenzie says:

    Constitution of the co-operative republic of Guyana 1980.

  82. Avatar Marco Hercules says:

    Resist, don’t put up with it. The people will prosper.

  83. Avatar tqverimuch says:

    Same. Just change Myanmar to Thailand.

  84. Avatar helsinki says:

    ‘so whats new?’ – the Rohingyas

  85. Avatar Jairo Souza says:

    The question of the day. Will they accept this attack against their freedom and against the democracy in their country?

  86. Avatar aui mathawagul says:

    Many country should boycott Myanmar to revolution refuse and support Burma peoples to react for Myanmar government. (Military)

  87. Avatar A R I S E says:

    these military a**holes can’t even speak normal greeting in eng yet they want to lead a country in 21 century. What they know is how to sell country’s properties to china. oh they can’t speak chinese either btw.

  88. Avatar chinese 999 says:

    Please save Myanmar 🙏

  89. Avatar The Count O says:

    Welp, no one cares cause Al Jazeera keeps talking about Trump with the rest of the MSM. This is why you need balance in reporting. Praying for Mynmar.

  90. Avatar CHU CHIN SHEI says:

    ■ Double Standard of U.S.? ■
    Myanmar’s military has seized power after detaining Aung San Suu Kyi and other democratically elected leaders. What the U.S. Government did to this military action after election? We looked back, the demonstrator of U.S. Capitol Hill in January 6 U.S. called a “riot” “mob” “violence” “crimes”, but when U.S. handling Hongkong demonstrator is another thing, U.S. House passes 《Hong kong human rights and democracy Act》in Oct. 15, 2019, U.S. imposing sanctions on Hong Kong Chief Executive, Police Chief are among 11 officials freeze any American asset, and calling the decision [ Despicable and Barbarous ] in Aug. 7, 2020 !
    Now facing Myanmar Military detained Aung San Suu Kyi and seized power, what U.S. Government will do? what U.S. Congress responds? This event is more serious than a Demonstration but military intervention, did U.S. House will passes 《Myanmar human rights and democracy Act》? did U.S. imposing sanctions on Myanmar Military Chief Executive, Army Chief are among dozens officials?
    ● If U.S. do nothing about Myanmar Military seized power with similar measures, the all G20 countries will receive a clear message that U.S. Government just Selective Against Measures to China related issues with 《Double Standard 》!

  91. Avatar herrol steel says:

    save myanmar from power greedy militery generals

  92. Avatar land phyu says:

    I stand with MYANMAR ARMY

  93. Avatar Ko Aung Ze says:

    Facebook has been blocked in Myanmar by War Criminals

  94. Avatar IvanKnowsBest official IKB says:

    Sana maayos na lahat

  95. Avatar Ko Aung Ze says:

    Pls , Safe our myanmar Public from ( myanmar military or war criminals )

  96. Avatar nay chi91 says:

    We voted NLD.. We need democracy and reject the Military coup. We all need your help for justice. They detained our leader against the law. They get Chinese and Russia help.
    “Save Myanmar :'(

  97. Avatar Sofa Biru says:

    disarm bullet…

  98. Avatar Faisal insaf khan says:

    They deserves this, 100℅ .

  99. Avatar narga myanmar says:

    We have an elected government, that is the nld government

  100. Avatar Y- Fi says:

    These were the people supposed to protect borders not waging war or their own peoples … militaries every where messing around

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