Despite COVID ban on UK travel ending, truck drivers still stuck


Thousands of truck drivers stranded at the English port of Dover are struggling to get coronavirus tests, so they can cross into France and get home in time for Christmas.
On Wednesday, French authorities eased a ban on arrivals from the UK, where a more contagious form of COVID-19 has been spreading.
But the drivers say the situation has been badly handled.
Al Jazeera’s Paul Brennan reports from Dover, the UK.

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103 thoughts on “Despite COVID ban on UK travel ending, truck drivers still stuck

  1. martin manifold Reply

    The UK never stopped lorries coming in

  2. Bryan G Reply

    Bojo Doesn’t care he is busy selling out the country to the EU

  3. Soph Wright Reply

    Sikhs have been helping to feed them, but they can’t carry on like this. This is so sad.

  4. Red Squirrel Reply

    This incident has got absolutely nothing to do with Brexit and everything to do with Macron having an election to win in just over a year and wanting to appear tough.

  5. ralphie A Reply

    Rats that’s what y’all get living on high spoiling his goodly things good you rats deserve it.

  6. Chris Smith Reply

    This is nothing to do with covid this is to do with brexit and france is chucking its toys out of the pram.

  7. INFINITY Reply

    Honestly with a queue like that, I’ll abandon my truck take the next train home spend Christmas then come back.

    • kai ros Reply

      I guess most of them aren’t British. They’re returning to their respective countries in Europe ( not UK)

  8. shaun Gilmartin Reply

    it’s an argument now about where the queue starts, at the head of the road at Dover or back at the airfield

  9. Blazej Gorski Reply

    if I can suggest you ladies and gentlemen waiting to cross the canal, take a turn and go block the center of London then someone will take you seriously if local people start complaining.
    HGV driver.
    Thank you.

  10. Josie Guo Reply

    when will britain stop causing trouble

  11. Maggie Miler Boid Reply

    Government, Media and healthcare are under enemy occupation!

  12. Kim Fielding Reply

    Imagine a policy so STUPID
    It allows terrorists and illegals straight in ,
    But delays food and goods…

  13. Mange 2 Reply

    You cant compare this to Brexit because France completely closed the border for Covid. After Brexit, the borders will be open with traffic flowing but with delays. There’s no comparison.

  14. xinlai maan Reply

    This is another covid scam🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  15. Sharmila Khadka Reply

    Government should understand those drivers were here to deliver so that all of us have enough food … take responsibility for them now

  16. Shoaib azad Reply

    How could be I alive I really want to help them☹️☹️

  17. Exploring Dimensions 4 All Reply

    Gosh. With no food, water or a proper toilet, being detained sounds like a better deal.

  18. ichigo kurosaki Reply

    Inhumane…thers much more suffering from restrictions then from covid death rate

  19. RWM Reply

    Guess these truck drivers never seen the movie convoy 😁😁 we ain’t gonna pay no tolls crash that gate doing ninety eight!!!!!

  20. Total plonker Reply

    If the The lousy UK government were to let them get on the fairies is pretty obvious what would occur. If you take into account the way the world has reacted! It’s more than likely these poor lorry drivers wouldn’t have a
    ‘port of call!’

  21. Christopher Jackson Reply

    They are human beings trying to earn a living and trying to get home too see the one’s they love…but they are being treated like shit.I hope everything works out for you all

  22. juice mclovin Reply

    Just in time for brexit??….. 🤔 hmmm

  23. Andrew Rothwell Reply

    Dont look like pigs gonna have a Christmas either one thing we will know where they live after this when they buying new cars and having extensions built on thier houses and wife’s only ones on street coming back weighted down with shopping bags lol

    • Berkay Cetinkaya Reply


  24. S R Reply

    The UK knew the mutated virus since Sept but the Bojo administration has been covering it up until now. It’s spreading all over Europe

    • On Sight Reply

      Utter bollox, prove me wrong ??

  25. Alexander Weatherburn Reply

    Government should have got military food kitchens and portaloos there straight away to look after those unfortunate drivers, this is Macrons fault by over reacting over a virus mutation which is already in other countries and probably France as well. Hope those European drivers realise that it was not Britain’s fault however the public toilets in Dover should have been kept open and not locked also the Covid 19 test centre should have been in Dover not back at Manston airfield because those drivers who were first in the queue would lose their places by having to turn around and go back 26 miles to get tested, then they would be at the back of the queue!! Terrible organisation down there, feel really sorry for those drivers but glad that the Sikhs and other people were giving out food etc.

  26. 1234 Abcd Reply

    Borats on tour

  27. Matshidiso Thula Reply

    Wow this is sad. There is also a backlog of vehicles by the South African/Zimbabwean border and people have been there days. Some have even died. I pray that Jesus is with everyone experiencing this frustration.

  28. ST Bob Reply

    Don’t blame the Brits, blame Macron.

  29. Gary Nicholls Reply

    Where is the transport minister ?this is logistical nightmare and he is nowhere to be seen .well what we don’t use we don’t need.I feel this government couldn’t lead a horse to water.

  30. Chandrashekar Patil Reply

    Christmas gift from china

  31. Pete's Voice Reply

    This is what these loser scumbags in suits did to people for Christmas. While these divers are stuck for days dirty, hungry, tired, and desperate to get home to their families, the talking heads from tv are wrapped in silk pajamas having caviar licked from the balls by their mistresses while sipping on Don Perignon.

  32. Rashid Khalid Reply

    People should at least donate money to the sikh charity group who gave food I think it’s khalsar they are organised can cater for a big scale.

    If they are cooking and delivering at least public should support them with money.

  33. Mark Lewin Reply

    This is a disgrace the government should be instructing the army to fly in food/drink and portable toilets by helicopter to help the stranded drivers

  34. Steven Riley Reply

    No new mutant covid how can these sick reporters an goverment blatantly lie gods judgement will come on these spiritual sick satanic puppets

  35. Aleksander Szygowski Reply

    Shame on you France and UK! This is Disgraceful. I hope we will never have to fight for this two countries again.

  36. Olda Pavlicek Reply

    GB 👎👎👎👎👎👎

  37. Lumpia Basah Reply

    I wish you a Merry Christmas, Peaceful Christmas full of love. God bless. I am R. Bambang Soelasmono.

  38. E Markos Reply

    I hope none of them will want to go to UK after all this ends.

  39. Buzz Biz Reply

    Welcome brexit

  40. Gracie Ackerman Reply

    This is criminal- the police are acting on behalf of criminals that are the government.

  41. Val Burgess Reply

    Disgusting, no facilities,food nothing. This country of mine is so changed in my generation and I am so sorry.

  42. teacher4all Reply

    POOR DRIVERS!!!!! MAY OUR GOD HELP YOU!!!!! nobody have the right to make experiments on your bodies do not allow them to find infection in your nose they can make you to be ill and die from this terrible flue

  43. Mad Drivers101 Reply

    Thanks to the EU. People not getting home.

  44. matt damon Reply

    Drivers Don’t go anymore to england for delivery

  45. Luciara Lucingles Reply

    I am sorry for them. The truck drivers. This vírus and politics have hit everyone everywhere.

  46. Smiths family Reply

    These drivers have worked through this pandemic and are treated like 2nd class citizens. Some of these men won’t be home for Xmas. Absolutely shocking treatment of men just trying to do their jobs. Whilst Boris and the rest have a lovely Christmas dinner, spare a thought for drivers spending Xmas in their cabs. Truck drivers are the heartbeat of society. They’re the ones bringing food to our tables etc. God Bless them🙏

  47. British Subject Reply

    As always, France is the problem! Drag the French ambassador and his catamites to Dover to justify the French action!

  48. British Subject Reply

    France and the bureaucrats in Brussels should pay for accommodation and food for the drivers.
    Viva Brexit!!!!!

  49. Rolla Kosta Reply

    Let those people in you wankers!!! They are not animals to be tested you fools! especially when the PCR test is massively faulty and a SCAM

  50. philip013 Reply

    Wos goin on?

  51. jass_ patialvi85 Reply

    We are making food for them

  52. Yvonne Short Reply

    More French drivers stuck too macrons fault

  53. Tarick Khanz Reply

    It the uk government fault for all this, they all be spending Christmas with family, but these poor truckers will be missing families this Christmas.

  54. Paul Thomas Reply

    Let them go home

  55. Paul Cowan Reply

    OH dear the queue jumpers have realised that the testing stations are at the airfield and they have blocked all the roads so nobody can get in or out.Oh the intelligence of the Europeans. The french won’t accept you without a pass and you blocked all the roads so no ambualnces etc can get through or the army with the testing kits and oh yea it’s the Governments fault. They have no system in France if we closed the border then you will see suffering in France

  56. paul fletcher Reply

    At least we’ve taken ‘back control’. Right?

  57. cipars numurs Reply

    Some of the lorry drivers are full of s…
    I know several drivers that stay out for 2 weeks and they say ‘ Never go out without at least 2 week food/water reserve’ Foreign drivers knowing they will go to UK and situation with COVID is bad don’t bring enough food with them is their own fault. Lorry drivers almost never buys food in services because its expensive, always bring with you from home.

  58. Central intelligence Akar TM - CiA TM Reply

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  59. Julia Carroll Reply

    Shocking shocking shocking
    Those poor drivers

  60. MEGIDIOT Reply

    That was a quick “ban”

  61. Kwodd Bangkok Reply

    The British government and charity organizations should have sent them foods and supplies to relieve their hardships. At least, it’s Christmas.

  62. Bright Vark Reply

    Play Euro Truck Simulator 2

  63. ThePierre58 Reply

    Todays trucks are better fitted out than many flats. 35 years experience here. My Dad was amazed compared to the wrecks he used to drive. He let me know “how lucky i was” at every opportunity !

  64. frog face Reply

    “new variant” is the new buzzword

  65. invader Reply

    Man up big men like you an little virus like that

  66. Wesley Watson Reply

    Ah so they all do speak English then !!!!!

  67. Michael Parkinson Reply

    Truckers have been exempt from testing and domestic travel that the general public hzve to adhere to. France blocked travel,not the Brits. Blame France if they can’t get home.

  68. Goran Stanic Reply

    We don’t drive to UK anymore. Send yours truck to EU.

  69. UK JC JC Reply

    Ah cmon mates

  70. Kevin Mcg Reply

    What a shambles

  71. Sánchez Boy Reply

    It’s Almighty Allah who didn’t let people have good Christmas at all. Indeed Allah is The Best Planner

  72. starboy_barry Reply

    Nowt to do with COVID, it’s the French being the French over Brexit. Bless the lorry drivers, then the police roll up and all the can say is, get back in ya vehicle….

  73. Amazing Things Reply

    This is plan destroy communication , lorries drivers know’s that

  74. Yorkshire Boy Reply

    So BLM are allowed to march, even have police knee for BLM in front of BLM during the marches, but the goverment wont let these drivers slip home without a test,

  75. The Last Pendragon Reply

    On behalf of the real English people , we apologise for our government and also apologise for macron the French prime Grinch ! . Please understand it’s the French that are refusing you entry not us the British! We feel your pain and we wish you were at home with your families !. This is horrible to witness!. We pray for you , and hope you never have to endure such a sham ever again! We the people know you guys are the back bone of every business , every industry , every retailers etc, without you guys n girls nothing would get transported , the logistics is one of the most vital jobs that exist !.. we feel your pain , the way you have been treated is bang out of order , those of us that have worked closely with you know you have come Into contact with possibly two people while doing your delivery , this is an outrage !.. god willing you will get home soon! God bless you all! We thank you for all that you do! With out you we would be in trouble !..

  76. Paul Reply

    Looks like a scene from Children of Men

  77. BeautybyRosie Reply

    Guys does anyone know what’s going on in China? ,I haven’t heard any news about them for a while. 🤔

  78. Sadaf Latif Reply

    I do not understand why they are made at the UK government as they are not the one who has closed the border line. FRANCE has! France has agreed to let those pass who shows a covid test being negative. Uk is now providing the test but they should also have one at the Dover port so those who are in line can have one.

  79. Herman Paddie Reply

    It is simple. You just break the legs of those police. And deliver your cargo and go home

  80. VintageWrestling Reply

    It’s an absolute shame as to how the truck drivers are being treated at the border. The French government has no heart whatsoever. These people spend days on the road transferring goods from one place to another. The least the British government could do is give them access to food and shelter.

  81. j a Reply

    france macron ! is doing this out of spite . . this new strain is already in mainland europe . . this will be remembered as the fault of macron . . no doubt remainers will say, “look look this is fault of gary the brexshiteer” . . people have long memories

  82. Sony Black Reply

    Did anybody know if someone can travel from france to England, if is not possible when they open direction to England?

  83. BeelzeBiden Lord of Lies Reply

    Does the alleged viru$ and mutations @ctually exist ? The people who are awake know the answer

  84. Way Maker, shillong Reply

    Covid has turn a political agenda to all the politician party in the world

  85. Mesut Vatandas Reply

    This report is fake ! THE UK Goverement wasnt able to test the drivers this 4 days …They began on 24 th about 10.00 to test ……Its big Fake !

    UK wasnt organized and wasnt able to supply the wuick tests in time. SHAME

  86. Ammar Raza Reply

    “We are lead by the least among us”

  87. D4ggzyy _ Reply

    Frustrating no respect for drivers treated like second class citizens

  88. Hudi Huds Reply

    there isn’t any new covid. there wasn’t any covid, at all.
    it’s called Economy shutdown.

  89. izzzzzz6 Reply

    Can you believe how far they push this bullshit? The chances of this coinciding with these brexit deals (brexit war) What a load of rubbish!

  90. Robert Lenzen Reply

    The is no carona. Only stupet people, ho standing in trefix fore noting… Truckers go in the truck en driver over the caruption make police.

  91. Natura nihil frustra facit Reply

    Consider that there are also women drivers ( not many , but they exist): imagine their life in that situation…poor toilet facilities or no facilities at all…

  92. gandi S Reply

    F.cking plandemic again

  93. Jari Reply

    toilets for truckdrivers must be awful since i cant see truckdrivers care about hygeen and absolutely not foregin drivers so they need a new indrastucture and not school cleaners or similar substandard approaches -but its britain and guess nothing will ever change just because

  94. andrewtyronerodgers Reply

    thank you for exposing the truth

  95. On Sight Reply

    New variant of covid , oh yeah that’s a coincidence 🤔
    Anyone got any proof ???
    Or you just belive the ShiteHawks 🤷‍♂️

  96. Señor Stryker Reply

    It seems the Trump Administration is advising the British how to run things. Is this still the 21st Century.

  97. On Sight Reply

    No brexit disruption like the scaremongering remainers wanted so they had to create one hoping end brexit ! So pathetic

  98. Michael Reply

    Hancock should be sacked. He has no medical background and stood up bleating on about a new deadly strain to justify further unnecessary lock downs. the Virus is already across Europe and beyond. By his and Boris,s mismanagement they have now had all borders closed, caused untold misery to truck drivers and anyone else wanting to get home. Made further lock downs with the loss of thousands of jobs and business,s . People are losing their houses and using food banks, UNICEF are feeding children in the UK We need a change of Government before its too late.
    If you are an MP and you hand Boris control again under the Public health act, then you deserve to go as well.

  99. Josh Tri Reply

    Look at all those uneducated police officers.

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