Bangladesh shipbuilding industry makes a comeback


Bangladesh’s shipbuilding industry had been thriving for a decade before the pandemic hit, shutting down dockyards.
But a recent spike in domestic orders is keeping the industry afloat and providing much-needed jobs.
Al Jazeera’s Tanvir Chowdhury reports from the outskirts of the capital, Dhaka.
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170 thoughts on “Bangladesh shipbuilding industry makes a comeback

  1. PALKI natok Reply

    বাংলাদেশের মানুষ লাইক দিয়া যাও ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • mithubab Reply

      For you as well 👍

  2. জটিল ভ্রমণ Reply

    At last Aljazeera and Tanvir Chowdhury got something positive in Bangladesh… good move from toxic biased journalism to something proactive vision..

    • জটিল ভ্রমণ Reply

      @pm am Well said bro…

    • pm am Reply

      @জটিল ভ্রমণ thanks for uderstanding

    • Hariharasudhan Reply

      @pm am very true

    • ミラさん。マイキー Reply

      চোর কে চোর বললে চাটার দল সহ্য করতে পারে না!!
      বাকশালীরা দেশের পুঙ্গা মারার জন্য সব সময় রেডি।

    • farhan sadik Reply

      @pm am well sometimes the truth hurts. I am a Bangladeshi and I wholeheartedly accept that it’s a poor country but at least I don’t deny that the news is true in the name of “propaganda”. That’s just absurd. Good reporting should always be praised even if it’s not done in the way you would like it to be done.

  3. Siddharth Banerjee Reply

    Great news….joy bangla

  4. Nizar Ahmad Reply

    Hope Bangladesh can create more jobs and wandering Bangalies (around the world ) can join in it

    • Aditya Chauhan Reply

      Your government is doing best now
      It will create jobs👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    • Mr Wonder Reply

      Wandering or migrants Bangladeshis working in building other nations?

    • sachinreddy bappa Reply

      @Mr Wonder no country can provide jobs to it’s whole population.


      @sachinreddy bappa then check out your factsheet about Qatar 👌👍

    • Mr Wonder Reply

      @sachinreddy bappa true

  5. Life at Dhaka Reply

    We want more reporting by Al Jajeera for Bangladesh. Please create some basic with start here too.

  6. ব খ তী য়া র ফ য় সা ল [BAN] Reply

    Not only Ship-Building industry but textile, pharmaceutical, automobile, defence and almost every type of industry is making a comeback!
    Hope Bangladesh emerges as a trillion dollar economy within this decade 🙂

    • Raziul Abrar KhonDaker Reply

      Very likely we will make it within next 5-7 year

  7. Mohammed Sarfaraz Reply

    Bangladesh is in right direction.Keep doing good work.Economic development is the key for prosperity, security and sovereignty.
    Joy Bangla.
    নির্বাক আরও কাজ আপনি ভারতীয় উপমহাদেশের 1 নম্বর দেশ হতে পারেন

  8. Abraham Tsfaye Reply

    This is welcome news. If they continue like this they can avoid the middle income trap by increasing productivity and into knowledge industries.


    Fun fact: Bangladesh hates all its neighbours.

    • FOURTH RIGHT Reply

      @Nayeem Ahmed what about myanmar

    • Dm Narayan Swamy Swamy Reply

      @FOURTH RIGHT he is a kid

    • Black Real Reply

      Bangladesh Just Hate India…Bks India is A fundemental State

      And India Hate All its Neighbours

      And bangladesh Love All Countrys

    • Dm Narayan Swamy Swamy Reply

      @Black Real if India hated all its neighbours then it would not have any neighbours☢️☢️☢️☢️

    • Sheikh Shanjeed Ahmed Reply

      @Dm Narayan Swamy Swamy yeah even India too 🤭🤭

  10. Hasib UR Rahman Reply

    Thanks to Al Jazeera for prestentating such a positive sector of Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

    • ports0339 Reply

      Does bangladesh have good technical skill to build ship ? Or its like cheap quality low price bangladesh clothes we can find anywhere in the world ?

    • Shibla Bingham Reply

      @ports0339 are you a hindofasc by any chance?

    • apps vs codes Reply

      @ports0339 Why do you care? The people wanting to build ships check the facts from trusted sources, not from random people on the internet.

    • Talks Update Reply

      @Shibla Bingham no brother He is an Andhavakt… Bangladesh produce Top 10 brands clothes..
      Thous clothes cant afford by indian..

    • Arifur Rashid Reply

      @ports0339 From where you got this 💩 information!

  11. Rh R0NY Reply

    Thanks for Bangladesh

  12. Ruben Rune Reply

    Why are so few news about the new Boeing crash today.. wtf

    • Muhammad Uzair Reply

      Is it crashed or dissappeared ?

  13. Syed Anzar Imam Reply

    🇧🇩Bangladesh’s GDP Per Capita Surpasses India’s.🇮🇳

    • Abhilash Md Reply

      @Junied Tazrian snapchat founder bangladeshy don’t make a fool of urself.. Jawed karim is half German half bangladeshi and now American, he has never stepped on Bangladesh soil also and u are overproud of him😅😅😅

    • Simriths .S Reply

      @Junied Tazrian you know who is the CEO of Google,Microsoft, Adobe and IBM ????😂

    • Simriths .S Reply

      @Junied Tazrian SnapChat Founder is not Bangladeshi stupid.😂

    • ᴅɪᴠʏᴀɴsʜ Reply

      Modiji ki meherbani hai

    • ᴅɪᴠʏᴀɴsʜ Reply

      @Simriths .S So what? They’re American citizens now.

  14. Abdul Ghafoor Reply

    Better than pakistan

    • Iqbal Hassan Reply


    • نادر الی راحمان Reply

      Pakistan has it’s own industries, including building aircraft parts, medical instruments. It is now developing drones. Not to mention Bangladesh imports chemicals & machinery from Pakistan 😉

  15. Mainul Islam Reply

    Thanks Al jazeera to make a such jijd if report about Bangladeshi shipping sector ❤️

  16. chanchal funny club Reply

    Thanks u aljajira

  17. Life and Nature Reply

    Tanvir cwdudi you spoke well

  18. Yakub Rana Reply

    I am happy as a Bangladeshi🤩😍😍

  19. Anonymus Anon Reply

    Love bangladesh ❤️ from india 🇮🇳

    • MD ADNAN Reply

      @Pinak Das Thanks for your wise comment,bro❤️

    • Atonu Kabir Reply

      Thanks for the positive comment ,men ❤️

    • Md Alam Reply

      @ports0339 🇮🇳👈🖕

    • Efaz Reply

      @Ports0339 What????

      What do you want to say?

      Bangladesh isn’t part of India .

      Remember this. 😏

      Are you from India?💩🇮🇳

  20. Unofficial Scholar Reply

    2:16 that’s my father Syed Saidul Islam Khan, he is the production director of radiant shipyard and a retired naval captain. Really exciting to see him on TV.

    • Alam Husin Reply

      Congratulations to your father!

    • Dalim Ahmed Reply

      What’s wrong with his neck?

    • apps vs codes Reply

      Glad to meet you! Please don’t let bad media ruin this rising industry. Stay ahead of those evil media empires trying to put bad names on Bangladesh industries.

    • Md Hoque Reply

      @Dalim Ahmed why do you care.

    • Dalim Ahmed Reply

      Md Hoque they say curiosity killed the cat

  21. Abdur Rohoman Reply

    Bangladesh ❣️🌷🌹🥀

  22. Mak Azad Reply

    Lot of thanks to Aljazeera for reporting shipbuilding industry of Bangladesh🇧🇩.

  23. Mush A Reply

    Meanwhile India we need study cow sciences

    • Simriths .S Reply

      Mean while India is setting up largest Lithium battery factory in Gujarat and Covaxin and CoviSheild.

    • Aarohi Reply

      Wtf why u always say that, india is not just cow stu pid……there are way more things in India.

    • আগর Reply

      @Aarohi If India gives us cow for free or at cheap price like $1 per cow, we will say nothing about India relating cows. It is forbidden for Hindu to eat cow, onion etc.

    • Aarohi Reply

      @আগর ya I know many Hindus including myself avoid eating beef, but how’s that even matters to anyone. And why u want our cows at $1. It’s not just hindus many buddhist, jains and Sikhs all dharmic and non-abrahmic religion people consider cow sacred. And fair enough india is a multi religious society, we cannot give priority to only one which u want, it’s not possible. U want to eat, then eat don’t force ur believe on others that would be good.

    • আগর Reply

      @Aarohi Good you don’t eat beef. Else price would be more high, even now it’s very high 😩. So, while you don’t eat it, why do you not give us for free or at the offered price! This way our relation will be better. Think again. And what about onion? Free or $1 per ton, best offer for you.

  24. FAF presents Reply

    Bangladesh has ship building heritage since time immemorial. Our ancestors supplied war ship to Ottoman Empire, Roman empire.
    Bangladesh has huge experience in ship building industries. Bangladesh is very competitive in quality & price.
    Right now Bangladesh has the 20th largest ship building industries.

    • Utkarsh Raj Reply

      @Lam Any single bihari I asked

    • Lam Reply

      @Utkarsh Raj bolod naki

    • Utkarsh Raj Reply

      @Lam what is the meaning of bolod naki?

    • Lam Reply

      @Utkarsh Raj nothing 🙄

    • Utkarsh Raj Reply

      @Lam Not a single bihari in Bangladesh?

  25. tina kapoor Reply

    Why make ships 😠 they are bad and dangerous for sea creatures so many animals die and get tangled injured because of marine transport.
    I’ve been partitioning to ban marine transport globally but no one listens 😭 and please LEAVE FISH IN THE SEA.
     @Anonymous  that’s what I’m saying we humans have no right to invade the habitat of marine creatures. Sea ocean belongs to sea creatures not Humans. Why are humans everywhere walking on ground but also in the sky then they are in the sea ocean why? Humans are not meant to be in the sky flying aeroplanes that’s habitat for birds. Sea ocean habitat for sea creatures. Do fish come out of their habitat to invade land? NO then why should humans invade other animals lands forests jungle ocean sky?

    • Anonymous Reply

      I would rather travel with ships rather than swimming among sharks and whales to cross the oceans,very dangerous currants

    • Ronnie G Reply


    • tina kapoor Reply

      @Anonymous that’s what I’m saying we humans have no right to invade the habitat of marine creatures. Sea ocean belongs to sea creatures not Humans. Why are humans everywhere walking on ground but also in the sky then they are in the sea ocean why? Humans are not meant to be in the sky flying aeroplanes that’s habitat for birds. Sea ocean habitat for sea creatures. Do fish come out of their habitat to invade land? NO then why should humans invade other animals lands forests jungle ocean sky?

    • Anonymous Reply

      @tina kapoor you mean to say that we should stop trade with other countries and travelling in order to remain environmentally friendly.Because of this type mindset from people like you,you were colonized by other countries.Stop being so oversmart and called for more research on renewable energy based transportation.

  26. TheHimel88 Reply

    Al Jazeera often publishes negative news about Bangladesh what seems to be very intentional. Here I see the maiden positive news.

  27. Raziul Abrar KhonDaker Reply

    Al-Jazeera is doing great work . Shipbuilding industry has huge potential in Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  28. Al Noman Reply

    Masa-Allah form Bangladesh

  29. Farhan ahmad Shahi Reply

    thanks al jajera for making like this video

  30. দীপঙ্কর সাহার বাপ Reply

    Bangladesh means east Bengal had the biggest shipbuilding industry since the Mughal periods. And now, it has started giving a hand on its economy too. Khulna Ship yeard received it’s the biggest order in 2019 and has exported 4 commercial ships to India at that time.

  31. Sarwar Hossain Reply

    We are proud we are Bangladeshi 🇧🇩🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰👬🤝👍🍀

    • Alam Husin Reply

      Yes we are!

    • Devil Hunter Reply


  32. দীপঙ্কর সাহার বাপ Reply

    I think Sheikh Hasina was rubbing over this guy.

  33. Kumar Anish Sah Reply

    Love from India to Bangladesh 🇮🇳❤

    • Fahim Shahariar Reply

      Love you too

  34. ash Jojo Reply

    GO EASTERN PAKISTAN! Aka greater Pakistan/Kashmir. Allah akbar.

  35. ash Jojo Reply


    • K M Ferdoush Reply

      What is East Pakistan??? There is nothing called East Pakistan in this world.

  36. ghostofsolomon Reply

    Way to go, tigers. One day you’ll take it all from South Korea.

    • Navin Ranasinghe Reply

      Dream on! 😂😂 banagalis competing with koreans. What drug are u on??

    • Rashid Khalid Reply

      Hey singar watch it

    • Born Chyne Reply

      Joke of the year..

    • ghostofsolomon Reply

      Dream big guys. Japan on top in 1956, SK 2000, China 2009, then SK and CN take turns. No eternal winner.

    • u got no jams Reply

      @Navin Ranasinghe bruh sk was also a poor country back in 1950s they had suffered from korean war and much more . But their hardwork has made the south korea u know today . If they can be successful why cant we

  37. SMM Productions Reply

    Well done Bangladesh. 🇧🇩👍🏽

  38. Md Sohel Rana Reply


  39. Amis Surani Reply

    Excellent analysis. BanglaDesh is next Regional power. Only tiger economy in South East Asia ☺😀👍

  40. amimul ehasan Reply


  41. amimul ehasan Reply

    One day we building aircraft carrier and sell western nations promise

  42. Abdul Alim Bak Reply

    very important news for me.

  43. najeeb rahman Reply

    Hope you keep going Bangladesh as best

  44. Today's World Overview Reply

    Go ahead Bangladesh,, thanks to Al Jazeera for highlighting Bangladesh ship industry. We hope you will broadcast this kind of news about Bangladesh that helps the world people to know about this country

  45. Md Estiak Ahmed Reply

    Tnq Aljazeera

  46. sky gulf Reply


  47. didar diyan Reply

    Please Make An investigation report on “Journalist Shafikul Islam Kajal’s Abduction” 🙏🙏🙏

  48. Yano Love Reply

    Go forward Bangladesh🇧🇩

  49. Shabab Zaman Reply

    Inshallah bangladesh will be a powerful country

  50. Mahmudul Hasan Reply

    Thanks Al Jazeera

  51. Billal Hossain Francis Reply


  52. Billal Hossain Francis Reply

    In Ottoman Empire period Bangladesh make war Ships for Ottoman Empire Navy.

    • A.S N A F I Z Reply

      @KOLD AF go search in Wikipedia about bengal sultanate

    • KOLD AF Reply

      @A.S N A F I Z I mean “Bangladesh”wasn’t there 😉.

    • SN Production Reply

      @KOLD AF he meant if ottoman comes back Bangladesh will make battleships for them
      How hard is it get it?

    • SaimonSERGE Reply

      @KOLD AF the country name just changed but it was the forefathers of us that built ships for the ottomans….Same nation

    • Navin Ranasinghe Reply

      Eastern pakistan??

  53. Billal Hossain Francis Reply

    Thanks to Alzazerra true presentation Bangladesh shipbuilding industry.

  54. CJ MIRAJ Reply

    Bangladesh is 1st position in ship-breaking industry in the world

  55. Harris Khan Reply

    Aljazeera ❤️🙏🇧🇩🇧🇩 FM Habigunj

  56. Enter Name Reply

    Joy Bangla

  57. Mr Wonder Reply

    The reporter is Pakistani i guess heavy thick accent 🤣

    • نادر الی راحمان Reply

      Why Bengalis talks faster than Pakistanis and Bengali sounds rougher than Lashkari

  58. Isbat Ul Kareem Reply

    thnks aljazeera my muslim brother qatar….

  59. Abdullah al Mamun Reply


  60. Jakaria Mohammad Reply

    Thanks aljazeera bangladesh.

  61. Pinak Das Reply

    A lots of love and Happy new year to Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  62. Abd Ever Reply

    May Allah forgive, bless, protect and elevate Bangladesh. Ameen

  63. Think and act wisely Reply

    Well done Bangladesh 👏👏

    I think Bangladesh need to develop the infrastructure, easy access to liquidity and much needed safety standards in order to see this industry to grow exponentially and should’ve maintened strict national and international compliances. 💯

    But, the most important thing is 👉 please keep yourself away from India. 👈✅

  64. chemon ather Reply

    I hope this is a Light end of the tunnel, But Hasina INDIA is thief, stealing everything, Please put Bottom Back.

  65. Khan He Reply

    Joy Bangla

  66. Md Soleman Reply

    Thank you for alhajira news all people

  67. Devesh Misra Reply

    India prays for further progress in Bangladesh. We feel good to have a economically resurgent and peaceful neighbour in our East.

    Hope to see many more of you in our IPL.
    Best wishes Dr Misra

  68. Ye Tian Reply

    Canada needs a lot of welders…

  69. md kholil Reply


  70. TJ Uddin Reply

    Hoping for the best. Comeback Bangladesh. Go away coronavirus

  71. Splash Milon Reply

    Need more investment in business sectors and it is possible if government can help investors and markets as well.

  72. বিচিত্র বাংলাদেশ Reply

    Thanks From Dhaka🌹

  73. General Human Reply

    May Allah bless our country and people.

  74. Tarakul Islam Reply

    Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩

  75. Devil Hunter Reply

    Thanks From Heart Of Bangladesh 💕🇧🇩💕

  76. Hasnat Sakib Reply

    The British destroyed Bengal Shipbuilding industry and Stole the tech…with that tech they invaded America, Australia and Malaysia and North Africa..

    • আগর Reply

      They came by rickshaw. After stealing our technology, they sweeptly built ship and invaded America and other countries. Meanwhile we got rickshaw making technology from their rickshaws left behind. 😊👍

  77. Ruhul Alam Reply

    দেশের মাষুশ জন্য ভালো খবর

  78. Shibla Bingham Reply

    Good on you Bangladesh. You are doing better than India. Karma has biten the hindofasct. You can do well. Proud for you.

  79. Faiyaz Kazi Reply

    This reporter must have been paid money to do this, otherwise there is no reason for Al Jazeera to do even a remotely positive coverage on Bangladesh. It would be a mistake as always to take this channel and any of its coverage seriously.

  80. বাইবার্স بيبرس Reply

    Good news.

  81. Agnivesh Arya Reply

    East Pakistan is becoming Bangladesh.

    • Saif Ali Reply

      Are you living in the olden days or?

  82. Sahara Desert Reply

    I would like to request Al Jazeera to make a report on fish exports in Bangladesh

  83. Ashikujjaman badhon Reply

    insha’Allah we will develop in other sectors as well as ship building 🖤

  84. OttomanOsman Reply

    If I remember Bangladesh main shipbuilding facilities are mostly in Dhaka and Chittagong…

  85. Sultan Hossain Reply

    Thanks al zazeera

  86. Rezaul Karim Khan Reply

    Return to tradition. We will take lead in Shipbuilding, agriculture- In sha Allah.

  87. Md.Muzahedul Islam Rifat Reply

    Joy Bangla ✌️….


    Thanks aljajeera Bangladesh is the next Singapore in Southeast Asia

  89. sakib sarwat Reply

    i hate when bangladeshis say ‘baanglaadaash’ instead saying bangladesh

  90. আগর Reply

    আলহামদুলিল্লাহ জাহাজ তৈরী আর ভাঙার কাজ শেষ। আর কি করতে হবে বলো। 💪 😵

  91. BASIL Inchakuzhiyil Benny Reply


  92. আল্লাহর বান্দা Reply

    Bangladesh ❤️❤️❤️

  93. Maya khan226693 Reply

    love for my country

  94. Nafis Fuad Ayon Reply

    Thank you

  95. Mohammad Abdus Salam Reply

    আমাদের এলাকায় মেঘনা ঘাট আনন্দ শিপইয়ার্ড এটা ।

  96. mohedul daud Reply


  97. Amirul Islam Reply

    Thanks Aljazeera 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

  98. Fahad Hossain Reply

    Bangladesh 🇧🇩 Future Is Bright

  99. Saif Ali Reply

    Love from Pakistan! 🇵🇰💚🇧🇩

  100. A Hardone Reply

    Get them pipes on some trestles and roll them as you weld them with the MIG, it’s a lot faster

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