Wall Street vs Main Street: GameStop’s shares shoot up again

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GameStop’s shares shot up again on Friday, the latest twist in a Wall Street saga that has drawn the attention of billionaires, the White House, and thousands of social media users.
The video game retailer’s stock has risen by about 70 percent, clawing back most of Thursday’s losses.
Amateur investors have been pushing up the prices in a bid to damage hedge funds, who make a profit by betting against the shares of failing businesses.
Al Jazeera’s Kristen Saloomey reports.
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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


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  2. Avatar Danilios1309 says:


    • Avatar DEUS EX says:

      Cadia fell before the guard did

  3. Avatar Eoin Tolster says:

    Love it

  4. Avatar Dr J Cap Starfleet Galactic Federation of planets says:

    “Gil and his followers were jubilant” as he tokes on his stogie🥳 how old is he? 🤣GameStop previously trading at 3 to $5 ends the week at $400 😳🤣🤣🥂

  5. Avatar mrmunzerelli says:

    Beat them at their own game.. Yuss!!

  6. Avatar Commander Red says:

    What do u expect the president or rather the government to do? In a supposedly free market they no right to stop people from investing and buying stocks as they please, any interference in doing so would out said government as the puppets of the 1%.

  7. Avatar BaDitO2 says:

    We like the stock!

    • Avatar Eusunt Dac says:

      Everyone go buy something at GameStop this coming month.

    • Avatar C. Lincoln says:

      @Eusunt Dac Everyone should go to a GameStop like they own the place 😀 “look at me, I am the owner now.”

  8. Avatar varis leek says:


  9. Avatar NowisEvollovetion says:

    Now it is as clear as day that the whole financial system is designed to fleece the little guy. And, that as soon as the little guy does make a little bit at the expense of the financial elites. Well, then those who own and run the system for their own benefit step in and ‘change the rules’ so that they are again in their favour. And where are the so called financial regulators? Just like always when the little guy gets fleeced. They are nowhere to be seen.

  10. Avatar Hardi Shwan says:


  11. Avatar eisen dieter says:

    we like the stock. HODL

  12. Avatar JA G says:

    The regular American being shut down – what a shame.
    Career politicians running to the aide of hedgers.

  13. Avatar Vivek Maharaj says:

    Hold the line

  14. Avatar Now Times Entertainment says:

    I m in gamestop🚀 with diamond hands . no pressure at all

  15. Avatar Nick says:

    Normalize? Gravity? More like *Corruption* is real and rampant. Honor our bets! Play by the rules! Or this… 🔥🔱

  16. Avatar Patrick Kolan says:

    Diamond hands!

  17. Avatar ThisTroper says:

    It’s afraid.

  18. Avatar Mohamed M says:


  19. Avatar John Watters says:

    “A market in turmoil.”

    This is how its framed when regular people do the exact same thing rich people do everyday. I’m with you in spirit. Hold the line.

    • Avatar Serenity says:

      Do rich people inflate the stock prices in the same manner and on the same frequency as we’ve seen the past week by millions? Even if the rich uses such tactics, is it defensible for others to do the same and create an unstable, unfair and damaged market and all its participants?

    • Avatar John Watters says:

      @Serenity Frankly, I challenge the assertion that this makes the market unstable, damaged, or unfair. It was ALREADY those things. That’s why it was able to be taken advantage of in this fashion. Which brings me to my next point: Yes. The rich use similar tactics to achieve similar goals. Jus because they don’t do it as big, means nothing. They left themselves open. Their behavior and greed left them open to this. It’s their own fault. Don’t forget that this is a gamble. Sometimes you take an L. They took an L.

    • Avatar Fais Jama says:

      @John Watters They government cries when the Rich takes an L because these politicians are in their pockets😂😭

    • Avatar John Watters says:

      @Fais Jama Yes.

    • Avatar Syarif HT says:

      @John Watters L, they just upset losing Mil or Bil then begging for help from their backers otherwise they will never spent on them they are the real turmoil

  20. Avatar Ryder Nigga says:

    Bro I put 1 dollar and got like 400 dollars
    I put 50 and and I bought my dream game laptop

  21. Avatar Mizz Wicked says:


  22. Avatar OMASTER says:

    The battle between the super heroes/sheroes and the super villains

  23. Avatar Is2fiftyslow Fsport says:

    Poor billionaires losing all there money 😭😭😭😭 best thing that’s happened in 2021 so far lol

  24. Avatar Gianni Désir says:

    GME = 56 reverse ordinal
    Melvin capitol= 56 full reduction
    / 79 Reverse full reduction
    Society of jesus= 56 full reduction
    / 79 Reverse full reduction
    Coronavirus=56 full reduction
    Black lives matter=56 full reduction
    Washington dc=56 full reduction
    Unemployment =56 full reduction
    Mind control=56 full reduction
    Covid vaccine =56 full reduction
    Reddit = 33 full reduction
    / 39 reverse full reduction
    Gamestop=33 full reduction
    / 39 reverse full reduction
    Federal =33 full reduction
    /39 reverse full reduction
    This is yet another example of how fake the market is, and how few people can prop up a stock, and at the same time destroy it. A dying business has a surging market value, because of loyal readers on the 33 board, ‘Reddit’? Laughable.
    And for the clincher, would you believe the gematria of their stock ticker, GME? If you said 56, you’re a winner.And notice how Melvin Capital is behind this, another 56 / 79, like ‘Society of Jesus’, the gang pulling the strings.

  25. Avatar Gurdeep Singh says:

    Stop using lier 🙅⛔ Robinhood

    • Avatar Grimm Viper says:

      Sorry Gurdeep thats how im making money hahahahahaha!

    • Avatar Gurdeep Singh says:

      @Grimm Viper I understand my mean to say is if robinHood put ban on retail traders . Stopping them from doing trade in particular stocks than retail traders must rethink before using robinHood plateform.

    • Avatar Grimm Viper says:

      @Gurdeep Singh Just use a different app then, they just mad because everyday peeps started making lots of money LOL!!!! Never let this idiots tell you what to do my main man! Keep making that cash and thanks for the great advice.

  26. Avatar razer666L says:

    “In the battle today, we will hold the line!” – Captain Kirrahe, _Mass Effect_

  27. Avatar Macdara The Magnificent says:

    The hour has come, kill the hun(dreds of billionaires)

    -Winston Churchill

  28. Avatar Malcolm in the Middle says:

    “Known to most as Roaring Kitty”. No most people know him as u/deepfuckingvalue

  29. Avatar martthesling says:

    Hold The Line!!!!!!!🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🌕👨‍🚀

  30. Avatar Bartosz Czarnotta says:

    It is not a market in turmoil, far from it. It is just a logical conclusion of free market system.

  31. Avatar Conspiracy Today says:

    Well done to the little guys who are finally getting back at the big players who have been doing this for years

  32. Avatar kabelo kabape says:

    The real question the regulators need to answer is, how are this hedge funds able to short more than
    100% of stocks available. That is illegal according to the law.

    • Avatar Who Dares, Wins says:

      They won’t answer that question.

  33. Avatar Maruf Rezwanul says:

    This will forever destroy wall street and China will takeover.

    • Avatar Who Dares, Wins says:

      lol Yes, China will take over everything. Before it was the Soviets, Nazis, Japanese…and on and on.

  34. Avatar C. Lincoln says:

    *HodL $AMC until next weekend.*

  35. Avatar djjlc says:

    What are you talking about what can we do?? Are you on our side or are you on theirs??!!

  36. Avatar MrMarcosema says:

    It’s a pump and dump scam, in the past they did it by phone and now by reddit but it is the same

  37. Avatar Yogi says:

    Power to Little GUYS 🚀

  38. Avatar Anonymous says:

    I’m loving this

  39. Avatar Bobby Chang says:

    Wall Street makes rules…. in the end, main street loses. I vote to outlaw shorts.

  40. Avatar Societyne says:

    Wall street are so used to sucking all the money from society through
    often immoral means without opposition,that when someone uses their own
    tactics against them with success,they cry foul.

  41. Avatar Jim Taylor says:

    Protect the rich otherwise its free market

  42. Avatar Who Dares, Wins says:

    GameStop turned a profit last year. Since when is a company turning a profit in turmoil?

    • Avatar DeuPKay says:

      When you have short positions that need to be paid out XD

  43. Avatar Eugene Scharf says:

    Is is a free market or not? Then why remove the buy button? This will only send development of defi into warp speed. Funds have been predators for years. I will hold for the rest of my life- it’s not about the money! I like the stock, diamond hands. Don’t you get it yet?

  44. Avatar Viz L says:

    every family has a person who breaks the chain of poverty. I hope you will be that person!

    • Avatar Chris Dovrik says:

      I wish I could be that person. 😔

  45. Avatar Derick mayes says:

    Smart kids 😀

  46. Avatar Doeke Koedijk says:

    I like the stock…. and I don’t even own it! (insufficient funds to blame).

  47. Avatar oui oui says:

    Hedge funds are Parasites all of them are dirty Criminals

  48. Avatar Paul Szymanski says:

    We like the stock! GameStop is a $100 billion company! We like the stock!

  49. Avatar Pining for the fjords says:

    I clearly don’t know much about the stock market. How can it be possible for a trading platform to ban buying a particular stock but not selling? Doesn’t there need to be a buyer and a seller in any transaction? Who are they allowing people to sell to if people can’t buy?

    • Avatar Tony Ikonomou Hurmerinta says:

      I guess hedge fund were still allowed to buy so they brought down price

  50. Avatar Chikna Gaming says:

    Idiot aljazeera dont know what they are talking abour

  51. Avatar Chris Allen says:

    *Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individual list, in some months now you you’ll be ecstatic with the decision you make today.*

    • Avatar Luciana E Soares says:

      Wow cant believe you guys know expert John too… he has been my broker for over 6months now and I’ve been making decent profits.

    • Avatar Kevin M. Campbell says:

      @Christian Gomez He is always available on Whats App

    • Avatar Kevin M. Campbell says:

      @Christian Gomez +1 (2 1 3 ) 8 0 2 – 3 8 9 4

    • Avatar Owen McCarthy says:

      @Luciana E Soares  
      Same here its 4months now I started investing with him and its been a good experience.

    • Avatar Arthur K. Wilson says:

      Wooo that guy!!!
      Totally amazing
      I invest with John Sears too. He has been my giant shoulder to my present financial height.

  52. Avatar Mikowacomet says:

    Hello it’s called hybrid warfare

  53. Avatar Gooloo Ggg says:

    Pelosi should scream thugs attacking Wall Street & mobilise FBI to arrest these thugs 🤣

  54. Avatar S S says:

    Let the criminals institution fail ,bankers are criminals

  55. Avatar grim dawn says:

    It’s freedom or frenzy..

  56. Avatar lipz4dayz - says:


  57. Avatar Gabriel Larson says:

    Biden won’t acknowledge it because he’s the one that’s losing money from it!

  58. Avatar Cook2430 says:

    The people will pay what they wanna pay. We can do whatever we want. It’s about the message we send.

  59. Avatar Hk S says:

    Wall St. is scared of ordinary traders! 😉

  60. Avatar Mike De Koster says:

    I am investing in XRP. It will go to the moon this month.

  61. Avatar Sekander Amini says:

    AMC and GME to the Moon 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  62. Avatar Jason Trees says:

    Buy & Hold!!!!!!

  63. Avatar RL OnEarth says:

    The little girl versus the bull. So now it comes to fruition.

  64. Avatar Alex Povolotski says:

    If you think about it, if a foreign government would want to destabilize American economy… Just saying… 😉
    Putin, you reading this?

  65. Avatar Silent Reviews says:

    There is no market turmoil. One side wins the other side losses its normal market

  66. Avatar Jude23ت تقديس says:

    The abomination of desolation is about to be set up.

  67. Avatar Shashwat Tripathi says:

    To the moon 🚀

  68. Avatar THE FIRE says:

    Trading 212 F…Ked us up tooo
    Why are people in the UK saying nothing ?

  69. Avatar Robbie Rude says:

    Hurt the market? So higher stock prices are only good when the rich are winning because of it huh? Lol

  70. Avatar Dan Okero says:

    Vlad is a slimeball

  71. Avatar Ruugaa Raqe says:

    Wall street owns USA and it’s citizens

  72. Avatar Ruugaa Raqe says:

    1:37 How could you trust a raccoon-looking guy

  73. Avatar R3d Powel says:


  74. Avatar Michael Millican says:

    *I like GameStop*

  75. Avatar 16thdave says:

    Hold the LINE do not surrender!

  76. Avatar 7eriou7 7 says:


  77. Avatar Ruthie Bella says:

    This is what happens when the poor works together ❤

  78. Avatar Sylvie Walker says:

    Too big to f%&@ up…no longer.

  79. Avatar ThunderCheese says:

    2:09 Oh yeah? Then why don’t they step in and do something to allow regular folks to buy more stock if they want? “Monitoring closely”, so tired of all the PR sound bites

  80. Avatar wonder gods says:

    Trying to cause a Recessions. How is this a good idea ?

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