Mystery stones spark diamond rush in South African village

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Armed with shovels, buckets and determination, entire families of fortune seekers have travelled from across South Africa to a small village in the country’s east in search of what they believe to be diamonds.
It started when a herdsman dug up a huge crystal-like stone in the small village of of KwaHlathi in the province of KwaZulu-Natal.
However, geologists have not yet confirmed whether it is a precious diamond.

Al Jazeera’s Sara Khairat reports.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Diogo Oliveira says:


  2. Avatar PARA BOY says:


  3. Avatar Boni Rafikul says:


  4. Avatar Ethio Rich says:


  5. Avatar HYPER TECH TV says:


  6. Avatar Farhana Toerien says:

    Omg this is tooo sas

  7. Avatar Emma Peel says:

    this will end crime ? 😂😂😂

  8. Avatar T T says:

    I hope other countries will not exploit this country and it’s people for riches ,as they did for centuries

    • Avatar Caring Sharing says:

      Some distant planets are literally made of diamonds. Imagine that! But the moment you bring tons back to earth, it’s value will drop like coal.

    • Avatar T T says:

      @Caring Sharing yeah but it would be more useful if it was cheaper ,as diamond as an element has a lot of amazing and useful properties that can be used readily by industries to make efficient product

    • Avatar ibrahim hassan says:

      @Caring Sharing common sense is if you flood a market you also inflate it that’s why you sell strategically to get as much profit as possible

    • Avatar Tyson says:

      It’s quartz – no value.

    • Avatar Caring Sharing says:

      So how much diamonds are you hoarding?🤔🐱

  9. Avatar Random universe says:

    14$ really 🤣🤣🤣

    • Avatar Abdulfatah Mohamoud says:

      Its only 4 living , only rich get rich .

    • Avatar Allan Appiah says:


    • Avatar Birthing Girdle says:

      Why do you laugh at innocent people’s misfortune?

    • Avatar URANINITE81 says:

      Its quartz anyway

  10. Avatar AJALAH UPFRONT. says:

    They do not look like diamonds to me, more like quartz. But I wish them the best. I’d

    • Avatar Young Luo says:

      you can tell from there? 🙄🙄🙄

    • Avatar AJALAH UPFRONT. says:

      @Young Luo it’s not that hard to identify a diamond. And diamonds do not generally lie close to the surface. You have to dig deeper. So there. I wish for their sakes that these are indeed diamonds, and that the big exploitative corporations do not arm twist the government into allowing them to steal as they always do, but these aren’t diamonds.

    • Avatar Young Luo says:

      @AJALAH UPFRONT. On the contrary, it is very hard to identify diamonds if you are not familiar with them in their raw form, hence the debate.

    • Avatar Hans Bjorkman says:

      You are so right lady. That isn’t diamonds, nice if it would but then the military and the corrupt government would have blocked of the area right away and stolen it. 😩😢

    • Avatar AJALAH UPFRONT. says:

      @Hans Bjorkman yeah. I feel bad, if they were real, the poverty of these people would have been alleviated temporarily. Such is life.

  11. Avatar Christy Sarginson says:

    They are going to steal the diamond the government criminals like ur good friend Elon Musk who was raised rich in south Africa as a apartheid he got his money stealing rocks too.

  12. Avatar cleo says:

    Let the people know: they are lab created now.

  13. Avatar Birthing Girdle says:

    I wonder what it is.

  14. Avatar Birthing Girdle says:

    Not diamonds

  15. Avatar Suph says:

    Africa has the god-gift !

  16. Avatar XxVENOMxX says:

    Its all fun and games until america invades to bring “True Democracy”

    • Avatar Milli Vanilli says:

      Zionists love diamonds

    • Avatar Jimmy Jump says:

      What about China who’s already infiltrating??? You’re more worried about the American corporation than China who is literally killing it’s citizens and placing them in slave camps???

    • Avatar CaRa Raah says:

      Oh please, we are civilized. We use remittances so absolutely no need to invade.

    • Avatar Caring Sharing says:

      If u don’t like ur diamonds, feel free to ship it to me😹

  17. Avatar Gross Liz says:

    Girls in America are about to go CRAZY for these mystery crystals.. lol

    • Avatar Shaun Dawkins says:

      So mysterious, so rare, and in short supply. A high price shall be set and the fighting will ensue.

    • Avatar Abu Gayth says:

      @Sc Moon so is ur mama

    • Avatar Sc Moon says:

      @Abu Gayth but I’m your dad

    • Avatar Abu Gayth says:

      @Sc Moon how is that possible when im ur dad hahaha

    • Avatar Sc Moon says:

      @Abu Gayth tell my boo/your mum to wear that thang I like,i got something special planned for her and i🍾🍸🤣

  18. Avatar Ajmolali82 says:

    The West will now be planning something big like sending cia to cause war.

  19. Avatar movie net_vika says:

    I thing this is quartz, because if it was really diamond that government would have claimed

    • Avatar URANINITE81 says:

      It is probably. Geologists have said so already. Very unlikely to be diamond. It’s just desperate people in desperate times. Very sad.

    • Avatar Elrayn says:

      Quartz is everywhere, and it looks like quartz

  20. Avatar Propaganda Jamboree says:

    What an idiot that herdsman was, If I had a field and found a gold nugget, last thing i’d be doing was telling anybody.

  21. Avatar Anjur Muhammad says:

    We pray for you this stone will be diamonds

    • Avatar Unathi Ngunuza says:

      Please open the link and see this village

  22. Avatar khustarico mantshazi says:

    Actually I know the place and our government wants to close this place,these are not quarts theser are real diamonds,our government wouldn’t want us to stop digging if this was not a diamond

  23. Avatar Authentic Hadiths says:

    come listen to sunnah narrations

  24. Avatar Ningthou Ali says:

    Good job

  25. Avatar Sumi Sumi says:

    If you believe your government you will died poor ….the land belong to citizens of south africa

  26. Avatar Omuerta Genetix says:

    Yall remember how Blood Diamond started?

  27. Avatar Hina Khan says:

    Now European and NATO and America will invade them to bring democracy in their country

    • Avatar FPV Angel says:

      There is a way to stop all that of course, find the truth.

    • Avatar Caring Sharing says:

      More like demoncracy.

    • Avatar CaRa Raah says:

      Hahahah I don’t doubt the avarice of America but it’s not like this is the first diamond rich site in South Africa, there are quite a few😂maybe it’s clandestine democracy…

  28. Avatar give away says:

    British took tons and tons with making big whole , recycle change aboriginals lifes

  29. Avatar taburdine1 says:

    No the white man is coming for those diamonds

  30. Avatar taburdine1 says:

    American democracy is on it’s way.

    • Avatar Jimmy Jump says:

      China is already there and it’s crazy how people think America is worse than China 🤦🏿‍♂️

    • Avatar Pat Mtc says:

      @Jimmy Jump so the people we saw digging are Chinese??

    • Avatar Sean Levi says:

      @Jimmy Jump lol

    • Avatar why why why why! says:

      Who is going to buy if you refuse other countries

    • Avatar C. MARTIN says:

      Wars aren’t fought over diamonds anymore

  31. Avatar ani rizvi says:

    I am happy for them as they have got some happiness best of luck for them.

  32. Avatar Book Ain says:

    Nice. Diamond in the sand.

  33. Avatar Da Lac says:

    All I got to say is keep the west out

    • Avatar Jimmy Jump says:

      What about the East??? I see plenty of China men marrying and impregnating African women to lay claim to the land.

    • Avatar Unathi Ngunuza says:

      @Jimmy Jump are we that poor??? I never see a south african dating Chinese,,,,

  34. Avatar Swanky B says:

    If those were really diamonds, the South African government and the De Beers Company would have clamped down hard on that site

    • Avatar Bala Music says:

      Did you follow the story? it has been confirmed that those stones are diamonds and the citizens should return them

    • Avatar AfricanQueen says:

      Don’t worry GOD is vindicating his African children so the de beers & all of the Gluttonous companies will dry up very soon! The Land belongs to the people! 😘

    • Avatar Mark John Pareja says:

      @Bala Music where you hear the confirmation that those are real diamonds?

    • Avatar Bala Music says:

      @Mark John Pareja Im from South Africa. and it was reported by EW if im not mistaken

    • Avatar Siyabonga Bhongoza says:

      @Mark John Pareja are you disappointed ? lol

  35. Avatar THE TRUTH says:

    It’s funny..Aljazera remove my comment. i was talking about the reality of South Africans.. 😐😐😐..!

    • Avatar Ja Prosper says:

      Can you rephrase what you said? Please.

    • Avatar Unathi Ngunuza says:

      What did you say sweety???

    • Avatar C. MARTIN says:

      You probably commited thought crime

    • Avatar THE TRUTH says:

      @C. MARTIN 😂😂. Even the reporter just said about that..but mine was removed

    • Avatar THE TRUTH says:

      @Ja Prosper 😐 they will remove…

  36. Avatar Green Coffee says:

    That’s amazing news for the people of South Africa especially those who are struggling🙏🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

    • Avatar Something Seems Off says:

      Those aren’t real diamonds…

    • Avatar Cai MacCoinnich says:

      Sadly I think they’re quartz

  37. Avatar Hope Hope says:

    Africa is the richest continent!

    • Avatar Foxy Lady says:

      The richest continent with the poorest people…

  38. Avatar AML says:

    It is quite clear reading the comments that people are not aware that South Africa is the country where the biggest diamond was discovered. We have Kimberly which was ravaged by the UK when they discovered diamonds here. It will be difficult to control the Zulu people. They won’t just be shut out from the land with diamonds that belonged to them

  39. Avatar Rusmin Noer says:

    Very easy to test a diamond.
    If the stone can scratch a glass, then it’s harder than the glass.
    It may be a diamond.

    • Avatar Shane K says:

      Lots of other minerals are harder than glass. I think they’re quartz

    • Avatar buddy ryan says:

      Granite can scratch glass 😆

  40. Avatar James Stewart says:

    Good luck to all

  41. Avatar beatriz fernandes says:

    Lord help those people from South Africa mostly all those who are poor and in need of their basic supply❤️🕊️🌹

  42. Avatar Satyendra Tiwari says:


  43. Avatar ah ha says:

    May now they become rich like Arabic countries after discovery of oil

    • Avatar Caring Sharing says:

      Sorry oil is a dirty and dangerous product since it pollutes the environment like crazy and kills millions!

    • Avatar ah ha says:

      @Caring Sharing yeah but it is also a needed for doing a lot of things…now world is trying to shift towards other environmental friendly things but still world needs it untill it totally shifts towards them

  44. Avatar LordJuneMaximus says:

    here comes the white man , trynna get his hands in everything

    • Avatar C. MARTIN says:

      Spreading lies and hate from your bedroom, like a true woke warrior

    • Avatar LordJuneMaximus says:

      @C. MARTIN here comes a bot defending terrorists that has plenty evidence of their current/past history. Go back to your hole weasel

  45. Avatar Mohammad Khan says:


    • Avatar Günther Gartenmann says:

      it’s very expensive for quartz, which is what those crystals are.

  46. Avatar lecture john says:

    Fortune wapy European are on mobile calls with authorities

  47. Avatar Mohamud mohamed says:

    If everyone has diamonds wouldn’t it then make the diamonds worth less. Idk I’m just saying

    • Avatar Adam Adam says:

      Diamonds are already worthless. The diamond companies keep them all in storage and slowly sell them the jewelry makers to keep the value up.. but they are still intrinsically worthless. We can manufacture diamonds better than the ones found in the earth. Only idiots buy diamonds for accessories.

      That being said what ever these rocks are I want to buy one to support these people.

    • Avatar Mohamud mohamed says:

      @Adam Adam I like that last part

  48. Avatar TAZAMA BOY AFRICA says:

    Hope you will manage to protect that place otherwise you is gonna gain nothing if that white faces sees the diamonds

    • Avatar C. MARTIN says:

      White faces lol, no white South African would go anywhere near there

  49. Avatar Epic view says:

    Those who oppress Africa and black people will never allow all those black people to become Multimillionaires especially if this is really diamond, the only way is to lie to them so that they remain poor and oppressed

  50. Avatar kingpin “Innovation” outlow says:

    This is the pice a country pay for rising against white Supremacy

  51. Avatar Abu Gayth says:

    I’m thinking of going there and find me a couple of gold diggers

    • Avatar Eliz Nambili says:

      Stay where you are 😊

    • Avatar Abu Gayth says:

      @Eliz Nambili with ur mother?

    • Avatar buddy ryan says:

      If it is quartz then gold can’t be to far away

  52. Avatar Adam Adam says:

    Personally I believe diamonds are intrinsically worthless, their value is a sham ….but in this case I want them to be diamonds…..and even if they are not i will buy 1 off them. What ever they are let them make jewelry with them and let us all buy some. It’s 1000 times more honest than the current diamond industry and if that fact alone doesn’t make them more valuable than we aren’t worth saving.

    • Avatar Adam Adam says:

      @the who?
      Those are industrial diamonds artificially manufactured. They are monumentally more useful than natural diamonds.

    • Avatar the who? says:

      @Adam Adam they are real diamonds only being modified to form a teeth from their worm like digger mega machines. Thats how usefull a diamond is the hardest stone on this planet.

    • Avatar Adam Adam says:

      @the who?
      Industrial diamonds are real diamonds. They are just man made, making them a lot cheaper and made to shape. Making natural diamonds worthless.
      Synthetic diamonds are also superior in hardness according to the wiki page on industrial diamonds. The same source states that synthetic diamonds make up 98% of the world’s industrial diamonds.

      So il repeat. Diamonds (natural) are intrinsically worthless

    • Avatar HCqvintus says:

      @Adam Adam they may be worthless to some uneducated people, but natural diamonds have many uses, they have some properties that man made ones have hard time to reproduce, and are indispensable in abrasive manufacturing

    • Avatar Adam Adam says:


      Nicky Oppenheimer is the chairman of De Beers. Incase you didn’t know De Beers is an international corporation that dominates diamond mining, diamond retail, industrial diamond manufacturing and has a massive storage of natural diamonds to maintain their retail value.
      Being the chairman is Nicky Oppenheimer uneducated? No, he is the foremost authority on this topic and he is on record saying
      , “Diamonds are intrinsically worthless, except for the deep psychological need they fill.”

      So, in your attempt to call me uneducated you inadvertently called the man himself uneducated. In short. GFY

  53. Avatar Zane the pain says:

    Suddenly america will realise south africa needs a lot more democracy

  54. Avatar kindness love says:

    I pray to God 🙏others don’t steal it from them and be honest enough to give them what it’s worth that they can feed their families.

    • Avatar Unathi Ngunuza says:

      Thanks we pray too,,, see this village,,, open the link

  55. Avatar Abdul Rahma. عبد الرحمن says:

    Sirf ek hi news channel hai jo dunya ke kone kone se news dhund dhund kar lata hai 👍🏽👍🏽I like Al-Jazeera

  56. Avatar Shaheen Akhter says:

    I hope South Africans no matter their Skin Color benefit from their resources and are not exploited by Companies.

  57. Avatar Ahmed Osman says:

    Treasure of Mahdi is been open even new Treasure is open, now under Turkish deal for 250 gram of Blue Daimond. Thanks Allah, وهذا رحمة الله ربنا المطلع العياده فى العالم ونشكره من نعمة الله وتجله بين كاف ونون

  58. Avatar Benjamin Dover says:

    So? Are they? Or not?

  59. Avatar jarosław bielski says:

    Anyone who has found a wife has found something good and is well – liked with the Lord.

    • Avatar Caring Sharing says:

      Providing she’s righteous 😇

  60. Avatar brian baker says:

    Boko Haram,ISIS,Al Qaeda will soon be there!!!😡

  61. Avatar HELPME100 says:

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️✅✅❤️ they deserve the riches

    • Avatar Moira Wargo says:

      STFU and GTFO. They are not diamonds idiot.

  62. Avatar budi budaya says:

    No nonononononoo….. That’s not diamond.

    • Avatar HELPME100 says:

      Go away

    • Avatar Moira Wargo says:

      @HELPME100 No. You go away.

    • Avatar Unathi Ngunuza says:

      Lol open the link and see the same village

  63. Avatar First Name Last Name says:

    Has anyone told them we can make them in a lab now with better clarity and fire?

    • Avatar CaRa Raah says:

      How come engagement rings aren’t dirt cheap?

    • Avatar First Name Last Name says:

      @CaRa Raah Because people have been conditioned to think that rocks are worth that much. Look up the documentary on Debeers and how they brainwashed people into buying it while standing by as people died to acquire them.

  64. Avatar Alonso Brazzel says:

    👉🇿🇦☻ – QUESTION IS: Are those Shiny Stones Really DIAMONDS? Let’s Hope so so these Poor People of SOUTH AFRICA can benefit from their LAND that GOD gave them.👍
    🇿🇦 – Please just don’t Sell your “STONES” too Cheap. (GOOD LUCK & GOD BLESS YOU ALL).⛪❤🕌✔✔✔

    • Avatar Unathi Ngunuza says:

      Thanks open the link and see the same village

    • Avatar Iam Dieketso Ntseki says:

      Unathi where’s the link ?

  65. Avatar awais awais says:

    On no now America and england will invade this area

  66. Avatar Blackhole Disco Ball says:


  67. Avatar 2689 5467 (28937) says:

    The fact that the government officials have to take time to identify if this are diamonds means this is something good and they’ll find a way to make these people think it’s useless!

    • Avatar CaRa Raah says:

      Every resource stolen from the “people’s” land will be swiftly recovered from these “illegal” miners.

  68. Avatar Bjorn Magnussen says:

    I wonder how they manage on a day to day who’s claim belongs to whom…or is it first come first serve…

    • Avatar CaRa Raah says:

      Everyone digs where they want to, you keep what what you find.

    • Avatar Günther Gartenmann says:

      doesn’t matter, it’s worthless quartz.

  69. Avatar The Bigger Picture says:

    😂😂😂😂😂 those are not diamonds.

    • Avatar Chumani Tsawe says:

      I’m from South Africa and i have one here with me. You know nothing

    • Avatar The Bigger Picture says:

      @Chumani Tsawe I am in Botswana and I am telling you, those are not diamonds 😂.

    • Avatar The Bigger Picture says:

      @Chumani Tsawe what can south Africans teach batswana about diamonds?

      If you know so much, tell us why you think they are diamonds.

  70. Avatar CaRa Raah says:

    I was worried, I was. Every African state needs a region fuelled by war diamonds, so say the lords, much too impractical to use gold.

  71. Avatar Mark G says:

    Like they don’t know if these are diamonds or not a bunch of b*******

  72. Avatar Stu bromac says:

    They are quartz 🤓🤦🏿

  73. Avatar n325aej says:

    farmer: i need this hole field digging.
    friend: I’ll start a rumor with these bits of glass.

  74. Avatar omer a says:

    $14? Dude that’s penny.

    • Avatar Günther Gartenmann says:

      should be more like 14 cents for a quartz

  75. Avatar Indian says:

    France and US will loot everything

  76. Avatar Blu Studio says:

    Hope they don’t rob them

  77. Avatar Daren Fliflet says:

    $14 USD? Even if they are still uncut, they are being ripped off.

  78. Avatar TheFabo48 says:

    Are diamonds so easy to get?… I highly doubt those are diamonds. But what us really needed is jobs the government should be ashamed of itself for not providing for it population.

  79. Avatar Pineapple Owl says:

    diamonds usually found 150-200km below the surface of the Earth. Here, temperatures average 900 to 1,300 degrees Celsius and at a pressure of 45 to 60 kilobars (which is around 50,000 times that of atmospheric pressure at the Earth’s surface). so as they say pressure makes diamonds (from depth)… i dont think you would find that many “diamonds” so close to the surface.

    • Avatar Kevin N. says:

      You are correct, But diamonds can also reach the surface through a volcanoes ‘kimberlite’ explosion…..If they are diamonds, they were probably spewed to the surface years ago

  80. Avatar Yah YHWH says:

    I hope they learn to keep y’all gentiles out of Africa 🙄😒

  81. Avatar lee street says:

    Now the whites will move in and take control of the land

  82. Avatar Joanna Mae Lapeña says:

    Blessing to the people of African.

  83. Avatar EMDAD CHOWDHURY says:

    Diamond is the greatest scams of human history but I want them to get some money…

  84. Avatar Jes Sica says:

    People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in Crypto.

    • Avatar Greg donaldson says:

      Really y’all know him? I even thought I’m the only one he has helped walk through the fears and falls of trading

    • Avatar Jeffrey Scott says:

      I’m so happy for taking the bold step in working and investing $21000 with Mr Charles after a week I received $64680 to my bank

    • Avatar Faith says:

      These scammers hahaha. Be careful guys, this Schwabb guy bs doesn’t exist.

    • Avatar Greg donaldson says:

      @Faith Schwab is no scam

    • Avatar Jeffrey Scott says:

      @Faith you are bs!

  85. Avatar Kaalai Kaalai says:

    To protect humanity every-state autonomy for not corruption we will form a new country united-states-of-india

  86. Avatar Sisawo Alagie says:

    This is Africa where God loves mama Africa

  87. Avatar Inglês com Fé says:

    32% of unemployment in the country is a disaster. How are these people living? in what conditions? I can´t believe we have this level of life here on earth while others spend billions trying to go to mars. Let´s fix our house first.

  88. Avatar chika minute says:

    Peoples: Diamonds 😍
    Government: Get off let me to take care of this.
    People: Okay🥺
    Government:We are rich boys. 👹

  89. Avatar Tulani Mdliva says:

    SA government is fooling people thosare fake says a diamond exchange AA diamonds in Bedfordview in Gauteng province

  90. Avatar Hugo Morales says:

    Be careful because the English Wil probably try annex the land

  91. Avatar DIBA says:

    Yes, African Diamonds belong to Africans…..

  92. Avatar Brandon Singh says:

    Jah BLESS Africa 🙏🏾

  93. Avatar Leon Campa says:

    South Africa will send a geo-survey firm to confirm whether there are diamonds in the area.
    After which, the government will begin a bidding process to let private companies bid for the right to mine the area.
    After which, the license will be granted to the highest bidder, and all these peasants will be forcefully removed.

    Sounds far fetched? You just wait and see.

  94. Avatar HCqvintus says:

    most vicius trolling I have seen this month 🙂

  95. Avatar ozayr adam says:

    In south africa this land they are digging is municipal property so if any item of high monetary value is found here, the govt will view this as their possession and will make purchasing this mineral illegal thus killing the trade circle. There would be supply but no demand as it couldnt be resold. Sad reality is these people deserve to have a better life but if theres money to be made then our fatcat politicians will sniff it and swoop in.

  96. Avatar Rudolf Nemeth says:

    That’s regular crystal Quartz, not diamonds 🤔

  97. Avatar David Hastings says:

    Looks like an environmental disaster.

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