Myanmar coup: Interview with Kyaw Win, the director of Burma Human rights Network in UK

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Myanmar’s military has declared a state of emergency on Monday as it said it carried out detentions of senior government leaders, to include the de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi, claiming fraud in last year’s general election.

Kyaw Win is the executive director of Burma Human Rights Network.
He joins us now from London via Skype for the latest updates and analysis.

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  1. Avatar Md Alan says:

    Good news.

  2. Avatar Md Alan says:

    Army goverment very Good. Civilian government very crab

  3. Avatar Arro kianoosh says:

    Ain’t That a good news ??? 🤑

    • Avatar Jasminedacool 1 says:


  4. Avatar Monika M says:

    United States should be the last to talk about integrity and Democracy.

    • Avatar Bob Sap says:

      You mean China 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Avatar Da Fa says:


  6. Avatar Pojok Satu says:

    I’ve been to Yangon and Naypyidaw in 2013 three month I know a lot of local friends there and they are very kind and polite, I hope they are all well

    from indonesia

  7. Avatar Faisal Khan says:

    Who is America. First power is china
    America we seen couple of day ago people enter capital

    • Avatar Alex T says:

      haha. the cops let them in at most entrances. Don’t even compare the shenanigans at the US Capitol to what is happening in Myanmar

  8. Avatar Gary Shaw says:

    I’m concerned that it one big ponsy we all should sell and start a new market

  9. Avatar stephen says:

    Where you get GEORGE SOROS you get VOTER fraud,,,,, this is why,,,,

  10. Avatar Zelalem Tekeletsadik says:

    If the people united no force can stop them. I am sure, not all the military agrees with the current situation. So, if the people start movement, some will start to stand with the people and the militery will cracks in to two.

  11. Avatar Angelo B Koljenovic says:

    So mach reactios on the miletary . today and no reactions on the million Ruhingas being mrdered and dissplesed.

  12. Avatar New Creation says:

    Myanmar turned into nonsense dictatorship now……

  13. Avatar Karen freeman says:

    Rohingya, be ready.

  14. Avatar Cora Ruan says:

    Thank you all for your support!
    For us, for Myanmar Citizens, it means a lot.
    We’ll stand for the democracy and human rights.
    We’ll stand with NLD.

  15. Avatar khin princess says:

    We, Myanmar people voted and selected our leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi by 2020 Election.
    Myanmar Military detained our leaders against us.
    Please help us and save our leaders.

  16. Avatar aira aira says:

    Stay strong Myanmar you need justice!!! love from Phillipines 🥺❤️❤️

  17. Avatar Lolo Ledo says:

    The world should banned this country forever

  18. Avatar tonny borup says:

    dont ask usa for help they dont have democrati to . Hope all end good for the people and not corrupt officials

  19. Avatar User name says:

    Losers are always doing coups

  20. Avatar John Johnson says:

    We all know dominion stole that election so now militaries are taking their countries back from the deep state.

    • Avatar Jess Franc says:

      Please stop spreading fake news from your ignorant mind.

    • Avatar John Johnson says:

      Get real… your side eats babies.

  21. Avatar cherry htun says:

    Dear International friends,
    We, Myanmar people are seriously seeking the help from International organizations as our democratic leader, president of Burma, and other parliament of NLD were arrested by Military. Please help our Myanmar people for those who does not have power to against military guys. We dont want current situation that happening in Myanmar. Please save us and freedom of democracy.

  22. Avatar lawoon khant says:

    Kick USA is so crazy to Myanmar

  23. Avatar Gaths Family says:

    Every mortal man is doomed hensforth!!!!
    There is nothing to stop tyranny anywhere !!!!!

  24. Avatar Asm Sayem says:

    The al jazeera is a corrupted news channel.

  25. Avatar Global Slider says:

    “The United States opposes any attempt to alter the outcome of recent elections..”
    HAHAHA!!! I bet they do! The entire Biden administration is guilty of sedition and treason and blatantly stealing an election. Soon Obama and all the other players will be exposed for all to see.

    • Avatar Alex409 says:

      You’re literally using the arguments the military in Burma used to do the coup. But it would make sense both Trump and the Burma military would use the same argument since they wanted to overturn an election.

    • Avatar The gardener says:

      @Global Slider… I agree!

  26. Avatar ta ta says:

    this kind of Military shouldn’t exist anymore. Military spend a lot of money to defend their citizens.
    Now They crack down their citizens and became selfish monster.
    They are just afraid of being kicked out from the politics after NLD Won 99 % in the election last year.
    Now that Myanmar people know that everyone of them hates the Military , why don’t they organize a Militia for citizens against the current Military?

    • Avatar Alief Rizaldi says:

      maybe they need someone that can reform the military itself at first from inside

  27. Avatar Ray Indra says:

    Hopefully democracy returns to Burma and they realise their economic potential

  28. Avatar Ebony maw says:

    1: *เหตุผู้ก่อการร้ายวางระเบิดสนามบินเยเมน*
    2 : *พม่าเกิดรัฐประหาร ดังไปไกลทั่วโลก*

  29. Avatar sai sai says:

    we are hope USA new goverment helps and also other country helping

    • Avatar ChilLeBiTES says:

      Don’t depend to any western country bcos your country will be colonized and will detain you guys and blame that you all are terrorist .

  30. Avatar Weï Ei says:

    Stay strong people of Myanmar 🥺 we are with you

  31. Avatar Sachin Jadhav says:

    Was their any investigation into election fraud or just like USA courts and other institutions pushed for the FAKE PRESIDENT without any remedy.

  32. Avatar Mohammad Hossain says:

    Where is peoples mandate? You big muscle army. Try to war with neighboring country then we will see who is stronger??? Ha ha ;??

  33. Avatar A M Myat says:

    Today (2-Feb-2020) India’s the 2nd phase Covi-shield vaccine supply airplane come today at Yangon International Airport and the military stopped landing. Then, the plane was going back. What a shame 😡

  34. Avatar ThePaletteWhisperer ASMR says:

    I’m embarrassed that the corrupt stolen WH regime would even comment. The balls!!!!

  35. Avatar White Eagle says:

    Love militery

  36. Avatar Roxy sponge says:

    good job Myanmar military, dont accept american fake democracy

  37. Avatar rnsbakhiet rm says:

    Democratic process in Myanmar has all along failed. Military coups will make is worst.

  38. Avatar Exposing The Deep State says:

    this is what happens when you steal elections!

  39. Avatar partytill10 says:

    Biden threatening sanctions, the arrested prez was friends with Soros, election used Dominion voting machines.
    don’t need to know much more, clearly it was a rigged election, maybe even as blatant as the election fraud that just stole the presidency and senate in the US, and this person is a propagandist in London of all places LOL!

  40. Avatar You Rika says:

    mind your own country, america have no right. this happens when a country is ruled by a dictator.

  41. Avatar Loko Ono says:

    The disposed government didn’t care about Rohingyas so why should we give a toss to Sukyi?

  42. Avatar ScryteTzy says:

    Hope Myanmar will be okay

  43. Avatar well done says:

    I went Burma, (just before covid-19 pandemic) where saw was a filthy nation, extremism, heavy corruption (especially in gov servants)- and the civilians always in fear of “military regime movements”.👎🏿

  44. Avatar Bradley Kynoch says:

    All evil corrupt governments around the world will fall

  45. Avatar Joseph Ryan says:

    When Patriots retake their country from Globalists.

  46. Avatar RichLyn Remix says:

    Save Myanmar Help us🙏🙏🙏🙏

  47. Avatar Tim Moss Jr. says:

    If there was election fraud and nothing was being done about it by the law isn’t this what happens next?

  48. Avatar Giovani Peralta says:

    Stay strong Myanmar 🇲🇲
    From: Philippines 🇵🇭

  49. Avatar Jess Franc says:

    People of Myanmar are aware that election fraud is an excuse so that the junta government can take over and run dictatorship over us again. They have been waiting for the perfect excuse to do this for a very long time. The people who support the military are most likely getting paid.

  50. Avatar karen karen says:

    Where are ICC and ICJ?

  51. Avatar zaw zaw says:


  52. Avatar AL-ALTzy says:


  53. Avatar Anamul Tv says:

    Good manmar army

  54. Avatar NewClearHead says:

    What a beautiful black sky.

  55. Avatar Amiey Stedy says:

    tuhan membalas apa yg kamu buat pd org islam dulu.

  56. Avatar 401RISaint says:

    Bravo to the Myanmar military for putting a stop to the fraudulent BS….

  57. Avatar Htut Blogs says:

    We don’t want sanction, this will not affect to the military, this will have only effect on our citizens!
    even they cut the whole internet connection and they are now trying the world not to know about this case, they are so powerful and we don’t want to live under that kind of military control.
    we want democracy. Even in Covid -19 waves, our citizens voted NLD, now military is spreading the rumors to the world.
    Actually, NLD has won the election in very ethic way.
    We don’t want military control anymore. 
    Pls save Myanmar
    pls help us, international countries
    pls take action for that as soon as possible

  58. Avatar bernadette santos says:

    Stay strong Myanmar…

  59. Avatar Budha Topendra says:


  60. Avatar 大場ジョアン says:

    It should be power of Myanmar people not Military power.

  61. Avatar no hatred says:

    Butchers live in Burma ,they don’t know how to lead people from.different caste ,color , religion and race…

  62. Avatar mandalar thu says:

    မင်းအောင်လှိုင်က ပြည်သူတွေကို လက်နက်နှင့်ခြိမ်းခြောက်ပြီး စစ်တပ်ကိုလက်ကိုင်တုတ်လုပ်အာဏာသိမ်းတာပါပဲ
    သူတို့ဆွဲတဲ့ ဥပဒေတောင်မလိုက်နာတဲ့ စစ်အာဏာရှင်😡

  63. Avatar Sridhar Annalldass says:

    Always y military coup …again angasan will be house arrested .nld ….

  64. Avatar stanley munro says:

    Lmao they took out of trumps play book lmao.

  65. Avatar SHERWIN NOROMBABA says:

    BITCOIN IS THE FUTURE. IMO⛱️🎁🏝️🏞️🏞️🎉🏜️🏜️🗻🗻🗻🌄🌄🌄🎇🎇🎇.

  66. Avatar Tomáš Vorel says:

    This what almost happened to US during Trump presidency 😀

  67. Avatar Sean Williams says:

    Hurry up and do those audits America, this needs to happen to you to take your country back…prove the voter fraud!

  68. Avatar Randal Ramsook says:

    This should scare the Biden administration

  69. Avatar Albert Tuazon says:

    what happen to this country myarmar no to violence

  70. Avatar sha TV says:

    Boycott this channel. They are always lied people.this is a basted channel.

  71. Avatar Yu Yu Win says:

    Stand for human rights in Myanmar and justice

  72. Avatar The Legend says:

    In the name of fake democracy (America)

  73. Avatar samantha Barlovinto says:

    Let us pray for myanmar

  74. Avatar Shiela Belnas says:

    Keep safe myanmar. From the Philippines 🇵🇭❤

  75. Avatar MairePC O'D says:

    Thanks, 🦋

  76. Avatar Testimony N Interview says:


  77. Avatar mwsc says:

    I have a feeling there could be severe crisis situation happening in the near future. I’ve lived through 8.8.88 in Yangon and we cannot undermine this military government. They may release criminals on the streets to start the riots and blame the innocent civilians for starting the chaos. They do not care about the lives and safety of our people but they will try to stay in power as long as they live. This is not going to be an easy fight.

  78. Avatar Testimony N Interview says:

    Should someone kill our Military Leader like Trump did to IS leader??☹️☹️

  79. Avatar Mohamad Bali says:

    U mean BS human rights

  80. Avatar Funda Gulmen says:

    Corrupt elections need to be investigated!! Don’t forget same machines were used in America and many questions have been raised in regards to fraud.

  81. Avatar Lavanya Rapaka says:

    What does the Myanmar military think of itself? Are they some great people. No! This is unacceptable.

    Prayers to the people of Myanmar,
    from an person from India, Myanmar’s neighbour.

  82. Avatar Hussain Rimal says:

    Good military with blesses

  83. Avatar Thanh Hoàng says:

    a terrorist attack Burma

  84. Avatar Thanh Hoàng says:

    Destroy these terrorists army Myanmar

  85. Avatar Jamil Mohammad says:


  86. Avatar michael vincent says:

    This myanmar army general shoul be checked…. someone is paying this general…. this is another CCP move. Economic sanction is not enough her it should be something more stronger as example. Its time for the good to act so that evil will not be successfull. Its not this general who will suffer this US SaNCTION its the people who will suffer. US should implement something more stronger and effective.

  87. Avatar Sharmeela Rassool says:

    Bring the PM to justice in haque.

  88. Avatar Mungno Channel says:

    we need Rambo

  89. Avatar Chuu Chuu says:

    They say it is one year, but it is not clear how many years it will take. This is the third military coup in Burma. The first was a five-month coup, but it took 65 years.

  90. Avatar berry catherine says:

    As a Myanmar citizen ,I want to speak out the truth to the whole world . The only thing we want right now is “Genuine Democracy”.We don’t ever need such a shameless Burmese Military! We need justice for our elected government. We,myanmar citizens,want our leader Daw Aung San Su Kyi back!!!

  91. Avatar Danang says:

    Yeahh…… 👍👍👍👍 without miyanmar we are relieved to play mobile legends

  92. Avatar Larry Dulnuan says:

    Military will not succed!!

  93. Avatar J K says:

    Democracy is hijacked at Myanmar and other democratic countries are just watching? Well this is china plan and your democracy will be hijack sooner or later.

  94. Avatar MD ZUBER UDDIN M says:

    Always waste military of myanmaar

  95. Avatar naw angelpoe says:

    It’s pain so much
    Pls Save Myanmar

  96. Avatar Rathin Bhattacharjee says:

    It is Myanmar’s internal affairs . Like we recognized Egyptian Sisi Rule, as its internal affair.

  97. Avatar Nandar Nyein Wai says:

    Does the world know how much we disgust to Myanmar Military? Does the world know how much they shamelessly taking actions now? We, youths of Myanmar are awfully hate to Myanmar Military. Can we also request to Min Aung Hlaing to resign like he asked to our president?

  98. Avatar Junkook‘s Eclair in the Dynamite MV says:

    To the people blaming Aung san suu kyi for the rohingya incident: you guys are bashing her because she didn’t do anything about the military killing innocent people. Well… do you know the whole story? Are you a Burmese yourself? Do you know if Aung san suu kyi had the power to stop the military or not? I don´t think so. Did you just judge of the things the media was saying? You guys are just uneducated swines, acting like you know everything, celebrating because suu kyi got detained EVEN without knowing all of the story. I am so disgusted and disappointed by the fact that you guys would rather have the military have control. It once happens in the past and no human (keyword:human) in Burma wants to have the same suffering again.

    I apologise for my small vocabulary. I’m a sixth grader from Germany with Burmese roots.

    edit: I am maybe a litte biased, but I don´t see ANYTHING positive in the military party. Thank you for coming to my ted talk

  99. Avatar Orazzy Phoo says:

    We stand with Myanmar army,our senior general Min Aung Hlaing…..from Myanmar🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲

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