Military takes power in Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi detained

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Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi and other senior figures from the ruling party have been detained in an early morning raid.
The military declares a state of emergency following days of escalating tension between the civilian government and the powerful military, which claims the November election was tainted by fraud.

Al Jazeera’s Victoria Gatenby reports.

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  1. Avatar Break The Chains says:

    Joe biden should just keep his mouth shut. His time is coming soon.

  2. Avatar Mohd Anjum says:

    A society gets a Villian it deserves.

  3. Avatar SUPER STAR MOVIE WATCH Ishaq says:

    He deserve TO BE arrested.he didn’t condemn one time myammar military of killing inocent masacare of Rohingya

    • Avatar Paul Henner says:

      What ignorance……….until you been there you have no right to make such stupid claims

  4. Avatar Jack Mehoff says:

    Warmongers need war,any sign of peace must be destroyed,that’s what a Nobel peace prize gets you,send in the apache helicopters and a few ships president Biden

  5. Avatar ssk ddy says:

    when Srilankan government killed 1,00,000 in one year. World kept Silent. All human rights activators working for their boss

  6. Avatar Jim Red says:

    Is the cover pic Lord Bribing

  7. Avatar Loko Ono says:

    Praying for the Rohingya genocide victims, the ones that even the formerly elected and now disposed government ignored

  8. Avatar abdulkarim taip says:


  9. Avatar Kazi Sarhan Islam says:


  10. Avatar stephen says:

    Where there is gorge SOROS and dominion voting your going to get voter FRAUD ,, this is what’s going to happen in America as well ,,,

  11. Avatar raysschoko says:

    Military arresting coruppt politicans who get money from the IMF to Fake a Pandemic!

  12. Avatar Ngoc Ng says:

    election fraud should be deal like this, democracy like usa election 2020 fraudulent and see what happens now??? the corruption and fraud took over office now in usa

  13. Avatar rubber MALLET says:

    3rd world countries suck it hard all the time 😵🖤😭💀🔫🤒🤕🤠😗👀

  14. Avatar muhammad jawad aslam says:

    “Dictators free themselves but insalve the people, but so as people die, liberty will never perish” – Charlie Chaplin

  15. Avatar Donald Muller says:

    This should have happened in the US

  16. Avatar Sanjay Vaidya says:

    A Arab news broadcaster with experts from the uk shedding light on Myanmar s internal issues. Perfect.

  17. Avatar K B says:

    Landslide win turns Democracy in to Dictatorship. We have more examples.

  18. Avatar Denis Cortes says:


  19. Avatar Syed Show says:

    just send Rambo

  20. Avatar Daffa Syawal akbar says:


  21. Avatar PRATIK CHOUDHURY says:

    Will the world witness another Pol Pots, Mao Zedong????? Will it become another North Korea??? And certain bad activities are surfacing in Bangladesh also. Why is it happening?? And why some people are happy and celebrating it???

  22. Avatar MK ROBI says:

    Perfect …..

  23. Avatar spartacus Soe says:

    it a distractions. the Burmese military started attacking, murder and slaughter ethinics groups now so they need the world to focus on her instead of the war that been going on. pure evil..

  24. Avatar Beverly Thompson says:

    This is the same thing that’s happened in America Nov 3rd. No we have a crook for a President

  25. Avatar Md Rokon says:

    it’s right decision of Myanmar military🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

  26. Avatar Rie M.S. says:

    Oh please, other countries especially Veto countries should not interfere and escalate the situation because they should trust Myanmar and its people to know what they’re doing, if they believe there’s fraud in their election let them handle it in their own civilized way. Everyone should just fix their own problems first.

  27. Avatar Avocado Scientist says:

    PLEASE HELP Myanmar , the military didn’t give us full time wifi and phone lines and close all the TV lines . We fell like we are being control and we can’t get a chance to go online classes because they shut down all the internet connections . So we can’t connect and ask for help to other countries , Please Help MYANMAR . Military is trying to control us . PLEASE HELP MYANMAR 🇲🇲

  28. Avatar Al Morabe says:

    no one wants the truth…

  29. Avatar Patma Asbud says:


  30. Avatar Go Haan says:

    Look bro If you really want Freedom
    Get to the streets
    If you are scared of getting shot then Don’t complain about not getting freedom

    No fruits without a fight
    And try to live in Peace
    Myanmar’s done many injustice before to Rohingyas
    First You have to be united through culture, religion then you can find peace

    Those same leaders who supported genocide are still in the game i guess and you want freedom ??? that must be a joke

  31. Avatar kamrul hasan says:

    It’s a very good news Everyone should appreciate it. There’s no need election. Everyone should practise auto pass in election. In election there is loss only money and lives.

  32. Avatar Koah Le says:

    Look at Myanmar, USA is a shame

  33. Avatar Rom Sawyer says:

    Look how politics destroying a nation! 🤦‍♂️

  34. Avatar SSRv4 Gaming Grounds says:

    looks like their country is now at the brink of civil war.

  35. Avatar Edgar Cedeno says:

    Sad news I’m Hoping Khmer Rouge never happen again peace on this country Myanmar watching here in the Philippines

  36. Avatar Sue Chang says:

    Myanmar military is following Biden’s administration. US with the help from tech executives, they are taking away freedom of speech from American people. US Capital looks worst than Rangoon. Look at thousands of National Guards in the capital. What are they afraid of? US military are used for democrat politicians political gains. Biden’s administration has no moral grounds to advice any countries.

  37. Avatar Sticky Kitty says:

    Is she a asset to the UK and USA ?
    It would not surprise me if she was placed there

  38. Avatar murt kand says:

    good riddance

  39. Avatar mark peracullo says:


  40. Avatar Yannick Mandaba says:

    Myanmar can thank Trump for giving a brilliant idea to the Military Generals.
    No thanks to Trump everywhere is the world bad losers will use fraud as an excuse to refuse elections results.

  41. Avatar Thorani kelly says:

    No good man bad .

  42. Avatar Rafi A says:

    Great job

  43. Avatar Xj Jxjc says:

    Lots of media has painted her as a villain, for not speaking up against the Burmese military in the rohingya conflict.
    Some accused her, that the power corrupted her. Some accused her for genocide. Media had a feast!
    And today, THIS is the testament and proof that she never had that power. The military does NOT report to her. It cannot be clearer who has been trigger-happy behind all these atrocities.

  44. Avatar JB says:

    What Frump wishes he could do.

  45. Avatar Ken Peachey says:

    This is what the US needs to do

  46. Avatar danial khan says:

    You all must pay the price for Rohingiyas genocide.

  47. Avatar glory glory says:

    Sound familiar. Military scenes looks so much like DC. ELECTION FRAUD???

  48. Avatar Bradley Kynoch says:

    Corruption in the election
    More governments about to fall , the whole world is going to change for the better

  49. Avatar Double Kill says:

    Stop war

  50. Avatar D Cho says:

    Did I just hear election fraud again? Time for the world community to declare trumpism a pandemic.

  51. Avatar Lekshmi R says:

    Myanmar friends be safe🙏stay strong

  52. Avatar Mansoor Ahmed says:

    So what will happen, is the military will kill or detained Police & political elite. In general a full cleanup is needed. Any how common men dont see job or work other than Military tank will damage asphalt roads & create some new work for Municipalities.

  53. Avatar Kipanga Yaqichwa says:

    Wave will rock more Nations behold

  54. Avatar VAN DEJOKO says:

    He he ,,,

  55. Avatar VAN DEJOKO says:

    Dictactor or hitler on mileneal ,,,

  56. Avatar tigzhalas says:

    Those ccp must pay and the military should be wipe out from the country

  57. Avatar Jonathan Bonapos says:

    Restore the monarchy of burma

  58. Avatar Maha Rajah says:

    The UN has no tooth
    It can only make meow meow cat calls.
    The UN must be made to settle all this problems or else close shope .
    Atrocities and holocast being repeated around the world without
    any jurisprudance.

  59. Avatar Zark Zark says:

    I am from Myanmar and I don’t want military coup

  60. Avatar DIZLER FACTS FACTOR says:


  61. Avatar mm Alam says:

    i feel bad for myanmar people bt not for span suu kyi…

  62. Avatar andrew auemhemir says:

    B b based

  63. Avatar 1986soe thuya says:

    Mother Su who she may be free from mental suffering and physical suffering.
    Let the military dictator fail.

  64. Avatar myat noe says:

    some ppl are so pathetic
    Here’s a *brief history* b4 u say stupid things,

    The 8888 Uprising was a series of nationwide protests that began on the 8th of August 1988. It was student led movement which was organised by university students at RIT and University of Yangon. Hundreds of thousands of monks, children, students, women, doctors and common people protested against the government. The uprising ended on the 18th of September when the military slaughtered thousands of protestors. It is a very important part of Burmese history and is significant worry to the Burmese people of it happening again due to the current circumstances.
    (if u still wanna know how cruel can the military get ,go watch the movie”the lady”based on true event that happened in 1988.)

    *And the thing with the rohingya genocide,*
    The military has been trying to frame Aung San Su Kyi to overthrow her ever since she started a Democratic Party.the “ethnic cleansing ” was carried out to purposely defame her.Even tho she won the election,it’s js impossible.They have been manipulating the government ever since 1988 uprising she was forced take responsibility for the ethnic cleansing that she had no power to stop.

    Myanmar is placed under curfew 8pm to 4am starting from 2ndFeb.(if u don’t follow,u either get arrested or killed idk)they are trying to cut off all contact w the international community.
    Closing down all other wifi and data companies except MyTel which is a military-owned company.Shut down all other channels on tv except their own, and will likely continue to do this.

    Alr that’s my cue to go I swear I never got involved in any politics but this need to be said.

    *I rlly hope this ugly history don’t repeat again*

  65. Avatar Farhad Mia says:

    Very good ❤️

  66. Avatar Shizuka Minamoto says:

    Justin for Bangladesh government.

  67. Avatar diako says:

    She failed to protect human rights and now she pays bach 4 her mistake …..human is everyone

  68. Avatar Dean Winchaster says:

    I’m Burmese,
    That bully general don’t listen US and the world because he don’t understand English🤣🤣🤣🤣.Most of Burmese understand English,at least basic skill.But he don’t,now you can guess his education.

  69. Avatar iqbal m says:

    Verily, those who put in to trail the muslim( believing) men and women by torturing them and burning them. The grip ( Punishment) of your Lord is Severe. ( Sura Al Buruj- Ayath 10- 12).

  70. Avatar kopite kings says:

    What goes around comes around. Hope this general also gets arrested.

  71. Avatar DXR says:

    How did a small country like Myanmar, formerly called Burma, made by the British into a province of India in the 1880s, acquire such a big military? British exported crude oil from Burma to European markets in this time period. The British capitalists were of mind to extract oil and mineral wealth from Burma. The British ranshackled the country and demolished all its indigenous and natural industries. GDP became controlled by the British. Produce oil and you end up with a British military command life regulated by hierarchy. The military relates to human beings through machines because it cannot relate to itself as a human being. The combustible engine embodied in planes, ships, bombs, submarines, that never ends distances human emotions the further away from being one becomes, the military armour humans wear show no trace of a human being in the military brain!
    This country was a trade route between India and China, —a mere child. The British did all the support, maintenance and repair work of the whole military apparatus to parent this child.

    Now the military has taken the country dominating GDP,—what will it do with it? What is its economic program to keep all this high maintenance paid for? A is for Austerity, not progress but cuts and unemployment pays for big military industrial complexes the world now has three big ones, each doing the same dirty deeds, to pay for in cuts and unemployment. And for what?
    if Myanmar is a country just beginning to find its own essential independence with its first civilian president, so what? Why should a miliary fear it and lock up its leader?

    Because they are them, the same, identical but opposing entities,— competing elites within the same identity or soul. Not inter-rivals but intra-rivals of the elite social classes taking the majority of the mass of people and their bitterness for a ride. Cultivating false hopes and promises from a weary, tired, public, for votes they will later betray. Navalny is a Putin and a Suu Kyi is a Navalny like Trump and Johnson are all Navalnys

  72. Avatar Sajid Sheikh says:

    This is great news!

  73. Avatar big spicy wiener says:

    Isn’t the president women the one who was in prison for like 10 or 20 years for political protests or political whatever? Then she was recently freed and the people elected her president, now she’s back in custody. Man, she can’t catch a break, she has probably spent a majority of her life now in jail or prison

  74. Avatar Vladimir Putin says:

    For IS/Muslim help your brother Rohingya, Myanmar is open again.

  75. Avatar Vladimir Putin says:

    Ya Rabb Hancurkanlah Myanmar

    • Avatar Wempi Saoli says:

      doa yang buruk terkadang berbalik kepada si pendoa

  76. Avatar Cripple Guy says:

    When will American military finally kick out pro communist Joe Biden ? Inquiring minds want to know . 🤷🏾‍♂️

  77. Avatar Eliju Torres says:

    This is terrible there’s nothing that the USA could do because the front president

  78. Avatar John Hackney says:

    Similar to what nearly happened in murcia.

  79. Avatar Eliju Torres says:

    Stupid phone like I said there’s nothing the USA could do because the fraud president communist Chinese slow demented Joe Biden the cloud is brought and paid by the CCP as an American citizen we have our own problem with this fraud president slow demente Joe Biden the clown that stole the election plain and simple

  80. Avatar Order of Shadow says:

    For sure Myanmar will become a nuclear superpower following the footsteps of north korea.

  81. Avatar Aman Khan says:

    We support strongly military coup….

  82. Avatar Dhiraj Poudel says:

    This could soon be Nepal.

  83. Avatar Schoeib Sabri says:

    So basically good news….

  84. Avatar SAHAB360 says:

    নামাজ পডলে চেয়ারা সুন্দর হয়

  85. Avatar Safiulla Khan says:


  86. Avatar imnot tushiro says:

    I am very concerned now about the Rohingya minority. I hope they dont go
    for a fast genocide. Watch out your actions! The world wont forget or
    forgive. Forever and everywhere. We are watching YOU!

  87. Avatar FRANCISCO VELASQUEZ says:

    I wonder what this entitles or means for China

    • Avatar Knight King says:

      Like China to North Korea…

  88. Avatar Mc Colin says:

    ASEAN most peace region in the world
    Myanmar : 👻

  89. Avatar Htet Wai says:

    Plz help us guys,
    I am a student from Myanmar! I voted with my own desire for my future.
    Now that is unacceptable!
    We need democracy!!!!!!!

  90. Avatar majix wahenga says:


  91. Avatar Mozin Malik says:

    Ethnic Cleansing supporters

  92. Avatar Quader Nayamul says:

    She supported the Military on the Rohingya issue …… Military and suchi both are the same ….. poor Myanmar people …..

  93. Avatar sharfu shanaaz says:

    Mayanmar very bad country
    Bad think military

  94. Avatar Zakaria Essalhi says:

    What difference does it makes a genocidal Ing Sishi against Rohinga or dictatorial regime against the others!

  95. Avatar Win Paing says:

    Please save myanmar

  96. Avatar Sheikh Shanjeed Ahmed says:

    USA be like : Rohingya issue ,its so sad 😢
    Bangladesh : USA defender of human rights 🙄
    After Coup 😶
    USA : we need ally 😁… For democracy and human rights
    Bangladesh : wtf .. USA 😑

  97. Avatar Marie says:

    Myanmar doesn’t want to change for d better…it’s all power hunger n dominating a woman leader

  98. Avatar Paul C Robertson says:

    ahn sang suu kyi is a criminal guilty of allowing genocide Im happy she has been removed.

  99. Avatar Thomas George says:

    Anyway she really deserves it. When she had the chance she did not do anything to balance the power of the military.

  100. Avatar imran naeem says:

    its a high time to invade myanamar

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