Death toll rises as severe winter storm sweeps US


A severe winter storm has killed at least 21 people across the central and southern United States.
Record-low temperatures have left more than three million people without power for a second night, most of them in the state of Texas.
Al Jazeera’s Alexandra Byers reports.

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113 thoughts on “Death toll rises as severe winter storm sweeps US

  1. Joxim - Alt Reply

    May Jesus protect the people in Texas

    • Jigsaw Reply

      Jesus didn’t protect himself lol

  2. Patrick Stamm Reply

    This is national emergency they should have upgraded our power systems for cold weather in the south I believe about 20 years ago U got snow on. Global warming is this a fact. Look forward to the next couple years You will wish that our oil industry and our gas pipelines we’re still in service but now new rules.

  3. luis whatshisname Reply

    The governor of Texas is not aware of Trump´s advise to sweep the snow just like his great advise to Oregon Washington and California to sweep the forest to avoid fires.

  4. luis whatshisname Reply

    ´USA a Failed State´ says Somalian TV

  5. Tatiana Berkoh Reply

    Winter worsening itself ❄

  6. George Befanis Reply


  7. peter yen Reply

    jesus is coming dont.worry

  8. George Befanis Reply

    Joe Cruz in Cancun!!
    You are burning your furniture!!!

  9. mrk107 Reply

    0:00 finally, some heat.

  10. Ren Reply

    Imagine all the people who were complaining about California and just moved to Texas. Bittersweet.

    • Jeni Baby Reply

      Imagine all those people who looked down on Africa and now they have no homes. Bittersweet.

    • Ren Reply

      @Jeni Baby Why you look down on Africa? What Africa did to you? Are you homeless now?

    • Jeni Baby Reply

      @Ren You need to read my comment again…with understanding.

    • Ren Reply

      @Jeni Baby r/whoosh

  11. Melissa Sellan Reply

    We in Malaysia pray for our people in christ, so sorry for the people who abandon their GOD and run after they’re own UNGODLY desires. It’s like sodom and gomorrah.

  12. Harold Dagami Reply

    I’d rather stay in the Philippines even in the midst of poverty.

    • Sub Zero Reply

      Poverty is a blessing

  13. Carlos Radillo Reply

    GOD judgement to america

  14. Frehiwot Befekadu Reply

    I don’t understand why the government don’t take responsibility before this happened. They know this is dangerous.

  15. S RAJ Reply

    Crazy governor of Texas did this

  16. elvis yik Reply

    All of us have to appeal to god to safe us. It’s too for the human race to notice this climate change.The rich will also go along. Amen.

  17. Cecelia Lee Reply

    May god bless always Texas🙏

  18. Louie Niglio Reply

    When Sandy struck the Northeast every one talked about it being the new normal well 10 years later the Northeast is still waiting for the new normal. No hurricane the size of Sandy has struck the Northeast especially the tri state area since then.

  19. Barca Lona Reply

    Good for america i hope more and more disaster for the biggest evil on earth

  20. Melody Decaire Reply

    To everyone worldwide prepare for every kind of an emergency regardless if it hits your region or not.
    If you prepare your ready you know what to do & what not to do better safe then sorry.

  21. Mopar Guy Reply

    Maybe HAARP + Chemtrails ? Think about it!

  22. Evsi Abd Reply

    Biden is stupid leader, this will never happened in china

  23. ReclusiveLoner 96 Reply

    Let death toll rise

  24. Artie Anderson Reply

    I am in Fort Worth, TX: people here don’t know how to winterize their homes for this; they don’t know how to insulate or prepare their property correctly for this type of cold because it is so seldom a problem; they don’t use common sense; and, they don’t know how to drive in this type of weather if they can get out; and they will not stay off the roads if they do not need to get out. It is one week of disastrous cold. Prayers are very much appreciated. We will dig out; move ahead; and, we will be just fine. By June, we will be wishing for a cold breeze or two. Thank you so much for your prayers and kindness.

    • Donna Sanchez Reply

      A lot of homes in any county in Texas should have been insulated well enough to sustain the low temps, people refuse to use what common sense they have including driving out in the streets when they know they shouldn’t, and when you say people in Ft. Worth do not know how to insulate or winterize their homes, DO in FACT know how and some have done so because they are the ones that use their common sense. So, when you say people meaning everyone including yourself, PLEASE refrain yourself from putting your own hometown down as incompetent.

    • Artie Anderson Reply

      @Donna Sanchez Well, if all Texans are as snarky as you then perhaps Texas has just gotten what it deserves from the weather gods. Enjoy the frigid misery …

  25. AJ Reply

    Never forget…We Texans are a hardy breed.
    We will learn from this and it won’t happen again.
    Thank you to people everywhere that are praying and to those that are not Texans that just criticize we don’t care at all for your opinions.
    Good day.

    • Donna Sanchez Reply

      AMEN… My daughter and I had been without power since Sunday and was restored today, so now we are back home and are very blessed to have a home to come back to where as many do not. Yes, we also thank those that are helping Texans to restore power, to donating water, to prayers, to those that are opening their doors to family, friends, neighbors, or complete strangers in keeping them warm. Us Texans always come together in harsh times, we learn from it and learn to move on. I live in San Angelo a lot of us now have power and water to no water and no power, and now we are being told by ATMOS that our gas may be shut off next week and that they are limited as to how much gas will go to each homes. I will continue to pray for everyone that has been impacted by these storms and those continue to suffer through it.

    • AJ Reply

      @Donna Sanchez
      Amen. I’m in Waco and we are almost 100% up and running. It’s been tough but we are tougher.
      Prayers to all of San Angelo.
      Y’all have a beautiful city there.

  26. Romy Base Reply

    I suspect,this is a sabotage operation by the other party…who hates TX obviously.

  27. Bill Barns Reply

    Call it for what it is… Geo engineering!!

  28. Kathryn Boyle Reply

    Biden and the democrats are responsible for this destruction


    Cry for HYHW s Help! He may answer!!!

  30. Sejarah Dunia Reply

    I remember one night when I lived in Columbus Ohio, the electricity and gas were Off during winter in 1995/96. It was so cold. Good thing it was only for 1 night. Sending prayer to people in Texas from Jakarta.

  31. Hacene Selloum Reply

    To avoid death by blizzard floods tornadoes hurricane earthquake tsunami volcano to Americans to convert to islam immediately.

  32. Covidbored Insanity Reply

    Sometimes you just gotta start eating people. I mean, I guess.

  33. Covidbored Insanity Reply

    Greta Thunberg warned Donald Trump about this!!!! She should be our next President!!

  34. Mikayla Anderson Reply

    The U.S is a curse country

  35. Blue J Reply

    Texas is huge . What part of Texas is this happening?

  36. Book Mistress Reply

    I have heard only the loss of power and snow. I live in America. This news is not getting to the people.

  37. Mantombi Zodwa Reply

    Let us all turn to God and beg for Him in the Name of Jesus Christ

  38. Cole Bennett Reply

    That problem god has given them to feel the problem of poor home less ppl to not ignore them n always help them .

  39. Husna Maa aab Reply

    Still feeling proud of your Technology???Huhh

  40. ishmael Kweku swanzy Reply

    Is it the same USA I have been hearing of and seeing on tv all the time?first u attack your democracy the one u are enforcing on everyone and now can’t provide power bcux it snowed so much. How does those scandinavian countries survive then. Is good to be humble and learn from others.

  41. wajihullah khan Reply

    Atleast people of US feel pain Afghan, iraqi, Libyan, syrian etc

  42. Migsy P Reply

    Americans as well as other countries have this amazing ability to just believe they’ve “GOT IT COVERED!”. This phrase should be erased from our vocabulary. “DW WE’VE GOT COVERED!” 🤣. ”
    “BUT WHAT IF….”

  43. JD Munshi Reply

    But but global warming is fake!!!

  44. Around Me Reply

    Weather shows us that we can’t fully relay on full electric car and supply of tap water .

  45. Shabeer Reply

    So sad of US 😥

  46. Joseph Walker Reply

    (Bible says, God comes by the truth of your heart is your crown)/corona, we are the word of God and our actions are the signs of word, welcome to the corona/tion. Each sentence in the Bible is a sentence from order and each sentence is a year sentence as (1 in the beginning was the word) and (2 the word was with God) and (3 the word was God) (4 and the corona/crown has placed us as word six feet of firmament from each other. Truth of word flows eternally forward as the distortion of truth is number, numb/cold power numb/ber, everything is being taken back from death/darkness as it took everything from all the word. The light in the darkness is this grain of earth within this universal body and it is protecting all of life as you have a Galactic cell out there and this Galactic cell we are in right now is the body of Christ within Omega as you have all word/will of creation upon you within each cell is a throne for all word of creation, you have your will/word of creation upon equal me/a/sure, you are a universal body, when this is over you will be shown all your action and consequence upon your Galactic realm and when trust is earnt you will claim your universal body again within this multiverse. (universe/unity of verse/unity of word. I wrote a book it is all over the world and the more I try to announce it the more I am shut down. The book is, The last shall be the first and the first shall be the last by Joseph Darrell Walker. If you know the Bible then you will know everything. Voices in head are not mental, think positive and legion as he is many will leave. jddj

  47. ShygoneP Rodriguez Reply

    Bunch of cry babies..put clothes on..big deal

  48. Connie Wonnie Reply

    Texans don’t believe in climate change!

  49. Pomeranian pom Reply

    Biden has blood on his hands

  50. Aikky Tan Reply

    Please please do not exhaust God. Since the Pandemic to the USA Election his name were being used for granted. He is confused n tired now. Oh dammm.. You better find your own solution using your tiny brain for once. If Everything is going to go wrong the Humans are to be blamed.

  51. Freakmoister Reply

    2021 trying to one up 2020.

  52. OJA ZIN Reply

    Climate change is real….

  53. shalim shah Reply

    Did they start demolishing their own houses instead of midddle eastern’s?

  54. Nagraz Reply


  55. Hussain Happy Reply

    All billionaires have to donate to the poor families previous governments earn money 💰💸 from US presidency and lots of other resources

  56. Gus Alvarez Reply

    Climate change or HAARP i don’t get how the north is warmer than the south texas out of all places

  57. Niomi Singh Reply


  58. itzizabella ! Reply

    i think that god sent the storm so we stay in to make the virus go away

    • Kimberly Beeson Reply


  59. El 5 IS On Tour Reply

    For years it was global warming now climate change…they can’t lose flipping there argument to suit there

  60. Fab Life Trends Reply

    Where is the preparation of government and environment scientists who wasted billions of dollars to their green forecast… People will sort only to simple sort of survival in the end..

  61. Phoenician4Ever Reply

    So it is not global warming lol

  62. suzie roche' Reply


  63. Irene D'souza Reply

    When we love the Lord our God 🙏 he will never leave you alone know that from Bombay.

    • John Cornell Reply

      Where is he then then?

    • Irene D'souza Reply

      @John Cornell he is in you with you and what ever you do become of God you are still living in this world 🌍 remember the creater who creat you love your Lord your God with all your heart and mind have a blessed day.

    • John Cornell Reply

      @Irene D’souza My mum and dad created me, not any God. God didn’t stop my wife from dying of cancer. Nor did he stop millions from dying of covid, including those who were praying to him to save them.
      But anyway, you have a great day. Peace and blessings.

  64. Enyyell m Gutierrez Reply

    The breaking day is coming on

  65. J G Reply

    Texas, the next Venezuela.

  66. Realistic Reply

    God make GRAT AMERICA like Syrian, after U.S bombing, God u r real great.

  67. Mr T Gomolka Reply

    Al Gore said that global warming would mean that there would be no more snow. So increase in greenhouse gases causes both increasing warm temperatures in the summer and increasing cold temperatures in the winter; nothing to do with natural cycles of warming and cooling, and nothing to do with the Solar cycles.

  68. Gimmi Jones Reply

    Shame on the US government , why these people engage hostile wars while their country is suffering from decades of old infrastructure

  69. Gimmi Jones Reply

    Take of your ur people and stop foreign war , care of your homeless people give them homes America. stop going around wasting taxpayers money.


    Beijing Biden an old man without memory and weak .. don’t know where he hiding …
    Call back the American lion aka Trump

    • Love springtime Sun Reply


  71. faustina e Reply

    This is unacceptable!!! They knew this and they are doing this with their war weather machine

  72. Christiana Yahweh Reply

    This storm has been all over the US and no one is helping any of the victims. FEMA has had plenty of time to help but haven’t done anything at all. This is Agenda 21 in full force and they are just watching the payoff for all of their hard work over the years. Which of these people in the storm can get to a hospital and how are hospital workers supposed to get there? You’ve been downplaying this horrific storm while real people are starving and freezing to death in their homes with no help available. This is a good plan for sustainable development.

  73. Velvet Thunder Reply

    Where is that Jewish space lasers?

  74. Abdullahi Issack Reply

    What is burning the houses

  75. David Blissett Reply

    Day After Tomorrow!!!

  76. Zain Mudassir Reply

    This is what happens when you rely on private power companies. They profit off of you and give you nothing.

  77. Joanne Beal Reply

    It snowed over the entire earth even in middle east desert. This is not climate change there’s no such thing. The Lord controls the weather he always has and he always will. If these leaders would do right we the people wouldn’t have to face such hard times all over the Earth. They’re using science to come up with solutions when there are no solutions. The only solution is to go back to the 10 original commandments and to also return us Israelites back home. Every descendant of people that were enslaved needs to be back to the land in which we came from. I’m only speaking, The Lord does his own work and watch what happens if these leaders don’t do the right things in the eyes of the Lord who watches all for judgement. Everyone knows what happened in the time of Moses when the Lord punished Pharaoh and Egypt. Well in these days it’s worldwide 😁 all the leaders have drank from the same cup Pharoah had to drink. People better wake up and very soon! These are serious times.

  78. Calvin Wright Reply

    If you’re waiting for Biden to do anything intelligent you’re going to be waiting a lifetime that dude’s got something wrong with his brain and there’s no correcting it

  79. Sharon Suddaby Reply

    Why couldn’t the emergency services, Ercot, the Mayor or local council/ local authorities all work together to access people in need during the outage? In this day and age communication is fast and possible on the smallest of devices these days. I don’t get why all services that service the community could not work together. If Mack Mattress store can create an overnight warming centre that the emergency services, Ercot power company and local government can work together – not to mention asking the small to medium sized businesses. People need to start talking to one another more .. if you live like your an island you will die on an island. @/wakeupworld @/prayers4america

  80. andrea vanda Reply

    I thought we were experiencing global warming? 😳

  81. Eric Lowell Reply

    She just said it herself the electric grid failed so due to governments poor lack of work. They should be held accountable we spend millions and millions of dollars for good electricity all for this bullshit

  82. The Watcher Reply

    Don’t worry about America we’re just Rich powerful and STUPID ,This should of never have happened , Greed for no reason building without insulating homes is stupid Much of this hopefully will be resolved $500,000,000 fighter jets but can’t fix frozen power lines

  83. darkstarzmyhome Reply

    Biden condemns Texas, and says, “ Nyah Nyah, Nyah! Neener neener!”

  84. Donna Sanchez Reply

    A lot of Texans are without water and if they have water then they are told to boil their water due to parasites if and when those that have no power comes back on and like in my hometown, San Angelo there are chemical’s that are very harmful if drank or to the skin if bathed or showered in. We are now being told from ATMOS that our gas to our homes may be shut off or may be limited. My family and I were without power since Sunday and our power was just turned on today. ERCOT failed Texans in 2011 and again this year of 2021.

  85. Mohd Hatta Reply

    Allah is The Biggest.powerful.

  86. Daniel Bradley at FSS Future Star Sports Reply

    Push it 2 the limit!

  87. Aleph Tav Reply

    Climate change???
    Mother Nature??
    What else?
    ASK GOD WHY????!
    MATTHEW 24
    DENY HIM??

  88. Muta Wadada Reply

    Guess they have no weapons for snow🤔

  89. John Healer Reply

    Climate Control is the dominant agenda with huge fund drive in the Global Forum yet Catastrophe is on,we can’t find significance. Are the Leaders & Experts fooling around with or Nature winning the race?

  90. Big Ooman Reply

    Paula called down them Angels from Africa Texas try remember they are now responding she called a bad spirit on Trump land don’t play with God he doesn’t joke.

  91. Rack City Reply

    we own a non profit abused dog farm and lost 21 dogs due to the cold plz help need dog food plz reply if you want to help just eed dog food no money!

  92. Unpeace Officer Reply

    Republicans failing like usual

  93. j jon Reply

    It’s not climate change.its the DEW. Gov has weather devices to create fires in california/ blizzards in ny and hurricanes severe storms in other states.

  94. Art Filled Soul Reply

    Biden gave the grids to China . Allowed them to have control . Biden your a disgrace !!!! Between Gates & Biden welcome to the new 💩show !

  95. Cherie Allen Reply

    Weather warfare. Caused on PURPOSE .😈something to do with destroying voter fraud??? Just wondering.🧐

  96. Truth Teller Reply

    H.A.A.R.P is at it again. Weather modification.

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