UN warns Myanmar military as generals defend power grab


The United Nations has warned the Myanmar military of “severe consequences” if it responds harshly to the protests that have taken place across the country following the February 1 coup, as the military leaders justified anew on Tuesday the seizure of power from civilian control.
In an account of the meeting, Myanmar’s army said Soe Win, the regime’s second-in-command, had discussed the administration’s plans and information on “the true situation of what’s happening in Myanmar”.
Despite the UN warning, the spokesman of the coup leaders later said the military’s action to take over power was justified because fraud in a November election was not addressed, adding that it would hand back power after a new election.
Al Jazeera’s Scott Heidler reports.

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137 thoughts on “UN warns Myanmar military as generals defend power grab

  1. Htun Maung Reply

    Thanks for sharing post. SAVE BURMA..

    • Gary Graham Reply

      @Fred Gordon Herbert usa not the center of the universe, very little influence in myanmar, china big influence in myanmar

    • Fred Gordon Herbert Reply

      @Gary Graham Your leader Aung San Suu Kyi was an implant of the USA, but afther she tried fo create a closer relation ship between Myanmar and China, the USA had the milletary remove her. The USA don’t allow you to have a closer relation ship with China because Myanmar belongs to the USA.

    • Gary Graham Reply

      @Fred Gordon Herbert you’re wrong and learn to write properly

    • Fred Gordon Herbert Reply

      @Gary Graham Your leader Aung San Suu Kyi was an implant of the USA, but afther she tried fo create a closer relation ship between Myunmar and China, the USA had the milletary remove her. The USA don’t allow you to have a closer relation ship with China because Myunmar belongs to the USA.

  2. Green Bird Reply

    Anti military Myanmar people took part in Rohinga mass murder along with military. Tears of Rohingya will not go in vain. Myanmar deserves destruction…

  3. Philip Basumatary Reply

    Shame shame greedy general of Myanmar….. hanged him publicly

    • Julia Win Reply

      If someone kill that general, she or he will be a hero of Myanmar.

    • birdyards Reply

      @Julia Win Rambo can do it effortlessly

  4. Philip Basumatary Reply

    Mother of Myanmar Anny sang su kyi… release her soon…
    Fear God greedy general

    • Adhitya Chandra putera Reply

      Do mother of Myanmar fear God too when u and Anny Sang Su Kyi support Genocide Rohingnya?

    • chris crane Reply

      @Adhitya Chandra putera poor rohinga – just walk back home to bangaladesh

    • Tashfeeque Bakhsh Reply

      Anny got what she did

  5. bri bangs Reply

    The UN is useless,where is the Egytian dictator?What happened in Egypt was also a military coup

    • Mohe 0.0 Reply

      If it’s in the middle esst, it doesn’t count

    • Ahyan Reply

      @Mohe 0.0 and sponsored by USA

    • Khalid Syed Reply

      @Mohe 0.0 🤣🤣👌

  6. Dhani71 Isaac Reply

    Mampus lahh lu….Rohingya ethnic lu bunuh….pas tu kasi susah org Msia…phuiiii….lahanat lu

  7. Bryan Tan Reply

    UN: Warns Myanmar military
    Myanmar military: Or what?

    • Bald Guy Reply

      Nothing lol

  8. Moro Ame Reply


  9. Asao Magh Reply

    Please pray for Myanmar.

  10. maximus decimuss Reply

    Military is lying and they are suck at it
    They are rulling because of guns and of cause CHINA is backing their balls

  11. maximus decimuss Reply

    China ple stop helping for money and power ! We are humans too we have dreams

  12. Syed Sarfaraz Uddin Reply

    Monks were in deep slumber while the army was ethnically cleansing the Rohingya’s! The fire has reached thier doorsteps now??

    • chemon ather Reply

      They Lost humanity.

    • DAVID BATIN Reply

      You can’t call it ethnic cleansing if they are not an ethnic group of Myammar. Myanmar have 135 ethnic groups & Rohingyas are not one of them. Every ethnic group participated in the protest but I don’t see Rohingyas in there. That’s because they are not ftom Myanmar & Bangladesh is where they came from & that’s where they should stay.

    • Mikey lances Reply

      @DAVID BATIN they do ethnic cleansing in Karen state if ur not blind u should know it

    • DAVID BATIN Reply

      @Mikey lances There were attrocities that happened there but didn’t amount to ethnic cleansing. I know becsuse I am a Burman & part Karen.

    • newton min Reply

      @DAVID BATIN You should be at ICJ defending the military, not Sukyi.

  13. vinm300 Reply

    “It is not a coup”, says the military junta who have just seized power in a coup.

    • Osama Bin Laden Reply


  14. Renol Taen Reply

    The military are rewriting the constitution whenever it suits them. Making thief moves like nighttime arrests and suing cases against legit president and state counselor. Spreading 180 degree lies against protesters, media and public. It feels more like we are facing against some sore loser kids who want to win by playing themselves and their stupid rules.

  15. Dennis Wong Reply

    Myanmar junta do not want it own country to grow at all. All Burmese should rise up against dictatorship.

  16. rian mohammed Reply

    UN only warns weaker countries UN a don’t have the balls to say or do anything against China about Hong Kong such an shame UN should be disbanded unless they stop being a dog for powerful countries

  17. Neil Rose Reply

    Democracy is NOT grabbing power because you think the vote was fraudulent. SHAME ON YOU MYANMAR MILITARY!

  18. Mazam yar Reply

    It’s really bad but for how you treated the minority, you definitely deserve more than this.

    • Osama Bin Laden Reply


    • Mikey lances Reply

      Osama bin laden support military coup

  19. aneeq shaffy Reply

    Lol the monks can go fc them self what did they do to the rohingyas 😂

    • chris crane Reply

      poor rohingas should walk back home to bangaladesh or go to britain

    • Abdul Rahim Reply

      @chris crane
      Where are you living in Myanmar?

  20. Tsise Tsise Reply

    Wat a shame for the military leaders when the civilians protest saying WE WANT OUR LEADER BACK . how and whom are they going to rule without people’s support …..

    • chris crane Reply

      they did since the 60’s

  21. Benson Manners Reply

    You topple a democratically elected government and then claim it’s not a coup!

  22. MD SHIBLO Reply


    • Toxic Gamer Reply

      They came here in the 19th century it’s not their country moron

    • Shafa'at Jamil Reply

      @Toxic Gamer it isn’t a hard job to talk like educated people, so why don’t you mate?

    • Yè Phone Aung Reply

      We can’t even help ourselves, how can we help others?

  23. Srinivas S C Reply

    If UNO had guts, they could have stopped 1st & 2nd world wars. UNO is testicleless.

    • birdyards Reply

      FYI… UNO founded Oct 1945 right after WWII

  24. Shehroz Rajput Reply

    Military is ruling in thailand but no one protest and no global leader sai any word against military government of thailand why ??

    • Mickey Mouse Reply

      Thai are weak and compliant. The king (their God,,) and military know this. New generation is different and will change all and outlive the current powerful elites.

  25. Srinivas S C Reply

    Democracy has failed all over the world, since liers can’t be prosecuted. Military has done better than democratic countries like China, Cuba Vietnam etc. Mynamar was part of India, under moghul & british rule. Gandhiji got them a seperate country.

    • Leo Reply

      As a chinese myself I have to disagree with what you said. I think whether to be a democratic country or a more (benevolent) dictatorship style country really depends on the situation, e.g. the education level of the public etc. I have lived in a couple of western countries for many years. In some countries democracy works well and in some it doesn’t. Right now for me democracy is like buying a Gucci (I know it’s not a 100% accurate metaphor), it definitely makes you feel good and gives you confidence, but democracy does not create value itself. So if you are rich (you’re born in a rich country), it’s really really nice for you to have democracy, but what I don’t like about certain westerners is that they think everyone needs to buy Gucci and despise those who don’t wear Gucci, and this ain’t nice at all. Also, China is far from a military nation and its military expenditure by percentage is much lower than that of the states and Russia, even lower than Australia

    • Gary Graham Reply

      @Leo hi, born gucci but mostly bare feet, the riddle is: both; democracy that emphasizes people think for themselves, and, therefore; choose only competent benevolence so everyone’s happy and can get on with life, and, therefore; almost no need for democracy. government by popular constent. almost like taiwan, singapore, vietnam

  26. adar bapari Reply


  27. shams M zahir Reply

    What about 2nd video of Bangladesh…???All pm Man’s…
    Is it there?? We waiting

  28. Muhammad Sheikh Reply

    Military should open fire why waste resources if you want we can invade tho

  29. Snow White Reply

    Legally can’t use Facebook in Myanmar but I don’t know why Myanmar army and Myanmar television are using Facebook live

  30. ForFair Fair4 Reply

    Don’t you understand Those protesters are the one who voted for current Government and you areest their leader

  31. Poor Love Reply

    Myanmar army kill both my dad and my mom when I was 2 years old.please save Myanmar and give all people live in Myanmar peaceful life.👏🏼

  32. Ft ariful islam# Ft ariful Reply


  33. Mohammed Jawad Reply

    This is how Karma Works.
    Su Kyi defended Military Violence on Rohingya.


      She has no choice. She’s only a puppet to the military all these while.

    • Tashfeeque Bakhsh Reply

      Means see is nothing actual power is military

  34. Oscar reyes Reply

    These military will select the political party , sure no opposition party if they allowed an election

  35. Radioactive Detective Reply

    When organised bodies with tanks accuse people with only posters & flags of violence, u know it is bullshit

  36. Roosevelt Emile Reply

    The UN is not going to do anything. The UN has never solved any global issue since it came into existence.

  37. Ferd The Terd Reply

    It seems the entire world is fighting its own police/military im so scared for my future but if we fight we cannot lose, afterall we will just outlive all the elders doing all this bullshit

  38. Muffin Clyde Reply

    This is too much like America,right Joe!

  39. Fred Gordon Herbert Reply

    USA help the military coup in Myanmar under Trump to prevent her from developing a closer relationship to China. so blame the USA if blame any one.

  40. David Chinna Reply

    no great concern in zimbabwe when
    The military ousted mugabe

    • Mickey Mouse Reply

      Correct. Cos Mugabe was the devils man.

  41. Mikey lances Reply

    It’s not about election fraud they do that long time ago and still ongoing they lies

  42. TheGamer Reply

    China is the root of all evils in Asia. I’ve heard that Chinese soldiers were found in Myanmar to help Myanmar military junta to crack down peaceful protestors.

    • chris crane Reply

      so let west go in like terror torn hongkong, war torn korea vietnam, nuked unnecessarily japan, opium genocide china …

  43. Russel Kabir Reply

    Monks who don’t want dictatorship but are okay with ethnic cleansing and genocide.


      Exactly…what nonsense philosophy.

  44. George Morales Reply

    No conscience, no peace. Peace and the military are incompatible.

  45. Phil Roth Reply

    Don’t give up!

  46. Philip Chai Reply

    It is quite obvious that the Military would not want to give up their hold on power as they (the mighty Generals) wouldn’t want to lose their golden privileges through plundering the mineral wealth of the country, whilst the ordinary citizens remain poor. As long as they remain poor, the Generals could easily control the situation. It is about the most opportune time for all the people to rise up to the occasion and revolt against the Military. The foot soldiers should be encouraged by their families to abandon their posts by joining in the uprising. As long as their efforts are consolidated and unified, the Military cannot possibly slaughter the whole nation. It us time for Burma to become a true bona fide democracy since gaining independence and after the sacking of the Burmese Monarchy by the British. What the British (another Monarchist country) did wad shameful but nothing compared to what the Country’s own Military Generals are doing, enjoying the wealth of the country at the People’s and Country’s expense.

  47. Eric Bergström Reply

    I love how everybody is able to see right through their lie about it not being a coup. It’s basic human common sense, we know exactly what the military is attempting to do

    • De Drone46 Reply

      you don’t even know

    • Eric Bergström Reply

      ​@De Drone46 My wife is from Myanmar you moron


    Thé Devil 👿😈👹👺 NOBEL IS JUDAS . Reád perfect spañish ABADAN TRONO SAGRADO . Reád perfect spañish ABADAN FARUK ACOSTA SUPREMO A DIOSES ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡

  49. Lahori Bhae Reply

    Amazing! B4 monks @ military vs. muslim now monks vs. military..

  50. ruel agnes Reply

    It was not a coup but a military takeover,,lol

  51. Sky Watcher Reply

    Have hope and courage, Myanmar. Dark clouds pass and do not hover forever.

  52. Vincent Hernandez Reply

    Start dumping on these socialist leftist!!!! Long live freedom!!!! F*** the Rothschild war machine!!!!

  53. Karen Rivas Reply

    the Economy was Fail . because of Military Administration .

  54. chris crane Reply

    miserable – just hope uk usa west won’t finance it like terror torn hongkong or go in to help like korea and vietnam or nuked unnecessarily like japan – hope myanmar taiwan asia is not west battle ground again and again

  55. subatomic10 Reply

    Military must think the world is stupid believing their stupid lies

  56. Friendly-enemy Reply

    UN can only say “warn”, if you really concern and end this turmoil take action.

    • Mickey Mouse Reply

      Correct. Hot air only. Action zero, as usual.

  57. erik n Reply

    China soldier helping military coup to crack down protester. China virus are covid 19 and military coup. You might see some china soldier in myanmar video

  58. Dustin Montgomery Reply

    This is a ploy/deception by China to get the US to make a move on the Chess Board.

    Do not get involved unless the entire UN gets involved.

  59. Tinkle Tinkle Reply


  60. Sui Lao Reply

    If Myanmar have tons of gas and oil, Mamarica will step in and bring you Democracy

  61. আগর Reply

    Who cares?

  62. Yvonne Gonzales Reply

    Multiple kim version

  63. thang hoang Reply

    CCP style of control the world

  64. jaya tissa Reply

    What the military did was wrong and yet they don’t want the rest of the world to call it a military coup!

  65. MidniteSan Reply

    The needs of many outweigh the needs of the few

  66. Daanyaal Siraj Reply

    Would the British taking Myanmar black help?

  67. Rizaldy Cruz Reply

    I hope u will find you r freedom in end of dark tunnel

  68. min atosai Reply

    Well thief never say I am thief.

  69. D Legionnaire Reply

    UN HAHAHA , Smoking cigarettes on street corners when people getting killed a block away ………………………………………………..ex 2 REP FFL SNIPER

  70. Michael Tay Reply

    Myanmar Junta alleged election fraud without proof. They clearly abuse their powers just because they have weapons. Now they kill and arrest innocents. They stop their bank from withdrawal. They are worse than NK. United Nations must intervene.

  71. law swee guan Reply

    only if the wicked can mind their own business and stay out of other countries domestic affairs . believe it or not THE WORLD WILL BE MUCH PEACEFUL PLACE TO LIVE. Can you not make honest clean MONEY “not stain with blood and wickedness” BY NOT SELLING GUNS, BOMBS, MISSILES, THE STEAL, DRUGS equal to ROB KILL AND DESTROY

  72. Ali Baloch Reply

    Where were these protesters during the genocide of minorities?

  73. Rajon Ahmed Reply

    myanmer people saw how rohinga were victim by their military,,,,why they didn’t agitate against that genocide???????
    Now no comment,,,,,,

  74. Julius L. Angeles Reply

    President Nickelodeon

  75. Ahmed Sujan Reply

    thanks for the video

  76. 오재ohzay Reply

    Its KARMA taking place in myanmar
    Justice for rohingya people

    • ARMY Boiii Reply

      It was the same military… bro

  77. C.L. Reply

    Pretty hopeless, unless Heroes in the military emerges.

  78. kenny Z Reply

    This will never end if UN just give a warning on their mouth and all other big countries just watching with no action.

  79. Satyendra Reply

    UN is no more than mouthpiece of few big guns, Don’t know what happens to those billions which they show as expenditure of peacekeeping operations?
    I can’t see any ground work just comments and regrets 😏

  80. haters burn lover carry on Reply

    I think monks should start yoga and Thier prayers see if this helps to get rid of milatrys I thought monks are very powerful 🤔🤔🤔🤔 why aren’t they doing anything mmmmm

  81. Tommy Aung - TA Reply

    Aung San Su Kyi – The Truth
    Quote The world outside her country no longer sees Aung San Suu Kyi as the hero of democracy and human rights we once believed her to be, and few will campaign for her release with the energy and zeal with which they did in the past. And while she remains popular in Myanmar itself, that popularity remains unlikely to translate into the reversal of the coup.(Washington Post)

  82. Jean Descamps Reply

    They gave all sort of excuses. Idiots. Because their wallets are getting thinner……….

  83. Rosy Flower Reply

    save myanmar please

  84. Vergilio Marcaida Reply

    If those generals are confident that it is not a coup show yourselves on the ground do not hide behind the curtain.

  85. Shahzada Zulfiqar Reply

    Myanmar Military Is Trying To Tell The Myanmarians Actually What They Did To Innocent Rhongias

  86. Farhan Khan Reply

    Moral of the story: Whatever goes around comes around.

  87. David G-4 Reply

    UN SHOULD WARN MORE. THIS is not unacceptable from Myanmar Military. Myanmar Peoples want democracy.

  88. Gloria Hunt Reply

    Why is Myanmar doing something, but America is not???
    Just like Myanmar, in the USA the Military Industrial Complex , and the Security Agencies, are in charge.
    This was made obvious when the military told the 45th President “No,” he could NOT have a farewell military parade. (SUPPOSEDLY, the President is the Commander in Chief of the military. )
    An extremely important difference between the USA and Myanmar is that in Myanmar the people really did choose their leader.
    In the USA the Elite SELECT the Presidential candidates (probably at either Bilderburg or Bohemian Grove).
    Another difference is that the attempted Coup d’Etat in the USA failed, whereas that in Myanmar succeeded.
    A final important difference is that Myanmar only commits crimes against humanity within its borders.
    The USA, on the other hand, does not restrict itself in that way.

    Supporting attacks upon, or direct attacks upon, countries, which have NOT harmed the USA in any way, and the war crimes which come in the wake of these morally reprehensible attacks, are obvious examples of external crimes against humanity.
    I shall, therefore, confine myself to the relatively unknown internal crimes against humanity of which the Security Agencies of the USA are guilty on a none -stop daily bases.
    Below, I shall support this last assertion using a fairly recent incident.

    Do you recall the threat which Ms. Susan Rice, the former National Security Advisor under President Barrack Hussein Obama , made to Snoop Dogg? (Ms Rice is also amongst the first chosen for Biden’s Cabinet. )

    ‘Snoop, back the **** off. You come for @ Gale King, you come against an army. You will lose and it won’t be pretty.’
    Ms. Rice was in the world’s face, speaking LITERALLY and not figuratively!
    Allow me to elaborate.

    The USA has well
    over 800 (eight hundred) military bases!
    Over FIVE HUNDRED of these bases are located OUTSIDE of the USA (Even in Africa … AFRICA?!?!?)
    Everywhere these military bases are located, reports arise of 5G electromagnetic torture. 
    From Japan to Thailand, from England to the USA, the precise same reports of 5G EM torture .

    In case you are unaware that 5G electromagnetic weaponry exists, search under ADS (Active Denial System). You will find an ancient government video which shows a tank which shoots 5G electromagnetic radiation. (If this site has been scrubbed, you can still find videos of this equipment on mainstream media outlets. )

    The official government video denies that handheld versions of this electromagnetic technology exists. 
    Absolutely False!
    Handheld 5G EM weaponry has existed for, at least, three decades. 
    There is even a miniature version small enough to fit into a man’s front trouser pocket and still leave room for his hand inside the same pocket. 
    The power and range of this miniature gun can cause  heart arrhythmia in the Target, and , consequently,  death is a possibility. 
    This method is used to publicly execute a Target and have the death appear to be from medical causes rather than a CIA/DoD hit.

    (Another rather ingenious assassination technique which has been developed by the CIA/DoD is food suffocation.
    The food or drink of the Target is contaminated using a biological/chemical agent.
    Upon consuming the slightest little bit of this contaminating agent, the Target’s throat immediately tightly swells up. The food is trapped in the throat’s passageway not allowing the victim to breathe and leading to suffocation.
    The offending biological agent disappears from the victim’s system within minutes.
    Once again, We see a gendre of assassination which gives the false impression that the victim was not murdered, but rather died due to an unhappy set of circumstances.
    As an aside, the CIA scientists perfected (by the 1960’s)an extremely virulent cancer which is many times(but not solely used to produce throat cancer. All biological and chemical assassination methods are perfected using real, live, none volunteer subjects. )
    For information on CIA latest weaponry read Project Soul Catcher by Scientist Robert Duncan (who also wrote , “How to Tame a Demon,” a book exposing the CIA/DoD program of Targeting and experimentation upon innocent Americans).

    To go forward, I must now go back a bit. 
    Some of you may recall the disinformation apology of President Bill Clinton for the CIA/DoD developed Project MK-Ultra. (This apology is on YouTube. )

    In his apology, President Clinton greatly diminished the level of the human rights abuses,  as well as the intensity and horror, of the torture conducted by the CIA/DoD in Project MK-Ultra.
    Nor did he mention that routine killing of the victims, once they were deemed to be “unnecessary, “was “normal. “

    Additionally, Clinton failed to mention that these CIA/DoD developed projects were heavily reliant upon SRA (satanic ritual abuse) to achieve their trauma based mind control objective.
    (See the YouTube channel of Fiona Barnett, an SRA survivor, who was sexually farmed out to President Nixon and the Rev. Billy Graham as a child. She now receives a pitance in compensation from the Australian government.
    (NATO aligned Intelligence Services co- operate in these CIA/DoD projects. ))

    Clinton also neglected to mention that the sexual exploitation and trafficking of women and children is another integral part of these trauma based mind control projects. 
    (See the book,” The Trance Formation of America,” by Cathy O’Brian. 
    Ms. O’Brian is an MK-Ultra survivor (as is her child who was also sexually trafficked). )

    President Clinton solemnly promised that Project MK-Ultra would be terminated.
    He lied.
    Project MK Ultra was, in fact, RENAMED and EXPANDED. 
    One offshoot of this renaming and expansion is the Targeted Individuals Program. 
    (For more information on Project MK-Ultra, research “The Black Vault. “ )

    Ms. S. Rice was, therefore, in front of the world, in plain sight, threatening ‪Snoop Dogg‬ with being placed in this Targeted Individuals Program.

    A few of the elements of the Targeted Individuals Program are:
     1.  Being gunned, 24/7, with the handheld version of 5G EM torture guns.
    2.  Being used as a human laboratory test animals for biological and chemical weaponry (Like the two assassination methods mentioned above. )
    3. Being bombarded with high frequencies which destroys the hearing and damages the brain (check the back of the left eat, near the jaw bone, beneath the ear lobe for something which feels like a lump of dry skin , that may be a chip)
    4. Having  none-stop subliminal messages pumped into one’s living quarters.
    5. Being none stop subjected to extreme psychological and emotional trauma (in addition to receiving long distance shocks and EM gunning)
    6. Having your pets (and sometimes loved ones killed)
    7. Being asset stripped ( not just your money and jewelry, but everything, job, reputation, clothing, photographs, personal telephone books, e- mail accounts, e-mail contacts, identification,University documentation ..EVERY-THING)
    8. During the constant home invasions, your food and water is contaminated to facilitate the shocks, and EM torture which they administer. (The contaminant is probably lithium which is odorless and tasteless, and is an excellent conductor of electricity. The USA’s two decades long war in Afghanistan is not because of terrorism , but rather to obtain their lithium and other minerals.)
    9. Having your body contaminated with worms which were meant to feed on dead bodies, but which have been genetically modified by the Intelligence Agency’s scientists to feed on those still alive. (See photos on Youtube of two Chinese doctors who helped to expose the Covid 19 virus and, as a result, were punished with being infested with these worms by Chinese Intelligence. The telltale sign of this infestation is the blackened facial skin. These two Chinese doctors now appear to be be two Black men. )
    10. Being chipped like an animal. (If a Targeted Individual, or whistleblower, reads this comment and is aware of why miniature drones,which were the size of bees in 2008, are sometimes used to hover over Targeted Individuals, notwithstanding the chipping please contact me.)
    11. Being subjected to V2K … 24/7.
    12. Being gangstalked
    If you wish to research gangstalking  and Targeted Individuals on YouTube,  please note that the CIA/DoD have taken the precaution of scrubbing most pertinent videos and   placing VICE and other disinformation videos in amongst those of the few remaining real videos produced by Targeted Individuals.
    13. Having your living quarters sprayed with contaminated “smart dust” and mold

    For the daily life of a victim,  there is the video of Myron May. 
    May was painted by the CIA/DoD, and, consequently, the media as insane. Nonetheless , his video shows us something quite different.
    Watch his video. 
    HE is SANE. (To see his video go to YouTube search. Type in Targeted Individual Myron May. Go down to post by memory hole blog, James Lico, Dabbin Good and others. … many are working to keep the memory, and sacrifice, of Myron May alive.

  89. Gloria Hunt Reply

    Part Two

    It is of paramount importance to understand that the CIA/DoD habitually and deliberately insert elements into the Targeted Individuals Program which actually mimic a psychosis. 
    Adding these elements  guarantees that the Target will NOT be believed. 

    I have enumerated only a FEW components which form the  Targeted Individuals Program.

    Is it any wonder that when Snoop got wind of what was in store for him, he donned  that  red, white, and blue flag scarf on his head, and most humbly apologized.

    The Pentagon is missing 21 TRILLION dollars from its massive budget. It is safe to say that a potion of this missing money went towards the Targeted Individuals program!

    Vice -President Kamala Harris as a sitting member of both the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, as well as the Senate’s Select Committee on Intelligence was in all probability well aware of these crimes against humanity being perpetrated against everyday innocent Americans.
    If she had this knowledge and she and her colleagues failed to raise an alarm given the severity of the crimes, (and given that she took an oath to protect the constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic), then she and those sitting on these committees are complicit.

    It gets worse.
    Many of you may be acquainted with the book, “A Brief History of Time,’ by the brilliant, English physicist, Mr. S. Hawking. 

    Due to a tracheotomy, Hawking became unable to speak. ALS, then, rendered him unable to move under his own volition. 
    Unwilling to loose this unparalleled mind, British Intelligence outfitted Hawking with a  CIA/DoD  developed micro chip.

    According to Dr. Katherine Horton, (stop 007. com) when one thinks, unbeknownst to the thinker, the vocal cords vibrate.
    When an AI chip is placed in the area of the vocal cords, this chip is able to pick up any vibration from these vocal cords and decode the messages from the brain’s language center.
    Hawking also received a computer which could speak for him after the decoding had been accomplished.

    (It is highly doubtful that British Intelligence would have outfitted Hawking with this top secret equipment had  he not worked for them! There are also photos of Hawking on J. Epstein’s infamous pedo island.
    Epstein worked with British,Israeli and U. S. Intelligence Agencies.
    (Look up Travis Bonifield and Stephen Moore to hear the Intelligence cover stories. ))

    In one of his video conferences, Edward Snowden made reference to  the above mentioned AI chip; the difference being that Snowden referred to computer printouts  of the AI translation rather than a voice translation.

    Unfortunately, the CIA/DoD also developed another version of this technology. 
    In the second version,  not only does the chip tap into the Subject’s vocal cords and, brain language center, it also inserts thoughts.
    Target’s have all been implanted with this nano technology

     Have you ever wondered why the Swiss have almost as many guns per citizen as the USA, but lack the mass killers?

    When Rice said Snoop would lose, and it wouldn’t be pretty, you can see she was not exaggerating. 

    Once  one is in the program, it is for life!

    My name is Gloria Hunt. 
    I am a whistleblower and a Targeted Individual. 
    I live in C. S. , N. C.
    I am also NOT ACCIDENT PRONE. 

    Please check and verify everything which I have written in this comment. 
    Then PLEASE HELP TARGETED INDIVIDUALS by spreading the word. 
    Only a public outcry will stop the torture, the experimentation, and the killing.
    Thank you.

    P. S. Biden, in his inauguration speech, made no mention of stopping the endless wars where a bomb is dropped by American forces every 12 minutes.
    Over one million persons have died in Iraq alone. Iraq did nothing to the USA.
    The invasion of and war in Afghanistan has gone on for over twenty years under Republican and Democratic Administration s alike.
    Invading Afghanistan has been to the cost of countless lives and to the profit of none. It is time for an end to military rule in the USA … INCLUDING militarized, kill happy policemen.
    We have a military which is under the direct orders of the Security Agencies, the corporations and the Elite.
    It’s time to put people and lives everywhere FIRST!

  90. phantomtq Reply

    Guillotine is the only answer. Gather people and march into gov to hang these belly generals

  91. BeyondChange Reply

    People arent fools. Military thinks the world’s stupid like them

  92. FunanChenla1 Reply

    Any body can see the hypocrisy of UN . Su Chi committed crime against minority .

  93. Alvin Napenas Reply

    Spy assasin

  94. Wandering Android Reply

    this playbook is right out of the chinese communist party.

  95. suraphol vallasiri Reply


  96. gou thomzel doungel Reply

    Why UN is soo useless if im I will finish military coup

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