Protesters create gridlock in Yangon amid fears of violence


Myanmar’s overthrown leader is set to be released on Wednesday, but there is no sign yet that Aung San Suu Kyi will be freed.
Protesters are increasing pressure on the military to release her. Some gathered in central Yangon, causing traffic jams to try and get their message across.
Al Jazeera’s Scott Heidler reports.

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178 thoughts on “Protesters create gridlock in Yangon amid fears of violence

  1. Chinese-Russian nationalist friendship Reply

    We must remember Myanmar has been persecuting Chinese and minorities since 1967 and now blaming China for the coup that China doesn’t care about, even though China is the biggest economic donor for poor Myanmar.

    China should either give the minorities Shan, Kachin, Rakhine, Mon, Chin and Karen independence or annex northern Myanmar to China.

    • Min Tint Reply

      @s s I doubt china cares however I also don’t think the military would do anything without under-the-table support from china. Hope the civil disobedience movement and other forms of protests will put pressure on them. In a way, if China condemns this coup against democracy they will be told the same over Hong Kong and Taiwan. Targeted sanctions and freezing assets of the military elites and their families have worked in the past, many of them have sons and daughters studying abroad and many investments.

      As for USA I think they have many of their own problems to deal with. At least condemnation of the coup is better than nothing.

    • s s Reply

      @Min Tint lol, no working democracy would have an election where one party won like 80% of the votes. Clearly it was a rigged election

    • Min Tint Reply

      @s s So you actually believe the military claims that the election was rigged? If you have ever lived in Burma you will see just how popular the NLD is and how much people are united against the military, there are people I know paid to vote against the NLD by the military but they just took the money and voted NLD anyways.

    • Min Tint Reply

      ​@Renu B We did protest against the Rohingya crisis but obviously not in the numbers that are protesting now. During the time there were attacks on Myanmar population centres by extremists. The actions of extremists do not mean all of the populations should be blamed.

      In actual fact, the civilian government has never had full control over the military Military (Tatmadaw) member delegates are reserved a maximum of 56 of 224 seats in the National Assembly and 110 seats of 440 in the People’s Assembly. This is from the 2008 constitution that they wrote up to stay in power. Daw Su was extorted into defending them. We all know this as if she opposed them at that time the coup would have happened even earlier.

      Fast forward to 2020 now there is a real threat of reforms to the 2008 constitution therefore they panic as now they face potential incarceration for their previous crimes as they lose power. This is not about religion this is about democracy. We only want what is best for our country.

    • Abdishakur Yussuf Reply

      @Min Hlatt Htun Kyaw I don’t blame the Burmese people but I blame the military and Suu kyi for killing the Rohingya in the former and denying it and praising the military in the latter. But I prefer Suu kyi than total military control.

  2. Chilean Hussar Reply

    Without further initiatives, it may end up like Hong Kong or Belarus…

    • s s Reply

      that would be nice

    • MR HIGH IQ GAMER Reply

      @s s no that would not be good

    • s s Reply

      @MR HIGH IQ GAMER yes it would, hongkong is much peaceful now and so is belarus, the rioters/protestors are mostly gone now

  3. booty1997boyz Reply

    Support from a Cambodian in Lithuania. Let’s topple the dictatorship together. Many Cambodians also hope the same to overthrow the tyrant Hun Sen.

    • Yahya 55nana Reply

      Love Myanmar Love Tatmadaw❤❤❤

    • thargyi85 Reply

      Thank you.

    • Jack Vine Reply

      Sorry to hear also, didn’t know Cambodia also in same situation. I’m gen Z

    • LimpoDragxon Reply

      @Yahya 55nana You monster you like the military? Tatmadaw means military in Burmese.

    • Yahya 55nana Reply

      @LimpoDragxon …Yessss….Love Tatmadaw n Love General❤❤❤
      Democracy = Riots


    Trump seeing this be like:


    • Tai ton Reply

      @LTM this is what trump trying to do..create a lie that the election is being stolen…just that he needs more skill and power like that’s what he sarcastically comment..

    • Canal do Fred Reply

      @Tai ton Trump wants a small government and armed population. How tf would he want a coup?

  5. Hashim Al-Roubaie Reply

    The same dogshit leader that backed and is still backing the genocide to the muslim Rohingya.

  6. lionead arakan Reply

    China number one killer ..Myanmar military number two killer Myanmar public number tree killer…

  7. Min Hlatt Htun Kyaw Reply

    Strong cheer from your brethren in Australia. I, an Australian of Bama origins, pray best luck to our countrymen.

  8. Alternative Facts Reply

    These people where silent when there was a massacre happening. They deserve everything they get. Hopefully the military will use the same tactics of massacre they committed

    • JohnJJu Reply

      I wonder where are you in defence when the military massacre of the people of Myanmar and other tribes of Myanmar in previous years. Did anyone of Rohyngya tried to help protest or say anything back then? Don’t sit on the high horse and talk as if the people of Myanmar had not suffered like Rohyngya crisis. In fact the people have been protesting against the military dictatorship for half a century despise the massacre by the military. STFU if you know nothing.

    • Alternative Facts Reply

      @ASSASSIN ALVIN there was Buddhist monk’s ☸ leading majority of the attacks before the military stepped in. I don’t buy this nonsense that ppl didn’t know there was a genocide taking place in their country. Did the citizens have their heads buried in the sand? Well now the world is burying their heads in the sand .

    • Robert Nguyen Reply

      s s idio
      .have you thought that the military wrote that …she doesn’t control the country the military does..the military wrote so they can discredited are so stupid

    • Swam Htet Reply

      @Alternative Facts

      Do your homework first and comeback later.

      If Aung San Suu Kyi didn’t defend the Army in ICJ, the coup could have been done a lot earlier than this.


      @Alternative Facts She’s just a puppet to the military. No pity on her sorry…

  9. Black Mamba Reply

    She (Lady Hitler) needs to be punished for killing thousands of innocent Rohingya women and children.

    • Swam Htet Reply

      Do your homework first and comeback later.

      If Aung San Suu Kyi didn’t defend the Army in ICJ, the coup could have been done long time ago.

    • Peak Peak Reply

      Make sure you have analyzed everything about what you commented 🙂

    • Renu B Reply

      @He Dp ??????

    • Rab McDonald Reply

      @Swam Htet where is the leaders for the billion muslims?I haven’t heard them saying anything, probably coz it’s untrue and my guess is the truth is exact opposite of what you are saying, coz in UK and European countries that is the way things are by a very long way, and these religious people s never stand with other communities if they see something they disagree with and, would try cover up and defend what the brothers are doing everywhere

    • Tana Nata Reply

      @JohnJJu dogs are dogs

  10. Sneaky Intel Gamer Reply

    Useless protest! They should know that they are fighting against military. Peaceful protests don’t even work in democracies properly these idiots thinking peaceful protests will do some help under dictatorship. Violence is the way, peace is a lie. Take up arms, your equipment maybe low but your numbers aren’t. Remember French revolution, Russian Revolution, Chinese civil war and Eastern front in ww2.

  11. Silok 60 Reply

    The violent protesters will never triumphed over the new government as the majority of Myanmar citizens support the cabinet reshuffle and they see the violent protesters as political viruses instigated and funded by foreign powers.

  12. SN4 Reply

    Will it ended like HK?

    • LimpoDragxon Reply

      @s s no

    • LimpoDragxon Reply

      @s s the military did that to the protesters that’s why we hate the military

    • LimpoDragxon Reply

      @Benjamin VHLMang I know right very eveil

    • Goutham Sudheer Reply

      @LimpoDragxon Is the Farmers Protest in India Violent like in HK or is it Peaceful??

    • LimpoDragxon Reply

      @Goutham Sudheer I don’t know. Sorey

  13. Alexander Grahbell Reply

    to be fair , if the military wanted to move , these obstacles will just be cardboard boxes in front of a tank
    also its a bloodless coup ,

  14. Breakaway Bites Reply

    This is not longer a civil disobedient….. This is nationwide uprising!!!! So now parking car in the middle of the street …. This keeps getting better….

    • tommy aronson Reply


    • LimpoDragxon Reply

      @tommy aronson no u

  15. Thein zaw win Reply

    Yes, we are against the military coup.

    • Lorna Peruse Reply

      Am,from,trinidad,in,the, caribbean,and,I,saw,your,text,and,am,so,concern,for,your,country,,,thanks,for,your,text,of,concern,,,the, military,is,not,nice,at,all

    • LimpoDragxon Reply

      @Lorna Peruse …

  16. goose gander Reply

    Currently there are 23 card-carrying members of the communist party in the CIA.

  17. Andy Aziz Reply

    Save Rohingya

    • LimpoDragxon Reply

      Yeah who is killing rohingya is president now :/

    • God Soldier Reply

      Cant save them unless military is in power. Even in the “ fake democracy trial period “ the military still hold power snd do what ever they please. Military have to go

  18. AddY SaM Reply

    Who’s sponsoring this huge scale big protests….its need. Lots of money to. Organising this kind. Of protests 🙄😋

    • Paing Thwe Reply


    • craig h Reply

      pepsi max coz most people just enjoy living under brutal dictatorships rather than democracy s so they r not going to fight for their freedoms without a sponsor lol lol

    • I m nobody Reply

      All of us are protesting with our own will and with our own money. This is for our future and for next generation’s future.


      Coca cola ofc

    • Paing Thwe Reply

      @I m nobody they are misunderstanding bro. It seems that money is important in other countries. I don’t know. I haven’t even heard the sponsorship in protesting.

  19. Rosy Flower Reply

    please save myanmar

  20. odibo Reply

    american servants are protesting. you are an american puppet.

  21. Amma Ma Reply

    Myanmar Military Like terrorist.. they killing innocent People In Rakhael Rohinga..

  22. Cosmin Contra Reply

    Corrupted and nepotistic military is the worst

    • Thomas McGillivray Reply

      China backed they are now saying.

  23. Black Beard-23 Reply


  24. Je No Reply

    Junta -0.5 Vs Civillians +0.5

  25. No name Reply

    The military is now burning down the houses of railway workers who did civil disobedience. To see videos or pictures, go to twitter or click on my profile. I uploaded three video clips

  26. Solaiman Ali Reply

    Don’t release feku lady

  27. OttomanOsman Reply

    This is the result of military government stampeding on people’s rights too long.

    • Nick Kix Reply

      50+ years too long

    • Penny the Bully Reply

      Duh ? Ya think so 🤪

  28. Lord Harky Reply

    A worthless series of protests.. You will become Hong Kong 2.0.. You cannot defeat the military!

    • Robert Nguyen Reply

      Lord Harky military also has families..they are like humans alosThue fear also so if military won’t step down r day for rebel

  29. Grumbo991 Reply

    Burmese military is satan on earth. They need to be eliminated

  30. Raghavendra Govindappa Reply

    When willl Al Jazeera do a series seeking Democracy and Human rights in Qatar?

    • Pecinta Wanita Reply

      When india hands off punjab kashmiri territory and its people

  31. Fahad Alam Reply

    0:30 did they say “Azadi”??

    • Imthebest. cms Reply

      No. They are saying ‘we must win’ in Myanmarese.

    • MR HIGH IQ GAMER Reply

      @Imthebest. cms ya but it sound azadi means Freedom in Hindi

  32. Abraham Tsfaye Reply

    This channel loves protests and revolutions.
    How about protest’s and revolution in the undemocratic state of qatar?

  33. Georgeson Baite Reply

    When Aung San su Kyi will be free from prison …i think the court member say today..Plizz pray for Myanmar

  34. Opinion Plus Reply

    Is the military blind, their people hate them, so get out. Government/ Army, etc are put there to look after the people not , make their lives hard.

    • Nick Kix Reply

      Well they never cared about the people except themselves for way too long. And after 50+ years of military oppression and ethnic minority genocide, this is the limit.

    • JustOne Byte Reply

      You said it lol

  35. Tlanmawia Khiangte Reply

    Support from Mizoram for Democracy. God bless. Amen.

    • Goutham Sudheer Reply

      You people are One Step Away from Dictatorship. Had you people been part of Myanmar, then Mizoramis by now will also be Protesting for “Basic to Basic” things like Democracy.

    • LimpoDragxon Reply

      Are you Mizo? I am also but I grow in Myanmar so I don’t even know how to write in Mizo I only know how to speak a little..

  36. Death watch Reply

    These people said nothing to widespread ethnic cleansing and fascist policy towards minorities now they are crying because their military is cashing it’s checks.

  37. Gurung Gurkha Reply

    Support from a Nepalese-Canadian to our Myanmar friends. No to dictatorship.

    • Erina Nagasawa Reply

      Yes,im sure youtube comments will help.

    • Majestic Slav Reply

      @Erina Nagasawa you brain dead? They’re simply showing their support. It’s better than nothin

    • LimpoDragxon Reply

      Thanks! I feel bad for the rohingya people because who is the leader of the genocide is president now

  38. MR HIGH IQ GAMER Reply

    Support Myanmar Protesters

  39. Renu B Reply

    Seems they are tasting the cruelty which is already tasted by Rohingyas. What happened to these people when they were killed. So this is Karma now

    • Peak Peak Reply

      We didn’t killed Rohingya , The Military did . Ok ? We dont even have guns and how could we kill em ? By traveling more than 300 miles to kill em ? Use your brain bro . You don’t even know how construction of our nation works .

    • Peak Peak Reply

      And We felt sorry for not standing right in front of Rohingya in case we didn’t know what was really going on there since there is propaganda in the news that released from military officials

    • Renu B Reply

      @Peak Peak u r late dear. Killing of innocents can never be justifiable even if u hate that community. However, i dont know what happened to Myanmarese, the majority is Buddhist and we heard they are very peaceful community.

    • Rab McDonald Reply

      @Peak Peak I don’t believe story about Rohingya the victims, coz in UK and other European countries ,coz what is being alleged in Burma it’s by a massive gigantic scale ,where the religion of peace is allege is happening to them and what they are doing in Europe has been called an act of war on innocent European females

  40. Mike H. Reply

    The People have the Will to win! Time is on their side.

    • jaya tissa Reply

      I couldn’t agree more

    • Danial Rafiqi Reply

      I dont think the general is stupid enough to step down. Cuz he will be prosecuted

  41. jaya tissa Reply

    The military junta misjudged the people of Myanmar. The more dubious charges on Aung San Suu Kyi, the more resistance the military junta is going to face. Keep the momentum going on. It’s now or never !

  42. Ray Ray Reply

    When people are in pinch they find creative ways to deal with it,just like hong kong protestor with laser lights. After all, Necessity is the mother of innovation

  43. দেশ মুক্তি বিপ্লব Reply

    Bangladeshi News update please

  44. Dustin Montgomery Reply

    If the United Nations does not intervene, then there is no point for America to even try.

    And the rest of the world think they have any moral authority whatsoever? And the rest of the world judges America and her actions, but refuses to do anything?

    That is why Im pro-America.

  45. tommy aronson Reply

    So proud of these people. Go forward!

  46. Faisal Reply


  47. Ethan Clarke Reply

    These myanmar people came into US government’s socical media and created a storm there. Idiots!

  48. Robert Metzler Reply

    Myanmar aka Burma will get face more new military coup cause they did not change the way!

  49. Thee Marcopollo Reply


  50. Caring Sharing Reply

    Only autonomy along with an apology and compensation will be the right approach for the Rohingya. Regarding protesters, the Myanmar army should never repeat the massacre perpetrated by their Chinese allies in Tiannaman square. I still wonder, if the Chinese rose up again against the CCP, will the authorities shoot the protesters dead? If they do, at what point will they stop? If millions turn up, will the government still keep shooting until millions upon millions of dead bodies keep piling up on Tiannaman square? Given their lack of empathy, I wouldn’t be surprised if such a massacre were to happen. Share this post before it’s removed by CCP hackers.

  51. Sánchez Boy Reply

    Please don’t free ASSK. May Rohingyas be victorious insha’Allah. Allahu Akbar!!!! ✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾

  52. Gin Htoo Reply

    Free Our Leader Aung San Su Kyi.
    God blessed Myanmar.

  53. MS N Reply

    Where were they for Rohingya people?

    • LimpoDragxon Reply

      We didn’t know the genocide till 2014 or 2013. And that news became popular at 2018. Some people in Myanmar doesn’t even still know the rohingya crises rn.

  54. Enamul Haque Reply

    Aljazeera is double standard fake media! When democracy and Human rights will come to Qatar?

  55. Oscar reyes Reply

    The military will always commit power grab if the results of election is not in their favor

  56. Big Chris Reply

    This is far more peaceful than the title would suggest 😂🤣

  57. Vix Vix Reply

    Rohingya dead by thousands. Did u protest?

  58. Zahide Ahmed Reply

    Sorry but I don’t have much sympthy for these guys because I did not see them protest when there Rohingya were getting mascaraed in their home soil

    • LimpoDragxon Reply

      Who is killing rohingya is president now for your information and they kidnapped the good guys who were trying to stop the rohingya crises.

    • Zahide Ahmed Reply

      @LimpoDragxon Did they go out and mach tho like they now when there gernacide was taking place ?

    • LimpoDragxon Reply

      @Zahide Ahmed We didn’t even know the genocide until like 2014 or 2013. And good point we didn’t. We are very sorry for that also. But who is the leader of the killing (chief of Myanmar military) is president now so I feel bad for the rohingyas. They’re more in danger.

  59. Yvonne Gonzales Reply

    Rock stars vs military

  60. ချစ်မောင် Reply

    China is helping the Burmese army icj icc USA And as a Burmese citizen, I am asking the world to help.

    • Danial Rafiqi Reply


  61. SC 03 Reply

    That is smart 😂🤓…fight now or never… Don’t be chicken like hong kong…

  62. Renz Gonz Reply

    There will be frauds and no opposition parties in the promise election by the military, dont trust them

  63. Tsa le Reply

    Al jazeera’s Scott Heidler why did you guys not show the true story?
    People had been brutally beaten……shooting, burning down innocent places, and that they poison in drinking water.

  64. MNA Bhuiyan Reply

    Was there any democracy before? Aung San Sui Ki was just the statue of democracy and she ran by Military.

    • LimpoDragxon Reply

      Yes. At 1990 there was a first election in like 50 years because at 1964 the military did another coup. At 1990, the NLD party won in a landslide but the military couldn’t believe it and they house arrested her till 2010 and did another coup. But at 2010 there was an election but the NLD won but the military wouldn’t give the power to them. At 2015 there was an election and NLD won and they give the power to them. 2020, NLD won again but the military did not accept the result and house arrested leaders and did another coup…

    • Majestic Slav Reply

      Kind of. But not a full one. They couldn’t control the military but they had some say in how the country’s economic system was run

  65. Vergilio Marcaida Reply

    Never bow to military rule vicious generals are planning rescue from china they did not expect new generation loves democracy root them out.

  66. Jesus Sucgang Reply

    See the Hammer by looking it in the Map of Communist China

    Do YOU SEE the HAMMER?

    The Mallet Shape?!

    The Handle facing North Korea

    The Handle’s throat pointing and about to pierce North Korea

    The HAMMER’s HEAD facing south ward

    The Communist Seal is SEEN and EVIDENT in Communist China

    See Geography Taiwan will be taken by force to complete the 2nd eye of the Dragon

    Two (2) face dragon

    1. about to swallow North Korea

    2. about to swallow the Lion


    Philippines the Lion

    Palawan Island SNOUT

    Manila and Luzon FOREHEAD

    Panay Island the EYE

  67. Abir Ahmed Reply

    Where was these protesters when armies killed Rohingya muslim?

    • Hein Min Htet Reply

      Do your homework first and comeback later.

      If Aung San Suu Kyi didn’t defend the Army in ICJ, the coup could have been done long time ago.

    • Hein Min Htet Reply

      Burmese people didn’t even know about the Rohingiya genocide until about 2013 or something. It’s difficult for news to spread state to state in Myanmar back then. Not to mention the military was in power at that time and the only news we get are about fake news from MWD,MRTV such as how the Myanmar military is fighting for the country and such. There were no specifications about the wars, just the general news about it.

    • LimpoDragxon Reply

      @Hein Min Htet yeah

  68. matthew bennette Reply

    Aung San Suu Kyi is a killer whom had committed genocide against Muslim Rohingyas in Arakan.

    • matthew bennette Reply

      @LimpoDragxon Aung San Suu Kyi is not house arrest. She is have fun in Bahamas beach right now. We don’t believe she is under arrest the way she had denied the Rohingyas Genocide. What a shameful fate she had embraced for her coward like approach to the entire Rohingya ethnic. Cleansing by the Burmese Junta and supported by its lowly citizens.

    • newton min Reply

      @LimpoDragxon Did she tell you that the military is threatening her?

    • newton min Reply

      @Hein Min Htet You need to provide the evidences of what you said. The evidence of killing, raping, etc of Rohingyas is proven at UN, ICJ, etc. Even your burmese journalists were jails for those evidences. Where is your evidence?

    • JustOne Byte Reply

      @matthew bennette lol you insane 🤣

    • matthew bennette Reply

      @JustOne Byte lol you genocide lover

  69. Ralph Bolla Reply

    Go myanmar…

  70. Jwatch Reply

    Myanmar people go for your freedom of democracy !!! never be allowed under the Military like China people slave by their own government..

  71. Sunflower Guy Reply

    NLD should protest every 2nd day. Let supporters of the coup protest on these alternate days. It will clearly show how little people support it. Would absolutely humiliate the generals

    • LimpoDragxon Reply

      No it’s many because the military payed many people to stand with them and protest against NLD but still who supports military is very little. Even in the military, one third of them don’t support their own military.

  72. The Explorer Reply

    Military and police dont know how to manage economy wtf.

  73. Samson G Reply

    I don’t understand why the Military did it so blatantly??..low key they could have use other means and still get the result they wanted without the noise

  74. Yer Esclada Reply

    Fight for your right! Restore democracy! Kick out the idiot head of the military.

  75. Ryo Jiro Reply

    yeah evict the military in your community , retake your freedom your land, build a wall keep them out. make a perimeter, assign your own temporary leader. in this msituation, a unified anarchy is inevitable. make smaller community government, show the military they are not the authority. i a Filipino is on your side ,people of Myanmar my fellow asian. လွတ်လပ်ခွင့်နှင့်တိုင်းပြည်သည် ooh yeah google translate.

  76. Fardun Ibn Reply

    If Myanmar Military seize the education certificates of graduates who r joining this revolution or if They Put their parents into jail .. how u will continue this Good movement?

    • SicKo _XX Reply

      Even Doctors give up their licence
      Government stuffs claim they will not work until there is no democracy

    • Fardun Ibn Reply

      @SicKo _XX good people they r

  77. Bernard Wanjohi Reply

    Those generals have been ruling that country for far too long

  78. Ashur Binyamin Reply

    No 1: Don’t Only Hope On Government For Income,

    No 2: As An Individual Look For Different Self Income Not Only Waiting on Monthly Wages,

    No 3: Always Save The Little You Can And Think Of What To Do With It When It Become Good For Capital.

    It’s 100% Good To Have Different Ways To Gain Income

    Because Government have failed us so therefore let’s try and survive.

    • Richard milhous Nixon Reply

      Yes sure my friends told me about their gain I was so jealous because I wanted to invest next week.

    • Theodore Roosevelt Reply

      I just invested with Him yesterday I’m just hoping by next week my profit will be good too.

    • Grover Cleveland Reply

      I hope so too let’s just wait and see the feedback.

    • Lupita mary Reply

      What’s the minimum amount to invest I currently have a stimulus of $1500 and i’m ready to put into bitcoin trading .

    • Marvin vincent Reply

      Currently! investing with expert Dr James Scott is guaranteed and ever since then he has never failed to deliver me and my friends and to be honest I would say he’s the most sincere broker I have ever known.

  79. Naing Win Reply

    Let Democracy prevails in Myanmar.

  80. Johann Brandstatter Reply

    The military will do what they do best, as they have shown in 1988 – Kill their own people ! They’ll do this in a dignified Buddhist manner though. Does the ” world ” expect anything less ? As long as it does not interrupt business – not a problem !

  81. hplooi Reply

    Al Jazeera pronunciation: NOT ! But note that twenty years ago if the same happen, the reaction from the ruling elite (any ruling elite) would be MUCH much worse AND the reaction from media would be much more subdued. How has the world change?

  82. right s Reply

    Myanmar military reject

  83. right s Reply

    Please save Aung San su Kyi 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  84. right s Reply

    Please🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 help

  85. right s Reply

    HELP Myanmar 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  86. Danial Rafiqi Reply

    The general is not stupid enough to give up his power. Cuz when he give democracy back, he will be charged so the protest is fall into deaf ear really

  87. Kung Markatta Reply

    I hope they will have democracy soon. Greetings from Sweden!

  88. macau streets, world streets: papa osmubal Reply

    The world community is a bit hesitant in helping the Burmese because of what they did to the Rohingyas. Once this is all over and they will have got what they are fighting for, we hope they will have learned their lesson, and make peace and amends with the Rohingyas.

  89. yaseen meyer Reply

    Where was these people when they slaughtered the minorities in that country.

  90. Siervo Inutil Reply

    Isaiah chapter 24💢💪🇮🇱

  91. zztzgza Reply

    Military leaders really think that more force will work. Their time is up.

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