Khashoggi ban: US to impose visa ban on 76 Saudi citizens

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US President Joe Biden has warned Saudi Arabia “the rules are changing” in their relationship.
It follows the release of a US intelligence report which accuses Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of approving the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
But the US has stopped short of directly punishing MBS, and the kingdom has denounced the report as “false and unacceptable”.
Al Jazeera’s Alan Fisher reports from Washington, DC, in the US.
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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Micheal 2jz says:

    Hahahahahaha US cares about a Saudi citizen killed in Turkey 😄( US killed million people in japan Afghanistan Iraq Sudan ) created isis, mujahideen, taliban every one knows this bullshit and now they care about JAMAL what a joke , ofcourse they have something behind the scenes.

  2. Avatar Kabumba Christian says:

    The next one to take care of is the sheik of Dubaï !!!

  3. Avatar greymagician1 says:

    Ban them all

  4. Avatar S Rahman says:

    Like that’s gonna make any difference to some billionaire murderers. They hit there own Palace with endless women. 😂

    • Avatar Slave of God says:

      Thats what you think

  5. Avatar Salman BHR says:

    I’m waiting for Al jazeera to do a report on the qatari citizen who rapid a British women and killed her or report on the Australian women’s who got sexual assaulted in doha airport

  6. Avatar TIMMYSIPRANO says:

    While President Joey Demencha is at why doesn’t he also ban visas for the 19 high hackers from 9’11 . Lol 😂

  7. Avatar Baari Yare says:

    MBZ the UAE 🇦🇪 princess are worst than that man . They killed thousands innocent people in Yemen. Netanyahu is one of the evil people who killed thousands innocent people too in Palatine.

  8. Avatar raible 95 says:

    Oh wow, I would be sooo scared of a visa ban. America sure is cracking down on extremism.

  9. Avatar Warda Moha says:

    Walking in to die ! Subhannallah ! People kills each other because if politics.

  10. Avatar Cleo 22 says:

    Allahu Akbar ✌️

    • Avatar arsenal Fan says:

      This is not about islam

    • Avatar arsenal Fan says:

      This is all about politic

  11. Avatar Veen says:

    Only idiots will believe politicians care about humans and killing inocents. Its round two for getting MONEY or any other interests and playing with peoples head. If a politician is an honest person then the prostitute is a virgin.. (With all respect to prostitutes).

  12. Avatar St Peter’s says:

    Biden doesn’t care at all what happen to Khashoggi.He is just trying to get a few millions maybe billions from the Saudis for his own family. Hunters’ next trip will be Saudi Arabia.

  13. Avatar Sameer Ali Ali says:


  14. Avatar Alexandre Lezama says:


  15. Avatar A.K.A says:

    Joe Biden should also hold China for the human rights violation

    • Avatar Raquel Scada says:

      Maybe clean the US first so they will be more credible. Always remember when you point your finger, more fingers are pointing at you. If the US becomes clean, many will emulate her but that is not possible as the world is full of evil. Only possible if people will believe in Jesus, the true king/prince of peace.

  16. Avatar CJ Krug says:

    No visas during pandemic. Torturous.

  17. Avatar Andy Sammy says:

    That’s it? After all this time and “investigation”, that’s it????!! What if the Chinese leader ordered that a journalist be chopped up, what would the world do? The US government is a joke.

  18. Avatar Cheetah Gamer says:

    Biden knows that Saudi Arabia is a critical ally in the Middle east Biden won’t go too far.

  19. Avatar Maruf Habib says:

    Okay but what about general suleimani murdar case… isn’t it against human rights?
    Western are always hypocrite and use double standard

  20. Avatar Truth or Dare says:

    “bigger than any one person…” Sounds like when Trump said “Khashoggi is just one guy…”. Jut a fender bender during a road kill. Smh…

  21. Avatar Truth or Dare says:

    There’s a difference between “approved” and conspire to murder. Al jazeera why are you downplaying this with soft tones?

    • Avatar M Osman says:

      They’re in the honey moon vase with SA! They just kissed & made up, don’t want to stier the pot.

    • Avatar Truth or Dare says:

      @M Osman Oh cool… figured.

  22. Avatar Insight Stories says:

    Murderer crown prince, leave chair…….

  23. Avatar Rob Babcock says:

    So what does the Saudis think happened? Did Khashoggi kill and dismember himself and smuggle his own body out in plastic bags to make them look bad? We should cut ties with those murderous cretins and get out of the ME altogether. The US has caused enough bloodshed and mayhem, and our continued presence there only makes things worse. President Carter was 100% correct; getting away from oil is the most patriotic thing Americans can do.

  24. Avatar Ben Haj says:

    After milking Saudi Arabia financially by selling them weapons to kill Yemeni people suddenly, they realise Oh Oh there is a human right….what a hypocrite and disgusting game by a Western country policy particularly the U.S.

    • Avatar Mani Thangavalu says:

      US is at accessory in Saudi Arabia dirty games.
      They’ve been at it as

  25. Avatar Adam Robinson says:

    Pathetic that even the US won’t hold MBS to account. Really poor. A waning world power. Shows how power is slowly draining away from America. They are no longer the only super power on earth.

  26. Avatar Abdullah Qureshi says:

    why remind us of something that happened years ago with no context of it affecting anything?

  27. Avatar Ten Bears says:

    Please, enough with the dog and pony show for the audience

    • Avatar Jack Jill says:

      audience or affiliates

  28. Avatar Troy Smith says:

    MBS said he will take full responsibility so he should be banned.

  29. Avatar Dat Pham says:

    MBS: Oh yeah, you really got me there!

  30. Avatar Sadiq Jones says:

    did we forget about Kennedy? why is America always focused on what happens in other places with other people as if this place is innocent the slander against the leaders of Muslim countries never end. Biden will be the end of freedom in America.

  31. Avatar shaty lee says:

    as disgrace as it’s the faith of Khashoggi was he gone…. but masing with MBS is not good not only he’s next in line but has very big flower in the young generation… if he’s out and we know Joe is Iran Love I guess is clear.

  32. Avatar jesus is jerry allah is tom says:

    after the release of the murder report, king Salman and his son are going to step down.

    • Avatar Ramzi Suhair Qasim says:

      🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩mad goose

    • Avatar Slahudeen Hussain says:

      @Ramzi Suhair Qasim 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 Disgrace to Islam

    • Avatar Ramzi Suhair Qasim says:

      @Slahudeen Hussain don’t bring Islam

  33. Avatar Archankumar myana says:

    Trump never cared about values but only about interest. That too personal and party interests not national interests. 😂

  34. Avatar Garmen Lin says:

    Looks the the US is starting to actually care about human rights of their allies and not just their rivals

    • Avatar Jack Jill says:

      Black lives matter

  35. Avatar Azhar Malik says:

    No1 action Biden in shudi 👌🏻👌🏻👌🇮🇳

  36. Avatar Azhar Malik says:

    Justis for jamal🇮🇳

  37. Avatar Arjun Saji says:

    Saudi has nothing , it has some oil and that has made the country better without oil the Middle East is a big 0

  38. Avatar Danish Hussain says:

    Take action against MBS if you have evidence , what their citizens have done…did they commit crime???

  39. Avatar Fact Check says:

    I read the report.
    “Probably, suggest or we feel” are not solid proof.” I could say Obama Probably was behind Bin Ghazi or Bush was behind Abu Ghraib. But that’s not an evidence..

    Al-Jazeera is politicizing Jamal for Brotherhood agenda

    • Avatar Talal Alqahtani says:

      And lets not forget the CIA report about the “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq

  40. Avatar Attasays_ says:

    Oil talks MBS will offer vast amount of oil and US will never talk about who is khashoggi

  41. Avatar MM says:

    US talking about human rights is the real irony here.

    • Avatar arsenal Fan says:

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😀😀😀 true

  42. Avatar Soylent Green says:

    ..sounds more like a sketch from Monty Python 🤣🤣

  43. Avatar azmi abdul aziz says:

    No way the americans going to impose any serious ban on their closest ally.

  44. Avatar Knife Fight in the Big City says:

    Recalibrate not rupture ?

  45. Avatar Nizar Ahmad says:

    Can Biden apply same to Mossad

  46. Avatar Sa Ah says:

    This makes virtually no difference since he has recognised the crime but failed to punish the actual perpetrator. Other than trying to get the Saudis to tow in line with a foreign policy that is designed towards helping Israel dominate the mid east it achieves absolutely nothing.

  47. Avatar A Christian says:

    Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman must have received a message from Allah. Heaven forbid if they had a democracy in that patch of sand. And Crown Prince…of what? Take away the oil and you are NOTHING!

  48. Avatar The Mr. Man says:

    *_Who did they ban, protesters against the saudi government?_*

  49. Avatar Mike B says:

    Funny how biden will say something about Saudi human rights violations.. but won’t say anything against xi???? Hmmmmmm

  50. Avatar Mikeisright says:

    Good job America… I am sure that Saudi has learned their lesson…

  51. Avatar Demabior says:

    Soo air strikes on syrians is not human rights violations!?🤔

  52. Avatar Noman Anwar says:

    WTF just visa restrictions for 67 peoples 😂 if one of poor country done this kind of crime. USA will not stop to put multiple restrictions and ask country to hand over these criminals. And world known justice system (ICC) take strictly actions against him.

  53. Avatar Ilyas Abasi says:

    US needs 💰 more blood money 💰. Biden administration is doing great job and they are concerned about their national interest and petro dollars. You know what Saudi 👑 King is very rich and he knows how to convince Amreeka. Money matters

  54. Avatar Keyvan Taghaboni says:

    American hypocrisy “prince” butcher a journalist, without any consequences. If you have given the orders, then you are ultimately responsible. The United States already uses such laws RICO.

    But Biden chooses to just give Bin Salman a little spanking, do not do it again Bini and if you do it again, make sure no one sees you.

    Unthinkable. But all the weapons he buys, all the money he spends, hahaha. I am wondering what they are going to do with all those weapons.

    Double standards and hypocrisy

    The entire Middle East is being destroyed due to American double standards. Some countries can do whatever they want, behave how they want, and kill whomever they want, whenever and wherever they want, but another country is not even allowed to breath.

  55. Avatar Zakariya mohamud says:

    1:19 “We want a president to run america like a business” they said.

  56. Avatar Yousifbk816 says:

    You know what’s funny, the US and Biden bomb countries and innocent people yet when someone else does it or kills someone its like they’re the good guy

  57. Avatar Yousifbk816 says:

    Ok but will Biden be held accountable for the bombing that took place a few days ago?

  58. Avatar Shinen Job says:

    Something Trump couldn’t cos he was sucking Saudi’s Oil real good.

  59. Avatar Google Smells says:

    The prince is a joke!

  60. Avatar hyou zan ren says:


  61. Avatar Zuberi Lusweka says:

    This is why I Love This New American President Biden When He makes a Promise rest assured it will be Done!

    • Avatar Ramzi Suhair Qasim says:

      😂😂😂another lunatic

  62. Avatar Eric Vaughn Sachs says:

    AB: I wouldn’t have a prophet but 4 مُحَمَّد; he carried a sword, and his character was good, righteous… I feel the US should not give up diplomacy nor take sides so much between adversaries with respect to the history and cultural demographics of the Middle East… Freedom of Speech is how to protest 4 Human Rights… Sanctions I’m against because it hurts the working class of those nations mostly…

  63. Avatar barakaale ahmed says:

    Biden should take a step

  64. Avatar I am the Apostol says:

    With this “Green Deal” coming, it looks like Saudi regime is not longer needed in the area. Let’s see what the very next future brings us.

  65. Avatar F. Bab says:

    Trump looked away and got paid 400 bilions

  66. Avatar Art Khani says:

    AMERICA IS BACK! No more Trump to play with and laugh at. Trump was an American shart…. we’ve changed our underpants and ready to step back up to being the greatest super power and global player 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  67. Avatar Truth Seeker says:

    USA is building a big airport and more runways to bomb IRAN from Saudi Arabia as we speak but he’ going to punish them?!?!…riight.

  68. Avatar Rupali Chatterjee says:

    US is no saint lecturing the world about human rights should punish its war criminals first then speak of others..we Indians and Israelis stand with our ally Saudi Arabia UAE Bahrain

  69. Avatar Uganda zuukuka open an eye#LinaNahin says:

    Very gd move thax US

  70. Avatar Nou says:

    Travel Ban is it enough Joe! What is the role of US in protecting democracy, freedom of press ?

  71. Avatar vk45 de says:

    Where the Trump fanboys now?

  72. Avatar Abdul Kareem says:

    Mbs should be punished if found guilty. Also Trump Trump did same thing by killing quasim Sulaimani.

  73. Avatar Hitman-hah-47 KhanGamingLtd says:

    Good try to put the image by starting with this news
    It’s a hot news, looking forward to catching up with more stories from the past to steal the headlines.
    Trump didn’t workout now trying to use the headline from the past isn’t going to solve the problem.
    Keep it simple just be honest and help those in need and your image will fix itself rather dropping bombs on mud houses on poor children and families to make yourself a super power.
    It don’t work that
    Humanity isn’t stupid.

  74. Avatar MetaView7 says:

    what a joke.
    the cruisador of democracy, the champion of human rights, is giving nothing more than a token punishment.

  75. Avatar Amjedh Haleel says:

    salman khan

  76. Avatar Lovy Sir says:

    1400 years ago, grand son of Prophet was Slaughter by Yazeedi Regime ,is still in search ?
    After one year, it is not clear ,who was behind the dissolving of the body of JAMAL KHASHOGI into acid.

  77. Avatar Amjedh Haleel says:

    it is going to be fun..!

  78. Avatar umur ozturk says:

    Saudis suggest unbeliveble money to Turkish Gov for close investigation.Turks reject that.İf Turkish gov accept that money,nobody know what happaned Khasiggo .because Us Gov try to close in Trump times, saudi’ master is Us

  79. Avatar Alishahzad hassan says:

    Give money to close their mouth

    America the great killer murderer of the time
    Selling Arms is their main Business
    Supporting them in Yemen just for their business

    America always playing Blame Game
    Palyed blame game in Afghanistan
    And left Pak Army Alone in the war

    Alhamdulillah we win the War Against terrorist
    And only country who win this War

  80. Avatar New York City says:

    What about killing thousands in Iraq? Some will sell their soul or kill just for power and money

  81. Avatar Ahmed Farahsource says:

    Because he did, But he’s rich. So it’s okay

  82. Avatar Zhang Wei says:

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  83. Avatar Sid J says:

    China, Russia and Saudi Arabia officials all laugh at America. They’re just like “ok, this one is saying something let’s see what’s the next one says in couple years”. While sitting on their everlasting throne of power.

  84. Avatar Desh Kranti says:

    Saudi crown should expose infront of this world

  85. Avatar Menaceagainstpeace says:

    Saudis are our REAL ENEMY

  86. Avatar Vergilio Marcaida says:

    Turkey is not saudi arabia . Murder is no place like home.

  87. Avatar Sami Naser says:

    ماذا عن بن سلمان ! هل هو من ظمن ال..76 !!!

  88. Avatar Ramzi Suhair Qasim says:

    . Hey Biden Saudi citizens are the humanshilds to the Saudi Royal Family. Saudi s don’t care for this threats, not in your dreams even to use the word ‘punishment’ to the Saudi Royal Prince MBS. Saudi Arabia don’t care about anyones threats,their bold arrogant wealthy people, you need them.

  89. Avatar Glaurung Maddar says:

    Such a punishment . What a joke

  90. Avatar All life Matter says:

    I hope Saudi get down with Iran 🇮🇷 and kill every Biden worker

  91. Avatar Fred Max says:

    Biden said that the U.S. does NOT need to be selling any arms to Saudi Arabia………While Dotard was in office, the Saudi’s acquired two free ones…..Khashoggi’s!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Avatar Renticia Art Gallery says:

    Duh the late journalist was asking for it never make it that too personal with any Arabian Peninsula Royal leader that’s how thier monarchies founded they fought in bloodly wars for long years of revolution never attack an Arab Royal leader crossing their redlines lessons learned smh
    One cannot impose neither establish democracy in a country founded through monarchy

  93. Avatar Mase Sero says:

    Saudis do not care, it iso funny how the contradiction in managing and reacting to human rights invasion. They have massive interests in Saudis affairs, oddly enough.

  94. Avatar Shaitan Shvan says:

    Lol, travel ban. What a farce.

  95. Avatar James Morton says:


  96. Avatar Amee Kay says:

    Including MBS?

  97. Avatar Amee Kay says:

    Sanction on Russia over the poisoning of a Russian opposant
    It’s about business….

  98. Avatar Jack Jill says:

    With love from America: Hellow Saudi

  99. Avatar Health is wealth says:

    Money talks dude

  100. Avatar SK MINHAJ says:

    Big political game against Saudi Arabia

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