Myanmar steps up crackdown after China-backed factories set ablaze

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As more protesters head out to the streets in Myanmar, China has renewed its call for the military to take more action to protect its people and companies.
This comes after more than 30 Chinese-backed factories were torched in Yangon on Sunday.
Al Jazeera’s Scott Heidler reports.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar abdihamid Kashka says:

    I suggest the only solution to mayanmar problem is the UN and the US to set 48 hours ultimatum. For the junta to step down’ failure to do so will cause a military conflict.

  2. Avatar tina kapoor says:

    Sushant Singh Rajput sirji died and no one is reported on this instead Myanmar is being reported 😭💔

    • Avatar tina kapoor says:

      @Sapratik Debbarma u r immature not me , Hindu dharma Amar rehga ,Tu sala ladki se BAAT Karna SEK le

    • Avatar tina kapoor says:

      @Hrutu u r dumb blaming ur own military shame on u . We Indians are respecting loving our army all the time ,u r a disgrace come to Hinduism

    • Avatar tina kapoor says:

      @Yaaro Ka Yaar I only support my Bharat no one else. Ur country matter is ur internal matter. Stop lying about ur army shame on u , we Indians can die for our country we love and respect our Indian army while u cowards hating ur own army is so wrong shame on u ,always respect ur army. Indian army jindabaad Amar rahe Tu

    • Avatar tina kapoor says:

      @Yaaro Ka Yaar Jana ta Japan poonch gaya tu cheen 😂😂 sala China atyachari sab yellow race

    • Avatar Sapratik Debbarma says:

      @tina kapoor Talking to u is like trying to make a street dog understand what is happening right now. Let’s have a moment of silence for her

  3. Avatar Thomas McGillivray says:

    Hong Kong type crackdowns….what a coincidence.

  4. Avatar Food says:

    Soldier and police with coup is terrorist

  5. Avatar Aghor anand says:

    Qatari propaganda TV self labelled media aka Al- Jazeera is on 🔥 fire!

  6. Avatar Entao Lu says:

    ~!~~~covid-19 originated in the United States. Two virus leaks occurred in the Fort Detrick Biolab in the U.S. in 2019, and the United States virus infected the world.Americans are trying to hide the truth

  7. Avatar kaihtheloner says:

    China will just keep vetoing any attempt by UN to help Myanmar.

    • Avatar 金英文二世 says:

      @Han Hsu Naing *China can abandon “competition” and withdraw investment. This will not affect China. In 2014, Chinese investment in Australia was 16.5 billion Australian dollars. Because Australia closely follows the US anti-China strategy. In 2020, Chinese investment has shrunk to 1 billion Australian dollars, a decrease of 93%. Australia’s 30-year economic boom has ended and is no longer attractive. Australia’s economy may never recover.*

    • Avatar 金英文二世 says:

      @Han Hsu Naing *No one likes quagmire!*

    • Avatar 金英文二世 says:

      @Han Hsu Naing *The CCP is concerned about developing its own economy and promoting people’s living standards, and is not interested in competing with the US. Americans likes to be the leader of the world, the world police, but Chinese are not. Chinese are businessmen, Chinese are all over the world, but they never participate in local politics. They rarely participate in local elections.*

    • Avatar K Y says:

      wth is wrong with Chinese trolls? it really reveals who they are.

    • Avatar Maya Pring says:

      @金英文二世 I hope that Chinese women will stop investing on and fantasizing white western men while dumping chinese men, I hate it when Chinese women always describe Chinese men as “small” & “ugly” that’s there reason for chasing after white men & having half white baby it’s ridiculous!!

  8. Avatar Mark says:

    China bankrolls Myanmar”s military through taxes and loans. It also contols most of Myanmar’s power transfer stations and the country’s manufacturing revenues. So Myanmar’s military is just a puppet regime (that answers only to China).

  9. Avatar Mott Scottison says:

    Why should China support the Junta when Aung San Suu Kyi defied the West to join BRI? People are just stupid to believe every western propaganda they read, especially when the West tell them ‘democracy is at risk’ and they become mindless zombies.

  10. Avatar Always Right says:

    Al Jazeera – a fake news network belonging to the United evil States.

  11. Avatar Huuquyet Trần says:

    Peace for Myanmar

  12. Avatar Narendra Mishra says:

    Bad very BAD 👎

  13. Avatar hlamaung omthang says:

    Myanmar terrorist fired China factories there are many eyes witness

  14. Avatar hlamaung omthang says:

    Terrorist is means killers

  15. Avatar tina kapoor says:

    The milltary never killed rohingyas it was the the buddist civilians and the monks and that Aung. These buddists are now blaming it all on military so that ppl will help them fight military

  16. Avatar ardi jeams says:

    0:00 I saw tiktok girls

  17. Avatar Edgar Mendoza says:

    Condolence for the mother

  18. Avatar 刚刚 says:

    “human rights” groups…LOL you can say the word CIA… we all know it…

  19. Avatar the watcher says:

    u.n. is useless!

  20. Avatar 刚刚 says:

    lets face it. it’s the Vietnam war scenario once again… U.S backed “democracy” movement clashing with China backed socialism…China provides jobs and opportunities while Americans are pushing for conflicts… If Myanmar military falls, the country will be another Syria Iraq or Afghanistan…. for sure.

  21. Avatar Go Far says:

    … anarchism to civilian properties… bad move of protesters…

  22. Avatar Go Far says:

    ?… india still too quiet…?

  23. Avatar lsy620415 says:

    If Myanmar’s militia wants to participate, I want to join as a mercenary, and I hope it helps a little bit in getting rid of the Myanmar’s killer dictator. As a South Korean citizen, it is not a waste to devote myself to the democratization of Myanmar.

    • Avatar Baw Kyaw says:

      I am seeing a lot of support from Korea. Thank you brother! ❤️ We truly appreciate it!

    • Avatar 金英文二世 says:

      You will become a pile of mud, Myanmar has always been a paradise for drugs, gambling, poverty and war, and one of the most chaotic areas in the world.

  24. Avatar Riyaq Mohamud says:

    Praise to the military

  25. Avatar Abdul Hakim says:

    This is what should have to happen now. When the mayanmar army attacks rohinga to push them into Bangladesh and the whole world remains silent.

  26. Avatar joeru1996 says:

    I support the military

  27. Avatar Ko Ohn says:

    No need UNO and human right ,dissolve.

  28. Avatar alaa nady says:

    The first test to Biden and his foreign policy in far east .

  29. Avatar 金英文二世 says:

    *The United Nations is a diplomatic institution, NATO is a military institution, and ASEAN is a trade institution. The only international military organization in the world is NATO. Please NATO to enter Burma and bomb it wildly!*
    *Ask the United Nations and ASEAN to impose economic sanctions on Myanmar, just like economic sanctions against North Korea, cut off its energy and food, starve all Burmese people, and the world will become clean!*
    *The UN economic sanctions against North Korea, Kim Jong-il has a very good life, the North Korean people are starving to death! With the economic sanctions imposed by the United Nations and ASEAN on Myanmar, the generals are living well, and the Burmese will starve to death.*

  30. Avatar muhammad yusuf says:

    It pain me to write this … But , the truth was this is a domestic problem of myanmarese people . Until all the partys involved are ready for a meaningfull and constructive dialogues nothings will be over … Indonesian are lucky that our military are brave enough to step down from the limelight for the greater good but i haven’t see enough myanmarese military sincerity to address the core problem of their own making and move forward for the betterment of myanmarese people…

  31. Avatar 新竹造車 says:


    • Avatar JAGDPANTHER 222 says:


    • Avatar JAGDPANTHER 222 says:

      @kenny Z Quad+Taiwan=🐖🐕‍🦺🦧🦍+💩

    • Avatar JAGDPANTHER 222 says:

      @Ashrith Ash India = 1309400000+💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

    • Avatar Ashrith Ash says:

      @JAGDPANTHER 222 🇨🇳🐽🐖🐖🐽🇨🇳💩🐽🐖🇨🇳🇨🇳🐖🐽🐖🇨🇳🐽🐖🐽🐖🍜🐽🐖🐖🇨🇳🐽🐽🐖🐽💩🐽💩🐽🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🐽🇨🇳🐽

    • Avatar Chakir says:

      @JAGDPANTHER 222 😂😂

  32. Avatar Tewetso Kapfo Focus Afterlife Living says:

    World please help my neighbor Myanmar 🙏😢

  33. Avatar Yoshikage Kira says:

    This horrible… when is the UN going to get involved?

    • Avatar Angga Surbakti says:

      they already condemned the military and sanctions are discussed but for military intervention, need to wait until casualty reached thousands like in Kosovo until peacekeepers deployed

    • Avatar Yoshikage Kira says:

      @Angga Surbakti yeah they’ve usually been quite incompetent in the beginning of massacres

    • Avatar Maya Pring says:

      @Yoshikage Kira UN isn’t capable of enforcing anything if it’s being block by other country ever heard of UN security council? it’s members are USA,UK,FRANCE,CHINA & RUSSIA for example the rohingya genocide investigation was blocked by Russia & China so nothing happened.

  34. Avatar Daniel says:

    China step into Myanmar state affairs will be attacked by anti China groups, but China don’t step into Myanmar state affairs, anti China group also attacks China.

  35. Avatar sjishah says:

    West and human rights, double standard hypocrisy at the peak.

    • Avatar Chakir says:

      Double standards? hhhahhhahhhahhahaha are you acting so stupid or just want to be funny?

    • Avatar K Y says:

      wth? China is to blame.

  36. Avatar 자유인 says:

    People of the world please support Myanmar democracy. Two country is helping Myanmar military coup which I won’t say . support Myanmar UN HELP MYANMAR.From Korea

  37. Avatar ki d tom says:


  38. Avatar AVFC Band says:

    Remember 3 – 5 years ago you drove the Rohynga’s out of their home, now here is the karma for this.

    • Avatar David Naing says:

      @AVFC Band How convenient, generalizing everyone in Myanmar hate Zionists by the actions of the Myanmar military. Smh…
      How am I being ‘a dog to the Zionist’?

    • Avatar David Naing says:

      @AVFC Band Btw, are you just ignore the fact that you showed support towards ‘State sponsored terrorism’, the killings of innocent lives?

    • Avatar AVFC Band says:

      @David Naing Why do you think that they brought in a law in YOUR land to say only people who can prove they belong to Myanmar can stay in Myanmar, it’s because of the $$$ given to the Myanmar army by the Zionist, but they keep that from you, because you guys are mushrooms.

    • Avatar David Naing says:

      @AVFC Band Lmaooooooo… if only what you are saying makes any sense *smh*

    • Avatar AVFC Band says:

      @David Naing See you just proved it that you are a dog to the Zionist. Otherwise you would’ve thought about the past in Palestine how Israel came into existence, how the Zionist brought out the British Army during WW1 & made turned the British into their Bulldogs, now they’re playing with the WHOLE world so they occupy half the Middle East

  39. Avatar sh jung says:

    we should help them. we should destroy china

  40. Avatar Ameen Salhe says:

    India said for that Myanmar burning China factory because Myanmar buddies boss Indian PM RSS terrorist very simple .

  41. Avatar win htut says:

    At the UN Security Council, evil China always veto.
    It is China to blame for the killings in Myanmar.
    Kick out China from UNSC and Myanmar.
    Attack both China and his stepson Min Aung Hlaing.

  42. Avatar Stella Luminant says:

    I hope miyanma has independent
    And hongkong, Wegrou

    • Avatar Y.H T says:

      I hope Kim Jong Un will unify the Korean Peninsula。

    • Avatar 김성근 says:


  43. Avatar Amy Ee says:

    be strong Myanmar 😥

  44. Avatar Truth About Lies says:

    Myanmar people need to stop buying into The West democracy B.S.!

  45. Avatar rlacnsqo all says:

    The head of the Myanmar rebels should be removed.
    The UN is not functioning properly. Let’s dismantle the United Nations
    It is necessary to create an international organization that excludes China.

  46. Avatar demetrius alexander says:

    Release the rohingya back to myanmar.. let them kill the junta.. this time with the support of ordinary myanmar people..

  47. Avatar 我们的目标是星辰大海 says:


  48. Avatar James Howlett says:

    If UN fails to act now, then I don’t why it is still relevant…

  49. Avatar Sev Raonic says:

    At least a Doha based news organization is now a bit neutral toned on this reporting.

  50. Avatar naychi lin says:

    yes, they are the most abusive military in the world. I can hear the gun shot while I am watching this news. We dare not go outside.

    • Avatar Soldat ᚦᚬᚩᛅᛄᚢᚠᚻᛈᛉᛋᛏᛒᛖᛗᛠᛢᛣᛥᚸ says:

      hi from chinese i hate militery

  51. Avatar George Varghese says:

    Not only medical but all order nary people of Burma

  52. Avatar George Varghese says:

    India must repent for surrending Beijing’s place in in

  53. Avatar ConservativeCutiepie007 says:

    UN took money from China since COVID started and until now.

  54. Avatar ချစ်မောင် says:

    China is helping the Burmese army icj icc USA And as a Burmese citizen, I am asking the world to help. Plesae nato

    • Avatar sro yako says:

      China won’t interfere in your internal affairs,you believed fake news made by antiChina Milktea Alliance and NGOs etc,they want frame China,you know it’s Aung San Suu kyi want China to invest in Myanmar,including those factories attacked by your people,you know many Chinese saw those terrible news about Myanmar and support you at first,but you hate China and want kill Chinese ,now don’t involve China,just let USA send democracy for you

    • Avatar the king minn says:

      So many Chinese racists under your comment.

    • Avatar Modi Superpooper 2020 says:

      Have fun believing those Western propaganda. See you in 1 year when your country turn into Libya, sorry I meant “freedom and democracy”. 🥱

    • Avatar NCBlizzard says:

      @the king minn Facts and common geopolitical sense doesn’t care about your emotional whining.

    • Avatar the king minn says:

      @NCBlizzard you seem pretty emotional. What I stated was a fact. There are Chinese being racist and that is a fact. Being factual and being racist are 2 different things.

  55. Avatar President Xi Jinping's pox doctor says:

    UN prefers to focus its attention on “white racism”

  56. Avatar Cire Edward says:


  57. Avatar J J says:


  58. Avatar Answering Machine says:

    so far the only relatively peaceful solution i can see would be Myanmar might have to split like north Myanmar and south Myanmar where the military take the north and the civilian takes the south. Of course both side would have to agree. Something like north and south Korea, where to north is back by China like with the situation now.

    • Avatar mitsunori222000 says:

      Myanmar people are united against the military. At least thank you for suggesting a peaceful solution. Now back to cloud cuckoo land.

  59. Avatar Marco Carella says:

    This is the moment to invade myanmar and overtrow the military junta

  60. Avatar Akar Hein says:

    The fire was started by the military dogs and blame it on us. That is one of the stupid things the military dogs do. Lies. Lies. Lies everywhere on the news, TV and radios. F*ck the military coup.

  61. Avatar 좀피디 says:

    꼭 살아남아서 민주주의 세상에서 살아주세요

  62. Avatar 中国大哥 says:

    I saw a person in charge of the Myanmar Human Rights organized in London in this twitter said that if the Burmese military killed a Burmese, they burned a Chinese factory.But my question is, this person’s name is the name of the Burmese, but looks like the appearance of the Indian, Banglades. Obviously he is a Rohingya. Why does Rohingya be enemies with China? The current leader of the East Turk Islamic Party is also a Rohingya. Rohingya wants to fight against China?

  63. Avatar Andarnyawa M says:

    Love myanmar from indonesia

  64. Avatar Michael Tay says:

    What can the useless UN do? They are just barking dogs. They talk 🐓 about human rights against many countries. The evil inhuman Myanmar military seize power and kill innocent citizens who have nothing in hand to defend themselves, UN do nothing to stop the killing. Only idiots trusted them.

    • Avatar Stevanus geraldo Pakpahan says:

      UN actually does have the power, its just china will veto any attempt to help myanmar

  65. Avatar TISH KerrVille says:

    the pain in those peoples’ eyes 😥

  66. Avatar 김성근 says:

    Pray for Myanmar ♡♡♡

  67. Avatar Jen Nny says:

    Junta militernya rakus kekuasaan. Rakyatnya saja tak mengakui kepemimpinan mereka. Kasian aman krlakuannya

  68. Avatar Safrizal Ibrahim says:

    Save Rohingya 🙏

    • Avatar Yum You says:

      This is not about the Rohingyan people.

    • Avatar Chakir says:

      @Yum You what is it about? You want to cry for human rights? 🤔 you can just change your name to DOUBLE STANDARDS

    • Avatar Yum You says:

      @Chakir It’s about the Military coup, not the Rohingyan people.

    • Avatar Chakir says:

      @Yum You DOUBLE STANDARDS 🤬😡🤬😡🤬💩🤬😡🤬😡🤬💩🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬💩

  69. Avatar Alex Rios says:

    Brutal military Dictatorship must come down, Until victory courageous people of Myanmar 🇲🇲 !!

  70. Avatar Kumikō くみこ クミコ says:

    *Tiananmen Square, Massacre Beijing 1989*

    *Return from the death.*

  71. Avatar Dreamer says:

    Support Military coup

  72. Avatar Joel Guiton says:

    If China want cheap labour in a war torn corrupt country then they should shut up and put up with the consequences.

    • Avatar YOUTUBEMediator says:

      Stop watching your countries FAKE propaganda! There world is a lot bigger than listening to your corrupt governments feeds which are nothing but inaccurate information just to make you believe they are righteous but indeed they are not!

    • Avatar 金英文二世 says:

      *Since the end of World War II, Myanmar has been a paradise for drugs, gambling, poverty and war, and one of the most chaotic regions in the world.*
      *If Burmese do not enter factories as laborers, the only option is to continue to grow drugs.*
      *China can withdraw investment and build a wall on the border like the United States, so that Myanmar can fend for itself without harming China’s interests.*

    • Avatar Joel Guiton says:

      @YOUTUBEMediator dont if your talking to me or not, but I can guarantee my government propaganda is NOT fooling me.

  73. Avatar Nicky Banks says:

    Look up George Sorros .. thank me later

  74. Avatar I am hansam. FUCK กูคนขวางโลก says:

    UN​ Thailand​ ARME​ go​ go​ go

  75. Avatar Alex Russo says:


  76. Avatar GameFilmHub says:

    The UN needs to step in Now ! And the allies need to tell China to back off.

  77. Avatar LD Hrangchal Hmar says:

    The question is what is the UN main objective and why was the UN created for….😊

  78. Avatar sj yi says:

    If you are threatened by the military, avoid the Korean Embassy, the Korean Cultural Center, or the Korean Green Zone. The Korean people and the Korean government will help the people. Don’t die and live. I hope you achieve democracy.

  79. Avatar Dead Pool says:

    Us sponsored disorders

  80. Avatar Dead Pool says:

    Yankees go home

  81. Avatar AM M OB says:

    We shouldn’t buy and products and services from those companies and businesses. The best thing to do is not to spend our money.

  82. Avatar S Dua says:

    Please help save Myanmar 🇲🇲
    Stop watch world
    We don’t have time
    Pls help save Myanmar 🇲🇲

    • Avatar smith tom The frog in the well says:


  83. Avatar Nom Nom says:

    US is fighting China’s proxy war.
    Democracy must prevail and people should be supported by the world.
    New North Korea a.k.a China should be defeated in Myanmar

  84. Avatar Ruzbihan says:

    Whenever a country gets closer to China the US gets in to destroy it with democracy…

  85. Avatar Khach Acer tabler says:

    Hãy vững bước nhé các bạn công lý sẽ thắng

  86. Avatar Nur a Shams says:

    When they killed rohingya, the whole world mocked their lives, now behold the terror of evilness which u once perished , Allah always make the best judgement.

  87. Avatar Eddie Goh says:

    When will those with a conscience stop the army from murdering its own people?😢 UN is toothless ! ASEAN is no better.

  88. Avatar Heng Gao says:


  89. Avatar wan zul says:

    Tell China to stop influenece other country affair

  90. Avatar PlayTheLyrics says:

    It might be possible that China wasn’t the master mind what if it wasn’t China what if it was another country that trying to blame China if China was the master mind after all this happened China would have nuke Myanmar already but what if there another master mind behind China

  91. Avatar ken cheng says:

    Where is UN ??? Do something about it!

  92. Avatar sg y says:

    UN works only for money

  93. Avatar asiaexpat62 says:

    Myanmar’s military has a long history of excessive force and unyielding criminality. The crimes against humanity are in full force today and will continue until the Junta is eliminated.

    • Avatar Chakir says:

      That’s not true!! It in full force when children mothers and fathers got burned and r4aped and murdered so what are you talking about the full force? But the true justice is not here yet 🙂

  94. Avatar Free Mee says:


  95. Avatar Free Mee says:

    Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in – USA.
    Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in – Africa.
    Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in – India.
    Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in – East Asia.
    Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in – South America.
    Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in – Canada.
    Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in the Carribbean.
    Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in – China.
    Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in – Australia.
    Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in – New Zealand.
    Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in – Vietnam.
    Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in – Libya
    Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in – Palestine.
    Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in – Myanmar.
    Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in – Singapore.
    Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in – Middle East.
    Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in – Afghanistan.
    Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in – Philippines.
    Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in – Pakistan.
    Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in – Bangladesh.
    Western Acts of Colonial Genocide in – The Whole Planet.

  96. Avatar Petrit Ibishi says:

    every day this propaganda…. fock off. go to syria there is WAR.

  97. Avatar Min thant htay Min thant htay says:

    China is terrorist

  98. Avatar Han Hsu Naing says:

    Chinese government is standing with Myanmar military coup who is killing innocent people and doing violence .But they have never said that they stand with Myanmar people. Is this China’s policy? Does China like violence or are they care only their business?

  99. Avatar Kamal Ahmed Ahmed says:

    I like it

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