World reacts as Jerusalem tensions escalate

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More than 200 people, mostly Palestinians, have been injured in clashes with Israeli police in occupied East Jerusalem.
Violence broke out at the Al Aqsa Mosque and elsewhere in the city.
Thousands of Muslims had packed the site for the last Friday prayers of Ramadan.
Many stayed on to demonstrate in support of Palestinians facing eviction from their homes by Jewish settlers.
Al Jazeera’s Victoria Gatenby reports.
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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Manuel Delacroix says:


    Started blaming UAE, Saudi, US, EU for not stepping in to lend the pals a helping hand. Maaasssaaalllaaahhh.

  2. Avatar Enz says:

    all western media portray it as a ‘clash’ when Palestinian are just trying to pray and the IDF wants to start provocation and attack with gas and rubber bullets. there’s a video of a stupid soldier throwing a flash grenade at a crowd consisting of children. The world wants to remain silent

  3. Avatar Jonathan Davis says:

    The Holy space stolen from the Jews by islamist’s and turned in to a mosque, mostly used for football and picnicking, only used religiously when it’s politically expedient.

  4. Avatar Daniel Just says:

    The tensions and enmity must rise. Soon the Antichrist will appear in Jerusalem and He will sit in the temple, pretending to be the Messiah. It’s unavoidable.

    Palestinians, be ready for the great deception, study the Book of Revelation.

  5. Avatar RJ says:

    Love you Israel ❤️
    Stay strong as always 💪

  6. Avatar pk nl says:

    Only Israel have guts to get rid off this world from Islamic terrorism. Islam ends….Terrorism ends….. This religion has given only two inventions to the world “Terror” and “Terrorism”.

  7. Avatar Allal Elidrissi says:

    You Would think that they learned Some things after WW2, bunch off idiots

  8. Avatar Les Matthews says:

    Shalom Twelve Tribes of Israel,

    Luke 21:24-27
    [24]And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.
    [25]And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;
    [26]Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.
    [27]And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.

  9. Avatar Junayed Khadiza says:

    Ya Allah save all Muslim worlds

  10. Avatar Joker Muska says:

    all muslim nation muslim nation cannot take any action about this?
    are u all scared to isreal?
    why?cut all your dig give your dog eat..

  11. Avatar Lone says:

    Why doesn’t it say the Iran has condemned Israel as well and has called their diplomats to find way to unite the Muslim world to fight against Israel

  12. Avatar a v says:

    Why can’t they live peacefully

  13. Avatar hatim Jigar says:

    Why these fighters can go and kill Israeli

  14. Avatar John Doe says:

    I knew it, Jerusalem is in Palestine.
    So that means Israel is breaking the most UN laws again this year. If there was awards given to the country with the most sanctions, Israel would have been crowned champ, for 9 years in a row.

  15. Avatar John Longstreth says:

    Al Jazeera: Are you telling the whole story?

  16. Avatar Flora K says:

    Shame on attacking inside the worship place.

  17. Avatar Akran Bij says:

    The amount of support from Saudi Arabia is overwhelming

  18. Avatar Myron Hurla says:

    Full story please,,,, Israel only responds to Muslim aggression so what REALLY brought this on ?

  19. Avatar Joey Coetzee says:

    No, no, no! Practice of faith is a basic human right

  20. Avatar Sledge Hammer says:

    What a bullshit story .

  21. Avatar M.rizki Prastia says:

    What!!!!!… This is outrage for mulimic country.

  22. Avatar Aayush Sharma says:

    Go Israel 🇮🇱 💪

  23. Avatar RJ says:

    Stop persecuting non muslim in islamic countries ☹️

  24. Avatar Ratnil says:

    Palestinians should stop attacking Civilians and Security Forces. MORE POWER TO ISRAEL

  25. Avatar Louisa von Dart says:

    Weeks of provocations and calls for violence against Israel preceeded these riots. Rocks, fire bombs and fireworks were stored inside the mosque and compound in advance so that the violence could begin immediately after the last prayer was said. The Israelis simply reacted to this violence. Why dont you people tell the truth ? Because the truth hurts your reality !

  26. Avatar Elijah Heyes says:

    Religion is Poison…All of it.

  27. Avatar shlomo edel says:

    Lol this is so funny how you twist your words. Ofc unamed schemes and plots from the Israeli side. Why on earth would Israeli forces want to attack worshipers? Idiots! Why don’t you ever speak about context?? Explain exactly what is going on here! And be honest about it for once!

  28. Avatar Farhad Kazemi says:

    Satan’s chosen people are at it again.

  29. Avatar Nigel Mohammed says:

    The Luciferian NWO desperately want their satanic NWO to be based in Jerusalem…. Talmudic Rothschilds who built the Masonic temple aka The Supreme Court in Jerusalem.

  30. Avatar samara dashwood says:

    if the roles were reversed the mainstream media wouldn’t stop talking about these terrorist attacks that they would label as islamic , but since it’s isreal bombing worshippers the world is silent , this is a violation of human rights

  31. Avatar Quran mp3 says:

    The time is near when Masjid-e-Aqsa will be conquered again by Imam Mahdi

  32. Avatar Shariful Islam says:

    *Shame on UAE 🇦🇪 Shame on UAE 🇦🇪 Shame on UAE Shame on UAE 🇦🇪 Shame on UAE 🇦🇪 Shame on UAE*

  33. Avatar Zubair khan says:

    may Allah protect the whole world of muslim and as well as protect to the Al aqsa mosque

  34. Avatar kumaresh goudar says:

    Karma hitting back at jihadis who take away every other person’s right who doesn’t believe in their faith.
    Good Job Israe

  35. Avatar L.A says:

    I dont know why i think that the history is repeating exact same way as between 1939 and 1945 ??? 🤔🤔

  36. Avatar ahtsham azam says:

    No. Muslim country can stand up to stop this aggression. What a despicable fall from the grace of ancestors…,..

  37. Avatar Precy Dingayan says:

    You trow a stone to the Israeli people in you run to your mosque to hide wowwww

  38. Avatar Precy Dingayan says:

    Good job IDF

  39. Avatar Mr Mrr says:

    Uae .. slave s of west

  40. Avatar Quran mp3 says:

    I wonder where are the people gone who call Islam terrorism?

  41. Avatar Make rome great again says:

    Ah religion

  42. Avatar LadyBug says:


  43. Avatar k rathod says:

    Terrorism at peak in Israel…

  44. Avatar Belfast Phantom Knight says:

    Clad 2 see it

  45. Avatar Kaal Singh says:

    India love israel

  46. Avatar Medicinko Pk says:

    Bait ul Muqadas is waiting for Salahuddin Ayyubi of today era Tayyab Erdogan..

  47. Avatar Creed Mob says:

    yet we dont hear the side of Israelis

  48. Avatar St John The Christ says:

    Hear ye hear ye,the time is at hand,You worship false Gods and seek after riches and kill to quench your filthy thirst for passions,Destruction cometh upon you.

  49. Avatar Shivansh Sharma says:

    Good Job Israel..

  50. Avatar TAEN says:

    Yes if this happens in China or Russia yes the media will be everywhere, glad I’m having peace in Africa 😂😂. Isreal make the roles an the UN an USA obey.

  51. Avatar Viry M. says:

    Such cowards, I can’t believe they really are a cheap copy of the “supposed ” ww2 power that hated them.

  52. Avatar Rageh Channel says:

    Why are you saying clashes is. This clash ?

  53. Avatar Ali Khan says:

    Your headline “world reaction mis-leading.The world is silent. Get real and don’t Bullshit your viewers

  54. Avatar Andrew Farmkid says:

    Time to rebuild the Third Temple!

  55. Avatar Adolph Hitler says:

    I am with Israel..

  56. Avatar Anuradha Mandal says:

    the present-day Al-Aqsa Mosque was built on the ruins of the Temple constructed by King Solomon. The Caliph Omar ibn Al-Khattab, founder of the Muslim Empire, fought against the Byzantines and conquered Israel and Jerusalem, and ordered the construction of Al-Aqsa Mosque on the ruins of an entire temple. This fact was written by great Muslim writers such as Omar ibn Khatir and in the book by Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari, The History of the Prophets and Kings

  57. Avatar UV King says:

    Wow good step taken by israel government 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  58. Avatar 遮那王 says:

    My reaction be like: What tf is it this time!

  59. Avatar Gaby Hanna says:

    i bet these people don know anything about the ground they are on, especially what all the excavations show.
    So why did the police disperse the crowd?
    you said they did, but not why.

  60. Avatar Sarah Byrne says:

    Stay strong…
    We are with you.
    Happy al-qud..

  61. Avatar Fenton Fairway says:

    The prophecy draws near, the third temple is going to be built on that site and the, what is termed either, the Moshiach, Antichrist/false-prophet, or Al-Masih ad-Dajjal (deceiving prophet) will come forth. We all know what happens next, if you have a good grasp of multiple Abrahamic scripture.

    This is terrible though, I hope the Palestinians and Muslim worshippers there find justice for this crime against Humanity. My respects.

  62. Avatar Patrick T says:

    One sided biased news.

  63. Avatar BRAJESH Singh says:

    We support Israel

  64. Avatar Asia Atif says:

    Israel is a terrorist country

  65. Avatar Alvin Seah says:

    Hello, nobody is interested in this, we are all much more concerned about China Genocide of Uighur in Xinjiang and we MUST Ban Cotton

  66. Avatar Patrick Mahony says:

    Well they are not respecting these tomes eg social distancing etc..they think they are special…oh no..they have to be put out…

  67. Avatar Jack says:


  68. Avatar Romananger 1900 says:

    No one reacts

  69. Avatar Fadly A. Rahman says:

    That’s the dome of rock, Not Al Aqsa mosque.

  70. Avatar Crogpits- Minecraft Factions & More! says:

    Where’s the UN now? The victims aren’t white so they don’t care…

  71. Avatar Nikhil Tiwari says:

    This is the big slap for those indian people’s who always say India is not a safe country and it’s time for those celebrity of bollywood who said we are not safe in India…

  72. Avatar Sherry McClure says:

    Same as 🇺🇸’s incessant police, politcal, & economic brutality against its best citizens-African-americans.

  73. Avatar James Morse says:

    every single Ziorat needs to be lined up and dispatched.

  74. Avatar How To says:

    Battling with unarmed people. Shame on Israeli police.

  75. Avatar john doe says:

    israel makes me sick.

  76. Avatar Ev Buzzi says:

    Israel, the outlaw and unpunished

  77. Avatar Paiman says:

    Thanks for reporting

  78. Avatar #1 Best Jinx Eune says:

    they throw moltoves and huge stones form the mosque
    so much respect for the holy site
    shame on you palestine

  79. Avatar Ibm Mbi says:

    Masjid Aqsa is in Baitul Maqdis and is not located there in Israel but at Mt. Sina(Tor Sina).

  80. Avatar John Darcy says:

    All synagogues should be invaded and burnt down.
    Let these idiots understand the principle of equality

  81. Avatar b s says:

    Al jira very disappointed with this scene ,what about innumerable atrocities done to other religions by this peaceful religion.

  82. Avatar daft kun says:

    The perfect Muslim.hate monger channel

  83. Avatar Dorcas Lor says:

    Jésus of Nazareth pleases protect Ours Holy Land Jérusalem

  84. Avatar Prank Officieel says:

    Insha Allah plasten take it over

  85. Avatar Dorcas Lor says:

    This is the spirit Of Ishmael

  86. Avatar Mogamad Greyson says:

    When is America going to bring Democracy to Palistine,why are they not threatening Netanayhu the way they threaten Iran and Turkey???oops they actually fund this inhumane oppression..

  87. Avatar daft kun says:

    If your not allowed to go to.some place ..just sit at home…idiots … Jerusalem is a part of Isreal…and we know what you want hate mongers

  88. Avatar Zahra Noor says:

    History always stood with Justice against unjust & Rights against Exploitation. Definitely, History will be with Palestine and Palestinian will make a history by winning this battle. Prayers for their resilience and endurance.

  89. Avatar Md Sattar says:

    Israel your destruction is very near insha allhu Aziz

  90. Avatar Benjamin Davidovich Waals says:


  91. Avatar fenerbahce 1907 says:

    Murder Israel. 😡

  92. Avatar Omurbek Zukhrap uulu says:

    Where is the powerful “Arab World” ??? I see Turkey only…

  93. Avatar Light Summer says:

    For any people with religion, this is wrong!

    The first and greatest commandment is this: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ The second is like it: ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

  94. Avatar Mogamad Greyson says:

    Is this Trump’s deal of the century,the peace deal Jared Kushener negotiated,these people cannot even worship in peace and no one does anything.

  95. Avatar Johnny VHS says:

    Israel is going to start a war.

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