Taliban captures three more Afghan provincial capitals in a day

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The Taliban has captured three more provincial capitals, as they take their fight to the cities after seizing much of the countryside in recent months.
The group has seized five provincial capitals in Afghanistan since Friday in a lightning offensive that appears to have overwhelmed government forces.
Kunduz, Sar-e-Pol and Taloqan in the north fell within hours of each other on Sunday, the Taliban and officials in the cities confirmed.
Al Jazeera’s Charlotte Bellis has more from Kabul, Afghanistan.

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  1. Avatar DeWellstein says:

    “we want a peaceful solution” – has been bombing markets, schools and other civilian targets for years…
    That guy should have his tongue cut off, so many lies

  2. Avatar Luthir Fontaine says:

    I don’t understand why anyone would want to live under a corrupt religious regime.

  3. Avatar Hiba Jama says:

    Breathtaking subhanallah wow they did their homework!!!

  4. Avatar Hiba Jama says:

    Lol American government always losing its proxies,saw the same with iS in 2014 in Iraq with another US-baked puppet and now with the IEA 🤣

  5. Avatar Hiba Jama says:

    Awesome well done Taliban hard work And patience pays off now don’t overeach yourself .

  6. Avatar Nabeel Ahmed Khan says:

    If US and NATO couldn’t defeat these lads it in 20 years, what makes you think Afghan Defense Forces can do it now, and that too without western support?

  7. Avatar Farasat Saeed says:

    Great Nation, Great warriors and Great Victory . Everything is so perfect for them …..

  8. Avatar ATorkKh says:

    Al Jazeera = Qatar = Taliban = Terrorists.

  9. Avatar Shah khan says:

    isi malesha army taliban terror factory killing innocent Afghan people. The world still watching what they done and how they killing Afghan woman’s children .please stop Pakistan’s isi terror factory

  10. Avatar Gregor Pettersson says:

    Talibans are vermin! Lets all find means to exterminate them once and for all.

  11. Avatar Lifecare Servant says:

    Taliban, Al-Qaeda & ISIS is Un Educated Wild Beast Animals, Global Terrorists, Toxic Human Killers Beheaders, Death to Taliban.

  12. Avatar Faith_xErupt NZ says:

    Let them capture Afghanistan. Relocate the Afghanistan people that are effected to an allied country. And nuke the F**k out of the taliban

  13. Avatar Idrees Mohammad says:

    Love taleban

  14. Avatar Cyrus The Great says:

    Al Jazeera promotes terrorism and spreads fake news. Please report if you’re against islamic terrorism. Thanks.

  15. Avatar Es Bi says:

    Al Jazeera – the Qatari Wahabi Taliban propaganda channel.

  16. Avatar Naseer Muhamad says:

    Last hope the Afghanistan peace only taliban Afghan Mujahideen. Or may Allah help the Afghan Mujahideen. Because Afghanistan government is secholar in atheist in servent of America Russia in nato force in Christian in Jews.

  17. Avatar Hasan Choudhury says:

    Foreign intervention was a vengeance and irrational hatred against the people of Afghanistan after the Bin Laden AlQuaida attack as the Afghans didn’t really know about Bin Laden plans.
    But whoever worked with the foreign invaders will not be tolerated in Afghanistan.
    So, it seems, unfortunately, these western collaborators have to escape or they are probably going to be killed.
    That is the Pashtunwali. Regards.

  18. Avatar Tel says:

    enjoy all your new weapons boys fresh from usa and Europe with love and blessings

  19. Avatar MrBlonde294 says:

    01:35 he kissed his hand only to steal his watch

  20. Avatar Ali Latif says:

    America and Pakistan destroyed Afghanistan

  21. Avatar Sina Haase says:

    Dude what are you doing there still? Leave Kabul; we appreciate your reporting but we want you to be safe. Anyone who can, leave that dreadful place. Let them figure out their own problems may God protect those who seek protection

  22. Avatar يوسف طيب says:

    ههههه امريكا باح ههه

  23. Avatar Who Care says:

    Y’all are awful there are people being murdered raped married off to Taliban hiding dying from hunger but y’all are laughing at our situation and blaming one another y’all making fun because it’s funny I hope someday y’all experience what they experience so you guys can shut up

  24. Avatar Naseri Mariullah says:

    Seaso mor waghma

  25. Avatar Chip Bower says:

    This not going well at all.
    It looks like the Sept 11th deadline is going to be a repeat of Saigon, April 29th 1975.
    My heart goes out to those that will not be able to get out. The Taliban will not be as nice as the NVA.

  26. Avatar Vic H says:

    Afghan army folding faster than the french when Hitlers blitzkrieg showed up.

  27. Avatar Munsif Khan says:

    الحمد لله

  28. Avatar Dr. william hool says:

    Allahu-akbar… From 🇮🇳India

  29. Avatar Boris Armurov says:


  30. Avatar Raw Kid 1960 says:

    all to blame America XD

    • Avatar Dawg says:

      In the end, the people of Afghanistan have to defend themselves, THEIR OWN country. The US has provided Afghanistan economic aid off and on since ~1950, long before the Taliban were around. U should see photos of Afghanistan in the 50s and 60s, a peaceful era rather than current day Afghanistan. Nothing but violence and corruption now

  31. Avatar sufyan khan mehsod says:

    Love you Taliban

    • Avatar Dawg says:

      @sufyan Ya, its all fun and games until your female relatives (including children) get abducted by the Taliban as slaves, etc… I’m still certain ppl like u will love them regardless. The Taliban (terrorist) will indiscriminately murder Afghans to push their political goal. Who do they see on the battlefield?? The people of Afghanistan.
      U wear western clothing. U probably live in NATO state Turkey, the Taliban got u indoctrinated over there? Lol big smh

  32. Avatar Yusuf ismail Ismail says:


  33. Avatar Suzon morol says:

    Taliban is the great Freedom fighters in Afganstan.❤️❤️❤️

    • Avatar Dawg says:

      Ya, until they abduct your daughter, any female relatives you have. Or perhaps losing your family members in an indiscriminate bomb by the Taliban. Yeah, I’m sure you’ll still send hearts out, right lmao

  34. Avatar Ismail Amiri says:

    The true power of Afghan land

  35. Avatar Opaw says:

    Afghan dark ages is coming back

  36. Avatar Shafiq Haque says:

    Afghan Government forces and USA Air Strikes prove that they are Coward. They can not fight on ground. Buy they bomb from up above.

  37. Avatar M. Milhem says:

    I pray for a livable peace for every soul in Afghanistan. Allaahomma Aameen.

  38. Avatar M. Milhem says:

    The Afghan government is such a weak government.

  39. Avatar Saint-Valerie says:

    It’s the prophecy coming true they are the real Muslim Fighters from Khorasan الله is with them they are not those fake Isis which America and Israel created!
    they will liberate the Muslim world which was blackened by U.S through their filthy conspiracies against Islam
    la ila ha il Allah muhamadur rasullulah

  40. Avatar A Thomas says:

    It’s a matter of time when the hunted will become hunter ……when the Afghan people …the common people realise it is finally only up to themselves to protect their own women and children ……they will pick up arms and and actively be part the military…..for their own survival ……some good leader needs to to rise up to be able to harness this then huge unstoppable mass.

  41. Avatar Faizan says:


  42. Avatar Dilip singh says:

    Pakistan is helping taliban in every way

  43. Avatar F4 GLITCHER says:

    Great Taliban

  44. Avatar achi Cat says:

    Afghanistan needs to have patience and courage, Taliban won’t last long if USA provides air support…

  45. Avatar SVK says:

    Pakistan will have to explain ‘How so much of arms and ammunition is reaching Taliban 🙄?’ The captured arms are not adequate, to sustain such a long fight. Are the “armament factories in Pakistan” helping Taliban?😡YES !! Pakistan Exporting terror with confidence !

  46. Avatar Biswsjit Bordoloi says:

    Afghanistan will be a pariah state like North Korea if talibans the cave apes take over Afghanistan… God save Afghans from these barbarians called talibans…
    But question is who is supplying arms and ammunition, foods, petroleums to this talibans????

  47. Avatar Rana Muneeb PK says:

    Good job

  48. Avatar Rana Muneeb PK says:

    لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله

  49. Avatar John H says:

    No covid restrictions🤣🤣🤣

  50. Avatar universal soul says:

    Peaceful people’s :-Kill humans in large numbers until achieve peace

  51. Avatar Austria-Hungary says:

    Why is history repeating itself here?

  52. Avatar andreas the man says:

    This is how the middle east will be without the west.

  53. Avatar Joe Chance says:

    I think the army is not willing to die to protect there wife’s and children
    To bad the women are not fighting eather

  54. Avatar Nazim Shahzad says:

    I pray for Afghanistan

  55. Avatar Saad Khan says:

    0.25 sec

  56. Avatar Shakil Rahman says:

    Revenge bombing by USA & Afghan Air Force is killing innocent men women and children. This is purely massacre and hence amounts to war crime on the part of USA & Ashraf Ghani, both should be tried under Geneva Convention. Air attacks are wilful killings, torture and inhuman treatment metted out to Innocent civilians using air power supremacy.

  57. Avatar Sujata Komal says:

    What’s happened with local residents of this place….

  58. Avatar Arif,agnostic atheist says:

    radical islamic terrorism killing innocent afghans😭

  59. Avatar Johnny Sins says:

    America loose like a coward 😂😂
    Shame on you
    First you built taliban then fought with Taliban and lose like a coward 😂🤣😂

  60. Avatar SUPER GURU says:

    In indian so many afganistan people are living, studying ,doing bussines here. Indian government giving scholarship to afganistan students monthly 30000rs. But Afghanistan Taliban’s killing indians so sad.

  61. Avatar Ramon Casanova says:

    Let them take it who cares

  62. Avatar Tashi Phuentsho says:

    They should takeover Pakistans government after Afghanistan.

  63. Avatar Tolgz says:

    It’s all fun and games for the Taliban until Turkey will step into the war zone. Take examples of Libya, Tripoli.. Turkey is coming 🇹🇷

  64. Avatar Yeasin Arafat says:

    Taliban Jindabad

  65. Avatar sk md sulaiman says:

    Peace be upon the Taliban

  66. Avatar Viral videos says:

    Afghan forces are showing useless resistance better they give up and surrender this will save thousands of lives…

  67. Avatar Aj Duniya says:

    Still don’t understand what UN is currently doing?

  68. Avatar Amerique T. Farhamme says:

    With the American weapons!

  69. Avatar EQUIAUX_MUSIC says:

    Idk man , USA said its their business not ours but i think Suicide bombers might attack America again , iam not american tho

  70. Avatar People Freedom says:

    6 trillion dollars and America and equipped Afghanistan millary cant defeated unequipped Taliban?

  71. Avatar novitec stodiedec says:

    2 Nuklear Bombs and finish

  72. Avatar MN khan says:

    No more war in Afghanistan let them live in peace Afghanistan people support and want a Talibal government again…..no need foreign rulers in Afghanistan ……

  73. Avatar Siddiqa Ishaqzai says:

    الهی تباه وسرنگون بسازد طالبان دروغی دال خور ها را. خاک های عالم به سرت با این دروغ هایت . صلح این است که همه مردم را قتل کردید

  74. Avatar Prathap Koththigoda says:

    so much propaganda about Afghanistan. I think US gonna bomb them again.

  75. Avatar zaruku Ahmad d shehu says:

    جزاك الله خيرا Muslim جزاك الله خيرا

  76. Avatar 7 says:

    Everybody: We want democracy in Afghanistan

    Taliban: We want to be able to peacefully murder whatever civilians we want in Afghanistan

    Everybody: that’s not how any of this works 😐

  77. Avatar Kilo saavedra says:

    Afghan government is a embarrassment now tailban governs better then them!

  78. Avatar odame Clement says:

    It’s sad, just like house of cards .

  79. Avatar cross 13 says:

    Good job America this is all you .now biden an the democrat’s are kiilin American’s

  80. Avatar Anjana Naam says:

    Seems like game is over. Ashraf Ghanni most probably will flee to india.

  81. Avatar Badshah Khan says:

    If Taliban are terrorist then why they sat them in Doha Qatar for negotiation why I don’t understand and Why they get so much Media courage

  82. Avatar Jalen Lane says:

    The incompetence of the Afghan army is laughable. I think the Tailban knew all they had to do was play the waiting game for the US to withdraw .

  83. Avatar Muhammad O. Ahmadzai says:

    If you reclaim the city u will hurt civilians make a ceasefire haha

  84. Avatar kalpana bohara saud says:

    जिस जिस देश मे अंग्रेज़ गए ओ सब शेष ऐसि हाल मे है

  85. Avatar Curtis says:

    “Talibans takes back their ancestral home” should be the title. If America didn’t invade Afghanistan this wouldn’t have happened. Sometimes its good to look at politics from a different perspective. Understand that the media is a tool of foreign policy (aka propaganda) and not everything that’s reported is true. America started all this and left the country in a far worse state than they found it. The west needs to stay out of other people’s business. Take it from an African who’s nation is still poor because we were invaded and ransacked the same way by the Queen’s people.
    Bring on your argument, don’t just hate. It is what it is.

  86. Avatar Amok 31 says:

    Thats the real Problem, not corona

  87. Avatar Ernesto Menendez says:

    The satanic cult of the Taliban. Very well depicted in this report.

  88. Avatar Aliza Ali says:

    Vivid victory of Taliban and USA NATO forces have lost the war

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