Chaos and violence as crowds keep growing outside Kabul airport

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The crowds outside Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport continue to grow with each passing day of Taliban rule.
Thousands of Afghans and foreigners are still waiting to flee Afghanistan, with more chaotic scenes at the airport.
Getting there is perilous; the Taliban patrols the roads around the airport, the last remaining members of a CIA-backed Afghan intelligence force controls the last stretches leading to the north gate of the airport, and finally, foreign troops guard the mammoth gate.
For now, most people attempting to flee the country are being kept outside the airport perimeter in dire conditions, with little information on what awaits them.
The US says it is flying out tens of thousands of people for their protection, but first, they must cross a dangerous road to safety.

Al Jazeera’s Charlotte Bellis reports from Kabul, Afghanistan.

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  1. Avatar Jillian Jillian says:

    Did the US say they were going vfc to take everyone just because CV you show up? I doubt that.

  2. Avatar Regina Hagel says:

    You may be the president of the United States of America the weakest link in the chain on verge of its own civil conflict its own immigrants what you gonna do they will not forget neither will God….. however biden is no power

  3. Avatar Smiley Home Improvements John says:

    It’s good time to take advantage of America’s power to migrate to America.

  4. Avatar Cross Country says:

    God Bless American, CIA, MI-5-to-9, and EU. Thank you for giving us 200 aircraft, 900 howitzers, 350 tanks, 95 million US $ in cash. Thanks also for thousands of rifles and two years of ammunition. Many thanks for supplies of MRE and more. Also for the millions of women from age 15 to 40 who will serve and comfort us. Go away for now, but do visit from time to time when our stocks run low. There IS a 🎅. Only he looks like Biden, sled pulled by lead reindeer Kamala. Next meeting at Doha do send her. Love to you all.
    🎶 We will 🎶 We will 🎶
    Shoot you. …..
    Oh, uncle Joe, you have any spare nukes for us. Will really help with the Jihad.

  5. Avatar Sheila Parsley says:

    American troops need to leave we don’t owe these people anything Americans first

  6. Avatar Sheila Parsley says:

    Stop relying on other countries to protect you stand up and fight for yourselves I’m sick of America always running to help other countries but not doing anything for Americans

  7. Avatar 8 mile says:

    This could of just made a new slang word…..”you really Bidened that up!”

    • Avatar Harry Ballsacky says:


  8. Avatar parteitag KONSTANTIN THERNENKO CCCP says:

    dora -taliban all sunitis,all no humanitiy IS are from sunits and sauda arrabia. this stoppof afganistan millitary start a new terroros time?

  9. Avatar Lucky Sky says:

    How many afghan refugees are accepted by Qatar? None and yet they were all weather friends of taliban

  10. Avatar Phil Shaw says:

    Truly heartbreaking no other word for it!

  11. Avatar Duke Vanlien says:

    Jdm Engines are winning

  12. Avatar Bili the quid says:

    I love women clothies 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. Avatar Maureen S says:

    Trump surrendered to the Taliban February 29, 2020…Trump agreed to this timeline…Trump abandoned Afghani allies by blocking them from getting visas for 4 years. To read the surrender agreement search: Agreement-For-Bringing-Peace-to-Afghanistan-02.29.20.pdf

  14. Avatar Rajakumar Dr. says:

    Taliban is better organised than biden,it seems.messed up withdrawal and evcuation.fooling the entire world.inhuman .centuries to help the refugees. Shame on all concerned.

  15. Avatar Ghotai Rahim says:

    Wy they say came this is not good idea please tall Canada America didn’t prams too the people

  16. Avatar Rajakumar Dr. says:

    Paining to imagine the thoughts flashing in the minds of the innocent children being eyewitness to all these barbaric acts of both sides without food and water for days,and future too though they are not aware of .

  17. Avatar LOAD BOARD says:

    What, no COVID19 in Afghanistan????????????

    • Avatar I AmLegend says:

      It is there. There are some people wearing masks in the video.

  18. Avatar Nobody says:

    I am just thinking when children grow up and start questioning why did they run away from home?, what will the parents say?,

    • Avatar Ganieda Morgan says:

      same thing the children of WW2 were told when families fled Europe

  19. Avatar Vinod Kumar says:

    Memories are short lived.

  20. Avatar Pejuang Indo says:

    May Afghanistan and all Islamic countries unite, blessed by Allah to become a strong, prosperous country and become an example for other Islamic countries. Don’t want to be pitted against each other by the west or its minions or other parties who don’t like to see Islam united and victorious. Peace & respect.

  21. Avatar M A Hasham says:

    These are those who were supporting the occupation and are scared of what’s going to happen to them despite the amnesty from Taliban.

    Gunfire at the airport is being done by the US troops since the airport is under their control.

    Third party unsubstantiated reports, not supported by evidence, is not worthy of news for broadcast. This is the fake news trend of the Western Media

  22. Avatar FutbolPro101 says:

    US has no obligation to evacuate every Afghan nationals who want to escape Taliban .

    • Avatar Robert Vigil says:

      Except they do given ya know we’ve predicted them for 20 years

  23. Avatar jrbland18 says:


  24. Avatar Prashant Dhande says:

    This is dirty Islam 😡😡😡

  25. Avatar yetti says:

    They should let women and children on first.

  26. Avatar Nawaf Almutairi says:

    الحمدلله على نعمة الاسلام

  27. Avatar qurban khan says:

    Us force r terror

  28. Avatar D C says:

    The reality is most are economic migrants. Imagine getting to America and you don’t need any papers. Of course they’ll take their chances.

  29. Avatar Pandhu Picahyo says:

    2:01 they shooting people

  30. Avatar hunting moose man club says:

    Forget it it is over….don’t let usa armies die again .safety comes homes

  31. Avatar mas says:

    What a chaos…where is the international body overseeing this kind of disaster..US is responsible

  32. Avatar Sunil Mathew says:

    Why Can’t Qatar take them as Refugee?

  33. Avatar D. Lewis says:

    A complete screw up. If the United States runs from this, while leaving Americans to the wolves, you will be hearing and seeing this for the next decade…………

  34. Avatar Cecilia Leon says:

    USA AMERICAN CITIZENS FIRST!!!… BRING ALL OUR MILITARY TROOPS BACK HOME!!!…PLEASE. The USA has no obligation at all with all the Afghans people…Period..

  35. Avatar Daniel van der Merwe says:

    Biden is a thousand times worse then Trump. What was America thinking

  36. Avatar TheFixIsIn 2020 says:

    I would go home it’s probably safer there.

  37. Avatar Arnold Norris says:

    The most threatened by the Taliban are unbelievers, so believe, establish Salah, fear Allah and the last day. Don’t be a hypocrite. Don’t see what the problem is.

    Come to success not your destruction, do you not see?

  38. Avatar Kel W. says:

    How long did they think the US would stay? When are they going to fight back? Wasn’t that the point 20 years ago?

  39. Avatar John Hand says:

    She just called the taliban isil lol.

  40. Avatar Eagle 1 says:

    I fear Aug 31 will be the tipping point. I fear for all concerned in this tragedy.

  41. Avatar Karol G027 says:

    Religion is killing this people🕊🕊🕊🕊

  42. Avatar nay chi says:


  43. Avatar Marvin F says:

    Ok, we have a CIA funded thugs and goons gangs known as Zero units here in Afghanistan terrorizing the people. That a**hole in red at 1:30 is Zero unit? He is definitely not Taliban.

  44. Avatar VICE OF TRUTH says:

    These shame full people no speak about American occupation .but new every AFGHANI want going to USA and NATO country

  45. Avatar Cynthia says:

    Only 20 people died??
    American service members killed in Afghanistan through April: 2,448. U.S. contractors: 3,846. Afghan national military and police: 66,000. Other allied service members, including from other NATO member states: 1,144
    So?? Those people help afghans to fight afghans war for 20 years and they sacrificed their lives for nothing???
    Right now the UNited states has about 700,000 people died due to covid …
    More than 2000 people died on 9/11
    Thousands of afghans people try to flee?? Why don’t these afghans defend themselves??
    Instead of risking their lives to flee, why don’t they risk their lives to defend for their children future??

  46. Avatar vivek tripathi says:

    Why do Katar and Saudi not taking these refugees in their country ? This news channel is just a Muslim propaganda channel nothing else.

  47. Avatar Sam Nahorai says:

    After this is going to be a disaster because these people they think they going to Vacation after this but they don’t know they’re going to be in bigger trouble where they going to get job Verde going to get money how they going to learn the language this is a disaster and they going to come in with tons of covid-19

  48. Avatar Loveme Hateme says:

    I bet Toyota isn’t complaining

  49. Avatar Cynthia says:

    My neighbour had 3 sons were sent to Afghanistan war ..only one came back home as veteran…who will return this mother sons to her?!?
    Her sons fight for afghans people died in Afghanistan…
    Her two sons died -not fight and sacrificed for United States??

  50. Avatar kadapi maldisa says:

    Someone going for vacation !

  51. Avatar Grampa Theobaldus says:

    I don’t think American media ever mentions these Zero Units with the CIA funding.

  52. Avatar Villa Yu Haki says:

    High quality life in USA

  53. Avatar Bintang Benua says:

    Thousands are going out from Kabul but millions are coming back to Afghanistan from Pakistan. A strong nation is gonna be back.

  54. Avatar Zee M says:

    Everyone abuses poor Afghan civilians. This is very sad! 😔

  55. Avatar 024_Swapnil Gohil says:

    1:37 Sergio Ramos!!!?

  56. Avatar TK Yap says:

    Those who want a life elsewhere had 20 years to make up their mind. Doing things at the 11th hour is never good.

    • Avatar Ganieda Morgan says:

      most didn’t, they wanted to live in their homeland in peace…some may have wanted to leave but extreme poverty held them back

    • Avatar TK Yap says:

      @Ganieda Morgan – Yes, those in extreme poverty can’t make it to the airport.

  57. Avatar joseph gador says:

    if taliban is good why afghans are leaving their country for uncertain future thousands of afghans are crossing the road to safety and that speaks what is taliban fond of, either convert to their beliefs or die

  58. Avatar ShalomNtube777 says:

    It’s another day and I am here again to remind the body of Christ to remain steadfast in their faith. Let us all be preparing for the LORD to come rapture us. We need to remind lukewarm Christians daily to turn back from iniquity. We need to tell everyone that Yahushua Jesus is LORD! I will shout this everywhere and everyday because I do not want blood on my hands. May God have mercy on the world.😭Jesus doesn’t want anyone to perish. He loves the inhabitants of the world so much that He sent me to open a YouTube channel to warn His friends ❤️ I am unworthy but I am His servant and He is my Master. Seek ADONAI now more than ever!! Repent!! MARANATHA 🔥✝️

  59. Avatar Rakesh Ravindran says:

    Why they leave, they need to stay here

  60. Avatar Sergio Gonzalez says:

    Did they get the vaccine though??

  61. Avatar Kennedy Kaltavara says:

    A 20 year hunting trip. Nothing to do with what world bank and other organisations are doing in developing countries. Building Roads, Wharves, Schools. Airports, Hospitals, etc. They ran after the Money man to the Airport and now going as far as the United States, Germany, Australia, etc. For a better country. THANKS BIDEN AND HARRIS FOR MOVING ON !

  62. Avatar donald olsen says:

    Joe MUST be impeached, arrested, imprissoned and/ or expelled from the U.S..

  63. Avatar Mihaela Boros says:

    Politica haosului sub control . Cui folosește?

  64. Avatar Saeedparvez Mirza says:

    Now the Taliban Mujahideen were brought to Afghanistan by the United States, so now they should also support them. Reassure those who are fleeing at the airport that the Taliban Mujahideen are friends of all. That Afghanistan is its own country, do not leave it. These people were living in their own country like Afghanistan. Support the Taliban Mujahideen. When the United States thought that all terrorists would be eliminated, it invited the Afghan Taliban to make its own country. What the United States did for the people of Afghanistan.

  65. Avatar Kan Sun says:

    The crisis started 20 years ago when the NATO illegally invaded Afghanistan!

  66. Avatar glimmer man says:

    The taliban forces are laughing out loud RightNow along with china. How they made US forces to double time in evacuating. joe biden made the US forces look like a wiped dog fleeing hastily as it scrambles away from the taliban forces.

  67. Avatar spoton says:

    Oooooh my Allah, what a disrespect to religion of peace. How dare you escape religion of peace 😂

    • Avatar Harry Ballsacky says:


  68. Avatar Dulene Konta says:

    Human rights abuse is condemned by who? By another human rights abusers? Funny!

  69. Avatar Dulene Konta says:

    Aljazeera bring Isis to take part in this drama, Islamic state is already there now call for action there’s enough weapons!

  70. Avatar jim hen says:

    or, in other words, where to invade next?

  71. Avatar Isla Grace says:

    “Thousands of people are going nowhere “. That’s all.

  72. Avatar Zsuzsanna Walbaum, Levai says:

    Ja,ja! Da schon immer Chaos war,, und werden!! Weniger ,, Drogen,,muss nehmen,,und dann der Kopf werden frei!!!😕😯🤔

  73. Avatar Zsuzsanna Walbaum, Levai says:

    Chrisis?! ????? Wann nicht gehabt da???!!! Wann??!! Wenn 20Jahre von vielen Ländern der Armee da war,,und könnte nicht ,, Ordnung,, machen,,dann was wartest euch!!!Aber jetzt!!!! Aber jetzt ,gibt da ein ,,,Gutes ,,, Regierung,,dann daß macht sicherlich Ordnung in Land! 😂😂😂😂 Oder…. vielleicht auch nicht,,nur noch größer Chaos macht wie ,, Früher war ,,!!🤔🤔😯😯😕😕

  74. Avatar SexyZ0mbieKillers says:

    if there’s “24/7” evacuations why have so few people waited so long?

  75. Avatar riCHard carr says:


    • Avatar Harry Ballsacky says:


    • Avatar Harry Ballsacky says:


  76. Avatar Cecilia Leon says:

    See you ALL whatever job the Afghans will get here in the USA!!???.. and for example it will be told to be even LESS than the standard minimum in here? In their minds, they will changed it to the money value of Afghanistan!? They will think and say….I AM RICH!!!.. Yes, l did say they are very smart in my previous comment? But also, they are really appreciative/grateful of money value EARNED!!!!! NO MATTER WHAT THEY WILL ALL DO IN ANY JOB!!!!?? As off course ALL the Central America people. Like l said..AREN’T THEY ALL VERY SMART!!!!!…😆 🤣 😂

  77. Avatar Cecilia Leon says:

    No…l am not from Central America!!?? 😆 😆 🤣 😂 😂 Have a Good Day ALL

  78. Avatar Miguek Antinio says:

    Covid 19
    Covid 19
    Covid 19

  79. Avatar Adeel says:

    if they got more time, they would still have that issue to the last minute they will keep asking for more time as an excuse, these afghans are exploiting the situation and playing the desperation card so their asylum application has a stronger chance of approval, any amount of extension would mean more people will want it to the very end – a hard deadline of 31 is necessary or it will never end, if you give them more time, it will just mean more afghans to arrive in western countries LOL

  80. Avatar Bran Stark says:

    Where is Saudi, Turkey, Pakistan , India , Russia army they are always itching for a fight here is one??

  81. Avatar N K says:

    Watch the Deen show about Afghanistan and taliban

  82. Avatar chang lay says:

    Kept them in them county

  83. Avatar chang lay says:

    Let Taliban take care them own people that’s good .

  84. Avatar Michael Wilhelm says:

    Here’s a possibility I would like EVERYONE to contemplate as we look at the events that have transpired in the US and Afghanistan since Biden’s inauguration in January 2021. As you think about these next words understand my position which is as follows: Usually the simplest explanation is the most logical explanation.

    So therefore isn’t it possible that almost every decision Biden has made (with the influence of his party, cabinet, donors, Wall St. and other financial powers, the DNC, and all the federal agency “deep state” authorities, etc. … have been made on behalf of what CHINA wants the administration to do?

    What, you say? Well … if there are multiple hard drives of HUNTER Biden’s “business” dealings (i.e. “Biden Family Crime Ring”) and other thumb drives in the possession of the CCP, too, then all the chaos has a simple explanation. Assume you are President Xi or *any other high China official* and you contact the White House and tell them you want certain things done or certain actions taken in their behalf (i.e. specific “carve outs” or spending in coming Democrat bills/legislation) … and you tell “Joe & Company” that if their “request” (ahem) is not followed there will be data, conversations, pictures, financial information and names of other DC political or agency officials released to select outlets (in short, a THREAT or extortion of the President), well …. you KNOW Joe will capitulate because he has no choice, SO … in the case of all that has happened in 7 months doesn’t this make sense?? The simplest explanation is the most logical explanation.

    Now, a comment on these semi-daily briefings held by our U.S. “Military Officials” — If I hear another comment inr “bureau speak” or speech that is meant to sound intelligent and informed (but isn’t), I am going to cyber-blast my way to those in Washington who need a good citizen whooping.

    When they talk about American citizen people movement in Kabul and say things like: “we have people moving through weigh stations” and the “throughput” is improving, it makes our people sound like cattle. And then they talk about the “inter-agency” and the “whole of government approach” (stolen from the Trump Administration years) and doing work “over the horizon” makes using platitudes written by the elites offer sense of everything by using comfort words completely nonsensical and despicable.

    Today Gen. Hank Taylor and Pentagon spokesman Jon Kirby (a dumber lookalike version of Jim Comey) talked about “equipment retrograded” as part of the pullout/surrender strategy destined for the end of August. Today is Tue. 8/24 @3:00 pm. That the Biden Admin. has shuffled their scheduled 1:00 pm press conference to 4:30 pm. That tells you all you need to know about incoherence … and also about NOT wanting to tank the stock market today. Don’t mess with American citizens, their brethren, their food, religion, freedoms (including speech) and all the other liberties we currently enjoy. But our current leadership has destabilized the WORLD … with no answers as to how restoration of that can happen. No hope, “NO JOKE” as Biden says.

    It is REALLY clear to me who is running the White House. Call “Obama 3.0” … It is 80% Obama decision-makers with it being Susan Rice and the Obama leftovers calling the shots, along with Ben “Echo Chamber” Rhodes leading all spin campaigning. Recall that he was the one leading the lying and spinning coming out of the Benghazi Embassy attack. Now this current Afghanistan disaster … new real and perceived actual/PR disaster, same orchestra leader of spin and spin control.
    We are 11 days into this Afghanistan mess since it began on 8/13. There are 7 days left in the month. The President, staff of the White House, Pentagon, military leaders need to work around the clock … PERIOD! Americans and people of our allies will otherwise NEEDLESSLY die.

    5:20 pm — Biden says the G7 have agreed to stand firm and support his position. The key question: What did THEY get out of this agreement? The chance to send all their temporary “REFUGEES” to the US? NOTE: Biden did use the word “refugees” one time toward the end of his staff-written comments. It sounded passive and softer in tone (almost as if he wanted to slide it by listeners ears.

    The word “refugee” means *ANYONE* who comes into this country is ENTITLED to free health care, education, regular/consistent monetary aid, free housing (you read that right!), food assistance and more. Who will pay for that? You KNOW the answer!
    I am sure that there are other entitled benefits which new arrivals will receive. But you know who pays in the end.

    The WOKE will CHOKE … and then make *YOU* BROKE! Under the broad theme of “WE GET WHAT WE ACCEPT,” Americans must rise and say (to our politicians): “How dare you try and raise people’s taxes in the coming spending bills? How dare you? We’ve funded $2.2 trillion dollars to the Taliban in the form of nation-building spending, left-behind $85 billion in military equipment and gear by Biden’s actions, we’ve handed all the American military bases and buildings to them, too … paid by taxpayers … in withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

    The current administration has counted 1.3 million people as having crossed our US southern border, another estimated 550,000 “got-aways” (in seven months), paying for transportation (airfare, buses) of the “refugees” (“climate change,” economic) paying for hotel rooms across the country (averaged cost of $135/night), and paying for other “necessities.” Do the math on that total.

    We hear if hundreds of millions of spending each year in “wasteful spending” … and Biden wants to expand his IRS agents by over 800 people in his $3.5+ trillion spending package. There is so much more in federal spending going on that is UNNECESSARY, there is absolutely NO reason American taxpayers should be told that they will have to pay more. That is INSANE!

    There has been NO society in the history of the world that has been able to “TAX and SPEND” it’s way into prosperity. We are not an exception. Currently at least 28+ TRILLION in debt, Biden and Democrats desire to add another 6 Trillion in crushing debt onto the American people. Anyone else remember back to the Reagan presidency when 1 Trillion in debt was considered crippling and the end of the world?? _____________________________

    Finally, comments from my favorite Democrat of notoriety:

    Bryan Dean Wright, a former CIA Ops Officer, explains in a brief but incisive Twitter thread that

  85. Avatar Dustin Tacohands says:

    Any good guys in Afghanistan?? Anyone ???
    Oh there’s some
    Opps nevermind somebody shot them dang wait there’s more….
    Nope never mind they’re leaving country….

  86. Avatar Harry Ballsacky says:


  87. Avatar Dumbmerica lost another war. says:

    Add another lost war to the worlds so called superpower. Dumbmerica strong!!🤣😅🤣😅😅

  88. Avatar DJ Pomare says:

    ISLAM means PEACE.
    The Taliban are on the extreme side of the Muslim faith but they are Muslim.
    Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Tunisia and Yemen.

  89. Avatar DJ Pomare says:

    Where was the sympathy when the US were bombing Afghanistan for 20 years?
    The US LOST. Losers cannot dictate convenient evacuation terms to the winners.

  90. Avatar DJ Pomare says:

    Where was the sympathy when the US were bombing Afghanistan for 20 years?
    The US LOST and Losers cannot dictate convenient evacuation terms to the winners.

  91. Avatar Tony Sweeney says:

    Send all Afghans refugee to Germany. Merkel & germans obsessed in making reparations for WW2 will take any refugee even criminals.

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