La Palma volcano destroys hundreds of homes, displaces thousands

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More than 6,000 people have now been forced from their homes in La Palma, one of the Spanish Canary Islands.
Parts of the area have been engulfed in lava from a volcano which erupted on Sunday.
Many people lost their homes, and there is anger after a minister appeared to encourage so-called disaster tourists to visit.
Al Jazeera’s Nicolas Haque reports from La Palma, Spain.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Syed imran Kazmi says:


  2. Avatar Taariq says:

    Nero fiddles while Spain burns

  3. Avatar John Connor says:

    No warning from authorities!! Well exactly how did you expect them to predict a volcano that hasnt erupted since 1970s.. Come on man!!

    • Avatar Spateri says:

      If you live near a volcano and the ground starts rumbling I don’t think I’d need direction from the government. Poor people though, that’d be tough!

    • Avatar Legion Airlines says:

      Right on. For 50 years the settlers would have thought its dead.

    • Avatar randomMandem says:

      There was about 1000 little tremors recored in a few weeks.

    • Avatar John Connor says:

      @Legion Airlines True but is hasnt erupted since the 70s so that explains why the local govt didnt even think this would happen.

  4. Avatar Vaishnavi says:

    This world should reset in a painless way that’s my only wish

    • Avatar Helen Pauls says:

      @Outerflesh Entertainment You do realise that all these things you are so afraid of have been happening for billions of years, well before our human species evolved. That’s basically why the shape of the earth landscape formed and will continue to change. These events are of course frightening to anyone experiencing them. Very happy to hear you will be your “insert god of choice”. Take care.

    • Avatar Outerflesh Entertainment says:

      @Helen Pauls I’m not afraid. I know where I’m going when I die, and it’s gonna be AWESOME!!

    • Avatar Helen Pauls says:

      @Outerflesh Entertainment Good to know, but maybe less obsession with dying and more joy with living by being kind and helpful to others would be better!

    • Avatar Outerflesh Entertainment says:

      @Helen Pauls Time is up. I’m not hear to make ppl feel good. No time for that nonsense. I’m here to sound the alarm and beat the drum. I don’t want anybody to perish but many are refusing to listen. Happened in Noah’s day. Ppl were eating, drinking and giving in marriage right up to the point of the great deluge. Going into eternity without God is too much to take. I love you and everyone else. I want ppl to accept Jesus before it’s too late. That’s all I’m trying to say

    • Avatar Real Deal Ljungström says:

      @Outerflesh Entertainment Let me explain one thing …. It is not you who decides how it goes for you, only your actions and ability to admit your own mistakes. Do not forget it So if you want it to go well for you, you should probably think about your attitude and not take anything for granted. After all, you seem to know the ancient scriptures 😉

  5. Avatar Jason Wood says:

    We built our house on a volcano. That makes you a bad person for coming to see it. Wahhhhhhh

  6. Avatar Enkaeri Logan says:

    indonesia have 129 active volcanoes,we just run away when any of them erupted

    • Avatar Jim Thain says:

      The only useful action until it is over.

  7. Avatar Canadian Prepper says:

    The one place the guy should be wearing a mask 1:32 talking about a thick layer of ash under his feet and in the air all around him and isnt lol… I mean its so perfectly wrong its really just amusing at this point.

    • Avatar Jim Thain says:

      He took off his mask to make his report. This is common in the media.

    • Avatar Farida Lagoyo says:

      @Jim Thain ok thank you

    • Avatar NDFilmNZ says:

      It’s for those who are deaf or hard of hearing to lip read. Additionally, he said it was in the sky above. So, not as though they were recording a bit inside a volcanic cloud…

  8. Avatar History Docs says:

    Isn’t this the volcano that is fractured, could slide into the ocean and cause a tsunami that could wipe out the east coast of the US?

  9. Avatar David says:

    I’m from the UK and this is the first that I’ve heard about it. Something like this should be covered by our mainstream media. I’m glad that Al Jazeera are highlighting it.

    • Avatar Manuel Rodriguez says:

      There’s been no fatalities, mainstream media loves death 😋


      They’re not making a big deal because everyone will panic because of the chance of the huge rockslide and tsunami. I expect there is a lot of talk in the Cobra meetings about this.

    • Avatar rockbasstone says:

      It’s been on UK news everyday since it started.

    • Avatar David says:

      @rockbasstone Which channels/websites?

    • Avatar Manuel Rodriguez says:

      @GRIDKEEPER / CELESTIAL PALADIN the day La Palma tumbles into the ocean the US and UK would’ve already blinked out of existence. Nothing lasts forever, empires rise n fall. Look to history 😋

  10. Avatar Paty Rod says:

    Poor people. I hope that they get their pets out.

  11. Avatar Real Deal Ljungström says:

    It hurts to see how tourists flock to watch something that takes everything from those who live around the volcano just for their own pleasure

    • Avatar Real Deal Ljungström says:

      @E4RLIES that i agree on.

    • Avatar الشيخ عيضه بن طناف المنهالي says:

      Yes it’s sad for the locals, but at the same time, not many people have had the chance to witness a volcano in action, up close. Me personally, I would love to see something like this in person, sure I’ve seen volcanoes, whilst travelling in South America, but what’s a volcano without the eruptions of ash and lava? After all, when we think of volcanoes, this is the first thing that comes to mind, a mountain of fire. I would say it’s comparable to the Northern Lights, a once in a lifetime experience. If anything, it’s more of an educational experience/adventure for the foreigners and for the locals it’s just another ordinary day. They live on a volcanic island, they know the risks, and they accept them.

    • Avatar Real Deal Ljungström says:

      @الشيخ عيضه بن طناف المنهالي
      I understand your point of view and also respect it. A volcano is absolutely necessary for a large part of life and involves both opportunities and problems. I also find it incredibly beautiful and fascinating. What I reacted to is that it is in the middle of the evacuation and quite obviously in the same area that people were actually evacuated from, encouraged by the authorities who say it’s a “show” 0:40. It’s definitely not a “show” for any of the 6000+ evacuees.
      Science – okay
      news – okay
      tourism – too early in the wrong place and in the wrong way

      In the first place, you should always take care of and help those who are homeless and / or in need, then you can think of “pleasures”. Pure humanity and does not affect anyone Negative. 🕉️✡️☯️☪️✝️

    • Avatar الشيخ عيضه بن طناف المنهالي says:

      @Real Deal Ljungström Hey man, I respect your opinions too, after all that’s what matters, respecting others ideas etc. Anyhow, hopefully for the residents of this island the damages will be minimal, and for the visitors, let’s just say that they got an unexpected show to their travels. And if I were a tourist there right now, I sure wouldn’t be complaining by this added surprise. Peace.

    • Avatar Real Deal Ljungström says:

      @الشيخ عيضه بن طناف المنهالي

  12. Avatar flora mercury says:

    Volcano tourists – who cares – they have a home somewhere else to go back to unlike the residents – volcanic eruption is quite distressing when it’s your home

  13. Avatar Optimal Choice says:

    Ok, let’s build our house downhill from an active volcano, then we can complain when it erupts ! … score

  14. Avatar Abdul Muhamad says:


    • Avatar Abdul Muhamad says:

      @symmetry08 Allah Is great brother…these are one of creations

    • Avatar symmetry08 says:

      @Abdul Muhamad well, thanks for trying to convince to your ( one of the myths ) created stories that you are obsessed with. Your’s is just one of many.

    • Avatar Abdul Muhamad says:

      @symmetry08hahaah you surely welcome “atheist “

    • Avatar cool guy says:

      @symmetry08 Come to Islam before you die in vain. We will surely become winners in this world and the Hereafter.

    • Avatar symmetry08 says:

      @cool guy only religous person is so sure of anything. It is called delusional that one is so sure of his infalabilty. You are becoming a winner is in your head – plain absence of logic. Have you seen there-after ?

  15. Avatar SNOKELPOPS 3 says:

    I assume people are just used to wearing masks now…

  16. Avatar MD SAQUIB says:

    I need Aj news in hindi

  17. Avatar MD SAQUIB says:

    I need internationally news shows of Indian by Al Jazeera’s Al Jazeera’s hindi news because INDIA populations iss large so your all types of content is oky

  18. Avatar Uvynel Antiquina says:

    Canary islands residents must now Repent and pray to God JESUS CHRIST,,,,
    They must end their horrible sins through the Spilling of the Blood of INNOCENT children,,,
    Abortions is always a murder in the Eyes of God

  19. Avatar Gaming Tonight says:

    So the authorities are blamed for not giving a warning early enough? Well, it was enough time for everybody to totally empty their houses, based on another AJ video! Also, do they expect authorities to “turn off” the volcano?! It’s amazing how no one on this planet takes responsibility for their actions!

  20. Avatar Gr. Vo. says:

    Someone please tell the climate crazies, that THIS contributes to global warming. And yes, it’s natural.

    • Avatar John Doe says:

      😆 This science-conspiracy-crazy won’t believe facts… but for anyone who is interested:
      Human activities emit at least 100 times more CO2 than all volcanic activity worldwide, let alone these impressive eruptions. Several individual U.S. states emit more carbon dioxide in a year than all the volcanoes on the planet COMBINED.
      Plus there is no evidence that volcanic activity has increased over the last century, while atmospheric CO2 has increased significantly.

    • Avatar Gr. Vo. says:

      @John Doe You didn’t include solar flares, and the rising temperature in our oceans do to the possibility of our earths core heating up. And the result? The temperature has barely increased ONE DEGREE! in one hundred and FIFTY years. That’s a documented FACT. Not to mention all the pollution controls implemented over the last 35 years, on cars and buses. Climate Crazies still can’t account for the fact that the earth has been going through cyclical changes for MILLIONS of years.

    • Avatar Gr. Vo. says:

      @MrTrashCompaktor The Earth has been going through cyclical changes for MILLIONS of years. warm up cool down warm up cool down, The Climate Crazies don’t like this inconvenient fact.

    • Avatar John Doe says:

      @Gr. Vo. why would I include solar flares, I was replying to your specific comment! 😆 So you agree with everything I actually DID say. “still can’t account for the fact that…” as usual, a sweeping statement just ignoring all the evidence. Like I said, just a science-conspiracy-crazy who won’t believe facts, so doesn’t matter, enjoy your ignorance.

    • Avatar MrTrashCompaktor says:

      @Gr. Vo. you don’t seem to like any facts
      you also can’t seem to interpret a graph

  21. Avatar Mehedi Himel says:

    May God of Jesus help them.

  22. Avatar symmetry08 says:

    I don’t know if it is a good idea to live and hope to be well completelly if you live under slopes of a volcano ?

  23. Avatar Legion Airlines says:

    After 50 years from the last eruption recorded in 1971. Got to watch out other dormant volcanoes.

  24. Avatar Carlo Moro says:

    evacquate l’isola prima che sia troppo tardi

  25. Avatar Stephen Brown says:

    If you build near a dormant Volcano, you have to know its going to blow one day. The Earth putting carbon back into the atmosphere, what will the climate alarmists do now, get a giant cork hahahaha

  26. Avatar aminu aidara says:

    People lives has been destroyed for some people is beauty to watch what is our sense of humans

    • Avatar John Doe says:

      The sea kills thousands every year, so you won’t look at the sea?
      The Sun heats parts of the Earth to the point that people die… so don’t watch a sunset? Hurricanes, heavy rains, rivers, ice.. all nature.
      Nobody is going there to watch any ‘beauty’ of people’s lives been destroyed!

  27. Avatar Hamzah Iftikhar says:

    sad to see this happen why can’t the gov of this worlds block the volcanos

    • Avatar W power says:

      What a weird comment humanity can’t stop the force of nature it’s like saying the gov blocks rain. Get over it.

  28. Avatar Asima Jabeen says:

    Inshaallah all spain will go in volcano.

  29. Avatar ULF THE STORM says:

    Why anybody builds a house below a Volcano,its a bit asking for trouble

  30. Avatar C11 Puspavali says:


  31. Avatar Utilitario Donutil says:

    Disaster tourism. No feelings no respect for others suffering.

  32. Avatar A-tila te says:

    Al Jazeera ..vaya forma de manipular .en vez de dar informacion veraz—ajuuuu illo

  33. Avatar blaster915 says:

    Absolutely beautiful the volcano 🌋 the plumes and fire are gorgeous!!

  34. Avatar Kelvin Mill says:

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    • Avatar Chris White says:

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      He’s really awesome!

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  35. Avatar 21st Centuryguy says:

    I suppose the one question to ask – Why did you build your home near a Volcano that only erupted 50 years ago?

    • Avatar E4RLIES says:

      “Ahh it’s done now, no way will it erupt again in about 50 years”
      Builds house in lava flow valley

  36. Avatar jason grace says:

    Hey you guys chose to live near a volcano 😂 so…

  37. Avatar shimmyhinnah says:

    Poor folks have lost everything. So sad. Tourism does help monetarily though, we shouldn’t bash the tourists who are bringing in cash.

    • Avatar Corwin Chelway says:

      You are missing the point… There is a reason this tragedy has 306 likes and only 11 dislikes… This is a happy piece for all who hate the West… It doesn’t say much about Spanish culture… that a person can move next to a volcano… and then feel angry when it erupts…. Al Jazeera knows this… and is eager to catch it on camera…

  38. Avatar Benjamin Wood says:

    People have been stupidly building cities on the side of volcanos for thousands of years. When are we going to learn our lesson?

    • Avatar bean shadow says:

      People stupidly live in Tornado Alley. People stupidly live in the way of wildfires. People stupidly live near the ocean. Try harder to excuse your lack of empathy.

    • Avatar Benjamin Wood says:

      @bean shadow Oh so we are supposed to keep being stupid in order to be empathetic? Now I know why people are stupid enough to build cities in terrible locations.

      Empathy is nice but it doesn’t save lives. Some of the stupidest decisions in history were made by overly empathetic people. Keeps you from seeing the forest from the trees.

    • Avatar الشيخ عيضه بن طناف المنهالي says:

      Humans can adapt to many extreme situations. And sometimes nature adapts too

  39. Avatar No Name No Name says:

    Biased Weather forecast, showing only Islamic areas.

  40. Avatar akmal khan says:

    0:40 How far western so called values have gone down??? Saitan will be very proud today, these people are calling it spectecular phenomenon. This is what happens when you don’t respect other human being may it be Vietnam, palestine, Iraq, Libya, afghanistan or religion especiaaly Islam you can’t even feel suffering of your own people who have lost their houses. This is what happens Allah ST takes away your sense if you play in saitan hand. May Allah give western world sense, bless these people and all son of Adam a.s.(PBUH)

  41. Avatar Professor YAK says:


  42. Avatar King James says:

    It’s still 2020 ain’t it?

  43. Avatar Nonapologetic believer says:

    I think it is absolutely DISGUSTING that these people come as tourist to see the volcano when instead they could use that money to help these poor people. Prayers sent out to the people effected by this.

  44. Avatar siren synapse says:

    My love is burnin’ like the lava from a mana loooa!
    My heeeart is breakin’ like a krakatooooa!

  45. Avatar Sarif Ahmed choudhury says:


  46. Avatar Strong Believer of the Holy Bible says:

    Matthew 3:2 REPENT for the kingdom of heaven is near🙏🏼 Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon 🙏🏼❤️🕊REPENT , believe in the Gospel, Be Born Again

  47. Avatar valdinilson de souza martins says:


    the Cumbre Vieja disaster could take 20 to 30 million lives.

    “Furthermore, everything can be avoided if the correct measures are taken, which consist of a systematic and “silent” dismantling of the part of the volcano at risk.

    And if it is not treated that way, then a catastrophe is inevitable if it doesn’t naturally occur that, little by little, only a small part of the volcano’s side, which is at risk, will go away”.

    But the fact of the matter now is that a huge part of the western flank of the Cumbre Vieja Volcano can slip, dive into the sea and, in a few minutes, cause a gigantic wave of water, respectively, a giant tsunami, which can reach a height of up to 1,500 or even up to 2,500 meters or more and, in fact, according to the mass and velocity of the material that falls as it slips off the volcano’s flank.

    With that – if it really happens, which is not yet established – the surrounding Canary Islands would be flooded with waves 50 to 150 meters high and everything that had been destroyed, after which the tidal waves would also reach Africa.

    If this actually happens in the way mentioned, the tidal wave would spread across the Atlantic in a semicircular shape and actually in several waves of various sizes and would spread across the ocean at 1,000 kilometers an hour, to – after about eight hours – reach the US coast where it would cause Atlantic water to rise up to 100 meters and more in height, depending on the shape of the shoreline at each place, and would bury everything in solid ground beneath itself.

    The effects of the giant tsunami would also destroy the coasts and much of the interior of South America.

    England would also be affected by it, as would Greenland and coastal areas across Western Europe.

    This is the worst case scenario if the entire western flank of the volcano slips at once and plunges into the sea.

    If, however, only small parts of the mountain slope were to break loose and plunge into the sea, the results would naturally be reduced.

  48. Avatar M A Hasham says:

    Sick Spanish authorities encouraging tourism of people’s miseries. Pathetic Spanish government

  49. Avatar Waleed Higgins says:

    I almost feel sorry for politicians. People seem to blame them for everything.

  50. Avatar Ayesha Tabbusum says:

    someone’s destruction is someone’s amusement strange

  51. Avatar jassi singh says:

    Oh man God bless all of you and God give you strenth and be more stronger to fight with bad time ❤❤❤🙏🏻

  52. Avatar D. B. says:

    But why La Palma , what was really going on there that the Holy One , Our Merciful & Almighty Father G D allowed , things just not happen for nothing— let us really repent & return to Him , ONLY He can stop this , Amen&Amen&Amen

  53. Avatar MindyourBusiness says:

    Natural disasters can be disastrous and heartbreaking. However, the residents should be grateful and blessed to be alive. You can always rebuild home again.. InshAllah

    • Avatar Bernie Court says:

      An interesting point. When your building plot is buried under a 100feet of lava what is the legal position?

  54. Avatar Dhar Maitri says:

    This is the same Spain that benefitted when its monarchy came to Mexico 5 centuries ago and destroyed entire cultures so…enjoy!

  55. Avatar Avoid Hell Seek Jesus who died for our sins says:

    Sal de esa isla, podría haber un gran deslizamiento de tierra y un tsunami muy pronto.

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