In blow to Apple, EU may require USB-C chargers for all smartphones

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The European Commission is considering a plan to impose a universal charger for all brands of mobile phones, tablets and headphones.
A legislative proposal presented on Thursday details why there should be a common charging port for mobile phones, tablets and headphones.
The move would likely affect iPhone-maker Apple the most.
Its chargers are used exclusively for Apple products.
Supporters say the move would create a more convenient market for consumers.

Al Jazeera’s Charlie Angela reports from London.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Night Hood says:

    Okay Apple, do your turn on Green mission more. By reducing cable wastes, or all of those green-thingy you did just to drag sympathy.

  2. Avatar fekkyb says:


  3. Avatar Sergio Bocanegra says:

    This is amazing I hope.they do this world wide

    • Avatar Aaron Lane says:

      it actually would because it would be the most cost effective thing to do in terms of manufacturing

  4. Avatar Irae Carvalho says:

    Legislating this is so naive. Imposing tech standards are laws that will get outdated quickly, and can cause price increases and even more environmental impact than the current status quo. Just vote with your wallets folks and also remove bad legislators from power.

    • Avatar John Dundas says:

      In this case the EU was quite careful with the proposal to avoid exactly that. It was designed to be future proof within the bounds of the existing port standard (the whole thing was drafted after consulting with the USB-IF the industry body which regulates the USB standard itself).

      It requires only a standard port size on the device, cable and charger. The other parts of the regulation set a floor on what can be sold as high speed and chargers + phones must indicate clearly how long they will take to charge an what wattage is required/delivered. All other things like port speed is unimpacted as tbh… USB-C can be doing anything on that front they don’t care.

      There is a fairly detailed Q&A on the European Commission’s website which explains the proposal in detail.

  5. Avatar MrWaheedulHaque says:

    now can you make it illegal for manufacturers to update software to kill phones as it happened to both my phones now

    • Avatar Abdulai Bah says:

      Absolutely! I really hope they look into that.

    • Avatar Raunchy says:

      You do know technology is steadily progressive right?…

    • Avatar MrWaheedulHaque says:

      @Raunchy huh

    • Avatar Raunchy says:

      @MrWaheedulHaque I mean yeah they create softwares to slow down older phones but common sense would tell you older things deteriorate and get slow after a while… I mean phones, cars, etc..

  6. Avatar Jamal Fakih says:

    Literally took an act of government to force Apple to join the rest of the cellphone industry.

  7. Avatar Sean S says:

    I am so much looking forward to this law passing in the EU as many Apple customers around the world do Apple created the iPhone, Ipad, I watch, iPod, do you think Apple can not figure out one cable to charge Apple got away with it for 12 years now, but Not anymore. EU should pass the new law tomorrow. since the USA can not pass it. Apple says the green world, so put your mouth speaks.

  8. Avatar C Hill says:

    The United States should adopt this also

    • Avatar Aaron Lane says:

      Meanwhile the US is trying to force right to repair laws. I think both parts of the world are on to something here.

  9. Avatar Jack Smith says:

    I doubt this is very productive way to prevent the earth from burning

  10. Avatar A B says:

    well…iPhone price will go up .

  11. Avatar Ian Sebryk says:

    good. the manufacturer-specific cable nonsense has been long overdue for this kind of measure.

  12. Avatar Peter Bayonet says:

    I will go study in Europe, now I have to buy my new phone because my phone uses micro USB…

  13. Avatar W D says:

    Love it…force them to standardize!
    Stop this unnecessary money making scam!

  14. Avatar Sot Soeun says:

    A gree type C is enough for everything

  15. Avatar Derek Gold says:

    $293mil in stolen money saved. Finally a beneficial proposal to end waste, reduce pollution and useless production.

  16. Avatar Ana Mikhelidze says:

    Love this!!!!!!!

  17. Avatar Cliff says:

    We are so lucky this didn’t happen a few years ago when micro USB was king. The connectors are fragile and easy to break. Of course we have to wonder what we will be giving up in a few years like phones that charge in 60 seconds. When you put a stake in the ground you can not move forward.

  18. Avatar Abdulai Bah says:

    Excellent news. But why would Apple oppose this when they told their fans that not including a charger in recent iPhone purchases is all for the “environment”? Once again The EU is leading the way. Excellent job Brussles.

    • Avatar Popa says:

      Apple will go portless way before this could affect them.

  19. Avatar Mark Chan says:

    Apple is like USA, INCHES!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Avatar MrWaheedulHaque says:

    can we also get chargers back in phone boxes, selling them separate is just more packaging and doing more harm to environment, their excuse for doing this is to save the environment when all they doing is lining their pockets, i have took all my money out of the stocks of the companies who do these shoddy practices, it should be illegal, just a money making scam and also a money saving scam as they can fit more boxes per shipment

    • Avatar E. Coleman TLPSS says:

      Are they really? I’m charging my iPhone 12 on my iPad charger, the same iPad charger that I’ve used for 6 years. I also charged my iPhone 6 and 7 on the same charger. If it ever fails, I can buy a cheaper charger and cable than apples own ones online and even at my local garage. Duracell sell them everywhere.

    • Avatar MrWaheedulHaque says:

      @E. Coleman TLPSS different tech over the years in chargers, its not relevant to this at all, as you dont care about charging tech or speed it seems since you using same charger from iphone 6 to 12 😂, for example in android phones came fast charge 1.0, then 2nd version, then 3rd version all requiring hardware charger block changed to newer one. All to benefit end user since they are paying such a hefty price tag now adays for these top end phones

  21. Avatar Sophie Edel says:


  22. Avatar Dana Dominguez says:

    Yes. Yes. And yes.

  23. Avatar Secretes5 says:

    Finally, get rid off this waste🙏

  24. Avatar Kristen Sorensen says:

    Common sense and should have been done 10yrs ago.

  25. Avatar Manager Eli says:

    Thanks EU

  26. Avatar Filipe Barbosa says:

    Portless iphone thats whats going to happen

  27. Avatar D-bomb says:

    Biden will slap back with every bottle of Eurotrash wine must come with a stainless corkscrew.

  28. Avatar rirri says:

    You’d think people would stop being apple slaves before this happened considering all the inconveniences that come with apple products

  29. Avatar Tohurangi says:

    I think this is brilliant & all countries around the world should adopt these practices ( as many huge companies have proprietary products that use up the Earth’s resources & create waste in our throw away world; all for money profiteering).

  30. Avatar Matthew Dannevik says:

    youll going be stuck with usb-c when something way better comes out

  31. Avatar Indian Immigrant says:

    Focus rather on big issues EU !

  32. Avatar Aspiring says:

    Good 👍👍

  33. Avatar Gina Slevinsky says:

    Thank you EU for making rules that benefit me on the other side of the world

  34. Avatar Harshal Dongre says:

    next should be mandating Headphone jacks. Not everyone needs TWS headphones – chips/batteries/magnets – all wasted in matter of a year or two.

  35. Avatar Matt Walls says:

    Thank yEU.

  36. Avatar Facts, Figures and Fun says:

    I use Lightning cable, But think Type C would be more better and inclusive

  37. Avatar Bob Oakes says:

    Dumb idea

  38. Avatar MATHIS R. says:

    Finally, the EU got something right

  39. Avatar phatana24 says:


  40. Avatar tellisecfive says:

    Yessssss… Finally, my dream may come true.

  41. Avatar Nemo Gotti says:

    Agree with this

  42. Avatar Abbaty Abdul says:

    i support the motion

  43. Avatar The Bearded Vegan says:


  44. Avatar Bob Dinitto says:

    Of course Apple’s products are incompatible with the rest of the industry. That’s their major selling point. It’s called vendor lock-in and is designed to force consumers into a single source vendor – Apple. This practice is as old as the computer industry itself and was finally broken by the invention of the IBM PC. Apple’s arguments against conformity are laughable.

  45. Avatar Lietu says:

    Wtf incompetent idiot wrote “USB micro sold for Android devices”, yeah I mean it was, like before USB-C was a thing. It’s largely used by other cheaper devices because USB-C is an annoyingly expensive connector and especially the cable is expensive. Android devices made today use USB-C, unlike Apple.

  46. Avatar Chicco says:

    while at it, force them to allow self-repair and make devices that are easy to repair.

    • Avatar An Coileán says:

      The EU is also doing that.

  47. Avatar বাংলার গাজী Banglar Gazi says:

    Nice news program

  48. Avatar Kevin L says:

    Apple & Sony have always designed exclusive parts and connections for their products.
    It’s disgusting that they got away with this for so many decades!
    Their obstinance is second only to Microsoft’s elitism.

  49. Avatar Kevin L says:

    Apple claiming this will “… stifle innovation”.
    TRANSLATION: ‘This will stifle our stock dividends and general income by losing the ability to FORCE users to purchase adaptors, etc., not included with Apple & Sony products’.

    • Avatar Popa says:

      If it hinders them from going portless, like they probably will. It does indeed stifle innovation.

  50. Avatar benjamin peterson says:

    Sensible and logical

  51. Avatar Youtubers Behaving Badly says:

    Company that doesn’t include a charger with their device protests against their devices being compatible with a charger you already have. Well this sounds exactly what the new law is to protect people from. I wouldn’t know as I’d never buy Apple.

  52. Avatar Sunny Islam says:

    This should have done a decade before to save environment.

    • Avatar Pommel Knight says:

      It was, by the EU.
      The companies shifted to micro USB, instead of everyone having their own charger.

  53. Avatar B Jolly says:

    Yes! Most excellent!!!
    Go duck yourself Apple, duck you and your manipulative, money grubbing proprietary bullshit charging port, and all your other proprietary BS!!!

  54. Avatar Casius CBU says:

    about time


  55. Avatar midei says:

    It’s a sensible decision. But I feel that, somehow, in the long run, manufacturers will end up making consumers pay for it.

    • Avatar Isaak Wang says:

      I would stay positive. Remember how bad it was in the early 2000s, where there were basically one type of charger for each phone model? We have come a long way from there, now that far the most phones use USB C. This is just the final step

  56. Avatar Philippines Unfiltered says:


  57. Avatar iqbal uddin says:

    Please request to investigate about ring id apps. So many people investment their money but ring id official not respond to people’s.

  58. Avatar Jabir Ansari says:

    Apple will ship a mobile without charger in the name of sustainability.. but when EU demands to standarize the chargers to reduce waste.. Apple says it not acceptable.. Hypocrite Apple

  59. Avatar Shaif's Time Travel says:

    Great idea

  60. Avatar Dan Draft says:

    Thank you. I’ll wait for the real new iPhone then.

  61. Avatar PRZYBYL says:

    recycle is not an solution … use less of it made it durable and sustain on long life span of it is the answer

  62. Avatar Eye Candy says:

    Its time for universal charger. Save the environment. We have suffered a lot for damaging the environment.

  63. Avatar Syed Azan Ali says:

    This will just speed up a port-less iPhone’s development

  64. Avatar Elliott Hall says:

    I think this is a regrettable decision. I personally am all for USB-c and standardisation of connectors however this does pose a risk for innovation. I have never owned an iPhone and probably never will. However I think it is important to note that lighting cable was an innovation being released 2 years prior to the usb-c standard + don’t forget the thunderbolt standard that only later was ported to the USB-C hardware standard on its 3rd revision… Don’t get me wrong whenever I am designing a new PCB I use USB-c as standard… However by forcing one standard we run the risk of capping future possibilities and more importantly the speed in which it could be rolled out – my main concern is for technologies that we don’t consider a standard as of today. As much as I appreciate the effort made by the EU here, I think it is just a little too totalitarian.

    I think I good example of this would have been prior technologies. I.e imagine if every device was forced to use RCA visual/audio cables as standard without alternative options, this could of delayed the rise of high resolution video, what if we could only use particular data transfer protocols? Or drive formatting options such as NTFS… I think this is just slippery slope. I think if you disagree with the use of lighting cables, consumers should vote with their pockets and buy alternative devices, relying on governing bodies to make decisions and regulations so far out of their scope’s is bad idea – if we want to make a bigger effort on E-Waste I think the clear and obvious answer here is pushing right to repair of consumer electronics instead.

    • Avatar E. Coleman TLPSS says:

      Exactly my thoughts. USB-A was the in thing not so long ago.

  65. Avatar OME Productions says:

    lol apple will go wireless before giving in to government. 2 years might be abit of a push considering how poor current wireless technology is. Apple will delay as long as they can but ultimately wireless is happening.

  66. Avatar Popa says:

    Apple is going portless way before something like this could affect them.

    • Avatar Nicole Werwie says:

      Even better.

    • Avatar Jeferson Cesar Landi says:

      The law mandates that all small electronic devices such as phones must have usb-c so it would eliminate that possibility

    • Avatar Popa says:

      @Jeferson Cesar Landi That actually would stifle innovation. The future is portless, a law like that would keep us stuck with old technology. I don’t think that such a law can actually be enforced.

    • Avatar TheBrass18 says:

      @Popa so go portless then, just leave a C-type Charge port. All phones have a cable via their charging ports to their PC/Mac.

      This is good thing to save on waste. One universal charging cable.

    • Avatar Slim 95 says:

      @Popa Is the other end of the magsafe thing for the portless iphone will have magsafe to connect to the usb plug?

  67. Avatar Mr Thomas says:

    The lightning port is better

  68. Avatar Nuno D says:

    Maybe usb-D would be even better but we’ll never know because big brother said usb-c is law

    • Avatar TheBrass18 says:

      so make a type C and type D ports so simple.

  69. Avatar Main Effort says:

    We care now?
    What about innovation?
    What a joke EU!

  70. Avatar dtkxiang says:

    This would justify not including chargers for new purchase

  71. Avatar Aaron Lane says:

    This and right to repair laws will make this world truly a better place for the consumer.

  72. Avatar Cringe2Win says:


  73. Avatar john pijano says:

    This will never be accepted in the US.

    • Avatar TheBrass18 says:

      This is European law. It’s got nothing to do with USA.

  74. Avatar Lucifer says:

    Mother Earth Thanks EU !

  75. Avatar Rajesh A says:

    No Big Tech want to responsible E-waste

  76. Avatar albert einstien says:

    I think capitalism is inefficient and unstable and that giving corporations any form of public assistance is a waste of tax payer money as ordinary people shouldnt give money to institutions they dont use the products or services on

  77. Avatar 7 years and says:

    They should also bring law for common battery for all smart phone that can be replaced or interchanged by user . nowadays manufacturer stops support for spare parts after the warranty period so that customer will be forced to buy a phone . this happens because each brand uses specific sized battery even if its of same battery capacity

  78. Avatar David Chang says:

    Innovation at what cost? The cost will be borne by the consumers! Competing brands should work together instead of outdoing each other with innovations just to grab the market who has no options but to pay for such wasteful innovations.
    Make innovation works without insanity of waste, high prices & short life span.

  79. Avatar Ateeq says:

    If Apple thinks that removing the charges from iphone boxes will enhance supply chain operations and will reduce waste then why is Apple not thinking about a universal cable like type C.

  80. Avatar awuuwa says:

    yes EU

  81. Avatar Christian Piranhas says:

    Wow looks like the EU thinks it’s time for APPLE to get off the short bus and use brains to make technology instead of profit margin

  82. Avatar Justin Rooks says:

    Now If we can apply this same logic to actual wall plugs and voltage and make one standard around the world

    • Avatar Lorenzo S. says:

      for low voltage device there is the usb type a wall socket

  83. Avatar scalamaster electros says:

    Finely micro usb and micro usb super speed ports will go away

  84. Avatar scalamaster electros says:

    People are aware that you can use a modern phone with old cahrger all phone chargers are 5 volt so it isent an ishu

  85. Avatar DHIKR📿VALLEY says:


  86. Avatar Zakria Ahmed Khan says:

    Good thing. Should be applied to electrical sockets as well. Same electrical sockets should be applied all over the world.

  87. Avatar Shehan Dyonisius says:

    Not a loss for Apple. All part of Apple’s plan. They have been phasing out lightning for some time now

  88. Avatar the2ndNaruto says:

    Not even kidding, this is actually a good use of government lmao

  89. Avatar shubham pardeshi says:

    Appreciable 👏👏

  90. Avatar Malachai Hough says:

    Seriously don’t know how Apple have not been called out sooner for their faulty chargers and issues with charging systems. I’ve had 3 Apple devices bought new and each one had a fault with the charging port or charger, this just adds to further waste in buying new charger cables etc, apple are notorious for this

  91. Avatar Leo Messi says:

    Outstanding move by EU

  92. Avatar Billybobjo crabb says:

    Honestly this would be incredible

  93. Avatar aceyohcarlie says:

    Better late than never. Apple should learn a freaking lesson

  94. Avatar Mark Seah says:

    should have done so 10-15 yrs ago!

  95. Avatar Mr. Apache says:

    Wow someone looking out for the consumer .

  96. Avatar EmilDragon75 says:

    Very good 🙂
    But also make the headphone jack mandatory, ban planned obsolescence and regulate the price for repairing your gadgets.

    For cross-platform games make the ability to cross-play and switching between your accounts mandatory.

  97. Avatar Rahul Vasa says:

    A fact that many people don’t know is that Apple earns around 100 million dollars alone due to licensing of lightning port accessories. usb c is better in terms of technology and performance in every single way. Apple itself uses it in the very premium ipads. Also the biggest disadvantage of lightning port is the low voltage capacity due to which charging speed cannot be grater than 25 watts physically. But still apple screws consumers by providing slow charging with old technology on a 1200 dollar phone. And then apple uses fancy ways to market about environmental issues. Another level of Hypocisy man. I laud EU for taking a stand. Haven’t seen any media outlet take a stand on this.

  98. Avatar Arch Angel says:

    I love it, it will also give a better charge and longer lasting port end. I hate the Apple charge lead as it breaks down very quickly.

  99. Avatar Ochie & Stevie says:

    Apple products used to be good, now they break easily and aren’t as good as their Linux and Android alternatives. Don’t be fool’d by their branding, switch to better products.

  100. Avatar BRAINSTORM VIDZ says:

    This is a great idea!

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